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I want to start off that i’ve been pretty chill about people reposting my work because I hadn’t seen it as a problem, especially since to me it was just fan art and I didn’t really care. However, it’s really starting to bug me. Significantly because most of the things getting reposted is my old work. 

It’s embarrassing. Please do not repost my work any longer. I’ve given Permission in the past, so if I already have then we’re cool, and that was my call. I thank you kindly for tagging me and giving me credit, but I am now very uncomfortable with this. 

Especially youtube videos. I haven’t seen any with my work that were monetized ( that i know of ), but i forgot that youtube pays. Please, no more youtube videos. I’m really worried and incredibly uncomfortable. 

Please, do not repost my work anymore. 


that i appreciate you all so damn much?! like, i totally love you all to bits. i want you all to fulfill your dreams and have at least one happy moment per day.  i want you all to be strong and healthy and blooming. i want you all to live well and prosper. and i want you all to appreciate each other too. because you’re all great af.

this has been a gentle psa.

On twins and polydactyly...

I know the fandom’s gone over how the probability part of this issue before, but long story short… it would be pretty odd and out of the norm for Stan to- in canon- not have shared his brother’s polydactyly, as identical twins. (As them being identical twins IS what canon seems to suggest.)

While it’d be rare but not impossible for Stan to have only five fingers when his brother’s identical genes gave him six, I give you an alternate concept to consider:

What if Stanley Pines was originally born with six fingers as well?

And their parents wanted to do something about their twin boys. Ma worried about the scorn they might potentially receive from their peers once they ere older, Filbrick more worried about the potential embarrassment it might place on the family… So they decided to have the extra digits on their twin sons surgically removed. 

But once learning how much that surgery would cost, they realized they only had enough money for one to undergo the procedure. They picked one son at random, and that son ended up being Stanley. The doctors removed his extra digits with barely even a trace… leaving only a small crease that perfectly blended into the natural ridges of his hands. 

They planned to do the same for Stanford a few months later when they earned enough money, but by that point the doctors warned them that his nerves developed enough that preceding with the procedure would likely leave him with nerve damage that would hinder his motor skills for the rest of his life. 

So Ford kept his extra digits.

And past then, when you have one child with the normal five fingers and one with six, how are you supposed to explain that you had Stanley’s extra fingers removed when he was a baby, like having six is wrong? Unnatural? Unwanted? Ma dreaded the thought of ever having that conversation, and so she never did. She, nor Filbrick, ever told Stanley the truth. 

And Stanley never asked about it. Never once considered. To him, some people were born with five, and others with six. Just like him and his bro. He never had any reason to suspect his parents were hiding anything from him.

Stanford, however… began to suspect in college, after going through a genetics course and conducting his own research on the topic. At some point he called Ma and asked about it. Asked her, pointedly, to not keep the truth from him. Reluctantly, Ma admitted what they did some twenty years ago… admitted that they only had enough money to put one through the surgery. 

Years pass. Ford was thrown through the portal… into the thickets of the multiverse. Every once and a while he stumbles upon an alternate version of Stan who had fallen through instead of him. Some of these Stans have six fingers. Some of the Fords he meets on his journeys don’t.

Some thirty odd years later, Stan and Ford are at sea, peacefully reminiscing about their happier memories together. After a while, recollection of their past turns to confession, and Ford imparts Stanley with the knowledge he learned from their mother years ago… That Stan was born with polydactyly too. The pair search across the side of Stan’s palm, eventually discovering an aged crease that didn’t quite fit in with the rest of them upon close observation… one that Stanley never thought to look at with much scrutiny before. Tears built up in his eyes, and he laughed, the sound both joyous and melancholy, somehow at once.

“Guess we were both Sixer, then,” he says, holding up his hand against his twin’s and imagining a world in which the number of fingers on their hands matched.


Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]

Sugar? Yes, Please (M)

Summary: SugarDaddy!Yoongi AU. You’re a college student with an aspiration for journalism, but the traumatic experience of being broke and lonely gives you an opportunity to try out something new: become a Sugar Baby.
Genre: Smut 
Words: 8,216
Warnings: Daddy kink, age difference
A/N: This was originally supposed to be separated into two parts, but I figured just screw it; we’re all thirsty for Yoongi, so I’ll keep it all in one. Please enjoy this monster of a fic because it took me literal days and I am so done with myself.

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Almost forgot this one. 

Part of the 200-500 series. It’s like, super silly, and like so random and maybe not even good, but it made me laugh, and smile so….maybe it will make you smile too?? Idk. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

It’s the smile that does it for Lance.

The brunet yelps loudly, successfully catching the eye of everyone around the room, and smacks his own hand hard against his chest.

“Ah, be still my heart!” Lance exclaims, using his free hand to point directly at Keith, whose smile turns into a curious frown at the brunet’s words, “I know it’s too much beauty to bear but we must be strong.”

That earns him a few chuckles and fond rolls of eyes from the rest of the team but it only makes Keith to blinks owlishly at him, lips turning into a confused pout.

“Lance, what –?”

“Ah, Hunk! Hunk, my buddy, my best buddy in the entire galaxy.” Lance shouts, throwing himself on top of Hunk, the older teen chuckling as he holds Lance up by the armpits, “I’m catching the feels. There is no going back now.”

“Oh no, not the feels! Lance, my dear poor bro, not the feels!” Hunk plays along with a wide grin, shrugging his shoulders as best as he can before pushing Lance up.

“Yes! Yes, Hunk, exactly! The feels!”

“What…” Keith starts, eyeing his boyfriend carefully before looking at everyone in the room, “What are…the feels?”

“He doesn’t know what the feels are.” Lance whispers, gasping dramatically on Allura’s ear, making the Princess to roll her eyes at him playfully and pushing his face away from hers.

“Now, now, someone has to correct that, right?” She says, eyes going back to her tablet but smirk right on place.

Shiro shakes with laughter from his seat on the couch, holding his stomach as a few tears fall from his eyes.

“The –Hah –the feels.” He breaths out, “Damn , dude, that’s unfortunate.”

“I know!” Lance whines and flops himself over Pidge this time, chin resting on her head, “Pidgey, you are a know-it-all, is there a cure for the feels?”

Pidge hums. “Yeah, it’s called dying.”

That makes now both Shiro and Hunk to go into another fit of laughter.

“Guys.” Keith groans, “What are you talking about –“

“This, Keith!” Lance shouts, throwing himself on the startled teen and cupping his cheeks, “This face right here. It’s beauty itself! I thought I had seen every star out there but the ones in your eyes have proven me wrong!”

Allura and Hunk both coo at the words behind him but Lance’s smile only grows when Keith’s cheeks turn red.

“Wha – Lance!” Keith yelps, blush raging on but Lance is pleased to see the smile creeping over his boyfriend’s lips, “Stop!”

“There it is again, guys!” He shouts giddy, chuckling warmly as he leans down and drops a chaste kiss on the corner of Keith’s mouth, “Gah, the feels inside me every time I see this smile, I swear.”

“Stop that, you dork.” Keith groans, squirming away from his boyfriends hold on his face, but his smile stays in place, “God, you’re so embarrassing.”

“Rightfully so, amor!” Lance shrugs, smirking down at his sudden shy boyfriend and moving his hands to rest on Keith’s waist, “Man, aren’t I the luckiest man in the world? I mean, look at that bright adorable smile.”

Keith snorts, a small laugh escaping his lips as he covers half of his face with his free hand, the other rest on Lance’s chest. “Psh, stop, oh my god.”


Keith huffs and punches his boyfriend’s shoulder half heartedly, but Lance just laughs, answering the playful assault with an eskimo kiss. Keith’s smile doesn’t fade for the rest of the day.

Stranded // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan (M)

Originally posted by vladilife

Pairing: Jackson x Reader x Mark

Genre: Smut // Threesome

Summary//Request: wonderandneverlandtrip said: Could you possibly do a mark x reader x Jackson smut from got7 ? I love your writing btw 🙊❤❤

PLEASE READ: I have written a continuation of this scenario! If you would like to read it, you can~ I’m Okay With That // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan

A/N: Please be advised this scenario is rated mature // Threesome, car sex, oral.

If you hadn’t of been in the company of your two best friends, Mark and Jackson, today would have officially been the worst day ever – period.

All three of you were en route back from a weekend getaway with the rest of the boys. You, Mark and Jackson were in the old red Volvo, while the other 5 took the jeep – currently miles ahead of you. Unfortunately for you three, Mark had accidently ran over some idiot’s broken beer bottle left lying at the side of the road, causing the front left tyre to completely burst flat. To make things worse, upon getting out of the car and examining the flat tyre, Jackson then informed you both that there was no spare in the trunk – completely adding insult to injury. Mark called JB, telling him of the situation.

“Well, I can’t come back for you guys because there’s no room for you – it wouldn’t be safe. You guys are gonna have to wait until I leave the other boys home and then come pick you all up. I’ll be about 4 hours – so just stay put.” JB instructed Mark upon him calling, leaving the three of you stranded at the side of the lonely, barren road as you all sat in the car – eating the food left over from the trip and watching the sun as it set in the distance.

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Misguided Ghosts

Originally posted by wonhontology

Mafia!au; Wonho

Two souls from opposite sides. 

Caution: Smut ahead.

“Hello sweetheart.”

You turned to come face to face with a familiar face. It was Shin Hoseok. The heir to your families rival mafia family. You shot a glare in his direction. “I see someone doesn’t care about his own safety.”

Hoseok entered into your bedroom through the window, a cocky smile spread across his face. “Please,” he chuckled. “You couldn’t hurt me if you wanted to.”

You took the gun that was placed under your vanity, lazily pointing it towards Hoseok. “You really wanna bet your life on it?”

Hoseok continued to saunter over towards you, not concerned about the firearm pointed at him. He took your hand that held the weapon to make the nozzle press against his chest. “Then do it,” he breathed.

You rolled your eyes as you withdrew the pistol. “You seriously have a death wish.” He shrugged, but that smug smile never left his face. “So do you wanna tell me why you risked coming here? You know that if one of my fathers men catches you they’ll kill you without a thought. Especially with you being in my room.”

Hoseok took your hands, pulling you up and into his body. His arms snaked around your waist. “I like to live dangerously,” he whispered into your ear. The breath hitting your sensitive skin, causing chills down your spine. His head dipped to leave a teasing kiss on your neck. You closed your eyes, tilting your head to allow him better access. “Tell me love, how much did you miss me?”

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BTS reaction to them hiding in a dressing room from paparazzi where a stranger in underwear was there

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction please? Can I have their reactions when they go to the mall and see paparazzi so they have to rush into 1 of the changing rooms. However, you are in there with just a bra and undies. They have to stay there for a long time tho, because the paparazzi is still outside, looking for them. You guys don’t know each other. I think this will be fun 😂 thank you!

Hi pretty~thanks for requesting ! …that was fun to do ^.^ ,this’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

I don’t think he would accept the fact that he saw you just in an underwear and a bra ..the second he entered the room he started screaming ,so you started screaming ,which made him scream even more ,and dash out of the room where the paparazzi were waiting for him after they heard his and your screams . You guys are going to be the next hit news in the whole internet !

Suga :

I think he would be too angry to feel embarrassed .He entered the room and immediately raised up a finger in the air ,pointing to you so you won’t shout ,he was looking through the key opened place in the door to see if the paparazzi left or not ,when they were leaving the section the dressing room was in he said simply “I didn’t see anything ,sorry for bothering !” …and he would just go and leave you there as you were trying the whole time to cover yourself by anything was there !

Rap Monster :

I guess he would know where he was going to ..and only God knows if he would like it or not! he entered the room ,he quickly covered your mouth and started whispering “I’m Kim Namjoon ,23 years old ,Korean , an idol and I think you know me ! ..I ran from paparazzi and I swear I had no place to hide but this …I’m not a thief ,I’m not a serial killer and I don’t do drugs ..can I leave you without hearing your screams? “ …you nodded he smiled and left you ..looking through the door …then when he didn’t see them he took a glance at the clothes on the hanger “nice dress! …I think the green one would be better!” ,waved for you and left simply …

J-hope :

I don’t think he would like the idea that much ! …as soon as he entered the room his eyes went wide as he heard you screams ! …so he took all clothes which were on the hanger in a random panicked way and through them on you “just ….just don’t scream!!! …this …wear this …but don’t scream!! ..please!!” …and he would cover his ears ,close his eyes and turn to the corner ,giving you his back …”I’ll go when the paparazzi disappear …I swear!” …after a minute you wore the dress and said in a calm voice to make him relax “I’m done ,what about I go and check if they went?!” …he turned fast ,with eyes full of hope “yes ..please ..I would be so thankful !” ..

Jimin :

He was running across the shop ,when his hand caught the hand of the door ,opened it and got in ,so he closed it as he gave his back to the room ,his head stuck to the door ,trying to hear if they left or not! …when he didn’t hear anything he let out a sigh of relief and decided to see where that door got him into! when he turned he saw you holding a short dress ,covering your body ,with shocked eyes your back was to the mirror as you were staring at him and what he was doing! ..and him? …as soon as he turned he opened his eyes wide so his mouth ,from the huge surprise he looked at you from head to toes ,he was rude? …yes ..this little ChimChim has a dirty mind too ..right? he whispered “sorry~” as he was looking at your thighs ..his hand sneaked to his back and opened the door ,which made him fall on the ground outside cuz he was leaning on the door ..and his eyes still on you! ..but what made him stop that he heard the paparazzi he screamed “WAIT 15 MINUTES AND GO …SORRY AGAIN” slapped the door and ran away !

V :

He knew there wasn’t any place to hide but this room ,it’s the closest to the main door of the shop he changed his jacket into a new one ,put his hat on ,took a dress and stood next to the door ,talking to you “babe? ..did you finish?” …that was the time when a paparazzi arrived behind him …V heard him taking few steps closer when he heard you saying “excuse me?” …so Taehyung didn’t wait any second but entered the room “come on let me see it!” …he said as he locked the door behind him ,quickly he covered your mouth as he said out loud “ohh babe …I think it’s cool ..did you try the pink one?” …so you understood …winked him and let his hand down “yes ..but I didn’t find my size ..can you search for one?” …he smiled ,placed the dress on you so you won’t feel embarrassed when this play ends …when he saw that the paparazzi left he smiled but didn’t look at you, his eyes were locked on the ground “sorry ,I had to run away from this guy are smart by the way “ …you let out a fake short laugh “of course I need to be smart ..I would get killed !” ..he looked at you ..shocked ..did he got himself in a trouble? “killed? ..” smiled a weird one “yes ..aren’t you a murder and those are cops?” ..he giggled “ohh no ..I’m an idol >< ..but really ..this is awesome! …” ..and he pointed at the dress on the hanger ..and said “sorry again!” ..and left you .

Junkook :

I think he would be so taken by thinking of the way to run away to deal with you …he caught the hand on the door ,gave you his bag as his eyes locked on the paparazzi on the ladder ,as soon as he was totally inside you started hitting him on his back …so he fast closed the door …and tried to control your hands ..when he caught your arms you started screaming ..and all he could do was hushing you to shut up “shhhh …calm down!!” …and when he felt that the paparazzi heard you and came closer he whispered “ssshhhh ..he is here!” ..and you were caught by his phrase …so you stood there like a standard so he did …as his arms holding yours in the air as if it was a screenshot from a fighting video …and when the curious reporter left ,Jungkook looked down at you as you were pouting ,and trying to focus on what he talked about …smiled …”sorry! ..” ..left you and went out ..just like that simple as a peace of cake ! …

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dvastatedr  asked:

For The Voltron Family which I adore, any embarrassing Daddy stories trying to embarrass their teenage kids? I believe Shiro and Keith would be the type. lol

[The Voltron Family] Daddies trying to embarrass their kids.

Shiro with Lance

Shiro was the one who drives all the children to their schools every morning. Most of the morning anyway, sometimes one of them would join Keith. Today, Shiro was in charge of Lance to drop him off to his high school, since Hunk was already in school way too early for football practice.

Lance: Daddy… *coughs* Dad, can you stop around the corner? Please?
Shiro: *confused* Why? We’re not yet at the entrance.
Lance: I know, I know! I just… this would be a good spot. *nods* I can walk there myself. No need to—
Shiro: But it’s not really a big deal. I’ve been doing this for a year now. I don’t see why I need to stop around the corner?
Lance: Just. Just please? I’ll get off here.
Shiro: *stops the car* Alright, buddy. Have a good day in school. Study hard.
Lance: *kisses Shiro on the cheek* Yeah, I will. Thanks! Bye! *gets out of the passenger seat* *runs towards the school*

Shiro just smirked as he quickly drove to the entrance to catch Lance.

Shiro: *opens his window* *shouts* Lance! Remember Daddy loves you!! 
Lance: *looks back at Shiro* *horrified*
Other students: *looks at Lance and giggles*
Lance: *covers his head with his hoodie*
Shiro: Where’s my reply?! *shouts*
Lance: *grumbles and quickly approaches Shiro’s car* Dad, can you not?
Shiro: My reply? *smiles*
Lance: *grumbles* I love you too. Can you please just go? Don’t you have some people to operate with? *shoo gesture*

Keith with Pidge

There was a parent-teacher meeting regarding Pidge’s grades and the proposition of her skipping a year. Keith was the one who attended that because Shiro had another 24 hour operation, so obviously, he was the only one available. As soon as he was out of the meeting, he went looking for his daughter and spotted her sitting with her friends in a corner. Keith approached her looking so pleased and proud with the results of the said meeting.

Keith: Pidge! 
Pidge: *turns around* *smiles* Oh, hey—
Keith: Sweetheart, hello. *leans in to give her a peck on the lips*
Pidge: *eyes widens in horror* *turns so Keith kisses her cheek instead*
Keith: *blinks in surprise*
Pidge: Dad.
Keith: You never call me “Dad.” *frowns* You always call me “Daddy Keith.”
Pidge: *whispers* *flushes* Please not here.
Keith: And you dodged my kiss. I’m wounded, pumpkin. 
Pidge: *groans* 
Keith: Are you embarrassed to be seen being kissed by your own father on the lips?! Are you too old for kisses now, Pidge? *dramatic*
Pidge’s Friends: *giggles silently*
Keith: I raised you with love and care and this is how you repay me? *looks at Pidge’s friends* She used to nibble my neck. Said she likes how it tasted.
Pidge: *mortified* *drags hands down her face* DADDY KEITH!
Keith: *smirks at her friends* She had an oral fixation for a long while. Poor baby girl of mine. *caresses Pidge’s hair* Remember that time when you and your Daddy Shiro were bathing when you were three?
Pidge: *hides her face* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Keith: Pidge wanted to marry her Daddy Shiro when she was 3. Then she changed her mind and wanted to marry me when she turned 6. I’ve never been so happy in my life. *places hand on chest* 
Pidge: Stop embarrassing me in front of my friends.
Keith: What’s the point of having kids if I can’t embarrass them? *laughs*

None for Hunk because they couldn’t embarrass him because he was a sweet boy who wasn’t ashamed of his overly affectionate daddies lmao

Episode 92, part 2: I’m sure this will be fine!

part 1 is here

Yami Malik has explicitly confirmed that he is about to straight-up murder Mai, and Jounouchi is like “excuse me, good sir, but have you considered perhaps calling an end to the duel?”

“My orders are to treat all, quote, magical bullshit as though everyone involved is just play-acting to annoy Mr Kaiba.”

Yami Malik calls the attack…

But luckily, RA GOD OF THE HEAVENS AND ULTIMATE AVATAR OF DESTRUCTION has, like, an embarrassingly long warm-up time. From the time the attack is called:

1. Jounouchi climbs up on what I assume is called the Battle Deck™ Pun Intended

2. Jounouchi tries to free Mai

3. Jounouchi realises Mai can’t remember him

4. Jounouchi is irrationally offended by his friend’s behaviour UNDER A CURSE HE KNOWS IS IN PLACE c’mon boy

5. Jounouchi admits he was wrong not to tell Mai that she was in his dream

6. Sparklefists still doesn’t know WHY THIS IS EMBARRASSING so what if the dream took place in school? That’s not how dreams work!

7. Jounouchi’s nonsensical sentimental apology-plea (apoloplea) breaks through the magical barrier in Mai’s mind and she remembers him

8. Yami Malik complains about this and his eyeliner slides away in disgruntlement

9. Mai heroically tries to convince Jounouchi to leave, Jounouchi heroically refuses


Not lands! Launches! 

Giant fireball incoming…


I love this moment. He’s so brave and surprisingly sturdy!

You’d think he’d be too short… Can you imagine if he threw himself in there and the fireball just flew over his head and hit them anyway? Good times.

I wonder why he waited until the last moment? I mean, I know it’s because the writers knew it’s the most suspenseful way to do it, and because having a touching apology-reunion is way more tearjerking when the two characters are alone facing danger, not awkwardly being watched by their human shield. But I wonder why in-universe Yami waits. Maybe he thinks Jounouchi will somehow manage to free her in time? Or that Kaiba will see sense and call the duel to a halt? Or maybe he’s worried about using Yugi’s body for something so dangerous…?

This does seem pretty dangerous…

Is that a deliberate reference/comparison to the scars on Malik’s back? Like a, your hatred came from the pain you bore on your back, so I’ll take the consequences of your hatred on my back?

He collapses as the attack finishes, and Jounouchi continues his flawless streak of irrational reactions to people’s magic-derived problems

pull himself together?? he got hit by a fucking fireball!! for you!!! let him have his nap!!!!

Apparently we’re still pretending this is a card game with rules, so even though the attack didn’t hit Mai, because the attack was called and would have reduced her life points to zero, Yami Malik is the winner and demands to be announced as such:

Isono, constantly surrounded by volatile egomaniacs, isn’t phased.

Then Yami Malik is just like “ha, he’s unconscious, I could totally murder him right now!”

“the CARD GAMES are much too important to simply skip over to achieve my stated goals”

I hate this show

He’s actually here to fulfill his threats against Mai


She wakes up in a giant hourglass hovering over a beach where she can see the Nerd Herd playing together

Yami Malik says he’s only here to get his Ra card back: it’s stuck between the two halves of the hourglass, so when he removes it…

And she’ll go back to forgetting things and eventually die? I think? He’s not very clear. I again question how this bunch of teenagers are so important to this ostensibly adult woman that they’re the illusion of happiness her mind provides; she actually hasn’t spent that much time with them? Why doesn’t she have other people in her life? Why aren’t her parents in her illusion? 

Back in the world of the full conscious, Jounouchi is LYING AGAIN

You don’t even TRY, just admit it, you’re too scared to punch him!

Yami Malik fucks off and Yami comes to, brushing off everyone’s concern and immediately asking:

Don’t fancy trying to explain to him that everyone just let Yami Malik walk over to her, talk to her, wave the Rod Of Fucking Everyone Up in her face and wander off again. No one even TRIES to stop him once Yami passes out. 

Meanwhile, in the blimp’s control centre:

So Kaiba, excited, decides to move things along…

Specifically addressing Yami, presumably because he’s self-aware enough to know that Yami’s the only one fond enough of him not to punch him for calling an unconscious woman a loser, but not self-aware enough to realise that calling an unconscious woman a loser is a real fuckin dick move #SetoKaibathings

I’m incredibly ashamed that the officer who murdered Philando Castile is Latino.

Shouldn’t POC help one another? Shouldn’t there be basic solidarity among us? Why does there continue to be anti-blackness in the Latino community?

These are all rhetorical questions but I need to shout them somewhere so my anger has a place to go. I’m deeply embarrassed that this officer is a member of my community. I’m sorry. I want Philando’s mother to receive justice and know that there are many Latinos on her side.

Wanting More (Part 2)

Part 1: 




 “You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt hot tears in your hands. You felt frustrated with yourself for crying because you didn’t want Harry to see how much he hurt you. You’ve never felt this pain like this before.

It wasn’t pain like in 7th grade when You broke your foot. But pain in you chest, and it just made you feel like you were breaking into pieces.”


You were ignoring Harry. Not to the extend of never seeing him again. But you wouldn’t always respond to his texts right away or send him funny memes you found on twitter. You didn’t know why you did this because in the end you knew this wouldn’t make your feelings go away. And the fact of the matter was that you missed him, it’s been a week since your last encounter and you were still a bit pissed off at him, even though it wasn’t his wrongdoing.

So when you sat down by a big window at the coffee shop to grab a tea, and just think a little. You didn’t excpect to hear a loud thumping sound on the glass, making you almost spill your tea. And you surely didn’t expect to see Harry on the other side giving you a goofy smile, and mouthing something.

You smiled at him then frowned when you could see his mouth moving, but not understanding what he was saying.

You said, “I can’t hear you” exaggerating your pronunciation and pointing to your ear so he could see what you were saying. You looked around and realized how odd this probably looked to everyone else, and giggled. When you looked back already Harry was making his way inside.

Suddenly your heart started pounding and you felt nervous. You didn’t expect to see Harry today so you ran your hands through your hair, and straightened out your clothes. You weren’t trying to look cute today. You looked down at your black leggings and a baseball tee and wish you wore something different.

You watched as Harry slide in the booth infront of you with a cup of coffee in his hand. “It was bloody freezing out there.” He said as you took notice of his rosey cheeks and nose from the cold. You just nodded and stirred your tea with the little spoon they gave you.

“Yeah it is pretty chilly.” You say not really knowing what to say. It wasn’t awkward being with Harry. But you realized why you felt so jittery. This is the first time you guys have seen eachother when you weren’t tangled in eachother sheets, or out at a party. It was new and refreshing almost. You liked it.

“Have you’ve been ignoring me?” Harry says out of blue, making you lift your eyes from you cup to look at his serious face.

“Um, no why would you think that.” You lied.

“I don’t know…” Harry sighed. “You haven’t been responding to my text that’s often, and haven’t seen you this week.” He almost pouts.

“Well I do have a life Harry. I have School and friends.” You didn’t mean for it to come off rude, but Harry seemed to stiffen at the words. You didn’t want him to feel bad. You actually didn’t have many friends, it seemed like Harry was the the only one.

To lighten up the mood you said, “Have you been stalking me?”

“Now why would you think that?” He raises his eyebrows and leans himself closer across the table.

“So you just Randomly came to this coffee shop, when there’s like hundreds in the city?” You question him.

“I might of heard you say a few times how you like coming here during this hour.” He shrugs it off like it was no big deal.

When in fact you remember you did tell Harry that but it was only once. You didn’t even think he would remember. You didn’t even know why you told him that. It was right after he brought you to his house and made out with you on the couch for a little. He made you tea, and you told him that it was almost as good as the place you go during the week sometimes. You smiled at how he remembered that small little detail.

Harry’s warm hand on your thigh took you out of your memory. He started drawing small circle on your leg as he stirred the sugar in his cup, like it was nothing. When you on the other hand heart was beating at his touch.

“I actually came to give you something you forgot at my house a few days ago.” He says.

“I don’t remember leaving anything.” You try and rack your brain on anything you could of left behind. But you didn’t bring anything besides your phone and keys. Harry lifted himself off the booth and came over to your Side. He reached into his back pocket with a big smirk on his face and pulled out something small and red, that you couldn’t quite recognize.

Then once you saw the lace your eyes grew big as you tried to make Harry put it back in his pocket.

“What the fuck Harry!” He starts laughing “Why would you bring that out here!” You realize how loud you were screaming so you tried lowering your voice.

How in the world could you have forgotten your own underwear at his house. Like how could someone not realize that it wasn’t on. You mentally kicked yourself at that. You were rushing to get out of his house that you didn’t even realize.

“I can’t believe I left them, I’m so embarrassed.” You placed your head in your hands to block the blush that was creeping onto your face.

Harry leaned in and said, “aww love didn’t mean to embarrass you. I think they’re quite pretty.” You slap Harry in the chest and you hear him chuckle.

“I can’t believe you have them right here. Have they been in your pocket all day?” You ask.

“Yup.” He said like it was no big deal.

“Weirdo.” You giggle and playfully punch his chest.

“What. I knew I was going to see you, so I just brought them.” He tried defending himself.

“Yeah sure…” you roll your eyes. You grabbed your purse from the left side and brought it on your lap under the table. “Here just throw them in my purse before someone sees.” You pan around the room and let out a sigh of relief when there was barely anyone in your section.

“Wait. I’m not giving them back just yet.” Harry slides them back in his pocket.

“What Harry, just give them back.” You pleaded with him.

“I will only if you say yes to go to Davids party with me tonight.”

“Davids a fucking asshole.” You remember going to one of his parties before and he was a real creep. You knew he always wanted to get in your pants, but you thought he was a douchebag and he was.

“True, but he throws a hell of a party.” Harry says.

You huff in annoyance, you really wanted your underwear back since they were your most expensive and your favorite. But Harry didn’t need to know that.

“Why do you even want me to go with you?” You ask him. Surely he could ask any other girl, you knew he had many girl friends.

“Because it’s always more fun with you, love.” You felt Harry’s hand creep up your thigh again and he slowly creeped up higher waiting for your response. You melted by just his touch, and he knew it. You hated how he made you feel like jello.

“Ok fine. But I don’t want to stay that long.” Harry smiled.

“I’ll pick you up at 11.” He said.

The party was nothing less then loud and packed. It was on a beach house David had rented out for this special occasion. You couldn’t remember what exactly for, but you didn’t really care. You didn’t see anyone you knew and that made you a bit anxious. But Harry was making you feel a little better by sitting next to him. Your glass of beer was cold in your palm as you took in the room and caught eyes with strangers.

“What’s up dude! Glad you made it.” You heard David walking infront of Harry and giving him a bear hug before his eyes catch mine.

“Ah, it’s nice to see you again Y/N.” He said as he shameless roamed your whole body with his eyes.

You just nodded not really giving him much attention because you just wanted to leave. You’ve only been here for an hour and you really weren’t feeling it tonight. Honestly you just wanted your underwear back from Harry, as weird as that sounded.

You were about to ask Harry when they could leave but he suddenly stood up to walk away.

“Where are you going?” You asked hoping he wasn’t leaving you with David.

“My friend just texted me and wanted to meet for a chat real quick.” He told you.

You gave him a look pleading with you not to leave you here alone.

“Don’t worry I’ll keep her company while your gone.” David said as he gave you a smug smile.

“Thanks man. I’ll be back.” And without even looking at you he sped off upstairs. You felt really annoyed. Not the fact that you needed a babysitter but that Harry dragged you here under your will and decides to leave you. Especially with David.

But he’ll be back your mind kept telling you. He says he’ll be back soon. So you tried to relax and enjoy yourself.

“So are you and Harry like dating now?” David asks.

You almost choke on your drink “What?! No, no we aren’t like that- we aren’t um… dating.” You stammered over your words.

David smirks and opens his cup of beer and pours a bit more into your cup that was almost done.

“Well then Drink up love. And let loose!”


You didn’t know how you ended up in this situation. You were in a dark corner of the club with another drink in your hand. You remember only drinking like two cups but your mind was buzzing. You felt a cold hand touch your thigh and you turned your head to see David. He was talking about something and was oddly close to you.

You were wondering when Harry was coming back it has been over an hour and at this point you were really starting to get annoyed. He said he would be right back but he didn’t. It made you wonder what he was actually doing. Your mind made up this scenario in your head that almost made you puke.

“I really like this dress on you Y/N…” David was slurring his words. Your mind came back to reality when you could feel him whispering in your ear. His hot clammy breathe was making you shiver.

“Thanks, I guess.” You didn’t really know what to say. “Maybe I should go look for Harry to see if we should head out.” You tried getting up but he placed his hands on your waist to sit you back next to him and you huffed in annoyance.

“Trust me love. Harry wouldn’t have left you here if he wasn’t going down on someone else.” He smirked at your reaction. You thought it could be a possibility but you didn’t want to believe it.

“He said he was meeting a friend….” you tried convincing yourself.

“Well she doesn’t look like a friend to me.” You looked at the direction he was pointing to and your heart almost stopped. There was Harry on the other side of the room with a girl sitting on his lap as she placed kisses on his lips and neck. While Harry held her hips against him.

You tore your eyes so quickly you might have gottened whiplash. So many emotions were going through your mind anger, sadness, shock. That your mind couldn’t keep up with what you were doing.

You grabbed David face and slammed your lips onto his. You must of caught him off guard too because he dropped his beer can, and it made a loud noise as it hit the ground.

His hands roamed around your body as he leaned you up against the wall. You didn’t know why you were doing this. But deep down you wanted Harry to see that you didn’t want him, even when you did. You wanted him to feel hurt like you did.

Or maybe he wouldn’t you thought as David kissed down your neck to your chest. Maybe he had no feelings at all for you. That’s why he could so quickly go onto another girl, with you in the same fucking room.

“Fuck, I can take you right here.” You came back to reality when davids hand went up your dress to feel your slit. Your mind finally realized what was about to happen. And you’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how hurt you felt. Sleeping with another guy won’t help fix it. Especially if you don’t want you.

“No.” You say as you pushed his hands off from under your dress.

“Come on don’t be like this.” He continuing pushing his groin into yours. “Don’t act like you don’t want this.”

“I don’t just because I kissed you doesn’t mean I want your dick.” You finally push him off you completely.

“Fucking Bitch.” He spat in your face. You flipped him off and before you saw his reaction you headed towards the door. You pushed through people who were having a good time and dancing but you wanted to leave. You couldn’t stay here any longer. You felt your chest getting tight and your eyes starting to get wet.

You pretended you didn’t know why you felt like this. But you knew why. Harry.

You didn’t realize seeing him with another girl would make you feel so worthless. You knew you guys weren’t together but even so he always treated you like he was only seeing you. But you never really made it clear if this really had no strings attached. But apparently Harry had already.

You thought maybe today at the coffee shop that he wanted you more then just sleeping around with you.

And oh how stupid you were for thinking that.

You placed your hand on the cold brick outside the house, to try and calm down. You needed to get home and at this point you would just walk the 10 miles, if it meant not seeing Harry. So you started walking to the street.

But god wasn’t on your side tonight when you heard footsteps coming toward you.

“Y/N! Hey where you going I saw you run out?!” You turned around to see Harry coming toward you and you just wanted to disappear. You wipe your hands against your eyes to wipe all the fallen tears.

“I’m going home…” you told him and kept walking.

“Alright well I did take you here, so that means I can take you back, love.” You stiffened at the name.

“Well I couldn’t find you, after you left me for over an hour.” You snapped.

“I’m sorry.” He said coming closer to you and placing his hands on your shoulder. He was too close and all you wanted to do was lean into him but you didn’t. “Let me drive you. So I know you’ll get home safe.”

You got in the car because you actually didn’t know the way to get home and you were tired. All of tonight’s events came back to you and you refused to remember so you slowly drifted off to sleep. But what you didn’t realize was Harry slowly tracing circles in your hand making you sigh in comfort.

The sound of the engine turning off and the car coming to a complete stop had you stir from your sleep.

Your eyes finally opened as you turned to the Side and realized you weren’t at home. But at Harry’s.

“Why aren’t we at my house??” You quickly straightened up from your sleep position.

“I still had to repay you from coming tonight.” He said and you totally forgot about that. You honestly at this point didn’t care and wanted to leave. But at least you’ll get what you sacrificed for.

You walked up Harry’s stairs behind him until you reached his room. Your eyes quickly scanned the bed where you have doned many things that made your cheeks heat up. But you just cleared your throat and saw Harry open his top dresser draw and pulled out your underwear.

You snatched it from him with a small thank you before turning around to go back to the car. But then your bladder finally spoke after all those drinks.

“Can I use your bathroom before we leave?” You asked Harry.

He nodded and you made your way to the one in his room. “But we aren’t leaving.”


“I said we’re not leaving.” He repeats himself.

“Harry I have to go home.” You tell him.

“Not this late I can take you in the morning.” You looked over at his clock and it was 2am.

“You didn’t mind kicking me out the other night, after we slept together!.” Your voice wavered at the end more than you wanted. Your eyes went wide after you realized what you said, and you wanted to take it back. You didn’t want him to know you were hurt from that because now you know he has no feelings for you whatsoever.

Harry stood there not saying anything and you didn’t want to be in this situation any longer so you quickly went Inside his bathroom and locked it.

“Y/N open the door.” Harry knocked lightly as you sat on the toilet.

“No I’m using the bathroom.” He sighed but didn’t say anything else. Until after you flushed and was washing your hands. He asked again and you said you didn’t want to talk to him. That seemed to make him go away.

As the water was running you looked at yourself in the mirror and saw how tired and sad you looked. Dry tear marks were down your cheeks, your hair was a mess, and your lipstick was smeared. You placed your face in your hands and tried not to think about anything that happened tonight. But you couldn’t help it.

You didn’t realize you were crying until You felt hot tears in your hands. You felt frustrated with yourself for crying because you didn’t want Harry to see how much he hurt you. You’ve never felt this pain like this before.

It wasn’t pain like in 7th grade when You broke your foot. But pain in your chest, and it just made you feel like you were breaking into pieces.

Warm hands wrapped around your waist and you quickly looked up to see Harry behind you. You looked over at the door and saw a key, so he unlocked it. You tried to push away from him to just get some space but he wouldn’t let you.

“Harry I wanted some privacy.” You said between sniffles.

Harry looked down at you with a frown on his face. “I couldn’t have you in here crying, love. What’s wrong?” He slowly wiped the tears that were leaving your eyes like a waterfall. He didn’t like to see you so upset, it broke his heart.

You shook you head and looked at the tile floor. You didn’t know what to say.

Harry placed his finger under your chin so you can look at him. He started into your beautiful eyes and you looked into his forest green ones, almost getting lost in them.

“Come on you can tell me anything. Just tell me what’s wrong so I can fix it for you.”

You almost laughed because you didn’t know if he actually could fix it.

“Harry, your breaking my heart. And I don’t think I can do this anymore.” You say through your tears.





Part 3:
Super Junior reaction to you leaving hickeys on them and the other members teasing them.

For anon



You and the leader would have been having a bit of to much fun the night before, that both of you wouldn’t have realized the hickeys on his neck until the next morning. Leeteuk would be shocked because he was the angelic leader, the person that did no wrong. Once the other members got a sighting of this, they would tease him into the next dimension. But being the leader, he would handle it with dignity, telling them to not be so childish for they were all adults.

‘Please grow up, they just hickeys.’


Sassy Heechul would have hickeys on his collar bone and one behind his ear, and having his short hair, it would be very obvious. When the teasing starts, he handles it with his sassy self. When someone tried to roast him, he would roast them back even harder. His final argument would be him telling them that his lover was just experienced, that this was just a reminder that he belonged to you and he liked it.

‘I can tell you that her lips aren’t the only skilled thing on my neck.’


Turtleman would be mortified. He would try and cover it up with every once of his soul but his actions would get the members attention. Once his scarf was ripped from his hold, because it was summer as well, they would burst out laughing and rip him into shreds with the teasing. Yesung would just try and get his scarf back and find a solution to cover them up without having to wear the blasted scarf in this heat.

‘At this rate I am going to die of heatstroke…’


Appa of the group would handle the teasing like a man. His strong neck would be littered with the purplish marks that reminded him of the heated session of last night. Heechul would be the first to notice and the first to start the teasing before everyone else chipped in. Kangin would ignore them and just continue his daily routine, but have a mental note to teach you a little lesson of subtly.

‘When I get home, Y/N, its your turn.’


The resident cuddly bear would just make a big joke about this. He would just say that you were trying to mark your territory, which would make the members tease him even more, but that wouldn’t bum him out. He loved you and wasn’t ashamed of the marks you left because he knew that you were his. All in all, the members teasing would just be light fun.

‘And you know, they look pretty cool actually.’


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the thing i hate about fandom spaces and online social justice forums in general is that everything people do is so performative. it’s like privileged people just come up with their own rule book on how to be politically correct and act like good allies but never sit down and shut up long enough to actually listen to the disadvantaged and criticize their own goddamn conditioning. there’s like this ‘i’m not overtly a bigot so i’m essentially a motherfuckin hero, now where’s my medal’ mentality that is so ugly and embarrassing to witness from a place of oppression.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Ken wanting to touch Touka's boobs and being embarrased about it again

I love the fact that Kaneki was blushing and “embarrassed” but she didn’t really have to force him to touch her or grab his hands and place them on her chest, he was like “oh yes i’m so embarrassed” but never stopped squeezing 😂 that bastard… he’s not that shy after all 

carved in stone | shawn mendes


requested by saralovesshawn

word count: 1,876

author’s note: gosh i am sorry this took so long and sorry it may not incorporate all the things you asked for but i hope you like it anyway!! i really tried (warning: this deals with feelings about death and stuff so if that’s not really ur thing… reader discretion advised)

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Shawn was always the pragmatic one in your relationship. It was strange considering out of the two of you, he was the one who roamed around the country singing songs about heartbreak and magic and all of that, but true nonetheless. He believed in hard work and patience and a leveled head to get good luck and achievements. You were the one who avoided cracks in the sidewalk and knocked on wood and had a jar of collected lucky heads-up pennies by the bed.

Those pennies are always the first things Shawn sees when he wakes up. He’s more than tempted to chuck that stupid jar out the window for all the good it did you. Three dollars and four cents’ worth of luck, three hundred and four separate occasions where the universe was supposed to be on your side, and yet.

And yet it’s been a year, and Shawn still can’t erase the image of your casket being lowered out of his mind.

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Yessssss, now things are really going to get good. Yami didn’t know how he was going to win at the start of the duel, but now that he’s gotten a read on the Player Killer and what he’s like he knows exactly what he needs to do. And he’s not saying these things just to be confident and arrogant either, but to goad PK into doing just what Yami expects him to do.