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the fashion runs in my family

Star Wars Poncho masterpost!

I wanted to draw classic poncho Luke then remembered that Rey wears a poncho too in the last jedi then this happened somehow

Anyway here’s all the Star Wars Ponchos! (there may be some more that I don’t remember, feel free to add)

The Phantom Menace- Qui Gon rocking the classic Tatooine poncho look

Attack of the Clones- Padme wearing a super cute and colorful poncho and Anakin with a not so fab one

Revenge of the Sith- Not shure if Bail Organa is wearing an half poncho or a half cape but I guess it kinda counts

The Clone Wars- Of course Ahsoka wore a poncho too! she’s Anakin’s padawan! 

Rebels- Not sure if there’s anyone wearing a poncho, there’s probably someone but don’t remember.

Rogue one- Jyn with in a kida military style and Orson proving that the bad guys wear ponchos too, uptdated with the amazing and iconic Bodhi Rook sorry I forgot about it! thanks!  @estrangedlestrange

A New Hope- Luke wearing the classic poncho look here it seen combined with the classic fishing hat and glasses

Empire Strikes Back- Boba doesn’t wear a poncho in the movies but he almost wore one so he’s included now! thanks @radicalclownfriend 

Return of the Jedi- Leia and the other rebels on Endor all wearing ponchos and being fab with the Ewoks

The force Awakens- Also don’t remember anyone wearing a poncho

The Last Jedi- Luke probably gave that poncho to Rey to match his hermit poncho look from Ahch-to

Thinking back Padme Amidala went so damn hard every day with her fashion like…she didn’t have to scalp the entire galaxy like that?!?! Every time she walked into a room, SHE MADE DAMN SURE her ass was the best dressed!!! *Steps out into the backwoods desert of Tatooine where they’re literally wearing potato sacks* Serves nothing but high fashion. Simple picnic with her young Splenda Daddy™? TRULY DOING THE MOST SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO GO THAT HARD. Want to enjoy some space fruit salad with bae? SERVE SOME GALACTIC CYBER PUNK DOMINATRIX REALNESS ON THEM!!!! On a mission to save Obi Wan? SLAYING FOR THE GODS IN ALL WHITE CASHMERE AND SUEDE BOOTS LIKE?!?!

God she couldn’t even go to sleep without being extra™ she had to wear that Galactic Marchesa Blue Silk Gown embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls just to prove a point I fucking love Padme….