that pmf

cand te uiti cu atentie la muchia dintre ordine si haos, vezi aceleasi lucruri ca mine?
efortul, lacrimile, sclipirile de adevar ascunse dedesubt
de ce se lupta asa disperati sa mascheze ceea ce sunt?
sau devin cine sunt atunci cand isi pun masca? cateodata ma intreb ce ascunzi in spate, prietenul meu tacut. ce masca porti? sau esti la fel de speriat ca restul?  iar eu?  cateodata masca preia controlul.
cum sa scap de o masca cand aceasta inceteaza sa fie o masca, cand face parte din mine la fel de mult ca mine?

Ahhh Kinda Paper Mario related?? ;;
Finally working on art/ideas for my lil idea called Paper Mario: Freak Show!
This is a rough idea of Mario’s gang n’ all that ;v;b
(There’s two more dudes, but I haven’t finished their concepts yet asdfg)

From Left to Right, we have:

Dase, a flower warrior.

Rayd, a mutant koopa who’s the Boss of his gang called “The Mutants”


Ray, an eel like monster who lives in the deep sea (super friendly dude)

Majji, a small, intelligent girl who loves practicing magic and looks up to Mario

Aurora, a ghost girl who lives in an abandoned haunted house in a haunted town

If you’re interested/wanna see more, check out the blog I have for it, where I’ll be showing more concept art, art in general, info, etc.! 

Paper Mario: Freak Show!

Enjoy ;0;/)

Pac-Man Fever ↪ Alex & Matt

Matt couldn’t believe there were people in this day and age who had never enjoyed video games. It made him sad, knowing some had been deprived of the joy they brought. With the intent of showing his new friend how amazing they could be, he stood outside The Funspot, one of the most family friendly arcades in the city. He figured it was the best possible introduction to the world Alex could have. 

Waiting by the entrance, he brought the straw of his soda to his lips, taking a small sip while he waved hello to people he was familar with. His mind was going through all the games he was set on showing Alex during the evening. Just as he was about to pull out his phone from his pocket to message her, he noticed a figure making her way over to him. He extended the extra soda he had in his hand, offering a big, warm smile to his friend. “You are going to be a new woman after this, Lexie” he teased, bringing his free arm around the girl’s shoulder to greet her with a hug.