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the signs as guys i've had a crush on
  • ARIES: the fighter. has a strong and energetic aura, determined look in his eyes. the ambitious one who won’t stop until he reaches his goal. constantly on the move, whether it be changing schools, moving homes, or traveling. coarse and aggressive on the outside, but is truly protective and caring of his friends on the inside. always up for a debate, and won’t take no for an answer.
  • TAURUS: the gentleman. has rather soft and round features. sweet, polite, and shy. the kind of boy you wanna take home to meet your parents. the one you never notice until he brushes his hair out of his face, because that’s when you realize how damn attractive he is. self-motivated and goal oriented, but rarely speaks about himself. humble.
  • GEMINI: the playboy. devilish grin, twinkle in his eye. fun-loving. the type of guy who texts you asking about homework, but diverts the conversation to asking you about your love life. he’ll compliment you, woo you, but leave you hanging. a flirtatious guy who loves to keep you on your toes, but will disappear the moment you reciprocate his attention.
  • CANCER: the sweetheart. baby-faced, dreamy eyes, amazing teeth. the kind of guy who’ll compliment you on anything and everything. wants to make you feel good, wants to see you smile. the kind of guy who, at times, takes care of others more than himself, because he knows how it feels to be left alone in the dark. can be sensitive and emotional, so there will be no such thing as “too much” reassurance.
  • LEO: the lover. passionate and competitive gaze, attractive smile. spiky hair. loves to be in love, craves your attention. despite his confidence, he can be just as needy and insecure as any other guy once he is comfortable with you. enjoys light and humorous conversations - will always tease you just to get a reaction. will always want to be physically close to you.
  • VIRGO: the adult. a clean, tidy look. stern and serious gaze, often immersed in his own little bubble rather than paying attention to his surroundings. looks extremely attractive in glasses. most of the time, is very booksmart - but can also come off as condescending. past that demeanor, he's the type of guy who'll show you that he cares by helping you out. a practical, grounded and sensible guy.
  • LIBRA: the sweet-talker. attractive voice, charming smile. humorous, flirty, and curious. loves to hear you talk about yourself - asks a lot of questions. enjoys adventures and romantic dates, and will always be willing to make time for you even when he’s busy. the kind of guy who loves to have a good time - you’ll find him destressing at a concert or a local bar at the end of the week.
  • SCORPIO: the soulmate. piercing stare that’ll make your heart want to beat out of your chest. loud laugh. will always be intense in one way or another. once he has his eyes set on you, he won’t stop until he has you. devoted, passionate and hard-working. the jealous type, but does not often show it due to his overwhelming amount of pride. will do anything and everything he can to show you that he cares for you.
  • SAGITTARIUS: the child at heart. a child-like, juvenile persona. nice build, usually muscular and fit. the kind of guy who’ll make jokes at all times - even when it may be inappropriate to do so. loves to flirt with you, wants to take you on adventures. will always make you laugh. the kind of guy who likes to live in the present. open-minded.
  • CAPRICORN: the rock. cold and intimidating stare. usually extremely sexy and alluring, but unapproachable. may be quiet, reserved and unwilling to socialize at first - but once you break down his walls, you’ll realize how much of a gem he is. great sense of humor, although not everyone understands it. hard-working and mature for his age. will always make sure you’re comfortable and secure with him. the kind of guy you can always rely on and come home to.
  • AQUARIUS: the lonewolf. charismatic stare, sexy voice, quirky fashion sense. usually very well-spoken and intelligent. loves to have philosophical talks with you. has quite a lot of friends, but likes to spend most of his time alone. the kind of guy who fluctuates between giving you all the attention in the world to completely shutting himself out. complicated, but worth it once you have him figured out.
  • PISCES: the romantic. messy hair, sleepy eyes, feminine features. the kind of guy who runs late to class more often than not. is extremely shy and may be insecure about himself, but loves to please you. may be afraid to approach you at first, but is a total chatterbox and goofball once he opens up to you. usually the designated driver, and is more than willing to take care of his loved ones.

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i've been puzzled by Critical Role for such a long time like i know it's a bunch of people playing D&D but how does it WORK??? and how can you binge it?? i checked an episode at random and it wAS 4 HOURS LONG HOW ???

Oh man, I honestly had these same exact questions/concerns before I started watching. It literally took me 8 months to finally decide to give the show a try and I just cannot express how glad I am I did. It seems so massive and overwhelming, but I’m gonna legit answer these questions and only hijack your ask to gush about the show a little to tempt you in

how does it WORK???
I knew veryyyy little about the mechanics of D&D going in. I’d never played any tabletop RPG (though I’d been interested in trying one for a long time), and pretty much my understanding was the really general ‘it’s whatever you can imagine/you do whatever you want to do and you roll dice to see if you’re successful’ etc., and the Community episodes where they play D&D. I was not quite sure how this was going to logistically be something you watch long term (as a non-participant) nor if I was going to be interested in/connect with characters that I can’t really seeI’m a pretty visual person. The idea of D&D made sense to me logically before I watched Critical Role, but I didn’t really get it until I started watching. So, tbh the best way to understand how it works is to give it a shot. (If you’re like me you won’t understand everything immediately—you pick it up as you go, and what you don’t understand of the mechanics really doesn’t matter because you can still understand the story they’re telling.)

Logistically speaking, everyone is visible on screen at the same time: 7-8 players on one half of the screen, and the Dungeon Master (DM), Matt, on the other side. Matt basically describes where the characters are (physically and narratively), and presents them with a catalyst (e.g., a character asking them for help, a villain attacking, etc.) that starts the action and the players decide how to respond. Really, the three core aspects in my opinion are 1) collaborative storytelling, 2) improvisational theatre, and 3) logic puzzles.

and how can you binge it?? 
Oh man. I mean this literally: I was watching/listening to Critical Role every single chance I got. I devoured it. Minimum of three episodes a day, and forcing myself to go to sleep and leave it. There are a lot of reasons I could binge it:

  • The storytelling. It’s so damn good. One of the most narratively rewarding stories I’ve watched or read in years. The world-building is fantastic and has no loose ends (while feeling MASSIVE and open and real). The plot is interesting, well-planned, and character-driven; everything feels meaningful in one way or another. The NPCs Matt introduces are all rich and compelling and unique. And—something I value immensely in story that I rarely get—there are consequences. Honest-to-god consequences for everything, and it always feels appropriate for the action, and well-timed (things don’t always bite you immediately! But also sometimes they do!). 
  • The players. They make such ridiculous, amazing choices that keep the story unpredictable but realistic. All of them have stellar comedic timing, but can also make me cry at the drop of a hat. They care so deeply about the characters and invest everything into the game/their interactions, and it just feels rewarding to invest my time in them and their world. Not a single issue connecting to the characters—they sell them 100%, but they do feel separate from the actors in a good way. 
  • Found family. The chemistry of this group is amazing—it’s a group of real life best friends and it feels like it, constantly—and it comes through in both the players’ relationships and the characters’. It’s just fun, and warm, and comforting to see people (real and fictional) who care as much about each other as these guys do. It’s just a good time. I see my friends in them, and I see friends I would like to have. 
  • You can have it on in the background. Logistically speaking, this is how you can binge it. While it can be something you sit and watch—trust me—it’s also essentially a filmed podcast, so you have have it in the background, or listen to it without video like I did while I was doing my dumb data entry job. (Bless my boss for letting me listen to stuff.) And, as much as the completist in me hates to say this, it’s likely you’ll tune out occasionally; the long fights can become number-crunching heavy/repetitive, and they do have some circuitous conversations when they’re planning what to do. 
  • You’ll wanna go into the tag. If you don’t care about spoilers this won’t mean as much to you, but I was dying to dip into tumblr to find fanart and headcanons and gifs and stuff, but I didn’t want to spoil myself. So there was that kind of urgent push for me to catch up AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!! so I could go looking. Plus, because there is a new episode every single week, there’s none of that pesky urge to put off watching something until a hiatus, you know?

i checked an episode at random and it wAS 4 HOURS LONG HOW ???
And sometimes more than that! They do SO MUCH STUFF each week (plot and character development and fighting and relationship progression and they don’t rush ANYTHING), they have to make so many decisions, and they just burn through those 3+ hours. (And they usually end up stepping in it somehow and having to make a detour to clean up their own mess, lbr.) Honestly, these episodes look fucking long, and they are, really. But the time stamps are a bit off at a quick glance; about the first half of the series has inflated run times—fans started sending in gifts they would open at the end, they did Q&As, they had subscriber milestone awards, etc.—so some of that is skip-able. It’s fun, but definitely stuff you can go back and watch once you’re caught up and out of content. There are also a few one-shot episodes here and there that you can also skip until you catch up. (Definitely worth watching though, later!)

So, it is a little less than it looks like. But truthfully, it just goes by really fast. You get sucked in. The action goes fast. You’re dying to see what happens next. The biggest issue I had with this series was starting it, so honestly for anyone interested in this series I recommend just watching the first episode. Don’t worry about reading up on what happened before they started streaming the show, don’t worry about knowing who the characters are, or what it’s going to look like. It won’t make full sense until you just dive in. (That being said, if you want a reference theargentumlupine’s primer is fantastic and was very comforting to have going in.) It seems unthinkable when you’re looking at 2384975987295 hours of canon, but as early as episode ~40 I started worrying about being out of episodes  ❤

Dante Headcanons:

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  • Other than the usual pizza and strawberry sundaes, Dante will usually end up getting some other form of take out, usually something like Chinese food or occasionally KFC.
  • That being said, Dante cannot cook for neither love nor money. He’s probably at least tried in the past, and while he has had a few cases where the food has at least been edible, he finds it so much easier and convenient just to settle for take out.  
  • Once tried to make his own pizza….Never again.
  • Unlike his brother Vergil, Dante is anything but a clean freak; or neat for that matter. Try not to be too surprised should you stumble across, both literally and figuratively speaking, a pile of empty pizza boxes, empty bottles and cans of beer and soda, dirty clothes piles and old take out containers. 
  • As far as drunk Dante is concerned, he isn’t all that different except for being a bit more looser and less controlled, followed by a bunch of “I love you man.”  
  • PDA wise, Dante’s the kind of guy who won’t really care what other people think. He’s more than happy to show his s/o some affection in public; whether it’s hand-holding, kissing, hugging, wrapping his arm around you while you walk, semi-public se-–wait what. 
  • Also really likes to cuddle, especially after a long day of killing demons. 
  • Either way, the guy’s got no shame and has zero shits to give either way.
  • Loves messing with Vergil’s stuff, particularly little things that he won’t necessarily miss right away, but knows it’ll drive him mad once he realizes it’s out of place; specifically moving them around to random and at times completely inconvenient locations, if not just obvious and clearly wrong places entirely; meanwhile amusedly watching his brother angrily searches all over the house for them later on. He likes see how pissed off he can make Vergil by the end of the day. 
  • He’s actually quite good with kids. Seeing as how he’s pretty much like a manchild over grown kid himself, Dante has a pretty good idea of how to handle them. 
  • That, and it also probably helps that he has a lot of patience and tends to not get frustrated or annoyed at them not understanding things. He’s better at recognizing them as just being dumb kids.
  • Definitely has a collection of records hidden somewhere on top of having his jukebox. 
  • Suffers from depression and still has nightmares, particularly ones going back to the day when the demons attacked and Eva was killed.
  • Is also a big fan of superhero comics. His favorite is Hellblazer.  
  • Really doesn’t like spiders or clowns. 

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Dark Nights (Part 8)

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Summary: The reader convinces Dean to let her go on her first hunt but it’s not as easy as she once thought…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Ah, so much protective cute Dean…

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Who’d say “I love you” first


Jin’ll not rush your relationship so he might won’t be the one to say it first . He will only say it if he really means it ,so it will propably happen at an really romantic and memorable moment. He’d prepare something special like a fancy dinner ,just to tell you “I love you” for the first time.

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon’ll think about it a lot “How am I going to tell her…I want to make this special for her” He told himself as he held his head in his hands. But in the end he’d do something the both of you’d remember for the rest of your lifes.

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You and Jimin’ll be enjoying eachothers company ,when it hit him suddenly. He just stared at nothing for a couple of seconds before turning to you. He take a hold of your hand and told you “I love you” then before you can react ,he give you the most passionate kiss you’d have ever dream of.

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When he confessed about his feelings ,he’d alredy said he loves you. He’d always tell you “I love you” anywhere ,anytime. He wants you to know how important you are to him.

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Jungkook is the shyest person you’ve ever met. He always acts nervous around you. He’s not that romantic either, but you should notice that he tries his best to win your heart. The only girl he needs is you, even if it’s hard for him to admit it. Maybe he won’t say these three special words for first, but after he become comfortable with your relationship, he won’t miss chance to say ‘I love you’.


When you first met him, you thought he’s just another rude guy who never cares about others feelings, but on the inside he’s the most caring and sweetest person in the world. He’s polite, gentle and he never judges how you look. He cares about your personality and loves you anyways. He’d be the one, who tell you that he’s in love with you first, because he doesn’t want to loose you. He only wants you for himself and he’ll do anything to protect his princess.


He’d probably say ‘I love you’ first. You might think his childish, because he likes goofing around all the time, but when it comes to an important thing like telling you how much he adores and loves you, then he goes completely serious and concentrated. He’d hold your hands, pull you so close to him that you can hear his heart beating, softly whispering in your ears with his deep, calming voice: I love you…

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These fucking nerds (except Kojirou, he’s a cute and precious little angel) lmao I love them all so much 😂

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Genre: Fluff

Characters: Baekhyun x Original Character 

Summary: You met his ex one day while he was out on tour. After meeting her, you begin to distance yourself from Baekhyun as you tried to figure out why he chose you. When Baekhyun finds out the truth, he decides he needs to do something big to get you to see how much he truly loves you.

Word Count: 775

Credit to gif owner

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Damn…. that’s really all I can say. One of the most talented singers I knew, from a band I’d listened to when I was first discovering music, that stayed as one of my favorites for years and years… it’s just heartbreaking. I didn’t know Chester very well beyond his persona in the band; and I’m sad to say I never got to see them live. But I’ve heard a lot of stories, and every single one of them involved Chester being a stand up guy who genuinely cared about other people, especially his fans. That he was only 41 when he passed on just hurts, like another light pointing us in the right direction, or inspiring feelings through music, or just generally being a good spirited person- they’re just gone. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, truly it was too soon.

R.I.P. Chester Bennington, I hope you find the happiness you were after in the next life.

Someone: it’s so sick what happend and its so sick that ppl expect ariana to keep touring. She went through so much, Everyone has gone through so much.
Everyone in a 50 mile radius: I DONT LIKE ARIANA GRANDE but like i agree