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The Siren’s Song (Orignal Graves/Credence - ft. Veela!Credence)

So this idea is brain child of reflecting on my HP fandom days of long ago and some of those tropes (specifically Veela!Draco) and conversations with @moonsofavalon about Ezra’s lovely singing voice and just how enchantingly fae-like he is. So I thought what if Credence had a Veela in his bloodline somewhere back? He got his dark hair from elsewhere, of course, but he’s still quite fair of face. And what if he and Graves didn’t know about it, and one day Credence unknowingly activated his ~Veela magic~? I wanted to organize this into a more coherent story, but my brain is… not cooperating. So, consider this a bit of a preview. Maybe. xD

For @moonsofavalon

EDIT/UPDATE: Read the full thing here

Usually the smell of supper greets Percival when he first arrives home as Credence likes to follow a routine. However, today he’s home early, and as he didn’t send any ahead notice to inform Credence of his premature endshift, the lack of smell comes as little surprise. The briefcase resting in his grasp contains an assortment of work related documents he intends to review in his personal study anyway. 

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Requested by @bluegreyme​ <3
Requests: Will put it in the back since it’s  a bit long!
A/N: apologies for the wait, lack of posting and something im probably forgetting
Warnings: none
Words: 3682??? what the fuck i thought this was shor–


It could be argued that coincidences are a myth. After all, the universe is rarely that lazy…Though believe it or not, sometimes this all mighty power comes to rest for just a moment and let’s fate run its course in whichever way it pleases.

It was a rosy spring afternoon in your 6th year as you made your way to the library, confined by your own presence – the fancy blue tinted robe, neatly polished skirt and a dress shirt of the finest cotton was ironed to perfection, the tight braid of chocolate hair curved nicely, though making you seem stiff and cold. With your eyes directed at the edge of your shoes, you continued in a much faster pace, alone. No surprise there, you were always alone.

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anonymous asked:

for the writing prompts - 179 and 187 for silverflint please?

Thank you so much, Anon! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this. :) 

                                                      *  *  *

179: “ First one to make a noise loses.” / 187: “ Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you? ”

“What are we doing?” Flint looks around the deck of the ship. It’s late at night. The crew is all abed. The air is so still, a little too warm. He’s already sweating in his shirt. Why are they up on the deck when they could be naked in his cabin? What’s Silver playing at here?

“I told you, I was making my choice.” Silver leads a way over to a secluded stretch of shadow in a corner of the deck.

“And what is your choice?” Flint asks, amused. They wager back and forth, and Silver only wins half the time, but he so thoroughly enjoys it when he does, Flint doesn’t truly mind losing. It only piques his curiosity.

“I want you to fuck me here on deck.”

“What?” Flint stops still at that.

“There’s no one about.” Silver spreads his hands as though to emphasize that. “We’re completely alone. The night is warm, and I want you to fuck me under the stars.”

Flint just stares at him. “Here. On deck.”

“How many times do I have to say it?” Silver leans back against the railing, watching him with a smile on his lips. “Or are you calling a forfeit?”

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Alycia Debnam-Carey Imagine - Start It All Over Again

A/N: You are just too kind! I keep going in my head between good idea, bad idea, good idea, bad idea, because I want to do a sad imagine, but I don’t want Alycia the smol noodle and ‘sad’ in the same sentence. If you want, you could listen to Please Be Naked by The 1975 and Where’s My Love by SYML while reading. Alright, enjoy!


You hated the silence.

The uncomfortable silence that makes your heart race of anxiety. The one that sends that annoying shrill in your ear that no one else can hear. The one that makes you miss the laughter that covers it up. The one that makes you miss her.

The sun had already set and preparing itself for bed behind the mountain. It left its trails on the orange red sky and dark clouds scattered everywhere.

You closed the balcony door behind you and laid back down on the couch while grabbing your phone. You scrolled through Twitter like you always do when you’re bored and have nothing else to do. One particular tweet caught your eye and stopped your finger from swiping the screen. The composer’s icon was of her with the pink hearts on the crown of her head.

“It’s been 3 months since the announcement. They were literal soul mates. 😞"

You felt a small throb in your heart and your breath hitched. It suddenly hit you. It’s been three months. Putting your phone on the small table, you put your arms on your forehead and stared at the ceiling. The thoughts suddenly made your eyes water. You tried telling yourself that it’s over, it’s not your fault, it’s time to move on. A heavy breath escaped your mouth as you wiped the small tears in your eyes with your palms.

It was a bad habit of yours. Whenever you’re sad, you put on sad music. You don’t really know how it helps, but it helps, making you feel worse. There was some sort of relief coming along with it. You laid on your back listening to the music, the singer’s passion in the messages, the single chords, even the bass.

Ding! Your phone signaled. You clicked your tongue while grabbing the device from the table. You wanted to switch your phone to ‘do not disturb’ but apparently forgot to do so. The message on the screen was clear for you to read. Next to her name was still the red heart. You forgot to delete that too.

“Can I stay at yours for tonight? I just came back from a party and I feel extremely dizzy. I’m walking to yours right now.“

A second message came in right after. 


You didn’t hesitate a second to answer.


You mentally slapped yourself. You could’ve waited a minute to reply. It wouldn’t seem that you were desperate. Your heart pounded it your chest as you stared as the three dots in the grey speech bubble.

“Thank you. x”     

You started to think that this was a bad idea. You two haven’t spoken to each other for three months. The people who recognized you started to address you as Y/N and not Alycia Debnam-Carey’s girlfriend. Things have changed.

The doorbell rang. You slowly made your way over to the door and pressed unlock. Usually you would ask who’s there first before opening the door, but you didn’t want to talk to her. Every word spared is like digging up a big chunk of gold. You waited by the door with your back pressed against the wall. What are you going to say to her? Will she sleep on the couch? How will the morning after go? 

Small knocks on the door startled you. You took a deep breath and pulled on the doorknob. There she was, in a tight black dress that shows off her perfect curves, a white belt sitting neatly on her stomach, though her jacket was messily draped over her arm. You stayed silent for a while. 

“Hi.” You heard her small voice after three months.

“Hey.” You could see the amount of alcohol she’d drunk at the party judging by only the pinkness on her cheeks. Her face was a shade of pink like she had put on just a little too much blush, you thought she has had not more than ten shots. 

“Thank you again…for…letting me stay.” 

“It’s nothing. Come in.” You took a step back to let her enter. As she walked pass you could smell mostly the alcohol but there were some of her scent lingering that you could always smell on your sweaters and sheets. 

“Just help yourself with whatever you’d like.” You spoke quietly. “I’m just gonna read a book in my room.”

Me Before You?”

“No. I finished that one.” It was true. You started reading it three months ago, when you were still with Alycia. You shook your head before heading back to your room.

Time seemed to pass by quickly. The red sky was now replaced with a dark shade and small twinkly stars here and there. You glanced over to the clock on your night stand. 10:52. Your feet started to move without your brain’s command carrying you towards the door and out of your room. The lights in the living room were out making you tip-toe your way in there. Soft regular breathing was heard coming from the couch. You kneeled down in front of it and watched Alycia as she slept. In the moonlight outside she looked like an angel. Your hand then found hers and you noticed it was stone cold. You quickly took another blanket from your bedroom and quietly put it over her. You found yourself staring at her again and pulled a strand of brown hair from her face. As much as you hated to admit it, you were still in love with the girl.

You snapped out of your daydream and blushed as you realized you were staring. You sighed and stood up as quietly as possible. 

“Don’t. Stay here.” A hand grabbed your arm as Alycia’s broken voice rang into your ears. You looked back down at the brunette seeing her green eyes desperately begging you to stay. “Please.” 

You sat down slowly. Her hand was still clinging onto you as she sat back up. You avoided eye contact by looking at the ground ahead of you. The goosebumps started to lump up as you felt her thumb stroking your arm softly. You gulped as your heart rate increased.

“I still am in love with you. I know this sounds ignorant but for the past three months I couldn't—”

“Don’t, please.” You shook your head softly. “Alycia, don’t do this.”

Her hand grabbed your chin and pulled it towards her. You were staring deeply into her eyes. “—I couldn’t get you out of my head. I tried, but I failed.”

It was a moment of astonishment. Your heart has disobeyed your brain yet again. Her lips felt so soft, just like they were three months ago. Her hand grabbed the back of your neck as she kissed you back deeply.

“I still love you.” Alycia whispered. “I still want you." 

You breathed out softly as your face was still pressed to hers. You pressed your forehead together and you kissed her nose.

"That has got to be the most terrible three months of my entire life.” That made Alycia smile before she pecked you again. 

“Come. Lay with me.” She said before laying back down and opening her arms wide. You grinned before snuggling into her arms and nuzzling your head in her neck. She wrapped her arm around you and kissed your forehead.

“We’re okay." 

"Oh yeah, we definitely are.”


Installed much of the guides for the left side of the playfield. Inverted inlane like on Skateball, etc is fed via the right orbit, and as an exit from the pops.

My original flipper lane guides made from foam core proved too bouncy, so I switched to these stainless ones, which gives a more consistent feed. Depending on speed and how the ball rattles as it comes down the left lane, it’s still not perfect though. Small changes to the small bottom curve have a large effect on the ball’s path. My goal is to have even a ball dropped just once inch above make it into the flipper lane, while a ball at max speed still isn’t fast enough to collide with the bottom side of the slingshot

All of Me

Niall: What would he even do without you? You had completed him so fully that he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t exist without you. He was along for the ride, every curve and every edge life had to throw at you both. He was along for it and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Come to bed,” you whispered, curled up under the covers, looking so warm and so soft he had to stop himself for reaching for you. But he needed a moment, needed to look at you and understand what this pressure was inside of his chest. “Baby,” you murmured, hand out stretched and that’s when it hit him. He had given you all of him, every thing he had to offer was now sitting in your outstretched hand. Maybe he was crazy, and maybe he was out of his mind but god, he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything else in the world other than you. “I’m coming,” he rasped, still choked with emotion. He slid in bed beside you, wrapping his arms around his entire world. “I can sleep now,” you said against his neck, arms pulling him closer into your body until you were one and not two. He would never have the words to tell you how much he adored you,or what you meant to him. He wasn’t even sure there was a word for that yet. Instead he pressed his lips to yours, hoping everything he was feeling would come through in his kisses.

Liam: He was dizzy,unaware of what had hit him. All he knew was that you were his end and his beginning, and he had lost himself somewhere in you along the way. He looked at you now, curled up in his sweatshirt, your hands tucked in the sleeves and he grinned. “You’re the most beautiful thing,” he murmured, drawing your hands to his lips for a kiss. You blushed, shaking your head as he continued to tenderly kiss each knuckle, each tip of your finger. “How did I get so lucky, huh?” He was asking himself more than he was asking you, but it didn’t matter. You didn’t think he had gotten all that lucky, and he could see that by the look on your face. “You’re silly,” you brushed him off, cheeks heating at his praise. “The first time I saw you I didn’t even believe it,” he confessed, fingers absentmindedly tracing patterns on your skin. “Your eyes met mine and you were looking at me so clearly, it was like you could see me, you know?” He shook his head as you sat speechless, letting him kiss and caress your skin. “I knew then that I was done for. I think I loved you then,” he smiled a little, a charming, boyish smile that had your heart soaring. He might have been out of his mind, but that was fine. He was content to lose himself in your heart, your arms, your eyes and your smile. You had all of him, and that was just the way he wanted it.

Harry: His cards were on the table, he had nothing to hide. Of course, he knew his hand was all hearts, a visual representation of the heart he was offering you in turn. “I want this,” he said with quiet force, his eyes dark as he looked at you. “I want to be with you,” he was louder now and you closed your eyes, tears running down your cheek. “I’m scared,” you whispered, hands trembling as he stepped closer. God, he was scared too. He was handing you the ability to destroy him, to break him into a thousand microscopic pieces, but if he was going to trust his heart to anyone, it was going to be you. “I’m not good enough,” you stepped back from him, wondering how you could ever love him in the way he deserved to be loved. He looked as if you had struck him and he pressed your tiny hands to his chest, just above his heart. “Do you feel that?” He pleaded, making sure you could feel the heart that was slamming in his chest. “It’s been beating for you since the first moment I saw you. You have had all of me from that first moment I bumped into you,” his eyes glassed over and suddenly, you didn’t want to be afraid anymore. You just wanted him and his heart, his warmth and his strength. “Please,” he whispered, “Let me love you,” with a cry, you fell into his arms where he cradled you and would keep you always.

Zayn: How could he make you see what he saw? How could he tell you that even when you were crying you were beautiful too? How could he tell you that you were his moon, his stars, his muse. You were everything. He loved all your curves, all your edges He loved all your perfect imperfections, even though you thought they made you less of what you were, Zayn thought they made you more. He loved your tenderness, your vulnerability. “You’re perfect,” he whispered, pressing his lips to your cheek. You shook your head, the terrible thoughts in your head taking over and ruining you. “You are, every inch, every curve,” his hands ran down  your hips, riding and following the dips your body had. He adored them. He hated to see how the world was bringing you down and tearing you to your knees, poisoning your mind with the fact that you weren’t good enough. “You are beautiful, pure, loving, kind. God knows that I would be lost without you. So please, my beautiful girl, know that there is nothing more beautiful to me than you, inside and out,” You let him dry your tears, head pressing into his chest. For the first time, a man made you feel like you were enough.To Zayn, you were everything and you finally started to believe it.

Louis: All of you was all he wanted and he was risking everything for this. He was risking the heart he had so carefully stitched back together after it had just been torn apart. But you were worth the risk, worth the risk of faith and worth the fall. “I’m in love with you,” he said slowly, his eyes on his knotted fingers. “I am so terrified but I am so in love with you,” he said hoarsely, his eyes rising to meet yours. You knew what it took for him to tell you that, you knew how scared he was to let someone in and out of everyone in the world, he chose you. “I’m not sure of a lot of things, but I know that I’m sure of you,” you sat beside him, hands combing his chocolate hair back from his face. “I won’t hurt you,” you rasped out, emotion thick in your voice. He smiled, bending to kiss your knuckles. “For the first time in my life, I believe that.” The longer he stared at you, the more confident he felt. God, what would he do without your smart mouth and your laughter? You made his days brighter and suddenly he wondered why he had waited so long to give all of himself to you, when you had so blindly done the same. You were his favorite song, his favorite book that he had read a thousand times. You were forever for him, and he couldn’t wait for it to begin.