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Taehyung x reader

High school au/Angst/slight smut

Mentions of marijuana and drinking

based on a real life story

Word count: 8.2k

Part 1/?

There is only one person you had your eyes on ever since you started high school, and he will never be yours. Not now, not ever. Your feet are grounded to the floor, just as the game ended as you watched his girl wearing jersey running up to him for a hug, and slowly you felt your heart begin to shatter.

You could see him smiling as his hands were wrapped around her waist, securely and filled up to joy as she screamed happily for the final football game. Your school won by a landslide, by him running toward the end goal in victory, pandemonium breaking out from the bleachers as the other team lost. But you’re here, not having the enjoyment of the win  or any of the excitement as you watch the couple. He’s swinging her around in his arms, laughing with his honey sweet voice and kissing her from her forehead and her cheeks, her lips, her nose, from the ecstasy he’s experiencing. That was when your first heartbreak destroyed you, ruining your weak heart, and the first time you felt like crushed diamonds and broken into pieces.

Kim Taehyung will never be yours.

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K I’m gonna try and keep my whining to a minimum but the thing is, Ben knew the boys were most likely gonna win that award and still, even though he knew there was no actual hug, he teased at one anyway. For years he’s disrespected fans and invalidated us and it’s gross and I will never not be bitter that they’ve repeatedly chosen to work with someone who has no more respect for us than a middle aged man writing some shitty piece about how stupid boyband fans are.

this pbruins game is wild. a guy on the other team had the puck at the top of the crease with zane literally all the way behind the net and somehow he missed. noel has murdered 3 people. the woman next to me keeps insisting that there are 4 periods in a hockey game.

other teams’ fans: we can do this!!!!
other teams’ fans: come on lads!!!
other teams’ fans: get us the win!!!
other teams’ fans: you got this!!!
other teams’ fans: i believe in you!!!!  

me: dont fuck this up u shits


Hey! As you all know, February is #HockeyIsForEveryone month. Unfortunately, a certain team didn’t get the memo. The Dallas Stars have done nothing to help include their LGBT+ fans and the one night they were supposed to.

I’m not saying that using Pride tape, making a video, or anything else other teams have done would magically make homophobia, queerphobia, or hate disappear from the NHL. No, what I’m saying is that this obvious play by Stars Management shows that they’re not willing to take that step. If they refuse to even put tape on their sticks, they will NEVER include us.

I would like to point out that the players themselves most likely do not have any say in this. It’s management that we should be angry with. It’s a management that we should riot against.

Myself and others have decided that this is enough. If the Stars are worried about alienating part of their audience with Pride Night, they’ve certainly done it-And not with the people they meant to. No, it’s time for a revolution.

Please, take a stand for what’s right. Hate in sports is a serious issue and it’s time for me -and you- to fight back. Please use the #DIYStarsPride on twitter and tag @ DallasStars as well as You Can Play and the NHL itself so they know that we’re here and we’re angry. @DIYStarsPride is our hub so tag us in any tumblr or twitter posts or use the hashtag #DIYStarsPride to get our-and their attention.

Go wild! Write emails, make signs, tweet, get their attention. This isn’t an attack on just the Stars. It’s an attack on the hate and discrimination in hockey. The Stars? They’re our step one (1). We have thousands more to come. Be a part of it.

So like… what if any other member of team WTCH had failed their mission? I doubt Salem would tell either Watts, Cinder or Hazel that she was disappointed in them. Obviously she knew telling Tyrian that would make him break down, but that wouldnt have the same effect on the others. Maybe if they had failed their punishment would be a lot more physical… Maybe thats why Watts isnt so fond of failure, or why Hazel went from half asleep to wide awake and alert the second Salem entered the room. Hey remember Tyrian and Hazels scars?? Maybe they werent from past fights with silver eyed warriors after all… 

So here's a thing about this Bishop-Budaj trade

If you bitch about the Kings and endlesslly say you hate them, I’ll heartlesslly unfollow you unless you are Ducks, Coyotes, Canucks, Rangers or Sharks fan (I get it from them because it’s in rivarly way) because the team is *much* better and nicer than you think.

The team is the same as other teams you love, but they have one jerky d-man and play dangerously physically. Those are *not* reasons to hate a team.

Actually HATING a team is something what a real, true sports fan doesn’t do.

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Stars do so many great things and so many fund raisers, why is everyone so darn upset? I did not know it was mandatory to support something? Player that did not wrap their sticks in rainbow tape doesn't have to apologize, they have a right to tape sticks with whatever they want.

I don’t know what the regulations were, each team had to have at least one Pride night (I know the CBJ had something like 4). I don’t believe anything was required but there were probably suggestions like the Pride tape. People are upset because they felt forgotten, and honestly that apology sounded like they were forgotten. Every other team has made a clear effort and it felt like the Stars didn’t care.

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Thoughts on the Riveters social media?

oh goodness this is kind of a broad question? I’m going to guess you mean the team accounts and not the individual players? idk if theyre on facebook bc i don’t really use facebook but I love their twitter presence so much! Insta is okay but like it’s hard to be into insta now that the timeline isn’t in chronological order. ANYWAY I think they’ve created this wonderful online community that i don’t really see with the other teams? idk it might be there and i’m just not seeing it… I’m gona list out some of my favorite thing and this is gona be hella unorganized so sorry for that.

1. I enjoy how they keep up with their players both past and present, this is how i found a lot of the team and some old team members and i love love love how supportive they are of Nana when she’s playing

2. LIVETWEETING GAMES oh my god i literally love this so much bc i’m a far away fan and I can’t always watch livestreams so getting game updates   via twitter is amazing! and they’re so funny about it too I love the jokes and memes and I love that they’ve made hashtags for players (#brickwallfitzy and #bowtiebryant)

3. those first two points really combine to make a really welcoming community to new fans? I’ve only been following hockey for a few months so having the twitter commentary during games is great and also so are the amount of pictures they post from Troy with players on the ice bc then i can associate names with faces AND so many beat writers interact with the riveters and so does Dan who actually held a writing competition to support the NWHL!!! 

4. FUTURE DRAFT PICK oh my goodness this hashtag alone makes supporting the NWHL completely worth it and I know it’s not just the riveters that use it. hush. I love that they show how supportive the team is of little hockey nuggets bc they were once little hockey nuggets

5. I would absolutely love it if they did player take overs with the twitter account!!! 

ummmmm okay so that’s all i can think of at the moment i might reblog and add stuff later if i think of anything…. what do y’all think of their social media?? did I miss anything??