that pizza is so lucky to be eaten by niall and harry :)

Preference #18 “Five More Minutes”



You walked into your home and sighed. You had just finished your shift at work and saying your were tired was an understatement. You had also called Liam a couple hours before to tell him to make dinner and clean up a little so when you entered the kitchen, you were more than disappointed. There was things on the counter from the morning that he promised to put away. The dishes from breakfast and lunch were still in the sink.

“Dammit, Liam!” you yelled through the house, but no response. You walked deeper into the house and heard the faint sound of a TV. The door in Liam’s man cave was slightly ajar and the sound of the TV becoming louder. “Liam, where is dinner?” you asked him.

His mind was focused on the game at task. “Liam, seriously,” you said sternly nudging his shoulder making him mess up and losing.

“What the fuck, Y/N?” he exclaimed.

“Liam, I called you two hours ago to clean up and make dinner. What happened?” you asked.

“Can you give me five more minutes, and I promise I’ll make dinner,” he said, still ignoring your request.

“No, Liam, I asked you to do it two hours ago,” you said, getting frustrated. You grabbed his controller and pressed pause.

“Y/N! What are you doing?” he yelled standing up.

“Liam, you were home all day, and I was at work for the past eight hours. I called you and said can you please make dinner. You could of ordered a damn pizza for all I fucking care,” you yelled, throwing his controller back on the couch.

“Y/N, I’m sorry,” he apologized.

“Don’t be sorry, just make dinner,” you sighed, patting his cheek.

“What do you want to eat?” he asked, grabbing your hands.

“Something editable because I’m hungry,"you groaned putting your head on his chest.


You have been dreading this day for awhile. Of course you were happy for Niall to go on tour because it made him happy and excited, but while he’s having the time of his life with his friends, you were at home alone. You promised him that you would take him to the airport and see him off, but you knew that would be the hardest part.

"Hey, you’ll be fine,” Niall said as you both got out of the car.

“I know, I’m just really gonna miss you,” you said, helping him get his bags out the car.

You were both silent on your way to the plan. It wasn’t much of a awkward silence, but a comfortable silence. Neither of you had to say good-bye to someone that would be leaving for awhile that wasn’t family and you didn’t know what to say.

“Please be careful on stage,” you told him, as you approached the plane.

“I know, mum,” he joked, making you shove him.

“Seriously though Niall. Last thing I need is you to bust your knee again,” you laughed.

“Hey Niall, you almost ready?” Paul asked, walking past you both.

“Yeah, almost but can we please have five more minutes?” Niall asked.

Paul nodded before grabbing Niall’s bags. Before you could say anything, Niall embraced you into a hug.

“Don’t be too bored without me around,” he smiled, with his head on your shoulder.

“Don’t have too much fun without me,” you shot back. “Call me when you land,” you told him.  

“I’ll be calling you everyday until I get back,” he whispered before kissing you sweetly.

“Ew,” Louis commented as he walked by. “I would say get a room, but we really gotta go,” he said grabbing Niall’s arm.

“Okay fine, but I love you,” you smiled.

“Love you too,” he said before kissing your forehead and then leaving.


“Zayn, please just stop. It’s getting annoying,” you begged.

You were eight months pregnant, and it felt like you were getting bigger by the second. Every time your baby would kick or you felt movement, Zayn would never be around, but today he was determined to feel your baby girl kick just once. So all day he had been rubbing, poking, and talking to your stomach all day trying to wake her up.

“Please babe just five more minutes. I just want to feel her kick once before I leave in a couple days because when I come back, it’ll probably be to late,” he reminded you.

“She’ll kick when she’s awake, and you’ve been trying everyday,” you told him.

“But even my mates have felt my baby kick,” he complained.

You did feel bad for him though. All he really wanted was just to feel his baby kick. Everyone from you to his family had felt the baby kick.

“Fine just five more minutes but then I’m taking a nap,” you decided. He smiled and continued to work on your bump.

“Come on baby. Please kick for daddy so mommy can go asleep,” you laughed rubbing your sides. “Ow!” you exclaimed. “Did you feel that?”

“No where?”

“Here,” you said, placing his hand on your side.

She kicked again making Zayn smile. “She’s strong,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, I’ve never felt her kick that hard,” you laughed. “She probably wants you to stop,” you joked.

“Whatever but I’ll let you sleep. I love you,” he said before giving you a quick kiss. “And I love you,” he smiled kissing your belly. "We love you too, but we are both very tired and we would appreciate if daddy made some dinner.“ You smiled. "Anything for my girls.”


You closed your literature book and sighed. It was almost eight o’clock, and you were working on an essay and had forgot to make dinner for yourself and Harry. You heard the back door open making you pop your head up.

“Y/N, I’m back,” Harry called out.

“I’m in the kitchen,” you answered back. You heard him come closer to the kitchen. “I meant to make dinner, but I was caught up with my studies,” you mentioned before you heard him enter into the kitchen.

“I didn’t think you were making dinner. It’s Sunday,” he said, confusing you. You turned around to see Harry with a pizza.

“Oh my god. I totally forgot,” you said, surprised.

Every Sunday, you and Harry would have a standing date night. Tonight, you had planned to get a pizza and watch a movie.

“It’s fine just go and put on something comfortable,” he said putting the pizza down.

“Okay just give me five more minutes,” You pleaded, opening up your book.

“No, Y/N, you’ve been studying for hours. Just take the rest of the night off with me and this pizza. You deserve it,” he begged, putting his hands on your shoulders.

“And I will, just let me finish this page and then I’ll change,” you promised making him groan.

“You said this is due next week, and you have six out of seven pages done, and you are so tense right now,” he said, rubbing your shoulders. “And I know you haven’t eaten lunch or dinner so if anything else just eat.”

You sighed and stood up. “Okay, I’ll be done for the night,” you said before kissing his cheek. “But I wanna choose the movie.”  

“Maybe, babe if you’re lucky.”


You were finishing up making Louis’s favorite dinner. You wanted to celebrate you moving into his house by making his favorite meal. You put a bottle of wine on the table as you heard Louis enter through the front door.

“Y/N?” Louis called through the house.

“Yes, I’m in the kitchen,” you answered. You heard him walk into the kitchen and stand next to you before kissing your cheek.

“What is this?” he smiled.

“Well since it’s my first time cooking here as a non-guest, I wanted to make your favorite to show my appreciation,” you explained. He nodded. “I got the recipe from your mum this morning and when I was looking for the ingredients I realized you had like no food in your house, so I had to shop today and restock everything,” you said, putting the remaining ingredients away.

“Ow Oh!” Louis hissed, dropping the food on the stove, catching your attention.

“Louis, stop!” you yelled, putting the food back in the pan.

“It burned me,” he whined.

“Yeah it’s hot. Just wait five more minutes and then we can eat,” you said putting a lid on the pan.

“But babe, I can’t wait another five minutes. I’m starving and it looks so good,” he said.

“You can last a couple more minutes. Just go up stairs and change and when you come back down, you’ll be able to eat all you want,” you promised.

“I don’t need to change.”

“Well then Louis just sit down and wait,” you laughed, putting him in a chair.

“What the hell on we waiting on?” Louis asked, sinking in his chair.

“The vegetables aren’t done yet.”

“We don’t need vegetables,” he whined making you laugh. “

It’s almost done.”

The Media Gets It Wrong

Harry: “Are you ever going to go home?” You ask him with a smile as you roll over to find him yet again in your bed. With only a moan in return you remove the duvet and slowly place your feet on the cold hardwood. “What are you doing?” A muffled voice asks. You turn back to see only a mop of hair. “Getting up,” you answer. Another moan comes from under the covers. You let out a light chuckle as you pull your hair back with the lone hair tie on your night stand. Loud noises coming from outside draws you to the front door, leaving Harry to sleep. As you peek out the curtains covering the glass door you are greeted by several photographers and multiple fans, both groups gathered across the street. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” you groan, fixing the curtain back once you were finished looking. Deciding to ignore Harry’s inevitable fate as he left for the day, whenever that would be, you walk to the kitchen in search of something to boost your energy. It was going to be one of those days, you could already feel it. “You’ve got some friend’s outside,” you inform Harry when he finally makes his way down the stairs. “Do I even want to look?” You shake your head in response and he sits down beside you at the breakfast bar. “Studio today?” You inquire, sliding him the box of muffins you had picked up at the bakery on your way home from work yesterday. He nods as he opens the box, indecisiveness consuming him. Three muffins and two cups of coffee later he is back upstairs, scanning through his side of the closet for something to wear. Why he had a side in your closet you weren’t quite sure. He had been staying with you for the last week or so, so you were surprised that it took this long for a group to form outside your door. “Yeah?” He asks, arms out, showing off what he had pulled together once you had returned to the bedroom. “It’s a little dressy for the studio don’t you think?” You respond, looking over his black jeans, half buttoned button down, boots, and giant hat that could easily double as a sun hat at the beach. “Good enough for me,” he returns. He grabs his phone and keys off of your dresser before pulling you in for a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. You follow behind him as he heads for the front door, knowing he would want one more hug before he left. You watch as he makes his way down the stone path to the road and you can only imagine what he is hearing at this moment. “Harry, how was your night last night? You got in awful late,” one paparazzi shouts at him as the roar of the fans amongst them grows louder. “You’ve been here all week,” one more acknowledges. “How long have the two of you been dating?” Another one shouts, causing Harry to stop the stride to his car parked just along the sidewalk. “We aren’t dating mate,” Harry reveals. “But you’ve been staying with her for a week now.” “Not dating,” Harry repeats before climbing into his awaiting Range Rover.   

Liam: “And you’re just going to let them believe that?” Your roommate questions over a dinner courtesy of Pizza Hut. You nod and reach for another slice of the mushroom and cheese thin crust you had ordered. “Why?” You had asked yourself this question a hundred times and you still weren’t sure you fully understood your reasoning. “Because no one needs to know what really happened.” “But don’t you think you’re kind of allowing him to get off?” ‘Yes’, your brain says. “No,” your heart answers aloud. “He cheated, and yet everyone thinks the distance broke you up. That seems a little uneven, don’t you think?” She was right, but you wouldn’t tell her that. Sure, he had cheated, and sure it hurt, but there was no sense in making a terrible situation worse by ruining his reputation. ‘Cheater’ was not an easy label to shake. “I don’t see how basically ratting him out would help anything,” you admit, sitting your half eaten slice back in the box, your appetite quickly going. You were doing him the biggest favor possible by not going to the media and telling them the truth about your situation. They had just assumed the touring broke you, and no one ever came to double check their story. The story they missed being Liam calling you in the middle of the night to confess his actions. He had let the alcohol get the best of him and of course there was a girl around, there always was. He had gotten her back to his hotel in Barcelona undetected, how, you were still wondering that yourself. She had stayed in the room until well after he had left for the next city, and the fling was over. You credited him with telling you after it happened, but that’s about it. This being one of the only reasons why you kept quiet, that, and you still loved him. Yes, it hurt, but there was no need to go seeking revenge on someone you knew you still had such strong feelings for. “What does he have to say about all of this? You not saying anything,” your roommate continues to prude, bringing you from your thoughts. “I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him,” you reveal. “He’s one lucky ass. If I were you I would have ruined him. He wouldn’t even have time for the band he would be surrounded by so much hate.” You chuckle at her harsh words. You would never sell him out, even if it meant hiding the truth.

Niall: You watch on as your ex is plastered all over the television screen in front of you. “One Direction’s Niall Horan, back at the pub for a fifth night in a row,” the celebrity gossip anchor begins. You knew this Niall, unfortunately. Upset Niall drinks, and seeing as he had been to the pub every day so far this week, he was upset. It hadn’t even been a week since the breakup and it felt like everything was still falling apart. “It just isn’t there anymore,” he had told you. Not really specifying what “it” was. “Sources say Niall is enjoying the freedom he has now since his recent split from (Y/F/N). They are also saying his presence at his local pub is bringing some well needed attention to the area.” “Or he has a drinking problem,” you answer for the so called ‘sources’ that had informed this delusional human being of your ex’s antics. You knew Niall could handle his alcohol, when he drank causally. Five days in a row was not casual. As you turn the television off, not wanting to hear any more about Niall, your doorbell rings. You look at the clock, noticing it had switched over to AM without you even noticing. Who was at your door at this time? You turn the porch light on and slowly open the door to reveal a very intoxicated ex-boyfriend, your very intoxicated ex-boyfriend.  A smile stretches across his face once he notices you had opened the door. “You actually came to the door,” he says in relief. “What are you doing here?” You inquire, trying to keep the harshness out of your tone but failing. “I came to see you,” he answers, pointing to the taxi at the road that was now driving off. “You’re not staying here,” you remark, beating him to this own plan. “Where am I supposed to go?” He asks, walking past you and into your living room. “Home?” You close the door behind him and follow him to the couch, his space still indented in the cushions. “You would really kick me out?” “Yeah, I would. Especially since you’ve been acting like this all week. Why are you drinking so much?” You question, desperate to know the answer. “I don’t know any other way to fix this,” he begins and you shake your head. “No, that is ridiculous. Answer me, why have you been drinking so much?” “It isn’t ridiculous, it’s the truth,” he begins, sitting down on the side of the couch that once belonged to him. “I drink because I don’t want to remember you.” “Yet you’re here,” you interrupt. He ignores you statement and continues. “I know I shouldn’t be drinking so much, but it’s only because I hate my life without you.” “You shouldn’t have bullshitted your way out of the relationship then,” you retort, succumbing to the anger that was building. He had everyone convinced that his partying was his ‘freedom’ yet in reality it was his addiction and you couldn’t understand how that was going unnoticed.

Louis: “No, no, no!” He says and your face winces once more. He was so quick to deny engagement rumors. Sure they weren’t true but did he really have to dispel them as if the insinuation disgusted him? You had watched the interview at least ten times, that question pulling at your heart a little more every time you hit replay. You had dealt with engagement rumors before, especially since Zayn had popped the question to his other half. However, he had never reacted like this. The questions began to flood your thoughts. Why was this his reaction? Was your relationship not as strong as you thought it was? Was a future with him even a possibility? You had never had an issue with him setting the rumors straight in the past, so why now? As your brain mulls over the different questions, your phone rings, bringing you from your thoughts. The familiar name and emojis on the screen brings your heartbeat to a quicker pace. “Hi,” you answer timidly. “Hey, everything alright?” He questions from the other side, noticing your shy greeting. “Why did you say no like that?” Your question is out before you can pull it back in. “What?” He questions, unsure of what you were actually talking about. “That interview, they asked you if we were engaged,” you answer. He sighs loudly over the line and you prepare yourself for whatever answer he was coming up with. “Babe,” he begins and you interrupt him. “Don’t babe me, answer me.” Your tone was harsh and he continued carefully. “We aren’t engaged, I was just simply answering the question. I didn’t think that would even be a topic of discussion, so when it was asked that was just my reaction.” “But why was that your reaction,” you question, not impressed at all with his explanation. “I don’t know, it just was.” You could hear the annoyance in his voice. “Why does it bother you so much?” He continues. “Do you see a future with me?” You counter, completely ignoring the question he had asked. “What are you even on about?” He replies, already done with this conversation. “Answer me Louis!” You practically shout over the line. You wait for an answer, the seconds seeming like days. “I don’t know,” he replies honestly and your heart sinks. “You don’t know?” You counter, anger filling your mind, but your voice remains calm for now. “Yeah, I don’t know. I’m only twenty-two, I don’t even know why we are discussing this right now.” “Because we have been together for three years and you just said that you don’t see a future with me. Why are we doing this if there’s no future in it?” Your point was valid but he couldn’t see it. “Okay, seriously? I call you before the show to tell you goodnight and you throw this bullshit at me? I’m done with this conversation.” He was 110% over you and the subject you had brought up. “We are not done!” You shout, feeling no remorse for his intentions. “Yes, we are,” he answers before the line goes dead and you scream in frustration. What were you even doing? He obviously doesn’t see you in his future, yet here you sit in his house, surrounding by a mixture of yours and his things as you had been for as long as you cared to remember. Yet now, after hearing his answer, everything feels different.

Zayn: You had noticed the starring and the whispers behind your back when you stepped out in long sleeve shirts in the middle of summer. Yes, you were hiding the bruises. Yes, they knew you were hiding the bruises. Yes, you knew that they knew, but how else were you meant to go about this? This was your third day in a row fully covering your arms. So of course it was a record high in the UK, why wouldn’t it be? The stares naturally came whenever you walked into a shop no matter what you were wearing so the attention you had just gained didn’t bother you. You ignored the low conversations you were hearing from behind you, wanting to get out as soon as possible and leave the drama behind. A few quick selections later you are at the register paying. You keep your comments to yourself as you see the attendant behind the desk rake your wardrobe choices with her eyes, a smile remaining on your face once she makes it back up to meet your gaze. “Is everything okay?” She inquires, catching you off guard. “Pardon?” You reply, needing her to repeat herself. “I know it’s not my place, but everyone knows why you’ve been wearing those long sleeves.” You look around the small boutique to notice every single pair of eyes on you. “I’m sorry I still don’t know where this is going,” you say honestly. “The bruises. You have so many bruises.” She acknowledges, nodding to your arms. “Okay?” “You don’t have to stay with him,” she offers, placing her hand on yours. You pull away quickly. “Excuse me?” You take offence. “You can leave him, it isn’t as hard as you think,” she laments. “Wait,” you begin, pausing to try and wrap your head around what she was insinuating. “You think Zayn did this?” “Everyone does,” she reveals, pulling a magazine from under the counter to reveal your arms on the front cover and a distraught picture of your boyfriend beside them. You rip the magazine from her hand to read the cover, ‘(Y/F/N) Hiding Abuse From One Direction Boyfriend Zayn Malik - Long Sleeves in Summer, Staying Inside - The Signs Are There’ “Bullshit,” you remark after reading the front, tossing the rubbish magazine back at the attendant. “I got these at work. Zayn does not abuse me.” You say loudly, unable to even fathom that situation. “You don’t have to be in denial,” the woman continues. “Lady, you are the one in denial,” you retort, taking your bags off of the counter and quickly exiting the shop. As you walk away you pull your phone out to call prime suspect number one. “Why are you so abusive!?” You shout into the phone before he could even greet you. “What?” He questions playfully recognizing your tone. “Well according to everyone in the shop I just left, you are abusing me,” you reveal. “What?!” This time his tone serious. “Exactly. Everyone seems to think that the bruises on my arm are from you.” “Who is everyone?” “Well it’s on the front cover of whatever magazine they had back there, so I’m assuming a lot of people. I have been getting a lot of stares lately.” “That’s because you go out in winter clothes.” “Well it’s that or people really think you’re beating me.” “Well maybe you should try to be more careful at work,” he counters, his playful tone returning. “Hey now, scooping ice cream is a demanding job!” The two of you laugh the situation away, hoping the allegation would disappear on their own. 

Fresh start / Zayn centric

Prompt: Zayn ,17, is an orphan and is living on the streets. He is robbing houses, selling weed, and he is quite popular, but one day he robs harry’s house who is a successful detective, 22, and harry is unexpectedly home so he catches zayn and gives him 2 choices. 1. He reports him and goes to jail 2. He gets custody of Zayn for a year. Zayn reluctantly chooses the 2. option but things aren’t easy when you have a bad past

Trigger warning: being homeless

word count: 7.5k

A lot of people don’t really care about the homeless people living on the streets. They tend to say that it simply has to be their fault that they are living here and don’t give them money when they walk by because they are only going to buy alcohol or drugs.

When you have a place to stay, a nice comfortable bed, a bathroom and maybe even a fridge filled with delicious food you won’t be able to imagine living on the streets. It’s a daily fight for life.

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