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Someone: it’s so sick what happend and its so sick that ppl expect ariana to keep touring. She went through so much, Everyone has gone through so much.
Everyone in a 50 mile radius: I DONT LIKE ARIANA GRANDE but like i agree

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Genre: Fluff

Characters: Baekhyun x Original Character 

Summary: You met his ex one day while he was out on tour. After meeting her, you begin to distance yourself from Baekhyun as you tried to figure out why he chose you. When Baekhyun finds out the truth, he decides he needs to do something big to get you to see how much he truly loves you.

Word Count: 775

Credit to gif owner

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Dante Headcanons:

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  • Other than the usual pizza and strawberry sundaes, Dante will usually end up getting some other form of take out, usually something like Chinese food or occasionally KFC.
  • That being said, Dante cannot cook for neither love nor money. He’s probably at least tried in the past, and while he has had a few cases where the food has at least been edible, he finds it so much easier and convenient just to settle for take out.  
  • Once tried to make his own pizza….Never again.
  • Unlike his brother Vergil, Dante is anything but a clean freak; or neat for that matter. Try not to be too surprised should you stumble across, both literally and figuratively speaking, a pile of empty pizza boxes, empty bottles and cans of beer and soda, dirty clothes piles and old take out containers. 
  • As far as drunk Dante is concerned, he isn’t all that different except for being a bit more looser and less controlled, followed by a bunch of “I love you man.”  
  • PDA wise, Dante’s the kind of guy who won’t really care what other people think. He’s more than happy to show his s/o some affection in public; whether it’s hand-holding, kissing, hugging, wrapping his arm around you while you walk, semi-public se-–wait what. 
  • Also really likes to cuddle, especially after a long day of killing demons. 
  • Either way, the guy’s got no shame and has zero shits to give either way.
  • Loves messing with Vergil’s stuff, particularly little things that he won’t necessarily miss right away, but knows it’ll drive him mad once he realizes it’s out of place; specifically moving them around to random and at times completely inconvenient locations, if not just obvious and clearly wrong places entirely; meanwhile amusedly watching his brother angrily searches all over the house for them later on. He likes see how pissed off he can make Vergil by the end of the day. 
  • He’s actually quite good with kids. Seeing as how he’s pretty much like a manchild over grown kid himself, Dante has a pretty good idea of how to handle them. 
  • That, and it also probably helps that he has a lot of patience and tends to not get frustrated or annoyed at them not understanding things. He’s better at recognizing them as just being dumb kids.
  • Definitely has a collection of records hidden somewhere on top of having his jukebox. 
  • Suffers from depression and still has nightmares, particularly ones going back to the day when the demons attacked and Eva was killed.
  • Is also a big fan of superhero comics. His favorite is Hellblazer.  
  • Really doesn’t like spiders or clowns. 

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Ship Appreciation: Levi & Mikasa

So I’m a multishipper, and one of the many ships I love is the relationship between Mikasa and Levi, whether it be romantic, familial, mentor/protege, etc. Normally I go to @canon-rivamika for everything Levi and Mikasa, but I decided to try something myself! I was pretty down about the anime’s treatment of Mikasa in the episode that aired today, episode 28, so I decided to cheer myself up by publishing early part of a ship appreciation series I’ve been writing.

Here I look at my favorite Levi and Mikasa moment so far: Chapter 30, when they rescue Eren. Originally I was gonna analyze their relationship all the way up to my second favorite rivamika moment, Chapter 84, but I guess I’ll take it in smaller chunks!

Beneath the cut, my EXTREMELY. LONG. rambling about how much I love Mikasa, and how much I love her relationship with Levi. (In that order, eheheh.)

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Some more characters as villains


- He’s one of the most destructive and chaos causing villains, though his body count is surprisingly low since he prefers to attack and destroy buildings to lure out strong heroes or fighters so he can go up against them. He doesn’t care much for involving civilians and while he doesn’t try to save them he also doesn’t intentionally target them often.

- Bakugou doesn’t care about alliances or what other villains are up to. If they want to attack an important base or want to make a statement, it has nothing to do with him. He lives his life the way he damn well wants to and everyone who has a problem with that can go and fuck off.

- The few friends Bakugou has are a resilient bunch who first chose him as their friend instead of the other way around. Though Bakugou would never admit out loud that he actually likes these assholes and whenever he needs to plan a heist to get his hands on money, he asks them if they’re up for robbing a bank or something of the sort.

- There are places here and there strewn across the city where Bakugou goes when he needs some quiet or has a tense day and just needs to unwind or sort his thoughts. It’s usual rooftops since he likes to be up high and some nights he sits at the edge, his legs dangling into the air, while he watches the cars zip past way below him.


- He’s the most frightening villain and there are quite some lesser heroes who are very afraid of crossing his path whenever he shows up somewhere.

- Toshinori doesn’t think much about attacking or terrorizing big groups or crowds of civilians. He has much higher standards most of the time and he knows where to show up to go up against the strongest heroes.

- In the villain world he’s known as the one you don’t cross and, secretly as one of the most fashionable villains. At least in public. He dons a suit then, styles up and grins wide and sure. At home though, he digs out the comfortable pants and loose shirts so he can kick back while watching TV.

- Toshinori doesn’t work with anyone and he’s no part of any alliance or group. He’s used to taking care of himself and doing everything by himself, he’s independent and doesn’t see much use in dragging someone around who might hinder him or letting another villain close when it’s not necessary.


Tomura as a hero:

- He’s an awkward as fuck hero. Tomura is bad at comforting other people and he’s more of a quiet guy who takes care of villains efficiently and doesn’t like to yell around or flash his powers to garner attention.

- Tomura values his privacy and therefore the public would never know anything about what he does in his free time or even hints to where he lives. He doesn’t like giving interviews either and it would take some extraordinary circumstances to get him in front of the camera for longer times and proper conversations.

- He doesn’t have many friends and the ones he does have, have come together over time and while Tomura doesn’t say it, he cares for them in his own way. He shoos them off if they look tired or worn out and he scolds them if they look like they lost weight due to working too much.

- Tomura knows that his Quirk is better befitting for a villain and he does his best to avoid irrevocably hurting other people with it, even the bad guys. Instead he mostly uses it to destroy the villain’s weapons and gear or crumbles bombs and other dangerous devices to dust, before he uses his fighting skills to knock the bad guys out.

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Could you write 81 for Moriel for the dialogue prompt thingy ? I love your writing!

First off, thanks nonnie! For the compliment and the prompt. :) It means a lot! I really loved this prompt so much and had an idea right away, which is why you are getting this kinda quickly. I was totally grinning while I wrote this, so I hope you enjoy it.

Prompt: “Obviously you can’t tell a woman you just met that you love her, but it sucks that you can’t.” 


When Mor shows up at Rita’s, the last person she expects to see is Azriel. It had taken her so long to get him to go with her that when she sees him there (and without her) she blinks to be sure that her vision isn’t deceiving her. But it isn’t, Azriel is here, sitting at the bar with Rhys. She would be slightly hurt, if she weren’t delighted by the fact that he has taken some time off for himself.

She begins to walk towards them with her usual confident swagger when she overhears part of their discussion.

“Obviously, you can’t tell a woman you just met that you love her, but it sucks that you can’t,” Azriel is saying, and the words cause her to stop mid-stride. She quickly finds a seat close enough so she can keep listening to them, but far away enough that they hopefully won’t notice her before she wants to be found. She doesn’t know whether the person in love with a woman is one of them, but either way she feels the blood rush to her face.

“You wouldn’t do that anyway, Az. Even if it wasn’t completely inappropriate and creepy,” Rhys replies.

If it’s Azriel who has fallen in love with someone… her face blanches and her stomach turns at the idea. Her mind begins to race, trying to think of who they could be talking about, the women Azriel has met recently. There was that woman the other evening who had been ogling him while they were all at dinner. Or the woman from the Winter Court whom they had gone to visit a few weeks ago, trying to get her to agree to trade. They are always coming and going, who knows who he could have met while he was away on a mission. Her heart starts to drop as the implications of that become clear.

When Azriel starts talking again, she forces herself to stop thinking and listen.

“There are a lot of things I wish I could have done differently. Telling her right away is one of them. It might have saved us all a lot of trouble.” If she strains her neck a bit she can see them across the room, and she watches as he looks down at his glass.

“Even when you were a kid, Az, you were more the broody, silent type. The impulsiveness of youth would have done you no good. You just didn’t have it. And besides, it wouldn’t have worked then. Too much… there was too much going on for her, then. Even if she would have said yes.” Rhys pats him on the shoulder, and it moves Mor to see them like this together. Even if inside she is silently screaming at the implications of what they are saying.

“I suppose you’re right,” Az concedes. “I wonder though, what if I met her now, instead of then? What would I do, if I saw her walk in this room and didn’t know her?” He looks up at the door she has just entered from as if it were a possibility.

“Well, it’s a good thing you see her nearly every day. That she is always there when you return from missions. Isn’t it?” Rhys looks at Azriel pointedly and finishes his drink as if there is nothing more he needs to say.

Mor begins putting pieces together, and as she does her distress grows. They aren’t talking about someone he has recently met, but someone he met a long time ago. When she heard them talking her mind had immediately gone to someone else because surely, Azriel wouldn’t be talking so openly to Rhys about how he felt about her. But that seems to be exactly what he is doing, and she isn’t sure if she wants to run and hide or confront him.

She looks back up at the two men sitting at the bar, and makes a decision. Standing from her table, she puts on a bright smile and approaches the two. She falters for a moment when Az starts speaking again, but persists.

“Morrigan is…” he is saying as she gets near enough for Rhys to notice her, and at his surprise Azriel turns to look at her.

“Mor, we didn’t expect to see you here this evening” Rhys starts. “I was just leaving. You’ll have to make do with Az for company.” As he leaves he winks at his brother, and the transparency of the gesture has them both rolling their eyes.

Once they are alone, Mor takes Rhys’ seat at the bar. Az has always been a bit taciturn, but right now he seems unsure of himself, not just quiet. Given what she just overheard, Mor is even less sure of how to handle this conversation, or where he might take it.

“So, what were you two talking about,” she asks, giving him an opportunity to cover for himself. The bartender sets down her usual drink order without asking, and she clings to the glass.

Az clears his throat. “I just wanted some advice on something. Nothing, really.”

Mor waits for him to continue, and when he doesn’t she asks if she can offer her assistance.

“No. Well… maybe.” She squirms in her chair a bit at the possibility that he might open up to her, but bites her tongue so he can continue.

“I want to tell someone something important. And I’m just not sure how to do it.”

“Well you are normally an open book, Az…” She grins at him.

“What would you do, if someone cared for you, and didn’t tell you? If you cared for him, too?” He isn’t looking directly at her as he speaks, but rather at her reflection in the mirror behind the bar.

She is facing him, watching his profile as she speaks. “I think… I would wonder, after a while. Why he hadn’t said anything. I’d probably doubt myself and try to move on with other men. Even though it never would never work out in the end, with the others.”

“Because of this other guy,” he confirms.

“Mm-hmm, this other guy. But you know, women don’t have infinite patience, Az. So hypothetically, this other guy, the one with feelings, who she cares about, too, should really, really say something. Hypothetically speaking.”

“Hypothetically speaking,” he repeats.

A few moments pass in silence while he contemplates her response. “Would you like to have dinner with me, Mor? Just me?” He finally turns to look at her, and his expression has her wanting to take his face in between her hands to kiss him, to reassure him.

Instead, she smiles gently at him. “Of course. I would love to.”

Turning back to the bar, she catches his gaze in the mirror, and their small smiles gradually turn to uncontrollable grins as they finish their drinks.


Dialogue prompts

Second Chance -2- V

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Second Chance -2- Taehyung

Parts; Masterlist, One, Two, three

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Romance, Fluff

Word count; 2.585

Synopsis; When Taehyung left to be a trainee, you were left behind, never once did he contact you until he suddenly shows up after seven years.

“I have to go.” you pulled your shirt out of his hands and quickly started to clean up your stuff and to your surprise he let you walk away, not once did he approach you, you weren’t sure why at first he wanted to know why you had his name on your body and the next he just sat there looking into space. You walked into the music department and sat behind the drums, you could play a lot of instruments, this was something you loved to do and it really took your mind of off things, which you desperately needed, when no other then Jungkook walked in, this was a rare sight because Jungkook didn’t go here but sometimes he came here to team up with certain musicians just to learn and you knew about him wanting to play the drums, that’s when it dawned on you as you looked at the drumkit in front of you and you sighed. “So this is why ” you mumbled to yourself as Jungkook approached you.

“Excuse me but are you going to teach me how to play the drums?” You looked up after taking a deep breath and turned to the teacher who was nodding. “I guess so.” you got up from your seat and let Jungkook take a seat.

“You’re Y/N, right?” You didn’t need to ask him how he knew this because Taehyung or Namjoon probably said something about meeting you. “That’s me, why?”

“I saw pictures of you on Hyungs phone but you were a lot younger.” this made you focus on him again because you hadn’t expected that. It didn’t make any sense though because why would he have pictures of you from so many years ago. “Ah I see, why don’t we start,” you asked him to show what he already knew and to your pleasant surprise he was already pretty good but he just lost the rhythm when it went to fast, which was normal as you had difficulties with that as well when you just started to learn. After awhile he suddenly stopped and turned to you “Noona? Why are you angry at Hyung?”

“I don’t believe that’s any of your business Jungkook.” he nodded but kept looking at you as if this was going to work. “Hyung doesn’t want to tell us what exactly happened and according to Namjoon Hyung, something happened when you were younger?” You sighed because you really didn’t want to have this conversation even though it was Jungkook.

“Jungkook-ah, I love you but really stop asking me about this, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“But maybe we can help.” you shook your head “This is between Taehyung and me, so please just shut up about it.” You turned your back towards him and walked to the teacher who was observing you two. “Sir, I need to leave, is that okay?”

“What happened between you two?”

“Nothing much, he just asked me about something I didn’t want to talk about.”

“I see, how is he doing?”

“He is doing fine, he just needs to work on his rhythm but other than that he is playing okay.”

“That’s good because there is a reason why he came over today and it’s a huge opportunity for you.”

“Really? About what are we talking?”

“They need a new drummer because their drummer just married and won’t be able to join them on their world tour and I know you can play all their songs with your eyes closed, so I talked to the boss of BigHit Entertainment and showed him a video montage of you drumming their songs and now he really likes to meet you.” You were shocked that he had done something like that without discussing it with you and you weren’t sure if you were thankful for this opportunity but then again you couldn’t say no to Bang PD, that was just out of the question.

“You should’ve discussed it first with me because I really don’t like this.”


“Because I can’t stand to be in the same room as Kim Taehyung.”

“Why is that?”

“That’s exactly the thing I didn’t want to talk about with Jungkook.”

“I see but what do you want me to do, do you want me to cancel it?” You shook your head because even you realized that this was a huge thing and it could help your career. “No, I will meet with Bang PDnim, when do I meet him?”

“Tomorrow at BigHit Entertainment at 11 am.” you nodded and put it on your phone so that you wouldn’t be able to forget about it.  “I will be there, so I have to bring something?”

“Your drumsticks.” You sighed and nodded before saying goodbye, you walked towards the bus stop whilst listening to music, this always calmed you down but after the day you had, it was nearly impossible to calm down because first you had to deal with Taehyung and then with Jungkook, which wasn’t that bad to be honest because Jungkook was actually really shy and it had taken him at least an hour to grab the courage to ask you about Taehyung but it still made you on edge and now with this meeting about you possibly joining their world tour, it was just a lot to take in and why did you wear this shirt and why did Taehyung have to spot the tattoo?

The next day you dressed casually but still formal, you didn’t wear heels though as you probably had to play the drums, to show them you could actually play their songs, which wouldn’t be difficult. “Unni, do you have a minute?” you asked through her bedroom door and she opened it before you could, knowing fully well she had a guy in there. “What’s wrong?”

“I have a meeting with BigHit Entertainment today.”

“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not lying really. My teacher arranged it, they want me to join them on the world tour of bts.”

“Do you want to?”
“I’m not sure about this yet.”

“You know you will be seeing Taehyung every day if you join them right?”

“I’m aware of this but it’s a huge opportunity right?” she nodded thoughtfully “It is and you will see the world, which is amazing.”

“I guess so, so should I just go for it?”

“It’s your life and your career, do you want someone like Taehyung to keep you from that?”

“No, I don’t.”

Then go.” You hugged your sister because for once she was helpful and supportive, this didn’t happen often but you loved her for being like this and you wouldn’t forget it. You got ready to leave and once you were standing in front of the building you got nervous because he was the man behind Bts and he was also the guy who took Taehyung away from you, so this was going to interesting. The minute you stepped into the reception hall a woman approached you “Hi are you Y/n?”

“That’s me.” you quickly bowed and she smiled as you looked up. “Nice to meet you, I see you came prepared.” you looked at her in confusion, so she quickly pointed at the drumsticks that were sticking out of your back pocket.

“Ah yes, I thought I had to bring them.” You smiled at her and she nodded. “Good thinking because you will have to play their entire set, just to see if you can keep up with the other band members.”

“That will be no problem.” you smiled confidently at her and she just smiled. “Follow me please.” As you walked through the hallway, you couldn’t help but stare at the walls because they had a lot of pictures on the walls, you could tell they were really proud of their artists, which was good and you started to feel relaxed but that changed the minute she opened the door. In front of you sat Bang PDnim and he was looking really serious that it almost scared you but then again this was a business deal so he had to be professional. You quickly bowed out of respect after introducing yourself and when you heard him chuckle you looked up and was startled that he came so close.

“So you’re the girl V-sshi has been talking about lately.” You felt annoyed by this but smiled anyway. “I guess so.”

“Can I ask how you know each other?”
“We were best friends before he came here to be a trainee.”

“Really?! He never said anything about you.” This made it even worse but then again what did you expect. “Hmm weird.” was all you could say because really you didn’t know why Taehyung suddenly decided to kick you out of his life and for now that wasn’t important. “You know why you are here right?”

“I know, you want me to join the world tour as the drummer.”

“I do but I really need you to prove that you’re really as good as they say and I need you to sign contracts.”

“I understand, let’s start with proving myself.” you smiled as you pulled the drumsticks out of your pocket, which made him smile, you followed him into the practice room and you were surprised to see whole Bangtan waiting for you to arrive, just as the band. “Here she is, please take good care of her.” you bowed to the other guys who were nudging Taehyung for some reason. The band members immediately took you in and gave you the arrangements and it was a good thing that you could read notes because otherwise, this was going to be really hard.

“Alright I’m ready if you guys are?” they got behind their instruments and started playing after you counted down and for an entire hour you played without making too many mistakes, the mistakes you made were because they had made adjustments but after practicing it a few times you nailed it within four hours and everyone was praising you and Bang PD-nim shook your hand and welcomed you to the team and after that you had to sign a lot of forms to make sure you would get into trouble if you ever said anything about Bts or whatever happened within the company, they were cautious enough, which was a good thing nowadays and you signed without overthinking it and the large sum of money that you would get, wasn’t unpleasant as well, not that you were going to spend it because you were planning on putting it on a bank but still.

“We will be leaving at the end of this week, so be sure to get a passport and we will take care of your visa and plane tickets, we will let you know what time we will be leaving.” you thanked them and bowed before leaving, it was a good thing that your painting would be an end piece but now you had to make sure it was finished before you got on that plane.

You decided to pull an all-nighter but before you could leave the building Taehyung called your name “Y/N, please wait a second.” you really wanted to run away but now that you were working for him, you stopped. “What?”
“When did you learn the drums? I never once saw you play them.”

“Ah, I started to learn after you left, It helped me releasing my anger, without hurting myself or others.”

“I didn’t know you had an anger problem?”

“That’s because I didn’t have anger issues, it started when you left me.” with that you walked away leaving him with his guilt, you knew you were being petty but he really hurt you and you just couldn’t be a grown up about it. You called your sister to tell her you wouldn’t come home as you had to work on your painting, she, of course, was fine with it because now she could play house with her boyfriend.

The evening went by and at a certain point, you really had to stop because you were falling asleep and if you didn’t want paint over your face you just needed to stop. “That was about time.” you literally fell from your stool when you heard Taehyung’s voice. “Are you okay?”

“Are you crazy?! What are you doing here?!” your voice cracked because you were still completely in shock. He stretched out his hand to help you up but you pushed it away and stood up by yourself, he narrowed his eyes at your stubbornness but decided to say nothing about it. “I can ask you the same, why are you here, still working on your painting?”

“It has to be done before I go with you guys, so I am working on it.”

“You can do that tomorrow as well.”

“Tae Do you know how much work there is still left to do? I don’t think you do, so please butt out and just go home.”

“You just called me Tae.” your hand flew in front of your mouth because you did and it took you back to when you were still best friends, you always called him that and for some reason, you did it again.

“You are warming up to me, aren’t you?!” you shook your head and tried to push him out of the room but this was just a waste of energy and it was also an opportunity for him to touch you, which he took as he put his hands on your waist, you felt the electric shocks going through your body and it was like you were back at square one, it felt like your crush had returned, which really couldn’t happen. “I’m not leaving.”
“You are, I don’t want you here.”

“Why not, do I make you uncomfortable?”

“Look Taehyung, I will be joining the band this weekend and I will be there almost every day, so can I please have my privacy?!” You needed to convince him to leave because there was no way you could concentrate if he stayed and you just wanted to finish this painting. He was staring at you with so much affection that it was almost impossible to be rude to him but he just needed to leave you alone but when your word got through to him he smiled. “That’s true I will be seeing you for almost three months, I forgot about that.” You took a step back so that he had to let go of you “Right, well then.” you waited for him to leave and as he turned you took a deep breath but you didn’t even have a chance to get back to your easel, as he suddenly grabbed your arm and pulled you against his chest.

“I know you hate me but I really want to be your friend again.” he held you tightly against his chest and for a few seconds you didn’t say or do anything but you just stood there because let’s be honest he was still deeply woven into your heart, not that he needed to know this but for a few seconds you just enjoyed being in his arms. Before he let go he put his hand under your chin and lifted it up and for a second you were afraid he was going to kiss you, but he just stared into your eyes and sighed deeply.

“I will get you back.” with that he pushed his lips against your forehead and lingered for a few seconds and you just stood there frozen but as sudden as he pulled you in a hug he also suddenly let go of you and walked away.

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53, 60, and 78 with Kraglin!

53: who cares about what they think? 60: you look like you could use a hug 78: you’re worth it

GOTG vol 2 spoilers It had been a while since Yondu had died. You hadn’t been very close to the Centurion but Kraglin had. You knew things still hurt and that he had lost almost everyone in a few days time. You knew that despite being part of your crew now that he still missed that old life. You were looking for him at the moment. Peter had asked you to give him something. You had checked the control room and the cantina and still hadn’t found him. You were standing outside the door to his room now and you hesitated for a second. You had never been in his room since he joined you guys. You didn’t know why but it seemed like a big step. You had developed feelings for the tall lanky space pirate. You didn’t know how he felt at all so you were admittedly a little nervous. You finally got up the nerve and knocked on the door. “Come in.” A somewhat shaky voice called out. You opened the door and stepped in seeing Kraglin sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. You frowned walking over to his bed. You stood in front of him your hand wavering in front of you as you debated on putting a hand on his shoulder. “You look like you could use a hug.” You said softly looking down at him. He looked up at you his eyes watery. You felt a rush of pain fill your chest as you watched his face. He looked away before nodding. You paused for a moment before wrapping your arms around him pulling him into your chest. He wrapped his arms around you hiding his face as he let go. You felt his body shake as he finally let out at the pain from losing everyone. You held him letting him cry and rubbing his back. “It’s okay. I’m here.” You whispered over and over. He cried a while longer before slowly calming down. His body stopped shaking and his breathing calmed. He pulled back after a while wiping his face with a large hand. You pulled back looking down at him before sitting next to him. “I’m sorry.” He finally said after a minute. “Hey. Don’t be. You need to let this stuff out. And I’ll be here to hold you.” You said a little shaky. A small smile seemed to spread and he looked over st you. He moved a hand on top of yours and you turned yours over wrapping your fingers around his large hand. He squeezed back looking away awkwardly. “Ya know…. if ya wanted…. ya can stay… for a while.” He managed to get out after a bit of mumbling. You smiled at him even though he couldn’t see it. You pushed your shoulder against his side nudging him a little. He turned to look at his own tired face shifting to a smile. You stared for a second before taking a breath. It was now or never. You couldn’t wait and with your hand in his you felt a rush of courage. “I could stay here tonight…. if you wanted. Just in case you know… you need me again.” You suggested a shy smile on your face. Kraglin seemed taken back a bit by that. He let a smile cross his face for a moment. He nodded his head maybe a little too excited. He stopped though after a second and his brows furrowed. “But… they other guys might start ta talk.” He said gesturing to the door. “Who cares what they think?” You huffed out grinning at him. He smiled again squeezing your hand. The two of you talked for a while. He told you stories about his days as a Ravager and you told him stories about being a Nova Corp officer. The two of talked until it got to be pretty late. You hung on every word he said his slurred accent making it seem so much more interesting. You stood up though needing to go grab your pajamas. Kraglin stood too looking at you for a moment. “Don’t leave… please?” He asked. “I’m just going to get my pajamas.” You laughed a little. He blushed for a second before turning around and digging in a drawer. He handed you one of his shirts and a loose pair of pants you realized must be extra pajamas. You took them smiling before going into the bathroom to change. When you came back out he was in his pajamas too. He was sitting in the bed and you jumped in next to him making him laugh. He tentatively wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you down to the bed with him. It was your turn to laugh as he pulled you close. He nuzzled you close and you snuggled into him. He was studying your face intently. “Why’d ya wanna stay?” He asked you finally as the two of you got settled. “Because you’re worth it. No matter what.” You admitted leaning up and kissing his lips softly.

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When you are done with season 4 of race to edge what do you think are the pro and cons of the season and what do you hope for season 5?

Alright! I’ve just finished RTTE S4, and I would looooove to discuss pros and cons. I’ll make a list of some favorite small moments later, but here I will talk about big overarching pros and cons. Heads up to people that, because I’m talking pros and cons, I will get into both celebrations and constructive criticism. I’m not intending to rain on anyone’s parade by giving my comments on what I think could be better; I’m just being honest about the things that aren’t my favorite, and which I think are important to recognize… and I can at the same time recognize the show’s weaknesses and be a celebrating fan of the strengths.

Big Pros of RTTE S4

Book References Galore. I am always a fan of book references in the HTTYD show. This season contained a lot of instances which reminded me of the books. Whether or not that was intentional from the writers, it still gives book lovers a means of identify with elements they find familiar. In this season, we got book-like things including but not limited to:

  • A dragon which can only be birthed in the middle of a volcano.
  • Bat-like dragons.
  • Fishlegs calling Hiccup his best friend.
  • Snotlout feeling threatened by Hiccup’s role as a leader and trying to subvert it and become a great leader himself - be it king, or at least the leader over the other youths. Snotlout pretends to deliberate about killing Hiccup. He gets to be a little more antagonistic than usual when he’s trying so desperately to show that he’s great leader material, hoping so much that he won’t be overshadowed by the others. But in the end, he charges out and risks his life to save Hiccup.
  • An oft-used phrase in the book, “Easy peasy lemon squeezy,” came right out of Snotlout’s mouth.

Viggo and Ryker’s Relationship Splintering. I was hoping as early as S2 that the writers were setting up a fracturing between Ryker and Viggo. Ryker, after all, tells Heather that he listens to Viggo because they’re family. However, Viggo’s treatment of Ryker is poor. That’s good material for a set-up and character development… and we got it! We started to see hints of it in S3. 

It explodes in S4.

Ryker and Viggo, and their character developments, were probably my favorite thing about this season.

As early as the first episode, we see Ryker smiling when Viggo’s plans are thwarted. Ryker sticks by Viggo, but with increasingly-seen ill treatment on Viggo’s part, and increasingly irritated responses from Ryker, we at last get a split in Shell Shocked. Ryker has had enough of Viggo, and Viggo doesn’t have enough respect for Ryker for this to end well. Of course we still don’t know all the details about what all was planned and what was staged, but it seems Ryker did go rogue against his brother. It was nice to see this character, who was often overshadowed by Viggo, take charge and have this development.

Not to mention how both of the characters ended in Shell Shocked Part 2? Me likey. That was really cool. These appear to be both real deaths, and they are “fitting” for what the characters were. Ryker was a man of violence and strength; he got pulled underwater in the midst of a battle he waged himself. Viggo sought to gain profits and control dragons through the Dragon Eye; him diving to try to save the Dragon Eye shows his own motivations leading to his end.

It’s also very fitting that the Dragon Eye got destroyed. I was talking about how the Dragon Eye had to become inaccessible to both the dragon riders and the dragon hunters at some point in time. There’s no way for the story to get resolved otherwise. And it happened! I was happy to see the Dragon Eye finally return to the plot, and for us to see why it won’t be in Hiccup’s hands by the time of HTTYD 2.

Hiccstrid. I’m not an active Hiccstrid shipper myself (as you guys probably have heard me say many times, I almost never ship anything, and I prefer to focus on platonic and familial bonds), so I’m listing this one mostly for you guys, haha. XD I know that Hiccstrid shippers are probably going to be happy with what happened in this season! Flirtations, words of devotion, multiple kisses, all that happened. Haha, Snotlout even said “Hiccstrid” on screen! The slow boil toward their relationship has finally come to fruit, and it’s quite relieving to see.

I think what I appreciate the most was Hiccup supporting Astrid in Blindsided. The words of support he gave her were wonderful, thoughtful, deep, considerate. We have often seen throughout the franchise Astrid supporting Hiccup emotionally. This is a key moment in which we see Hiccup demonstrate great love, devotion, and support to Astrid in turn. The words he chose were nicely done. I appreciated that a lot.

Big Cons of RTTE S4

Recurring Plot Devices. I know the creators were excited about some of their planned plot twists, but the truth of the matter is that they tend to reuse the same plot devices repeatedly. 

Especially, one plot device they love is when Hiccup has to ally himself with the enemy. This has been done with:

  • Mildew in “We Are Family Part 2″
  • Alvin the Treacherous in “Cast Out Part 2″
  • Dagur the Deranged in “Enemy of My Enemy” and “Family on the Edge”
  • Krogan, soooooooort of, in “Midnight Scrum”
  • And now Viggo Grimborn in “Shell Shocked Part 2″

It is to note that the multiple redemption arcs - as with Alvin and Dagur - show repetition, too. I will say, though, it was nice for Viggo to not be completely redeemed. He still betrayed Hiccup in the end, and I appreciated that. But as far as the ally-with-the-enemy arc is concerned… that is starting to feel a little worn out, now.

Other recurring plot devices include Dragon’s Edge being attacked by dragon hunters; one of the youths being captured or kidnapped by the enemy; and, of course, a new dragon being first dangerous but then tamed.

Weak Character Motivations. It’s not that motivations are absent. It’s that they’re not neatly connected together or expounded upon to any realistic level. Character motivations move in sudden jerks forward rather than smooth progressions. Lots of the time the character motivations are explained weakly enough that they seem extremely unrealistic toward how a person would actually react in that situation.

Dagur goes from being an enemy with ASPD symptoms… to being a tentative ally with regrets… to being a genuinely good guy who cares deeply for his sister, the other riders, and endangered dragons. They do rudimentarily explain why he goes from one mental state to the next, but it never feels convincing. Part of that is that no one just magically drops an antisocial personality. Another part of it is that we don’t see a good, smooth progression from one phase to the next. The writers put in a little bit of transition material, but never enough.

Another example is Heather and her relationship with Dagur. There was not enough material for her switching from loathing Dagur… to being uncomfortable with his “death”… to being completely comfortable around him and welcome to deep physical touch. While we get the gist of why it happened, the way in which it is presented is very unconvincing and doesn’t at all feel like how people psychologically function. It’s pushing it at best. I’m not a fan of these sorts of things being misconstrued because it can have consequences for how we handle the dangerous and toxic people in our own lives.

We have other inconsistent character motivations on top of that, along with lots of weak plot devices arising out of this, but yeah. Character motivations are not as well progressed as they should be.

Sexism. This is nothing new to the show; it’s been present since Riders of Berk and onward. It’s been bothering me increasingly more with each new season released, likely because it hasn’t gotten better (the only thing that’s gotten better is no longer using “girl” as an insult). Especially for RTTE S3 and S4, I’ve felt distinctly uncomfortable with DreamWorks Dragons’ treatment of gender. It’s just come to a point that they should have fixed their mistakes by now, except they keep perpetuating.

Default gender in the show is undeniably male. The rule of how everything works in this show is “male until proven otherwise.” Seriously though. Essentially every single individual we meet is a man, be it human or dragon. Somehow every single new introduced dragon in the show is called a “he,” despite that being highly statistically unlikely. There are even several cases in which an obvious female has been called “he.” Given as we see no other Eruptodons around, it seems likely the egg had to have been laid by the dragon on the island. Sure, we can finagle around and give decently-conjured explanations for how this dragon could still be male, but by all accounts, it’s weird. We shouldn’t, in Defenders of the Wing Part 1, call THAT dragon a “he.” Even more clearly, Chicken is a chicken - a female member of that species, obviously so by the bird’s physical features. Tuffnut even hallucinates the chicken speaking to him in a female voice. Aaaaand yet both Stoick - and in this latest season, Tuffnut himself - call Chicken “he.” No. The chicken is female. That’s literally as bad as animating a cow with an udder and calling it a “he.” It’s that obviously female. How are we messing this up? Because the default gender of anything is male in this show.

Next, there are some stereotypes and unflattering tropes of women that sneak into the show. In so many movies, television shows, and novels, a woman is often only introduced when she has a romantic relationship with one of the male characters. While there are plenty of male characters who are not in a romantic relationship in media, it is much harder to find a woman who doesn’t at least flirt with a man and have that be a major point of her time on screen. It means that, as humorous as some people might find the Snotlout x Mala (Snala? Snotla? Malout???) dynamics, it’s not the most fun thing to see yet another female character’s role being heavily centered around whether or not she’s in a non-platonic relationship with someone.

Damselstrid happens a little too often for comfort. I know that many Hiccstrid shippers probably enjoy seeing Hiccup and Astrid caring for one another in precarious situations. I do admit that there were some good lines especially in Blindsided. Nevertheless, it is awkward to see the disparity between Astrid saving Hiccup versus Hiccup saving Astrid. This also have been around since forever, but it’s increasingly obvious with S3 and S4.

Astrid will save Hiccup in very short, quick minor moments in combat, such as by blocking enemy fire. But it’s never played up for drama. They’re gone before you know they’ve happened. In the one episode where Hiccup really needed saving because he’s kidnapped, it’s to note that the entire team (Stoick at the forefront) - not Astrid - save him. The other time Hiccup majorly needed saving because he was drowning… he was saved by a dragon. Astrid never gets the big save when Hiccup is most vulnerable.

By contrast, Astrid will constantly be in precarious positions in which she seems more desperate and in greater, longer danger. There have been two episodes dedicated entirely to Astrid being in a helpless situation and Hiccup needing to save her - Buffalord Soldier and Blindsided. Additionally, we can add several more instances of Astrid being in danger, like the very end of Shell Shocked Part 2, or when she’s about to burn up in Out of the Frying Pan. And when she is in these extremely vulnerable situations, we’ll often hear her murmur, “Hiccup.” It’s a suggestion that Hiccup is what is important and Hiccup is what’s going to save her. Even though Astrid is the best warrior of the youths, she is put into far more vulnerable positions than most of the other riders, and Hiccup almost always is the specific individual who gallantly saves her.

I could keep going about how there were also some outdated notions of gender sneaked in the show dialogue, too, but I’ll stop here. Essentially, sexism. It’s definitely in RTTE.

Season 5 Hopes

I don’t have too many thoughts on what I want for season 5 currently. Maybe ask me in a few months. At the moment, all I can think about is that we’re going to have to address that exploding volcano on Dragon’s Edge, and we’re definitely not done with Krogan.

In many ways, the end of S4 is the end of the big plot arc we got starting in S1. Seasons 1 through 4 are a unit, it looks like. It’s the story of Hiccup going against the dragon hunters. That ending has got to be the ending of the plot arc with Ryker and Viggo. So where season 5 turns? It’ll be a little bit of a new direction.

We’ve got some seeds planted with Krogan, I suppose, but really not much to work on. You could almost just completely end the show with S4. We got Hiccstrid together. Viggo, Dagur, and Ryker are no longer threats. The Dragon Eye is no longer around to investigate. It’s just that volcano blast and the fact the creators said there would be more episodes that means this is going to continue.

There’s a weird small part of me that wants Savage to come back. I don’t think they’ll do it, but I suddenly saw potential, and actually relished the small moment of Savage’s return. He had a wonderful return with great motivation. I’m assuming they’re just going to ride him off as inept, and this is the last we see of him. But there’s also a lot of potential for him to try to do something big. But I suspect we won’t see him, that it would detract from other plot stuff they would want to do, and so on and so forth.

So they’re likely going to keep sneaking toward Krogan and stuff with plot development? But how they’re going to do that without interfering with the plotline of HTTYD 2, I am not sure.

Three times when Luna told Matteo 'no' and one time when she said 'yes'

This is,,, (boarding school) AU, again, what is canonverse even? (please, Sarita, don’t send me any dictionary explanation). There are people who have seen it already, but it deserves to be posted when I’m done with corrections.

Also, happy birthday to my little berry, @ironic-lion, this one wouldn’t happen if not her!

Have funnnnnnn

Three times when Luna told Matteo ‘no’ and one time when she said 'yes’


First day of school was really tiring for Luna. First day in new place, away from her parents and even if Blake South College is maybe one of the best schools she could get in, it’s still weird to live here without her mom’s breakfasts and Luna’s own bed.

She was crossing some corridor, not really caring about her surroundings because schedule in her hand was impossible mess; which normal school sets math, chemistry and physics in one day? That’s next argument for her theory that Blake isn’t any normal. Sudden bump woke Luna up. She would’ve surely fallen to her knees if not for someone holding her arms.

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RFA+V reacts to MC getting into a fistfight for them and winning?? Like someone was messing with them and MC won't have any of that shit??! Bonus if she knows a type of martial arts :)

I really enjoyed writing this one and I just wanted to post it as soon as possible. ^^


  • Friday night, date night!
  • walking the business street, doing some store shopping, then sitting down at a restaurant for dinner
  • but you two weren’t hungry for a full meal
  • so it was just drinks at a cafe 
  • you two are reminiscing about the last RFA party while discussing each others’ day
  • in your line of vision you notice a girl sitting with her friends a few tables over who keeps looking back at you two
    • ???
    • and she’s giggling?
  • you manage to ignore it and continue conversing with him
  • eventually, you excuse yourself to use the restroom
  • the girl makes a beeline to Yoosung
  • he doesn’t notice her because she came out on his left
    • !!!
  • she sits in your seat, trying to start a conversation with him
    • kind of uncomfortable but he doesn’t want to be rude
  • you feel a burning rage when you see the girl is in your seat
  • casually saunters over to the table and the girl is ignoring you until Yoosung acknowledges you
  • “oh you caught me! I’m his girlfriend. Better get out of my seat lol” 
  • she has this incredulous look, “Really? You sure about that?”
  • Yoosung can sense your rage through your passive comments
  • “yUP, I’m sure.” (゜▽゜;)
  • the girl starts to get a bit angry as she stands up from her seat
    • she actually threatens you???
    • shoves YOU
    • and calls YOUR man cute!? HELL TO THE NO
  • you throw a punch at the bitch, straight in the jaw
  • Yoosung could have sworn he heard a crack
  • you two bolt out of the cafe
  • the nugget is just in shock and awe you just PUNCHED someone for him???
    • honored yet scared
    • masochist side emerges
  • through your apologies he keeps complimenting you


  • it starts as a casual lunch break at the park eating sandwiches you made for the two of you
  • all laughs and smiles, talking about either the RFA party or something that happened at the cafe
  • then these five guys approach the two of you in hopes of “scoring”
  • haha barking up the wrong tree
  • “We are just having lunch together. If you will excuse us…”
  • unfortunately, these guys will not take no for an answer
  • they keep pushing and pushing
  • to the point where you just tell her it was time to head back anyways
  • they stop you
  • “You two aren’t going anywhere”
  • Jaehee takes off her glasses, cracking her knuckles and stretching her neck
  • but YOU make the first punch, straight in the throat
    • more like a jab really
  • Jaehee is caught off guard but the guy you hit is about to retaliate 
  • she catches fists here and there
  • meanwhile, you’re taking care of the other guys who think it’s clever to hop in
  • it turns into a fight scene from a martial arts movie
  • the guys are down for the count
  • “I didn’t know you trained in martial arts as well. I’m impressed.”
  • finger guns and a wink, “Kung Fu!”


  • one night after his rehearsal, he meets you at bar for a few drinks
  • you’re not much of a heavy drinker so you let him drink for the two of you
  • while most times it’s about getting sloshed and having fun
  • yet you two are sitting at a table casually talking about each others’ day
    • both of you are exhausted from work
    • and having a drink or two while chatting with your S/O lifts a whole weight of your shoulders
  • damn you feel like you’re on cloud nine when you talk to this guy
    • beautiful loving marshmallow (*♡∀♡)
  • your vision focuses on the background and you see two snickering guys approaching Zen
    • you wonder what they’re up to
    • then the flash of dull blades made it clear what they were about to do
    • not his rattail
  • you jump from your seat just in time to startle them
  • you make your way around the table and without warning just punch the guy with the scissors
    • seriously who carries scissors anyways!?
  • Zen spins in his chair, wide eyed
  • the other guy is about to throw a punch at you, but you catch his fist 
  • you twist his arm to his back
  • Zen is still in his seat in awe
  • his S/O is fucking badass
  • once you finish your business with those fools, he asks if you’re okay
  • is happy knowing that while he has your back, you have his too


  • this donut is protective of you enough as it is
  • but one night at a bar to unwind, he excuses himself to use the restroom
  • when he comes back he notices two guys in suits on each side of you
  • you’re fidgeting, avoiding eye contact,
    • just overall uncomfortable
  • already he feels his possessive instincts taking hold
  • he walks over, having the gall to push one of them out of the way
    • and that guy is looking at him pretty pissed off
  • Jumin stands by your side with a straight posture and a glare that could reap a soul
  • fear definitely stirs in their eyes but they’re still trying to play tough
    • business men am I right???
  • the moment they INSULT your donut, you put your foot down
  • “Just back off.”
  • the guy gets pissed and he PUSHES you off your seat
  • before Jumin was on the edge
  • pushing his beloved off the seat pushed him off the edge and into a canyon of repressed anger
  • fuck the bodyguards
  • Jumin is about to punch this guy in his teeth
  • before he can even lift his fist
  • you launch yourself off the ground while you dropkick the son of a bitch that DARE insult your donut AND SHOVE YOU OFF YOUR CHAIR
  • your shoes make contact with his face with a powerful force that knocks him off his feet and the guy behind him as well
  • when you land back on your feet, in your stance
  • the entire bar is in awe
    • bonus points if you’re small
  • Jumin is just
  • he can’t describe the feeling he has
  • it’s like a combination of shock, adrenaline, and hint of arousal
  • but first and for most, he asks if you’re hurt
  • “I’m not, but they are!”


  • Vanderwood’s been on Seven’s ass for a whole week now
  • he won’t let your jellybean eat a meal or even sleep until he gets work done for the agency
    • hE’s onLy hOOmAN  
  • Seven would use you as a distraction as well as to keep him focused
  • but Vanderwood sees you more as a distraction so he tosses you into the other room
  • you just about HAD it with this
  • you march up to Vanderwood
  • “Give Seven a three-hour break. No negotiations!”
  • that clod just brushes you off
  • you say it again and this time he’s peeved
  • “If you open your mouth again, I’m not afraid to use force”
  • mmhmmm ya bitch try me
  • nervous Seven continues typing
  • “Let’s all get along here! No need for that!”
  • “You’re overworking him, he just needs a proper meal and rest.”
  • “Why do you like to interfere, girl!”
  • now Seven is getting pissed
    • does NOT like the way he’s treating you
  • he swivels his chair around, seeing Vanderwood RAISING HIS FUCKING HAND TO YOU
  • as he pushed himself off the chair, you caught Vanderwood’s arm
  • ┌╏ º □ º ╏┐ !
  • flips Vanderwood onto the ground
  • you follow suit and hold him in an arm bar
  • “NEVER!”
  • wow he’s having a hard time breaking free
  • Seven is just O_O
    • most likely recording it
  • it gets too painful for him so he’s tapping out
  • after seven took his two-hour nap he thanks you endlessly 
  • (シ_ _)シ ❤ ❤ ❤
  • posts the video on the messenger to show off his badass S/O


  • nights when it’s just you two taking a stroll is the best
    • once a week you and V just take a pleasant walk
    • it’s the greatest highlight of the week
  • it’s Saturday night, you have your arm linked in V’s as you stroll down the street
  • dinner was so satisfying and still on topic
    • each of you discussed why your dish was so delicious
    • honestly, food is a good 20% of any conversation
  • both of you were too caught up in conversation to have noticed the guy walking the opposite way
  • shoulders bump and V quickly apologizes
  • but the guy is some asshole who will get pissed at the most minute things
    • “Watch where you’re going!”
    • ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
    • you do not like his attitude but you don’t want to be rude
  • V is a sweetheart and apologizes again
    • oh honey
  • the man just won’t let it go
    • seriously what’s going on in this guy’s life to be pissed at a blind man?
  • starts insulting V then goes as far as to shove him
  • V is a passive fellow, and would rather not raise his fists to this guy, no matter how much of an assbutt he is
  • then
  • this guy
  • knocks his cane
  • you lose your shit
  • next thing this guy knows he gets a fist to the throat and a kick in his crown jewels
  • the only thing V sees is a blob falling into the gutters
    • he HEARS pain
  • you help V with his cane, your arm linked back in his
  • “Are you alright V?”
  • uh YEAH you just kicked this guy’s ass!
  • he was always conscious of his abilities to protect you
  • now he doesn’t have to worry too much about that
  • “Thank you but be careful next. You need to take good care of your hands.”
  • kisses your knuckles  (/▽\*)。o○♡


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How do you stay so confident when setting your standards and saying what you want from a SD? Like in the beginning how did you stand your ground? I feel as though I would easily be swayed.

You have to remember that you have the power. He may have the money, but you have everything he wants. If one specific POT isn’t interested, who cares there’s other guys willing to give you the allowance you want. Most of these men wouldn’t be able to get the attention of a girl like you at a bar or any regular social setting. You are in control, and you don’t need to settle for an arrangement that you feel is beneath you.

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In the show, the Tyrells tend to be written as good guys, contrasting Cersei's villainy (though admittedly downplayed). Do you think the Tyrells are meant to be viewed as good guys in the books too or is it a big misread like what happened to Renly?

The difference between the book!Tyrells and show!Tyrells is an extension of the change between book!Renly and show!Renly. Sleazy book!Renly, claiming the throne for his own ambition and damn the broader consequences, is supported by the ambitious Tyrells, who want Margaery to be queen and damn the broader consequences. They close the roseroad causing starvation in King’s Landing, and when Renly dies they change their support to the Lannisters even knowing Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen are illegitimate, because the Lannisters offer them more personally and immediately than any other side.

Good guy show!Renly, who cares about the smallfolk and good governance, can’t be supported by that family. Instead he’s supported by the good guy Tyrells, who might be ambitious, but they genuinely care about the smallfolk and good governance too.

Make no mistake, the book!Tyrells are better than the Lannisters. They’re a far more stable family unit, they don’t randomly crossbow smallfolk (they just support a family that does), and I genuinely believe that they genuinely believe the family’s interest is best served by upholding their end of the feudal contract. But they clearly put House Tyrell as their #1 priority, when what the kingdom needs is someone who’ll put the kingdom as a whole in that #1 priority slot.

I saw a post with Voltron high school AU headcanons and it got me thinking so here’s a post with my own headcanons, under the cut and with characters’ names bolded for your convenience!

If anyone wants to draw them out, feel free to! I know I’m an artist myself but I’m just too lazy to do it myself, honestly

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