that pancake tho

hello :’)

so im not dead. yet. just really really busy with school coz its finals and they decided to cover everyone with heavy projects before spring break. heck today’s saturday and i have to go to school >:/

i still draw but not as much and all i do are little scribbles and none of them is worth posting haha so yep.

i’ll be active soon maybe on my blog’s first b-day heh; which is near woohoo
sorry i didnt say a word about it. im fine thanks guys who messaged me xD

i need jason to meet sally 

anonymous asked:

Weed and Pancakes? Marry me?

Not that I’d eat pancakes, it’s almost weigh in time. Normally I go to Friday meetings, but tomorrow the boy has a dentist appointment, so this week it’s pushed to Saturday. I’ll make you pancakes tho :)

me: today is national pancake day, guess what we’re eating tonight?!
niece: no we already have food for tonight, we can eat pancakes tomorrow tho
me: can’t, tomorrow is the international day of mourning