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Dark Obsessions- A BTS Jungkook X Reader fanfic Part 3 of 4

Dark Obsessions

part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Note: Hiii everyone! I’ve finally posted part 3 and you may have noticed that i’ve put part 3 of 4. This is because  part 3 is too long and I had to cut it down into two parts, i’m really sorry for any confusion, initially I only wanted it to be 3 parts so yeah, four parts guys.

~Secondly I want to say a big BIG thank you to everyone who read, liked, reblogged, followed and gave me awesome feedback on my last post, it means so much to me that you stuck by this fanfic and I really didn’t expect such a positive response :) Thank you all so so much, ily all, I hope you enjoy part 3, i’m not too sure about it to be honest with you, it’s quite longer than I expected but anyways i’ll shut up now. Fighting!!!

~ Zinny

Dedicated to @hushhushkaneki @bts-sugatrash@timinaf@bae-m0n

Rated: M, read at your own risk

Genre: Rough-ish, angry smut, little bit of angst and fluff.

Word count: 10,770

One month later

Jimin was attacking you with his whisky coated lips resulting in a gasp of surprise from his bold action. You responded, your hands tightly fisting the collar of his t-shirt and roughly pulling him closer so he had no escape. Your mind grew misty with darkness and yet you continued kissing and biting his soft lips with the desperation to feel numb. Forget him, forget him. None of it made sense but you didn’t care because nothing really mattered to you at that moment. Forget him

20 minutes earlier.

The dark shadow passed silently through the cigarette smoke-filled house; eyes wandering around the crowd of strangers. Anxious. Searching. Uninterested glances from the older strangers were sent to your direction as you pushed your way through the pack of sweaty bodies and towards the stairs.

Desperate to escape the toxic fumes and the loud music, you only became more immersed in it as you moved up the staircase of Namjoon’s crowded house.

Why am I here again? Stumbling on the final step, smoke seeped through your burgundy red lips, engulfing your little black dress in its vile poison but you didn’t really care.

Your foolish heart had already been filled to the brim with poison long ago, consumed by the venomous and dirty obsession of one, dark eyed boy. It hadn’t recovered and it never would; he was permanently branded on every inch of your vulnerable body.

He made sure of that.

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How to be a happy fanfic writer

I’ve been writing fanfic for 6 years now, 2 ½ of those CS fanfic, and I still consider myself a mostly happy writer. Maybe it’s just my impression, but lately I’ve been seeing more and more complaints from fellow writers that they are frustrated, stressed, fight with their muse… and that’s not how it should be! A wodnerful thing like writing should make us happy, not exhaust us. Now we’re all different types of writers, and the way we write and perceive reactions (or non-reactions) of the readers depends very much from our respective personalities.

But I thought I’d share a few thoughts why I think I’m a (mostly) happy writer, and maybe some of you might find some of these thoughts helpful. Because I think we do well only what we love doing, not what we’re pressured - or pressure ourselves - to. (I’m putting it under the cut, so those of you interested can take a look, and the others don’t have so much to scroll past)

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anonymous asked:

Do you think DASHCON will be bigger next year

I think I’m gonna let it work out its kinks before I try to attend or run panels there again. So bigger or no, I think I’ve had my fill of DashCon for a couple years at least.

It was good for what it was, but I flew across the country to get broadsided (like everyone else was) with all the drama that befell the con.

The convention took place in a very large, and very nice convention center/hotel, and occupied the vast majority of the space therein. These claims of a single room, or empty vendor areas are exactly the following: Undeniably, irrefutably, simply, and solitarily not fucking true.I ran some of the most intimate, and close-in panels of the convention, and my rooms were usually rather filled up. Between the Stage Combat Demo and Q&A, A Zombie Panel, and my Period Dance Class, I had people who were not only vast in number, but incredibly attentive, highly engaged, and absolutely excited to be taking part. Like any con, if the panelists are good, the topic rich, and the mood light, the panel will follow suit. To cast aside all of the panels and panelists as useless is not only insulting, but full of naught but folly, ignorance, and deceit.

Now, regardless of fault, or stress, the way events transpired on Friday night was exceedingly awkward, and painfully poorly handled on both ends. Both the Hotel, and Convention management were accountable for the manner in which they conducted business with each other, and with their customers… It was the responsibility of both parties to conduct themselves with grace, professionalism, and a level of responsibility and forethought. That said, the vast majority of instances adhered completely to just that. Unfortunately, the few issues where both institutions slipped were so glaringly obvious, and wrought so much collateral damage on the emotions and trust of their paying customers, that here we are days after the actual occurrence of said issues, still trying to dispel rumors, and convince a largely misinformed, and horribly disenchanted fan-base that the parts not run by the con or the hotel as entities were actually, as far as myself and durnesque-esque could tell, highly successful, if managed by someone who knew what they were doing.

I can attest to the fact that the con staff themselves were remarkable people, and that the managers and owners were delightful as well. The hotel security were also all a bunch of nerds, and it was awesome. Any negativity generated was absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, entirely accidental. That does not, however, excuse the issues therein. With that in mind, the only issue in actual organization I saw, obvious drama aside, was where panels were run by people who either knew nothing of the topic they were to be handling, had an agenda that sat just to the side of the actual panel topic, but was just obnoxious enough to ruin it, were not the personalities you want to listen to for an hour, some amalgamation there-of, or simply never showed up. These were rare, from what I understand, and experienced.

In essence, the convention was a success, despite itself, but there was enough of a flood of ill-fortune, and poor handling in the space of a single night that it has become the monster of a shit-show that we are seeing online.

The vendor area was awesome, considering the small space they had to work with. The Panels I attended or ran were largely entertaining. The average con-goer, while, granted, was usually young, was also bright, brilliant, and full of excitement and wonder, as, for most of them, it was their first Con. The location was beautiful. The weather was perfect. The company was great, but I might be biased. The whole thing was honestly rather good.

It was just shifty enough with the few, though great issues it faced this year, that for myself, at least, it would not be likely that I would return for a bit without some major improvements in organization, care, and contingency. Neither of us have time or interest to place ourselves in the line of fire, by being lumped in with the culprits, whoever they may be, by no other means than some strange sort of social osmosis.

Aint nobody got time for that.

I encourage people who weren’t there to kindly, and gracefully calm right the fuck down, and cease with the blasting of anyone other than those who controlled the events (the hotel executive team, and the convention managers), and I would encourage you to, rather than blasting, challenge them to do better, and challenge what happened in intelligent discussion rather than blind, arrogant, ignorant, imbecilic noise. 

With that being stated, IF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO BE A TROLL (read: gutless, useless twat waffle), BE CAUTIOUS WHO YOU REBLOG. If you are dumb enough to make this decision, you might well be reblogging and commenting on someone’s post largely unconnected to the convention management, and get your ass verbally handed to you in front of tens of thousands of people. Should this occur, do not be upset when you are called on your shit. It should be expected. Your best bet is to not be that guy. Nobody likes that guy. Of course, there is plenty of reason to make light of the situation… there were blunders enough to laugh at. That’s fine, just make sure that you’re placing the teasing in the right place. Most of Tumblr is too timid to respond to direct attack. This is not universally the case, and all it takes to get blasted to the point of no longer wanting to be on here is to talk shit to that one person with a couple ten-thousand avid followers. We’ve all seen it happen. Be smart out there. I don’t want anyone getting hurt in all of this, deserved or no.

Anyway, that PSA aside, I suppose what I’m attempting to get across here is this: The con wasn’t the best, but it didn’t suck. There were lots of redeeming points, and, as durnesque-esque said in her post, “it was like walking through your dash,” and I think that was the goal. Fiasco(s) aside, it was fun, wonderful, and a brilliant display of what Tumblr’s diverse community can bring to the table. If it survives all of this, I would like to see actual tracks as opposed to just random panels, and be able to navigate the convention like I would the site… filtering the things that don’t interest me, flipping out over the things that do, and intermittently being introduced to new things via engagement with the people who share my interests. If this convention focused on the individuals as opposed to “Lets get together and have a party with some random topics…” which is what it felt like. I think it would have succeeded a great deal more thoroughly, and had a much more resounding response of happiness and excitement from those that attended, had it been more tightly held together… That takes time, a firm hand, truly dedicated organization, and budget, though, and I understand that completely.

As it stands, I hope it gets bigger. I hope it works itself out. Will it though? I haven’t the slightest. Time will tell. Whatever happens I got to spend a weekend wit my girl, and got this sweet shot of my New 52 Action Comics Superman Cosplay there, so at least there’s that. ^ ^

That’s my two-cents on the whole DashCon topic. I’ve said my peace. I’m leaving it alone from here.

Cheers, and much love!

December - 2013 Fic Recs

so this is long overdue and by that i mean i was supposed to post this approximately a month ago but as always, i completely forgot about it! 

but here it is - all the larry fics i read in december that i really enjoyed, a list to conclude the monthly fic recs i’ve been making for all of 2013!

i don’t think i’ll do this again this year because i seemed to always forget about it or leave it in my drafts or something dumb like that but i will probably write up some more irregular fic recs every once in a while.

anyways, recommendations for december 2013 under the cut! :)

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140409~140415 A Hottest's Trip to LA

Lol this took me a week to actually post, but at least I actually stuck with it! I usually write these things and never do anything with them. Sorry in advanced for how rambling this is. It’s a journal entry, NOT a fan account, so it’s going to be long. After this, I’ll get back to my regular reblogging. haha

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