that poor guy is having the weirdest day

[170213] JINGYU weibo update
✩ Caption : #Valentine_secret_answer. Long time no see, weird V-ALONE-TINE. (haha nice word-play boss)

ENGSUB (cr.ryokise) : Hello, long time no see guys. Once again, it’s once in a year that I can’t get through this day no matter how - Valentine’s Day.
First I’d like to wish you a happy Valentine… giving you a little flower.
Then the weirdest thing I encounter on Valentine’s day is, is, is whenever it’s Valentine’s day, I don’t have a lover.
How about you guys? Tell me your weirdest experience.

→ Boss Jingyu are you still okay without Zhouzhou? Stop flirting please we all know who your lover is lol