that or he took it way too seriously

Sherlock season 4: Eurus was a perfectly fine villain. So was Culverton Smith. As was Vivian Norbury.

Then Moriarty showed up out of nowhere dancing to Queen.

And you realised: Christ, none of you can live up to this ever, can you?

Because Moriarty was equally as scary and dangerous. But he was also campy and had a sense of humour.  

That’s the key about Moriarty as a villain. Always was. Scariness combined with a bit of silliness. 

Every villain on Sherlock after Moriarty failed because they took themselves too way seriously.

Let’s Play Pretend

Prompt: “Pretend boyfriend for a family Christmas party.”
Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 1,024
Warnings: language, drinking
A/N: I just felt like I needed to spread the Jared love with a Christmas type oneshot (don’t worry, there will be a Jensen one too)! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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Prompt idea! 5 different ways that Bughead made their friends totally see them as #relationshipgoals. Btdubs, I'm in love w/ your writing :D

Hey thanks so much! I love this prompt.


It had been three months since he and Betty had started actually dating, they weren’t your typical couple, you could tell just by the looks of them.

Betty was always put together impeccably not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle on her sundress and definitely never a food stain on her cardigan.
She took her appearance very seriously, she wasn’t into too much makeup and nothing fake was ever going near her body, but the OCD made her strive for perfection , evident in the way she looked.

Jughead on the other hand, rolled out of bed and threw on whatever layers he could, never really knowing when he may have to pack up and relocate, his hairstyle was more run your fingers through twice and pray it wasn’t sticking out of the beanie.

So when his girlfriend overslept and wouldn’t dare risk her perfect attendance she had thrown on a cardigan with a hole in it.

Betty never wore a dress without a cardigan so half way through first period Kevin had run into jugheads calculus class saying he needed to speak to him urgently.

As Kevin pulled him along to the girls restroom he explained Betty was having a panic attack because of the hole in her sweater.

He walked into the bathroom and nodded at Ronnie making sure she knew it was okay for her to wait outside.

Kevin and Veronica were pacing outside the bathroom for a solid five minutes before Betty and jughead emerged.

Betty wrapped up in jugheads blue flannel surprisingly matching Betty’s dress, and jughead in just a tshirt. As the two walked back to class hand in hand Veronica whispered in Kevin’s ear

“Hashtag relationship goals.”


Jughead was always hungry

The quirk was loved by everyone in the friend group, always brought up in a joking manner when they went out to eat.

Jughead would laugh along and shrug his shoulders taking whatever was offered his way.

Even though they tried to involve his girlfriend in the jokes she always just shook her head and passed the rest of her food to juggie.

Then the news hit the fan

Jughead was homeless,
suddenly his hunger wasn’t so funny and when they went out to eat the awkward silence before they ordered was almost deafening.

After about a week of awkward meals and shaky comments Betty had had enough.

Jughead reached for fries on the table and he tension rose before Betty erupted

“Oh for petes sake, he’s fine! Jughead is living with Archie, I assure you he gets more than three meals a day and if you haven’t noticed the stress of his family hasn’t made him lose his appetite so can we all just get over this awkwardness and eat our damn food, you’re only making him feel worse, and I am not okay with that.”
She huffed and plopped back down in the booth sinking into jughead as he kissed the side of her head and whispered

There was never anymore awkwardness around the table and if jughead was getting a few extra leftovers Betty never mentioned it.

They were fighting.
Josie and Valerie noticed before anyone else.

They were arguing in quiet whispers almost every time they saw each other in the hallway. Neither of the girls wanted to mention it to Betty as she dropped down at there table in home economics.

They just stared at her before she snapped her head towards them.


They both looked shocked before Josie slowly put her hand on Betty’s arm

“Everything okay pussycat?”

Betty took a deep breath and sighed.

“He doesn’t trust me. He thinks I still have feelings for Archie but he doesn’t get he’s all I want and more.” She said teary eyed.

Josie was afraid of this, those two were just not compatible. Betty cared to much and jughead seemed like all he cared about was food. It just wasn’t gonna work out.

Valerie on the other hand had been shipping this couple since the start. Pulling out her phone she sent jughead a quick text

“Your girl is crying, thinks you don’t trust her. Fix it.”

About two minutes later Jughead burst through the doors interrupting mrs.dicker and catching the whole classes attention.

His eyes searched for Betty

“I’m sorry, I care about you, I don’t wanna lose you, I’m an idiot but hopefully I’m still your idiot.”


The whole class turned to the teacher and shushed her.

Betty stood up and moved to jughead
“It’s okay jughead, I just need you to trust me.”

He placed his forehead to hers,


Josie’s jaw was on the floor while Valerie smirked in her seat before snapping a picture of the couple and turning to Josie

“Hashtag relationship goals

Jughead had a black eye and Betty Cooper was not happy about it.

When jughead came into school that Wednesday every eye was drawn to the usually invisible mysterious boy.
Because wow that was a shiner.

No one knew how to ask , so immediately the rumors flew.

Betty had beaten him up because he cheated

His dad had taken a swing at him like usual

Archie finally realized he loved Betty and was fighting for her honor.

Fortunately none of those things were true.
The explanation came walking through the doors only ten minutes after

Reggie mantle, with a busted lip and bandaged nose.

The halls went quite for a minute before Veronica burst out in laughter.

“You messed with the wrong guys girlfriend mantle”
She said in between loud laughs.

The pieces finally came together.

Reggie had tried to get Betty to sleep with him after cheerleading and wouldn’t seem to take no for an answer, unfortunately for him jughead was coming to pick up Betty and had caught him with his hands on his girl.

As Betty shoved past Reggie she stood in front of him.

“Hit my boyfriend again Reggie mantle and your face won’t be the only thing broken.”

As jughead pulled his fiery girlfriend away he placed a kiss on the top of her head smiling at Reggie and giving him a wave.

Reggie was shaking with anger as he pushed past everyone in the halls to get to the weight room.

Cheryl smirked from her place by the lockers

“Hashtag Relationship goals”

Archie still had feelings for Betty,

jughead knew that and while he pretended to be cool with Betty and his relationship jughead saw the way he would keep his hand on her back a little too long, or offer to carry her books to class.

He couldn’t say anything they were friends, all of them were.

Not to mention he couldn’t blame the guy for being in love with Betty, she was pretty great.

But when he offered only Betty a ride home as they were walking together,
He was irritated to say the least.

“She’s cool dude, we’re together I won’t let any riverdale thugs get to her” jughead joked but kept his face serious

Archie nodded

“Yeah but it’s kind of chilly out there, you can hop in Betty, I promise it’s clean.”
He threw her his best American boy smile

As soon as she opened her mouth to answer
Jughead stepped forward

“I said she’s fine, bro you can keep driving.”

Archie parked the car getting ready to get out of it

“Why don’t you let your girl answer.”

“If my girl wanted to answer you she would have.”

They bickered back and forth

“ENOUGH” Betty yelled.

Both boys heads snapped to hers and while Archie looked confused jughead seemed to know exactly what was going on as he slowly backed away from Archie biting his lip and bowing his head.

“I am not an object, I can speak, I can make my own decisions. I do not need to be taken care of or protected from anything.” She turned to raise a pointed eyebrow at jughead who nodded and grabbed her hand

“I know I’m sorry bets. It’s my fault I overacted, testosterone ya know?” He shrugged smiling apologetically.

She nodded and kissed him quickly turning back to Archie

“And as for you, thankyou for the offer but theres nothing I like better than walking home from school with my boyfriend, he keeps me plenty warm, have a nice night Archie.”

She tugged jughead along moving foreward leaving Archie standing by his running car.

Archie wanted that kind of a relationship is this what Ronnie was always talking about when she mentioned
Hashtag relationship goals.

Whenever Dirk starts one of his monologues that almost sound like a pile of nonsense, Todd just nods and listens. All his life Dirk has always been ignored and interrupted, no one ever took him seriously and no one ever stuck around. Todd is the first and he knows how much that meant to Dirk. When he’s done talking, they both sit in silence smiling and knowing they’ve made a friend for life.

Ease - Part 3



Length: 3.4k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

Originally posted by jeonbase

1 ♡ 2  3  4

Everything was just going wrong for you. After spotting Yeji in the distance, Taehyung had made it his mission to get her to notice him. Even if that meant leaving you sitting under a tree by yourself and wandering over to where Jimin was playing football. You watched as he greeted his old friend before they both headed in the direction of Yeji, Jimin talking animatedly to Taehyung the whole way, probably giving some of his infamous advice.

You rolled your eyes, hoping that Taehyung wouldn’t take Jimin’s advice too seriously. You still remembered when Jimin managed to convince you that the best way to deal with the girl who took your running shoes was to demand your shoes back, and be as forceful as you could. Establish dominance, he told you. Show her that she messed with the wrong person.

Turns out, it was a genuine mistake and she thought the shoes were hers. You made her cry. You were in detention for a week.

You continued to observe Taehyung’s behaviour as Jimin hugged Yeji, watching how he shoved his hands into his pockets and bowed his head in greeting, his body stiff. Seeing his nerves made your heart beat louder in protest, until it became unbearable. Turning away, you decided to head home, stopping off at the cupcake shop you and Taehyung had fallen in love with. But instead of helping you feel better by getting away from Yeji and Taehyung, you were closer to Yeona and the disappointed look she always gave you. The one which she was giving you as you entered the door.

“What did I tell you about turning off appliances?” she said loudly, her voice carrying from the kitchen where she unpacked groceries.

“I-I did,” you stuttered.

“Your laptop is still on,” Yeona continued bluntly, closing the fridge door with more force than necessary. “If our electricity bill is higher than it usually is, you’ll be paying the extra.”

Leaving you with your mouth hanging open in a daze, she turned on her heel and went into her room, which was opposite yours.

Jiwon, your other housemate, appeared from her bedroom which was closest to the front door, her eyes narrowed in annoyance. “Could you keep it down? I’m trying to work. Also, could you come in properly, you’re letting all the cold air in.” With that, she was gone too.

What had you done to deserve such horrible housemates?

Your eyes stinging at the unfairness of it all, you dragged your heavy limbs to your room. Walking around the uni all day with Taehyung made you exhausted, and your bag was filled with leaflets and flyers all advertising clubs and societies.

Sitting on your windowsill, you looked out to the pink sky where the sun was sinking into the horizon. How did Taehyung manage to luck out with nice housemates? They were already teasing each other, as if they had been friends all their lives. Whereas you were stuck with Jiwon and Yeona, both of whom seemed to hate your existence, and your last housemate still hadn’t arrived yet. At the rate things were going, you wouldn’t be surprised if she hated you too.

You closed your eyes and laid your head against the cool glass, picturing Taehyung’s face when he saw Yeji. Out of all the people to have got in to the same university as you, it had to be the one girl who Taehyung seemed completely in love with. Yeji was a lovely person, you couldn’t deny it. She was popular, funny and extremely talented, and you knew she and Taehyung would get on like a house on fire. Nothing’s happened yet, you told yourself firmly. Tae has liked her for a while now and nothing’s happened, so what makes now so different? I’ll tell Tae how I feel about him soon. I’ll figure out a way.

With this plaguing your mind, you fell into an uneasy sleep.

A loud clanging sound startled you awake. Forgetting that you’d decided to sleep on a windowsill, your body slipped and you collapsed onto the floor. Grumbling at your aching neck and now sore backside, you tried to locate your phone.

Your room had fallen dark while you had been sleeping, but you managed to hunt down the clanging noises to your backpack which you had discarded on your bed. You dug around, pulling out all the flyers you had been given to grab your phone at the bottom, desperate not to wake Yeona in the room opposite.

You checked the caller ID. It was your mother.

“Hey, are you okay?” you asked in a loud whisper, switching to English.

“Hey honey. Was just calling to see how you’re getting on. Housemates being nice yet? Tae still looking after you?”

It was nice to hear her voice after the problems you faced today. Plus, you always loved it when your mum talked about Taehyung, because he was the only friend your mum trusted and so he was always made to sound like an angel sent from heaven. Not being able to speak any Korean herself, your mother always struggled to connect with any other friends you made, but Taehyung had a special place in her heart. This never failed to make you smile, knowing that Taehyung could be the spawn of the devil when he wanted.

However, you didn’t feel like talking about Taehyung right then.

“Everything’s been fine, Tae’s been fine, housemates have been… fine,” you lied, not wanting to worry her. “How’s home? Everything okay?”

There was a silence on the other end of the phone.


“Oh, you know, the usual. I’ve been working, same old.”

“What is it? Tell me.”

She sighed as you pushed your phone harder against your ear. “Well, I need you to get a job. You see, we have less money than we thought and we won’t be able to cover your rent for this month. Or next month.” She sighed again, and you could picture her rubbing her tired eyes. “I know this is a lot of pressure on you, seeing how you’ve just moved in, but it would be a massive help to us if you could find some cash somewhere. I’m sorry, Y/N, I wouldn’t ask unless it was necessary.”

You knew your mother wasn’t exaggerating, but that just made you feel even worse. “Of course, Mum. I’ll find something.”

“Thanks honey. Tell Tae I said hi.”

“Outfit emergency! Get your butt over to my place right now.”

“Tae, there’s no need to shout down the phone, I’m right here.”

“I’m desperate! Hurry up, Y/N!”

Sighing at your friend’s frantic state, you hung up and made your way to Taehyung’s house. You were getting ready for the party he had been invited to on those first few days of arriving, which was being hosted by some of Namjoon’s friends. You were glad of this excuse to hang out with Taehyung again, as you hadn’t spoken to him for a few days. Since he saw Yeji on campus.

Simply put, you were too scared to ask him how it went. It was petty, but you were hoping against all odds that Yeji didn’t pay him any attention. But you knew deep down that wouldn’t have happened, because anyone who met Taehyung instantly loved him. You always wondered why he always chose you out of everyone he could have been friends with, but you never really found the right time to bring it up. And because you were too much of a wimp to do so.

With the whole housemate and money drama, you didn’t feel in you were in the right mindset to think positively about the Taehyung and Yeji situation.

“Y/N!” Jungkook sung happily, upon opening the door to their house. “Wow, you look… nice.”

“Nice?” You raised an eyebrow. “Well, you look… fine.”

Jungkook laughed, swinging the door open wider to let you in. “Okay, I deserved that. Come inside, Taehyung’s upstairs.”

Going up to Taehyung’s room, you found him lying face down on his bed, clearly throwing a strop.

“Ahh, Taehyungie,” you cooed, shaking his leg. “Is someone not very happy?”

“I’m having a crisis,” he said, his voice muffled. Then, rather dramatically, he rolled over and threw his arm over his forehead, as if he was feeling faint. “Y/N, my saviour. Do I go smart or casual? Are jeans too casual?”

“Tae, everyone’s going to be drunk anyway. No one will care.”

“I care! Can you just choose for me?”

You walked to his wardrobe and began sorting through his clothes, a stupid smile appearing on your face as each item brought back different memories. There was the jumper that he wore when you went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, the shirt that still had an ice cream stain from when you went to the beach, the hoodie he always let you borrow when you got cold around his house. It staggered you how much you two had been through together, and how you wished things would never change.

“Why do you care so much anyway?” you asked nonchalantly, sifting through his astonishingly large pile of jeans.

“Yeji’s going to be there.”

Your hand paused as you heard her name, your heart dropping right into your stomach.

“Did you…” you started, trying to form the right words. You knew you would have to ask eventually, but at the same time you hoped you could pretend to have forgotten. “Did you talk to her? The other day?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled nervously. “She said she’d seen me around school. Then Jimin mentioned the party, and she said she was coming. Oh, Y/N,” he whined, “I really want to impress her, but I’m scared she’ll reject me! Do you know how it would feel to have your feelings unreturned? It would crush me.”

You couldn’t help laughing to yourself at the irony of it all. “Yeah, I guess so.”

You began to question why you were suddenly so invested in Taehyung. Before moving to Seoul, liking Taehyung was more of a hassle than anything. Having to always calm yourself down when he hugged you particularly tightly, or hiding your red cheeks when he gave you compliments. But now…

Now you felt as if you were about to lose something you never had.

Swallowing your pride, you pulled out a button-up shirt and a pair of old grey-ish jeans with ripped knees. “Here,” you said, throwing them onto his lap, not quite meeting his eyes. “Go get changed. I’ll wait downstairs.”

Taehyung threw you his boxy grin. “Thanks, Y/N! Knew I could rely on you.”

Downstairs, you sat on their sofa watching Namjoon get annoyed about Jungkook borrowing his favourite mug and accidentally breaking it, while Jungkook laughed at his older friend, only infuriating Namjoon more.

“Yah, Jungkook! Are you even listening to me? I’m annoyed!”

“You-” Jungkook wheezes out, clutching his stomach. “You break things all the time!”

Namjoon seemed lost for words. “Yeah,” he said reluctantly, causing more cackling from the younger boy, “but I didn’t even get an apology! I’m being treated like- Jin! Tell Jungkook not to take my stuff without asking. The little brat won’t listen to me!”

You turned around to see Jin leaning against a doorframe, but his attention wasn’t focused on the bickering boys. Instead, he was looking at you, his dark brown eyes scanning you up and down.

You blushed, becoming very aware how lowcut your dress was, before pulling your jacket around your body more tightly.

“You look stunning, Y/N,” Jin said softly, a small smile on his plumped lips. “Is that why Taehyung wanted you to come to his room?”

You looked down to his feet, feeling your blush worsening. “N-no,” you stammered out. “He wanted me to pick out clothes to impress his crush.”

“Ahh, Yeji,” he replied knowingly, giving you a little nod. You looked at him questioningly. “He hasn’t shut up about her since he saw her the other day. Drives me nuts.”

“I don’t like this Yeji girl,” said Jungkook brazenly, shielding himself against the cushion that Namjoon was repeatedly hitting him with. “She sounds too perfect.”

“She is perfect,” you sighed.

That’s when it hit you. No matter how much you dressed up, or how much you helped him out in any situation, Taehyung would never give you a second glance. Not when Yeji was involved. She was everything you could only dream of being. You were simply the best friend.

“Are you alright?” asked Jin, coming to sit beside you. You just stared at your hands, fiddling your fingers and trying not to get worked up. “Because you know,” continued Jin, nudging your shoulder with his, “Taehyung is not the only guy out there. Plenty of fish in the sea.”

You looked up at Jin, your eyes wide in disbelief. “I don’t like Tae in that way.” A stubborn lie, but worth a shot. Jin didn’t know you, and your body language can’t have been that obvious. Could it?

Jin just chuckled. “’She’s perfect’”, he mimicked, putting on a high-pitched voice that obviously sounded nothing like you.

Insulted, you nudged him back, but a lot harder.

“Yah! This shirt is new,” he laughed.

You were about to reply when Taehyung came into the room, his hair freshly groomed and his eyes shining. The outfit you had chosen for him suited his body shape gloriously, outlining his toned arms and broad shoulders. His eyes flickered up to yours, and you felt your heartstrings tug as he gave you a shy smile.

“Ready, Y/N?” Taehyung asked gently, his voice deep.

Licking your dry lips, you nodded in reply and stood up to join him. As you exited the house, you felt Taehyung’s arm slip through yours, pulling you next to him so you walked side by side. The walk was silent, both lost in your own thoughts. Perhaps nothing would happen at the party. Perhaps Yeji had a boyfriend already, and all your jealousy was for nothing. Maybe you had more time than you thought to pluck up the courage to tell Taehyung how you felt.

Bumping hips with Taehyung as you meandered down the endless streets, you reminded yourself that maybe you still had a chance.

The party was in full swing when you arrived. It was being hosted in one of the more classier clubs in town, as the floor remained clear of alcohol and the music was more for dancing than for the beat.

Taehyung laughed in happiness, grabbing you by the hand and pulling you to the dance floor, which you didn’t mind in the slightest. You and Taehyung had always loved to make up silly dance routines to the old pop songs that came on the radio, and this night felt no different. He whirled you round as you flung out your limbs, trying to be serious but failing when you saw Taehyung attempting to shimmy.

This only continued for a few more minutes, as suddenly Taehyung froze in position as he stared at something behind you.

“What’s wrong?” you shouted, trying to get yourself heard above the music.

Taehyung briefly looked back at you before shouting his reply. “I see Yeji. I’ll be right back, I promise. Wait here.”

Without another glance in your direction, Taehyung disappeared into the crowd. Feeling foolish standing in the middle of the room by yourself, you moved to the side and waited, scanning the crowds for any sign of bright orange hair.

Five minutes turned into ten minutes. Deciding that he was probably caught up in something else, you went searching for him, slightly hurt that he didn’t come back to find you. Taehyung always remembered everything you told him, even if you forgot yourself, and he especially remembered his promises.

As soon as you were out of the interview room, you bolted it down the stairs, wanting to get as far away from those people as you could. You could feel tears welling up in your eyes, but you didn’t do anything to stop them. You had just lost a brilliant job opportunity and it was all your fault.

Bursting out of the office building, you took a few shuddering breaths before you were choking back sobs, holding your head in your hands as tears soaked your cheeks. Onlookers must have been staring, but you were too upset to care.

However, you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your numb body, pulling you into a tight embrace. You didn’t need to look up to know who it was; the honey smell gave it away. Burying your head into Taehyung’s chest, you let yourself cry while he held you close, resting his cheek on your forehead. You don’t know how he knew where to find you, but it didn’t matter, because he was there.

“I messed up, Tae,” you sniffled, trying not to completely disgrace yourself and snot all over Taehyung’s shirt. “I was so nervous I messed up my words, and then I panicked and I forgot the words for things and it was just a complete disaster! I must have looked so stupid, and the way they looked at me made me feel stupid, and I don’t know what I was thinking applying for a job there-”

“Shhh,” hushed Taehyung, giving your arm a playful squeeze. “Stop talking nonsense.”

“They probably thought I couldn’t even speak the language. So dumb,” you added, your tears slowing down as you tried to compose yourself.

You looked up to see Taehyung frowning at you, his eyebrows furrowed as he studied your blotchy face. “I don’t know what you’re on about. I think your Korean is perfect. So what if you forgot a few words, everyone does now and then! In fact, I’d say you were far cleverer than those stuck-up bastards. I bet they aren’t fluent in two languages.”

“Thanks, Tae,” you hiccupped, wiping the tear-tracks on your cheeks. “But… how did you know I was here? I didn’t mention that the interview was today.”

“Yeah, you did. You told me when you got the phone call saying you had got the interview. Remember how happy you were? Then I promised that I’d come meet you afterwards.” Taehyung gave you a lopsided smile, his eyes crinkling up at the edges. But you had got the phone call six months ago?

“You really remembered?” You felt your heart beat harder.

“I promised, didn’t I? Just as well I came, because you need cake and coffee as soon as humanly possible.”

After looking around the club venue for a solid ten minutes, you decide to give up on Taehyung and go home, as you didn’t recognise anyone there and you were feeling very out of place. Turning around, you head past the crowded bar and towards the entrance where the bouncers were standing. However, just before you stepped outside, an orange head caught your attention.


But as people moved and your view was clear, you saw that he wasn’t alone. There, locked to his lips, was Yeji. Both had their eyes closed and were having a full makeout session, with Taehyung holding the small of Yeji’s back so they were pressed up against one another.

The sight made you freeze to the spot, but you were unable to tear your eyes away. Even your heart seemed to have paused in time as you watched their mouths move against one another, and you completely stopped breathing. It wasn’t until someone pushed by you that you snapped out of your trance, your mind in a whirl. Finding it suddenly hard to catch your breath, you left the club, the image of Taehyung and Yeji burnt into your retinas.

It was a cold night, as it was the end of February and your thin jacket was no use against the biting chill in the air. But walking home that evening, you swore you could’ve been hit by a truck and you wouldn’t have noticed. Deep down, you knew something like this was going to happen. No matter how many times you tried to convince yourself that you were going to tell Taehyung, that you would admit that you liked him more than a friend should, you knew you wouldn’t find the guts.

It broke your heart to see Yeji holding Taehyung that close, but Taehyung looked happy. It was that look of happiness that gripped your heart as you walked home, crushing it until you were sure it had crumbled. Once full of hope, now turned to ash.

Tabimatsu: Saga Story 2

EP 002: Kokoro ga SHIBERIA / 心がシベリア
EP 002: My Heart is Siberia

translating all of kara’s lines in this skit took way longer than it should’ve and I know I always say that he’s making less and less sense the more I do these skits but no, I seriously mean that this time because even for him, this is too much.

it really is no wonder that his brothers are ignoring him in this one again I am so disgusted with this terrible man

Karamatsu: Boys. Will you go with me to the underworld? It would be nice if we could get a taste of the darkness in a different parallel universe rather than stay in the rotten-smelling modern society.

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Mary Watson: Scorpion

Can Mary be a baddie and not a baddie at same time? She is, clearly, a general baddie: even in series 4 she will kill (or at least seriously incapacitate) innocent people when she needs to and feels no remorse about it. She is (or was) a contract killer. She shot Sherlock. She would have done it again, too, given the chance and the need to do so. When she feels killing or threatening people is in her interests, even people she cares about, she doesn’t hesitate.

Maybe she’s like the scorpion in Aesop’s Fables: certain destructive actions are just her nature. She reacts to the situations she finds herself in, often in a violent and even self-destructive way. Sherlock was on the surface of it an obstacle, and she took him out without a lot of thought, even though she liked him, even though he liked her, and even though it would seriously hurt John and complicate her fun new life. And in spite of the fact that Sherlock genuinely wanted to help her. He’s the only person who could actually forgive her for that reaction, as it turns out. Perhaps he understood it for what it was. She showed her hand in that moment, she showed her true nature, and for her that is always dangerous. I don’t think John ever really got over it.

But her life was changing, and she was changing with it. That act of shooting someone she cared about, was, perhaps, a throwback to who she’d been, a weak moment where she couldn’t maintain her resolution to be different. She wanted out of that destructive life, but, like Soo Lin, a sordid past is often hard to fully escape. In Soo Lin’s case, it was other people who weren’t prepared to let her go. Mary’s got the threat of that too, but she also has her own nature to wrestle with. Her own nature doesn’t want to change, even as she wills it to. She is her own worst enemy.

When Mary feels threatened, she gets very dangerous, to others and even to herself. This time around, when Sherlock offers help, she controls her reactions enough to avoid actually killing him, but she does knock him out. She knows she’s doing the wrong thing, she shouts sorrys at him even as she’s doing it. Mary is a good person and a terrible person at the same time. Finally, confronted by Sherlock and John in Morocco, she accepts their help, perhaps against her better judgment, and certainly against her instincts. She’s got her stinger taped over now. She’s trying to be good. 

Perhaps leaping in front of that bullet was that same instinct turned upside down. She couldn’t have thought it through, there wasn’t time. Perhaps in this one shining moment her reflex to kill turned upside down into a reflex to protect, a single moment where her instincts led her to something noble instead of something violent.

Of all the people Mary was battling, it must have been herself who was her biggest foe. And she lost again and again, until this one last moment, when she won.*

* On the presumption that she is in fact dead, which, you know, who knows. We’ll see what happens next.

Imagine Agent Florida, while at Blood Gulch constantly bringing up the agents of Project Freelancer really vaguely in conversations with Tucker and Church. In case it triggers any of Church’s memories of being the Alpha, he’s unable to refer to them by name, but he still finds ways to bring them into conversations and anecdotes.

Church and Tucker end up hearing many a story of the Rookie, who filled his locker with pictures of cats and once got his helmet stuck on for three consecutive days. Or of the Infiltrations Specialist, who managed to lock himself out of his own room on a regular basis. Or sometimes about the Sniper, who would frequently use guns in increasingly unconventional ways, and was given a stupidly large amount of anonymous gifts every Fathers Day, despite the fact that he had no children. And also of the Sniper’s Sister, who would start fistfights if people looked at her wrong, and took the concept of birthday bumps far too seriously. Of the Leader, who would direct her teammates into battle with a stoic sense of command and respect, then take down that very same team in the corridors with stolen rounds lockdown paint the following night. And, most commonly, of the charming Englishman, with a spectacular mustache and a tendency for bringing Butch a cup of tea to wake him up every morning.

Both Tucker and Church would often take the stories with a pinch of salt, and it isn’t until talking with Wash about what the members of Project Freelancer were like before things went to shit that Tucker realises who the people in Captain Flowers’ stories actually were

A really cheesy and fluffy drabble yells

Word count: 1,075

Ship: Yonaga Angie x Korekiyo Shinguuji

Sort of warnings: Kinda canon divirgent, and super cheesy and sappy

This is like a personal apology for @hajimeme-hinatiddies for making him go through all the stupid Yonaga, Shinguuji, Shoukichi and Saihara pain that I throw at him.


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anonymous asked:

Ok so since I immensely enjoyed the conspiracy theory and pretty sure everyone around me thinks I've gone off my rocker laughing like an idiot to myself - I'm gonna add some fuel to the fire, lol. There's the pic from vday with the candy rings on Taco's ig (yungtaco) with caption 'wifey' & 'material' on each hand respectively. WHat if he meant each other *gasp* *shock* *ded*

Oh wow, I included the photo Bella posted on Valentines because I thought it was funny but I didn’t even realize Taco did, too, omg. And he would know, too, since he was part of their friend group back when they were nothing more but young love in LA….

I’m glad you thought it was funny, lol, way too many people took it more seriously than it was intended haha…. Kinda figured that would happen. Thank you for the fuel! 

Digimon Villains
  • Devimon: The intro spoiled him
  • Etemon: Elvis is a furry
  • Myotismon: Wont stay dead
  • Dark Masters: Pissy server mods
  • Apocalymon: Angry emo
  • Digimon Emperor: Took the evil options in video games way too seriously
  • Arukenimon and Mummymon: Jessie and James are furries
  • Oikawa: Accurate depiction of the older fans
  • Yamaki: Oh no he's hot and ripping of MIB
  • Digimon Sovereign: Fuck what the dragon said
  • Beelzemon: Murder, redemption and motorbiking
  • D-Reaper: Press and hold the delete key and hope for the best
  • Cherubimon: How bad can me be
  • Royal Knights: Pricks in armour
  • Lucemon: Alpha prick
  • Merukimon: Fucking hate those humans
  • Kurata: Fucking hate those digimon
  • Yggrasil: Can't compute for shit
  • Darknightmon: Fucking hate oni-chan
  • Bagramon: Extreme fisting
  • Quartzmon: I hope you like the colour green
Ktenology {Stigma}

Member: Min Yoongi (BTS)

Au: assassin au

Word count: 2.7k

Preview - .01

He waited two days, he had enough information to know where she would be at any time of the day and what time she got off from work. It made everything easy, especially because her schedule was the same every day. I saw how she worked with Jungkook, how he treated her, and he was an even bigger asshole to her than anyone else; she made it seem like everything rolled off her back, but there’s no way it didn’t make her feel like shit.

 So now here he sits in her living room, on a stool that he found at her table, just waiting for her to arrive. It hadn’t been very long since he’d gotten there, but he was already relaxed in his spot. Her space was a lot roomier than his own home, or hideout, whichever one suited the phrase better. He knew she’d be home in about 10 minutes, and then it’d be time to get his plan into full effect.

His new plan wouldn’t take as long than the first time, there wasn’t as much trust to be put into it, he didn’t need to have it so he was breathing down Jeon Jungkook’s neck at every waking second. This way was easier, he wasn’t directly involved with anyone super important.

When Y/N arrived at her home, she didn’t notice Yoongi standing in her living room, she was more concerned about taking off her shoes and jacket at the door than someone in her house; however, when she did see him she jumped a bit since there was a man she didn’t know, right in front of her, smoking a cigarette and had a smirk on his face.

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Title: Magnitude

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Ed/Oswald

Word Count: 5641

Warnings: Unbeta’d, virginity, anal sex, blowjob, insecurity, body issues, more insecurity, lame riddles, fluff, seriously just way too long

Notes: This is *way* too long for what was initially just supposed to be sorta fluffy porn. I hope you guys like anyways. I’m sorry it took so long to get another fic out! Hopefully next time I won’t lose my shit and write so goddamned much for a simple thought, haha.

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Weasley Headcanon: George and Percy

After Fred dies, everyone talks about how George is left with only half himself…no one to finish his sentences, no one to partake in his pranks or help with the shop.

But what if, Percy filled in that void. Percy after realizing that he took his job and life at the Ministry too seriously was hurting him and his relationship with his family, and it was the war that made him see the errors of his ways. 

So after the war he spends more time with his family, and just one day when George is talking and stops his sentence where Fred would finish it, suddenly becoming depressed because he is now on his own, Percy doesn’t miss a beat and finishes George’s incomplete sentence, shocking everyone in the family and warming George’s heart and in that moment George didn’t feel as alone, and Percy felt more apart of the family. Percy grew up with the twins and being the closest older brother, he probably looked out for them more than Bill and Charlie, and because of that he knows the twins better than anybody. 

Percy quits his job, works alongside George and with his efficiency is able to help him develop new material for the Joke Shop in record timing. And George helps Percy to relax a bit in life, and gets him to help with new pranks, teaching him how to enjoy life. 

Now instead of George being on his own, he now has his brother Percy there to support him. He doesn’t replace Fred, but he is there for George as Fred would have wanted him, and now George isn’t so alone anymore. He has his older brother Percy to keep him grounded, and Percy has George to keep him enjoying life. 

maybe this is a little far fetched but
  • by the time leo comes back to camp with calypso (which is only a couple of days after the war ended) he starts to realize that he doesn’t really like calypso so much in a romantic way and he starts thinking that he could possibly be aromantic. she says it’s ok bc she apparently never even liked him romantically?? what is all the fuss about
  • anyway so the gods get really angry that she managed to get off of ogygia and they decide to try and put her back on the island as quick as possible
  • so calypso starts to panic and she asks leo and percy (the only two people she knows at camp) and the only answer she gets is that percy could hide her in a different island. which is like the least comforting answer ever
  • and she’s really starting to freak out bc she does  n o t  want to go back to that place but while she’s freaking out she accidentally bumps in to a suPER CUTE daughter of aphrodite who happens to be drew tanaka 
  • for some reason calypso decides to blurt out the whole situation to her even though they are literally standing in the middle of a path that’s starting to fill up with people
  • at first drew is sort of stunned but then she smiles at her and takes her hand and tells her that she could probably manage to charmspeak mr. d and convince him that calypso was not, in fact, hiding at camp half-blood
  • calypso is so suddenly overjoyed that she thanks her and kisses on the cheek. drew tells her that she should probably hide until she actually gets the job done but that it’s no problem. 
  • drew walks away from her blushing like crazy with a huge smile on her face
  • when calypso finds out drew actually managed to convince mr d that she wasn’t at camp it’s almost midnight. she was hiding pretty deep in the forest when drew finds her and gives her a big hug
  • they don’t really talk too much on their way back to the cabins but when they’re half way back they come to a silent agreement to sit down next to some bushes for a couple of minutes. 
  • they end up falling asleep there and drew just happens to have her arm around calypso and they both have small smiles on their faces
In a Moment of Desperation

Title: In a Moment of Desperation

Genre: Angst and fluff

Words: 4.3k I did not mean for it to be this long im sorry 

Summary: Dan struggles to find a way to tell Phil that he’s in love with him. The night he finally builds up the courage to tell him, there is a car crash on their street, and his plans are prevented.  

Warnings: car crash, seriously injured.. 

A/N: this took so fucking long and it’s probably not even worth it oh..

Excerpt:  ‘Listen Phil, I know we’ve been friends for a while, but there’s something I need to tell you’, he thought to himself. No. Too cheesy. To cliche. ‘Phil, you know when I do that thing where I look into your eyes and blush, yeah that’s because…’ he pictured the scenario. No. Too unserious. Too emotionless. Hopeless. Impossible. But it would have to happen, sometimes. Sometimes soon. Hopefully very soon. He dried the thin layer of sweat on his hand off in his jeans. Tonight, before the movie. It was essential. ‘Phil, I’m in love with you,’ he gulped. No. Too real.

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A Useful Method

Author’s note: Prompt taken from this post after asking @otomiya-tickles for permission! She’s busy with her other prompts so I gladly took this one x33 I think I took this prompt too seriously cause it’s kinda long BUT HEY, MOAR REIGISA FLUFF SO THAT’S GOOD RIGHT??? y-aaaas 
Prompt: “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

Summary: According to Haru and Makoto there is a way to make Nagisa stop talking and Rei, being really curious, decides to test his theory when he’s giving his boyfriend a massage.

The night before the relay was filled with lame jokes, bad puns and lots of ice-cream. Everyone was hanging out in the hotel room Makoto and Haru were sharing, excited about the competition. Nagisa didn’t appear to be very nervous since he was bouncing around on the bed and kept rambling on and on about this one delicious strawberry cake he’d had for his last birthday and that the three of them should help him convince his mom to make another one.

“I mean, it was so good, and I mean, really good! There were strawberries on top and in the middle and there was also strawberry jelly filling and whipped cream and ooooooh—”

“Nagisa-kun,” Rei scolded lightly and laid his hand on his to make him stop talking. “you’re going to lose your voice if you keep talking like that.”

“That’s not possible,” Makoto laughed and Haru nodded in a silent agreement. “Nagisa’s talked for hours straight before and never even got a sore throat.”

“Years of practice!” said person chirped and hugged Rei’s arm. “It’s one of my talents.”

After having said that, Nagisa started nuzzling his bicep and Rei tried his best to keep calm, masking his awkwardness by adjusting his glasses with his free hand. His other hand was currently being squished by Nagisa’s smaller ones, even though he had insisted on not doing it in front of others because it was embarrassing.

Of course Nagisa didn’t care about any of that and took it up a notch by crawling between his legs and leaning against his chest with his back. He pressed a small kiss against Rei’s cheek, earning him a squawk, and buried his face in his collarbone.

“You should just tickle him to make him stop talking. That usually works,” Haru spoke up, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, and didn’t bother to react to Rei nearly falling off the bed because Nagisa had squeaked really loudly, or Makoto bursting out laughing.

“Wow, I totally forgot about that!” Makoto chuckled and nodded. “You’re right, though. And he always laughs so hard that he loses his voice and his face gets all red. It’s pretty cute actually. I remember using this one method—”

“Guys!” Nagisa’s face was now as red as a tomato and Rei was trying (read: not really) to hide his smile. “I’m right here!”

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MLB Fanfic Recs

All right, all right - I’ve got an actual page for general fanfic recs, but I want something more specific to the MLB fandom. 

Going under the cut, because, whoa - This got long between my comments and the summaries. 

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