that picture be blury

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One last thing, i saw a picture from Italy and it was good. It was one of the few they looked like a couple. She instead chooses one from an event. Is that purposeful ? Is she trying to not look like a couple?

i think she used this GAY AF blury picture for a purpose,and the almost rainbow behind them (OMG) because it doesn’t make them look like a couple, if you read what she wrote, nothing implies that they’re in a romantic relationship, NOTHING. it could be a post for a close friend’s birthday…..which it is, technically

my before and after, I know the first picture is blury but I really don’t have pictures of this horrible moment of my life, there is so much to improve in myself, and it’s what I’m trying to do,who’s with me? #weightloss #inspiration #beforeandafter

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How about a hospital AU where Eren and Mikasa are patients together? The morbidity in me wants them to have a serious, incurable thing but it's your call.

I seem to always write New Year’s fics in hospitals lol but I really thought this would be cute as a holiday fic. I actually fell in love with this AU as I wrote it, like how precious would they be. I did have it be longer term illness but I tried not to specify too much since I don’t have too much medical knowledge and I didn’t wanna get anything incorrect. I really did enjoy this more than I thought I would so thank you for sending it!

The bottoms of Eren’s slippers scuffed at the pure white floor of the hospital. The lights were dim in the hallways since it was technically after hours but at least it was quiet tonight; no machines beeping aggressively, no nurses rushing around the halls, no one crying out. It was almost serene, well, if he knew he wasn’t walking through a hospital. In the least, maybe everyone in his ward would have a good New Year’s Eve. The nurses usually gave them sparkling cider so there was that too.

He poked his head around the corner and saw one nurse carrying fresh blankets into another room but that was it. Eren stepped out into the hallway, walking the familiar path to the next ward over. His robe swung by his legs but even though it was December he still didn’t find it that cold whereas other people would bundle up with their robe tight around them just to step out of their room. Well, when they were allowed to.

So technically, he wasn’t supposed to be out past lights out but it was New Year’s Eve. Who wanted to sit alone in a hospital room and watch the ball drop? Boring. He’d rather sleep if that was the case.

He couldn’t really remember a time he wasn’t at this hospital; though admittedly after his surgery as a baby he did pretty well up until a few years ago when he declined in health a bit but like any kid, you spent a lot of time at your parent’s work. Where other people would get caught in a second, he at least knew all the ins and the outs, as well as the nurse’s shifts which helped significantly. Being able to charm the nurses for information helped too.

“Going somewhere, Eren?”

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Last progress picture, next one should be the finished product! It’s coming along, just need to work on Cassian’s hair a little more before I begin shading their bodies.(Its a little blury but if you click the picture for the bigger version it is not)

Damn it. Where could he have gone? Muttering to herself Luna was sliding in between the crowd of people, her eyes searching for her date, growing more exasperated by the minute. She had been chatting up one of her trainers once their paths crossed, feeling as if she had to be at least semi polite talking to a superior, but during that Atrius seemed to have disappeared from where she had last seen him, talking to some blonde she didn’t know. Luna was about to head for the lobby, when the entire room seemed to shift and blur. And she was flying. As if her body weighed nothing, her stomach tight with fear, her gaze staring at a very blury picture. And then there was pain. Red hot, searing pain. For a moment everything went black, as she momentarily lost consciousness. Coming to, the trainee groaned out, gasping for air. She couldn’t hear a thing. But when she managed to open her eyes, the scene before her was one of horror. People scattered all around, several bleeding, some passed out, the room in chaos, broken wood and stone everywhere. Tables and chairs littering the floor making for one of those catastrophic scenes from the movies. Shifting on the ground, she could feel blood coming down her neck, reaching up with a free hand, coming away bloody. Her head. Gritting her teeth, she attempted to stand, only to collapse back on the ground, unable to bite back the howl that tore its way out from her lungs. What the hell had just happened? 

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Lana Parrilla Spooky Empire May-hem Convention May 31, 2014

NEWWW!! ‘THE 100 SEASON 3 TRAILER’. From Australian TV.
I tried to record it but there’s a buzz for some reason in the sound. But it’s clear quality picture!!! (Update: it’s super clear on my phone but tumblr made it blury idk of its blury for you or not)