that other guy he's going to be slashed with

horror movie opening scene
  • white girl: i dont like this abandoned insane asylum, zack.
  • white boy: come on, amanda, 10 years ago tonight, the famous blood skull killer committed his last murder right here and then vanished.
  • white girl: you're just trying to scare me.
  • white boy: lmao
  • they continue walking for a few seconds
  • *white couple hears noise*
  • white girl: babe what that??
  • white boy: i'll go investigate
  • *leaves her alone*
  • *choking noises*
  • white girl: zack!!!
  • white boy: ha ha just kidding!
  • white girl: asshole!
  • white boy: im just playin babe
  • white girl: that wasnt funny but ur still cute
  • *playful kiss*
  • *things turn sexy*
  • *hear noise*
  • white boy: i'll go investigate
  • *he leaves and then there's a silence for a long time*
  • *maybe a thud*
  • white girl: zack! this isnt funny anymore zack!
  • *she walks and he dead*
  • white girl: ahhh!!
  • *killer shows up with sickle or quirky weapon that distinguishes him from other horror movie villains*
  • white girl: ahhh!!!
  • *white girl runs*
  • *dead end*
  • *hides*
  • *thinks she free n safe*
  • *guy catches her*
  • *cuts her*
  • *she dead*
  • opening title slashes across screen: BLOOD SLICE IN 3-D

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But imagine someone slashing his beautiful face omg.

Here’s what I envisioned: Kylo is making his way through a crowd to get to his private limo. There’s too many people crowding around, Hux is close but is temporary distracted when a flood of fans push through the wall of men holding them back. One of the fanatical fans get close enough to Kylo, pulling out a knife and effectively slashing up the side of his face. At Kylo’s cry Hux tackles the guy before he can do more damage. Furious (he failed, he doesn’t take failure well) Hux proceeds to violently beat the assailant unconscious (not dead, the other men pulled him off before it got to that.). 

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I love that folks are like, oh, fans are so unsympathetic to Kylo! There’s so much more to him! He’s complex! He needs to be loved!

But like… the audience isn’t being unfair if they see him as a villain at this point.

The audience is being unfair and unsympathetic to Finn. FINN. The other protagonist who was abducted as a baby and raised to be a killing machine-slash-cannon fodder. The one who, you know, only faced his greatest fears and got called a coward for doubting himself.

If Kylo is redeemed, the GA is not going to have a hard time having sympathy for him. Right now, people think he’s a bad guy because he’s a bad guy.

Finn is a hero who escaped the First Order. It’s a good story. And people act like he’s nothing more than Rey’s comic relief sidekick. They literally say he’s the “new Jar-Jar”

Tl;Dr: I’m not going to expend a bunch of energy on understanding Kylo’s trauma while Finn’s trauma, pain, and emotion is ignored.

Kissing Buddies | Nakamoto Yuta


the prompt: hiii can you write a scenario where yuta and you are friends w/ benefits until one day he confesses to you (fluff but with a bit of angst)???

words: 1314

category: fluff

author note: I wrote this whole scenario but it turned out rlly messy and angsty so i rewrote it and now I’m really happy with the result!

- destinee

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Without A Trace

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Prompt: The reader is a member of the BAU and they are working a case where the victims all look a lot like her. Hotch wants her to stay and work the case from HQ because he’s trying to protect her. She refuses to do this and ends up arguing with him until he lets her go with the team. During the case, she gets abducted just like everyone had feared (shocking lol), and it’s up to the team to find her.

A/N: Ok so this is my first fic for the criminal minds fandom and I’m just hoping that it’s alright. I like it, but I guess we will see. This is just the first part of a four or five part series just depending on how people react. Not as much HotchXReader goodness in this part, but I promise it’s coming. This is mostly set up for the next part. Hope you enjoy :)

Warnings: details about abduction, some murder details but nothing too gruesome.

Rating: T

Words: 2.5K

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The BAU had been called in to work a case in Raleigh, North Carolina. Eight women had been abducted and murdered over the past three weeks, the newest victim discovered this morning. There was a two day cooling off period between kill, then the third day a body would turn up and another woman would go missing. The victims had all been found on various park benches around Raleigh. All eight victims had sustained seven long cuts down their backs, a deep slash to the throat that severed the carotid artery which was the COD, and their abdomens were torn open. There had also been signs of other forms of torture present on the victims as well: cut from various other surgical tools, cigarette burns, electrical torture, and sexual assault. It seemed like this guy was using any method of torture he could think of. During the briefing, Reid pointed out a fact that immediately unsettled everyone at the roundtable. The victims all bore an uncanny resemblance to you. All of them had (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair, were about (Y/H), and all had been career driven women. Three were corporate lawyers, three had been college professors, one had been a publishing agent, and the most recent victim had been a successful TV reporter. The media coverage of all the murders had skyrocketed after her death and the press had given him a name: The Raleigh Ripper. Hotch told the team to grab their go bags and that wheels would be up in thirty. As the team rushed to grab their things, Aaron hung back to have a word with you. “Maybe you should sit this one out.”

“Why? Just because I fit his type? I’ve fit into plenty of serial killer’s victim pools before and I’ve never sat back and let the rest of you handle it,” you argued.

“I’m just trying to keep you safe.”

“And I’m just trying to do my job,” you shot back, “Aaron, I’m not going to be benched because this sicko has a thing for (Y/H) (Y/H/C) women? I’m going to help catch him.” Hotch seemed a bit taken aback by your outburst. You never used his first name in the workplace.

“Fine, but you’ll go nowhere alone. You will be accompanied by a partner on every part of this assignment and if there is any sign that the unsub has taken an interest in you I will assign you a police detail. Am I clear?” he spoke firmly, staring you down the whole time. You knew that look. He wasn’t going to budge.

“Fine,” you replied and walked away. Hotch sighed, rubbing his hands over his face in frustration before following you out. That should’ve been the end of the whole thing. You would have worked the case and caught the unsub without being stalked and abducted, but there are times when all plans, no matter how perfect fail. This happened to be one those times. You and Morgan were coming out of the autopsy for the most recent victim. After confirming COD was the same and examining the torture, you and Morgan were headed back to the police station to meet up with the rest of the team when a man approached you asking for directions. He was a white man, mid to late thirties, tall, and dark brown hair. He’d asked you if you knew how to get to some grocery store that was supposed to be somewhere near the M.E.’s office. “Uh, sorry I’m not from around here, but maybe-” you’d tried to politely suggest that he walk inside and ask the receptionist, when you’d turned away from him to point to the door, making your first mistake. As soon as your head had swiveled away from him, the man had grabbed you from behind trying to cover your mouth with one hand and the other wrapped around your waist lifting you off of the ground. You could tell there was a rag in his hand and you assumed it was doused in chloroform. “Derek!” You screamed, as you ripped his hand away from your mouth and kicked your feet trying to get him to drop you. Morgan came around the SUV in record time, gun drawn and trained on your attacker.

“FBI! Let her go!” Morgan shouted. This seemed to scare the man into submission. He roughly threw you toward Derek and took off down the alley. You felt the chloroform that had managed to get into your system start to take effect as you started to feel woozy and sleepy. You managed to catch yourself with your hands, so you didn’t face plant on the cold concrete. “Damn it. (Y/N) you ok?” Morgan asked kneeling down next to you.

“I’ll be fine. Did he get away?” you asked grabbing both his arms and letting him help you off of the ground.

“Yes, but we’ll get him. C’mon let’s get you back to the station,” he replied, sliding your arm over his shoulder and walking you over to the SUV.

“You should’ve gone after him instead of helping me. I’m fine,” you said, hand shaking slightly as you buckled your seatbelt.

“Mama, if I chased him down he could’ve circled back and run off with you, then where would we be? You’d be in the clutches of the unsub and Hotch would have my head on a platter for not thinking about what was actually important: the victim in this case you,” Derek said trying to reason with you. He ran around to the driver’s side and climbed in.

“I know. It just feels like he got away because of me,” you muttered, leaning your head against the window.

“(Y/N) it’s not your fault. If you and I can put what we saw together, we might have enough for a composite sketch to release to the media to warn people so that he can’t hurt any more women,” he replied trying to ease your mind. You gave him a small smile. The ride back to the station was relatively quiet, you and Morgan talked about what the unsub had looked like trying to keep the image fresh in both of your minds. When you finally reached the station, you were dreading going inside and facing Hotch. Morgan helped you out of the car, arm winding around your waist to keep you steady because you were still pretty woozy. Walking into the station, Hotch immediately rushed over to the two of you.

“What happened?” he demanded, slinging your other arm over his shoulder.

“Guys, I’m fine. I can walk,” you protested as they basically carried you into the briefing room where the boards had been set up.

“She got attacked when we were coming out of the M.E.’s office from the autopsy,” Morgan said as they gently set you down on the couch.

“Are you ok?” Aaron asked as he knelt down in front of you concern clearly present in his eyes. 

“I’m fine. He, uh, was just asking for directions to some market or something. When I turned my head to look for it, he grabbed me and covered my mouth with a rag. I think it had chloroform on it or something like it at the very least. Morgan came running when I screamed and scared him off,” you explained, grabbing your head which was starting to hurt.  

“Do you remember anything about what he looked like?” JJ asked as she walked over with some water and an ibuprofen.

“Yeah, he was tall, white, dark brown hair and in his mid to late thirties,” you replied, taking the water and medicine from her.

“I think between the two of us we have enough for a composite,” Derek added. You nodded, glancing over at Hotch whose eyes hadn’t stopped studied you since you walked in a few minutes ago.

“We’ll grab one of the sketch artists and have you both sit down with them. JJ, round up some of the reporters and give them the sketch when it’s done,” Hotch delegated. Everyone nodded. Rossi left to go find one of the sketch artists, and Reid went back to his map trying to come up with a geographical profile. Hotch looked over at Morgan who was leaning against the wall. “Morgan, you’re with (Y/N). I’m going to get her a protective detail to stand outside her hotel room, and I want you with her at all times.”

“Hotch, c’mon this is ridiculous,” you protested.

“Clearly it’s not. Look what’s already happened. If you don’t like my orders I’ll have you on the next flight back to Quantico,” Hotch snapped. You flinched back a bit.

“I’m going to give you two a minute and I’ll go help Rossi,” Morgan said and darted out the door and dragging Reid with him. Your eyes followed them out and then flicked back over to glare at Hotch.

“What the hell, Aaron?”

“I’m just-”

“Trying to keep me safe? That’s bullshit, you’ve never done this before and you always try to keep the team safe.”

“You’ve never been almost kidnapped before.”

“And that somehow changes the equation for you?”

“Yes!” he said roughly, thrusting a hand through his hair.

“Aaron, I’m going to say this one time: Do not treat me like a victim, because makes me feel like that’s all I am.” you spat.

“I’m not-”

“Yes, you are! It’s making me feel weak and like you don’t think that I’m good at my job. You’re making me feel inferior!” You shouted and stormed out of the room.

“(Y/N) wait-”

“Let her go, Aaron,” Rossi said, walking back in. Neither you or Hotch had noticed that he had been standing outside the door.

“Dave, I’m just-”

“I know, and I think deep down she knows that too. But right now you need to let her calm down and process what just happened,” Rossi said, trying to calm his friend. Hotch sighed and ran a hand through his hair again. “Everything ok?”

“She’s so stubborn,” he muttered, chuckling humorlessly.

“So are you,” Rossi pointed out sitting next to him. Aaron rolled his eyes.

“I’m just trying to do my job and keep the team safe.”

“The team or (Y/N)?”

“Same thing,” Aaron answered, walking up to the map and studying it.

“Uh huh,” Rossi chuckled, “So how long have you been interested in her?” he asked casually.

“Not relevant,” Hotch replied, dodging the question and willing the slight blush to disappear from his cheeks.


“Awhile alright?”

“And you haven’t acted on this because?”

“Because she’s an attractive, young woman and I’m an older divorced man with a child. Why would she possibly want anything to do with me outside of a work setting or a casual team get together?” Hotch grumbled. Rossi stared at him almost incredulously. “It doesn’t matter. Let’s just focus on the case so we can go home. I need coffee,” he muttered, walking out the door. David watched him go and shook his head.

“If only you’d notice she looks at you the same way you look at her,” he said and followed Hotch, noting his own need for coffee. You tried not to look at Hotch as he passed you by, headed directly toward the break room in pursuit of coffee you assumed. You were being childish and fuming, you were well aware of that; however, you felt your actions were somewhat justified. You didn’t care whether or not you had been attacked, you weren’t the victim and didn’t deserve to be treated like one. You especially didn’t want to be treated like one by the man you work so hard to impress and get to notice you.

“How ya holding up girl?” Prentis asked, standing beside you.

“Why does everyone keep asking me that?” you fumed crossing your arms.

“Because you just-”

“If anyone brings up that stupid attack again, I’m going to-”

“You and I both know you’re not actually upset that people keep asking if you’re ok. You’re upset about something that Hotch said to you,” she said effectively cutting you off. You drew back from her hugging your arms around yourself. “You don’t need to be a profiler to figure out that you’re really into him, and I do not mean that you respect and admire him. I mean into him, into him.”

“If you don’t need to be a profiler, then why hasn’t he figured it out yet,” you muttered. Emily gave you a sympathetic smile.

“He probably has but he’s brushing it off as something else because he doesn’t think that you would ever be interested in him.”

“Why does he-”

“Can we ever really explain anything men do?” Emily asked. You rolled your eyes smiling and shrugged your shoulders. “Exactly. I know that he made you angry, and I don’t know exactly what he said but based on your attitude I can make a pretty good guess. He’s not trying to make you feel inferior or that you’re at fault in some way here. He’s just frustrated that someone he cares for very deeply was in harm’s way and he wasn’t there to stop it or help you. If he’s being unreasonable or being too much of an alpha male for his own good and he’s driving you insane, just know it’s his own special way of telling you he cares.”

“I just-”

“We found out who’s been taken,” JJ interrupted rushing in with a new photo and pinning it to the board.

“Oh god!” you gasped, eyes widening.

“What do you know her?” JJ asked.

“No, that’s the M.E. that was performing the autopsies,” you muttered, pacing when it suddenly hit you. “He was on his way to kidnap her when he saw me and deemed me more convenient,” you said absolutely horrified. “I think he might have worked in all the buildings in some fashion. Janitor, electrician, IT guy, something.”

“We did profile that he worked with his hands,” JJ mentioned looking through one of the files that were spread out on the table.

“Where’s Hotch?”

“I think I saw him walk out for some fresh air with Rossi a minute ago,” Emily said gesturing over her shoulder.

“Have Garcia look into anyone who’s worked in all the victim’s workplaces in the past couple of months. He’s gotta be finding out about these women’s schedules somehow. I’ll run and tell Hotch,” you said starting to walk outside.

“I’ll go-”

“Emily please don’t. I’m literally just walking outside,” you pleaded. Emily glanced to look over at JJ who was nowhere to be found because she’d wandered over to Reid helping look over the geographical profile and was on the phone with Garcia. “Just come right back and don’t talk to strangers,” she finally conceded. You rolled your eyes at her and ran outside.

“Hotch? Rossi? I think we-” you said, but suddenly realized that neither of them was out here. You glanced around looking for them. You groaned in frustration and turned to walk back inside when someone tasered you in the back. You shrieked in pain, falling to the ground. You landed with a loud thud on the concrete and groaned. Out of your peripheral, his face came into view.

“Too bad, you didn’t just come with me earlier. Much less painful that way,” he snickered, covering your face with the rag and dragged you back into an alleyway. You tried to scream and fight, but you felt yourself fading in and out of consciousness until your whole world went back. Noticing that you were out cold, the unsub reached into your blazer pocket and took your credentials. He tucked a handwritten note into one side and threw it back toward the doors of the station. He tossed you in the back of his service truck and drove off. The whole abduction took less than three minutes, and you were gone without a trace.

Salem Town !AU!

  Imagine this- The town is suddenly attacked by different  kinds of evils, from witches to the mafia! Trying to corrupt the oh so wonderful town that they live in! 


(Investigator Vanoss )—“What the fuck? Spy my ass!” — Evan has been watching this town closely for years, the sudden spike of criminal activity has made his job much harder. 
(Dathi, The Jailor!) 
He does his job  just as he told. You evil? You get shot in the face.  He feels bad sometimes, but its either you, or the whole town. 
(Marcel, The Spy!)
He is undetectable, he is a stealthy, quiet man, his personality? Exact opposite  that hides behind a farmer facade.  

( Lookout Smitty) 
–”…Well, at least I know who’s fucking the jailor”– 
People call him nosy, but really he’s just the bored apprentice of the Sheriff.   

(Ohm, the Sheriff!) 
Teaming up with Vanoss to clear the evil of his wonderful town! They do not stand a chance! 


(Tyler! The Godfather) 
Tyler was not a very patient man. He is a man full of anger, greed and pride. And anyone who is not in the mafia can go suck it.
( Brock! The framer!) 
Brock is a nice guy! He really is! But if boss tells him to do something, he does it no question ask! No matter how innocent  you are! 

( Luke! The Blackmailer! )  
Luke has a way with words. A way with actions and if the boss wants you to shut up. You fucking will. 

(Jonathan! The disguiser!) 
Jon has a unnoticeable presence. A plain face with only icing blue eyes to deter him from others.  He is perfect, at copying looks, perfect at impersonating , and wonderful at tricking others.  

*Chaos Makers*  
(Brian! The Vampire!) 
He was really keeping a low profile, in all honesty he was! But when that killer decided to go on that spree, the stench drove him up the damn wall! 

(Bryce! The Serial Killer!)  

Bryce was the least expected of the bunch, slashing throats, blackmailing the mafia. You know, the usual.

(Craig! The Wolf!)
Craig was a normal guy! He really is! But when the moon sneaks out he just turns into a very hard guy to deal with! Honestly, his only friend he has is Bryce.    
(Scotty! The Arsonist! ) 
..Fire is just..So..Wonderful! He cant help it! Its flicker is like a woman seducing him with her dance. And setting someone on fire is so much better. 


All of these people, driven by different goals, must fight each other or befriend each other! 



Sodapop x reader--Requested from prompt list

Once again @emilyyyyyyy-0 has requested a wonderful, but long writing soooooo I’m just gonna leave it here for your enjoyment.

“I just want to be alone right now.”, “Run, and don’t look back.”, “Don’t you ever do that again!” & “It’s okay baby, I’m here for you.”

You and Soda haven’t been as happy as you usually are. You’ve been fighting constantly because he won’t stop flirting with girls. You work at the DX with him and it seems he’s flirting with girls more than just for business. You’re not “jealous”, you’re angry that he ignores you and flirts while you’re right there.

“It’s just hard to sit there and watch while you flirt endlessly with girls you barely know!” you yell at him.

“Baby, you know it’s just for business. The girls like coming there because they get attention.” Soda puts his hand on your knee, which you promptly push away.

“What if I want attention?! You ignore me while we’re at work.”

“Well…I don’t mean to.” He give you his best puppy dog eyes.

You furrow your eyebrows. “You don’t mean to? I’m always there! How in the hell do you just forget about me?”  

“It’s not forgetting–”

You interrupt him. “No, it’s ignoring. You do it and act like I”m not yours for the sake of attention from a few girls.”

“(Y/N), you’re blowing this way out of proportion.”

You huff out a long breath. “I am not! I just want you to treat me like your girlfriend everywhere, not just here or whenever it’s convenient for you.” Soda gets up and walks out of the room with a slam of his bedroom door.

You cradle up in the numerous pillows and blankets adorning the bed. You hate fighting with Sodapop, it always leaves you drained. But sometimes he just doesn’t understand how you feel. It’s hard when he refuses to listen.

A knocking at the door startles you. Pony pops his head in. “(Y/N)…uhhh–you doing okay?”

Your voice croaks, “Soda sent you, didn’t he?” Pony nods.

“I just want to be alone right now.” You put your face under the blanket

“If you need anything, tell me.” 

“Okay, Pony.”

When nighttime comes around, you leave because you don’t want to sleep anywhere near Sodapop. You don’t even take the truck or anything, you just grab your coat. When Darry asks you where you’re going, you reply with “Out”.

You’re walking down the road, far from the Curtis house. You wonder while you walk if you can just go to Buck’s place for the night and make Dallas sleep on the floor. But your mind goes blank as soon as you hear the roar of an engine followed by laughter. Socs. 

You try to walk a little faster, but of course the car catches up with you. You turn slightly to see how many there are. Five. Five guys to be exact. You swallow hard. Soc guys are usually up to no good at this hour.  

“Hey! Baby girl!” one of the guys calls out to you. You put your head down. You hear the car stop and the engine shut off. Then you turn to see all five guys rushing at you.

One taller Soc catches up with you and grabs you by the wrist. “We got us a greaser girl here, you guys.” The car isn’t far from where you all are so they usher you back towards it. The tall Soc hands you off to another one with shockingly blue eyes. He forces you to sit on the hood of the car.

“Now,” says the tall Soc. “What’s a pretty girl like you doin’ out here so late?” 

“I’m going home.” you lie. You wish you were with Dallas right now. Hell, you wish you could even be with Sodapop. Just anywhere but here.

A Soc with horse-like teeth begins to rub his palm up and down your thigh. You recoil in disgust, which results in him gripping you harder. You begin to feel your heartbeat everywhere.

The blue-eyed Soc leans forward and kisses you harshly, gripping the back of your neck to force you into the kiss. You push him away. The tall Soc pulls out a blade. He cuts brutally into your leg resulting in a sharp scream. He, then, cuts you across your chin, in an attempt to quiet you. He slashes your forearm. Horse-teeth smiles and stops your screaming with a kiss. These guy are going to–

(Y/N)!” You hear a voice shriek. You push Horse-teeth away and scream out. “I’m comin’, baby!” Sodapop. Hopefully he wasn’t stupid enough to come by himself like you were. You see him and 3 others running towards you. Your throat feels tight. You look at Horse-teeth and the other Socs, who look startled.

Suddenly, a punch is thrown at the blue-eyed Soc, knocking him to the ground. Someone grabs your hand, and you try to pull away. But he turns you around and you see his face. It’s Soda. It’s really him. He pulls you in close, petting your hair.

“Baby, I-I–” Sodapop’s comforting voice is silenced by a Soc’s powerful fist. You start towards him but he quickly gets on his feet. “(Y/N). I need you to run. Run, and don’t look back. Pony’s at home. You’ll be okay.” You nod and run as fast as you can home. The adrenaline rushing through your veins seems to guide you straight there.

You open the door, breathless. Blood is dripping down your face, your arm, and leg. Pony looks you up and down then ushers you to the couch.

You’re surprisingly calm, but Ponyboy isn’t. 

“You hungry (Y/N)? You thirsty? I’ll get you a glass of water.”

“Pony,” you say in a slow voice. “If you freak out, I’ll freak out. Breathe then get me some water.” He sits next to you and breathes deeply. He sighs. 

“How are you able to stay calm when you’re bleeding all over?”

You take a deep, slow breath. “I’ve lived here for 9 months, Pony. I know when I need to stay calm.” He gives you a small smile.

Soda, Two-bit, Steve, and Darry come in and practically fall to the floor. You sit up abruptly, pain shooting up your leg. You hiss in pain and Soda’s gaze darts to you. He hurries over to your still-bleeding form and picks you up bridal style. He carries you to the bathroom. 

Soda sits on the toilet with you on his leg. He grabs the peroxide and bandages. Sodapop cleans you face and arm up, trying to cause you little to no pain.

“(Y/N) I’m gonna need you to shimmy yourself out of those jeans. I have to clean it and wrap the bandages around it.” You nod and he helps you stand. You wiggle yourself out of your blood stained jeans. He sits you down on the toilet while he kneels in front of you on the floor.

“Don’t you ever do that again.” he says quietly. The rest of the time while he cleans you up, you both remain silent. When he’s done, Soda puts his hands on your knees. His eyes stare deeply into yours. “Look (Y/N). I-I’m so sorry. I know I flirt a lot, but it’s for business. The girls like the attention, so they keep coming back. The boss likes the money. You know how it goes.”

You nod your head. “I know, Soda, but–”

“I love you, (Y/N). And if you want me to stop the flirting, I will. If you want me to quit, I will. Just say the word and I will. I’ll do anything if it means that my girl doesn’t feel bad about herself.” It’s then that tears decide to form in your eyes and drip down your cheeks.

“Please don’t cry. Your tears tell me that I’m doing something wrong. I haven’t done shit right since I met you.”

“No,” you say through your tears. “You are doing everything a girl could ask. More than that. I just–I’m selfish. I want you all to myself. I love you, too, Sodapop.”

His eyes look glassy, like they’re about to spill tears too. “There’s nothing selfish about wanting my love.”

“You’ve given me your love and more. I just wanted your attention at work because I’m jealous. Those girls are way prettier than me. They’re nicer than me. They’d treat you way better.”

“Oh hush. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me. When Mom and Dad died, I felt so broken and torn up that I didn’t want to do anything. But you make me so happy, I could die right here, right now and I know I’ll die happy.”

You cry harder and he pulls you to him. “Come on, babe, let’s go to bed.” He picks you up again, pulls the covers back on his bed, and places you onto the bed gently. He lays down beside you.

Your mind begins to race. “Soda?”

“Yeah (Y/N)?”

“Those guys were going to do something to me. It wasn’t going to be good either.” You begin to shake and you whimper, remembering how close that blade was and how it felt to be cut by it. Soda wraps you in an embrace, your face cuddled up to his chest and his arms around your waist. 

He kisses your hair. “It’s okay baby, I’m here for you.”

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Just wanted to ask. Why do you think Lance would be a Slytherin?

The Slytherin traits are cunning, resourcefulness and ambition. I feel Lance exudes these more so than the traits of the other houses.

We see cunning in Lance’s tactical approach at combat. Especially visible inside the Balmera in season 1. He’s crafty and schemeing, not just because you can’t exactly go Rambo in the Balmera because you might hurt it, but because this is his MO. Keith is the close combat specialist, well along-side Shiro, of the group. They have no problem going ham egg and cheese on the bad guys. Lance does, he is the ranged specialist, not suited to close combat. Go in hacking and slashing? No, close the bay doors. How do we get by these sentries? Easy, cause a distraction. Lance doesn’t have the luxury of bruting his way through his enemies, so he improvises. He’s either gonna trick you into playing yourself, or just pick you off.

This kinda goes along with my argument for cunning. While Lance isn’t on the same level of intelligence as Pidge or Hunk, we see he IS resourceful in his own respect. He uses his cunning and quick thinking to offer clever ways to overcome obstacles. Keith you can’t just go in there waving your sword around, I have a better idea I just thought of. Lance is gonna survey the situation (if he can) and come up with a solution suited to his style of combat. 

You can’t tell me Lance isn’t ambitious. Lance achieved his dream at the Garrison of being a fighter pilot. Though it’s stated that he only achieved it because Keith left, it doesn’t diminish his hard work and determination to make it there. With Keith present, he still would have been second in his class. Second! Keith is considered the greatest pilot of his generation and Lance is SECOND I don’t know about you but that’s saying something. But Lance didn’t just get handed this position, he worked for it. Hard I’m sure. His desire to achieve his dreams is strong. He is extremely ambitious.

I’m not saying that Lance doesn’t display other emphasizing traits of the other houses, I’m just saying that he meets the criteria of Slytherin a lot more to me than any other. This is my own personal headcanon, I’m not here stamping my foot down and whining that you can’t headcanon him as something else. Lance, to me, is a Slytherin. To you he might be a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff and that’s fine. Honestly Lance could probably just shuffle around in the houses if he wanted to. He is a WELL rounded character, very balanced. 

The Test - Slash Imagine

A/N: Hope you enjoy! This is the last imagine I’ll write until June 16th due to finals and other things going on currently 

Word Count: 458

Warnings: None

Pairing: Slash x Reader

I’m certain I’ve covered my tracks. The (positive) pregnancy test I just used is buried in the trash can of the hotel we’re about to leave. There’s no way Slash will find the test and that means I have more time to collect myself and plan out how to tell him. Because the test is hidden so well, I don’t stress when Slash runs in the bathroom to piss on last time before we leave.

While he does that, I go to the tour bus with the rest of the guys. We pack away our bags and get settled into our seats. Just as the driver starts the bus’ ignition, a panic-stricken Slash rushes through the hotel parking lot waving a little stick. I can practically feel the color drain from my face when I realize what that stick is.

My pregnancy test.

“Y/N!” He runs onto the bus and waves it at me. He didn’t even take the time to zip his jeans back up before running out here. “What’s this!?”

“You’re pregnant?” Axl yells.

“Busted!” Izzy snickers. I glare at them both.

Turning my gaze back to my boyfriend, I notice we can hardly make eye contact with each other. I wish we could do this anywhere but here. “How’d you find that?”

“I knocked over the garbage can on accident.” He’s talking uncharacteristically quickly and I notice his voice is a little bit higher. “Tell me! Are you?”

With a nod, I gulp and pray silently that he won’t be too mad. “I’m sorry.” My voice is no louder than a whisper, but Slash hears because the whole inside of the tour bus has gone dead silent.

“How long have you known?” He runs the hand that’s not holding the test through his long locks, only to get his fingers stuck in the curls. Slash seems to be calming down a little, despite the news I just gave him.

“I just found out about twenty minutes ago. I’m sorry,” I apologize again and stare at the leather seats, running a finger across the beat up material.

“Sweetheart, why are you sorry?”

Sorrowful, I laugh weakly. “You don’t want a baby. You’re Slash. You’re born to party and travel and not be restrained by something like fatherhood.”

Slash shakes his head and sits beside me. “Just cause I like to party doesn’t mean I don’t wanna raise a kid with you.”

Placing his hand gently on my knee, he kisses my cheek. “Aren’t you scared?” I murmur, staring at my hands.

“Of course,” he answers. “But we can handle this. We can handle anything.”

The best photoshoot.

– Hello guys, I am (y/n) and I will take photos from you today. – I introduce myself for the boys with a big smile. 

 It’s funny when I accepted the invitation to take pictures of the for a magazine no one had told me how fucking sexy they are. When I look at them I see some surprised looks for me. 

– God, you are beautiful. – Slash says looking at me. I had time to record the names of all of them. 

 – And sexy… 

 – Duff! – Izzy berated Duff by slapping his head. 

 – Uh… Thank you guys but we really need to start this photoshoot so… do what you want.  – I stand behind the scenario and and I turn the camera to them. 

 – I have a question  (y/n)! – Axl raises his hand like a student. 

 – Ok… 

– I really want to kiss you and you tell to us to do what we want… – he is interrupted when Izzy sleps him on the head. I smile again. 

– This is very nice boys but I’m working and I need to take these pictures. 

 – I’m sorry for them. – Izzy says a little ashamed. 

 So I start to take pictures of them and they totally forget about flirting with me and get really happy with this because this proves how much they respect my work and they are professionals even drinking. 

 – Jeez why is this always so tiring? – Steven asks drinking his vodka. 

 – I think we can make a a little break. – I get up and give the camera to my assistant and then I loosey my hair. 

 – I think you are the most beautiful woman I ever seen in my life! – Slash says and I smile at him. 

– That’s really cute but… 

– You guys are being abusive! She is working. – Izzy says impatient. 

 – Izzy is right but you are a beautiful woman and we don’t know what to say. – this time is Duff who says. 

 – How about don’t say anything? – Izzy asks and Steven snorts. 

 – You are unbearable today. – Steven grunts.

 – Uh… that’s ok because to be honest I think I would go out with one of you. – they look at me totally surprise when I says. 

– Wait! WHAT? – Slash asks. 

– Please tell say you’d go out with me! – Duff says looking at me with hope in his eyes and I start to laugh. 

– I am sorry guys but we need to go back to work. – I take the camera back. 

 – Oh my God this is a torment. – Axl says while I take the pictures. 

 This is very funny, thir faces very confused and waiting me to say something while I took the pictures was very funny.   One hour and a hundred photos after the session ended. 

 – Ok… finish guys thank you for the time. – I smile at them one more time and turned to leave. 

 – Oh wait right there, we want to know! – Steven says and I stop, I look at them again and smile. 

 – I was just kidding I can’t get evolved with anyone I’ve worked with, bye bye. 

While I left there I heard some comments from them and calling me back but I really needed to get out of there but when I got in the car, I thought it would be nice to go out with Izzy. He is really handsome and sexy and seems to be smart. I get scared when I saw him banging on my window. 

– I was wondering if you wanna to go have some coffee with me or… I don’t know…. 

 – How do you know I want to go out with you and not with the others? – when I ask he smiles at me. 

– Well…. I don’t know but I really, really, really want to take you on a date…

 – A date? – I ask surprised. 

– Yes, so… –  so I smile and sigh. 

– Ok. 

– Oh thank you, I couldn’t stand those guys talking about you. 

 – And why? – he smiles again when I ask. He smile is so fucking perfect. 

– Because as I said I really want to take you on a date. 

Axl catching you and Steven making out

Pairing: Steven Adler x reader
Words: 1491

Can you write one where you’re Axl’s sister and he catches you making out with Steven and yeah..?😅😅

A/N: I decided to make this now bc i haven’t done anything about Steven yet. Hope you like this, girl.

Originally posted by gunsnrosesappetite

I was walking outside, heading to Axl’s apartment, he was my big brother, two years older than me. We had always had a warm friendship between each other, we had been best friends during our entire life basically. Other siblings were always fighting, but not us really.

We were going to have a dinner together because we hadn’t hang out together in a while. I was pretty sure the guys would be there as well, Axl hadn’t directly mentioned that they would come too but they were hanging out together 90% of time. But Izzy, Duff, Slash and Steven were super cool, so i didn’t mind at all.

Okay, but truthfully when i went to spend time with Axl and his friends, mostly i just wanted to see Steven and get closer to him. I used every moment i got to talk to him and we always had fun together, but we never hang out together without others though.

I knocked on Axl’s door and soon i already saw Axl’s smiling face.

”Heyy, you came! Just in time,” he greeted and hugged me quickly. I came in and closed the door after me, taking my shoes and jacket off. Then i went to the living room where all the guys were sitting on the couch. Well, three of them were on the sofa, Axl was standing and Izzy sitting on the floor because the couch was too small for everyone.

They turned their heads when they saw me and wide smiles spread on their faces.

”Y/N you’re here!” Steven exclaimed smiling and suddenly my heart started beating faster just by looking at him. The others greeted me as well and then Duff got up from his seat.

”Finally, i’m fuckin starving, can we go to eat now,” Duff groaned, but i just furrowed my brows when everybody were getting up from the couch.

”Wait, do i smell food here?” i asked confused. ”I already thought that i was meant to cook, because obviously everybody think that women belong to the kitchen,” i scoffed, but smiled very surprised.

”Hey, men can cook too,” Izzy stated seriously. ”And you’re our guest and you’ve had a tough week at work anyway this week.”

”We failed the first attempt though,” Steven said carefully.

”Well, i’m sure it’s still good,” i said nodding, being a bit unsure because they never make food.

We walked to the kitchen where everything was ready. I was pretty impressed and flattered how much effort the boys had put on all of this just because of me. We sat at the kitchen table, me between Slash and Axl, Steven right in front of me.

I looked what they had made, apparently the basic pasta, and took some on my plate. ”Damn, i’m surprised you didn’t just order pizza,” i chuckled and Duff just huffed.

”Yeah well, i was trying to suggest that to them, but Steven and Axl wanted to put more effort on this,” he said rolling his eyes. I looked at Steven and saw him looking at me as well but then turned his gaze back to his plate.

We chatted about random things like work, their new songs and everything. Although i was much more focused talking with Axl than the rest of them, but shared gazes with Steven once in a while through the whole dinner.

I was almost finished my food when others were still eating, but when i was getting more food, i accidentally dropped a bit food on my white shirt. Fuuck, i thought. ”I’ll go to bathroom quickly, i’ll come back in a sec,” i told them and headed to the bathroom.

I tried to wash my shirt clean but when i didn’t manage to get it off, i went to Axl’s room to get a new shirt. I had once left there a few clothes so i changed my shirt to a new one.

The door opened just a few seconds after i had changed my shirt, Steven came into Axl’s bedroom as well. ”Oh, you’re here,” Steven said when he saw me.

”U-uhm yeah, i was just coming to change my shirt, i had left some of my clothes here just in case,” i said nervously. I couldn’t understand why i had to be so nervous when i was around him without anyone else near.

”Oh yeah, uhm, i was coming to get some of my stuff from my bag as well,” Steven said carefully and looked at me for a moment.

We both just stood there super awkwardly for a moment, until Steven walked towards me, cupped my face and attacked his lips on mine. The kiss wasn’t long and i just stood there, shocked and looked at him in the eyes. Soon he took his hands off me and blushed, looking on the ground.

”I’m really sorry, Y/N, i shouldn’t have done that,” Steven said shaking his head. ”It’s just that, i like you. Like like you. A lot,” he told me nervously, talking faster than usually and scratched his neck. ”But you’re Axl’s sister so  i didn’t know if i should tell you this or make any move anyway, but i couldn’t just be near you and hide my feelings and –” he started again, but i interrupted him by cupping his face and pressing my lips on his.

”I like you too, Steven, for a long time already,” i whispered smiling and i saw the usual wide smile spreading on Steven’s face as well.

”Well, in that case, Y/N  Y/L/N, would you by any chance, become my girlfriend?” Steven asked and grabbed me by my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I pretended to be pondering his offer for a while. ”Hmm, i don’t know about that, i might have to think about it,” i said and saw his face fell which made me chuckle. ”Of course i’m gonna be your girlfriend, silly.”

He kissed me again and i put my arms around his neck. He put his tongue in my mouth and made the kiss more passionate. He pressed me against the wall with his body, but soon the door flew open.

”Hey, what the fuck is taking so long, we’re already starting to eat dessert and –” Axl started, but when he saw the position i still was with Steven, his eyes widened and i could already see the fire in Axl’s eyes.

”Look, i can explain –” Steven started, but Axl came to push Steven off me roughly, which made Steven almost fall on the floor.

”Why the fuck are you stuffing your tongue down my sister’s throat?!” Axl yelled at him and punched Steven on the face.

”No, Axl, stop!” i yelled quickly and stopped him from hitting Steven again. ”Please, just calm down, okay,” i tried to say desperately.

He turned his gaze towards me, he was still breathing heavily. ”How long has this been going on?” he asked, there was still deep anger in his voice.

”Uhm, like 5 minutes,” i answered carefully. Axl turned to look at Steven again, which made Steven to back up couple of steps.

”Of all women in the world, you decided to fuck my own little sister!” Axl screamed and started to approach Steven, but i put my hand on his shoulder.

”Axl, please, we really really like each other,” i told him and smiled, which made Axl to relax a bit.

”I don’t wanna imagine you two having sex with each other,” he groaned. Steven came next to me and put his arm around me and i rested my head on his shoulder.

”I love her, Axl. I’d never hurt her in any way,” Steven said and planted a kiss on my hair.

”Yes, finally!” Duff exclaimed and high fived with Izzy. Me, Steven and Axl looked at them confused, furrowing our eyebrows. When they saw the expressions on our faces, Izzy decided to continue.

”When did you come there?” Steven asked and still held his nose which was bleeding a bit.

”We heard some screaming from here so decided to come check what was happening,” Duff said shrugging and laughed a bit.

”We bet on when this would be happening,” Izzy said. ”Slash didn’t believe us so now he owes 10 bucks for both of us,” he laughed which Duff did as well. Slash was just shaking his head but still smirking when he saw me and Steven standing next to each other.

”Wait, what?” i asked even more confused. ”What happening?”

”It was obvious that you two had some chemistry between each other,” Duff said nodding, winked and pointed at me and Steven. We looked at each other and blushed.

Axl just shook his head and chuckled. ”Fine, atleast you’re much better than Y/N’s former boyfriends,” Axl said, looking at Steven, then raising his eyebrows, becoming more serious again. ”But make sure to use condoms, otherwise i’m gonna decide your kids’ names.”

Can I trust you? -Shance Week Bonus Day 8

So I hope I did a pretty good Galra!SHiro. It was pretty short. Hope you enjoy it.

Altean!Lance/Galra!Shiro or Altean!Shiro

“Lance, look out!” Keith’s voice rang as the room around the Altean prince started to come down. Lance was frozen as he watched a part of the roof came closer when he was shoved out of the way. He slammed into the wall, out of the way and he could feel something hovering over him. He opened his eyes and looked up to see golden eyes looking back down at him. Galra golden eyes. He pressed himself closer to the wall and tried to reach his Bayard, when he hesitated. The person on top of him was human. He had black hair cropped short but white fringe hanging in front of his forehead. The scar on his nose was so prominent on his face. He noticed that his left arm was made of metal. It was nothing like Sendak’s arm, it was sleeker, minus the claws it had. Noticing the prince’s attention, the human looked down at him and gave him a smirk, revealing the fangs he had.

“Can’t have his highness getting hurt now can we?”

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Snowball Fight With A Stranger- Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Reader(no gender)

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  If you’re still taking requests, could you do an alec/reader one based on this first meeting prompt “i meant for that snowball to hit my friend but you came around the corner at the last second and now we’re having a snowball fight”

Warning(s): Fluff

A/N: Sorry for the wait, darling! and remember to be careful during snowball fights people, the snow shouldn’t have any stones or ice in them, or else they can do a lot of damage! I hope you like it^^ ENJOY! 

Originally posted by orchid-bud

Originally posted by strictlys

*gifs not mine* 

Snow had finally fallen in New York, and I couldn’t be happier. I was on my way home from work at the bookstore a few blocks down, when I spotted some very familiar figures hiding behind a bench, chuckling among themselves. 

 Slowly I snuck up on them, their attention obviously elsewhere, but just as I was only a couple of meters away from them, something hit me in my shoulder. Quickly looking down I noticed snow sticking to my jacket. 

 «Ha! I got you.» Yet another one of my friends shouted from another bench not far away. 

 «Snowball fight?» I shouted at them, to which they eagerly nodded. 

 «Well, count me in!» I shouted back at them as I swiftly scooped up a handful of snow, forming it into a ball. 

«You’re on my team, Y/n.» I nodded and jogged over to my team, throwing my bag together with the others. 


We had somehow moved away from the benches and towards one of the buildings during our fight, in which I had gotten some solid hits in if I could say so myself. Not that they hadn’t either. 

 When one of my friends on the other team had hit me in the neck not long ago, some of the snow had slipped down into my jacket, distracting me enough for them to get another hit in.

 I took another pre made snowball into my hands, getting ready to throw it at my friend who was standing by the corner of the building, a snowball in the making in his hands. With as much power I could muster I threw the snowball at him, but just to my luck he saw it coming and ducked, only for my snowball to hit a guy coming around the corner.

 The guy I had hit slowly turned his head to look at me, a murderous look on his face. Slowly he crouched down to the ground, picket up some snow, all the while keeping eye contact with me. 

 My friends around me had gotten awfully silent. Without me noticing it, the guy had made a snowball and before I could react the snowball came hurdling towards with an amazing speed, hitting me in the head. 

Luckily it was a soft one.   

The guy I had hit started laughing, his eyes twinkling in joy. Soon he was playing with us, throwing ball after ball without a miss. We were all having a lot of fun, and the snowball fight which had started out as long distance, turned into close combat.

 We had started with proper snowballs what we now threw was more just whatever snow we got up from the ground in whatever shape we managed to shape it in before we had to throw them. 

 All of a sudden without me managing to react one of my friends collided with the new guy, who had at one point said his name was Alec, and Alec stumbled into me, making me fall to the ground, with him on top of me. Both of us started wide eyed at each other were we lay with our faces inches apart, the «snowball» fight still going on around us. 

 Our noses brushed against each other when Alec moved slightly above me so he wouldn’t crush me below him. 

We both chuckled, both trying to get up at the same time. 

That was until one of my friends yet again managed to bump into a half sitting slash laying on top of me Alec with little balance, making him yet again fall on top of me, only this time it wasn’t just our noses that bumped; it was our lips.

anonymous asked:

Okay but imagine this: Yuuri standing up for transboy Yurio and comforting him after JJ misgendered him

OMG THO please wouldn’t this be great and SUCH a good moment for the two of them? 

IDK how much personal interaction JJ and Yurio have had with one another, but obviously it’s enough for Yurio to know he’s an obnoxious little pissant and for JJ to know that boy has boobs and GOD does Yurio not have the fucking time for this today? He’s too pissed/upset at/worried about his, he’s freaked out from that fucking ANXIETY ATTACK he just had on the ice and honest to God if he wasn’t about to go to his interview (and wasn’t on camera) he’d tear that fuckboy a brand new gaping asshole

BUT YUURI DAMNIT, Yuuri heard this shit someone tossed over at his rival-slash-son and fuck you that’s not gonna fly the kid has enough stress without someone coming in to HIS home country where life is probably hard enough being trans and probably pretty fucking closeted TBH. His little ladies first remark to any one else just sounds like guys teasing each other with the general misogyny that they’re taught so early but Yuurio figures if he knows and Victor knows surely some of the others know too and he’s gonna corner that asshole and…NOT rip him a new asshole cause even an impassioned Yuuri is still not a screamer (out of bed i mean what) or a violent man but he’s gonna give JJ a twenty minute scolding in the locker room because do you HEAR yourself? Do you really wanna get on YURI PLISETSKY’S bad side that boy will take a skate blade to your throat while you sleep and even if he WASNT the vindictive type WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU that’s just so cruel who taught you to be such a sexist little nitwit cause it sure wasn’t your mother have some respect Yurio is a smart BOY he’s a good kid and he’s probably going to whoop your ass this round and if I hear you make any remarks about being ‘beat by a girl’ or some shit then me and my sasquatch of a boyfriend will find you

….and that’s when i realized you said “comforting” and not “confronting” and suddenly the entire subject of this ask changes I’m sorry Nonnie I’m American and still in a thanksgiving turkey coma but HEY YOU JUST GAVE ME A GREAT FIC IDEA CAN I WRITE THIS?

Slash imagine (requested) - Part 2

(Part 1)

It’s been three days since you had left your shared home and you haven’t heard a single word from Slash yet. For now you stayed at your sister’s apartment. You knew she would be there for you, no matter what. You would have loved to hang out with her or go out in the city but you didn’t feel like having fun at all. The fact that Slash didn’t try to call you or to find out where you went after your argument made you feel like a nobody. You hoped for your misery to be over soon, after all you needed to muster the energy to find a new apartment.


You averted your gaze from the TV screen and looked at your sister who gave you a smile. “One of your friends is here to see you, uh… I think it’s Axl?” You chuckled. “Axl? How does he even know I’m here?” She shrugged. “Come on, he’s waiting at the door.” You got up quickly and a smile spread across your face the second you saw Axl who leant against the door frame. “Axl!” “(Y/N)! Aw, come here.” He put his arms around you, you hugged him back. “What are you doing here?” “Slash told me you left… he had no clue where you went and I figured you’d either be at one of your friend’s places or at your sister’s place.” “Why didn’t you just call me?” Axl laughed. “I don’t have the phone number of your sister or any of your friends, silly.” “Oh. Right. We should change that. You wanna come inside?” “I don’t have much time, I just wanted to see how you’re doing.” “I’ve seen better days. I mean, I’m worthless to Slash…” You fell silent when your eyes got watery and tears ran down your face the second you had said his name out loud. Axl pulled you closer to him again and soothingly rubbed your back. “Hey, don’t you ever say that again” he whispered. “You’re not worthless, not to Slash or to anyone else.” You sobbed as you clung to Axl. “Why’d he treat me like that if I’m not worthless to him?” you asked. “He was somewhat sober that night and also kinda exhausted from doing interviews… this is no excuse for his behavior, I just need you to know that you didn’t do anything wrong. Slash is a coward and that’s the only reason you didn’t hear anything from him yet. I’ll kick his ass if he doesn’t change that any time soon though, I promise.” You chuckled with watery eyes. “You do?” “Definitely.” “Thank you so much, Axl.” He patted your head with a smile. “Sure thing. I really gotta go now though.” “Wait just a second, I’ll write down the phone number for you.” You headed back inside to get a piece of paper and quickly scribbled the numerics down before you handed it to Axl. He gave you a smile. “Thanks. Maybe I’ll see ya at our show tomorrow?” “Oh, right! I’ll be there for Izzy, Duff, Steven and you.” “The main thing is that you’ll be there.”

Now that Axl had been there for you, you felt a whole lot better already. And the way he had talked about Slash made it seem like there was still hope left. Maybe Axl was right, maybe you did mean something to Slash.

Your sister was happy to see that you felt better and you actually ended up going out for dinner tonight.

On the next day you were happy that you decided to visit the show of Guns N’ Roses. It was about noon on a saturday and you were reconsidering what to wear tonight when the phone rang. You thought nothing of it and picked up, expecting a call for your sister.

“Hello? It’s (Y/N) speaking, my sister is not home right now…”


Your heart skipped a beat when you recognized Slash’s voice. Your first impulse was to hang up which was exactly what you did. With a racing heartbeat you stared at the phone and waited in anticipation. You weren’t sure why you didn’t talk to him, after all you’ve been waiting for him to call you all the time but now you weren’t ready to say a single word to him all of the sudden. Somehow you were scared you might forgive him way too fast and you didn’t want to make him feel as if he could do with you whatever he wanted.

After a short while the phone rang again but you didn’t pick up this time. You told yourself to stay strong and waited for him to leave a voicemail message although you didn’t want to get your hopes up. When you heard the familiar beeping sound though you were surprised to hear that he actually did leave a message for you.

“Hey… I know you probably hate me and I totally get it, I was a total asshole… but please come to our show tonight. Please, baby.”

With watery eyes you replayed the message, only to hear those last two words over and over again. He sounded so genuine and almost desperate and if you didn’t know better you’d say that he sounded as if he’s been crying. Now you were even more convinced that going to the concert would be a good decision.

Eventually you had picked your outfit and waited impatiently for the time to pass by until you could drive over to the venue and get inside through the backstage entrance. Your name has been on their list since the day Slash and you had started dating so the security recognized your face anyways. Although there was a great danger of running into Slash somewhere in the hallways you wanted to see the other guys before they would let you take place in the first row in front of the stage. Tonight you didn’t feel like standing backstage, you didn’t want to be anywhere near Slash if it could be avoided. Fortunately Steven was the first one of Guns N’ Roses you came across.

“(Y/N)! You’re actually here!”

He hugged you tightly. “Hey, you’re squeezing me to death!” He let go of you with a chuckle. “Sorry. How have you been lately?” You shrugged. “Uh, I’m not sure. I’m okay I guess. What about you?” “I’m good, I’m excited for the show tonight!” Steven winked at you. “And you should be too.” “Okay? Now I’m even more excited.” Steven patted your shoulder. “Great! I gotta go back… if you don’t wanna see Slash, I’d recommend you not to come with me though.” “Oh, that’s too bad. I would have loved to see Duffy, Axl and Izzy before the show.” “I’ll tell them you’re here. I guess you’ll be part of the crowd tonight then?” “Yeah. I don’t wanna be backstage.” Steven nodded and gave you an uneasy smile. “Sure, I get that. I hope we all see you afterwards!” “I hope so too” you said and waved at him before you made your way to the stage.

The show was sold out which did not surprise you at all. It was a bit uncomfortable to be squeezed between all those people but you didn’t mind. Somehow it was a great feeling to be part of the crowd, to scream for Guns N’ Roses to finally get on stage and just feel like a fan without all the drama surrounding you.

When the lights went out and the background music stopped playing everyone started screaming even louder than before and you got carried away by the joy of the other people and almost forgot you’d be seeing your friends playing on stage along with someone you’d rather avoid tonight. You thought you’d be above such things but the second you spotted Slash you were close to tears again. You tried so hard to concentrate on Axl who just announced ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and it somewhat worked not to glance at Slash every now and then to see if he already realized you were here.

In the middle of the set Axl walked over to the edge of the stage. He looked at all the people in the front row until his eyes locked with yours.

“Tonight we decided to get a fan on stage, someone very special” he said with a smile. Whilst everyone else in the hall was freaking out, you couldn’t breathe for a second. Did he actually intend on getting you on stage?! You shook your head barely noticeable. “I think I already made my decision!” he proclaimed. He portended the security guards to get you onto the stage. “We have this beautiful, young lady here…” You got over the barrier with the help of two guys and then up on the stage. The crowd was cheering but you didn’t feel like rejoicing at all; you were freaking out but not in a good way. What was Axl’s game?

You didn’t even dare to look at all the people and you started to feel uncomfortable with so many eyes on you.

“You know… she’s actually very familiar to us” Axl told the crowd and gave you a smirk. “She’s especially familiar to one of us.” Your got weak in the knees when you saw that Slash walked towards you with a light smile on his lips although you could hardly see that behind his curly black hair. Now you understood why Axl had taken you on stage and you were sure it has been Slash’s idea in the first place; to show the whole world that he was yours now.

When he closed up on you, you simply let it happen. You didn’t try to push him away when he put his arms around you and you didn’t turn your head when he placed his soft lips onto yours. You forgot everything around you as you kissed him back. All your worries were wiped off at one stroke.

Eventually you let go of each other and you turned your face to the cheering crowd. Some girls didn’t seem too happy about what had just happened though.

You spent the rest of the show backstage like you always used to do and watched your boyfriend playing guitar with butterflies in your stomach. When they finished their set Slash couldn’t wait to catch you in his arms.

“I’m so glad you’re here” he whispered before he pecked your lips. “I’m so sorry, baby. The way I talked to you was nothing but awful and I should’ve known better. I acted like an arrogant asshole and you don’t deserve that.” “Yeah, you really did. And it hurt me a lot.” You sighed. “But what you just did there showed me that I do mean something to you.” Slash caressed your cheek and gave you a warm smile. “You mean everything to me, baby. I can’t believe I actually allowed this to happen. I’ll never hurt you again, I promise.” “I trust you” you said with a hint of a smile on your face and the two of you shared another kiss before you joined the rest of the band to celebrate this successful evening together.

            PRISON BREAK STARTERS, PT. 1. ( ep. 1 - 11 )
           /  death, murder, gore.

‘ you’re telling me you’re gonna walk outta here and i’m never gonna see it again? ’
‘ i don’t have a few years. wish to hell i did. ’
‘ i didn’t want you to come. go home. i didn’t want you to see this. ’
‘ you don’t have a violent bone in your body. ’
‘ he just rolled over. he didn’t put up a fight. ’
‘ i didn’t kill that man. ’
‘ i believe in being part of the solution. not the problem. ’
‘ i’ve got news for you. “trust me” means absolutely zero inside these walls. ’
‘ you spooked her. ’
‘ you’ve got too much potential to be screwing up your life like this. ’
‘ you two have the most dysfunctional idea of love i’ve ever seen. ’
‘ i will not be cowed into forsaking my beliefs. not by you, not by anybody. ’
‘ in a month’s time, i’ll be dead. ’
‘ you’re already dead to me. ’
‘ you’ve been checking up on me. ’
‘ i’m an anchor. all i’ll do is drag them down with me. ’
‘ getting outside these walls is just the beginning. ’
‘ you’re anticipating every one of my moves three moves in advance. ’
‘ you’re one hell of a strategist. ’
‘ he may run this place during the day, but i run it during the night. ’
‘ you don’t gotta look for trouble. it finds you. ’
‘ the man’s a five-time felon. he had no credibility. ’
‘ my whole life has always been crazy and noisy. ’
‘ if he testifies, a lot of people are going down. including me. ’
‘ we’ve known each other a long time… it would be a shame if anything happened to your kids. ’
‘ you want me to fight, i’ll fight. ’
‘ all i need is a weapon. ’
‘ i got a good mind to slash you open right now. ’
‘ your luck just ran out. you chose the wrong side. ’
‘ i never pulled the trigger. that guy was already dead. ’
‘ you’re a dead man! do you hear me? you’re a dead man! ’
‘ they’re gonna kill your boy like they killed mine. ’
‘ do what you need to do to make this go away. ’
‘ if i give you that information, i’m a dead man. ’
‘ do’t make me lie to you. please. ’
‘ you kill him, you kill our ticket out of here. ’
‘ if you were a decent man, and you really loved her, you’d let her live her life. ’
‘ i’m looking to do some damage. i want to do it slow  —  inflict the maximum amount of pain so a guy wishes he’d die, and get it over with, but just can’t quite get there… ’
‘ you’re one sick puppy, you know that? ’
‘ i figured i could play their game and watch him die, or take matters into my
own hands. ’
‘ the world would be better without him. ’
‘ why would i want anyone to watch me die? ’
‘ i know you’re scared. i am too. but please put the gun down. ’
‘ i had to see if you could keep a secret. ’
‘ you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t scared in a place like this. ’
‘ we could cut off all his limbs. he still wouldn’t talk. ’
‘ don’t make this any harder than it needs to be. ’
‘ you renege now and i’m gonna cut you. so you better take care of your business, or i will take care of you. ’
‘ has he threatened you? ’
‘ he deserves punishment as much as the rest of these guys. ’
‘ you know you’re gonna get killed in here, right? if you’re not careful. ’
‘ if we’re gonna pull this off, we need to take one of them out. ’
‘ you’re up against much bigger fish than me. ’
‘ i’d made my peace, then you give me the one thing a man in my situation shouldn’t have. hope. and now that’s gonna be taken away. ’
‘ not even a week here and you’re working it like an old con. ’
‘ i have a little unfinished work to take care of. ’
‘ i abandoned him a long time ago. ’
‘ we’re pissing someone off. when people start breaking the law, you know you’re getting warm. ’
‘ i think it’s time we stopped beating around the bush and go after the damn bush. ’
‘ the chair isn’t the only way to take a man’s life in prison. ’
‘ there’s three things for certain in life  —  death, taxes and count. ’
‘ you probably heard stories about me. they’re not all true. ’
‘ i told you not to apologise. it makes you look weak. ’
‘ i ain’t messing with no diablo. ’
‘ i got enough enemies already. ’
‘ i’m not gonna hurt nobody. i’m a part of the team now. ’
‘ i’m gonna be very clear here, because you and i face an evolutionary gap. you ain’t gonna hurt this man. ’
‘ just don’t make a scene, okay? he gets very uncomfortable with this thing. ’
‘ if you’re trying to calm me down, you’re doing a terrible job. ’
‘ he’s a good guy but he doesn’t understand that you gotta grab the situation by the gonads and take control. ’
‘ you ask too many questions. ’
‘ i’m gonna take care of him myself. ’
‘ you’re not gonna kill him. ’
‘ just have a little faith. ’
‘ we’ve gotta get him on board. ’
‘ how is this okay? someone just tried to kill us! ’
‘ i hope you don’t feel like you owe me anything. ’
‘ i didn’t touch the murder weapon. ’
‘ i am not a stalker. ’
‘ he doesn’t fit the profile. ’
‘ if you go out there, they’ll gun you down. ’
‘ i imagine heads would’ve rolled if he hadn’t been caught. ’
‘ this is a matter for the police. ’
‘ i turned my back on him because i didn’t wanna make waves. it was just easier to look the other way. ’
‘ i used to think he was some kind of conspiracy theory whacko. turns out maybe he was right. ’
‘ what they’re saying about me  —  it’s not true. ’
‘ they killed her. right in front of me. right in front of my eyes. ’
‘ people have killed for a lot less. ’
‘ if you think you’re getting up in this, you’ve got another thing coming. ’
‘ we have to do it in order to keep our sanity. ’
‘ it’s in my nature to want to help. ’
‘ you and i may be stuck together in this little dance, but i call the shots. ’
‘ i’m kinda short on friends in here, in case you haven’t noticed. ’
‘ i need to get out. right now. while i’ve still got my life. ’
‘ if i come all the way out there and this turns out to be a waste of my time, i’m gonna castrate you. ’
‘ you gotta hand the reins over to me now so that i can save your ass. ’
‘ before you pull the trigger, look that son of a bitch in the eyes and tell him i said goodbye. ’
‘ i don’t like getting attached to things if i know they won’t last. ’
‘ i think there’s cynicism and there’s realism. ’
‘ i tell you all about me and you don’t tell me you’re married? ’
‘ you know how many pints of blood the human body has? the answer is ten. ten pints. ’
‘ you decide whose life is more valuable. ’
‘ that’s prison, yo. ’
‘ if you try and swing that piece of lumber at me, it’s gonna feel like your arm is ripping out of its socket. ’
‘ i need you to steal something back that was stolen from me. ’
‘ you’re telling me i have to wait until she dies before i see her? ’
‘ you dragged these people into this knowing that you had no clue how to get them out. ’
‘ their deaths are on your head. you made this mess. nobody else. you. ’
‘ the questions you have about me… there are answers. ’
‘ we’ve got too many people. one of them has to go. ’

(GN'R hiding Izzy’s proposal to you)

Lately any time you got home after Izzy, when you walked in the door he immediately became skittish and would stop whatever he was doing. In the five years you’d known your boyfriend he had never acted this way; something was up, but you just didn’t know what. You figured you’d find out when all of you went to Axl’s later that night for a small get together.

Walking into your bedroom Izzy practically jumped out of his skin hearing you walk into the room. “Hey, babe, you ready to go to Axl’s? I’m just going to fix up my makeup and we can head out” Izzy nodded his head as you walked into your small bathroom. With your blush brush in hand you walked back into the bedroom curious to see what Izzy would do, as expected when he heard your voice he nearly fell off the bed. “Izzy! What is going on?!”

Izzy looked up at you nervously trying his best to hide it with a smile. “Nothing, Y/N, why do you ask? Hurry up; we gotta get goin’ honey, you look great!”

You knew something was up and you had every intention of fully interrogating the rest of the guys tonight. The ride to Axl’s place was awkwardly silent; Izzy didn’t even try and hold your hand, he kept both hands gripped to the steering wheel and keeping his eyes only on the road not once looking at you.

Upon arriving at the house, you grabbed your boyfriend’s hand, which was clammy and uncontrollably shaky, while you waited for someone to open the door. After ringing the doorbell three times and knocking twice Axl finally opened the door, greeting you both with smiles. After saying your hello’s to everyone you pulled Axl off to the side to talk to him. “Okay, you know Izzy better than anyone. He’s being strange, he’s skittish and can barely stand to be in the same room as me lately… What’s going on with him?!”

Axl dodged eye contact staring at his hands, thinking a while before he spoke to you. “Nothing’s going on with him, Y/N. You’re just over thinking things again, don’t sweat it! Let’s go grab you a drink, that’ll set your mind at ease.”

Axl told Duff to go fetch you a drink, you still weren’t satisfied with the information you were getting from Izzy or Axl. You snuck into the kitchen to sneak up on Duff and ask him about the whole thing, maybe he would know something. You grabbed Duff’s arm and heard him mumble “shit” under his breath before taking a sip of the drink supposedly for you. “Duff, is Izzy cheating on me?”
Spitting out the clear liquid he had just gulped rather than sipped, he looked at you with the most utter disbelief. “Are you kidding me?! Izzy cheatin’ on YOU?! What type a drugs are you on the guy plans on marr…. Shit, here’s your drink, I gotta piss.”

Duff shoved the almost empty cup into your hand as he fled from the kitchen, leaving you there alone even more confused as you’d been previously. Slash and Steven walked into the kitchen together and they stopped talking immediately as they saw you, attempting to turn around and walk out. Before they were able to get both feet out of the kitchen, you pretended you needed help preparing food. “Wait! Guys, I need help with this over here… Please?”

Slash and Steven exchanged uneasy glances at each other before hesitantly coming to help you. “What can we help ya with, Y/N? We don’t know anything about Izzy.” Steven grinned at you pretending he wasn’t hiding something while Slash elbowed him in the ribcage.

Placing your hands on your hips you looked at them with a glare, then stomping your foot on the floor throwing a rare temper tantrum. “Why can’t any of you idiots just tell me what’s going on?!”

Slash tried to hold back his chuckles after witnessing you acting like a five year old before peeking out into the living room; walking back over to you and covering your eyes. Steven made faces in front of you making sure you couldn’t see anything before Slash further guided you into what you assumed was the living room. “I’ll tell ya what’s goin’ on.”

Slash took his hand off your eyes to uncover what all of the secrecy had been about for the past few weeks. Izzy was in the middle of the living room down on one knee, holding a small black velvet box in his hand. Before you had fully even gotten up to your boyfriend, you were covering your mouth and your eyes were filling with tears. “Y/N; will you make me the happiest man, no luckiest man, well happiest man too… Ah shit, baby will you marry me?”

In too much shock to be able to speak you nodded your head for what seemed like forever until Izzy slipped the ring onto your delicate finger. After much celebrating throughout the night; while you cuddled up next to your fiancé admiring your ring, you decided to tell all five how you felt about their secrecy leading up to the action. “All of you suck! I thought Izzy was cheating on me, I thought all of you were hiding it from me to save me from getting hurt, and all of you are fuckers!” You looked up at Izzy and plugged his nose. “Especially you!!”

anonymous asked:

I just read a post about the different Splinters, and the OP basically went on and on about how 2012 Splinter was the crappiest ever. No parent is perfect, but I guess they think Splinter actually disciplining his children is abuse. True, he wasn't fully honest about the issue with him and Shredder/Shen, but he is flawed and I'm sure had justifiable reasons. But implying he's abusive I think is taking it too far.

I too saw that, and that is the views of others, I cannot change that, but I do understand both points.

See in Asia, their discipline is way stricter then ours, which is why it may look like abuse to those who do not understand the Japanese culture and their ways. Ill assume that OP is an american, like myself, and if not, so sorry about that. Which is why they see it as abuse. I see it as discipline and do not hold Yoshi accountable for his actions.

We must remember, he was BORN and RAISED in japan, he was TRAINED under a MASTER just like the turtles. He is going off by what his SENSEI brought to him, just as the turtles might one day do with their children, and I believe the turtles will have that kind of happiness, cause why the hell not. Turtles deserve that too.

Anyways, I can see why others see that Splinter is abusive, they dont understand. And thats okay. He may have done wrong, but in his eyes, he thought he was doing right, and he is FAR FROM PERFECT, but he has been caring and loving. I have multiple examples of where his father side takes control. Not with just Leo either. He has given each son his time and attention, maybe not a lot of the times, but as I always say, the fans gotta do some work to, they wont show a lot of moments on screen, due to plot, time, ect. So thats where we fans take the time to make those little father to son moments happen off screen, if that makes sense at all.

Here let me list some examples:


Season 1- 3: He was always there for guidance, no matter what, he always let Leo vent and express how he was feeling, his worries about being leader and he was there to give advice when needed, he was also there to help with Leo’s girl problem when it made itself known, Splinter may let Leo express his feelings, but he will be the most stern towards his oldest son, for the fact that Leo is the oldest. But I never saw much of his “abuse” come out in the later seasons. If you actually notice, Splinter becomes more trusting of Leo’s actions and decisions with every season, he stops questioning, and in return Leo flourishes into the Leader he is now.

Season 4: I wanted to sepreate this season from the other three, for the soul fact that even in spirit, Splinter was still with Leo. In a way, he was making Leo sane through the space arc, he was healing his son, even though he wasnt actually there. Leo was broken, and still needed his father, and I really think in spirit, Splinter was there. Even if it was just a hologram.


Seaons 1-3: These seasons really focused on Splinter and him scolding Raph about his anger issues, which considering what happened with him and his own past, I can see why Splinter is so hard on his hot headed son, deep down he’s terrified of Raph going through that kinda thing. He probably even sees Shredder when Raph starts going crazy with such anger towards Leo. Its why he was always on Raph, and maybe he could of handled that better, but in his own way he was struggling to prevent history repeating itself. The last thing he could bare is to see that happen to his own children.

Season 4: We actually recieved a nice little episode that had a Raph and Splinter scene, but instead of the usual anger stuff, he actually helped Raph to overcome his phobia. And that was a nice change. It was great to see that dad side come out again.


Now here is where it gets tricky.

Season 1: We had an episode of where Donnie was trying something new, of course it didnt have much of splinter in it except for when he’s okaying his sons request about his new weapon, but I remember at the end where Donnie’s brothers were about to become Kraang toast, Splinter came in and gave Donatello the hard truth and said when Donnie really needed to hear at that point, which gave his son the….confidence? he strongly needed.

Season 2: Splinter was there when Donnie was obsessing with April, of course seeing your son beating himself up over his first friend, can make any parent intervene. He taught Donnie a lesson and in the end when Donnie was about to loose hope, he said to Donnie the famous words, “Never give up hope” which gave Donnie the hope he needed. So in his own way, he was always there for Donnie.

Now in the other two seasons, there wasnt many moments of Donnie and him that I can remember, now if you guys have any you can remember then feel free to add some! 


Now here comes the baby of the family, of course he had moments with master Splinter in season 1, but we must not forget the moment in season 3 where Splinter go hurt by Slash and Mikey was willing to stay with him, right by his side, it was a small moment, but it was a moment. Also lets not forget the emotional moment at the season 3 finale.

Mikey had more emotional moments with Splinter then all of them if you wanna get more technical about it. Even though it wasnt shown a lot, we know Mikey and Splinter had some moments.

Mikey and Donnie with Rat Daddy:

Lets also not forget the amount of hugs they do

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4:

Not only he was a father to his own boys but he also took in April as his own, trained her, and considered her as his child.

And of course his bond with his own blood child. The child he thought he would never see again…

I can list a lot about the 2012 Splinter, yes he disciplines tough, but his love is unconditional, he’s always there when they needed him, wheather it was a kick in the butt or wise words, he is always there, no matter what.

He is no abuser, if he was abusive, he wouldnt dare let the turtles express their feelings like they do with no consequences, no if he was abusive, he’d be Shredder. Calling Splinter abusive is basically calling him Shredder.

There is a big, A HUGE difference between abuse, and being a strict father.

Compare Splinter with how Shredder treated Karai, then talk, and if they still say Splinter is an “abusive” father, then thats their opinions, let them be. We cant do nothing more to change that.

Also theres one more thing I love to add to this…..

About Splinter focusing on Leo, thats not just in TMNT 2012, if you venture back theres multple verses where its Splinter with Leo. 

Hell thats what 2003 vers was mainly about, was Leo and Splinter, but mainly Leo. There were only a few episodes where I saw Splinter connect with his other sons, so dont hold that to just the 2012 Splinter, because EVERY version is that way, Leo HAS ALWAYS been the one that Splinter mainly focuses on, and it makes sense, Leo is and will always be the leader, so of course he will always be the one who gets more attention, more pressure, and more moments, sorry that i burst that bubble. But I did. I did my history. So dont go there, dont use that as some reason to say Splinter 2012 can go to hell, and bull like that. 

I dont care if you hate him or like him, but dont single him out in that department, finish your research, I mean for god sakes watch the 2003 vers, That one is the main one that focuses on Leo!!! I think thats why its my least favorite verse. It drove me bonkers. haha. And the IDW I dislike really, I think thats actually the only Splinter I actually dont like. 

Okay I think my damage is done here.

No offences was intended, sorry if you got offended. If you wanna discuss more stuff like this or fangirl with me, feel free to inbox me!



Axl Rose imagine (requested)

“Axl, Slash’s place is around the corner, you can’t…” Axl cut you short by pulling you closer to him and placing a soft kiss on your lips. You couldn’t help but melt into the kiss immediately. Axl pulled back and gave you a sweet smile. “I can’t help it, baby. Your beautiful lips are too tempting to resist” he said. “Don’t sweet-talk me, Axl.” He pecked your lips again. “It’s true though.”

You smiled at each other happily. You’ve been dating for almost a week now and both of you were in seventh heaven since that day. At first you’ve been scared it might harm your friendship but it turned out that you’ve made the right decision. Your friends didn’t know about the two of you though - you knew they would try to give you lectures about how this would destroy your friendship and Axl was scared they might try to tell you that he wasn’t any good for you although you’ve tried to reassure him that this would never happen. You knew him better than anyone else. Nevertheless you weren’t ready to let anyone else know about you, you wanted to enjoy your time together without someone always interfering.

It was hard not to be glued together all the time but you had plans with the other guys tonight. Axl gave your hand one last squeeze before he let go of you and knocked at Slash’s door. Soon the black curly head appeared at the entrance with a huge smile. “Axl, (Y/N), come inside!” He hugged both of you quickly. “What are our plans for tonight?” you asked cheerily. “Duff suggested to stay home and just hang out instead of painting the town.” “Sounds great” Axl said, at least as good-humored as you. Slash raised his eyebrows. “Are you drunk already or why are you in such a good temper?” “Just happy to see you guys again” you said, Slash chuckled. “Right, after all it’s been two days since we last saw each other.” “You said it!” You followed Slash into the living room and glanced at Axl only to see that he’s already been looking at you the whole time. He winked at you. A simple gesture like that was enough to make you grin like a Cheshire cat since you were so in love with each other.

You joined Steven, Duff and Izzy in the living room.

“You got here together?” Duff asked. “Obviously, yeah” Axl said with a chuckle. Izzy lit himself a cigarette and gave you a smile. “How have you been lately?” “Oh you mean since the day before yesterday where we last saw each other?” you asked jokingly. Duff handed you a bottle of vodka. “Here, in case you’re thirsty for something liquid.” You took the bottle from him with a frown. “Thanks, I guess?” “You seem very happy lately” Izzy mentioned, Steven nodded. “You could almost compete against me with how cheery you are today!” “I’m just having a real good time” you mentioned casually with a shrug. Axl cleared his throat. “So… are we actually gonna do anything special or just chill here?” “I know what we could do. Let’s play a game” Duff suggested with a smirk. Since you were in a great mood you didn’t think of any possible consequences when you cheered: “I’d love to! What kinda game?” Slash groaned. “A game? What the fuck, guys.” “It’s not going to be some fucking board game, Slash” Duff reassured him and shared a laugh with Steven when he said: “An adult game for responsible adults like we are.” Steven wiggled his eyebrows. “Maybe we should get some more ladies then.” Duff looked at you and grinned. “Oh, one is more than enough.” Only now you realized that you and Axl might be stuck between a rock and a hard place. You glanced at him shortly, he made a helpless face. “Oh my… what game is it?” Izzy asked and he didn’t seem all too excited. “Truth or dare” Duff announced. Your face turned pale immediately. Out of all the things you could have done tonight playing truth or dare probably was the worst option.

“Come on, (Y/N), take the last sip. We need a bottle” Duff said. You gulped and drank up what was left, then placed the bottle on the table you sat at. Whilst Duff spinned the bottle you felt someone taking your hand. You turned your head to look at Axl, he was focused on the bottle though but you could see a hint of a smile upon his lips when he squeezed your hand lightly.

“(Y/N)! Your turn!”

Everybody’s eyes were on you, you looked down on the bottle which pointed exactly at you. Duff gave you a smirk and you weren’t sure what his game was but at this very moment you simply knew he suspected that something was going on between Axl and you. Maybe you just got paranoid but you couldn’t risk to take truth and being asked a question whose answer would reveal everything.

“Fuck you, Duffy” you said with a chuckle. “I choose dare.” “Well, that’s brave. And also very, very stupid.” “This would be the perfect moment to get up and run away, (Y/N)” Izzy mumbled. You gulped. “Probably.” “Alright.” Duff pointed at Slash. “I dare you to give Slash a blowjob.” Steven burst into laughter, as well as Izzy and Slash. You sent Duff a glare. “You gotta be kidding me!” Axl chuckled. “I don’t think you should take that serious.” Duff shook his head. “I’m dead serious, buddy.” He nodded at Slash. “And I don’t think Slash would be very upset about it.” Slash smirked. “Not really. Blowjob is blowjob.” “Maybe she’s not drunk enough yet” Steven supposed. “Maybe (Y/N) just won’t suck everybody’s dick for fun” Axl growled. “Why’d you care?” Duff asked. Axl rolled his eyes. “Maybe I’m the only one here who’s not being a dickhead. (Y/N) doesn’t want to do it.” “Oh, I think (Y/N) would be up for shit like that at any time” Duff talked back. “You could give me a handjob instead” Slash suggested which caused another fit of laughter. You were close to tears when you looked at Axl. He returned the look and sighed. “Okay, shut the fuck up everybody. There is a reason why (Y/N) won’t do it.” “She can’t handle a dick my size” Slash said which caused everyone to laugh once more. You rolled your eyes. You were tired of playing hide and seek all the time and since they would not pay attention to what you were saying you simply wrapped your arms around Axl’s neck and kissed him passionately in front of everyone. First you thought Axl would push you away but he kissed you back and pulled you even closer to him. When you let go of each other it was deadly silent for a moment until Duff proclaimed: “I knew it! I fucking knew it!” “What the hell is going on?” Slash asked. “What do you mean, you knew it?” Steven asked, his eyes still glued to Axl and you. Izzy met you with disbelief. “How long have you been dating? Is that why you’re so happy?” Axl rolled his eyes at Duff when he started laughing. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you, asshole?” “Hey! That was the only way to find out if something was going on without actually asking you.” Steven nudged his shoulder. “Damn clever, Duffy.” “Why didn’t you tell us though?” Izzy wanted to know. “We thought you’d keep telling us that it was a bad idea and so on” you explained. “A bad idea? To me you’ve always been like a couple” Duff mentioned. “It was about time that you start dating.”

For the rest of the night you decided not to play any more games and simply hung out together. Axl put an arm around your shoulder and gave you a sweet smile. “I’m so glad you kissed me” he whispered into your ear. “It feels like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.” You pecked his lips. “And I’m glad you stood up for me, baby.” “Stop flirting when we’re around!” Duff complained. “Hey, it’s thanks to you that you guys know about us. Now you gotta deal with the consequences.” Duff poked his tongue out at you and what he said next caused everyone to laugh: “You’re really made for each other. You’re both a pain in the ass.”