that pimp ring

“I look like a pimp with all these rings!”

“Yeah babe, so very pimp, So hood, much street. All you need now is a cane and Smee on your shoulder and you’ll run the streets.”

“Ask him if he wants the fucking big diamond with the gold shit on it or the smaller diamond with the chains!”

“Piss off michael, what? No, No what the hell, are you kidding me Jameson? Do you know what this bloody diamond is worth? 7.2 million, and you’re trying to get it for 1. 4.5 million or I’m going to another buyer. I can and i will. No, no not bloody 3.3 million, I said 4.5. God-”

eyyyy, i’m done, and now for more requests to fill. also, just throwing this out there, like, in the tags, or maybe you can message me if you want, what do you guys think about a fahc comic?

I’m Not Alone (Sonny Carisi)

Title inspiration by “I Sleep Alone” – Meriwether (This is a really great song and I think the lyrics go with the fic really well. Go have a listen.)

I sort of channeled “Downton Abbey” with this one and also I’m sorry I don’t know why I wrote this I guess I wanted to hate myself.

You stood outside of the church, afraid to go in. Terrified of how you were going to feel once inside. You wanted to be alone through this process, because no one really mattered to you in that moment except for Sonny. You felt alone, so you wanted to be alone with your thoughts and your dreams that would never come true now. 

The thought of walking into the church made your chest feel tight and your throat feel raw and the last thing you wanted was to cry in front of these people. Retreating into your mind was the only way you hadn’t lost it yet, thinking back to the last day, three days ago.

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I smoked some hooka and played with my crystal ball a little … 
and something weird starting taking shape inside the ball , I squinted a little , and , and , OH MY GOD !!!


Yes , this is Adam Lambert’s third album tracklist !!!


- glitter is dead (but gold is alive)
- blow your … (mind)
- here in my cherry blossom printed suit (all i can think of is you)
- I love you (almost as much as i love my little black studded cap)
- crazy little thing called melvin
- one day you’re here , the next day you’re gone (an ode to my nose ring)
- why pimp yourself when you can pimp others
- selphie (feat. brian may)
- champagne showers
- yay titties
- jimmy crack corn and i don’t care
- i’m not freddie mercury , but …
- sushi wolf (japanese deluxe album only)
- i can’t say too much , but this song is awesome

More songs may be added to the mix , but until now this is the tracklist that is sure to make the final cut . Adam has been keeping it under wraps for so long , but I CRACKED THE CODE , BITCHEZZ !!

*sips more araq*

*stumbles away giggling*

|| listen here ||

lonely rolling star (missing you) - aivi & surasshu // quarts and chronometer - soil & pimp sessions // fineshrine - purity ring // gwendolyn’s dream - serani poji // go outside - cults // sleepless - flume ft. jezzabell dorian // mutual core - bjork (16-bit remix) // darker than wax - soil & pimp sessions // catatonia - project alice // dreamlike - vacationer // all is full of love - bjork // pocket universe - space boyfriend // chikara no uta - susumu hirasawa // waste yrself - teen suicide