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Not Possible | Jimin, You

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‘Cause I’ll love you over and over again

He had seen you around campus a lot before, and you would be lying if you said you hadn’t noticed him too. With his luscious brown hair, always styled into a middle parting, and his gorgeous eyes which seemed to always sparkle despite where he was. Not to mention his smile, one that could light up the whole world. When he smiled, his mouth would open wide to reveal his perfect teeth, his face would lift so much that his eyes would turn into bows, creasing like paper at the sides. It was a sight that made you believe in angels. No one was to blame if they did a double take on him.

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Some college AU voltron headcanons no one asked for

-Lance takes fucking gorgeous notes. He doodles on his papers to help him focus, but it’s all very controlled chaos. He highlights things and stays on top of the material.
-Lance is active in clubs, though never in leadership roles. He would rather be an active member of a lot of clubs than president of one.
-Lance works part time at the campus coffee shop for work study money. He works a crazy number of hours and is always exhausted.
-Lance is a bio major, specifically botany and his fav class is plant physiology.

-Keith will show up late to classes in the clothes he slept in but still manages to ace them.
-Keith is a college athlete. Fencing. The others make fun of him for it.
-Keith and Lance are roommates in sophomore year by just pure chance, and they don’t get along. While Lance’s notes and skin care routine and such are neat, he’s a very cluttered person. Keith doesn’t have a lot of personal stuff in his room so there’s no clutter, and Lance’s mess bothers him.
-Keith doesn’t like coffee but likes the smell so he’s glad Lance brews it in the mornings.
-Keith will sleep through 3 alarms and Lance throwing progressively heavier objects at him every day.
-Keith is a literature major.

-Shiro is an RA. The best RA. Not the same floor as Lance and Keith’s room, but the same building, and they’re friends through Keith’s fencing class.
-Shiro is also an athlete (track? Basketball?) but also is on the chess team which is how he knows Pidge.
-Shiro has a bunch of weird scholarships and did weird things to get them.
-Shiro is an astrophysics major.

-Hunk has a secret hot plate in his room that Shiro confiscates every semester.
-Hunk always has an extra phone charger. Hunk is invaluable.
-Hunk works in the library part time, and the cafe Lance works at is in the library, so he gets coffee on his break just to go talk to Lance.
-Hunk and Lance were freshman roommates and became best buds really fast.
-Hunk is an engineering major.

-Pidge’s room is where everyone wants to hang out because she has all the coolest video game systems, games, and secret Pidge edits to games that make them like 1000x more violent.
-Pidge works in the Dean’s office as an assistant. She hates it. She also sees a lot of Lance because she ends up getting the Dean coffee a few times a day.
-Pidge is a computer science major obvi.
-Pidge 100% does the rubber duck debugging thing.
-Pidge sleeps almost as little as Lance but does not hide it nearly as well.

Bound ||| Sirius x Reader

Pairing: sirius x reader

(Y/s/c) your skin color (y/e/c) your eye color (y/h/c) your hair color

Warning: blood, bindings, kidnapping
Note: if you guys like it I’ll write a second part, let me know :)

She was gorgeous, that was the first thought that came to his head as he leant against the trunk of a tree. He watched the (y/s/c) girl laying in the grass  across the campus courtyard, a book in her hands and a smile on her lips. His friends talked loudly around him, their voices blurred out as his eyes raked down her body. Her legs were crossed at the ankle, a small pendant on her anklet catching the light. He trailed his eyes over her long legs, and up her back, stopping to admire how soft her (y/h/c) hair looked even from that distance. She let out a light laugh, the shake of her shoulders alerting him to the change. He smiled to himself, watching the utter happiness crossing her features. She was the one, that much he knew. He bid goodbye to his friends, quickly making his way over to the mystery girl.

“Hey there, I couldn’t help but notice you’re exceptionally beautiful, may I know your name?” He asked smoothly, his deep voice drawing her attention away from her book.

“I’m (Y/N), and that was very smooth, do I get the honor of knowing your name by chance?” She replied, smiling up at him and squinting at the sun shining from behind him. He let out a chuckle, extending his hand with a shake of his head.

“Sirius, Sirius Black.”

She looked back on the memory, trying to make sense of what had happened. What could’ve gone wrong. Why she was in this position now. It didn’t make sense, he had been so nice.

She shifted, her bindings scratching her wrists roughly with each movement. Her wrists were covered in dried blood from the past cuts, the marks reopening slightly. She winced, biting back tears at the stinging pain. She glanced around the empty cabin, searching for what felt like the millionth time for anything she could use to free herself. The door was  locked, and her hands bound but she knew she would find a way. She was optimistic, too optimistic in his opinion.

- flash back-

“(Y/N) (Y/N) (Y/N), when will you learn?” He had taunted the week before, his hands in his pockets and a smirk on his lips. “You’re never leaving here, not alive at least.”

“Why are you doing this?” She sobbed, watching him with fear in her eyes as he took a step towards her. “I thought you loved me!”

“Oh my sweet, sweet girl,” Sirius cooed, sinking down in front of her. “ I do love you, I just love this so much more.”

“You’re disgusting,” she had spat, her anger fighting her fear. He raised a hand, wiping the clear liquid from his face.

“It’s your own fault really when you think about it,” he sighed, getting to his feet. “If you hadn’t gotten in the way of me and dear Marlene we could have been happy, together forever. But no you just had to follow me, I’m sure you regret that now, wish I had been cheating don’t you? I was never going to show this life to you, you weren’t supposed to see me like this.”

He sighed deeply, looking out of the window and into the forest that stretched for miles. He smiled to himself, the soft sobs of his lover filling the air. “It’s a bit late for all that now though baby, you know the real me now, can’t risk you leaving me. I’ll be back sometime next week, everyone’s been stopping by often checking in on me, it’s rather hard to get away.”

“Wait! Please don’t leave me,” she had begged, tears streaming down her face as his hand reached the door knob.

“I’ve got some food and water in the car, I’ll bring it in,” he assured, giving her a soft smile before pulling the door open and leaving her in the cabin alone once more. He returned with a box full of cereals, a cluster of bananas, a jar of peanut butter, and a loaf of bread along with a case of twenty four waters before leaving and locking the door behind him.

-end of flash back-

She tilted her head to the side, rubbing her cheek against the rough fabric of her t-shirt. Her cheeks were stained red from where she had been crying, her eyes bloodshot. She let out a soft sigh, reaching forward and picking up a bottled water. It was difficult to twist it open with her hands bound, but after a few minutes of trying she was able to open it. With shaky hands she raised the bottle to her lips, closing her eyes in bliss as the cool liquid soothed her hoarse throat. When her thirst had been satisfied she reached for her last banana, pulling the stem apart with her teeth in an attempt to open it.

“Honey I’m home,” his deep voice rang from the room, causing her to jump and choke on the banana as she hadn’t heard the door open. Sirius let out a loud laugh, pretending to wipe away a tear, “scared you did I love?”

“Don’t call me that,” she snapped, her anger boiling in her veins once more. He tutted, shaking his head with each step as he approached her.

“And to think I was going to let you go out today,” he sighed, looking down at her with a false sympathy. She felt her breath catch in her throat as she tried to remember the feeling of the sun on her skin.

“I’m sorry Sirius, I didn’t mean, please let me go outside,” she begged, tears threatening to spill as she shook.

“I don’t see why not, but if you try to run I’m going to have to kill you Y/N and I don’t want to have to do that,” he warned, his voice dangerously serious.

“I won’t, I promise,”

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Cuddles || Peter Maximoff x Reader

A\N: Ah Peter Maximoff fluff after some loooong time. Here you are my lovelies.

Requested by @annie-stoch: “Can you do a drabble/one shot thing where the reader is chronically ill (like maybe chronic pain, fainting/dizzy issues, severe allergies, something like that) and like Peter Maximoff or Bucky Barnes or Scott Lang (thank you btw) comforts them in some way. I’ve been feeling really recently and I almost passed out and I just really want fluff. 💙💙”

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You were sprawled on the bed, wishing and hoping that everything would just go away. Your head was spinning and even looking up at the ceiling made you want to throw up.  You couldn’t move because whenever you tried, it hurt. It hurt so bad. It was like millions of tiny people were beating you up and down with metal bats and a screaming competition was being held inside your head. A tear escaped your eyes and you blinked to make it go away. Why couldn’t it all go away?

You heard the door creak open a little and you decided not to lift your head up to see who it was. You heard a slight whistle in the air and immediately knew who it was. It was Peter.

“Not feeling well, babe?” he asked, softly.

You shook your head. Without another word, you felt the bed dip as he crawled over to you and wrapped his arms around you. He pulled you close to him and you buried your face in his chest, taking in his scent. It comforted you a little, his presence.

“You know I’m not so good at the whole talking part,” he started as his hands weaved through your hair. “But I can try. I’ve seen you like this so many times and I am so amazed that you pull through it every time. That takes special strength ya know and you, you have it. So brave and so strong. Getting through every problem like a hot headed bull.”

You chuckled at this which caused Peter’s face to light up. “Well you’re a very gorgeous hot headed bull which I’ve fallen for pretty hard.”

“Quite literally you mean,” you murmured.  “You were running around the campus, which I know because I kept hearing this annoying whistle noise, but somehow you managed to trip yourself and fall at my feet. God, you were adorable.”

“Oh pfft, I had never seen anyone so pretty so of course I lost my concentration and fell. For you. I also ran into a wall once because I glimpsed at you.”

You smiled at that, “That’s why Professor X was so worried on that day. Gosh, you wonderful idiot.”

“I am wonderful. Also an idiot. But hey babe, I don’t plan on ever letting you go, so you know, you can always count on me and I’ll be there for you.”

“Thanks Peter, I needed that.”

“So what do you need me to do?”

“Just stay here with me for a little while.”

His arms  tightened around you as he held you close almost making everything bad go away.


Fleurmione magical college AU where Harry and Ron, mostly Ron, dare Hermione to check the “random” box for the roommate selection and suddenly Hermione Granger is rooming with the star, the creme de la creme, the starlight of magical!Cambridge, Fleur Delacour.

Its past Hogwarts so Hermione knows about her preference towards the fairer gender, although the coming out part was easy because her parents are always a little distant but accepting and Ron and Harry said they’ve had the inkling she “swayed that way” for some time now. The hardest part was sputtering past one French accented, English speaking gorgeous pompous blonde who just happens to be her roommate.

Harry’s gone and made himself a superstar at campus because he /accidentally/ caught the snitch in the first game of the year against their rivals so Hermione /has/ to accompany him to some parties he’s been invited to. And its just horrible and awful because everyone’s rooting for Harry and Fleur to kiss in spin the bottle but magic has its ways and the bottle slides right past Harry and points directly at Ron and stopping just a centimeter short of Hermione. Bloody fucking bottle.

So Hermione’s a little jealous that her first possible snog of the year would be taken by Ron until Ron is violently red and then green and puking /right/ on Fleur’s hundred galleon designer shirt just as the latter was leaning in. And thats the story of how Hermione Granger ended up in a cramped bathroom with one Fleur Delacour in nothing but some tight jeans.

ok but... a seventeen college au
  • joshua is that stereotypical hipster guy who isn’t actually a hipster but wears cute flannel shirts and jeans w/ holes in them everywhere and he does that thing you see in movies where he sits down in the shade of some big ass tree outside of his dorm hall and plays guitar and sometimes eats lunch with his friends just there on the grass. he does track and everyone loves him basically! he’s the guy you see at parties just chillin’ in the kitchen with some orange juice instead of vodka because he’s the designated driver and he’s actually the sweetest guy ever too like he lets ppl borrow his notes if they miss a class and is nice to everyone. writes songs with woozi sometimes. 
  • jeonghan is joshua’s roommate who always brings girls over to hang out except he’s not actually a player he just has a lot of female friends and joshua knows they are all practically in love with him but jeonghan is oblivious. everyone adores him and he works a part-time job at the starbucks on campus like he gets good tips and saves a lil back for ramen and a new car. everyone at the salon knows him and are envious of his gorgeous locks - the beauty department keeps begging him to join and let them style his hair sometimes

(the rest will be under a read more because this got lengthy) 

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Fic Rec: Olicity Fanfics - The List - PART 2

To maintain a certain level of sanity, I’ve decided, like 5 seconds ago, to stop my original fic rec list at 50. So say hello to Part 2 :D Once this part reaches 50 a Part 3 will be up and so on to infinity and beyond. I am subscribed to so many fics (and respective authors) that some of them, alas, get lost in the madness of my MacBook. So, without further ado, I present you the 4 fics that didn’t make it to Part 1 but have the honor to launch this one. 

[Part One is here if you are new to this thing] 

1) Cross Your Heart by jemmaniac High School AU. Oliver Queen, football athlete, has to pass all his midterms exams or he’ll be permanently off the team. Principal Steel has the perfect tutor: Felicity Smoak. 

2) After Hours  by befitandchase BDSM AU.  Felicity Smoak is crushed by the debts of her student loans from MIT, so being a QC’s IT specialist is not her only job. As the Author points out, this is an OLICITY story but it starts out as a Smoaking Canarrow thing (but the term in this case is not 100% appropriate). Oh and currently, there is a mystery going on and every monday I sit and pull my hair because I need to know. If you like the genre, check this out. 

3) Timeless by mogirl97 Time Travel AU. This is a “funny” light one, for me at least :) Based on the River of Time books, sisters Felicity and Thea are accidentally transported back in time to 14th century Italy.

4) Unflinching by cityofolicity Bratva AU. Felicity and Oliver went to High School together; she tutored him. Seven years later they see each other again in not so pleasant circumstances. 

5) The Phoenix  & Free Fall by supersillyanddorky06. AAHH. Put these two together because I found them today and promptly inhaled them. The first one is a Bratva AU and the other one a Soulmate AU that loosely follows Season 1. In “The Phoenix”, Felicity is the daughter of a Bratva Captain and she falls in love with the broody Oliver Queen, a Bratva member. Then he breaks her heart. Three years later, a marriage between the two is arranged and she’s not down with it; Oliver though, always gets what he wants. In “Free Fall”, Felicity never believed in the soulmate thingie but she has to reconsider when she meets a mysterious man in green leathers..and a hot billionaire playboy.  

6) Darkness And Smoak by SomberClown. Shall I call this Bratva AU? Yes I shall *wink*.  [copy/paste the summary because today I’m too lazy to use my words] Working to pay off her mother’s debts, Felicity Smoak takes a job moonlighting as a dealer at an underground casino run by none other than Bratva captain Oliver Queen. It was supposed to be temporary, a way to get quick cash. She sure wasn’t supposed to fall for him. But then again, darkness has always haunted her. Looooooove this. 

–> Phew, it’s been a while! Here you go! <–

7) The Legacy Series by ash818 Next-Gen. ficSet in 2039 and then 2-3 years later, Legacy tells the story of Jonathan Queen, firstborn of Oliver and Felicity, and the event that lead him to discover his parents’ “other life” and subsequently put on the Arrow suit himself. You know, this series surprised me. It’s not Olicity Olicity, they’re not the main focus of the story but..I loved it. Tears were shed here and there. Did I mention it is written in the 1st person, Jon POV? Oh you’ll love him :P

8) Can’t Escape This Now by callistawolf​ Mob AU. Not Bratva! Don’t get confused! In this story, Oliver returns home after a year - I think - of exile in Russia, and discovers that his mother is basically planning his marriage to a docile young woman, and of course he takes the news badly..but then he meets her. 

9) It Runs In The Family by dettiot  Arrow/Iron Man crossover AU. And the funny thing is, I don’t even like Iron Man (my ex tried to show me the light but…no) *hides*. But this I had to read. Felicity Stark, daughter of Tony and Pepper, vice-president of a brand new division of Stark Industries, moves to Starling City to run the company and crosses paths with a masked vigilante in green leather, because of course someone is after her and her brand new processor… 

10) I Don’t Need No Cure by edanyeros The Paramedic AU you didn’t know you wanted. Ok, so, we all know that ogling someone comes with a price. Felicity meets Oliver the fireman and sparks fly. Obviously not everything is perfect. I’ll be honest *constructive criticism alert*. At least I think it is a criticism…or just my opinion. I, personally, found the last chapter a bit confusing and..a bit rushed. But I loved the story anyways, that’s why I’m putting it in here. *wink wink*  

11) My Friends Won’t Love Me Like You Do by smoakingbillionaires​  & amellthirst  THIS ONE. This one is my favorite College AU like..EVER. *fangirls*  Felicity moves to the East Coast to begin her first year of college. What happens when playboy Oliver Queen asks for her help to not lose his baseball scholarship, and the two of them begin a friends with benefits relationship? I am obsessed with this fic…and it is currently on undefined hiatus, but I’ll live! 

12) Safe and Sound by pangirl-fangirl Bratva AU *wide grin*. After a tragedy, Donna Smoak sends her daughter Felicity, to live with the notorious Bratva captain Oliver Queen. Danger is around the corner and mysteries need to be solved. 

13) Sportsmanlike Conduct by mogirl97 College AU. Felicity Smoak plans to stay two years at Starling University and then transfer to MIT to finish her master in cyber security and computer sciences. One night, her roommate Iris drags her to a hockey game and …

14) The Bratva Olicity Series by lala123. Bratva AU. Felicity and her mother are on the run from her father. Oliver Queen will lose his Bratva status if he’s not married by the age of 28. They agree to marry in order to benefit one another. 

Oh can I add that I basically read EVERYTHING by dust2dust34, supersillyanddorky06 & hopedreamlovepray? Yes I can. Some of their works are listed here or on Part 1. If I strongly recommend a single fic, I’ll include it here anyway.  

15) Model Behavior by befitandchase Just a quick 2-chapter College AU that I probaby enjoyed far too much *evil grin*. Felicity’s an art student and for her final sculpting project, she has to create something using a non-clay medium. The course’s teacher is a bitch, so what better way to troll her than to make a dildo with the help of the gorgeous man who models at the campus? Safe to say that chapter 2 is a total smut fest ;)

16) Fool Me Twice  by darlinginmyway. Hospital AU. You know…there is a reason why it’s 10.00 pm and I’m only online now. This fic is why. I found it earlier and I just had to binge-read it. I didn’t want to step away from the laptop, the chapters are massive and so satisfying to read. Of course tears were shed here and there..I suggest reading this one with your fave cookies in your proximity. What can you do when your first love comes back into your life after fifteen years apart? Or, Felicity is the best PT in Starling General Hospital, and she is assigned to help football player Oliver Queen to recover from ACL reconstruction. To do so, she’ll have to move in with him for 6 months. What will happen?   

17) What Happened In Vegas… by juleswritesallwrongs Oh this is a pretty pretty Season 1 Rewrite, almost 5000 kudos on AO3…and it deserves every single one of them. This fic is one of those evil things who make you cry even if you don’t want to; Jules took my heart and squeezed it. Be sure to have your Kleenex near you! So, in this fic, Oliver and Felicity met in Vegas and have a drunk wedding…and wedding night. The thing is, Oliver disappeared during the “accident” with the Queen’s Gambit, before the pair could annul the marriage. 5 years later, we found out Felicity is CEO of her own company and is known as the “Cool-hearted bitch Felicity Queen” - why? I hear you ask - … and then Oliver returns…

18) I Got Sinning On My Mind by Singing_Dreamer. This is *drum roll* A Bratva AU! You know..the problem with Bratva AU’s is that they are almost all about Felicity needing protection from something, so she goes/they send her to the cold Bratva Captain Oliver Queen. But I don’t effing care. I read them ALL, because every story has its twists and turns. In this story, Felicity is in Vegas when she meets Anatoly Knyazev and they form a friendly father-daughter bond. Some time later, while studying at MIT, she does something stupit and the Triad is after her. For hers and her mother’s safety, she agrees to do “jobs” for the Bratva, and Oliver Queen and John Diggle are sent there to protect her. The trio forms a strong friendship, but what happens when a few years later, Oliver and Felicity are told they have to marry each other?   

19) Layers by @writergirlwrites. Can I…? Sigh. I request the highest of fives for this fic. And more kudos on AO3. This is not your usual Bratva AU fic: women with agency, non-possesive Oliver - and it’s still glorious - mistery, romance..gah. Felicity Smoak is hiding a secret. One night, she returns home to find two murderous strangers in it. Running away, unable to let go of her shopping bag, she’ll find help in a blonde woman who will bring her in the world of the russian mafia..and in the house of the handsome Oliver Queen.  

prompt from the gorgeous waitingfordeancas x: College AU: punk!Cas, nerd!Dean

read it here on AO3

Dean strode down the hall towards his afternoon lecture. His progress down the bustling hallway was smooth and unhurried; the crowd of students parted automatically to let him pass, since Dean and his friendly gang of bespectacled geeks were a familiar sight on campus, and people generally tended to respect them – no one wanted to risk a repeat of the Dick Roman incident. Dean adjusted his glasses, smirking as Charlie punched him lightly on the shoulder, calling for his support on a serious Star Trek debate that had been dividing the nerd crew all day. He could hear Gilda and Garth loudly decrying the newer films, and normally he’d be backing Charlie to the nines – he loved the alternate universe thing – but not right now. On this part of his walk to class, Dean had to concentrate.

Right on time, a black-clad gang came into view at the other end of the hall. Piercings sparkled in their ears and eyebrows and noses; some of them had vibrantly-dyed hair, others had colourful ink swirling up their arms. Their leader was walking with purpose, carving a path for his crew by radiating an angry and vaguely intimidating vibe. The two groups of people rolled down the corridor towards each other like two tumbling waves, Dean’s nerds hollering and squabbling, the punk crew whooping and singing.

“Hello, Dean,” said their tall, tattooed leader once they were within earshot. Dean nodded casually in response.

“Hey, Cas,” he said, and then they were past each other.

“You two should really get a room,” Charlie said with a grin, receiving a nudge in the ribs from Gilda for her trouble. “What? He’s good-looking, almost as tall as you are, smart…”

“Smart,” Gilda snorted, “please. So he can paint, big deal. I’d like to see him conjugate a verb or list even three Star Trek episodes. Dean could do better. Right, Dean?”

“Hmm? Oh yeah, sure,” Dean replied with an easy smile, as they took their usual seats at the front of the lecture hall. “I’m not interested in Cas. Not my type.”

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This is part of a collab with @sketch-please, who i am completely honored to be working with. I wrote this from a prompt given by @deducing-nerds, and now Hanna is going to draw something for it! please enjoy, comments and criticisms are much appreciated. Read it on ao3

This was… odd for them. The gently shifting sunlight and warm, gentle breeze wasn’t out of place, Samwell was known for it’s extraordinarily beautiful campus and it was no surprise that it would be almost poetically gorgeous on an afternoon in late May, no, that was hardly the strange part. What was strange was that they were there, together, not fighting for once in their lives. It was a first date, and Derek was determined to make it as ‘chill’ as possible. No pressure, no fancy clothes or restaurants or high expectations: just them, together, together.

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fifty-shadesofgay  asked:

attic vs roaches? move to night vale and you don't have to choose! also like. instead of Jack\Carlos getting his hair cut, it's Shitty getting his flow chopped off and there's a literal funeral procession. Telly the barber flees Samwell in shame.

@fifty-shadesofgay You don’t have to worry about attics v. roaches anymore; at Samwell, attic man is actually 1000 roaches in a vaguely-human form. Schrodinger’s attic man. Also, he’s your new roommate!!! WELCOME TO SAMWELL!! 

Can you imagine Bitty’s horrified broadcast the day Shitty loses his flow? (because I can)

“Shitty, our resident omnipresent being (he’s There For You), was seen getting his beautiful, beautiful flow cut. He was having his gorgeous hair shorn! Cut! Cut short! So very short from his perfectly-shaped, infinite yet simultaneously singular head!

Listeners, I am not one to gossip even if it is a local boundless entity, but please explain to me why Shitty would strip away – decimate! – any part of his thick brown hair…

What treacherous barber should agree to such depravity? Who takes mere money, or even soulless joy, in depriving our small campus community of such a simple, but important, act as luridly admiring Shitty’s stunning flow?

Reports from two intrepid sources are that it was Wellie the Barber. Wellie, who likes sports and has posters of hockey pucks. Wellie the Barber seems to be the one who betrayed our community.

Wellie the Barber.

It is Wellie the Barber in between the Murder and Racist Stop & Shops, with the red and white spinning pole and the sign that says, ‘Wellie’s.’ Wellie the Barber cut Shitty’s beautiful hair. According to reports.


I Quite Like Flowers, and You - sourin fanfic

» It only just so happened that the flower shop was on the street that was a ten-minute walk from Rin’s university campus, and every now and then he would find himself taking the extra minutes during his morning jog, or when he went out to meet up with his friends or sister. It was really not on purpose.

[ In which Sousuke is a drop-dead gorgeous guy working in a flower shop, and Rin can’t get over himself. ]

ao3 link - sfw/flower shop au/

based off paradigmation’s florist!au sourin fanart. i couldn’t resist but it got way longer than i had originally planned.



It was impossible to iterate how gorgeous he was.

It was also impossible the number of times Rin found himself hanging around outside the flower shop, staring at said Mr. Gorgeous.

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anonymous asked:

I was walking through campus and it was the only day I remember when I felt like I had a right to exist in the world. There was a gorgeous boy walking in the opposite direction-- we locked eyes and smiled. 10 steps later, I looked back and he did the exact same thing! We locked eyes again as we walked apart. It's like we fell in love and parted ways forever all within the span 30 seconds. I still remember his face 9 years later and wonder what would have happened if we'd stopped to say hello.

“It’s like we fell in love and parted ways forever all within the span of 30 seconds." 

queerlyalex  asked:

okay listen what about frat bros sciles who are in different frats and ENEMIES, but they fall for each other romeo and juliet style?

It was all Lydia Martin’s fault.

Lydia Martin, who, in her freshman year pledged the college’s most downtrodden sorority. Lydia, who in her sophmore year whispered in the ear of the president until the front lawn was greener than ever, all the girls had perfect eyebrows and GPAs, and there was a line out the door for pledging. Lydia, who in her junior year was elected president, surprising no one who even vaguely knew her.

Lydia, who was now in her senior year, and announced at the kick off party for the year that the (now most popular and well managed) sorority was interested in forming a mutually beneficial collaborative alliance with one of two particular frats on campus. She stood on the stairway of the sorority house, towering in her heels and with a smirk directed at every frat guy in the house, and said, “So impress us.”

Scott and Stiles were in the opposing frats, both eager to come out on top. Stiles wanted to be part of the most successful frat on campus; now that would be something to write home to Dad about, and Scott wanted the same, wanted all his brothers to have the best possible senior year.

They didn’t notice each other at first in the ensuing competition for the sorority’s bid, but it quickly became apparent that they both had a certain flair for…impressing.

Stiles arranged bouquets to be delivered from each brother to a sister, personalised and coded with historic flower meanings. A few brothers got dates out of it, but it was too quickly followed up by Scott instituting a brother-buddy system where the brothers helped sisters studying book heavy subjects carry the weight of their giant brains. 

They volleyed back and forth, getting bigger and bigger with each attempt, and becoming more and more aware of each other. Which is why no one expected it all to blow up over something small; a sister in the library, rifling through her bag. 

“Shoot,” she rolled her eyes at herself, “Does anyone have a pen?” 

Two pens whipped through the air from opposite sides and the sister flinched back, looking between Scott, smiling earnestly and Stiles, whose eye was…twitching? 

“Dude. Not cool.”


“I got there first man, concede defeat okay? My pen reigns supreme, I - hey!” The sister took Scott’s pen with a shrug.

“I just need a pen. Sorry.” Stiles huffed, and in a mess of limbs and way too loud for the library, gathered up his stuff and practically stomped out. Scott followed him, putting a hand on his shoulder before Stiles whirled around, cheeks glowing.

“Don’t. You won this round Mr Sunshine, but you’re going down.” Stiles punctuated it with a jabbing finger. “Down McCall.”

Scott wasn’t going down, even though he wanted to. Like, bad. Stiles was captivating, like a firework. 

Or a bomb.

But unrequited attractions aside, Scott had a competition to win. Damned if he’d let a pair of amber eyes or a mouth from Renaissance art affect his brothers. They’re a family, and Scott would do anything for them.

So he did. He brought it hard.

On the front lawn of the sorority house; puppies. Balls of fluff, big paws and floppy ears spilling all over the grass as the sisters rolled around playing with them and cuddling them while brothers stood by wearing “ask me about -” shirts, with pictures of their assigned puppies on the front. Scott made the rounds, explaining the therapeutic benefits of spending time with animals, even talking it over with Lydia that -theoretically, if they were chosen- they’d love to do a charity project for the local rescue, like an adoption drive. She said nothing, but patted Scott’s chest before stooping down to pick up the tiniest dog Scott had ever seen and sweeping away, leaving him dazed.

Scott looked around, and raised his eyebrows as he caught sight of a familiar back; the broad shoulders a dead giveaway. He made his way over to Stiles, who was letting a big pawed golden lab puppy stumble around his lap and nip at his long fingers. Scott was about to speak when Stiles beat him to it, as per usual. 

“Puppies!” Stiles said incredulously to the puppy, scratching its ears. “He brought puppies! What kind of dick move is that, huh?” Scott wilted. Stiles hated him, and for a moment Scott wished they weren’t part of this competition, that he could have just met Stiles in class, or in one of the campus coffee shops, their eyes meeting over laptops and lattes. 

“I mean, being that gorgeous and good? How was I supposed to resist that shit?” What? Stiles leaned in close to the puppy, lifting it so only its back paws were on the grass, “He cares about all of this so much. And the other day he wore this henley, and it was so tight on his arms I thought I was gonna pass out. I bet he could hold me up when w-”

“I don’t think you’re meant to talk to puppies about stuff like that.” Scott said, blushing as Stiles yelped, spinning around and only just managing not to drop the pup. “Sensitive ears.”

Stiles pulled the puppy close to his face, “Couldn’t have told me he was behind me?” The puppy licked the upturn of Stiles’ nose, and he sighed, letting it go. The pup ran off to frolic among the sorority girls, and Scott plopped down on the grass next to Stiles. 

“Sorry,” Stiles said, picking the grass around him, shredding it compulsively. “I didn’t mean to get feelings all over you.” He narrowed his eyes, “You should wear a bell.” 

“I think you’re good too.” Scott said, taking a blade of grass from Stiles’ fingers, determined not to be sidetracked. “And the last time you wore your glasses I walked into a freshman.”

Stiles looked up, scanning Scott for a smirk, or a prank. He was met with soft smile and a warm feeling under his skin. “So, do you want to maybe g-”


They had their first date that night, and it was all Lydia Martin’s fault.

They sent her roses.


During our pre-service training, I somehow got the idea that my teaching experience would involve eager female students who craved friendship and meaningful connections.

When I was placed at a small vocational school for construction and engineering, my little bubble popped. My students were almost exclusively male, and really they couldn’t give two flying farts about English. Hanging out with their strange, gawky foreign teacher wasn’t really high on their list of priorities.

The one exception to this was the English majors–a group of 25 bright and quirky students taught by my husband. They became my surrogate students last year. There would be days when I felt like a complete failure, unable to connect with my students. I would pour all my energy into my lessons, only to receive dull responses from boys who’d been up all night in internet bars playing League of Legends. It was Jeff’s English majors who came to my parties, who attended our English corner. It was these kids who made me feel like I wasn’t the problem.

In May, the class will graduate. Many are moving on to other cities–Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, where they will translate or do HR work for construction companies. Many students have gotten positions in Africa, since Chinese companies are doing loads of construction work in places like Algeria and Tanzania.

Soon, their close group will scatter…but right now is a magical time when they are all filled with opportunity and dreams. Life is a gigantic possibility, and no limits have been set.

Last night we had a goodbye dinner for the class, since they will spend next semester interning at various locations away from campus. The students cooked up a storm, hammed it up for the camera and went crazy when I brought out my nail polish collection.

Youth is such a gorgeous, infectious thing. This beautiful group of girls have been an amazing part of my time in China, and I will always remember them.

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kc + you jog shirtless past my house every morning au

The first time it had happened she’d almost spilled hot tea all over herself. 

She wasn’t an early riser by nature. She was a student, it was almost a given that she was expected to sleep in as late as possible, only to suddenly realise that she had a lecture or a seminar to be at in 20 minutes time, and it took 15 to get from campus to her apartment. 

And it wasn’t her fault really, that the guy had chosen to jog past her house shirtless despite the ridicolousness of the English weather. 

He looked gorgeous from a distance. She had eyes, she could see the sandy blonde hair the way the muscles of his chest and abdomen tapered down deliciously into his footy shorts. 

He was cut. 

It only lasts for about thirty seconds, he’s there and gone before she can even blink. A part of her is even convinced it was all a mirage, designed to torture her with images of hot, sweaty blonde guys in the wake of her break up with Tyler and the drastic decision to move from America to London.

If she’s being honest with herself, maybe it had been a bit drastic. She’d been in her final year of physiotherapy studies and the curriculum over here was vastly different, not to mention that she’d have to find a placement so that she could actually graduate. 

Anyway, turns out it wasn’t a mirage, because she almost smacks into him the very next morning, when she’s on her way out to catch the bus. She actually doesn’t see him coming, but the clipped, accented tone telling her to ‘watch out’ has her spinning to see a very well muscled back slowly moving away from her, muscles rippling underneath surprisingly tanned skin. 

She cocks her head to the side, taking the moment to admire the view before shaking her head and beginning her progress towards the bus stop at the end of the street. 

She did not have time for mysterious, gorgeous, blonde men in her life. 


It’s two weeks before she sees her mysterious runner again, she’d been buried in her studies and concentrating on making friends, building a social life she’d never had in the first place. 

Kol Mikaelson was everything that she thought she’d never need. She would never cross that line and sleep with him, but it had taken all of ten minutes of them talking for the two of them to become fast friends. Kol was a flirt, but also incredibly intelligent with a wicked streak a mile long.  

He’d introduced her to a bunch of people, and she’d found herself welcomed into their usually tight knit bunch of friends. Things were looking up. 

It’s the strangled yell that draws her attention away from her textbook, causing a frown to crease her brows as she gets up slowly from the table, staring out the window. 

The low brick wall of her garden means that she can’t really see anything, in fact the only thing she can see is the top half of a set of sandy blonde curls. And then the guy struggles to his feet, and it confirms her suspicions. 

She watches him take two, limping steps before she’s darting towards the front door, yanking it open and clattering down the path. He’s some distance away by now (still shirtless) and she has to raise her voice to make herself heard. 


The guy turns, and her breath catches in her throat, because she knows who he is. Niklaus Mikaelson is instantly recognisable to any die hard footy fan in England. The captain, and very successful striker of a top English Premier League Team, his face was plastered across every Adidas ad that you could think of. Oh and if her suspicions were correct he was Kol’s older brother. Kol hadn’t brought it up in conversation, and she’d followed his lead and hadn’t mentioned it. 

“Can I help you?” The man, Klaus Mikaelson asks impatiently. 

She crosses her arms over her chest and stares at him. 

“No you probably can’t. But I can help you. Stop putting weight on that ankle.” She snaps suddenly as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. 

“It’s fine. I just took a stumble, I’ve had far worse.” He waves a hand dismissively, and she has to refrain from rolling her eyes because he is being such a boy about all this. Tyler was exactly the same whenever he took an injury on the football field. 

You’re not going to be well enough to play on the weekend if you try and walk on it.” She points out lightly. 

She sees the flicker of surprise cross his face but he says nothing, instead easing himself down to sit on her garden wall. 

“Yes and I suppose you’re qualified to do diagnose my injury?” He asks incredulously. She does roll her eyes this time as she crouches down in front of him, reaching for his running shoe. 

“Give me about six months and I will be actually. I’m studying physiotherapy. May I?” She asks politely as he nods.

She starts unlacing his shoe,noticing the expensive make and brand as she tugs it gently off his foot. He hides the wince of pain well as she peels his sock half off his foot and probes gently at the skin of his ankle, taking note of any sore spots or tenderness. 

“You’re American.” That accented voice interrupts her train of thoughts as she silently diagnoses him (minor strain, but he should be fine for the weekend), and she forces herself to look up at him. 

Her eyes drag slowly over his chest before meeting his, a crystalline blue that makes his face look kinder. 

“I am.” She confirms softly. 

“And what brings you across the pond then?” He asks curiously, like he genuinely cares and wants to know. 

“I needed a sea change.” Is all she says before getting up and dusting off her hands. She offers him her arm to put weight on as she helps him into a standing position. 

“What’s the prognosis Doc?” He asks a little playfully, causing her to glance at him in surprise. There’s a smile tugging at the corners of his lips and his eyes are kind as he gazes at her. 

“You should be fine for Saturday.” She replies, holding back her own smile. “It’s just a minor strain, but all the same I’d recommend getting a professional to take a look at it. I’m not qualified after all.” She remarks pointedly as he looks slightly ashamed. 

“I apologise sweetheart. I was understandably wary when you caught my attention.”

She waves him away as she helps him limp back onto the path. 

“Stay here and I’ll get my car. I usually catch the bus but I’ll make an exception for you today.”

“I’m honored.” He sweeps her a mock bow as she refrains from pushing at his chest. He’s infuriating and challenging in the best possible way. 

“Do you even own a shirt?” She asks, spinning back around to face him. She’s rewarded with his genuine laughter from him, a surprised expression painted across his features. 

“Plenty love. Now how about that lift?”

It’s Been A While - KBTBB Fanfic - Chapter 1

Pairing: Soryu X MC and Eisuke X MC (Love Triangle)
Drama, romance, angst maybe? I’m not sure yet
MC Name:
18+ for the whole thing, just to make sure cause there will be swearing and smutty stuff later on

Summary: Alice Daniels met Soryu and Eisuke when they were still in school, they made a friendship that was unbreakable, and still is to this day. But when she finally see’s them again, coming over to Japan to do some business deals for her boss, the bidders soon find out she’s taken on some trouble for a colleague, some trouble that is threatening her life. Will they be able to help? Or will Alice be too stubborn to let them in?

Hey guys, welcome to my new lengthy fanfic :D it’s from the app Kissed By The Baddest Bidder, obviously. It’s like my SCM, it’s going to have a lot of similarities to the app but I’m putting in my own ideas too. The first few chapters is Alice, Eisuke and Soryu at school, just like in the Childhood Promise Substory. Since it was set in England at that time, and I’m from England, I’m in my prime. Alice is in what’s Year 7 over here, she’s 11/12 years old. Soryu is in Year 8, he’s 12/13 years old and Eisuke is in Year 9, he’s 13/14, just to give you an idea of age ranges :D haha anyway, hope you guys enjoy.

I’m tagging ikkybaby naturally and julia-greenietea cause they liked my SCM fic :) but I’m also tagging kittycricket (best friend) she has her own Voltage fic right now, go check it out here it’s awesome, also tagging icedragonsprincess cause KBTBB fan and awesome person :P also yamyyams again awesome person :) if anyone doesn’t wanna be tagged just say and I’ll stop, but I think, and hope, you guys like this fic :) ENJOY

The bus trip wasn’t especially long, I mean an hour was nothing really, but with the whole lack of interest in this stupid week-long event my school held every term with the all-boys school they were partnered with was making the 1 hour long ride seem to last forever. Even reading a book wasn’t helping to pass the time.

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