that open eyes kiss does things to me

Fuel to Fire (intro)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f) 

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting. 

A/N: This is the introduction to the tattoo-shop AU, a Stucky x reader story that could be compared to my earlier series: Savages. I have no idea where this is going or how long it’s gonna be. I’m just gonna see where it takes me. 

“Buck-.. you think we’re gettin’ boring?” Steve muses, his arms behind his head, relaxing against his pillow as he stares up at the ceiling.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Steve” Bucky groans, popping up somewhere below Steve’s belt, pushing his hair away from his eyes. “m’Tryin’ to suck your dick here, you mind?”

“I don’t, actually” Steve grins. “I was just thinkin’”

“Yeah. I know” Bucky shuts him up, pinching his husband’s side, earning a yelp in turn. “Stop it and let me suck your pretty cock”

“Baby, c’mon, hold on a minute, okay?” Steve pleads, putting on his best pouting face and big blue eyes.

Bucky groans, rolls off his husband, “Okay, okay. Stop with the eyes already. What’s on your mind?”

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  • the soft barely there caress of clarke’s hair
  • the way that both of them open their eyes at the same time so that the first thing that clarke sees is the tear filled eyes of the girl that would wait forever for her to be ready
  • the look of absolute wonder and awe on lexas face
  • my dead body in the background


  • PLEASE draw your attention to the little jaw drop that lexa does KINda LIKE that lil kiss pulled all the air out of her lungs

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HIHIHIHI I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THE NEIGHBOR!WONHO AU can u plsplspls write one for changkyun when u have some free time?? i love you thank you!! 💝💝💝

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), kihyun (here) & shownu (here)

  • has,,,,,,,,,,a lot of weird stuff in his apartment
  • like there isn’t a coherent thing going on,,,,,,movie posters,,,,,anime posters,,,,,,random photos of him and his friends,,,,,a dart board???? a do-it-yourself science kit??? random candles everywhere???,,,,,,are those his headphones,,,,,,ontop of a teddy bear,,,,,ontop of the tv,,,,,,, that’s not on a stand but balancing on a pile of old phonebooks,,,,,what
  • but like???? aside from the fact that his place looks like the inside of a thrift shop it’s not like ???? weird it fits changkyun’s personality 
  • he always has cool stories behind everything he owns and he’s like “oh yeah i got that stuffed bunny foot from my dad when he was abroad in-” 
  • he’s a very,,,,interesting person
  • plays music and dances with his whole body to it and the neighbors can see through the window and they’re just like,,,,,that one is so full of energy,,,,,,
  • probably hangs upside down off his couch when playing games and eating chips which never ends up good,,,,,,,shownu has told him three hundred times eating upside down is : a bad idea
  • owns a neon orange track suit he wears at home, slides on his floors in his socks, barely cooks his ramen through who knows how he’s lived this long
  • and you know changkyun because,,,,,,you’re both part of a weekly board game club that meets at his place
  • you guys started off playing monoply but it changes every week ,,,,, and it’s not even like a club you’re all just neighbors who like playing games so why not
  • and by you all,,,,it’s you, changkyun, minhyuk, and kihyun
  • and you meet on thursday nights and as you’re waiting with changkyun for the other two changkyun gets a text about minhyuk needing to take kihyun to the ER because of a nose bleed
  • and ur like holy hell??? should we go with him????
  • and changkyun is about to ask when minhyuk sends a texts that’s like “kihyun said don’t come because he’s embarrassed”
  • and you and changkyun are like that’s a bit Dramatic but ok and you’re like “well we can’t play operation with just two people that’d be boring” and changkyun is like true,,,,,,,,,,but i even ordered pizza already ,,,,
  • and you’re like “alright let’s pick something else,,, something for two people,,,,?” and changkyun’s like what about would you rather and you’re like deal 
  • and it’s the usual you know,,,,would you rather eat disgusting thing a or disgusting thing b,,,,,,,would you rather tell kihyun he can’t sing or minhyuk he can’t dance,,,,,,,,,,would you rather get to see ur favorite idol and spend the whole day with them but then never see them again or never get to be alone with your idol but still get to see them
  • you know,,,,,the basics of stuff like that
  • and when the pizza comes you go to open the door but you’re like right changkyun !!!!! do you have the money????
  • and you’re like “one sec!!” and the delivery guy is like “your boyfriend’s paying for tonights pizza date i see?” and you’re like doing a double take because woah what
  • and changkyun comes over, in his freaking neon orange tracksuit, and is like “here you go!” and the delivery guy is like “you two make a cute couple”
  • and you look up at changkyun who looks down at you
  • and the dude hands back your change is like “have a good date!”
  • and is off and you’re standing there about to drop this damn pizza box
  • and changkyun is like uh,,,,,oh,,,,,,i,,,,,,,uh,,,,,,
  • and you guys ends up sitting on his living room, the box separating you two 
  • and it’s just,,,,,,,,,,,Quiet,,,,,,,
  • but in your head it’s 4435234 thoughts racing because ok what do you like changkyun? he’s cool and funny? you both joke around with each other and are sarcastic? he looks pretty freaking adorable even in crazy, bright orange 
  • and changkyun’s thinking the same thing like does he like you? you’re so cute when you laugh? did he just notice that or has he been thinking that for a long time?
  • and finally you swallow and you’re like “changkyun,,,,,would you rather-”
  • and he looks up and you’re like putting a hand on the pizza box and you’re like “would you rather eat this pizza and i get out of here before this gets awkward or ,,,,,,,,,,,, would you rather,,,,,,,,,kiss me?”
  • and he’s like wide eyes, open mouth staring at you and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just pick one alreaDY
  • and he moves the box out of the way, and literally takes you up on the latter with a kiss that seems way  W AAAAA Y overdue
  • and it’s,,,,,somehow,,,,,,,,,,,right like it should be odd, but it’s not,,,,,
  • and you’re kissing him back and it’s,,,nice you  know
  • until he pulls back and is like “this is great, but the pizza is going to get cold-”
  • and you’re like hitting his arm like WOW i love your priorities,,,but also he’s right let’s eat the pizza
  • a couple of days later, as you and changkyun get settled into well,,,,,dating
  • you see a photo minhyuk posted on thursday night on insta and???? he’s not at the ER what the hell???? him and kihyun went to the pc bang???????????
  • minhyuk: yeah, we thought leaving you and changkyun alone would do good. and it did. high five me kihyun

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i'll take uhhhhh number 27 with malec, extra gay?

this is a good one omg (extra gay always) (under a cut bc it’s p long or on ao3)

27. “Tell me again.”

They’re curled together in bed, and it’s late enough that Magnus has already tried to say goodnight twice. Alec is awake, in the way he gets sometimes, where even though his body is completely lax against Magnus’s he can’t quite get his brain to shut down. In the year they’ve lived together, Magnus has learned that it’s better to let him talk until he calms down than to try and force it. Besides, he tends to say sweet things when he’s like this, and neither of them has anywhere to be early in the morning.

“You ever think about the stars?” Alec says, voice heavy with sleep and yet still animated. “Half the ones we can see burned out ages ago. Before you were born, even. But they burned for so long and so far away that we’ll still see their light for hundreds of years? Does the night sky look very different than when you were a boy?”

Magnus chuckles. “Not that I’ve noticed? Though you can see a lot less in New York City, of course.”

“By the angel,” Alec says, as though he’s been hit by a revelation. “There must have been almost no light pollution when you were a kid. That’s so many stars.”

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Imagine meeting Dean at a bar and hooking up, although you both want to know each other more. Only you find out the next day that he is your new teacher. (Part 2)

Originally posted by winsync

Read Part 1 here!

“Alright, I expect to see your projects by the end of the week on my desk. Whoever is even a day late will not like to hear what’s coming. Have a great day kiddos, and don’t party too hard!”

He went from 100% professional and serious to cheerful and easy going it almost took you by surprise. One moment you would see the man you met just the previous night, relaxed and funny, someone that you’d really want to talk to and that really most of the students in your class seemed to like. He’s talk with such passion about his subject but not in a way that made it boring, he almost had all of you finally interested in it and he was so cool and relaxed it got even more people to participate. And the other he’d talk about your school responsibilities and he’d be all authoritative and stern and not hearing a word about his job or the work you had to do. He look serious enough to remind you who he really was and that he wasn’t your buddy, even there were times you could see him as that.

And you? Oh you saw him as much more than just a buddy or your teacher and that was exactly the problem.

“Uh miss (Y/l/n), can I speak to you for a moment?” his rough voice caught your attention and you blinked, looking up to lock eyes with his forest green ones.

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Is this real?

Simon gets the surprise of his life when his roommate, Baz, asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Everything is going according to plan until the line of what’s real and what isn’t starts to blur, and they both have to make a decision.

For @snowbaz-feda

Also many thanks to @eroticgropefest for the beta!!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Part 6 - The space between us


When we arrive at my house, I’m a mess. I don’t know how this fake relationship with Snow became so real to me. In the beginning it was easy, to see the line between real and fake but now, we kissed and we cuddled. Fuck, I don’t know what to think.

We never talk about these moments that we share, we just store them away and carry on like nothing happened. Is he just playing his part, or is this real for him too? Sometimes when we’re alone and he’s looking at me, I feel like this is real. That he could actually want this. Or am I just fooling myself?

Dinner was as awkward as I anticipated, Snow kept shoving food in his mouth while Daphne made polite conversation to fill the silence.

I left Snow in my bedroom before going to hunt, but on my way down I saw light in Mordelia’s room so I came to talk to her, she tried to ask why was Snow here for Christmas, but my father looked at her and she didn’t ask again.

“You should be in bed… Father Christmas won’t come if you’re not sleeping,” I say, as I sit at the end of her bed.

“I know that, but I’m just so excited!” Her enthusiasm in contagious, and gives me strength to talk to her about this.

“Listen, about earlier… you asked Father why Simon was here, and why we were holding hands…”

“Mom told me. Simon came because he’s your boyfriend,” she says simply.

“Oh? When did she tell you that?” I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

“When she came to give me a goodnight kiss. Why isn’t father happy about it?”

“He doesn’t really like Simon.” For now is too hard to explain the real reason behind it.

“Well…I like him. He makes you smile.“

I give her a small smile.“Yeah he does. Now you should try to sleep. Good night.”

“G’night Baz,” she tells me before I leave her bedroom.

On the woods, I realize that this is all I needed to hear. Why can’t my father be like that? One day he might accept me for who I am, but I am done giving a fuck about what he thinks.


It’s Christmas night and as the day went by, Snow became more and more less like himself, like something happened that took away his happiness.

We’re in my bedroom now and I don’t like seeing him like this. Did my father say something? I avoided leaving him alone the whole day so it must be something else.

He’s preparing himself to sleep on my couch like he did last night, which is moronic, we already shared a bed once and it was smaller “Snow, did something happen?”

“I’m fine, just wanna go to sleep” he tells me, as he grabs one extra pillow from the bed.

“Just… wait” I say, as I grab his arm. “You don’t have to sleep on the couch, the bed is big enough for the two of us.”

Our eyes meet before he tells me. “Okay.“

I come back from my shower and all the lights are out. When I enter the bed, Snow starts to move closer. he’s so close to me, that I can feel his body heat.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“It’s stupid…”

I wait for him to continue, I know that if I give him time to organize his thoughts he’ll talk. “It’s just that, seeing you with your family, even though your father is the way he is, you have them and I don’t have anything like this… A family.” Oh, fuck. This is not what I expected to hear, what can someone say after this?

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Baz, I’m just… being stupid.” He doesn’t sound stupid, he sounds broken.

“No you’re not, It’s okay not to feel okay Snow.” Before I can think about it, I’m pulling him towards me. He puts his head on my chest, so I put my arm around him, and I start stroking his curls away from his face.

Aleister Crowley, to have him like this, half on top of me, letting me hold him, feels so right. Even if this means nothing to him, I wouldn’t change a bloody thing.

After a while Snow starts to move, very slowly, and plants a kiss on my neck. How he figured it out that I have a thing for this I don’t know, and the last time he did this we kissed. Is he going to kiss me again?

I turn towards him and he kisses my face, so I put my other arm around him, to bring him closer, and he does. He’s closing the space between us now, so I close my eyes. The kiss feels like a question, like he isn’t sure if this is okay, so I open my mouth to him, and when he deepens the kiss, I feel like this is too much, like he’s the sun and I’m about the crash into him.

When I put my hand on his hair, to bring him closer, he starts to move away, so I frown at him, until I feel him pulling me on top of him.

Simon Snow is going to be the death of me, might as well make the most of it. So I kiss him hard while I put myself on top of him. It feels so good to have him like this, out of breath because we’re kissing. I go for his neck, and start to kiss him there, his hand is beneath my shirt, stroking my back and something like this shouldn’t feel this good, but it does.

I pin his hand to the bed, and somehow we’re lacing our fingers together, and we kiss slowly. It’s different, more meaningful than any other kiss we shared.

At this moment I almost forget that he might not mean this; that all of this might not be real.

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CS - pickup truck

A/N: So. This turned into smut. Like, primarily smut. Whoops? Obviously, it’s rated M, so there’s that. 2K of pretty much just some smut. o_o

Summary: It all gets a little out of hand when they get handsy at the drive-in theater.

Coming to a drive-in movie was a bad idea. No, not really. It has been the best idea, but this is definitely not what Emma was expecting when she and Killian decided that the only thing to do on a boring summer night was head for the drive-in.

The movie is okay; it’s one she would’ve been fine waiting to see when it came to Netflix, but what matters to her is Killian’s hand on her knee. Well, it had been on her knee. See, they’ve been toeing this line between dating/not dating for so long that she was kind of curious to see which one of them would break first. There was that spectacular kiss they shared in the Neverland Pub & Grill back what seems like forever ago. Everything else has been tension-filled moments and dark, sinful glances when they hope no one else is looking.

Emma definitively started this, to be fair. She slid a little closer to the middle of the bench seat in the old pickup truck that Killian drives when she got back from the bathroom before the movie started. Killian took it a step further when he, too, slid a little towards the middle when he got back with popcorn and a couple of sodas.

Next came the way her hands brushed his as she hunted for more of the Milk Duds she’d dumped into the popcorn two seconds after he brought it back.

It was a pretty steady tumble down a slippery slope of sexual activity after that. She’d thrown her arm over the back of the seat, toying with the hair on the nape of his neck as she propped her right foot on the dash. Her skirt shifted, then, and that’s when Killian’s hand ended up on her knee.

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Ivar Imagine #6 | Mistress

Originally posted by thefacesofdeath


Little tickles brushing against your ankle made you vaguely aware that you were not alone. They continued as your body slowly woke up, now increasing in pressure so that you could recognize them as kisses. You allowed your eyes to open, parting your legs slightly to see a pair of striking blue eyes staring back at you. You sighed in realization, running your fingers softly through loose brown hair.

“You’ve woken me up, Little Prince. You better have a good reason.” 

He nodded eagerly, crawling so that he was directly between your thighs, his chin resting on your lower stomach. 

“Want it, Mistress. Please.” 

The poor man looked wrecked, his pupils blown wide and lips bright red from how often he had been biting them. You cooed, brushing your thumbs against his cheeks. 

“Poor thing, does my Little Prince need to have his Mistress?” He whimpered. “Alright, but just your mouth, no hands. I’m still angry at you for waking me up. Go ahead and make your mistress cum.” 

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how to make The Chosen One choose YOU: flirting, baz pitch style

(honestly im basically shitposting at this point, but i just love carry on so much. leave me be)


“I like this better than fighting,”  - Simon Snow (The Chosen One) 

  • threaten him with a viking’s funeral
  • (“do you know what that is, snow? A flaming pyre, set adrift on the sea. We could do yours in blackpool, so all your chavvy Normal friends can come,”)
  • make him cry, then drop your handkerchief sarcastically on his bed
  • call him a disgrace to magic
  • make sure it’s first thing in the morning, too, for added effect
  • turn on the charm. Woo him with your best lines
  • example, (what if I took your magic, cast it against you, and settled baz versus simon once and for all?)
  • don’t just rely on words. Act on your feelings too
  • example, push him down a flight of stairs, attempt to feed him to a chimera, etc.
  • cavort with his gf in the woods
  • bonus points if he sees it (hell, hold her hands too while you’re at it)
  • cant accept your own feelings? Conspire with your aunt to take him down
  • no chosen one, no problem
  • hopeless love? Have a backup plan
  • example: marry his ex and find a thousand different men who look like him and break each of their hearts a different way
  • just try to be honest with your feelings. Tell him you want him by your side
  • (“what if I accidentally Turned you? Then i’d be stuck with your pious face forever,”)
  • oh baz. Im swooning
  • invite him to your victorian mansion for christmas under the guise of “truce”
  • first date ideas!
  • – bring him to the british museum, steal a few books, take a walk around the park and find a place where he can eat curry while you read your stolen goods
  • dont forget to be a good conversationalist
  • (“you should eat something,”)
  • (“piss off,”)
  • confused? Lost? Failed at something important?
  • Hell, set a few trees on fire and wait for the flames to consume you
  • bonus points if you’re flammable
  • (hint! Hint! This is a good chance for a >>>KISS<<<!!!)
  • if you do it right, HE’LL kiss YOU
  • sulk and stomp away if he doesnt pull you into his arms and say “good morning, darling” when he opens his eyes first thing in the morning
  • respond to his feelings properly
  • (“you slept in my arms,”)
  • (“fitfully”)
  • accept him for who he is
  • found out your bf literally couldn’t be a bigger mess/supervillian/insiduous humdrum?
  • Kiss him, anyway (because you match)
  • (“i’m not the humdrum! But why does thinking so make you want to kiss me?”)
  • (“Everything makes me want to kiss you”)
  • seriously, I was swooning when I got to this part. Like. Seriously. Swooning. (I think I was crying a little too)

cute nicknames:

  • you courageous fuck
  • you absolute nightmare
  • love

say I love you. like, a lot 

  • I was eleven years old, and I’d lost my mother, and my soul, and the crucible gave me you
  • You were the centre of my universe. Everything else spun around you
  • looking at you was like looking directly into the sun
  • I choose you


  • who needs magic? I’m going to turn you into a vampire and make you live with me forever

no, no im not crying. i just have a bit of snowbaz in my eye 

Let Me Tell You

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: language, very fluffy smut with slightly Dom!Cas. Can someone say “yum”?

A/N: I have no idea how or why I came up with this… But there it is. Sorry again for another cheesy fic. Call your dentist; you’ll need some fillings after this one.

You blinked the sleep from your eyes as you stared up at the ceiling. The light warmth radiating off of the angel beside you soothed you as your vision came into focus.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Cas brushed a few rogue strands from your face. He gazed down at you with hooded eyes, slowly scanning up and down your form.

You furrowed your brow. “What?” You knew Cas loved you, and you loved him. But he was very different about showing it. You were more of the showing type, kisses, hugs, amazing sex. But Cas was different. He was definitely into showing his undying love, but he loved telling you too.

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Letters from Verona

My attempt at finally writing a fic based off of this post

A/n: I decided to set the time of this fic back a bit - this fic takes place right before Jughead walks Betty home in Chapter 7: The Lonely Place

I’ve written and rewritten this fic so many times, and honestly it was the toughest fic I’ve ever written. I felt like I could have kept editing it forever, so I finally bit the bullet and just published it - I hope I did it justice!

It had been a long week for Betty Cooper. Polly’s disappearance had placed an unbearable weight on her heart and mind, and her mother’s media storm had done nothing to help her heightened state. Out of options and helpless to improve the situation, Betty had chosen to focus on the tasks that needed finishing. Tonight, that meant editing and revising the newest edition of the Blue & Gold. She dove into her articles until late in the night, until the vast majority of the building had emptied out and the sun had long disappeared.

“Juggie? Hey Jug? You awake?” Betty peered over at the boy, trying to determine just how soundly he was sleeping. He had dozed off on the couch while waiting for Betty to finish her work. She urged him to go home hours ago, but he refused to leave until she did, insisting that it was his duty to walk her home.

He looked so handsome laying there, curled up with an old copy of “1984″ lying open on his chest, crown beanie slightly askew. Betty couldn’t help but smile at the stillness of his body, feeling herself calm as she watched his chest rise and fall. When he was sleeping, the troubles that haunted him in his waking hours were imperceptible. He seemed so peaceful, so unhindered by all the worries of the world.

Deciding that he wasn’t going to stir anytime soon, she crossed the room and ever so delicately plucked his laptop from his desk, being careful not to make too much noise.

She pried open the laptop, its screen illuminating the darkened room. Typing in the password she had managed to decipher weeks ago, Betty searched for the familiar Word document labeled “No Title”. 

“You can’t name a novel before it’s finished,” Jughead had told her weeks ago, “The story has to be completed before it can speak to you.”

Betty smiled at the memory, recalling the conviction with which he had spoken. She loved the way he spoke about his novel, how his brow would furl when he was fighting writer’s block, or the light that sparked in his eye when he thought of the perfect turn of phrase. But he never let her read his work, so she had taken to reading it in secret, bit by bit, whenever she could. 

Browsing the list of documents, something caught Betty’s eye. A folder entitled, “Letters from Verona” had appeared under the list of recent files, one Betty had never noticed before. Curiosity got the best of her, and she opened it, selecting the most recent document.

Dear Juliet,

I am captivated by your eyes. I always have been. Those bewitching green eyes have always seen the world with such wonder, have always contained such beauty. They have always shined, a beacon of light in the darkest of times.

I cannot help but recall that moment, right before I kissed you, when I looked in your eyes. It was in your eyes that I found the courage to move forward, to bring my lips up against yours, to open myself up and let years of bottled affection pour out.

From that moment on, your eyes have been different. For years, I have looked into those eyes, and for years they have looked back. But only now do those alluring eyes begin to see. Only now does a part of you, however small, begin to feel the things I have been feeling for so long.

Now your eyes see me with wonder. They regard me with a tender affection, every glance full of care and devotion. To be the recipient of such a look is all I have desired for so long, and yet I am fearful. Fearful that, every time you peer into my eyes, you will see my soul. Fearful that you will know my truths. Fearful that such raw exposure will cause the warmth of those dazzling eyes to irreversibly cool.

This is my confession to you, tucked away in a file that I do not yet have the courage to share. A small piece of my heart that is reserved for another time. One day, I will find the strength to say these words to you out loud, to look you in those entrancing eyes and make a true proclamation. For now, I will simply continue to gaze into your eyes, hoping with each passing glance to convey all I am incapable of saying.

xx Romeo

Betty stared at the letter, reading and rereading each sentence, in awe of the confession. Unable to stop herself, she opened another document, and then another, and another. Letters of longing, confessions of unrequited pining, it all unfolded in before her, giving way to an overwhelming, unabashed affection.

She didn’t even notice she was crying until the letters on the screen began to swim. Her heart ached, the excess of emotion threatening to burst from her chest. It wasn’t that Jughead hadn’t expressed his feelings before - the passion with which he had kissed her in her bedroom was unquestionable - but these words were filled with a care and tenderness that was overwhelming.

He had written about her. He had written to her. All of her doubts about his intentions, all of her insecurities about their relationship, they had all disappeared under the persuasion of his confessions.

Wiping her eyes, Betty exited out of the documents and slowly closed the laptop shut, quietly returning it to his desk. She walked over to the sleeping boy on the couch, standing over him for a moment and taking him in. Smiling, she leaned down to wake him, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

He stirred, looking around with confusion before settling his eyes on her and smiling. The way in which his eyes connected to hers filled her whole body with warmth, the simple glance taking on a newer, deeper significance. In that moment, Betty knew she could spend forever looking into those eyes.

“Hey Bets,” he said softly, propping himself up on his elbows, “Is it time to go home?”

“Yeah Jug,” Betty smiled, “It’s time to go home.”

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Mayor's brother Len flirting with Secretary Mick while he waits for his sis to get off work. (I adore fire fighter Mick but it's an amusing idea.)

“Hello, Hot Stuff.” purrs someone from the opening elevator.

Mick Rory fights the urge to stick his fist in his mouth and scream and forces himself to look up and smile pleasantly at Senator Leonard Snart.

“Good afternoon, sir.” Mick says, successfully swallowing the urge to say something like ‘please just fucking kiss me this time’ or ‘if you just asked me to suck your dick in the bathroom I would’. He only manages such a feat by means of a voice in his head - that sounds remarkably like Senator Snart’s assistant Amaya – reminding him that the Senator was his boss’s brother and therefore it was even more of a terrible idea than it might otherwise be.

“And how are you this pleasant afternoon?” Senator Snart asks, swaggering over to Mick’s desk and then propping a hip on it so he can loom in Mick’s general direction. Well, it’s not looming. It’s more like aura-projecting, and it mostly serves to make Mick want to slide off his chair onto his knees and get the Senator’s pants open.

“I’m very good, thank you, sir.” says Mick, and swallows, looking away. “The Mayor is free, if you want to go in.”

Senator Snart smirks a little, and then pushes off the desk. 

“Thank you, Mister Rory.” he says, and Mick shudders, just a little. The door to Mayor Snart’s office clicks closed while Mick’s eyes are squeezed shut. 

“That was fucking painful to watch.” says Amaya. Mick’s eyes snap open. He hadn’t even seen her come in with the Senator.

“Shut up.”

“Are you going to tell him that you want him to fuck you six ways to Sunday sometime soon, or is the unresolved sexual tension going to suffocate all of the rest of us first?”

“Shut up shut up shut up.” says Mick, and lets his forehead fall down onto his desk. 

“The second option, then.” says Amaya, and she puts the cup of hot coffee she was carrying down on the desk next to his face. 

“Are you going to tell Commissioner West you want her to sit on your face?” hisses Mick, in retaliation. Amaya – who is a very chatty drunk, the only reason Mick knows that particular piece of information regarding her very large crush on Central City Police Commissioner Iris West – goes bright red and shoves the base of her iced coffee against the exposed back of Mick’s neck, making him yelp and slap his hand over the cold spot.

“So you have no leg to stand on.” he says.

“We’ll both suffer in silence.” she responds, and the two of them settle in to wait.

“You know,” says Mayor Snart, later, as the two of them watch the elevator doors close behind the Senator and Amaya, “I can tell him to back off with the flirting if it’s making you uncomfortable.”

Mick looks over at her in alarm. He loves working for Lisa, and he very much does not want the Senator to stop, and honestly he doesn’t know if there’s a right answer in this situation. Lisa gives him a cryptic look that seems to originate sidelong out of the corners of her eyes.

“Or not. That’s fine too.”

Mick shuffles his feet a little.

“The second option, then.” she says, and shakes her head. “I need the budget documents formatted and rounded up and bound tonight. Could be a late one.”

“You have a dinner meeting with the part of the City Council you don’t like tonight.” Mick says. “You’ve already rescheduled once. You’re not getting out of it.” 

Lisa hisses out a breath between her clenched teeth. 

“I’ll find you some company.” she says.

Mick pats her on the shoulder and heads back to his desk, fully prepared to be there until one or two in the morning.

Lisa’s lucky he likes her so much. 


Naturally, Mick just about jumps out of his skin when the elevator doors slide open at eight, and reveal Senator Snart, with a plastic bag that smells like Indian and his tie off and the first three buttons on his shirt undone.

“Lisa says you need the company.” he says, and looks around a little. “Is there somewhere I can put this without disrupting anything?”

Mick gestures at two square feet of floor not currently covered by the budget he’s binding and prepping with the highlighter in his fingertips, and then seems to fully take in who’s standing there.

“Don’t you have more important things to do than keep me company?”

Senator Snart shrugs. 

“It’s either this or get kicked out of yet another Congressional event for punching Paul Ryan.” 

To be fair, the Senator has done that an alarming amount of times. Mick’s considering having a desk calendar made. 

Two hours later, Mick realizes the Senator is still there, sitting with his back against the drawers of Mick’s desk, answering emails on his phone. He looks up when he realizes Mick’s stopped.

“Am I disturbing you?” 

“I’m done.” says Mick, tilting his head to indicate the pile of marked-up and properly bound documents. “I didn’t realize you were planning to stay.”

“Do you want me to go?”

The Senator stands, putting himself back in that same spot he’d been when he was flirting obnoxiously that morning. Mick doesn’t know if that’s a deliberate choice or not, but it does make up Mick’s mind.

“I want to know if you’re serious when you’re flirting with me.” he says.

The Senator’s eyes widen, and then they’re kissing. Senator Leonard Snart is currently straddling Mick’s lap in Mick’s ridiculous office swivel chair at one in the morning and kissing him like it’s the last thing he will ever be able to do.

“Does that answer your question?” says Len. His eyes are even bluer up-close like this.

Mick smiles, and wraps his arms a little more securely around Len’s waist.

“Yeah, I think it does.”


“Hello, Hot Stuff!” Len calls, when the elevator doors open. Lisa, standing behind Mick’s desk while she drops off a new round of memos, shakes her head.

“Hello yourself, Snowflake.” says Mick. Behind him, he can hear Lisa choking on air, and Amaya trips over her own feet.

“There’s a dinner tonight I could use a date to.” Len says, propping his hip against Mick’s desk.

Mick pretends to consider it, mostly so he can focus on not thinking about how Len had fucked him over that particular bit of desk just under 36 hours ago.

“Is Paul Ryan going to be there?”

“Yes, but I had to promise that I wouldn’t punch him.”

“I didn’t.” says Mick, and Len leans over and kisses him. 

“Finding loopholes already – you’re a natural.” deadpans Amaya.

“Maybe if you found a clue –“ Mick starts.

“Mikaere Rory.” Amaya snarls.

Len tilts his head back and laughs, and Mick can hear Lisa laughing with him.

They make the papers the next day, side by side and handsome in their tuxes. Mick pins the article to the wall of his desk.

So, I made a pretty short fic a few months back and I’m finally deciding to share it.

Basically, fluff, feelings revealed (finally), and their first kiss, also Derek’s first kiss ever.

(No, Derek is not a teenager, he was just saving his first kiss for someone special, and Stiles… is someone special.)


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Asriel’s 20th birthday

@caretaker-au​ for Asriel’s birthday =D ((and in advance: yes, I am a big sap, sorry xD ))

Asriel sipped his tea with a contented sigh as he watched the remaining Monsters on the dancefloor. Since it was getting late, some people had left already -after wishing him a happy birthday once again and paying their respect to his parents and Chara- those who were not dancing were sitting at some tables, enjoying a last drink or more snacks. 

“What a great birthday!” he thought and leaned back on his seat.

He smiled at his parents who turned and swirled to the beat of the music.

“Careful. You lost one of your flower.” Chara spoke softly, getting his attention.

Asriel turned his head to see his best friend picking one of the glowing flowers -one of dad’s presents- off the ground to gently put it back to his breast pocket. The Prince felt himself blushing by their proximity; Chara did not pull back at once, they kept their eyes into his with a little smile, which both charmed and concerned Asriel, for he was not as good at reading people as his friend. What could they be thinking of?

“I am so happy to be sharing this moment with you, Asriel.” they said. “You look dashing in this suit, I just knew that colour would fit you wonderfully.”

“Thanks.” Asriel answered, averting his eyes and his blush deepening. “And thank you for making it!” he added hastily. “I really like how it matches your dress.”

Chara’s smile widened and Asriel swore their cheeks turned a deeper red than their natural blush.

“Does it not remind you another match?”

Asriel was confused for a moment before he noticed how his friend’s fingers kept stroking the pendant at their neck. A warmth invaded his chest.

A small nervous laugh escaped his lips, then he noticed that the music changed. Asriel recognized the first notes quickly, he loved that song! Inspired, and suddenly more assured, he got up and extended a hand to the one that stole his heart.

“Chara, would you dance with me? Please?”

Chara was surprised by the sudden proposal, they scanned around -maybe shyly?- before taking the Prince’s hand.

“Sure, why not?” despite their smile, Asriel noted how their voice shook slightly. “Everything you wish for your birthday!”

Wow, this was new! Was Chara that nervous? Asriel could not help wondering as he guided them on the dancefloor. The other dancers moved off to give them more space, which was not actually necessary but no one commented on it.

The first steps were unsure and a bit off-beat with the music, and the difference of their size did not help but as the two relaxed, the dance became fluent. Asriel could not take his eyes off Chara as they both moved and spinned with the music, which became more intense as it went on, faster. Chara laughed differently than usual when he siezed them by the waist to spin around, he got that they were having fun, but was there something else? His internal questions did not make him loose his smile nonethless; it was like they were both in their own world, and Asriel enjoyed this feeling. As the music came to its end, they slowed down, then stopped.

The two were still lost in the other’s eyes, and Chara was the first to snap out of it:

“Asriel, we should…”

Was it “magic” of the dance? Or all those years of keeping his feelings for himself?

Whatever it was and however, Asriel leaned forwards and kissed them. One of his hand slowly went from Chara’ s shoulder down to their still arched back and the other gently caressed the side of their face.

When Asriel opened his eyes again and pulled away, his beloved one’s expression carved in his mind. The deep blush on their cheeks, their slightly parted lips, but more than everything, Asriel would remember how Chara’s eyes either seemed to glow gold, or to have litterally stars in their eyes.

abng-bangtan  asked:

can you do bts reaction to walking in on you masturbating?

Sure :) I hope you like it!

BTS’ reaction to walking in on you

Jin: Jin walked in through the door after a long day of work expecting to come in and see you watching television, or cooking a meal. What he got instead was a big surprise. As he opened the door to your shared bedroom, you two made eye contact and he immediately closed the door, sweat running down his forehead.

“ It seems that my little jagiya isn’t as innocent as I thought.”

Originally posted by niehauscosima

Suga: Suga came home late on night after working long hours in the studio, and he expected to come home, give you a kiss, and go directly to sleep with you in his arms. When he entered your room, you immediately sat up straight, feeling flustered, you didn’t expect him to start taking off his shirt.

“Oh jagiya, you don’t even know half of the things your body does to me.”

Originally posted by hidden--demons

J-Hope: Hoseok was about to leave the house when he heard your sweet moans coming from the bedroom. Immediately, he knew what you were up to. He smiled, and kicked off his shoes. Looks like he had different plans for tonight, and he had a feeling he was going to enjoy this more than going to dance practice. 

“There’s always next time. Come here jagiya.”

Originally posted by hoseokmyhearteu

Rap Monster: Namjoon was sleeping shirtless next to you, and you were facing his bare back. You traced a light finger down his hip. He didn’t even stir. You pouted and looked away, all of your sexual frustration being pent up inside you, you decided to relieve it yourself since Namjoon looked like he wasn’t going to be of help. All of a sudden, you felt a light grasp on your wrist, and Namjoon brought your fingers to his lips. He licked them and sucked on them sensually while you stared at him, getting even more frustrated by the second. Namjoon smirked at your desperate face

“Who said you could do that without my permission hm?”

Originally posted by jenorise

Jimin: Jimin got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. While he was in the shower he thought about last night and bit his lip just thinking of your beautiful body waiting for him back in bed. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked to your room, where his ears instantly picked up the sounds of your moans, and he smirked.

“Look like my jagiya missed me, good thing I only have this towel on.”

Originally posted by warofbangtan

V: Taehyung smiled and wondered if you had remembered his birthday today. He knew you were always a bit forgetful. It didn’t matter, just seeing you was one of the best gifts he could ever ask for. As he climbed the stairs to your apartment, he heard moans coming from your room. He hesitantly opened the door, wondering if you were alone or with someone else. But as soon as he heard his name escape your lips he smiled and ran into the room.

“Are you getting yourself ready for me jagiya? This is the best birthday present I could ask for”

Originally posted by buisually-appealing

Jungkook: Kookie had come home last night exhausted from work, and he had brushed you off when you tried to get close to him. When he opened his eyes he heard distinct moaning sounds, and remembered how he brushed you off last night. He slowly got up from the couch and entered the room. He kissed you and whispered in your ear

“I’m sorry jagiya, I promise I’ll take better care of you from now on.”

Originally posted by jecn

for @jamlessshomai hope you enjoy it, and sorry for the long wait!

Shu Headcanon (Um...Shu? Edition)


You curl up next to him on the bed, snuggling your face into his chest.
Shu kisses your hair and pulls you closer to him.
‘Um..hey Shu?’
He hums a reply.
'I heard Laito talking earlier. He was saying some really dirty stuff..’
'Are you surprised..?’ He sighs.
'N-no but…some of the things he was saying made me think..’
You look up at him just as he opens an eye. You blush..
'Oh?’ He was amused.
'W-well he was on about bukake…’
Shu raised an eyebrow.
'And..and I just thought..does Shu like doing that?’
He smirks.
'I like seeing my cum on you.’
You gulp, 'You do?’
'I like seeing it anywhere on your body.’ He rolls your body over and lifts off the sheets to see your partly naked body. His hand pushes up the silk nightdress to reveal your bare ass.
'I like cumming on here.’ He whispers on your ear as he strokes your ass cheek.
'And..’ He rolls you back over again and pulls down the straps, his mouth immediately finding your breasts.
'And here..’
You sigh and play with his hair enjoying the warm mouth and sensations.
Shu moves up to you, he smirks, takes your chin and kisses you with his tongue.
'I like seeing my cum in your mouth most.’
He extends the rough kiss longer.
You groan in his mouth and hold onto him. So turned on.
'But..I know you like..’ he moves above you and positions himself between your legs. 'You like me to cum inside you.’

I Don’t Want You to Get Hurt

Characters: Sam Winchester x reader, Dean Winchester (mentioned)
Word count: 1357
Warnings: angst, arguing, accident, minor injuries, hospital, making out??, swearing, fluff
Request: Could you do a piece for Sam X reader where they get into a fight and the reader storms off, and leaves in one of the cars to get into a car crash while driving in anger? Like not super major but enough to hurt them and maybe break a bone or two? Please and thanks! ☺️
A/N: Thanks for the request, nonnie! <3 I’ve actually had this done for like two weeks, but I didn’t like the way it turned out for some reason, so I was really nervous about it. I’m still not 100% satisfied, but now I’m just going fuck this and posting it…
(GIF not mine)

“No. Sam. Seriously. I get why you want to protect me! I get that you don’t want me to get hurt. I don’t want you to get hurt either. But you can’t just make me stay home all the time. I’ve stayed behind on two hunts already. Not another one.” I dumped my cup and plate in the sink.

“You almost died last time, y/n!” He was towering over me, his expression a mixture of frustration and fear.

I sighed heavily, walking around him and to the door of the kitchen. “You know that when you start hunting, you pretty much sign your life away, okay? I mean come on. You and Dean have died hundreds of times. I half died that one ti-” I stopped talking for a second as Sam gave me a look. “Okay. Bad point… But either way. You can’t just stop me from going out there and helping save people from shit they don’t even know about!”

Sam started to say something, but I walked into the hall without another word.

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penguinnhugs  asked:

@your penpal au. sidney keeps writing letters but stops putting a return address cause he can't stand to see them come back to him. his rookie season he wraps up one of his jerseys and sends it with a just a kiss and a scrap of paper that says 'thank you'.


another way the reveal could’ve gone, if Sidney keeps sending jerseys if he needs a win badly:

“Sid, what you doing?” Geno asks, while Sidney hurriedly puts the jersey down after a kiss. Shit. The locker room was supposed to be empty. Maybe he really should’ve done this at home, but…he was afraid that he’d chicken out. “You send jersey to secret admirer?”

Geno is the nosiest fucking person on the planet, so there’s no avoiding him. Sidney sighs and stuffs the jersey in the envelope. “Just…superstitions.”

“Worried for tomorrow’s game? Not see you send jerseys ever like this. Is to girlfriend, isn’t it? See you kiss,” Geno adds teasingly. 

“I just…if I send this, I’ll feel better,” Sidney says. His arms feel like jelly, and he can see Geno trying to peer at the address. “Excuse me.”

He drops it, of course, he drops the fucking thing. Geno gets to it first, handing it over to Sidney immediately.

“Here, Sid–” He pauses. Stares at the address. At the sharpied ‘To: Zhenya’ and the Magnitogorsk address, an years-old memorized thing, It’s home. But Geno must know it’s a guy name.     

“It’s just to a friend,” Sidney blabbers, like he does when he’s nervous, snatching the package back. “We used to be pen pals. It’s a stupid exchange thing, from grade school. I–I didn’t have any friends besides him, and I’m pretty sure the jerseys never make it to him, I keep getting those ‘Return to Sender’ things, but uh–it makes me feel better if I–he’s really important to me–”

Geno kisses him silent. Sidney melts into it, closing his eyes involuntarily and moans, his mouth opening. He feels Geno slip his tongue inside. 

Sidney pushes him off after a while. “What the–Geno–what are you–”

Geno’s eyes are bright, his cheeks flushed. “Hi, Sidney,” Geno says, his voice wavering a bit. “Nice to finally meet. I’m Evgeni. From Magnitogorsk. You use my nickname.”

“Yes, I know–” Sidney says. Then stops. Evgeni. Geno. Nickname. Zhenya. “Oh my God.”

“I’m take jersey now,” Geno says, like the ass he is, as he holds the envelop close to his heart. “Thank you. Big win for us tomorrow now.”

“Geno,” Sidney breathes. “You–”

“Think Sid forget about me,” Geno continues, pulling Sidney in. “Think he gone forever, after the birthday letter.”

“I could never,” Sidney says. He doesn’t know if he needs to laugh or cry hysterically. “You were my–Geno, I was in love with you.”

“I’m still in love with you,” Geno says. And he says it so matter of factly that Sidney does finally burst out laughing, in ridiculous giggles that Geno eventually kisses away.