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You Are My Heaven Pt 1 (Steve Rogers Fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha, Tony (mentioned), Clint (mentioned) Maria Hill

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. Does the reader have the courage to find out if he feels the same way? What if he doesn’t? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS)

Warnings: lil fluff, lotta angst. Heartbreak. I’m sorry. 

Word Count: 2.8k

Song Inspiration: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: This one hurt. Once again, I drew from my own personal experiences, so it took a lot out of me to write. I hope you enjoy it? Part 2 will be out in a few days, I promise! It’s already written and will be the last, with a possible epilogue. Please let me know your thoughts! Special thanks to @buckyywiththegoodhair for reading this over! You’re a darling! 

Part One   Part Two>>>



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Stupid heart.

Stupid feelings.

Stupid brain for putting you in this situation.

Stupid gorgeous, muscled Super Soldier who just had to be working out right in front of you with his God-like physique and sweat glistening on his handsome brow.

At this point, you had no choice in the matter. You were too far gone. Resistance was futile.

“You know, you could just tell him,” muttered the red-headed former assassin beside you.

You scoffed, “Who? About what? I mean, I don’t…what’re you…”

Unimpressed by your less-than-convincing response, Natasha caught your eye and raised an eyebrow. She knew.

Huffing out a frustrated sigh, you conceded. “I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

A snort of laughter escaped you, “Why? Because he’s Steve Rogers! Captain Freaking America. It’s not gonna happen.”

She shrugged, “You never know unless you try.”

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The One Where He Forgets

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: Jugheads preoccupied trying to solve Jason Blossom’s murder and forgets your birthday in the process. 

A/N: riverdale imagines soon!!!

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Friday nights were usually quiet for you and Jughead but as of lately, he’d been restless, trying to solve the case of Jason Blossom.

In a way you were glad he had something to focus on – he’d been pretty bummed out over his dad lately.

“Cake?” you ask him, holding out your plate as you join him on your bed. He shakes his head, dragging him thumb over his bottom lip as his eyes skim an article on his laptop.

“What are you reading?”

“Hm? Just – just something,” he shrugs, angling the screen away from you.

That was the only part that sucked.

Since he’d formed his super team with Betty, Archie and Veronica, you’d felt left out. But it didn’t seem fair to complain about him making friends where he lacked in family; you wanted him to be happy, you just wanted to be a part of it.

“So, for my birthday this weekend I was thinking we could just grab dinner. Just you and me,” you raise a brow, “Mom’s out of town as usual and I don’t feel like throwing a party.”

“Isn’t that your favourite pass time?” he asks, smiling slightly as he keeps reading.

“Not since I started dating you,” you nudge him, “I know that stuff isn’t your scene and it’s important to me that we spend my birthday together. It’s our one year anniversary,” you say.

Jughead had crashed your birthday last year, unwillingly, when Archie dragged him to it. The parties you threw were big ones, all social groups at the school came and you liked it that way – everyone mixing together.

You were surprised to see Jughead and somehow the two of you hit it off and ended up dating. Jughead always joked about how it was the most unusual way to start dating someone for him – you were the opposite of his type.

But after a year of dating him, the two of you were almost the same person. You’d adapted each other’s habits and found a way to get around the ones that you couldn’t.

“That sounds perfect, y/n,” he says, pressing a kiss to your cheek before turning to his laptop.

You lean against the headboard with a small smile, satisfied. Jughead wasn’t about big romantic gestures, he did small things that touched your heart and you couldn’t wait to see what he did for your one year and birthday. You’d gotten him a few journals and a new lens for his camera to surprise him.

Saturday rolled around and Jughead cancelled early in the morning and you tried to be okay with it. You had all of Sunday, like he had promised.

But deep down you knew Sunday would be the same.

It wasn’t. It was worse.

You glance up at the wall clock at Pop’s, sighing as you take a sip of your milkshake. Your eyes had gone over every detail in the booth. The frayed vinyl on the corners of the chairs. Thepermanent stain on the left side of the table. The broken straw dispenser that only worked if you pushed two fingers through the gap and pulled out a straw yourself, by which time it was all crumpled up and your fingers cut a little.

But still, no Jughead.

At least if he made it by midnight it would still be your birthday and you wouldn’t have spent it alone.

But the clock strikes 12 and you’re still sitting alone in the booth. You rest your head on the table, the cold metal sending chills up your spine.


You look up to find a waitress with a pot of coffee.

“No thanks,” you mumble, shaking your head. You sling your bag over your shoulder and pick up Jughead’s present, heading for the door. You catch your reflection in it. Your makeup had worn off a little and your dress was all crumpled from sitting down for so long.

And then he appears outside the window, alongside Betty, Archie and Veronica.

You walk out into the carpark, your fists balled up by your sides.

“Shit,” Jughead mumbles, lacing his hands behind his head as he spots you, “I forgot, I’m so sorry,” he says as you reach him. He rests his hands on your shoulders, “I’ll make it up to you.”

“It doesn’t matter,” you sigh, not wanting to make a scene. You hold his present out, “My birthday’s already over but our anniversary isn’t so…”

He takes it out of your hands, staring at you apologetically, “Y/N-“

“It’s fine, Jughead,” you say, stepping away from him. It wasn’t. It wasn’t okay at all.

“It must’ve been important, whatever you were doing-“ you pause, looking over his shoulder at his friends, “I’ll let you get back to it.”

“Wha – no,” he shakes his head, “Come back inside. I’ll buy you dinner.”

“I already ate,” you lie, “I’m just gonna go home. I don’t feel too good,” you force a smile, “I’ll see you at school,” you wave at his friends, “Bye you guys.”

Before he can try stop you, you climb into your car and begin to drive off. You could see him watching you, frustrated with himself, but you leave anyway.

Monday was officially your least favourite day. Usually you loved it because you had first period with Jughead and the two of you would grab breakfast at Pop’s before class, but today, you were dreading it for all the same reasons.

You skip breakfast, getting to school right before the bell.

“I was waiting for you at Pop’s,” Jughead frowns as he leans against the locker next to yours.

“Yeah, I had to come to school early for an assignment,” you lie.

His frown deepens, “You literally just came in. I saw your car pull up,” he inhales deeply, “You’re avoiding me.”

“No,” you say defensively.

He sighs, slumping, “I feel like a total asshole for the weekend. I – I can’t believe I stood you up on our anniversary but I really hate myself for leaving you alone on your birthday.”


“Pop told me you didn’t eat a thing all night,” he says, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “And even still, when you saw me outside you didn’t get mad, you just left.”

“Did you want me to get mad in front of your friends?”

“No, I just – I don’t understand how you’re so… understanding,” he mumbles, “I’ve been a real dick.”

“Yeah, you have,” you say, closing your locker, “And I’m not that understanding, Jughead. I get hurt by the stuff you do, I just –“


“I don’t say anything because I don’t want to lose you. You hate drama and you pretty much hate relationships. I don’t want to push it with you because then you’ll… leave me.”

His eyes widen and he pulls you into a hug, “You do not have to stifle how you feel because you’re afraid to lose me. That will never happen,” he promises, “I love you and you can be mad at me and right now, if I were you, I’d punch me in the face.”

“Your arm will do,” you mumble.

“Huh? OW!” he grumbles, clutching his arm dramatically as you punch him weakly, “I know you can do better than that,” he laughs.

“Wouldn’t want to break your arm,” you scoff.

“Good point,” he nods, “But I give you permission to if I screw up tonight.”


He smiles, “I have a very special night planned,” he says, wiggling his brows, “Well, I had a special morning planned but you didn’t show up… we can reheat cereal, right? You don’t mind if it’s soggy, do you?” he teases.

“Shut up,” you laugh, rolling your eyes.

Make Sure To Be Bored More Often ~ Harry Styles Smut

Warning Smut

This is my first smut so bare with me and REQUESTS ARE OPEN so go ahead and request anything you want.  Feedback is great so please do sent some either on this or over ask/message.  I hope you enjoy

You were bored.  Beyond bored you were so close to going out of your mind.  Harry had just come back from a meeting which he had been at all day while you lay there watching reruns of Once Upon a Time, which has been your addiction since Harry had come back from America and had introduced you to it.  The whole fact it was based off Disney characters and other fictional childhood favourites made your day.  But, again after watching 10 episodes none stop even this began to bore you.  So, an idea came to your mind.  Harry’s fans adored you considering you were the only girl out there that had not broken his heart or used him for fame like a lot of his past girlfriends.  Following this you had a few followers of your own which lead to you doing what you did next.

It was 9 in the afternoon and considering Harry was in the bath relaxing after the day he’s had you decided open yourself to have a live stream.  Thinking that the fans would be able to keep you company while your boyfriend was busy was probably the best idea you had, had.  So, tweeting out on your phone that you were going to have a livestream in 10 minutes you then made your way up to your bedroom to get your laptop and set it up on your counter in the kitchen. Loading up twitter your livestream began and quickly your views went into the thousands.  

“Hi everyone” you laughed as the views increased every second.  “Okay I am going to try my best to look at everything you are sending to me but this is going a lot faster than I thought it would so it may take me some time, and I am sorry if I do not read your question as there are a lot of you.”  You hated letting them down, knowing that you used to be exactly like them when their tweet may not get answered by their favourite.  “Ah okay I have a question here from Alexa.  Lovely name by the way!  How’s your day been?”  you read out what was tweeted to you seconds ago.  “I am doing very well thank you just waiting for Harry to finish up in the bathroom so we can watch a movie, tonight we have decided on Space Between Us, my friends will not shut up about it so I think it’s time for me to finally give in and watch it.  Of course, I am dragging Harry into watching with me!”  Your happiness grew by the second, and honestly you were so glad that you had decided to do this.

Around an hour had passed and you decided to end the stream and go and check where Harry was you were beginning to miss him. “Okay guys, I think this is going to be the end of the live stream.  Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you have a lovely night and I will hopefully do another one of these again soon with Harry maybe next time.  Good Night guys.”  You smiled at the camera before ending the livestream all together and turning your laptop off.  Just as you were about to call Harry’s name he came down the stairs with a few blankets and the movie you brought earlier this week.  As soon as he saw you his face lit up like it always did when he looked at you.

“Loved the live stream babe” Harry said while coming over to you and giving you a peck on the lips.  

“You watched, you could have come down and joined in.  You should have seen how many people thought I was joking when I said I was living with you. Next well have people saying were broken up” I joked even though I know there will be at least one person who says that.

“Sure, they will baby girl.  Anyway, will join you next time I was just taking care of something that would not be very PG for the livestream” Harry winked at you while his hand was down his joggers indicating to you what he meant.  You almost chocked on your own spit when that came out of his mouth.  You were slightly annoyed though it had been weeks since you two had had sex considering how busy he has been with his album, then interviews and traveling around American for a brief time.  This then meaning by the time he got home he was too tiered or “we’ll have sex tomorrow I swear” which never came.  But, you just rolled your eyes.  You needed tonight to be the night that the dry spell ended finally.  But, he was not going to get it that easily, of course a little teasing had to be in play.  

So, you went and got everything organised for tonight you put the pillows where you live them and what would be best comfortable for you and Harry and then got the blankets.  You hated England weather ever since Harry had come back from LA and had told you how perfect it was there.  It had been so hot the past few days, you literally could not sleep without a fan, now I had to go out with a coat on because it was too cold out.  How that happened i will never know.

You then went and put in the movie, you were so excited about watching this movie.  You had seen the trailer and almost cried from just that now having the movie you made sure to stock up on tissues.  You made yourself comfortable and then Harry made his way into the living room with just his joggers on.  How is this boy walking round like that when its 6 degrees out I will never know, but you were not going to complain?  He made his way to you so you could snuggle into him when you watch the movie. This was the one thing you loved most about watching movies with Harry and that was just being able to have him there to hold and having him stroke your back was pure bliss.

The movie was around half way through when you started your master plan, you were loving this movie so far but having Harry next to you shirtless was enough to drive any girl insane.  “Babe I am just going to go and get changed I am a little too warm in my jumper” you said innocently messing with your jumper sleeves trying to act as though you were too warm.  

“Do you want me to pause it?”  Harry asked as you made your way out of the room and towards your shared bedroom.  

“No, its fine ill only be a second” you admitted while rushing off to get changed into something you knew would fluster Harry just the slightest.  You did not want this to make him want to rip your clothes off but you also did not want him not to be a little flustered.  You changed your jumper for a tank top and made sure to take your bra off so your boobs were fully ready to be exposed and correct by Harry’s tender touch. You then put on some female boxer briefs so they were a little shorter than your PJ shorts and they made your bum look incredible.  You made your way back into the living room making sure to bend over just before you sat down to pick your phone up off the table, this receiving a sigh from behind you.  

You then straddled over Harry to get over your side of the sofa. “What are you doing Y/N, how can it take you this long to get back next to me” Harry began to stretch out as soon as you lay down again making sure to have your boobs level with his face.  

“I was just getting something sorry for taking so long” you rolled your eyes at this knowing full well Harry hated when you did not take him seriously sometimes.  His eyes looked you up and down before coughing and looking back at the movie.  You knew you were affecting him slightly and this made you so happy.  You subconsciously started to stroke up and down Harry’s chest while watching the movie, you knew he liked you doing this and you also knew it gave you a chance to accidently knock your hand over the waist band of his sweats and ‘accidently’ knock his dick.

Harry then turned around and snuggled into your neck, you checked the time to see that it was already 11 at night.  Knowing Harry was likely to be becoming sleepy you pushed his head up to meet your face.  “Y/N can we watch this movie tomorrow I want to sleep” Harry sighed.  Before he had chance to open his eyes you quickly planted your lips onto him feeling him groan underneath you.  The kiss turned heated a lot quicker than you expected and you pushed him sideward to that you could straddle him.  His eyes lighting up at the sight of you.  “Well it seems like I am no longer as tiered as I thought I was” you laughed at his comment become going down to kiss along his jaw while also grinding on him.  All you heard were curse words coming from Harry’s mouth which made you even more wet than you already were.

Harry’s hands began roaming your body and he began to pull off your boxer shorts.  This made you stop what you were doing to stop him.  “No Harry, you made me wait weeks for this so that means you will be waiting a little longer to see what I have.” You smirked loving being in control for once.  All he could do in return was groan as he was in pure bliss knowing that after so long this was finally going to happen.  You kissed your way down his chest slowly down to his ever-growing erection.  You slowly pushed down his sweats and began licking up his shaft.  You then began to push him into your mouth as much as you could, making sure to use your hand on what you could not fit in your mouth.

“Fuck Y/N this feels so good I have missed your mouth so much baby girl” he said while you bobbed your head quickly up and down his shaft.  You loved pleasing him but once he came in your mouth and he came down from his high, you decided to let him take control.  You enjoyed it when he did all the effort just to make you feel good and he hated to admit it but he loved being dominant and having you be a whimpering mess underneath him.  He quickly flipped you onto your back and pumped himself a few times to make himself hard again, “Y/N I fucking love you” he said with a groan as he made his way into you with a groan.  He began slow, making sure you felt every part of him, then he did what you loved most. He quickened the pace and began slamming into you.  

All that was heard throughout the room was moaning and slapping of skin to skin as he pounded into you with all his might.  “Ah fuck Harry that feels so good” you shouted as he pulled your legs up to his shoulders knowing you were both close.  He began to do a figure of eight in your clit so that you would follow him in your climax.  

“I am close too baby” Harry whimpered as he pounded into you the last few times you both got overcome with ecstasy.  Harry pulled out of you as you adjusted with the feeling of not having him inside of you, and you both came down from your highs.  “That was fucking amazing” Harry sighed as you looked over to him with a smile.

“Tell me about it”

“Make sure to be bored more often” Harry laughed as you lay down to watch the final scenes of the movie.

YOUR SONG {Yoongi Fluff One Shot}

Author’s Note: @yoongihowareyousohandsome I made it extra fluffy for you! Hopefully you like it and I hope your friend is doing better! Much love - Caroline

You sat on your couch, mindlessly watching television when your phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, you smiled.

Sup, Yoongs? You asked as you popped another piece of popcorn into your mouth. Yoongi chuckled and sighed.

Seriously? Yoongs? Didn’t you hear of respecting your elders? He asked and you laughed. It was always nice to talk to Yoongi. He was one of the only people in the world that could make you smile until your cheeks hurt and he wasn’t even trying. His cool attitude and complete disregard of fucks to give always made you happy to call him one of your best friends.

What? Would you rather grandpa? You retorted and laughed as Yoongi sighed heavily. There was a part of you that never wanted anything to change between the two of you, but you were also completely in love with him. Not that he would ever feel the same.

Aish. Have you been listening to the radio? He asked and you scrunched your nose at the change of subject.

Yoongi, you know I don’t listen to the radio. You told him. But if you meant, have I heard your new song, yes. And boy, who are you trying to pull? You asked with a laugh.

What do you mean? He asked and you sighed. The song was a love song, it was full of beautiful lyrics and a gorgeous melody. You could still hear Yoongi’s raspy voice as it rapped then sang.

I mean the girl you wrote that song for. She’s a lucky girl. You’ll have to tell me who she is. You responded and Yoongi went silent. Well, you don’t have to tell me now or anything. You muttered nervously. Hey, I gotta go, uhm someone is calling me. You lied as you hung up the phone and sighed. Your heart was racing as you tried to expunge the conversation from your head, but you could still hear yourself fucking up your friendship.

On the other side of Seoul, Yoongi sat stunned, with the phone still up to his ear. He kept hearing your words ring in his ears. ​She’s a lucky girl. You’ll have to tell me who she is.

Were you really not thinking it was about you?! Yoongi asked the now blank phone in frustration. Yoongi had spent months composing that song and it was his grand gesture to profess his feelings, and now you didn’t see them. He had included inside jokes and everything. Did you even LISTEN to the lyrics?! He screamed annoyed at the phone as he laid his head back on the couch and covered his eyes with his hands.

He kept trying to figure out what to say.

It’s about you …  No. You’re seriously that idiotic Maybe too harsh?  The lucky girl is you?  That’s cheesy. He murmured the various things, but then he always found a reason not to call back and tell you.

He sat there, stewing. He was going in a cycle. Maybe I should text her? Yoongi said to himself, but it was the same issue. Type, shake his head, then furiously delete. It was only when Jin came in that he looked up.  

I thought you would be running to Y/N’s place. Jin said in a calm manner as he made his way into the room. The hyung of BTS was known for sticking his nose into everything. Yoongi knew that Jin wanted the scoop so he just explained everything without the slightest objection. ​Well that’s unexpected. So she had no idea it was about her at all?

An exasperated sigh came out of Yoongi.  NO! He screamed and threw his hands up in the air. She thinks it’s about someone else! How do I get it through her thick skull?

Don’t call her dumb. Jin said in a stern tone and Yoongi glared.

Well she’s being dumb if she can’t see this damn song is about her. Yoongi spat as he crossed his arms.

​Jin was rolling his eyes at the toddler tantrum the other group’s hyung was throwing. The usually calm and collected Suga was now practically stomping his feet over a girl. Jin thought about this and started to laugh. He never thought this day would come.

Stop laughing, Jin hyung. I’m seriously losing it over this girl. Yoongi said in a pleading tone and with that Jin’s smile grew larger.

This is really love. Jin thought as he watched Yoongi freak out

Alright, I got a plan. But you will do as I say and not give me any shit. Jin said and Yoongi looked at him with a bit of fear.

Okay? Yoongi replied and Jin smiled.

Great! Grab a pen! Jin clapped his hands together and Yoongi apprehensively grabbed a pen and paper.

Within a couple hour, Jin’s amazing plan was done and Yoongi was a little peeved. He couldn’t believe he was standing there. ​What the hell was Jin thinking? He asked himself as he fidgeted. He was standing at your door, somehow talked into confessing in person by the older hyung.

There’s no better way to know there won’t be ANY misunderstandings if you’re face to face. Jin’s voice rang in his ear. He was so desperate at the time that he practically ran out of the studio. Now that he was standing in front of your door, nerves started to kick in.  

As he was about to turn around, you were leaving your place. ​Yoongi? Your voice rang through the empty air and Yoongi’s breathing caught. There was no turning back now.

​He scolded himself in his mind as he turned around. Trying to keep a nonchalant air about him, he greeted you with a small tightlipped smile. His jaw wanted to drop, even though you were wearing a simple white t-shirt and black leggings, he still thought you looked gorgeous.  Before you could ask what he was doing there, he shoved a paper in your face. It was handwritten and you were about to unfold the delicately kept paper, when Yoongi stopped you.  

I’m gonna be at the studio. Text or whatever when you’ve read that, but can you wait until I leave? He asked, more like begged and you nodded deftly as you looked from the note to him. Watching him quickly turn on his heels and walk down the hallway, you closed the door and sat down on your couch.

You were a bit confused, but you unraveled the paper. It was the lyrics to his new song. You could hear the melody in your head and the gruffness of his voice as he slowly sang. But the lyrics were annotated. He had inserted little stories.  

Your smile, a sunshine in a charcoal colored world

Remember when we had gone out on that rainy day. You were laughing even though I was terrified that the dark clouds might swallow us whole.


Being able to breathe whenever you’re near. Being seen as me and not who the world wants to hear

You’re the only person I can be just Min Yoongi. Not Suga, not the rapper, not the rock in BTS. I’m just Yoongi or Yoongs, if you MUST call me that.  


My mom already loves you. My family wants to make you theirs

If you could see the texts my mom sends about meeting you at that concert, you would laugh. She’s already planning the wedding.  


You continued to read. You laughed and you tried to hold it together. It was only when you got to the last line that you lost it.  

This is a song for you

​ Y/N, it’s always been about you.  

And before you could think about it, you were running out the door.

Making your way to the studio was like walking down an old engraved path. You knew the way like the back of your hand, you didn’t need to think as your body guided you to his studio and you were knocking on the door. You heard someone inside stand up and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath before the door opened. Yoongi stood there, one hand on the frame while the other held the door open.

Hey. He said and you smiled, throwing yourself into his arms. Hugging him, you could feel the shock as he slowly enveloped you in his embrace. So I’m taking that as you like the song? He murmured and you laughed, the tears brimming your eyes as you nodded into his chest.

I loved it! You exclaimed and he laughed.

Good, I’m glad you finally realize it’s about you. Pabo. He muttered and you smacked his arm. What?! It takes an idiot not to realize that it’s about you. He defended himself and you shook your head.

Ah, I wanted to believe it was about me, but I never thought you would fall for me, I guess. You mumbled and Yoongi smiled.

Because I’m so amazing? True, true, I lowered my standards to be with you. He said and you glared. I’m just kidding. Y/N, if you could see what I see, you would wonder why a girl like you would like a weirdo like me. He mumbled and you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Ah, I don’t care if you’re a weirdo, just so long as you’re my weirdo. You said with a smug grin and Yoongi shook his head with a smile. Leaning down and placing a light kiss on your lips, it was sweet and romantic, calm and relaxed, it was Yoongi’s way of telling you just how much he loved you.

You heard the beginning to his song play and you broke away from the kiss, only to see Jin standing there, holding his phone near you guys as he played the song.

AIGO, HYUNG! SERIOUSLY?! Yoongi screamed and you couldn’t help but laugh as you watched Jin run away from the angry rapper. Walking over to the soundboard, you hit the play button and the song began blaring through the studio. Yoongi rolled his eyes as he looked at you. Not you too. He muttered and you shrugged.

It’s like your love letter to me. You murmured back and began swaying to the music. Yoongi laughed as he watched you, but you pulled his to dance with you. C’mon dance with me. This is my song! You said like a drunk girl at a bar and Yoongi laughed standing up and spinning you around.

In his usual gruff voice, Yoongi said in your ear. This will always be your song.  

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After a little bit of traveling while she’s figuring out exactly what she wants to do, Cat Grant decides revisit an old pen name.  She wrote a few children’s books when she was younger under the name Charity Malkin, mostly to settle a bet with Lois, but there was no reason Charity Malkin couldn’t come out of retirement.

She finds she enjoys it, and finishes her first book in record time.  She sends it in to CatCo’s publishing department, through the normal approval procedures.  Sure, she could just order it done, but Cat refuses to take the easy option.  Her employees have been trained to recognize quality, and if her book doesn’t pass muster, she’ll just have to try harder.

Her book is picked up, however, and the first limited run is snatched up quick enough that she’s approved for wider release.

Charity Malkin gets fanmail, drawings from little children and thank you letters from parents, but two letters are sent to Cat Grant specifically, despite her expecting at most one, or more likely zero.  After all, Lois was the only other person who knew who Charity Malkin was.

Sure enough, one of the cards is from her former colleague, congratulating her and insulting her in equal measure.  The other card didn’t come through the mail, but instead appeared on her kitchen counter along side a styrofoam container with breakfast from her favorite bistro in France.  Kara’s card was short, congratulating her on her return and hoping for more, with no explanation as to how she figured out Cat was the author or why she had read the book in the first place.

Fueled by her initial success, Cat keeps writing.  The average american family hadn’t been static over the years, and Cat refused to use the stereotypical 50s family.  She didn’t always make it the focus, but her books were quickly noted as some of the best new examples of non-traditional families available.  Divorce, Adoption, Gay Parents, Transgender characters, characters on the spectrum, and more.  Cat did her research, interviewed real families to make sure she was accurate, because she knew children deserved to see themselves in books.

Cat has never been willing to settle once she’s on a roll, and she starts writing for older kids, first chapter books, then some young adult fiction, all the diverse casts she had made her mark with.  She made sure anyone who read her books could find themselves in the pages, and from the fan letters that made it to her and the communities that sprang up, Cat had succeeded.

Kara kept sending her cards whenever she published something new, usually a few lines about what she thought, but sometimes, the whole card is full of words, and once or twice, there’s notebook pages torn out and stuffed in the card, and Cat reads every word, more than once.  Those letters always end up in her collection of favorite fanmail, alongside pictures of kids and families dressed as her characters, fanart of her heroes, and letters that brought a tear to her eye.

Charity Malkin was successful, but reclusive.  Cat had fun lurking on the official Charity Malkin forums, posting only occasionally, typically to end discussions that had gotten out of hand, or to critique particularly bad grammar.  Her favorite section was the creative writing boards, and encouraged everyone to contribute.  It was considered high praise to have TheCharityMalkin leave a comment, even when she only left a few words, because she rarely left more than that.

But Cat wanted to be able to interact with her fans more directly than through an internet filter, and began planning her reveal.  A press release would be boring, and a media campaign wasn’t the right strategy.  Inspiration struck when Supergirl landed on her balcony.

Supergirl hadn’t taken much convincing to agree to her plan, not that Cat expected it would.  Two weeks later, Supergirl landed in front of the children’s hospital for a publicized meet and greet.  A camera followed her as she met the kids and answered their questions.  Eventually the kids were assembled for storytime, and Supergirl introduced her friend, Charity Malkin.  The camera barely left her face as Cat read her new book, about an alien who came to earth, and how she had managed to adjust to life on a new planet.  The kids clapped for the book when she was done, and Cat warmed because she knew they weren’t clapping just because of who she was, because most of them still didn’t recognize her.  It was a change Cat didn’t know she would appreciate so much.

The video was sold to everybody pretty much immediately.  Cat let the media run with it, and refused to answer her phone, except when Lois called for a comment, and Cat only did that because she knew nothing either one of the said would be fit for print.

Cat kept writing, though she slowed down production somewhat now that she was public.  She refused to do a full book tour, but instead, she would fly out and did public readings and Q&A sessions in bookstores whenever it struck her fancy.  Charity Malkin also spoke at fan conventions, where she lectured on writing and storycraft, and gave maddeningly obtuse answers whenever she was asked about a spoiler.

It’s the happiest she’s been in years.

Cold Front


Characters: ReaderxSehun 

The fireplace I was sat near popped and crackled loudly. Despite the heat it provided, I shivered and pulled my quilt around my body tighter. The power in my house had gone out due to a huge winter storm, and we were waiting for it to be fixed. I wanted to grab my cup of cocoa from the coffee table next to me, but was unwilling to expose my hand to the frigid air around me.

Sehun walked around the corner and let out a full laugh that echoed through the house.

“You look absurd,” he said to me, lovingly.

I had taken my cover and wrapped it around my head. I assumed that I looked similar to a grumpy toddler who constantly carried a blanket with them.

“This weather is bullshit.” I pouted and made Sehun laugh again.

"You know, there are ways to stay warm other than fires and blankets,” he smirked at me and winked at his insinuation.

"Oh Sehun. If you, for one second, think that I am going to undress for sex when it is this cold, you are a moron.” I tightened my grip on my blanket and furrowed my brow at him.

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Part 1

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

A famous avenger that writes fanfiction on tumblr? What could go wrong? 

Words: 1372  Warnings: Fluff, little shit Pietro, couple of swears,

Requests  Masterlist 

An: Writing a lot of angst lately so wanted something fluffy for a change. :p There’s at least four parts if anyone likes it! :)  God I love these gifs, cut offs from my fave gifset, he so knows how hot he is! 

Translations:  Dulceaţă/sweetness, Îmi plac toate frumoasele doamne/I love all you beautiful ladies,  La naiba/f**king hell

Tags: @lexbugz, @goal-mine, @sevenhelens, @iamtheonewhocares

(Let me know if you want to be added/removed to Pietro fics or anything else!)

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You blended in with the multitude of other marvel blogs, you got a few notes and messages but didn’t think much of it, it was just a bit of fun, a way to wind down after long missions. That was until you were attending comic con with Pietro, Clint and Wanda and the interviewer got onto the subject of fans.

The pretty blonde leaned closer with the mic, “Do you have any idea of how big your fan base is?”

“Tony gets truckloads of hate mail, does that count?” Clint smirked and the interviewer giggled.

“Pietro you’re especially popular on tumblr,” the interviewer carried on and Pietro gave her a smug grin and shifted about in his chair to lean closer to her, his chest puffing up a little more.

“Really?” he was obviously trying to sound coy but you and Wanda rolled your eyes at each other.

“There’s quite a lot of fan fiction about you, it can get pretty…graphic…”

“You got me interested now." 

"What is this tumblr?”

Clint groans,“It’s the one Tony has the secret blog on, he’s probably read all that fan fiction.”

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Castle on the Hill

So, I’ve finally come out of shock and put this drabble together. I was feeling so many emotions from that finale, mostly happy (WE ARE ENDGAME) but some kind of nostalgic too. I came up with this offering, I hope you guys like it! Just my little interpretation of what could be. Thanks Ed Sheeran as usual for inspiration… First Give Me Love and now this.

I’m on my way, driving at ninety…
And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real. We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill.

New Orleans (19 months post finale).

“Where is he?” Caroline demanded, as the door to the compound flew open.

“Well, good afternoon to you too, darling,” Kol replied, raising his eyebrows in her direction. “Are you always this charming, or am I just lucky?”

“Nice to see nothing ever changes with you, little Mikaelson,” she shot back. “I’ve been driving all night and am not in the mood. You also didn’t answer my question.”

“Nice to see nothing ever changes with those high strung and control freak tendencies, Forbes,” he scoffed. “Plus, you’re not doing yourself any favours on scoring an invitation inside.”


“Fine, come inside, sunshine,” he grinned, gesturing with his hand. Caroline stepped past him and made her way purposefully through the courtyard, realising only halfway that she had no idea where Klaus was and where she was going for that matter. “Can I get you something? Perhaps some AB positive or some much needed Xanax?”

“Kol,” she repeated, turning around suddenly to face him. She didn’t mean to be so abrupt but if she was being honest, Caroline was extremely nervous about their impending reunion and found that it was easier to be angry at Klaus and whomever was in her path because then she wouldn’t betray her real feelings. “Where is your brother?”

“I’m right here but I have a feeling I’m not the brother you’re seeking,” his prim accent sounded out from the upper balcony, making Caroline look upwards at the familiar Original. He was just as she remembered, still dressed immaculately in a black suit. “Good morning Ms Forbes, it’s certainly been a while.” Caroline had to fight the urge to roll her eyes, why couldn’t these people just answer a direct question?

“Yes and by the looks of it she’s still just as annoying as when she was planning those school dances,” Rebekah interrupted tartly from the other balcony. This time Caroline did roll her eyes, who was going to appear next? Finn, Esther or maybe creepy Mikael?

“While this whole Mikaelson reunion is absolutely charming, I need to find Klaus.”

“What business do you have with him?” Elijah asked, always the protector.

“I’m pretty certain that’s between him and I,” she answered. “But let’s just say I have something I need to give back.”

It was burning a hole in her pocket as she said it, had been since she jumped in her car and finally made the journey she’d imagined the past nineteen months. It had taken her longer than expected but Caroline put that down to the fact she’d been busy with running her school and after what she’d been through she also needed time to process things. She was equal parts annoyed and confused and had every intention of sharing all of those pesky feelings with the Original Hybrid. When she eventually found him, of course.

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A dream about Anti

April 1st, 2017 (this dream was dremt the night before)

“TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU LADDIES, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to–”
With buzzing and excited energy, Jack starts his 5pm video with a bang with a brand new game for his viewers to see. His bubbling energy and bright smile made any viewer feel safe and fuzzy inside. The game seemed weird and warpy, like as if someone snatched chunks of play-doh and mashed them together to create a biome, whilst the sky above lit a poisonous venom colour (sort of looking like the Soda Drinker Game). Neverless Jack tells his story about how he found the game and that he seemed interested in playing it.

“Let’s get into it!” Jack announced hitting play. “Now i heard that this is some sort of circus game, with all kinds of like… tricks and pranks, all that sort of thing. Which is great because–” he lunges his body out of the shot of the camera, making him out of sight for just a few moments, it was so quick that it almost didn’t seem human. “APRIL FOOLS!!!” he bellows, his face so close to the camera it basically took up the entire webcam frame. Chuckling to himself he sat back down and started playing.

The game consisted of weird carnival games and events; giant wheels that go high into the air, whack-a-mole and arcade games, hall of mirrors and hook-a-duck… pretty much a circus fair simulator! But each event or ride seemed… broken. Something was sure to start freaking out and fly in some sort of direction or straight up not do as its told when Jack interacted with it. Despite it breaking, Jack got many laughs out of it all.

Throughout the game, something didnt feel right. The game gave off a weird effect, as if it was pulling you in more and more as you played. Not as if “i want to play more of this game” sort of way, it was more like there was some sort of mental magnet, making you never want to leave this place. Jack himself looked like he was in a trance every now and then whilst he played. Out of nowhere inside the game, an elevator appeared, just sat in the play-doh concrete floor, and Jacks eyes suddenly sparkled with curiosity.

“Ooooh… let’s go in here!” He suggested, walking up to it. Clicking the mouse and pressing several buttons to try and interact with it, he managed to get inside the elevator. “AHA!” He announced, “finally something that didnt break of me–eeeeah?” His final word turned into a confused mumble when the game loaded. He was inside the elevator, but there were four doors, one on each side, and there was a barrier stopping him getting through them all.

 "Can i not leave??“ Jack asked, trying everything he can to escape. “Aaah fuck, i should of known this would be broken EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME IS BROKEN.” he complained. Sitting up in his seat he tried again.
“Is there really no escape–” the video suddenly sent silent, and the webcam changed, an image of anti sat there, smiling at the camera; you could barely see him, but his smile shone through.

Suddenly a sharp noise screeched out of nowhere, making Jack flinch in shock. The elevator started moving, like as if it was descending. The rumble of the room got faster and faster, the elevator flying into the unknown abyss of the game.
“Ohhhh god i dont like it i dont like it i dont like it” Jack said, tensing up to the point his shoulders almost met his temple. “I can literally feel the force of–” he shook his head frantically, juttering almost and another anti glitch appeared; blood running down its face and grin, “the fucking pull of going down in an elevator!” Jack sat in his seat, wincing and wishing for the elevator to stop vibrating. “Ohh god please stop…”

“̸͡Y̵͜o͟͜ú̷̕͢ ̸͡҉̨̕w̸̨͝i̴͝ş͟h̸̀͝͡ ͝͏̛t̶̸́o̸̢̡͢͢ ̷̶͡ś̡̢͡t͏͞҉̴ơ̶͠p͏͠.̴͢.̵̧̧͝.̸̸̢̀͞?̢̡̨̡̛"̸̧̨͜͟

That familar voice. It would send shivers down your spine. Both of excitement, and fear. "P̷̴̀͠͞a͏̷̨t͡͏̨͡͏h̶̢ȩ̸̕̕͞t̷͡i̵͠͠ç-̸̡-̷̶͢ ̡̢̧̕͜y̷̵͟͜͝o̶̵̕̕͡ų͝͞ ̵̛͘͟c̷̕a͜҉͝n͟͏'̶̢͢͟͟t̡̨͜-̷̷̛̀-̨́ ̵̷͜͝҉i͘҉̨ ͏̧͠͞c̷̸̛a̵͘n̶͘'̢͜͏ţ̴ ̧̛s̴͏t͡҉͢o͏̢̨͟ṕ̵̵̷.͝͠͞"̵̛͢͡͡
The facecam suddenly turned black and disappeared, leaving the gameplay in a state of silence, only the rumble of the elevator making a small trudling noise. All of a sudden, the camera view of the game breaks away, switching it from first person to third, and Jack appears, panting. The webcam hisses and static noises break loose before reappearing, with Anti in Jacks seat, and Jack in Anti’s game.

"̴͡Y̢ǫu̸ ̨͜͜c̷̕͟a̕n̴͜t̴͜ ̷͜͡è͡s͏̡̛c͠à̕͘p͞͡ȩ,̸̴̧ ҉̷͜y̸o̵u̸ ͜c̀͝à͡ń̵̡'̷͘͘t͜ ̛͟e̵s̨͘͟c͜a͠p̧͠͠e̡̢͘!͘͜͞” Jack stands and stumbles from the force of the elevator before running around, frantically trying to pry a door open.
“͏̧͡Ý̵ò͝u͢͜ ̵̧́c̴a̶n̛ ́͢tr̸̨͟y̷̢-͘͜-͟͠ ̵̧i̛͡͞ ̧c͝ą͡n̵̛͡ ͝ţ͘͟r̢͢y–̷̕ ̸a͢͞l̕l ̷͟y̴͠͠ou̸ ̨w̕à̕̕n͏t̴́,҉͝ b̷ų̵t ̢ẁe҉͝–̸ w̸̕͝í̛l̴l͝ ́b̷e̶͠-̕͞-́"̴ The facecam sparks and creates static, Anti throwing his head in wild directions, making the game itself freeze from time to time; almost as if to stop Jack from trying to escape. 

"̠́͗̑̆ͫ̚͢ͅW̛͎̥̳͎͌ͮ-̫̪̯͇̃̓ẁ̴̫̻͎̩͔̗̣͒̒͆ͦ͐̅e̢͈͎̖ ̉͆҉̦̤w͇̟̬̋ͤͫͤ͛̓̀ì͉̹̯̖̘l̳̦͐͋ͩͭ͌͜ͅl̴̊ ̦͎̯̲̭̭̈͆ͅb̥̈́̐̐ͪ̃͌͢ę̬̫͇̅͑̚-̙̝̬̟̓͐ͅ-̖͔̩̞̤̓͆̌ ̼̈́͒͗̈͌̽͞T̴̳͔ͦͩ͆O̩̟̠͛ͫ̎̒́G͖ͤͩ̉͑Ê̦̗̋̀T̶ͭH̲̒̇ͤ̌E̹̦̪̫͓̟̻̓̒̓ͥ̓ͣR̡̥͔̻͚ͣ̿ͪ̃̍ͬ̚!̵̲̞̺͇̻̲̥̊ͥ̈́ ̮̀͛ͦ̒̓̊f̵̽̏̾o̹̜̩̰̻͖̩ͯ̒ṙ̡͔͚͇̰̊ͥ͗ͪe͈ve͚̦̞͕͈r͎̣̱̣̬̠͚.̠͖̼̲͙̖̽̽͂ͤ̐̂͜.̟̒ͥͨ̄͟.̖̪̱̖̥͚̀͆ͬ̌͋ͅ"̲̦͔̱͇̼ͩ̈́ͮͪ́́̎

"NO!” Jack yelled, kicking at a door one final time before giving up. “I might not be able to hear you fully because your shitty signal doesnt work, but FUUUUCK you.” Jack stood in the centre, smiling to himself from his witty comment. The facecam froze in shock, Anti didnt like being talked back to.

“̶̡̨̙̠̲̥͛̇͐̃̽ͤͯ̄͑ͯ̈̀͗̋͐͟F̸̡̠̙̰̯͔̳͓͉͈͎̫̠̆̐̆̓̅ͨ̀͐̄̉ͣ̐͢͢I̷̥͔͚̝̺͙̤̰̫̦̩̬̞̎ͦ͛̂ͫ͆́̏͂̕͠͠N̴ͩͬ͗ͮ̀͢͏͙̹͕̘̤͙E̯̘̱̪͕ͦͧͯͣͥ͋̽̓ͩ̑̀̀̚ͅ!̶̧̧͚͙͇̣͎̦͕̮̙̹̩̬̒̿̑ͬ͒̓ͨͩ̾͒̾́̂̅ͅ!̃̈ͮ͌ͪ͊ͯͣ̈ͪ͂ͯ̚҉̮͚͉̟̮̥͚͓͍̯̳̕͟͝” Anti lunges at the camera, arm outstetched and hands clawed, ready to almost grab you. The facecam turned into TV static and disappeared, and the elevator around Jack started to break down in glitches. The walls ran with vibrant broken colours, the textures switching sides several times. Worried, Jack retreated to the centre of the room.

“Shit, shitshitshit.” All of a sudden the speakers and several rides from the circus rides glitch through the ceiling and straight through Jack, but the wires and cords latch onto him and pull, trying to make him go through the floor into the unknown. “NO–” he yelps, trying to fight against it. “Fucks sake Anti i dont want this– i’m so sick of you trying to control me–!”

“̵̡̡Ì͟m ͏͞s͜͡o͘͝ ̡s͘͟͡ic̷̴k̢ óf̸ ͞w̢͠-͘w̧͟a̛͝-̧w̵̡a̶̡i̡̛t͝i͏͜n̛͝g̀͝ ̢f̶͢͝o̵͝r̡͞ ͏ỳ̨̛o͏u̴͠ ̢͘͞t͢-̵͞t̶ǫ g̢͏i̵̡͜v̧͢ȩ͟ ̸͟ùp,̢͝ ͢i҉̨͢ ̧͟͞m̧͝ì̵͢ǵht͟ ̶as̀͢ ̨́͞well̴ ͢k-k͞҉-̶̴k̴͢҉I͘͠L̴L͞ Y̕͝OU̸̢͘ ̸̢Ǹ͢O̢W̸͜!̨͜” The cords dragged Jack down more, making him go onto his knees, the glitches dripped down the walls more and more, creeping towards the floor. If jack can’t escape, the glitches will reach the floor, make Jack fall through it, and he will be lost inside this circus game forever.

Just seeing this happen… you felt a strong incline for Jack to win. If all goes to plan Jack will be lost forever, and Anti will take over. Jack struggled and fought, cursing under his breathe as he tried to wriggle out of the cords. The glitches dripped more and more, getting closer as time grew short.

But despite it all, Jack broke through. Anti’s chants and glitched facecam and video, made Jack more determined to win. He didn’t want to be a puppet of his game, a toy, a shell.
“FUCK YOU ANTI!” Jack announced, pulling hard at the cords. “YOU GLITCH BITCH MOTHERFUCKER, YOU’RE JUST DEPRESSED BECAUSE YOU CAN’T HAVE A BODY OF YOUR OWN TO SHOW OFF YOUR MASSIVE EGO.” Blue sparks flew off of the cords, the glitches have hit the floor, and they were growing toward the green beacon. But with determination, the cords snapped, and the whole video had plunged into darkness.

“Thank you… for hearing my call” a faint voice said. A Jack’s voice said. A small giggle was followed after that, and the video ends there. Jack had defeated Anti for the time being.

(Some bits were made up in this dream but only to fill in the blanks, but most of this DID happen in the dream. Sorry its super long!!!)


Good Grief - Chapter One

Jungkook makes a habit of showing up drunk to a nearby flower shop. Bad puns and fluffy pining ensue.

Or, a college!au in which BTS are all frat boys, Namjoon is a science club president,Jimin just wants a good party, and Jungkook is hopelessly fascinated by the girl who takes care of flowers in her free time.

author’s note:  hiiiiiii!! so this is my first ever fanfiction, and to be completely honest- it’s a long ride. so strap in, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. Also there is a soundtrack/playlist for this fic! If you enjoy listening and reading (or, if you just want to have a g list of songs) you can find it here !

All mentions of the university in this fic are purely pulled from my ass— I don’t claim to know anything on a deep, spiritual level about university clubs, classes or frat parties. Side characters, that aren’t specifically Bangtan Members™, are all made up and therefor fictional .

If you’d prefer reading on AO3 the link is here

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Black Nightmares

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 4192

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean

Summary: Dean is gone, what’s worse is he’d taken you with him and denied Sam access to you. The cherry on top of the cake is, you’ve actually agreed to it.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20/ Part 21 / Part 22 / Part 23 / Part 24 / Part 25 / Part 26 / Part 27 / Part 28 / Part 29/ Part 30 / Part 31 / Part 32 / Part 33 / Part 34 / Part 35 / Part 36 / Part 37 / Part 38 / Part 39 / Part 40 / Part 41 / Part 42 / Part 43 / Part 44 / Part 45 / Part 46 / Part 47 / Part 48 / Part 49 / Part 51  


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The Heart Wants What It Wants - Chapter 7

Read from the beginning

Read Chapter 6

Jared and I were lying next to each other on the corner sofa for some time, when I realized it’s been more than 2 hours since I had left the office. I tried to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up, but he wouldn’t let me budge.

“No, I’m not letting you go just yet,” Jared said as his arm laid across my chest squeezing me into him.

“I really have to go, or I’ll be in some serious trouble,” I said and caressed his cheek.

“Aren’t you already knee deep in problems,” he asked with a nasty grin.

“Yeah, thanks to you, I am. Now, let me go, or we’ll both be screwed up,” I said and moved his arm finally able to stand up.

“I’d say we’ve covered that part half an hour ago,” Jared said and laughed.

“Very funny, Leto,” I said as I picked my blouse and my panties from the floor, and rushed to the bathroom to fix my make-up and wash up.

I was such a mess. My hair was all tangled, and make-up almost all gone; thank God Jared took off my blouse right from the start, or it would be completely ruined by make-up. I washed my face, put on make-up from the start and combed my hair, looking decent again. It wasn’t long before I stepped out of the bathroom, that Jared was standing in front of the door waiting for me.

“Oh, waiting to escort me out,” I giggled and went to pick my blazer up from the floor and take my shoes. Jared grabbed my arm and tugged me towards him. He hugged me, while I wrapped my arms around his waist. We looked each other and smiled, like two teenagers at the beginning of their relationship.

“Stay,” Jared whispered and leaned in to touch my forehead with his.

“You know I can’t,” I said and closed my eyes letting out a small sigh.

”You can, you just don’t want to,” he said a bit pissed off and pulled away.

“That’s not fair,” I said and went to pick up the blazer. I put on my shoes, and headed towards the door.

“That’s it, you’re just gonna leave,” Jared asked clearly irritated.

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A/N: This chapter is when the truth starts to unravel… do you think you have figured out what happened? Have a good read!

P.s Loooooong chapter :)



“How do you know Olivia?”

I had just put the kids to bed and now I was sitting next to a tense Gregory awaiting his answer.

“Well about 2 years ago I sold her sister a house. She was there of course, but I didn’t know she was Finn’s Girlfriend”.

‘It was interesting to know that he could still remember his clients sisters from 2 years ago, especially on a first name basis’ I snickered to myself.

It was a simplistic reply that was used as a deflection. It was obvious he was uncomfortable talking about her, and I was curious to know why. But for right now I was exhausted beyond belief.

“Ohkay” I smiled. It wasn’t worth a fight, it was bad enough that I was dealing with Finn, I didn’t need to add Greg to the mix.

“You seem close to your ex-husband’s family” You could hear the bitterness in his voice, and internally I chucked. He didn’t really have a reason to be mad at me over that, when he’s the one lying right now.


“It was just a simple observation Rae. The man seemed very fond of you, if I must say”.

“We were very close when I was married. I cut all ties with them when I filed for divorce. It was the first time seeing Archie- Finn’s brother in years” I sighed.

“Mhm” he nodded. His hand lightly pressed against my naked thigh.

“Hon, can I stay the night?”

I was not prepared to hear that on a Wednesday night. He never stayed over when we both had work in the morning.

“What about work your work tomorrow” I said stating the obvious.

Gregory lived more towards the CBD, where traffic was lethal at anytime of the day or night. It was easier for him to get to work in the morning because he only lived a block away. It would take him a good two hours extra to drive home and get ready, then head to work for his 8am start.

“I have a later start tomorrow. So I can just leave when you drop the kids off for school” he smiled; grazing his fingers more into my inner thigh.

For some reason the intimate touch felt foreign. His hands were softer then I was use to, not as callous and rough. This was not good.

“Ugh- sure” I encouraged myself to smile.

We got off the couch and headed towards the bedroom hand in hand.

Just as we opened the door to my bedroom and saw the state it was in, I froze. Clothes littered the floor in an unattractive manner. The bed, the same bed where I let Finn take me the night before had disheveled sheets, after not sleeping a wink last night.

“You go have a shower and freshen up and I’ll give this pig-sty a little clean. You don’t really want to be smelling three day old Rae do you?” I tried to joke, I was embarrassed he had to witness this.

“Don’t worry about it to much hon” he laughed, then kissed my forehead. I didn’t watch him walk into my ensuite. I was to busy glaring at my bed. There was no way I was washing those contaminated sheets, no they to be burnt.

Anxiously, I hurried to get the last details added to the final sketch before the meeting in two hours. Chloe had organised for the board at 'Taylor industries’ to come in and confirm the sketchs before signing of on the build. The new multi-million dollar mall has been a top priority for my team and I, for the past year and a half. I was glad that we were finally having the last meeting before I could watch my work come to life.

When it was lunch time; or so my stomach reminded me. I checked mobile messages before leaving the office. I had turned it to silent, not wanting to be disrupted. Which I regretted once I saw the miss call from my children’s school.

Dialing the number on my office phone I waited for an answer.

“Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, Mary speaking, how may I help?”

“Hi my name is Rachel Nelson-Earl, I’m the mother of Ruby and Joshua Nelson. I have a missed call, and I was wondering why”.

“Hi Ms. Nelson. Yes I have a message here for you referring to your son Joshua. It seems that he has had a altercation with another student. He has been stepped down for the rest of the day. We are in need for you to collect him as soon as possible please”.

'Shit’ I thought. Joshua had never been a kid to ever get into any sort of altercation, physical or not. This was completely out of character for him.

Checking the time I noticed I had 30 minutes to til the meeting started, a meeting that could potentially sink my career if I didn’t attend it.

“I’ll have to ring his father to collect him. But someone will be there as soon as possible” I replied. It was the only other solution I could think of. I just hoped Finn wasn’t in a meeting.

“Certainly. I will let his teacher know”.

“Thank you”.

As soon as I hung up the phone to the school, I dialed Finn’s office number. I was put through to two different receptionist before i was finally directed through to Finn’s office.

“Finn Nelson’s office, Olivia speaking” the nasily voice spoke.

“Can you please put me through to Finn” I said in a rush and slightly paniced. I was not in the mood to talk to this bitch, time was against my side and I wasn’t going to let her waste it.

“And who’s speaking?” Her cheerful demeanor forgotten. No wonder why Finn couldnt get any other pussy, she was the ultimate cock block.

Clearing my throat, I continued speaking. “Its Rae, now can you put me through to f-”.

“Rae? Why would you possibly need to talk to Finn?” Olivia barked- like the true dog she was.

“Olivia I don’t have time for this! I need to talk to Finn about Joshua!”

“I’m sure this is something that can be discussed outside of office hours-”

“But y-”

“- unlike some Ms. Earl, Finn is a busy Man and I can’t possibly interrupt him!”


“Good day Rachel!”


That donkey nose airhead, wannabe-fucking-heiress, man-stealing bitch!

I quickly dialed Finn’s mobile, praying to God he actually turned it on for once. One thing Finn and I had in common was that we hated being disturbed from our work. No mobile, no hassle.


“Finn! You need to put a fucking leash on that crackhead girlfriend of yours! I tri-”

“Calm down Rae!” Finn sighed, I could only imagine him raking his hand through his hair.

“Tell me what’s going on? Slowly. And calmly”.

“I called your office to talk to you but your lovely assistant hung up on me! But that’s not the point, the point is I rang you about Josh”.

“Why? What happened? Is he alright?” Finn rattled off questions.

“He’s fine, but he has been in a fight with another student. He’s been stood down for the rest of the day.. Finn I need you to pick him up, please. I have a meeting in 15 minutes and my career depends on it. I know your busy bu-”.

“Of course I’ll pick him up Rae. You don’t need to explain yourself, he’s my son too. I need to take responsibility for him too. But really, fighting?” I could hear the disbelief in his husky voice.

“I know Finn. I don’t know what’s going on with him? He’s never gotten into a fight before” My voice broke, but I managed to pull myself together. This was not the time to do this, especially whilst on the phone to my ex-husband.

“Rae it will be Ohkay, I’ll pick him up and take the rest of the day off. I’ll get Archie to pick Ruby up for me when she finishes”.

“Ohkay” I breathe. “Thank you”.

“I’ll talk to you tonight”.

For the second time today, I was hung up on. My phone was still pressed snuggly pressed against my ear when Chloe pranced in, smile beaming, and excitement lighting her eyes.

“Are you ready?” She came around the desk to stand beside me. Her eyes flicking over the mountain of blueprints and sketches I had rolled up in a neat pile. “Is this all of them?”.

“Yes, there is a detailed plan of every floor, shop location, public area, toilets and even parking. Name a room and and I am certain it’s here” I smiled at my friend.

“This is why I love you Rae” Chloe beamed. Collecting a stack of scrolls, she took off towards the board room. I had a lot of people’s jobs in my hand in this moment and all I had to do is impress 4 billionaires. Easier said then done, taming one was hard enough.


I saw red the moment I ended the call with Rae. To whom my anger was directed towards was a mystery, because i couldn’t narrow it down to just one person. Multiple people where now on my radar. Including a women only metres away from me.

Grabbing my jacket, wallet and keys I threw the door open in a haste. I didn’t even care about the looks that were directed towards me. Not that my floor was full of people, it was only a handful. But those select people obviously found my fury more interesting then their work at this moment.

“Cancel the rest of the day, direct all my calls to the front desk with a note saying I’m away for the rest of the day and send sorry notes with chocolates to whoever I’m cancelling on” I spoke as I walked. I didn’t even look in Olivia’s direction, my main goal was getting to the elevator as quickly as possible.

“But Finn where are you going? You can’t just cancel ev-”

“Do not tell me what to do Olivia! I am your boss and you are my employee. Start acting like it for Christ sake” I hissed, my voice was raised and no doubt our audience were enjoying the show. By the look Liv’s face was portraying she was livid. Not that I cared.

“Will you at least tell me where your going?” She asked, grabbing my arm just as I reached the elevator.

“I’m going to collect Joshua from school” I said keeping all conversation to a minimum.

Olivia snorted. “Really Finn? Your leaving work for that? It’s only 1 o'clock, why on earth would you be picking him up now for? I bet you Rae is only doing this to trick you into some stupid pla-”

Not being able to take her rant anymore. I closed my palm over her mouth, stopping the bullshit.

“Enough! Enough for once Olivia! My son needs me, and not you or anyone else is going to stop me getting to him. Im his father first and foremost. So next time when Rae rings do not hang up on her. Do you understand me?” She nodded, my hand still firmly clasped over her sticky lips.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, you have work to get back too and I have a son I have to see. And maybe you should go see your sister after work for a bit. I need some alone time with my children”.

I didn’t wait for her reply. Stepping into the elevator I immediately pressed the ground floor button. And just like in the movies the elevator doors closed that two seconds, too slow.


Joshua had remained quite when I spoke to the principle in his office.

Mr. Horne was a rapacious man. When he needed money, I was his life line. When the music program needs to upgrade out of season instruments they come to me. In order to keep his bulging budget, he needed to keep me happy.

Joshua had gotten away with barely a slap on the hand and a day off school. Nothing was going on his permanent file, and after much hesitation on Mr. Horne’s behalf the name of the other student was given to me. I knew his parents, they had been an acquaintance of my company for some time, due to my shares in theirs. The matter will get sorted, quietly.

We had been home for the past 20 minutes and still Joshua had barely looked my way, only nodding and shaking his head when I spoke. This sort of behavior was unusual for my 8 year old boy. He was never one to fight, or act up. Unless it was against his sister. But after being fly tackled by a pigtail wearing 6 year old, you would get mad too.

The silence finally got the best of me, when I found myself sitting across from Joshua.

“What happened?” My tone demanding, but I felt desperate.

“He pushed me, so I hit him”.

Joshua would have to be kidding if he thought he was getting away with an answer like that.

Raising an eyebrow. “You expect me to take that for an answer son”.

“I don’t know” he shrugged.

“Why did he push you?”


“Oh come on Joshua just tell me!”

My son slammed his hand down on the couch and stood abruptly. His face was glowing red, tears threatened to spill. Something was wrong.

“You want to know why dad! It’s because he was talking about you and mom and I told him to get a life. He pushed me and I just hit him… I don’t know why” he cried. “I just couldn’t help myself”.

“Son” I stood, walking towards Josh and sat him back on the couch, with me right next to him. “What did he say about your mother and I? You know you can tell me right?”

Nodding, Joshua pulled his knees up against his chest. “He was saying that mom wasn’t good enough. That- that’s why you left us”.

My heart shattered. I knew kids could be cruel these days, but this was nothing that I would of expected.

I didn’t know how I was going to explain myself to Joshua. How do you tell your son that it wasn’t me to walk away, but it was her? You don’t.

“Josh.. Josh look at me please” cupping his chin I turned his face towards me. “Your mother was never 'not good enough’ for me. She is the most lovely and courageous women I know. We didn’t break up because I got sick of her son”.

“Then why did you break up?”


“We just grew apart, but I will always love your mother”.

“Then why are you mean to her dad? Why does she still cry at night?”

It was my turn to start tearing up. I couldn’t beleive I was having an adult conversation with my 8 year old son. My heart hurt more the longer he spoke.

I never knew he could hear Rae and I’s conversations. He heard me when i stupidly degraded his mother, everytime i opened my mouth. Did that mean Ruby could hear too?

I felt like a monster, but i was hurt. Rae had broken me to the point where hate started seeping in, leaving me with fragments of my old self that I reserved for my kids.

“I’m sorry Joshua. I should never of talked to your mother like that. Please promise me you wont ever speak to your mother like that”.

“I wouldn’t. I actually love her” he declared.

“Josh. Don’t talk to me like that! You are not your mother so I don’t have to explain anything to you, alright? We are getting off topic and I want to talk about you hitting another student Joshua”.

“Colton said that his dad got to touch mom” Joshua softly spoke. My heart skipped a beat with his words, then plummeted to the pit of my stomach.

“What? When?”

If I wasn’t sitting my knees would’ve already buckled by now. He was talking about Mr. Davis and Rae. How many other men has she fucked while being with Gregory, or better yet me.

“He said a few years ago his dad saw mom coming out of the bathroom of this big fancy ball… And touched her. The- then he said. He said his friends laughed when Mr. Davis said mom was fighting him. What does he mean dad?”

I tried to remember the last ball he had attended with Rae. It had to of been at least 3 years ago. I remember vaguely the lacey number she wore. The neckline plunged deeper then usual, teasing my eyes, and many men around him.

After thinking about it, I do remember how she had been the perfect plus one. Floating around from person to person, saying her hellos. Between dancing and chatting she was spreading her happiness.

Well until half way through, when she insisted they went home early. Her mood sombre, but she insisted she was due for her menstrual cycle.

Unless… Something happened between Mr. Davis and Rae. Something sinister, and degrading.

That son of a bitch!

“Joshua. Promise me you won’t tell your mother. I want to be the one to speak to her about this. And I will tonight, Ohkay?”

Nodding, Joshua leaned into me as my arm draped across his shoulders. My son was hurt and it was all my fault. I didn’t help Rae, but I didn’t know. If something happened during that ball without my knowledge I don’t think i could forgive myself. I pray that the kid was feeding Josh bullshit, but somewhere in the back of my mind I felt like something did happen.

The door softly opened to reveal my beautiful daughter and brother, walking through the entrance still unnoticed to Josh and I’s presence. Until Ruby looked up and make eye contact with me.

“Daddy!” The click of her polished leather shoes echoed the foyer.

“Hi princess, did you have fun at school?”

“I did! I did! We learnt our 4 times tables today daddy. They so easy, but Mike said that I was just a smarty pants. I told him that my daddy always said I should have my nose within a book, then a boy on a hook” she declared proudly.

My glorious daughter reminded me so much of her mother. The light in her eyes shone brightly, just like Rae’s.

“Well done baby girl. Did you have fun with Uncle Archie?” I asked. Looking towards Archie I smiled, mouthing 'thank you’. I had phoned him the moment I jumped in the car to pick up Josh. He, of course agreed. Our work was close to Ruby’s school, plus Archie had informed me that Ben is quite able to pick up Sophie daycare.

“Yes we organised a play date for Mommy and Uncle Archie. He said he wants mommy, Joshua and I to come see them. It’s going to be fun!”

Archie and Rae must have rekindled their relationship after we interrupted her dinner. With Gregory.

“That sounds great sweetheart. How about you and Josh go to your rooms for a second whilst I talk to Archie, ohkay”.

“Ohkay daddy! Come on Josh, I can show you what I did today in art class with Crissy” she pulled on her brother arm in a haste. Finally, when they went to their rooms I turned to my Brother.

“What happened with Josh?” he asked, moving towards the love seat next to me.

“He got into a fight with John Davis’ son today. He punch him when Colton started to talk about Rae and I’s relationship”.

Sighing, I ran my hand through my thick hair. I knew I could trust my brother with my life, so I knew what I was about to tell him will be kept confidential.

“What about your relationship?” Quizativley he moved forward.

“Apparently she wasn’t good enough for me so I left. But that’s not all…”

“How could a kid say something like that! How would he know what was going on with your family? Hang on there’s more?”

I told him everything that Josh had just told me, down to what I remembered about the night. I could see the empathy in Archie’s eyes. The more I talked, the more my throat constricted. The words left a bitter taste in my mouth, if only I had been there. I could of done something.

“Finn you don’t know for sure if anything happened that night. John could of been telling a bullshit story to a punch of people. Don’t beat yourself up about it”.

“Archie, you don’t understand. After that night Rae started to become slightly distant, I didn’t notice it until she left though. She didn’t seem like herself, but originally I thought it was because of the kids. Then 6 months later, she fucking left me with divorce papers”.


“What if this was the reason. She couldn’t bare to look at me after I let my work associate molest her!”

“You didn’t know!”

“I should of asked her what was wrong. I should of followed her or something. I can’t stop thinking what if…”

“Talk to her. Finn, you need to go around and talk to her. What time are you meant to drop Joshua and Ruby back off?”

“7..” I breathed.

“Its now 4pm, go talk to her now. I’ll stay here with the kids and if your not back by 6.30pm then I’ll drop them of there. That gives you 2 and a half hours to work out what the fuck happened, Ohkay?”

Nodding like a scolded child I got up of the couch.

“Are you sure?” I asked. I was unsure about leaving the kids with him, but I needed to talk to Rae immediately. I couldn’t wait til i dropped Ruby and Joshua off tonight.

“Of course Finn. I’m your brother, I’ll do anything for you”.

“Thank you”.

I pulled Archie in for a hug, then ran out the door. I hope Rae is ready for me.

As quickly as I could I drove to Rae’s house. When I arrived, I threw the gear into parked and hurried to her front door. After knocking I waited very patiently for a very confused but equally beautiful Rae to open the door.

“Finn?.. What are you doing here? Where are the kids?”

“We need to talk Rae. Josh and Ruby are fine, they are with Archie” I said.

The truth will be revived tonight. What really happened the night she walked away… No more waiting.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! Sorry if I did!!

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Klance Fic Rec 2

Please check the archive warnings and fic summaries to make sure you’re gonna be okay with the fic contents!  Spoilers for Season 1 abound.  Plenty of other fics that don’t fit my personal reading preference are on AO3, so you should check them out if you have time! (I tend to avoid character death fics or really short ones.  Also this post got really long because this fandom trucks out fic like nobody’s business and it’s kinda amazing really.)

Past fic recs found here.


  • For Gold or Money by arkadianmouse – based off one of my favourite fairy tales east of the sun and west of the moon!  if you’re a fan of fairy tale stories, then i definitely recommend it!
  • take a chance by cyborgtoaster – everyone goes to rescue lance after he’s captured by the galra; my fave parts were the little segments of lance’s video-logs showing the paladins’ everyday lives and his thoughts!
  • Green with Envy by GibbousLunation – lance goes on a vacation back home so the crew replace him with a potted plant named plance, and it’s just a funny and heartwarming fic of them sending video messages back and forth and lance getting jealous of a plant, A+
  • The things we know by GibbousLunation – keith examines his feelings for lance during the events of ep.4-5 and their aftermath
  • (make believe) it’s hyper real by starkjrs – after ep.11, everyone has their own issues; keith stubbornly tries to deal with it alone, but his team look out for him (in their own way) whether he wants them to or not
  • come over now and talk me down by nighimpossible – i love character-study-ish fics and this is a good one focused on keith eventually finding a place where he can stay and be himself
  • feel your whisper across the sea by karasunos – keith gets heart-eyes for lance’s good singing voice; very cute fic!
  • Starlight by epiproctan – refreshing change from the usual “everyone helps with matchmaking” shtick bc everyone thinks it’s a Bad Idea to date a teammate
  • Red and Blue by epiproctan – the pokemon go au that you didn’t know you needed but you will appreciate
  • What a Cat-Astrophy by annoyedraccoon – college au where keith magically gets turned into a cat, and idk i just like these kind of silly metamorphosis fics ok (usually bc they’re cute)
  • starry nights and shining armor by rhapsodyinpink – lance likes to compare the crew with fictional characters and is oblivious to a certain mullet-head’s feelings for him
  • the coast is never clear by andreaphobia – fluffy fic about everyone going to a beach while on an earth vacation
  • curing homesickness by raewrites – lance is homesick and keith is there to listen; i always enjoy reading how other writers portray lance’s family and life back on earth, and this fic is no exception!
  • Going Under by sun_stricken – super cute mermaid au where mer-mullet saves lance from drowning, and their relationship after
  • Downtime by Pairagoose – keith and lance have a cute bonding moment together on an alien beach while the castle gets repaired
  • no i’ll never forget (i just wanted to be near you) by glitterfreezing – keith and lance have a chat on an alien beach about home and love
  • A Modest Proposal by genericfanatic – cute fic where lance gets super drunk on random alien space juice and proposes to keith, then decides to try again when he’s sober
  • Stay Awake by Talinor – lance is almost killed on a mission (dw he gets better), keith is bad at feelings, lance is bad at noticing feelings, they eventually get together :d
  • Excessive Sneezing, Bashful Blushing by bolbessa – keith catches a cold and lance is there to take care of his stubborn teammate
  • Some Kind of Bonding by prettyshiroic (AnalystProductions) – lance’s go-to formula for saying comebacks while bickering with keith works pretty well for a while… until it backfires on him
  • A Man in Uniform by PrincexofxFlowers – au where earth is in a war with the galra empire; keith and lance hope for more peaceful times, but war always has other plans; if you enjoy Suffering but not for too long, it has a bittersweet ending that made me tear up, quality angst
  • i am the opposite of amnesia by shizuoh – [warnings: SO MUCH CHARACTER DEATH] – it’s a hunger games au, so if you enjoy Pain and Suffering, i would recommend it (also don’t be like me and miss the ‘major character death’ archive warning on fics, i never learn)


  • And, action! by staysharp – due to an incorrectly dialled phone number, keith somehow ends up becoming an obnoxious-up-and-coming-actor lance’s fake boyfriend (if that doesn’t sell it to you, lance dabs in the second chapter and it’s the funniest thing, go read it)
  • little numbers by ashtxns – fic in the format of group text messaging, and ok i’m gonna admit i didn’t read it at first bc i generally don’t read non-prose fic out of personal preference, but holy shit i’m so glad i poked at this bc it is fkn hilarious and i was in tears from laughing so hard, please go read it if you ever need a cheer-up
  • Secret Ingredients by Lynn1998 – another baker au!!  lance is bad at feelings and everyone else in the outdoor mall just kinda watches this trainwreck with fond exasperation
  • My Youth Is Yours by MilkTeaMiku – lance accidentally gets turned into a literal baby and everyone is a confused about how to deal with this, especially keith
  • of florists and tennis shoes by venpast – lance is a college asshole who thinks cacti are proper romantic gifts to woo random ladies with, so luckily keith is a florist who helps him pick less embarrassing gifts

anonymous asked:

A drabble request where Derek Morgan finds out that Penelope calls reader thebigtittiedgoddess (she saw you in your undergarments) and asking Garcia which bras she likes that you try on at Vs and Derek Derek is curious to see.. Smut (or not if your uncomfortable)

Here you go anon hope you like it😊

Victoria’s Secret

Warnings: language,  implied smut. 

Rated: M for mature 

Song:acquainted by the weekend

Derek x Reader

Originally posted by caryled

“Alright alright I’m on my way bigtittiedgoddess ” Penelope said laughing and hanging up the phone on you.

“Big what?” Asked a  loud voice from behind her.

She spun around and saw Morgan standing in her doorway and immediately regretted saying it.

“Who did you just call  bigtittiedgoddess P?”He asked walking deeper into her office and closing the door behind him.

“Uh-oh” she said cursing her brilliant yet sometime inappropriate mind and tried to cover “Uh no one… I didn’t even say that… I have no idea what you’re talking about….I wasn’t…that was no one…” she said stuttering and mentally face palming her forehead.

“Come on baby girl don’t lie to me” He said walking over to her desk and looking into her eyes. 

Penelope had never been able to hide anything from Derek. He could read her like an open book so she sighed and started talking. 

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Girl Like Her - Part 4

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x (Plus size) Reader

Word Count: 1460

Warnings: topics of body size and weight issues. I tried to keep it as vague as possible so not to trigger. implied/mentions of sex.

Summary:  Girls like you weren’t meant to be with a guy like Bucky.  He deserves someone prettier, someone skinnier, someone better.  Not a girl like her.

A/N: Hello Lovelies normally I am all fluff all the time. I have been going through some personal stuff and those thoughts put this little angst idea in my head.  I can’t thank you all enough for the lovely thoughts and messages!  If you have any feedback please send it in.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Two weeks later you literally had done nothing except workout and diet.  You had lost 10 pounds but had many more to go.  You put up pictures of girls from fashion magazines on your fridge, you worked out as much as you could.  You couldn’t stop thinking about Bucky no matter how hard you tried, so you decided that you would continue working as much as you could from home.  Sarah was disappointed when she realized that you hadn’t actually slowed down to take a break.  

You woke up two days before the boys were due home from their mission ready to head to the gym.  You grabbed your water bottle and made your way to the tower.  After putting away everything, you hopped on the elliptical to get started.  

You work on it for about 30 minutes before jumping on a treadmill.  Another 30 minutes later you were on the exercise bike.   Your focus was broken when Natasha stepped into the gym.  You smiled slightly at her, your face and body covered in sweat and your chest heaving from lack of breath.  

“Are you okay? You don’t look so good.  How long have you been down here?”  She asks concerned.   As she makes her way towards you, you get off the machine, you feel dizzy and collapse.  The last thing you hear before you pass out is Natasha’s yell of “HELP!”

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