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To the last anon post I was in a similar situation over 2 years ago, I had been good friends with this girl for 10 years and we had this thing for a week where we were in the city and had to do a group project. We were in the same group but she wasn't happy with the others in the group so decided it would be awful. I was optimistic about it which she didn't like, by the end of it she told the teachers we were all bullying her, if anything she bullies all 3 of us. After it she stopped (1/2)

Talking to me for a bit. I was quite upset and after a bit I realised that I had allowed her to make me feel like crap about myself and ruin multiple friendships that I had. So when she decided she wanted to be friends and started talking to me (would happen every time we’d have an argument I just let it go) I refused to continue the friendship. 2 years later, I have amazing friends and am so much happier and more confident than I ever was. May seem hard but could be positive

One more thing about the friendship thing (same person as the anon 19 year friend), may not be the same for them, could be completely different but I’d say to use this to reflect on the friendship you had and if it is harmful to your happiness then it’s really not worth continuing. It was one of the hardest things for me to do but not talking to her has helped me grow and become a person I am proud of and happy to be

Well said! If someone has stopped talking to you without any warning, that’s a very manipulative thing to do and I’d suggest having a look at your friendship. Try to make contact, it could be that they’re going through some stuff and you need to give them time, but if someone just picks up and leaves with no explanation or justification then I’d recommend doing some thinking

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tips for a sad ravenclaw after their best friend stopped talking to them?

man I’ve been there and it sucks, it really really sucks

I guess the first thing to do is take a step back and have a look at your friendship. Look at how they’ve treated you in the past, and definitely have a think about where you both are in your lives. How long have you been friends? Are you still the same people you were back then, and is your friendship still worthwhile? Is it a distance thing? Like has your relationship just transitioned to a ‘while we’re both in town’ kinda deal?

Have a look at the recent dynamics of your friendship and decide whether it’s worth continuing. People change, people leave your life and it’s sucky but sometimes people change so much as they grow that they’re not really compatible any more

If you’re sure this is a person you want to keep in your life, then you need to have a think about why they’ve stopped talking to you. If it’s an argument, just swallow your pride and apologise, it’s not worth losing friends over something stupid (y’know, assuming it’s a mutual issue. if they’re being a dick you should have dropped them in the last stage y’all)

The issue I’ve been dealing with more is moving on. Everybody leaves school promising to stay friends forever and the reality is that doesn’t happen. People drift apart, but they don’t have to!!! Make an effort, and just message them!! Put the ball back in their court! I messaged a ton of friends that I missed back in february because I didn’t just want to give up. Yeah, the results weren’t that great but friendship is a mutual thing, at least now I can say I did my best

When it comes down to it, best friends are hard to find, so try and talk it out with them. If they continue to blank you, well that’s a really shitty way to treat people even if you’re mad at them, and they’re probably not worth your time

  • distant relative at family event: It's been so long since I saw you!! How's school?
  • me: none of the things that once excited me make me happy anymore i'm living off caffeine and anxiety i'm paralyzed by my future my diet is trash and my body is slowly rotting but otherwise i'm good hbu

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Marching band + Ravenclaw = ???

  • extremely good at the geminio spell despite warnings that ‘it’s illegal to copy this music’
  • you know ravenclaw would be full of people on ridiculous instruments
  • like there’s apparently nobody in the whole house who plays the trombone but it’s full of people playing bloody accordions, harps and bass flutes
  • insisting they get more exercise than the people on the quidditch team
  • place bets on how many times they’re going to be told ‘just one more time’
  • flitwick insists on joining in and he’s so small that they honestly can’t tell if he’s there or if the base drum is being held up by magic
  • hogwarts would have weird ass band uniforms
  • sneak out to practise in an empty classroom and yet can still be heard all around the school

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one of the very first people who ever reached out to me on Tumblr ~ and who was kind to me and encouraged my work, was @jathis (-^ ___^-) and i’ve been grateful for that ever since! so i’m sorry i’m a little late in finishing this, but a very happy birthday to you, Jathis!!!