that poncho

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Jd once lost the trench coat on a trip to Mexico and v forced him to wear a colorful poncho cause she was sick of hearing his whining about being cold (he's still pissed about it) but don't worry the found it after a few days

Veronica’s fave part of the trip was probably seeing her Emo Edgelord Boyfriend wearing bright colors and just frowning bitterly the entire time honestly

Overwatch - Jesse McCree & Hanzo Shimada

A “Mchanzo” winter-wear combo shoot. Jesse is totally a summer, but can surprisingly rock some winter gear and Hanzo is a total natural, a cool cat in his own habitat. 

It’s winter~ Grab some winter swag and bundle up guys~

me: i hate luke’s fucking poncho

also me: he fucking owns the tatooine farmboy poncho chic look. he fucking works it. that bucket hat makes the whole look come together flawlessly. he looks 1285% fab and he knows it too. i hope he starts a clothing line of stylish ponchos for every occasion. he is the fashion icon hero the galaxy truly needs. padme would be so proud.

Thinking back Padme Amidala went so damn hard every day with her fashion like…she didn’t have to scalp the entire galaxy like that?!?! Every time she walked into a room, SHE MADE DAMN SURE her ass was the best dressed!!! *Steps out into the backwoods desert of Tatooine where they’re literally wearing potato sacks* Serves nothing but high fashion. Simple picnic with her young Splenda Daddy™? TRULY DOING THE MOST SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO GO THAT HARD. Want to enjoy some space fruit salad with bae? SERVE SOME GALACTIC CYBER PUNK DOMINATRIX REALNESS ON THEM!!!! On a mission to save Obi Wan? SLAYING FOR THE GODS IN ALL WHITE CASHMERE AND SUEDE BOOTS LIKE?!?!

God she couldn’t even go to sleep without being extra™ she had to wear that Galactic Marchesa Blue Silk Gown embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls just to prove a point I fucking love Padme….