that performance gave me chills

I fucking love Sean Chiplock

No seriously. He is amazing. I can’t even express how much I admire him and it’s usually easy for me to put these kinds of things into words.

I’m guessing this will be one of those “I need to get this off my chest so expect a long as heck text, thank you” kind of posts. I do not even know yet, I’ll just write and see how it goes. Writing is fun, yo.

Okay so. Sonicmega. Cool dude. Would recommend checking out.

I found him through his “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” audio in 2015. Shit, I already have a writer’s block. Please brain, work with me. It’s an absolutely hilarious and great lyrical adaption of Bonetrousle, Papyrus’ Theme from Undertale. He wrote the lyrics and voiced both Papyrus and Sans. “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” was one of the first fanworks of Undertale I ever came across so whenever someone mentions it, I get instant flashbacks to the first days of Undertale. It was one of those songs my sister and I sang the good old days. (And boy, were we into it. We’d even make the facial expressions. Just imagine us listening to it in our car’s speaker and screaming. It’s an accurate image.)

I followed him on tumblr so, occasionally, I’d see his posts but that was it. Basically all I knew about sonicmega. He stuck to me as the voice of Papyrus and Sans in “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” and “What’s Boning On”, another great masterpiece, if I say so myself.

And then, I happened to purchase a Nintendo Switch in late March of 2017. Money well spent, woop woop! Starting Breath of the Wild was a whole new chapter to me. I had never gone near a Zelda game before that. Breath of the Wild is what got me into the Zelda franchise in general. I don’t know why I had not gotten into Zelda before, being a huge Nintendo fan. Nevertheless, I did and I’m so happy.

Breath of the Wild also got me to realise that I’m a fucking furry ohmygod. I was absolutely not prepared when I walked into Rito Village. I started doing the Main Quest to find Teba. In order to find him, you need to find his wife in the village and for some reason I spent 20 minutes trying to find Saki, aNYWAY. Suddenly Link started doing the “Oh shit, I remember something!” stuff while looking at the village’s landing and that’s how it all started, basically.

I think it was evening. I was lazing out on my couch and watching a freaking gorgeous bird landing in front of Link.

‘Impressive, I know.’

It was at that moment I knew.
Revali was a huge jerk.

But there was something so soothing and charming about his voice and his attitude. I honestly got upset when the cutscene was over. My heart needed more, okay.

So like, I still had that ‘I don’t know what just happened and what the heck that bird was talking about but for some reason I love him’ kind of feeling while making my way to the Flight Range.

And guys, guys, guys.

Teba spoke.

HIS VOICE I CAN’T EVEN- It’s funny because Revali is all I want in my life right now. I’d sacrifice anything for him to be real, it’s crazy. But back then, I was all about Teba. I decided to go to sleep and continue the quest the next day because it was late but I remember fangirling about it all night to my sister, who had not played Breath of the Wild yet. ‘Dude, listen. Today I went to this very cool bird town thing. The setting is all I ever wanted in a village, the soundtrack is my funeral music and there’s this really freaking cool bird warrior with this absolute amazing voice, I want him to sing me goodnight every night, you don’t understand!’

That’s not all of it, however. The first Divine Beast quest I ever started doing was in Gerudo Town, for the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. The thing is, I could not beat Thunderblight Ganon. So I left and headed somewhere else. That somewhere else was Rito Village. I was absolutely terrified to go to Vah Medoh because I was expecting Thunderblight Ganon to come out of no where. I don’t know, I was imagining it to come out and say ‘You thought I forgot about you? Now DIE!’

I’m flying with Teba in the sky, with lasers shooting at us, this epic music that just spoke ‘You can’t fail, bro.’ and the whole scene is so perfect. And when it was time to land on Medoh and Teba got hurt, I screamed‘Listen, Teba, my man, we can talk about this? You can like, wait in the corner. Don’t be like Riju, stay with me man.’

And so, Teba leaves. Link does his Sheikah Slate magic and I hear this voice that I can’t shake the feeling I’ve heard before.

‘Well now, I’ve seen this face before…’

‘… Do I know you from somewhere?’

As I mentioned before, I had not beaten Thunderblight Ganon at that point. I did not know who the voice speaking to me inside Vah Naboris was. I thought of Urbosa as “That spy girl who reminds me of Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie”. I had no idea that the people speaking to you in the Divine Beasts were seen in flashbacks.

To me, Revali was “sir sassy beast, who is probably a black haired tall Hylian dude”. Beating Windblight Ganon with him cheering me was something I needed, if that makes sense. The way ‘I can’t believe I’m actually saying this… But you must avenge me, Link!’ was performed gave me the chills. It meant so much knowing that someone had finally faith in me while I fought that thing.

‘Well I’ll be plucked… You defeated him, eh?’

He lands in the exact same way he had in his cutscene. ‘WAIT HOLD ON, IT WAS JERKISH RITO ALL ALONG!?’ I literally died at that moment. I don’t know how to explain my excitement other than saying I died. Which is not a bad thing considering Revali is a spirit and if I become one I’ll be able to be with him, right, right, right

After Revali gave me his gale and I started realising what the heckling heck was happening, I was in tears. It was the first time I cried in the game. I sound dramatic but it’s true. I felt this ‘Oh god. Husband birb gave me his power. I must not fail him. Wait what, husband? Where did this come from?’. The music. THE MUSIC. ICANSPEAKABOUTHISTHEMEFORHOURSANDHOURSAND-

Technical Difficulties. Please stand by…

The quest in Rito Village is by far my favourite. I loved the characters, the sceneries, the scenario and the overall atmosphere. ‘Love’ is a perfect way to describe my feelings towards this place. I always feel so welcome there.

Then there’s this… Not so welcome place. Not welcome at the outside, at least. Going through the lost woods, feeling lost, alone, scared, only to be greeted in a forest decorated in green by some tiny creatures and… A tree. I looked at it and thought ‘Is this my father? Why do I feel so safe around him? Why is he so perfect for a tree?’

A month and a half later, I believe, I finished Breath of the Wild. I decided to see what the fanbase was about. By freaking instict I type “Revali” in tumblr’s search bar. I had found my home. Literally.

I don’t remember how exactly this happened but I started listening to some audios popping up. ‘Oh man, sonicmega has such a good Ravioli voice!’ I was so happy to see that a creator I was already familiar with had produced something related to my new obsession.

Oh little did I know.

Realising he was the official voice for Revali, Teba and Deku tree made me throw my phone down and scream. I could not process it all. I was so feeling so ??? but so !!! at the same time, it was weird.

As I said, I had never really gotten to know Sean as a person and view his overall work. Currently, I have notifications to his tumblr turned on for his tumblr and I’m afraid I freak him out whenever I like posts three seconds after they are posted, oops. And I may or may not have downloaded all of the Revali and Teba voicelines he was making at some point. I’m not crazy, I’m just filling up my fangirl needs.

Sean is so talented? He can do a huge variety of voices and he has such potential. Listening to his performance in literally everything is such a pleasure. I have never been unsatisfied with his work. 

But honestly? What’s being talented if you are not “a person”? To me, being a good person is what matters the most. While yes, being talented is an amazing trait, being good, generous and kind is way more important.

This is why I like and admire Sean so much. Because not only he has gifted us with his voice acting skills but with being real as well. For connecting with his fanbase. For showing us what it’s like - not to voice a character - but to be a person voicing a character.

It’s important to remember that behind all the content we see, there is a person. A living, breathing person. Nowdays, I think it’s very rare to find someone who is so genuine and passionate about not only their work but their fans as well. Someone who treats their fanbase as allies and does not see themselves superior of them all.

Yesterday, a video by @ojedi popped up at my YouTube feed. She was explaining what had happened in her stream of fighting Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild. Basically, Sean was there, watching her beat it. He even recorded an audio in his Revali voice, congratulating her for defeating Ganon and also paid for her E3 ticket. I rushed over to watch the ending of the stream. I was smiling like an idiot throughout the whole thing. And even cried but details. I could feel Haley’s happiness. I just discovered her channel but I am so godamn happy for her. The fact that Sean took the time to do all of this, it warms my heart. Not everyone does this. The kindess this person spreads is something I admire so much.

My dad found an old mp3 somewhere and gave it to me. I already have an mp3 so I decided to use that one to listen to podcasts before going to sleep. The first podcast I listened to, a few days ago, was “ZI Podcast Ep. 055 - Talking with Sean Chiplock”. I am planning on listening to some more I have found.

To begin with, listening to podcasts before sleeping is a great experience and I recommend it a lot. It helps you relax and concentrate, making you both listen to something you enjoy and falling asleep easier. I quite enjoyed the podcast. No, wait. I loved it. As I mentioned more than once already, to me, being real, being a person is more important than talent. Listening to how Sean got into voice acting and how he managed to achieve his dreams is a truly beautiful story and very inspirational.

Sean Chiplock is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up. I want to be able to interact with my fanbase and give as much as I can. I want to be there, I want to be real.

I don’t know what else to say other than thank you @sonicmega. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. For inspiring us to do things and for making us see some situations in ways we had not thought of. I hope you know you are a huge source of inspiration to so many people and that we’ll continue to support you until the end and even more than that.

Personally, I was going through a very strange stage of my life. As if a new chapter was opened in which you were big help and inspiration in. Thank you for everything you have done. This summer, I learned so many things about voice acting. I also saw how someone can choose how they act towards anyone else, regardless of how well known they are. You interacting with your fanbase, for example. Treating fans as people and not something else. (I already believed this kind of interaction was possible. But seeing it in action is something absolutely fascinating for me.) All those mean a lot. They mean more than I can say.

Thank you, Sean. For everything.


This performance of Wine Dark Sea gave me chills and I nearly cried. This is absolutely amazing and features amazing parts for woodwinds, brass, and unusual percussion. Take a listen! AND it’s performed by HIGHSCHOOLERS

EDIT: So this happened… you guys gotta watch this!

So the other night on Dance Moms, Holly called Maddie’s Cry solo iconic and I never understood why that one in particular was considered iconic..however…it got me thinking about ‘iconic Dance Moms routines.’ So I decided to list the ones I think are most iconic (in a positive way) and why. :) and just a disclaimer I’m kind of basing this off of the routines I see STILL being talked about, as well as the reactions I have read on YouTube. :) I’ll also put routines on this list that got a big reaction on the show but I’m trying to aim mainly on the positive side.
In no particular order I’ll start with solos first.

Maddie’s “Angel”

This solo was touching I think and resonated because it was dedicated to Maddie’s grandma. It was also one of her best routines of season 1 by far.

Maddie’s “Disappear”

I dunno about you guys but I always go back to this one whenever I’m thinking about my favorite solos from each of the girls. This one was also a dedication and Maddie performed really well.

Chloe’s “Dream on a Star”
Everyone. Loves. This routine. Let’s be totally honest, we ALL love this routine. In the episode this one was from Cathy (or the producers rather) tried to psych Chloe out by giving Cathy’s soloist the same song. And instead of freaking out, Chloe literally knocked it out of the park.

Chloe’s “Silence”

This routine was great, and not only that but it was probably such a highly anticipated routine when it aired (unfortunately I wasn’t watching the show when it first aired) because everyone wanted to see if Chloe would win at nationals. Not only did she perform her heart out but she WON!!! Yay Chloe!

Paige’s “Make Some Noise”

This one was iconic to be because it literally was one of the best times I had seen Paige dance and she won! I remember Abby scolding Kelly for the costume cuz she didn’t want Paige’s legs to show. Well…take that Abby lol. 😛

Maddie’s “In My Heart”

Of course this was gonna be on here. This routine was basically the talk of the entire tv show for like four episodes. And it was the first time the music ever skipped on one of the girls. But Maddie kept on dancing!

Chloe’s “Angry Bird”

Even though it didn’t score as high as some of her other solos, this routine was the routine that made me LOVE Chloe. And if nothing else the costume is definitely one that sticks with you. Easily one of the best ALDC costumes lol.

Paige’s “Tongue Twister”

Once again of course this was gonna be on there. Not only was it a routine that was supposed to air in season 1 but when it finally did happen in season 2, Kelly changed the choreography and I think that’s something no one will forget. With Kelly’s choreography though Paige placed right under Chloe. :) go Paige!

Nia’s “20’s Scat”

This routine had to be difficult timing was but Nia absolutely shined with this routine. She looked confident as all hell doing it as well. Abby in the first few seasons rarely ever gave Nia mature routines, but this was one of them and it was absolutely stunning.

Brooke’s “The Animals Know”

This solo never even officially aired on Dance Moms aside from one of their reunion specials. It got cut but Lifetime still put it up as an extra and even STILL I see a lot of people say this was their favorite Brooke solo. Hey and I’m one of them lol.

Maddie’s “Birthday”

People absolutely love this solo. I see it talked about in such high regards all the time honestly. Not only that but it did also take second at Jump which was pretty awesome. This was the very first solo of season 4 and it was a great way to start it out. I always loved this solo too and the costume was one of my favorite Maddie solo costumes.

Kendall’s “Voodoo Doll”

I think towards the end of season 3 and all through season 4 was really when Kendall blossomed as a dancer and I think this routine started it. She was second only to Maddie at nationals with this one. It was also Kendall’s first time competing a solo at nationals.

Mackenzie’s “The Party Starts Right Now”

This is the only routine I remember Abby ever crying during the rehearsal for because she was so happy with how it was turning out. Maybe it wasn’t so much the solo itself that was iconic but Abby’s reaction to Mackenzie performing it!

Chloe’s “Red Queen”

Not only was Chloe super excited about this one, but I think we all were. Excluding all of the drama that surrounded this solo (Maddie forgetting hers, and once again the producers making one of Cathy’s students–which happened to be Kendall this time–copy her), this solo was wonderfully executed and really showed off Chloe’s amazing ability to do darker character pieces.

Brooke’s “Diary of Anne Frank”

This is another one I see a lot of people praise and call their favorite Brooke solo. It was a routine she won at nationals with and rightfully so. She performed the hell out of this routine and the ending always gave me chills.

Nia’s “Goodbye Maya”

The one and only solo to this day to incorporate spoken word. Nia killed with this routine and once again the ending always gave me chills when she says that final line. “I speak to Maya. Goodbye.” I was always impressed with the strength in her voice she managed to have while talking IN BETWEEN dance moves.

Chloe’s “I Know It’s Too Late”

A lot of people were moved by this solo. Another solo where the dancer literally performed the hell out of it. Everyone on the show, I remember, was very worried about this solo because Chloe was going up against a boy but she still pulled out that win.

Mackenzie’s “Killer Bee”

Another stellar performance at nationals. I know this one could be considered negative because it was a dig at Cathy but it was Kenzie’s first solo at nationals. It’s gotta go on there. 😉

Maddie’s “Maddie”

Dude…the song was specially made for her. And it was probably one of Maddie’s best performed upbeat numbers. Abby rarely ever gave Maddie jazz/musical theater numbers but out of the few she offered, I think this one was the best.

Maddie’s “Amazing Grace”

This was one of the best routines Maddie ever competed at a national competition. And hey…Abby even modeled a group dance out of it in the next season. So it deserves the recognition lol.

Kendall’s “Not Just Another Pretty Face”

Whether this was a “Maddie solo” or not, I don’t really care. Kendall did amazing with this routine and I see tons of people say this was their favorite routine of Kendall’s. I think in this routine is the best her legs and feet have ever looked. :)

Chloe’s “Lucky Star”

I feel like so much was riding on this routine, and I almost feel like this was the routine so many people (who don’t look at spoilers lol) watched with baited breath to see the outcome of. And I have to agree with Francisco from AfterBuzz, Chloe really did look like she was fighting for something in this solo. There was not a single moment she ever let up on the showmanship of this routine. And her feet looked absolutely beautiful. :)

So solos aren’t the only things that can be iconic right? So let’s talk about some duets.

Maddie and Chloe’s “Black Swan”

I think this is probably everyone’s favorite duo from the entire show. Maybe not EVERYONE’S but you get my point. This duet was also such a great way for Chloe to come back and boost her confidence after forgetting her solo at the same competition. :) I think this duet really showcased the best of both Maddie and Chloe.

Paige and Chloe’s “Wishbone”

Once again, excluding the drama surrounding this routine, I think it would STILL be iconic. Chloe and Paige were ecstatic for this duet and watching it really is a tear jerker because of the chemistry they have.

Maddie and Kendall’s “Bodies Electric”

This was another routine I feel like had a lot riding on it, especially for Kendall. And I did remember watching this one with baited breath, hoping they placed first so Abby would have to eat her words.

Now I’ll do trios but I don’t think there will be as many here as the other ones.

Chloe, Maddie, and Paige “Pin-Up Girls”

The very first trio on Dance Moms and it was performed by the main trio of the group. Let’s also not forget that Chloe kept dancing even as her costume malfunctioned. So yeah.

Yeah I think that’s probably the most iconic one. So now here comes the funniest part! Groups!!!

“Where Have All the Children Gone?”

Duh. Like this is probably everyone’s go-to routine when they try to remember the best from season 1. Great concept, cool choreography, and innovative music. This was Abby (or…the producers?) at her best.

“The Last Text”

And duh again. This routine I think was Abby’s favorite routine of all time. And to me it was one of the best routines ever put on the show. It was a little gimmicky but I don’t think it was cringeworthy like some of their other gimmicky routines.


Easily one of the best routines of season 2. Nick really highlighted the best of each individual dancer and people adored this routine.

“Rosa Parks”

This routine I think was a tribute that, once again, wasn’t cringeworthy like some of their other ones. The song was great and Nia really REALLY did great as the lead. Like that was literally such a shining moment for her. That routine always makes me cry too.

“Living With The Ribbon”

It makes me so mad that the impact of this dance was swallowed up by the “two girls, one solo nonsense.” Either way this was a stand out piece among group dances and having Brooke as the lead was an excellent choice because she always danced so much differently than the others.

“Amber Alert”

I didn’t like this routine all that much. But when you go on YouTube and look at the comments, people put this right up there with The Last Text and Where Have All the Children Gone. I will say this; I only didn’t like this routine cuz the story was confusing. I thought the girls performed it really well though.

“Witches of East Canton”

This one was probably my personal favorite from the first half of season 4. And I see it as a lot of people’s favorites from the entire show. The choreography of this dance was pretty great and each of the girls performed really amazing through their bodies and their faces. It was altogether just really good.

“Amazing Grace”

Modeled after Maddie’s solo at nationals. My God was this routine beautiful and even though they didn’t win, Abby was still happy about the performance. It was a beautiful tribute to Mrs. Miller and it really felt like breathing in fresh air when you watched it.

“Stomp the Yard”

This one isn’t one of my personal favorites but the reaction it got from fans was pretty positive. A LOT of people said this was one of their favorites and they really enjoyed the fresh choreography.

“Suicide Hotline”

Abby wanted to create another number to go right up there with The Last Text and Where Have All the Children Gone and she did it. I do have some mixed feelings about this dance but I can’t really deny that it was the best routine of season 6.

“Why Wait?”

This one got a huge reaction on the show. According to the moms, the girls and Gia worked on it the night before in the hotel rooms. While a lot of the attention surrounding this was pretty negative it’s deniable the moms were ecstatic when they won. And so we’re the girls.

So what do you guys thing? Think I missed any?

'Glee' alum Amber Riley performs 'Dreamgirls' showstopper at Olivier Awards

Amber Riley’s not going anywhere, and neither should you before watching this.

The former Glee star brought down the house at London’s Olivier Awards this weekend when she performed “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls.

Riley is currently starring as Effie White in the musical at the Savoy Theatre in London’s West End. She won the Olivier Award (the British equivalent of a Tony) for Best Actress in a musical and has earned rave reviews for her performance as the lead singer of a Supremes-esque girl group who finds herself sidelined as they rise to fame.

The song closes the first act as a ferocious plea to the trio and her lover, the band’s manager Curtis (Joe Aaron Reed). Watch Riley’s show-stopping performance below.

The original Effie White, Jennifer Holliday, had nothing but praise for Riley following the performance. “Congrats @MsAmberPRiley on UR WIN! Over 35yrs since Dreamgirls, I watched you perform tonite & You gave me chills- SO PROUD!” she wrote on Twitter.

Congrats @MsAmberPRiley on
UR WIN! @OlivierAwards
Over 35yrs since Dreamgirls,
I watched you perform tonite &
You gave me chills- SO PROUD!


April 10, 2017

Multiple Tony winner and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda thanked the 31-year-old on Twitter for “ripping the roof off the Royal Albert Hall,” also congratulating her on her win.

Hey @MsAmberPRiley thank you for ripping the roof off the Royal Albert Hall tonight. Congrats on your win!

- Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel)

April 9, 2017

She may have an Olivier award to her name and the power to bring down the house with a vocal performance, but like the rest of us, Riley still doesn’t have tickets to Miranda’s hit show. She seized the moment, asking him the million-dollar question. “Can a sista get some tickets to Hamilton” she posed on Twitter, using the hashtag #notthrowingawaymyshot.

@Lin_Manuel Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many others….can a sista get some tickets to Hamilton #notthrowingawaymyshot

- Amber Patrice Riley (@MsAmberPRiley)

April 10, 2017

Riley rose to fame as Mercedes Jones on Ryan Murphy’s Glee, which aired on Fox from 2009 to 2015. She scored the role when she was asked to sing “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” in her audition, a song she subsequently performed on the thirteenth episode of the first season.

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[translation] Sexy Power Memories

Kento: During the last tour, “BAD BOYS” gave me chills. When we’re performing, interacting with Kikuchi is something that happens naturally. We don’t talk beforehand like, “Let’s do this.” So, on stage, we normally observe each other’s actions & consider what to do, but during the Yokohama performance of “BAD BOYS,” we put our backs together at the same moment & I got excited. The fact that we hadn’t planned anything beforehand & yet still our feelings reached each other at the same time… it happened because it’s him. It was something that made me think, “As expected, I need Kikuchi.” Honestly, it made me really happy. Kikuchi & I have been together for seven years already. Nothing has changed. There are times when we disagree or fight, but those times motivate me. He is my forever rival. It’s not the kind of relationship where we feel a need to cling to each other at all times, but for the group and as the person by my side, Kikuchi is absolutely necessary. I don’t tell him this, but I watch all of his dramas & TV appearances. (laugh)

I usually pass over most posts that, because of shipping reasons (it’s obvious when is like this), misinterpret Renji, some even openly insult and bash him (sometimes even on his own tag, not on the search of “Renji”), because I’m sure that they are going to continue thinking the same despite what I can say, because they are blinded by their hatred. And I see this kind of posts many times because I use Renji search too.

But when I see someone, on the Renji tag, who say that they really like Renji, but it seems they haven’t really been putting attention to his character, or the own manga, I really feel the need to make them see that their interpretations are wrong, especially when there is evidence in the manga of this. And then they get angry and defensive, probably because their ship is more important to them than trying to get this character right, so they blind their eyes to the evidence.

So, I don’t understand why, having the evidence in chapter 682, of Renji saying that were BOTH, Renji and Rukia who avoided each others’ path:

why there are still people saying that Renji abandoned her (?). I know that you can’t expect much from people who have been reading the manga wrong, and still read the manga with the shipping googles on, to only see their prefered pairing and, in the process, they distort the characters that get in the way of their deluded dreams. But, come on! if you can’t read what is clearly said in the text: “RUKIA AND I had grown so distant from each other, WE drifted so far apart,  WE avoided not only eye contact but crossing each others’ path”, then what kind of reading comprehension you have. 

Renji is saying in that panel that were BOTH who avoided the other, that were BOTH who drifted apart. Renji doesn’t consider himself the only one who did this. He thinks that were BOTH of them, Renji and Rukia.  And the scene where Renji says this, shows the panel where Rukia is running away from him, so this is related to Rukia being upset and disappointed with Renji because he let her go.

But, besides, that Rukia had drifted apart from Renji too had already been implied before in this scene in chapter 144, so chapter 682 only clearly confirmed it:

Kira said that Rukia knew it herself, that they had a very different social status, so here Kira is implying that she had already avoided Renji’s path by herself, by her own decision, so Rukia hadn’t tried to get in touch with Renji either, because Kira knew that Rukia had kept herself away from Renji too. And not only that, but in this scene Renji had thought to have some sort of contact or relationship with her, even though he said later, in chapter 682, that were both of them who had avoided each others’ paths, and so Renji finally chose not to go near her, but Renji’s first intention wasn’t to avoid her path. And in that scene Renji is looking at her longingly, so Renji didn’t avoid to look at her either, but she didn’t look back at him (if she really noticed his presence).

People forget that Rukia had been very upset with Renji when he didn’t tell her to stay with him, that she had the gesture of removing his hand and running away from Renji, which implied a breakdown of their relationship on Rukia’s part:

Kubo and Morita’s impressions about that scene (in the databook VIBEs, in 2006), and its influence in Rukia and Renji’s relationship later, also confirm this:

Kubo- That episode was really amazing! (commenting anime episode 32) Renji and Rukia, those 2 acting performance gave me the chills, and the last “yeah” by Morita-san was also exciting. In that episode, there was a scene where Rukia, played by Orikasa-san, made a shudder run through me for the first time. When Renji put his hands on Rukia’s shoulders, Rukia said, “…I see… Thanks.” and removed his hand. I was thrilled and surprised at the way she said “I see”. It made me think, “Wow! So this is what was going on!”

Morita- Rukia’s words “I see” are the starting point that characterizes how the relationship between Renji and Rukia develops after this. Hence, if not enough emotion is put into those words, the story that follows would seem rather shallow.

People also forget that was Rukia the one who said sorry to Renji because she hadn’t shared her burdens, her problems, with him, not only now, with the problems of her execution, but during the past years, since that she had removed his hand and ran away from him. Because of that, she has the gesture of gripping to him, a gesture contrary to her removing his hand. It’s a gesture of reconciliation:

So, here it’s implied that Rukia was aware of that she had avoided Renji, and in chapter 682 is finally confirmed. And Kubo didn’t put a similar scene of Renji saying sorry to Rukia, because of the years of their separation, because Renji’s main mistake had been other. Renji’s main mistake had been to let her go to be adopted, he had upsetted Rukia with his decision of letting her go, and so that is the mistake that Kubo gave Renji a scene to fix it:

People shouldn’t be surprised that Renji and Rukia ended up together, married, because Renji finally said that he wasn’t going to let Rukia go. So Renji finally said what Rukia wanted to hear, what Rukia would have wanted to hear that time when she received the adoption offer, because that was what Rukia had felt upset with him, that he let her go. And he sure fulfilled this promise, and BOTH fulfilled their wishes, because BOTH wanted to end up together, in a romantic relationship, married.

And I’m not saying this to make Rukia look bad, because, in my opinion, that Rukia was shown as a human being, like any person, feeling hurt, disappointed and angry at someone, and being able to make mistakes too, makes her a more realistic and relatable character. In my opinion is a point in her favor to show these feelings. And Rukia had every right to feel upset and disappointed with Renji, especially and because he was a very important person to her, so she had many expectations put on him, but was also a mistake on her part, because it was a drastic and a very long separation, she had to have thought in trying to fix this situation of their relationship. Like was a mistake that Renji let her go to be adopted, and also not to have tried, not only thought, to talk to her before his appoinment as vice captain.

In fact, some people don’t like to analyze why Rukia acted in her past with Renji in the way she did, because then they would have to admit that Renji was more important to Rukia than what they want to admit, even important in the way that they don’t want to admit. So they solve this conflict simply blaming Renji for everything, even not really reading what is clearly written in the manga, so, in their eyes, Rukia can continue looking perfect, because, apparently, to be imperfect, like any person, demotes her character. So Rukia can show what great person she is forgiving Renji, he is the only one who made mistakes, even though in the manga was Rukia who said sorry to Renji, and in the manga is said that were both who avoided each others’ path, and in the manga were both of them who made mistakes. I don’t like at all this fanon and boring version of Rukia.


Her performance gave me chills. It was great, really really great. Jidam has improved enormously since SMTM3.

This page is from Tite Kubo’s interview in the VIBEs databook, that it’s like a conversation between Kubo and Masakazu Morita (Ichigo’s seiyuu). It’s the part where they talk about Renji and Rukia’s moment of separation.

I love it because, obviously, I love when Kubo comments with such enthusiam about Renji and Rukia’s relationship, but, among other reasons, I really like it because they comment about Rukia’s point of view, what affected Rukia her separation from Renji, and it becomes pretty clear from their words in the interview that Rukia’s disappoinment with Renji at that moment had a great role in the development of Rukia and Renji’s relationship in the next years, when they didn’t speak to each other.

There was already a translation of this interview made by a fan, but I got it translated again by a professional translation service, because some things confused me in the previous translation, and the result is slightly different and in some things is pretty different, and I found very interesting the changes:

Kubo- あの回は凄かったですよ. 恋次とルキア, あの2人の演技のところもゾクゾクくるし, 最後の森田さんの “ああ"のもゾクゾクっとくるし… その回に, 折笠さんのルキアで初めてゾクゾクってくるシーンがあって. 恋次がルキアの肩に手をかけて, それをルキアが "ああ, そうかありがとう” って言って手をどかせる. その “そうか” って響きが "すげえ, これなんだ!?” ってビツクリして.

Morita- ルキアのこの"そうか"は, 恋次とルキアのその後の関係の起点となるせりフなので, そこにきちんと感情を込めておかないと, 続くストーリーが薄っぺらになってしまうんですよね.

Kubo- That episode was really amazing! (commenting anime episode 32) Renji and Rukia, those 2 acting performance gave me the chills, and the last “yeah” by Morita-san was also exciting. In that episode, there was a scene where Rukia, played by Orikasa-san, made a shudder run through me for the first time. When Renji put his hands on Rukia’s shoulders, Rukia said, “…I see… Thanks.” and removed his hand. I was thrilled and surprised at the way she said “I see”. It made me think, “Wow! So this is what was going on!”

Morita- Rukia’s words “I see” are the starting point that characterizes how the relationship between Renji and Rukia develops after this. Hence, if not enough emotion is put into those words, the story that follows would seem rather shallow.

And this is the old translation by a fan:

“Kubo – That episode was really amazing! (alluding to anime episode 32). Renji and Rukia. Watching those two was truly amazing and Morita-san’s speech ”…Yeah…“ was amazing too. In that episode Orikasa-san (Rukia’s voice actor) said she got very emotional while doing that scene where Renji’s hands were on Rukia’s shoulder and says ”…I see… Thank you" while letting go of his hand. I was thrilled, listening to the way she said “…I see…”

Morita – That Rukia’s sentence “…I see…” affects her relationship with Renji later in the episode so unless she puts a lot of emotions into it, it would sound plain and unimportant.“

Caught my attention that in this new translation is Kubo himself, not Fumiko Orikasa, who tells that he was really impacted by Rukia’s seiyuu performance in that scene, and besides Kubo uses an interesting expression to show that those Rukia’s words to Renji had a subtle meaning (what was too my interpretation), that “Wow, so this is what was going on!”, making it clear that there was much more behind those words. Orikasa had managed to convey what Rukia’s feelings were truly and the real meaning behind those words, so Kubo praises her performance.

Although Kubo doesn’t explain what he means with that “Wow! So this is what was going on!”, he still leaves it to the readers’/viewers’ interpretation, Kubo wants that the readers understand it. But he makes it clear its importance in understanding what happened.

Morita seems to understand it too, the importance of those simple Rukia’s words in the subsequent development of Renji and Rukia’s relationship, and that, in fact, that had led to what we saw later, this is, the rupture of their relationship. In this new translation, Morita’s comments about what he thinks of the influence of those Rukia’s words in Renji and Rukia’s relationship in the next years are even clearer than before.


IDFYTI’s Top 10 Season Three Moments:

In at Number 8 - Molly gives Dolarhyde the Finger

Because if you can survive when the dragon wants you dead and it doesn’t make the top 10, that shit’s criminal. Honestly, I thought this show couldn’t get more tense, couldn’t surprise me, and this scene came out of nowhere and gave me chills. 

Nina performed it perfectly, really shone in this scene, absolute credit to her and the character.

Whoever just saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ performance, it gave me chills.

Same sex couples just exchanged vows to get married during their “Same Love” performance, and I have never been so emotional. America is changing, and this is what’s happening. As being part of the LGBT community, it makes me so happy that this is what I’ll see in the future. I’ve never cried so much at such a beautiful thing.