that pic is my fav

casbakespie  asked:

tell me your fav mishalecki moments pls?? gif sets/pics appreciated :)

my all-time fave will always and forever be this one

but i also love:

one of the almost kisses

when jared did THATjared did THAT

and other simple domestic things like fixing each others clothes

and feeding each other snacks :)

there’s more here too ;)

anonymous asked:

ooh can i ask what are some of your favorite hanbin pictures? im having a hard time w him lately

I’m not saying you’re asking the right person but that’s exactly what I’m saying 😏😏😏

HERE’S a post which I made for my fav fav pics from him

but since it’s never enough hanbin:

“You’re toxic i’m slipping under…”

ayyyyyy Altean!Lance and Galra!Keith are by far my fav thing in this fandom!!
I decided to finally sit down and finish this pic, it’s been sitting in my folder for almost a month. Also, I’m still workin on those outfit asks… just wanted to get some finished work up :3C