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talking to strangers online is so wild like one time i posted fanfics on deviantart and the next thing i know i’m talking to two of my readers who are from my country who are sisters who are also my neighbors who also turn out to be my cousins like lmao so wild i didn’t know i had other cousins haha

haha yea those two WOULD be cute together wouldn’t they? I don’t think I’ll end up making that canon though hahaha
—  Famous last words of a writer before a pairing consumes their life
Personal responsibility

So someone messaged me to ‘take down’ a post I’d reblogged and said it was “weird I was 4 years back into their archive”…  I wasn’t in their archive.  I had simply done a search for a funny imgur post, and their post came up.  They messaged me, very curtly, to remove it and explained why…  After hearing why, I understand, however, if this video poses such a threat, why is it still viewable and rebloggable by the general public?  This seems like a thing that should have been taken down ages ago.

There seems to be an ongoing pattern of behavior here that’s worrisome. People are holding complete strangers responsible for every trauma that has happened to them.  There’s no way we all can read each other’s minds and pasts.  Most of us are just here for fandom, jokes, cats, and general escapism.  Hell, we all have our own traumas, every last one of us.  If someone misunderstands a post you made, or reblogs a photo or video that brings bad memories for you, we have literally no idea.  You can either continue to message people (in not so nice ways) to alert them to your discomfort, or you can simply remove the thing, block it, blacklist it, etc.  That ensures your well being a lot more than continuing to expect everyone else to simply ‘know’ about your pain.

We can’t hold everyone else responsible for our own troubles, memories, traumas, etc.  Take your own well being into your hands as much as possible, as really that’s the strongest defense you have.  The rest of us might be willing to help, but it’s not a burden that should be forced onto us without us even knowing.

The universe really done clicked the reset button on my entire life. Gawd was like “nah, all those people in your life? We gettin rid of them, we starting over son” I suppose with time it will fully make sense as to why. I’m chillin until that day comes I guess.

 viictuurious replied to your post “krushvox replied to your photoset “~ I’m glad to see you too ~” …”

‘missed the days’, there are freaking hundreds of anime where men are nothing but friends!! stop taking the few canon gay ships there is and complain. go watch basically any other anime if you don’t want “gay”. also these two are best of friends, because guess what: your partner can be your best friend!

Thank you for that ^v^ Also through all the non “yaoi” anime or games that exists, there aren’t a few that has truly a same-sex relationship being canon. And very often it’s still pretty suggested so having even a hug is a big deal tbh. That’s why I didn’t appreciate getting a comment like this, when this hug means a lot for many people :’)

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Bucky is fucking dirty. When you was at work he got your stockings on and looked at himself in mirror. He was heard sound of closed door and panicked. You went to room and saw that Bucky was wearing jeans and socks. It was normal. In the evening you both had foreplay. When you stripped him you saw your stockings at him legs. Buck forgotten about them. He was think you'll look at him with disgust and be angry but for you it was fucking sexy (sorry for mistakes in text)

I wonder if he’d be able to get his thighs in haha

Sinful Sunday™

Had an asshole patron today.

The pool was extra busy today. Kids and their parents had left life jackets thrown onto the PVC shelves that we hang the jackets on. One of the poles had actually fallen out. I was trying to clean up the mess when a 7-ish year old comes up and tries to put on an adult life jacket. I noticed and helped her put on the correct size. While doing that I had set the adult jacket on the ground next to me.
I finished helping her and picked up the jacket to hang it up. Suddenly I hear this “ahem” right behind me. When I turned around this guy was holding his son and he immediately says, “that’s the wrong size lifejacket.” Excuse me? “That lifejacket is the wrong size for my son.”
I didn’t even know the guy was behind me so I try to tell him I’ll grab a correct size one and he just starts bitching about how I’m a lifeguard and I need to know how to do my job and I should be able to tell the correct size for every one.
Firstly, I have extensive PFD training because of other work stuff, so yes. I know the correct size. Generally, after working long enough, lifeguards are able to easily eyeball the size. Lastly, I didn’t even know the guy was there until he did the cough and snide comment.

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I'm a little confused on your stance on asexuality/the split attraction model. You seem think that eg. you can be a lesbian who's romantically attracted to women but who does not like sex/experience sexual attraction. Or at least that's what I'm getting. But that, by literal definition, IS a lesbian who's asexual. So I'm somewhat confused. Do you just think we shouldn't use labels? And I don't see how elderly people's diminishing libidos is relevant—surely it's a different topic entirely?

The overall problem is that we’re using the same word for two entirely different situations and then pretending that they’re the same thing. This is where all of the confusion stems from.

A lesbian is a lesbian is a lesbian.

A lesbian is just as much of a lesbian if she isn’t interested in romance, but likes having sex with women as another lesbian that wants a sexually active romance as another lesbian that isn’t interested in sex but wants the romance.

All lesbians. 

Just like the lesbians that are only attracted to black women, or the lesbians that are only attracted to femme lesbians, or the lesbians that are only attracted to butch lesbians. They’re not different breeds of lesbian, they’re just lesbians with specific personal tastes, attributes, wants, needs and desires, just like everyone else.

It’s also important to note that asexuality, the actual sexuality, is completely separate from libido. Asexuals can have high sex drives. Masturbation and orgasm are sensations that do not depend on sexual attraction at all. 

My point is basically: so what if a lesbian isn’t interested in sex? She’s still interested in only being with women. You can’t be two sexualities at once. 

A bisexual is still a bisexual if said bisexual is a woman that’s only interested in romantic relationships with other women, but sex with both men and women. It’s a personal preference.

All of this does not negate the problems that people with zero sex drive, zero interest or enjoyment with sex face. There are a lot of people that are awful to those that won’t have sex, aren’t comfortable with it, don’t enjoy it or don’t feel a need to do it. Rape, abuse, bullying, harassment, those things absolutely happen to those that aren’t interested in [etc] sex, which is absolutely awful. Whatever labels someone happens to have, that doesn’t make any of those things “better” or “worse.” 

The bottom line for me is that sexuality encompasses physical sex and potential romance. Sexuality isn’t all about having sex, and I think that, over recent years, there’s been a hyper-focus on sexualising everything to do with sexuality.

You want to be with the opposite sex? Heterosexual.

You want to be with the same sex? Homosexual.

You want to be with either sex? Bisexual.

You want to be with no one? Asexual.

It’s the word being used in both senses, both about sex and about overall attraction, that has confused this. But look at it this way. Would you think it would make sense to call a bisexual woman that’s only looking for another woman to spend the rest of her life with a “lesbian bisexual”? Of course not. You’d be erasing that person’s bisexuality, which is clearly wrong. Every decent person rails against the term “bihet” to describe bisexuals in opposite-sex-relationships, because that erases their bisexuality, too.

Would you mix any other two sexualities and expect that to make sense? No? Then how does it make sense with asexuality? Why is it acceptable to do it there, but not anywhere else? You see what I’m getting at?

Plus, the fact of the matter is that if someone is aromantic, then when someone asks them for a relationship, they can say no and explain that they’re not interested in romance. In a romantic relationship, the amount of sex that someone has or the fact that they don’t want sex (for any multitude of reasons) is between them and their [potential] partner. 

I honestly think that it’s silly, and I genuinely do not understand why asexuality gets a free pass here. But, to be frank, it’s one of those subjects where everyone jumps in and gets offended, angrily stating that the Split Attraction Model works without really thinking about it because it’s one of the things that you’re Not Allowed To Criticise.

At the end of the day, though, this is just my opinion, it doesn’t really matter and I don’t particularly care if others decide to use it or not. I personally think it’s silly, but otherwise, I don’t get into asexuality discussions at all. It always descends into arguments about “oppression” and the like, which has absolutely no bearing on anything. It’s not really anything that I’m invested in and it’s really not a big deal.

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