that part made me cry

remember when cosette said she was leaving to england and marius was like “what. what the. no. no you’re not.” and cosette was like “well!!! just come with us” and marius just “what is wrong with you. what are you talking about. i’ve been wearing the same pair of pants every day for two months. do you really expect me to be able to go to england.” and then he slammed his head against a tree and stood that way for two hours while cosette cried


We put the good in the good in the good life
We put the bad in the past, now we alright.

I’m sure someone’s made mention of this already, but can I just say one of the most powerful moments of GotG2 for me was Gamora’s line about “little girls across the galaxy that are in danger.”

Just … in superhero movies (other than Wonder Woman) female children aren’t showcased or mentioned. There was some tumblr post a while ago that pointed out how in Marvel movies we have young boys noticing Captain America or baby!Parker getting to fight alongside Ironman, but never do we get a girl doing those things. Boys get a chance to feel like a part of the Marvel universe, but never girls. 

And now they’re mentioned, and not just as a casual insertion. It’s not a simple camaraderie moment that will make a kid want to jump around and fight imaginary foes alongside their heroes. 

It’s an empowering moment. 

It’s acknowledging that girls are in danger, that they’re being abused and cruelly targeted. That line will resonate with any child who’s felt like they have nowhere else to turn. Their pain and helplessness has been given a voice, and they will no longer feel alone. Nebula and Gamora are women they can identify with. 

(Plus, the sisters represent both ends of the spectrum in how girls can react to the abuse they’ve suffered, so it’s not a matter of tokenism. No one has to feel like their abuse isn’t valid because they don’t act a certain way)

More importantly, it can give these girls hope or a sense of strength. They can tell themselves that Nebula or Gamora care about them. They can dream about being saved by the sisters if they wish, because their abusers wouldn’t stand a chance. Nebula and Gamora’s strength and power can also be something young girls can aspire to. 

It’s just … that line and the entire arc of those sisters really spoke to me. Thank you James Gunn, for finally giving young girls a voice in Marvel movies. 

Let’s start it off with the one and only, the canon pairing of a sad sk8er boi and his tiny baker: Jack Zimmerman/Eric “Bitty” Bittle!

Ice Crew Please!

THE FIC THAT CHANGED E V E R Y T H I N G u don’t even KNOW oh my god

u read this and u r like: “ice crew au…?? wut” but U GUYS. READ IT.

I AM. BEGGING U. its so fucking funny but also so fucking meaningful and abt CREATING A Fa mILY !!!! and LoVe!!!! and frieNDShIP!!!

p.s i don’t want to spoil it but if u read it message me and ill talk to u abt the part that made me cry like actual tears bc thank god for friendships and acknowledging that shit is hard

the messes of men

this was… in it’s own way.. a hard fic to read (which makes it the best fic to read! pain! i love it! help me!) it’s very very very beautifully written and i hold it very close to my heart….how it portrays jack by himself and how hard it must’ve been…it also manages to weave in how mental illness plays its own role, even once you get together with the person you’re pretty sure is it for you. somewhat painful but cathartic and achingly tender.

until it got the best of you

umm bitty has a big dick. that’s it.

BUT then there’s feelings! and angst! and misunderstanding! (the best type too! u know when one is like so crazily in love with the other and thinks its shockingly obvious but surprise, it’s not!) it’s just fantastic!

i never saw the signs

imagine a world where jack jumping over the snowbank, bringing bitty coffee, going on long walks classifies (in jack’s mind) as dating. so when bitty gets asked out, jack cannot believe the b e t r ay a l! we’re dating bitty! just read this and be happy :)

left the city, my family, my precinct

oh my goodness this fic.

jack accidentally sends bittle a dick pick.

:0  ;)  <3 ___ <3 = summary of the fic

mixing it up

this is just….so cute?!??!?! and funny?!??! and 1!!!!!

bitty is contestant at a baking tournament for the falconers where jack and tater are the judges. at least, thats where it starts off.

tater is fucking hILARIOUS this fic in general made me laugh a lot.


if u about that dom/sub life well…….just know that eric pins jacks hands to the bed and there’s v intense blushing that boi turns red like a tomato and i live 4 it.

eric is a tad too southern for me but it’s the only thing this fic doesn’t do perfectly :))))

something like this

considering how popular this fic is it actually sat open in a tab for a looong loooooong time just bc…well… it’s 285,748 words. im an all or nothing girl as in i once read the entire maze runner trilogy in one night so i had to find the right time

first of all: angst. second of all: angst. third of all: ….. u guessed it… angst. BUT don’t worry, for every drop of angst there’s a metro-fucking-ton of smut and sweetness :)))) ;))) what this fic does brilliantly is create an OMC that is at the forefront of the story and do it seamlessly. this is a pretty iconic fic and tbh im definitely not one for fics longer than 100k but this was a fuckin’ beaut man

rake the springtime across your sheets

oh god this was P A I N F U L but in a very beautiful way??? (that’s how u know the writing was siCK) ambiguously happy ending but tbh in the end this fic is really just abt the unspoken quiet truth of being in love, of loving, of being human just lke Fffffffuck me up

Phone, Please!

listen. i’m not a fluff person. idk i get bored. BUT. BUUUUUT. BUT. this fic.

AMAZING. this fic is all about the details and the little moments that make Bitty and Jack  ~*BittyandJack*~

Bonus favorite line: “Thank god there are pancakes to serve. Pancakes are also very nice, and something he can actually have.”

Winter Clothes

Chowder POV so this is both hiLARIOUS and surprisingly touching. Jack and Bitty help Chowder buy clothes for New England winter. As a person living in New England, I approve this message.

WIPS: *Hate That I Love You plays in the background*

medic, please!

so if u ever played world of warcraft u r gonna love it and if you’ve never played world of warcraft u r gonna love it

this fic is just SO CREATIVE?!?!! like the format of it is B O M B. its just. so good. oh ym god.

(also the name is “medic please!” get it? cuz eric’s a medic in the game.? and check..PLEASE! ugh I’m a nerd 4 this pic

Fainting Psychics and Pessimistic Demonologists

ghostbusters au except not bc copyright

at first i was like…ghost hunters au?? rlly? but now I’m like GHOST HUNTERS AU? B R I L L I A N T.

characters are on point, its funny (an actual line of the fic “Jack sat down at his computer, pulled open a tab, and googled “How to encourage a teammate”. lmao what a mess)

but also theres some mystery and intrigue and suspense and in general this is a Good.

baking is punk as fuck

this is another AU that i was like…punk band u ….rlly? but then i was like PUNK BAND AU FUCK YEAH im a sucker for asshole Jack. i’m not even into punk?? but im into this fic U ___ U

This Don’t Even Feel Like Falling

filed under “praise kink mmmm”

honestly? porn..? “Bitty is the one to tie Jack’s hands for Hazeapalooza; afterward, he ties Jack’s hands for their own private enjoyment. “ like?? I’m not sorry.

but also not established relationship more like fwb but u know and i know and ngozi knows that ain’t the game we’re playing here

around the green and blue

not usually a big fan of soulmate aus but what i love about this fic is the pacing and even tho soulmate aus where seeing your soulmate = seeing color for the first time isn’t totally new this felt super fresh and original!

shine for you

aw MAN this gave me the feeeeeels. established relationship but jack is not out, it’s a bit angsty but the jack perspective is just so gooood

EXTRA: It all started with a big Russian hockey player calling a small cat-loving hockey player a rat. You either h8 it or u luv it. In my case, I Love it, capital L, so enjoy: Alexei “Tater” Mashkov/Kent Parson

careful the tale you tell

Kent has been telling himself a story, ever since the Q. It’s the epic story of Parse and Zimms, and he’s in love with it. // this fic is specifically meant for patater newbies and this fic does an amazing job of showing why kent and alexei just make sense. its honestly a Blessing.

kick on the starter

lmao im gonna be 90 years old and still reccing Febricant’s fics…for real when i saw they wrote patater i was like… dreaMing…or im dead? is . is heaven?? rlly unique approach to how she gets them together and gr8 build up :)))) Bless Febricant

i need to wake up, i need me some love…

honestly? shameless fluff. established relationship (they’re ENGAGED FOR GOD’S SAKE) short but Good


“What’s that thing Samuel Beckett said?”

“I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”

“Let’s go on. Together.


the get down
☞  1.01 where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure 
↳ ‘large and in charge

Loki Imagine - Long Time, No See

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/This is just based on my dream which could also fit a book.. Anyway, here goes..

Your P.O.V.

Something must have been extremely wrong. I was having a completely normal day here at home, more importantly on earth. Everything had slowly become better and I found myself happy. But then I was taken by surprise. The Bifrost opened to me. I was surrounded by lights and my heart jumped to my throat. I screamed as I was taken away from my home.

My entire body was trembling once I landed on my knees. I was afraid and I felt sick because it happened with no warning. Slowly, I looked up and saw Heimdall. His golden eyes were directed to me yet I couldn’t read his expression. It had been a few years since I saw him the last time. So many questions ran through my mind. Was Loki alright?

‘‘Miss Y/N-’‘ Heimdall began but I was furious. ‘‘Do you think it’s okay to do that with no warning?’‘ I screamed at him, then realizing I was in Asgard. I turned around and saw stars everywhere. The sight was overwhelming. Damn, I was just a human. This was really mind-blowing.

‘‘I’m sorry. I had to get you here’‘ Heimdall sighed and then looked at the rainbow bridge until we both stared at Asgard’s beauty. I saw someone coming closer and a few seconds later a guard was there on a white horse. The guard wore a golden armor, which I remembered correctly. Still, none of my questions were answered. 

‘‘You should see King Loki, he’s not himself-’‘ Heimdall tried to speak to me again but I was taken off my feet. I stared at him in shock. ‘‘King Loki?’‘I coughed out the words. Heimdall and the guard changed looks mysteriously. The last time I saw Loki, he was still my boyfriend, or lover, whatever you’d like to call it. He just vanished and I thought he was in jail. But no, he’s ruling this place now. This was all messing with my brain but the worst was yet to come. I would see him again. Just the thought made my heart beat harder against my chest and I felt nervous.

‘‘You should go’‘ Heimdall stated and then turned his back on me. Silently, the guard helped me on the horse and I let him take me to the castle. All the time as I was getting closer, I grew anxious. All my feelings I thought I had forgotten came back to me. I was scared to meet him. Did Loki still remember me? 

The guard led me behind big, golden doors. Before opening them, he actually spoke up. ‘’Be careful miss. He’s..not the man you once knew’’ The guard tried to warn me. His words were a little frightening but I couldn’t believe them. I just nodded and opened the doors. It was quite dramatic, actually.

The doors opened and it revealed a huge room. In the middle of it was the throne. I looked right at him. There he was. Loki Laufeyson was sitting on the throne on Asgard with two guards by his side. A shiver ran down my spine and I felt numb. Just a moment ago I was still home and now I was here, so close to the man who had my heart, no matter how much it hurt to admit. Heimdall wanted me here for a reason..

Loki looked at me quietly. His face was almost dull which pinched my heart a bit. He was wearing his golden head piece and a blue suit, instead of green which I was used to. In my eyes, he was still as handsome as ever. 

With a swift hand movement, Loki made the guards walk away. It gave me hope. We were in silence until we were left alone. I didn’t even care that I was trembling like I was freezing. 

He stood up and then walked down the few steps until he was on my level. Tears stung my eyes by now. This was happening. ‘’Loki’’ I breathed out his name. ‘’Long time, no see’’ He spoke carefully, his raspy yet elegant voice making my heart ache for him. The space between us was unnecessary so I walked closer.

Just as I was about to hug him, the unexpected happened. Loki pushed me away from him quite harshly, making me fly a few feet back and land on the ground. My elbows hit the floor and I winced in pain. Then I felt how fear crawled underneath my skin. I rolled onto my back so I saw Loki who just stared at me like nothing happened.

‘‘Tell Heimdall to send you back and never even look back at you’‘ Loki growled angrily. His pale fingers curled into fists and his knuckles turned white. He was frightening. My heart jumped to my throat and I got myself back on my feet. 

‘‘Loki, what’s going on? ‘‘ I ought to know, ignoring his demand. It clearly annoyed him but luckily, he didn’t hurt me. My elbows and my lower back hurt but for now, I’d ignore the pain. My heart ached more. For a second I thought I had him again but my hope got crushed. 

‘‘Everything’s quite impeccable, actually’‘ Loki let me know with a smile but I could see though him. His eyes were glossy and his smile was fake. I could tell although he tried his best to conceal it. There was a time where I knew Loki better than anyone else. I longed for those days.

‘‘You’re lying’‘ I gulped and then got a little closer to him, still keeping a distance if he’d try to push me away again. Loki clenched his jaw and stared at me coldly. It’s like the temperature in the room dropped and I felt small. Loki got closer to me again, not looking away for even a second. His steps echoed in here, which was the only sound for a moment. 

‘‘Loki please talk to me! Heimdall didn’t send here if everything would be alright’‘ I broke the silence because it felt bad. What I said made Loki laugh. ‘‘Of course he brought you here’‘ He sighed quietly. I hoped for him to continue but he didn’t. ‘‘So..something is g-going on, right?’‘ I stuttered and immediately regretted speaking. I hated to sound weak. Loki noticed it too.

‘‘You wouldn’t understand. Just go back to Midgard’‘ He told me more calmly. He was getting close to a point he’d melt. I could tell. I only had to push him closer to that, although it was risky. ‘‘Try me, Loki. We’ve spoken before so many times’‘ I reminded him of old times. It made him sigh and he sat back on the throne, resting his face against his hand.

‘‘Oh Y/N, you never learn..’‘ Loki murmured underneath his breath. Hearing my name leaving his lips sounded strange. It had been so long since the last time. As I stepped on the steps on the throne, I could almost swear I saw a tear threatening to escape his pretty eyes. 

I got down on my knees, kneeling for him. It caused him to look at me with confusion. At least I got his attention. ‘’Loki, king Loki, please talk to me. I’m still Y/N, the woman you once knew. It has been a long time but does that really matter?’’ I asked him as steadily as I could, ignoring my fear. I was so overwhelmed that it was almost dangerous.

Even if Heimdall would’ve given me time to prepare for this, I’d still be helpless. Loki noticed that I was too on the brink of tears. I knew how much it used to hurt him. He groaned and then took a deep breath. Before he could say anything, I crawled closer to him and rested my head on his knee. I tried to relax but my entire body was tense.

‘‘Talk to me, Loki’‘ I whispered and let my tears silently roll down the bridge of my nose and then my jaw. It surprised me when he put his hand on my face, wiping my tears away. It didn’t seem to bother him that I was resting against his leg. I didn’t want to go away either. 

‘‘I tried to keep you out of this but it seems like I can’t’‘ He started quietly and then whispered the rest. Something was truly off and it was obvious it affected Loki a lot. I nodded, not daring to speak because I wanted him to keep going. I was here again and we could discuss everything else later, including what happened to us and Asgard.

‘‘And I’m sure that I can’t make you leave now since we’re already here’‘ He added with a soft chuckle. Then he played with my H/C hair and looked into my eyes. ‘‘It all began just before I..I left you on Midgard’‘ Loki finally let me in and opened up about whatever was so bad it made Heimdall reach out for me. I would damn surely listen to every word carefully.

‘‘I know I told you that nothing bad would happen in New York. I only told you that so you would stay home and far away probably know what happened there..For four years now I thought I could keep you safe from her, keep you distant from Asgard and all this craziness. Oh how wrong I was’‘ Loki started explaining things which tied some loose ends. A million questions ran through my mind but I didn’t interrupt him. Loki didn’t open up to people, but once he did, it was special.

‘‘Heimdall got a message a couple days ago. Who knows what kind of bizarre things he was told but it included you, Y/N. I didn’t want to believe it but I must accept it. You’re in danger’‘ Loki told me seriously. My eyes widened from fear and my breath hitched in my throat.

‘‘W-what do you mean?’‘ I whimpered quietly. If it affected Loki, it was obviously bad. He clenched his jaw again and looked away from my frightened expression. It’s almost like he had tried to forget me but he couldn’t deny his feelings. Maybe it would be easier if we wouldn’t have ever met? 

‘‘It’s a very long story, my dear’‘ Loki said softly. Silence fell into the room and we were both quiet. I didn’t mind. We were both stunned by all kinds of feelings and honestly, I was scared to find out the rest of his story.

why is life made only for to end?

why do I do all this waiting, then?