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Spooky Season

Since it’s the SpoOkY SEaSon I’ve written some Spooky Solangelo. Hope you guys enjoy! ~Claude

There was one kid in the class who was weirder than anyone else. He was constantly muttering to himself and carrying an overstuffed bag that clunked when it moved. He always smelled like herbs or incense and his outfits were very weird. Once he was wearing black, orange, and yellow, which wouldn’t have been weird except it was Valentine’s day. He never talked to anyone and instead scribbled in his battered, leather notebook. Nobody even knew the kid’s name and for Will, one of the only things he did know was that the kid sat behind him in every single one of his classes.

On one particular night in October, Will was walking back home from a friends house when he spotted the boy at the corner of the street next to a streetlight. He stood silently as he stared at the sky. Will, uneased by his presence, tried to walk quickly past the boy when the boy suddenly grabbed Will’s arm with incredible speed.

“Wh-Wha-” Will exclaimed as he tried to get free from the boy’s iron grip.

The boy held a finger to his lips. “They are near,” he whispered.

Will, now properly terrified, struggled and thrashed as he tried to get free. Meanwhile, the boy’s grip hardened. The streetlight started to flicker and the air dropped ten degrees, which just added to Will’s frantic demeanor to get out of this place. He stopped struggling and looked in horror as the streetlights in the distance started one by one flickering before turning off. Rapidly, the lights started to turn off in all directions until it was only their’s left.

The boy dropped Will’s arm and simply said, “They’re here.”

“W-Who’s here exactly?”

The boy stayed silent as he looked out in the vast expanse of darkness that encompassed them. He set down his bag and started quickly getting out jars after jars that held all sorts of things. Then he started getting out candles of all different colours, matches, and drawings of strange things.

“What are you doing?” Will asked.

“Don’t go outside the circle,” he instructed as he started getting out items from the jars and lighting a black and white candle.

“What circle?”

“Crystals,” he mumbled as he started putting different items into an empty jar.

Will looked and noticed the ring of crystals that surrounded the area. He looked back at the boy who started sealing the jar with the melted white wax. When he finished he put it behind him and got out more white candles.

“C-Can you please tell me what’s going on?”

“The veil isn’t supposed to be this thin tonight. Not so soon before Samhain.”

“What are you talking about?” Will exasperatedly shouted.

“Spirits and demons!” The boy shouted back as he threw his pencil. “Now shut up and don’t move outside of the circle!”

He was shocked and convinced that the boy was utterly delusional and started going out of the circle. He made it one toe over the crystals before he heard screaming and his vision started to go black before the boy yanked Will back into the circle.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed!” He yelled. “Don’t go outside the circle!” Then went back to his work.

Will didn’t try going out of the circle.

Instead, he watched the boy do his craft. Mixing things together, burning candles, making jars, and drawing weird symbols on his skin. Finally, when he had about 2 jars, 50 symbols drawn on him, and different types of crystals around him, he wiped his brow and said, “finished.”

“Now what?”

“Simple. We lead them back to the safe side,” he said casually.

His brow furrowed. “How?”

The boy tossed Will a jar. “With these spells and sigils. Crystals and sigils for protection. Candles and pinecones just for an added bonus. Here,” he tossed Will two crystals and a pinecone. “Amethyst and quartz.”

Will was having a bit of trouble carrying all of these things. Only now did it occur to him how the boy could have ever carried the large bag of his. Will put the crystals and the pinecone in his pocket. He was bewildered as to what was going on and how any of these things would ever help, but it wasn’t in his power to question it.

“Grab a jar and hold it. Don’t let go of it. The jar will dispel the bad stuff and…whatever else is out there. Give me your arms.”

Will didn’t want to anger the boy so he put down the jar and held out his arms. The boy got out his sharpie and started drawing the strange symbols on Will’s arm. Once satisfied, he let go of Will’s arm and started putting the rest of his materials away. In a moment, he was done and only the jars and lit candles were out.

“Ready?” The boy asked.


The boy nodded. “You should be. No matter. Grab a candle and your jar.”

Will did what was instructed. The boy already held his items.

“I’m gonna remove the crystals. Don’t be afraid, they can’t hurt you.”

Will looked with anticipation as the boy started removing the crystals and putting them in his bag. Slowly, the darkness from the outside started seeping in and forming around him. He heard the chattering of thousands of people around him. Screaming, whispering, hissing, insulting, complimenting, just thousands of voices. Worse, he couldn’t see five feet around him, only the boy with his candle and jar.

“Don’t interact with them. Don’t do anything to invite them,” the boy said as he finished collecting the last of the crystals.

Will nodded. “Okay. Now what?”

“We lead them to the cemetery. Then, we give them offerings.”

Will wasn’t going to question what the boy just said. He learned enough times in the short hour not to question what the boy did or said.

“So, I can just follow you?” Will asked.

The boy nodded. “Yeah. You’ll be able to see me as long as you’re holding the candle and vice versa, so don’t drop or extinguish it.”

Will nodded and the boy started making his way down the road. Will followed quickly behind him, hoping to not lose him. They walked in silence for the majority of the walk. Will listened to the spirits conversations. Most of them were boring and casual with the occasion really disturbing comments.

“Harold, where are the eggs?” One elderly voice hissed.

“The kids will be home soon,” a fatherly type voice said.

“I love you, Brian,” a boy whispered.

“I’m sorry,” another sobbed.

“Shit! The police! Run, Jack!” One yelled.

“I can’t breath,” one gasped.

“You can never escape from me.”

Will was a bit unnerved by some of the spirits.

“Are they always like this?” Will asked.

The boy regarded him for a bit. “Yes. These are some of the last words they’ve said. Some of them are new. Don’t try to listen too much to them though. Some can be, um, disturbing and it can be depressing listening to them.”

Will nodded though he still listened in to the spirits conversations. They continued to walk in silence until they reached a cemetery atop of a hill. Typical of cemeteries, it had graves everywhere and looked spooky.

“What do we do now?” Will asked.

“Sit,” the boy said as he sat down.

“Um, okay?” Will said as he mirrored what the boy did. “Now what?”

“A dumb supper,” he said while he took out some incense from his bag, lit it, then walked around the area.

“A what?”

“Dumb supper,” he said again while walking back to where Will was and taking out plates from his bag. “Supper for the spirits and us to enjoy. Takes place in complete and utter silence.”

Will nodded and looked with interest at the boy preparing more things for this ‘dumb supper.’ He got out lots of tea candles from his bag and placed it all around the area. Soon he placed apples, pumpkins, cider and other autumn-y type foods on the plates.

“Okay, you’re not allowed to talk out loud, but you can talk to them in your mind.”

“Okay, sure.”

“And, no talking now.”

Will stayed silent as he hesitantly picked up an apple. He took a small bite and could hear the spirits saying good things about the food.

“This is splendid,” an old-timey voice said.

“Needs more eggs though,” said the elderly woman.

Yeah, it’s a great apple, Will thought out to the spirits.

“This kid knows what’s up,” a boy said.

Will chatted a bit to the spirits. It was actually quite fun in an “I hope I’m not actually losing my mind” kind of way. He had some great fun talking with the elderly women who told him about the time she helped in a war. He then talked to a man who rambled on about his old band in the 60’s that ‘went big.’

By the end, the spirits slowly started to disappear and the candles extinguished when one left until there was no one. Will mentally said goodbye as he started to get up and looked at the boy who held up a finger to his lips. Will nodded as he got the message. The boy got up, blew out the two candles they held on the way here and shoved the jars into his bag. He motioned for Will to follow him as he started going out of the cemetery.

Will followed him and after they got to the corner where this started, the boy started talking again.

“So, that was something, huh?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so.”

“I’m Nico. Didn’t introduce myself earlier. Apologies for that,” the boy said.

“Huh. I’m Will.”

“Yes, I know,” Nico said and continued to walk in silence.

“…..So, what was that entire thing about?” Will awkwardly asked.

“Oh, I’m a witch,” Nico said way too casually. “A death witch, if you wanna get technical. I just mainly work with spirits and such. Make sure they’re all right. I also worship some death deities like Hades.”


Nico laughed. “Takes you by surprise, doesn’t it.”

Will nodded. “Yeah.”

“Well, anyways, head home. Take a shower and make sure to rub all of the sigils off. I’m heading off.”

He started walking in the opposite direction and Will called out, “Wait! Will I ever see you again?”

Nico turned around. “Only when they need me.” Then he practically disappeared in the shadows.

Will was perturbed, but he walked home. He did what Nico said and took a shower and made sure to wash all of the sigils off his arms. Then he went to sleep, still wondering about that boy. Some of the weirdness about was answered, but like a hydra, every question answered it seemed two more appeared in its place.

Nevertheless, Will went to bed and the next morning he was almost ecstatic to go to school to see Nico again and ask all of his unanswered questions. Though when he got there, Nico’s seat was empty. And then the next day. And the next. He eventually asked the teacher what happened to him to which she responded:

“Who’s Nico?”

Confused, Will asked around some more and he received the same response. By the end of the school day, Will was convinced he made Nico up. Maybe he accidentally hit his head at his friend’s house. They were playing some intense soccer. Will shrugged it off as he entered his school bus to go home.

However, when the bus turned the corner, the same corner where Will saw Nico, there he was. There was the boy with the raven black hair, waving goodbye to Will. Will quickly tried to catch another glimpse of him before the bus could complete the turn, but to his dismay, Nico was already gone.

Defeated, Will sank back into his seat. He looked out the window and promised he’d find that mysterious boy, even if it meant he’d have to turn to witchcraft to find him.

Eyyy, look at that ending. So what did you guys think about it? Good? Bad? Weird? Want more? 

Oh, and fun fact: Did you know that most of the things on here are like actual witch stuff? Cool, right? Witches are cool.

Anyways, bye. See you guys later! Happy early Halloween!