that part bothered me so much as a kid

one thing that rly bothers me about the naruto ending (besides all the other obv things) is that sasuke and kakashi never have a moment to just like… talk. the last real conversation they have is when sasuke is trying to kill him/the rest of team 7 and it rly bothers me!!!! sasuke and kakashi had this rly great relationship in part 1, kakashi saw so much of himself in sasuke, this broken, lonely, bitter kid reminded him so badly of who he used to be and he tried so hard to teach him the value of friends/comrades. to save him from slipping into the same darkness he himself nearly had. team 7 saved kakashi, the loss of sasuke devasted him, and when he’s finally back and feels remorse for everything he’s done that went against kakashi’s teachings they don’t even get a moment????? I JUST NEED CLOSURE IDK

Oh no...I REALLY should watch what I say around young children.

I started my first full time job after college only a few months ago, but I have noticed a disturbing trend in an office full of mid-career adults, many of whom have children. There is a large room in the center of the floor I work on dedicated to social events and breaks. It comes equipped with 2 vending machines, a water/ice dispenser, industrial size coffee machines, a fridge, a sink, and cabinets filled with coffee, tea, and…eating utensils.

You can probably see where I’m going. I noticed a huge pile building up of cups, forks, spoons, and other assorted silverware once before and gave people the benefit of the doubt. I cleaned everything. People passed by asked if it was “my turn” to do dishes. I made sure to explain that it wasn’t. I was doing it to have a clean break space, but people should be doing their own dishes. It is not my job, and it is not the cleaning crew’s job (I asked). They thanked me, and I hoped this would clue in people to clean up after themselves. How naive am I?

We were on day 23 since the pile started to reappear. There hadn’t been any clean utensils in the cupboards for almost a week. There is no end in sight. I refuse to clean it again, and I mentioned to my teammates how much it bothers me. Partially because these are adults who are making the mess and partially because…that’s gross. One teammate just looked at me unsympathetically and said “Well, if the mess bothers you so much, why don’t you just clean it up?” The rage I felt just came back as I typed that out. I just did not respond and turned back to my computer.

My opportunity to retaliate came a few days later. In comes his wife, she is toting their 3 elementary-age children behind her. They some times come in to get him, so they can all have lunch together. The wife was saying that the children weren’t cleaning up after themselves, and how they couldn’t go to the pool until it was done. They pouted and said that they didn’t want to do it. My coworker said that they need to be responsible and clean up after themselves because they made the mess. That it was “just a part of growing up”. I swiveled around, smiled, and said “Well, if the mess bothers you so much, why don’t you just clean it up?”

My coworker’s face fell, and after a moment of silence, the kids started to echo me. Though my coworker attempted to rebuttal, it was too late. The damage was done. As my coworker shot me a dirty look, I decided to go out to lunch. Seemed fitting not to have to do dishes that day.

- musicals that were sung from tonight at the In The Heights rehearsal: Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, Little Shop of Horrors, Dog Fight, Rent, Legally Blonde, West Side Story, Cabaret, Les Mis, Fiddler on the Roof, 21 Chump Street, Chicago, Shrek, Cats,

- musicals that were not sung from tonight at the In The Heights rehearsal: In The Heights

- Oh God so for like the first 40 minutes Tom was trying to get the lights set properly so he had me turning the house dark and shit except for one light at a time to make sure the positioning was right. During this entire thing, the pianist played the ‘halloween’ theme music

- “some mics just don’t fucking have batteries in them I’m not sure which ones and honestly I just don’t care”

- apparently half the cast is afraid of Tom because he yells when he does mic checks lmao

- Tom, high pitched, confused and fake emotional voice “I’m not yelling I’m just projecting-”

- Nina’s Dad™ went up on the fire escape to practice his ‘atencion’ song and he’s like “What if instead I just did Javert’s suicide. Like what the fuck could you guys do to stop me”

- “I’m getting great reactions!!!! …From some people.”

- The piano’s speaker lowkey stopped working for like 5 minutes and the whole time Tom was just staring at the soundboard saying “interesting” in the most forced casual voice

- “This is definitely a three or four coffees kind of day”


- During his two solos he’s like??? A normal person??? But any group song he has lines in he’s SCREAMING. Holy shit we literally just had to turn his mic off because he was gonna blow it out omfg

- Usnavi still is barely acting but on the bright side he’s getting better at his LMM impression

- Sonny KILLED it tonight I felt like a proud mom™  (bc he’s been kinda stumbling all week lol)

- During ‘Benny’s Dispatch’ the kid brought out the entire box instead of just the microphone and almost died as a result lmao

- The dancing is getting better!!! There are just some spots where it’s like, vaguely uncomfortable and doesn’t seem to fit in

- “Drew stop you can’t play Phantom of the Opera for the scene transition music”

- Could people like….know their cues for props and shit?

- “Guys that sounded INCREDIBLE! I’m BLOWN AWAY! I could really feel the emotion!”

- “Mrs. P that was the Broadway cast recording”

- “…oh.”

- Literally I think she’s now seriously considering just having the bway recording and have the kids sing along to it o m f g

- Much debate over whether or not they’re actually pronouncing some of the Spanish words correctly

- The act 2 opener ‘sunrise’ is just…a Problem

- Like it’s SO BAD

- Both Benny and Nina are great singers but it’s all over the place and the ensemble??? Isn’t doing their part half the time??? Fully wondering if they ever bothered to run that before

- “Yo, you paged me?” “I thought she fucking moved the year to 2017″

- Honestly say what you will but the best part of the entire show is Graffiti Pete appearing from an alley and just saying “Yo, buy my fucking t-shirt” to Usnavi lol

- Usnavi like,,,put on a different shirt for Act 2. why,

- The red one just feels the most #iconic™ you know??? And he hasn’t changed during the other rehearsals I Was Not On Board

- Act 1 is still….so fucking much better and well rehearsed than act 2

- Usnavi’s beard stayed in place today!!! Vanessa was safe!!! lol

- tomorrow is the Final Rehearsal™….paciencia y fe™

Cotton Eye Joe vs Noisy A-hole Neighbors.

(warning: long story)

Background: Growing up, I lived with my parents in a three bedroom condo unit on the second floor. There was only three condos in a unit so we had only one apartment above us and one below us. The unit is apart of a few blocks worth of condominiums and it’s like its own little community. All the neighbors know each other and were always around to offer a helping hand. It was an awesome quiet little nook filled with families in what was otherwise a very busy part of a large city. My parents still live there after 25 years since they bought the place when they first immigrated to America.

My parents are for the most part very friendly people, and had good relations with all our neighbors. Below us lived a nice Eastern European family and above us, a large Asian family who despite the sheer amount of people living there, we never heard a peep from them. They were all on friendly terms, but it was very much a situation of ‘I won’t bother you so don’t bother me.’ My entire childhood, there was never any bad blood between any of the neighbors and for the most part everyone just did their own thing and lent a helping hand once in awhile.

As a side note: my father worked in construction since he was a young kid, and building codes are essentially his bread and butter. Within the Department of Buildings and Fire Department in my state, he cultivated a reputation over the past 30 years as being one of the foremost experts in understanding building codes and spotting potential issues on any job site instantly. This is important to remember.

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So there's a lot of arguing about Joshaya happening in the fandom right now (yikes!). I always trust you to be unbiased so I was wondering if you would share your opinion on Joshaya?

Anon you are right, I have noticed that! 

I think that although it personally does not bother me that much, it’s understandable that it makes people uncomfortable. But my approach to the situation would be little different than a lot of others. I believe it’s more useful to examine why a character is the way they are and why they may do something, rather than  just bashing that character for their actions. Understanding a characters motivations is a big part of it for me.

When it comes to Josh, I think it’’s important to remember that Josh is not only the youngest of four kids, he is significantly younger than all of them, even Morgan. So you can assume, he was probably babied by Amy and Alan a little bit. Not to mention, let’s not  forget the boy almost died when he was first born- that’s got to have some serious effects on how your parent’s handle you and how much coddling they give out. 

It’s been mentioned multiple times by Josh that he is extremely aware of this age difference. They talk about it in Home for the Holidays and they talk about it in Ski Lodge 2. In HFTH, he vehnemently argues that “he gets his parent’s at their best” and in SL2, he talks about how closely he “watches all his older siblings”. I think seeing them grow up together, there’s definitely some envy there. He definitely probably wants everything that Cory has, I mean look at how hard pressed he is to be just like Shawn (or as “cool” as Shawn, as he puts it). 

But then think how it must have been for him growing up, especially feeling that way.  He was probably thrown in with Riley at a lot family functions because they are so close in age. So when all his siblings were at the grown up table, he’s stuck over at the kiddie table with Riley, Auggie and all their friends. Things like that have prominent effect on kids.  It’s extremely hard for a child to intellectually know they are at a “different stage in life” than their niece when the neice is only three years younger and they probably grew up playing together. Age, and life, is such a blurry thing. When someone is 7 and someone is 10, things don’t seem so different. But then when someone is 15 and someone is 18, they are supposed to be? Then once you hit 21 and 24 things are back to being the same again? It’s all very subjective and I’m sure confusing for Josh. That mixed with the stark age gap to his siblings, probably caused him to feel like much more of a peer, or a cousin to Riley, than an actual Uncle. The lines for Josh are particularly blurred due to his innate surroundings.

It really all boils down to a bunch of  mixed signals, which is why it’s not really surprising he has the ability to feel a connection to a younger girl. He is so desperate to come off mature and older to his family, but at the end of the day, he still feels like “one of the kids.” Not to mention, Maya is pretty much the opposite of Josh, being forced to grow up and act a lot older than her age, so I think that’s kind of where Josh sees them “meeting in the middle.”

And regardless of all this, I still believe that Josh honestly likes Maya and she honestly likes him, and they are for genuine and good reasons. He sees what a wonderful person she is and wants that in his life, no matter what capacity that may be in. Friends for now, maybe more for later. And the best part about it is, that at the end of the day, Josh actually IS mature enough to tell Maya, to her face, how great he thinks she is. Halle-freaking-lujah that someone finally has, because that is exactly what that girl needs and deserves. Josh seems to “understand” her in a way that (canonically) Lucas really doesn’t, or at least doesn’t want to at this point (because he doesn’t want to go back to Texas Lucas) and that must be refreshing to Maya. 

Josh is meant to be a real, dynamic, human person. I think his personal circumstances should be considered as a valid reason for him acting the way he does, just like we do for any of the other characters who have made mistakes or struggled. 

That’s just me though. :)

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What's the grossest injury you've ever treated?

I don’t even know where to start. The blood and guts don’t really bother me so much, but the number of weird things I have seen shoves up people’s butts…

Anything from a bad car accident is usually pretty gruesome. I had a woman come in with part of the door of her car lodged through her stomach. Wear your seatbelts, kids.

Blind Date

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Words: 1111
Requested by Anonymous:  An Aaron x Reader please where she’s Will’s sister and JJ and Will set the two of them up on a blind date?

Originally posted by nevermindtheb0ll0cks

“JJ, are you sure about this?” you asked your sister-in-law, standing in front of the mirror in the guestroom at your brother’s house.

           JJ laughed, “Yes, I’m sure.”

           You looked at the black dress JJ had insisted you wear for the blind date she and Will were setting you up on, “Why do you think we’ll get along?” you asked. You had no idea what you were getting into and Will and JJ weren’t giving you much to go on.

           “You’re both hard headed and stubborn,” Will said, standing in the open doorway, laughing at his own teasing joke.

           You shot him a glare, “I just don’t want to make a fool of myself.”

           “You won’t,” JJ said.

           You sighed, “Okay. I think I’m ready.”

           “Aaron will be here in about five minutes,” Will said.

           You looked at yourself one more time in the mirror, “I can’t believe you two talked me into this.”

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Ugh the last five times i went to a hockey game I had to deal with overly drunk college dudes screaming out obscenities (in 2 of these games they got booted bc they were right behind families with young kids while they did this). I had to listen to someone who, for reasons beyond me was in a red wings jersey, scream that Mrs. Illitch was a whore during a moment of silence for Mike I. But yeah, it's toootally women in heels that are the problems at hockey games, they're the ones not being classy.

dang spill that tea anon!! but yeah, ur absolutely right. and honestly that part bothered me so much because im tall? and i was always told not to wear heels because of that? and then i started doing it anyways and it was a HUGE part of reclaiming myself so. that bothered me so much.

castiels-playdoll  asked:

I can't fucking understand how the otaurgles can keep insisting that shipping a minor with an adult is okay??? they're literally creating child porn and when someone points out that it's not okay, that it's ILLEGAL, they attack them?? I just fucking can't understand how people can be that fucking nasty. And attacking MINORS who say they're uncomfortable with the ship and trying to CONVINCE actual CHILDREN that a relationship between a kid and an adult is okay?? I'm actually throwing up rn

I DON’T KNOW!!!  Like… it bothers me so much, esp when they attack KIDS over this like…  Part of the reason I made this blog is so it can be a safe spot for minors in the fandom.  Like, when I was a kid in fandoms, adults made me think bad shit was okay and when I got older I was like “holy shit wtf” like… I really hate adults manipulating kids like that.  

like… sorry shippers but they met when Otabek was an adult and Yurio was a minor therefore its not okay bye!



First, let me say, if seeing fat on a person bothers you, makes you squeamish or fills you with the need to send anon hate, you need to keep scrolling now.

If you’re still with me:

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So I went in Twitter to check this #growingupblack that must have started while I was napping and I see this. Here’s the thing, there are some white people who raise their kids like everyone else but they are they exception. Multiple individuals of all color are on Twitter saying we all had the same experience growing up, which is just not the case. How you came up is a big part of your culture. White people generally don’t raise their kids the same as Black people and for a person to say oh it’s the same shit is bullshit. Like most of you motherfuckers don’t even get the amazing experience it is to have black parents. Especially a black mother. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes, but for there to be an individual that loves you so much that she would rather struggle with you then just not even bother to correct your shitty behavior. It speaks to me that my mother would rather be viewed as an asshole because she was trying to raise a functioning member of society than to be my friend. My mother told me often she didn’t give a fuck about that shit because it wasn’t her job to be my friend. Stop trying to reduce people’s experiences with this rainbow coalition shit. What makes humanity great is our ability to come together despite our differences. Stop treating the human experience as some homogenous bullshit that’s “all the same”.
I also love this if I did this it’d be racist shit… not really but ok. I especially like the tweets saying how growingupwhite entailed having both parents, or having a father, etc. Ya’ll tried it.

Hello Styles

Word Count: 2093

A/M: So this is the part 2 of my “enemies to lovers” story with the first part called “Hello Sweet Cheeks”.
Just saying you might wanna read that before you read this but up to you.


“Seriously? Is that all you have to say?" 

"What? I don’t know what else you want me to say. Everything about this sucks. How the hell are we gonna get out of here?!” You kicked the side wall, and tried to not freak out too much. 

“Well lucky for you sweet cheeks, I may have a way.” You cringed at the nickname and raised an eyebrow as you watched him. 

He took out his phone and quickly brought it up to his ear. 

“Hey. Yeah, man. Listen I’m kinda stuck in a situation here. Make it, stuck in an elevator with a friend.” You rolled your eyes upon hearing him call you his ‘friend’, “Yeah. Do you think you can help us get out of here somehow?… Great! And hey no rush. The class we’re in sucks so this gives us an excuse to not go.” He chuckled. 

“Excuse me, but I’d rather not stay in this elevator longer then I have to so get me out of here AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.” You yelled out. 

He turned his back to you, “Yeah, you heard that? Yeah, it’s them.” He started chuckling to which you looked at him through stern suspicious eyes. “Okay, yeah, just get us out of here.” And he hung up. 

“Who was that?” You asked.

He turned back to face you. “Friend of mine. He works as one of the maintenance people here.”


“What? Surprised I’m friends with someone that works here?" 

"No. Just surprised you’ve got friends." 

He gave you a look, "What’s with you today. Earlier you were being a little mean, and now. Really?" 

You scoffed, "Really Harry, you’re talking about me being mean? You’ve been mean to me since I’ve known you. Don’t call me out just because of one day. You stuck gum in my hair so bad when we were 7 that I had to get it cut out. Two years later you pulled my pants down in front of the entire class. And when we were 10 you spread that rumor that I peed my pants and no one would believe me when I said that it was apple juice because YOU were the one who said it. Even my so called friends laughed at me, and when I moved away and switched schools I was pretty happy. It’s just my unfortunate luck that of all people in the entire world for me to go to another school with, I end up stuck with you in almost all my classes." 

He looked down, a look of guilt flashing across his face that made you feel a little better. 

"I’m sorry. I didn’t realize- I didn’t even remember doing that. It was so long ago.”

“Yeah, well I haven’t. That kinda shit sticks with you.” You answered. “Whatever." 

And you sat down on the floor in your spot and laid back on your bag as you played with your phone.

Almost twenty minutes of solid silence had passed.

He made no attempts to sweet talk his way out of anything, which was quite refreshing to your ears, but also seemed very strange.

The more the idea played in your mind the more it began to bother you, and as your phone decided to randomly shut down on you, your annoyance level raised.

You looked over at Harry. He was sat in the same corner of the little room as he was before, his back against the wall, his legs spread out in front of him as he stared at the wall beside him looking emotionless.

You smirked, “Wow. Never thought I’d see the day where Harry Styles was speechless.”

He gave you an annoyed look, “Thought you wouldn’t want to talk to me. You obviously don’t like me.” You couldn’t help but scoff, “I really am sorry though [Y/N].”

Your ears perked up, “Wow, I don’t even remember the last time you even said my name.”

“I must’ve at some point.”

You thought about it for a second, “Nope. Maybe not since we were kids, cause I can’t imagine a little kid giving me some stupid nickname. Even though I think I remember the name sunnybutt.”

“What? Why?”

“My underwear was yellow the day you pulled down my pants and it may have had a sun drawn on the butt part.”

You expected him to laugh and you were very surprised when he didn’t.

“That must’ve sucked.”

“Yeah. It did. To be honest I kinda forgot about that one. Now you call me other stupid nicknames.”

“I call almost everyone by a nickname. I didn’t realize it bothered you so much.”

“Well hard to know when you never ask. We’re not even friends.”

He looked down and you guessed he had thought otherwise about the relationship between you both.

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schafpudel  asked:

please analyze the design of the dragon from shek

Dragon was made to be a stock fairy tale dragon, so I shouldn’t be too hard on the fact that she is really generic cause that was her purpose design-wise. But even then even when I was a very dragon-obsessed kid I thought she was boring and I honestly always forgot she was in the movies.

Anatomy wise she’s got the “twisted wing” problem a lot of dragon designs have, in which the patagium.(webbing) of the wings doesnt attached to the body. It usually doesnt bother me so much on cartoony dragons, but the other designs in Shrek are pretty realistic proportionally enough for it to be off on her.

Putting eyelashes and lips to indicate something is female is lame, but it was meant to be part of the joke anyways so whatever

If the Shrek wiki is to be believed Dragon was originally meant to be more “ugly” and a “lonely and desperate obese middle-aged women” caricature as her character. Her current design/character might not as memorable, but it’s also not as mean spirited and douchey. I’m glad the joke of her character now is that a talking donkey married a dragon and copulated had mutant babies.


Height: 168cm    SW: 96kg    CW: No idea, something around 63kg

I have been overweight most of my life. Growing up I was very active, but as active as I was, I was never given restrictions with food or taught about proper nutrition. I ate a lot of junk which was not good for my health, image and self-esteem. The teasing started in elementary school when I was around 8 years old. I had a lot of friends and was a very popular child, so being teased by one or two kids didn’t bother me much. It all got worse when I got into high school.

In Germany, students a part of the same class for the whole school year, so I always had the same people around me for at least 5 hours straight every day. It didn’t matter what I did or where I was, there was always that one group of three people that constantly tormented me. They were athletic, attractive and popular – quite the opposite of myself (I did have friends, but was always separated from them because they were in a different class than me). I was called almost every name you could imagine. I remember wearing a grey pair of jeans once and hearing them say “I didn’t know elephants wore jeans nowadays”. Needless to say I never wore them again.

Whenever I sat outside, they would sit nearby and mock me, make grossed-out faces, laugh and point. One time, after school, I had to run a half an hour for PE class on the outside track. The soccer team was running stairs on the stadium steps right beside of the track for practice. As I would run past them, I would hear them yell “Run fat girl, run!” ”Too bad running will not make you pretty!”

These types of instances were situations I dealt with for years on a daily basis. I never told anyone, because I didn’t want to seem “weak”. Now I realize that not talking about my problems was a mistake. Maybe I could have switched classes, maybe it could have all been a lot easier for me.

Every day during the ride to school, my stomach was in knots because I never knew what particular torment that day would bring. I wore baggy clothes, in hopes that no one would notice me or my body. That never worked though. I would skip class some days just so I would not have to go to school and get mocked. I would go in the bathroom in between classes to spend as little time as possible with my class mates. I never wanted to go out with my friends because I thought everyone else was so much prettier and better than me.

The depression was becoming so bad with the teasing at school and at home (yes, my dad always used to call me names because he thought it would “motivate me to change”) that I wouldn’t leave the house if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Food was my main source of comfort. I was an emotional eater and binged a lot.

I graduated high school in 2012 and that’s when things started to get a bit better.

I remember finding a fitness blog in early 2013. I decided I wanted to make a change. I wanted to know what it was like to buy clothes and not cry in the dressing room because nothing would fit. I wanted to know what it was like to look at my own reflection and not cringe. 

In April of 2013 I moved to London to work as an Au Pair. This is when started my tumblr blog to motivate me to lose weight. The thoughts of wanting to be “thin” and have visible collar and hip bones slowly but surely took over my mind. I wanted to lose as much weight as possile as fast as I could, so I simply stopped eating. Tricking my host family was easy, since the only time we’d come together during the day was for dinner. For nearly 6 months, I only consumed around 400 calories a day. I lost my period, was weak and would pass out from time to time, but I loved what I was seeing in the mirror, so I didn’t care about those things.

Back in Germany, I left everyone with their mouths open. People would suddenly compliment me, boys would turn their heads and hit on me and even people I used to go to school with and who used to make fun of me, told me I looked great. I started “slacking”. I thought since I had lost so much weight I could go back to my old eating habits without gaining any back. Of course I gained some back and when I did so, I started hating myself again. I was mad at me for losing control and literally not being strong enough to starve myself.

I was desperate and didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to do SOMETHING to prevent going back to my original weight. This is when I found a fitblr. That girl’s blog showed me that starving myself wasn’t the answer. I started researching everything I could on health and fitness. I started to learn and teach myself about different types of cardiovascular exercise, the benefits of lifting weights and how to fuel my body with healthy food. 

And here I am now. At a good weight, with healthy eating habits and finally happy with myself.

What I wish for Book 4

Since many people are doing this, I thought I’d share some of my hopes for the book.(: (spoilers from book 3!)

1) A solution to Ba Sing Se -problem. A working solution as the monarchy in the Earth Kingdom obviously isn’t working. Perhaps a democracy? Either way, a working system that would finally solve that poor city’s problems.

2) More Fire Nation. I think this could be plausible, since the first book took place near the new air nomads, second was mostly at the Poles and the third one had more Earth Kingdom in it, so it’s fire’s turn!

3) In addition to that: Zuko’s daughter, please? (and seriously what are we going to do if her name actually is not Honora?)

4) Also, more Iroh II. I mean c'mon, we didn’t even see him in the third book!

5) Something about Sokka. I want to hear more meantion on him. He has had the least spotlight of the older gaang…

6) Kyoshi warriors. This has been bothering me so much, not a single mention. I’d like to know what happened to Suki (she was part of the final gaang too) and in general I want to know what happened to these a tad more ancient and distant warrior girls. Were they overridden by the new metal bender -police forces or did they join some other forces to form a new or do they still exist?

7) Toph!

8) Zuko’s family in general. Just how many kids did he have, who his wife was, what happened to Azula

9) More of Katara. I really felt bad for her for not getting enough notice in the third book. Besides, there’s more to her than just being the widow of the past Avatar and grandmother of the main airbenders in the show.(I love kataang, but still)

10) Old Team Avatar reunion. Or I guess morely just Katara, Toph and Zuko meeting each other. Honestly, if this does not happen even once in the series I’ll be severely dissappointed.

11) More Varrick!

12) Also more of Eska and Desna. I feel like they just… dropped from the ride along the third season.^^’

13) More of Asami and her family. I feel like they still left all that hanging there.

14) Bolin and Mako bro-time. I just love them more as brothers than I love them with anyone else.  

15) The Team Avatar travelling around a bit more old-style-way. Kind of like in Atla. Now they just fly everywhere with air balloons in few hours that used to take days with the old gaang, especially when they didn’t have Appa.

16) Also, Appa and Momo. C'mon, not even a mention of them so far! Only adorable plushies…

17) More independent Jinora. She’s amazing and now she even has her tattoos, so she’s ought to go for her own little life changing field trips.

18) Kai’s past. I really want to hear more detail about this kid. Like, who were his real parents? Why did he really rob his step-family? There’s a lot we don’t know about this boy, yet. (like his age for starters)

19) More of Kya. She’s the cloudbaby we know the least of, I really want to know more about her life. And I really want to see if the “Secret Tunnel” -thing is really true and used in the show.

20) Maybe bring the Equalists back, even slightly. That was a really interesting plot they had with them, it would be a shame if all of that would just be gone with Amon.

21) White Lotus. Honestly, what are these guys doing? Surely someone had a clue about the Red Lotus at somepoint before they kidnapped Korra, right?

22) Flashbacks! (whether they’re about the old or the new gaang, I want more of them!)

23) See the past avatars again. I feel like this would also be some sort of reward for Korra. Not necessarily to get all the connections back properly, but atleast a chance to talk to Aang or someone else again. That’s what she really wants and needs right now since she’s lost, hurt and all alone. (I’m sceptic this would actually happen, but perhaps at the very end?)

24) Korra being able to regain balance and peace to the World.

And most importantly:

25) Korra being happy and confident again! Seriously, seeing her go through all that torture and pain over and over again and just feeling her self-esteem slowly cracking is just  heart aching. This girl deserves a break and peace in her life. And to think that she started off as a confident, brave and proud Avatar… Poor thing.

Please just be okay sweetie… it’ll all work out, just don’t cry, just be hapy again. Please?

Rooting For My Baby

Listen to this while reading if you’d like +

Waking up to the sound of my phone ringing, I sat up in bed trying to find my phone between the sheets.


“Hey…babe its me”

Trying to get all the hair out of my face I glanced at the clock that was placed on my bedside table, only to find out it was 3:26 am

“Babe are you alright?” I asked worriedly, about a thousand scenarios flashing through my mind.

“Uh..yeah…no…..I-I don’t know…”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t think I can do this anymore” by the tone of his voice I knew he was having one of those days.

“Talk to me baby…I’m here for you”

I hear him snuffling his nose on the other side of the phone “Its nothing, really” I heard him letting out a sigh.

“Babe I can tell something’s bothering you, just tell me whats wrong” I said hoping he’d open up to me.

“I don’t want to talk about it” he said firmly, sounding angry now.

“okay…? well, just know that I’m always here if you need to talk to me….even at 3:32 am, when I’m super tired and only want to make you feel better…” getting up I walk over to the armchair that was placed in front of the big window in my bedroom, and sit down, looking out on the view in front of me.

“Shit (Y/N) I totally forgot about the different timezones I’m so sorry babe…shit” he was probably pulling on his hair right now, getting frustrated with himself.

“Its okay Justin, really. But would you please tell me whats bothering you? Its the least you could do…” I said the last part jokingly, hoping it would cheer him up.

“I just don’t want to bother you with my problems…” I heard his letting out a sigh

“Are you kidding me right now J?” I asked, surprised by his answer. “You could never bother me with your problems. If anything its the other way around! It bothers me so much knowing that you’re upset about something and you won’t tell me what it is, so please just talk to me baby”

The other side of the call was silent. I could only hear him breathing slowly.

“Okay. Okay…..Alright.” he said, before letting out a sigh “I just feel like it’s all too much. I can’t take this anymore. All the rumors and the judgmental comments, the hate, the drama, its just too fucking much (Y/N) and I-I can’t, I can’t do this.”

“Oh baby,” I said pouting, even though he couldn’t see me “I know it gets hard sometimes but you love doing what you do! You love making music and making your fans happy, you cant just give it up” I stated and started biting my lip

“I know, I know but I just- I’m so sick of it (Y/N). I’m so sick of everyone judging me and being all up in my shit and just….I’m tired of this.” he sounded so hurt and vulnerable as he said that, I just wanted to be there with him.

“Fuck J, I wish I could be there with you so I could hold you and make you feel better….” I felt my eyes starting to water. “Justin baby, I know it gets hard, its totally normal for you to feel this way but I just know its going to be fine. Babe you’ve got this, alright? This is your life so you go out and do whatever the fuck you want, whatever makes you happy, and all the haters can go fuck themselves. No matter what happens I’ll be rooting for you baby, you know that right?”

“I just wish I could be normal sometimes…I think I’d be happier then” his voice cracked at the end of the sentence, making a tear roll down my cheek.

“Baby this is just a bad phase. Everyone has them. You feel like shit sometimes but you gotta pull yourself back together and keep going, this is what life’s about.” I said, wiping the tears off my cheeks with a tissue.

“I know baby….I just feel like shit rn” Justin said sounding exhausted.

“You know, a really wise man once told me that there are some things you can only learn in the valley and not on the mountain top…feeling down sometimes is totally normal and maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two on the way back to the top” I said, starting to feel the tiredness taking over, I let out a yawn.

“Hmm he must be a very wise man if he said something like that” he said, making me giggle

“Yeah he’s probably one of the smartest, funniest, sexiest, most silly and amazing person I’ve even had the honor to get to know” letting yet another yawn slip through my mouth and got up and sat on my bed.

“I love you so much baby…you made me feel a millions times better” Justin said, sounding a little more at ease now “I’m going to let you go now though, I bet you’re super tired. Thank you for talking to me babygirl, I really appreciate it…”

“I love you too JayBear, and its honestly no problem, you know you can always talk to me”

“I know. Take all the sand in the world, multiply it by all the stars in the skies, thats how much I love you”

“Oh my God that was so fucking cheesy Jay!” I laughed “I love yo too baby, goodnight”

“Goodnight babygirl”

((Inspired by “Rooting For My Baby” by Miley Cyrus, requested by anon))

Thank you so much for reading, it means the world to me! love you babes<3

Happy 4th Birthday 5sos!!

I’m so proud to call myself a fan of you guys and can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me.

You guys are a huge part of my teenage years and I can’t wait to bother my kids about the band that I loved so much.

Thank you Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael 💕 Hopefully I’ll see you on 7/15/16 at MSG 🙏

people are always worrying about how teenagers will bully and discriminate against the lgbtqa community and how kids won’t understand them but honestly pretty much all the fuss and bother with the issue is the old-fashioned adults speaking with homophobic words on behalf of their children

and actually it seems to me that for the most part if any child or teenager shits on the lgbtqa community then their peers will immediately inform them that that’s wrong

so tell me again who the problem is