that poor concert hall

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe bless my life with what Junkrat, Reinhardt and Lucio would be like when going to a concert with their S/O? Please and thank you~c:

Junkrat: The poor child wouldn’t be allowed into the concert hall bc he’s a criminal so his s/o has to bribe their way in and even then they have to stay in like the middle of the crowd bc, again, criminal bf. He dances rlly cutely, all arms and awkward giggles, and always stays close to his s/o.

Reinhardt: Has his s/o on his shoulders so they have the best view, and holds them bridal style during love songs bc he’s a romantic sap and it’s hella cute. Has old man moves (I’m talking the Cha Cha Slide, all the shitty dance moves that are gonna come out in the 2020′s, all of them), but learns new moves very quickly.

Lùcio: It’s his concert, so they’re on stage with him, rocking out! He dances with them when he gets a break, and they can be heard laughing over the music bc they’re just.. so happy to be together. He can also DJ while he kisses his s/o bc he’s totally capable of multi tasking.