that plot is so bad haha but i actually kind of like the graphic

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Hello there! I love the comics and artwork you've created and was wondering how you stay dedicated with making your longer comics. I have a lot of trouble staying dedicated to the comics I'm making due to wondering what people will think of it and feeling like I can't draw anything else until the comic is done. How do you stick with making larger comics and how do you stop yourself from being in a self created art block?

hi there! thank you!!

that’s a tough question though since as of now i don’t really have particularly long comics and this tends to be a pretty personal journey that people go through to figure it out! and i wonder the same thing about people who make graphic novels!! though now i’m starting to understand more about what works and what doesn’t work regarding sticking to a longer story so i’ll try to put a list and some advice that maybe will help! :o

1. don’t go into your project expecting a masterpiece! you’re gonna stress over every little thing about the comic, editing and editing and obsessing until you get frustrated and tired of your comic because it’s not PERFECT and it’s taking you forever to make 1 or 2 pages

2. make your comics for YOU not for other people! while receiving praise from other people is fantastic, you aren’t going be satisfied with your work if that’s what you rely on to feel like you did a successful job. praise should be icing on the cake, not your reason for working

3. change your definition of ‘success’! it’s easier said than done like all this stuff, but it’s something to consider! success shouldn’t mean getting famous. it shouldn’t even be getting a certain amount of notes or anything either if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a following. if you’ve never made a longer comic before, success should simply be FINISHING! once you’ve done that you can set higher goals for yourself

4. ask yourself why you care so much about what other people think! are you afraid of a lack of response? or maybe an actual negative response? don’t let this stop you from making your comics! who cares what people think honestly, like for real!!! if they like it? fantastic!! if they don’t like it? it’s whatever, they’re entitled to their opinion and taste! i know it’s hard to hear–everyone wants people to like their stuff and it’s hard to hear hear/see negative comments. but!

you could make the best thing ever and some people still won’t like it just because it’s not their taste, not because it’s actually bad. like harry potter is super famous and praised and all this stuff and i think most people think it’s good!! but there are some people who just don’t like it or it’s not their thing! and that’s fine! it’s also a book that has some issues but people still enjoy it anyway, if that’s any sort of consolation. and there are tons of classic books that everyone’s gotta read in high school because they’re known for being amazing and wonderful and world changing or whatev but chances are you didn’t like every single one. the only time i think it’s fair to be concerned over what people think would be like…if you made something super messed up like horribly stereotyping a group of people or being real homophobic or something of that nature? in which case you should do your research but i doubt that’d be an issue haha.

5. keep drawing/writing! you are way more likely to get stuck in an art block if you stop drawing and writing. so if you’re in a tough spot in your comic or you’re feeling kind of tired, switch to something else and go back to it. if you’re not on a deadline for the comic then don’t worry about feeling this need to always and only be working on it. do it at your own pace! there’s no reason you can’t work on multiple things at once or take a break from your comic to draw other stuff for fun! you SHOULD be doing that!! everyone needs a breather from their work

6. make sure you are passionate about your story and your characters! you need to really love and enjoy what you’re working on to be able to keep it going for a long time 

7. don’t overcomplicate your story. keep it simple to start! you can add complexity as you go but if you’re worrying about complicated forshadowing and plot details and all this stuff you’re gonna get really burnt out and frustrated. you want an interesting and meaningful story but you can have one without having one thousand crazy plot things happening. one of my teachers says something i like which is “keep it simple, but not simplistic.”

this is what i got for now, i’ll add more to it if i think of stuff! hope this could help!! :’)

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what were your top 5 anime of 2016?

Oh my this is gonna be tough y'all ready for this

1. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi/Erased - I know it got shit for the last three episodes but please hear me out: coming from a writing standpoint that is one of the most well written anime or any kind of visual media form I have ever seen. What I mean by this is the fact that this anime knows how to tell and show its story with just enough information that doesn’t dumb down the audience. I also think the timing and placement of showing this information to the audience is beautiful too because sometimes you can info dump at random places but I truly feel the plot points in this anime that had the information told to us was at the right moment. Idk man there’s just some good dialogue and writing in this show despite how “bad” the ending was. So tl;dr please watch this anime if you want to know a good example of showing and telling your audience with just the right amount of information.

2. 91 Days - I’m so in love with this anime I am so upset literally almost no one saw this anime on my dash I am ashamed of you all who didn’t see this jk but anyway for real this anime is a fucking masterpiece to me. Idk if it’s because I love mafia and crime genres but this anime really sets the tone so well. You want to watch an anime that doesn’t have a lot of rambling and info dumping? THIS IS YOUR ANIME. LOOK MAN, VISUAL MOVING PICTURES IS SUPPOSED TO TELL YOUR STORY THROUGH ACTION THAT IS WHAT CINEMA IS SUPPOSED TO BE. Oh my god I can’t stress how well they executed this. They can tell this story so well through character action and emotion it’s like watching poetry to me??? Yes there’s dialogue but I really think this anime got a lot of its points across through the action and the visuals and the placement of the camera. The pacing the characterization the FUCKING ACTION IS JUST SO WELL WRITTEN? fuck I already miss this anime. Also if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out on an A+ opening by tk. Yeah that guy who did oshiete oshiete sono shikumi wo

3. Both Dangan Ranpas: I think I will just lump both of them together since they intertwine with each other. It’s a pretty good continuation of the games and it does clear a lot of things up. I will admit there was a lot of unnecessary characters but I mean they gotta make bank right. I do like the despair arc way better because it was interesting to see how they all turned into despair and some parts was actually gross like I was actually kind of grossed out how fucking messed up this whole series is. Fucking junko man

4. Yuri on Ice - tbh this was the only winter anime I finished I gave up on everything else. As much as I am for the next person that loves the ship of victuuri I am more impressed with how realistic the ice skating competition is. There have been many times I held my breath watching the skaters do their program in anticipation and yelped when they fell. I know they are just animated characters but you can just tell. I think this anime also gave a pretty good job of actually developing ALMOST EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER? THATS PRETTY DAMN IMPRESSIVE? THE ONLY ANIME I KNOW THAT EVER DID THAT WAS DURARARA SO YEAH YOU GO YOI. And I do agree with a few essays of how well this pacing is especially with Yuuri’s insecurities and his relationship with Viktor both professionally and romantically. My one complaint is probably going to be the really jarring shift in tone at the beginning… but I got used to it at the end like the whole going dramatic to super comical really felt out of place to me in this kind of anime. I will also note that the animation for everything in this anime is fucking gorgeous.

5. Cheer Danshi - another anime that pretty much was dry on my dash. I thought it would get a lot of recognition from the fujoshis too because it’s about boys cheerleading but nope…. but honestly this anime is really well written I love the writing in this. Like all of the boys felt so real, they felt like you actually knew these boys very well. They aren’t like cookie cutter archetype boys like your token shouta or leader type boy like these boys actually have personality. It’s pretty difficult to write characters that have their own personality, but I think what really worked for this anime is that they don’t make it as “hahaha he’s fat” kind of thing. They don’t make it a big deal that one guy is fat they actually treat him like a real person. And one character is obsessed with squirrels and has bad fashion sense but they don’t make him the butt of the joke. They actually gave this character a voice and perspective on cheerleading. I think this anime is a great example of well written characters in not just development (there’s a lot of that) but also how to make the characters feel more human.

So yeah those are my in depth analysis of this year’s anime (I might make a graphic when my computer isn’t shit uhhh) oh and

Bonus. Mayoiga/Lost Village - if ANYONE HAS SEEN THIS ANIME LIKE ANYONE??? you will know this anime sucked ass. I wanted to note this anime because I cannot believe that this is one of the best examples I’ve seen of “really good concept, poorly executed” type of ordeal. Like it starts out with a good idea of bringing a bunch of characters to a village to start their lives over. The village is creepy and there’s spoopy things that happen… but the twist… is…. just…. like how did this anime even happen? If you want more laughs and giggles on this you should read the Reddit threads on this anime because they tried to give this anime a kill chart but guess what didn’t happen lol but really they could have done so much with this anime but they didn’t. I appreciate their effort though 👍

Also thanks for asking!!! I had fun doing this haha

Chapter 1 (Baby I'm A Sinner)

Short Summary: Basically a dark bad boy Niall/innocent girl story based on the quote: “Every girl wants a bad boy who will be good just for her, and every boy wants a good girl who will be bad just for him.”

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Word count: ~7k

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