that only heaven can make

Bf! Jongdae

  • Jongdae is such a blessing in your life
  • Although he can be such a pain in the ass sometimes but you still love him cuz come on its Jongdae
  • You both met at a mutual friend’s party
  • He kept on looking at you and you honestly felt a little uncomfortable but then again he had also caught your eye as soon as he walked into the room
  • He was the life of the party, laughing, drinking and throwing a wink or two at the girls who were fawning over him
  • Of course, you being you rolled your eyes whenever a girl would talk about him and it became evident to Jongdae that you weren’t interested, which just made him want you even more
  • So he walked towards your direction and you pretended to ignore him but he sat next to you and smiled in his usual adorable way
  • “You look really pretty tonight” he said and you laughed at him, knowing exactly what he was up to. He was going to smooth talk you and then try to get it with you only to leave you in the morning
  • He had that unpredictable aura about him
  • But after a few hours until you both were laughing at one of his jokes, you both stopped and looked at each other
  • “Can I have your number?” He asked. You didn’t even hesitate to add your number in his phone. A moment ago you wanted to avoid this boy but now you were willing to meet him again
  • The next day the very first thing Chen did was to ask you out on a date. It surprised you how he even remembered you considering the fact that he didn’t look trustworthy at all
  • Your first date with Chen was basically hanging around in shops and eating ice cream. He looked so ethereal and beautiful in the broad daylight. He had a goofy grin the whole time around you
  • You loved how he was so casual about everything and not making this date a big deal. But Chen on the inside was screaming and dying but he kept it cool on the outside
  • He wanted to act as gentlemanly towards you as possible but little did he realise that you were falling for him with every second passing by
  • Even now, months later, your love for Jongdae keeps growing
  • He’s always checking up on you, calling you and facetiming you
  • Especially when he’s gone on a tour he makes sure to at least text you
  • One time he facetimed you and he was shirtless and you threw away your phone asking him to put some clothes on
  • He’s always insisting for you to move in with him but you’re always scared that you both might be moving too fast
  • And Jongdae can be immature at times
  • He loves pulling pranks on you
  • And he loves it even more when you retaliate
  • He loves making fun of you and whenever he catches you doing something funny, he makes sure to remind you of it every single day
  • Like that one time you were dancing around the kitchen while baking and he made a video of it and kept on sending it to you and teasing you
  • Its all too much sometimes but you know that Jongdae is like that
  • He likes to have fun and have a nice time with you and no one can stop him
  • You both being together consists of him laughing his ass off at you and then hugging you tightly when you get mad
  • But Jongdae is a really sensitive person too
  • He’s really scared of losing you
  • Like one time he called you in the middle of the night
  • “Y/N Do you like like me?”
  • “What?”
  • “Like are you with me like friends or like are we an actual thing?”
  • “Jongdae we’ve been going out for a year now”
  • “But stilllll”
  • He told you he loves you really early in the relationship and it freaked you out a little bit but he was so small and nervous and you wanted to protect him
  • Jongdae is really protective of you
  • Like he doesn’t mind you having guy friends but he’s still a bit conscience about it
  • And he gets jealous really easily
  • Like you’d just be having a friendly banter with a guy and he’d be like????? hey buddy she mine
  • But he’ll get really quiet if you give more attention to someone else especially if he’s there
  • And then you’ll ask him whats wrong and he’ll get all pissed off about it
  • And then he makes you hug him because he’s such a baby sometimes smh
  • Whenever he’s having a bad day he gets really quiet and only wants you to hug him without asking him any questions
  • But when you’re having a bad day he does all sorts of funny things to soar your mood
  • Jongdae does really weird things to catch your attention
  • Like you’d be doing your work, really busy and stressed and he’s kneel in front of you and wiggle his butt
  • And you’d be like Jongdae fuck off and he’d just pout and tell you that you love him
  • He doesn’t like seeing you stressed and does various things to ease you, like watching a movie or ordering food and just chilling with you
  • The good thing about him is how well he deals with your mood swings and doesnt get annoyed when you yell at him, especially when you’re on your period
  • You want to chill with him sometimes, doing nothing but your boyfriend is always hyper and always wants to do something 
  • But he doesn’t mind having a day in and just rewatching all your favourite shows
  • Jongdae and you have so many inside jokes and you both would be at a get together and he’d just whisper something funny in your ear
  • He genuinely wants to impress you with every chance he gets and always looks for a reaction out of you whenever he makes a joke
  • Sex with Jongdae is like a dream come true (pun intended)
  • Like he’s so gentle with you but rough at the same time
  • He tries to make you feel comfortable and he’s so passionate about it
  • Like you can feel that he wants you and genuinely cares about you and its fiery as hell and amazing like heaven and he loves the fact that only he can make you feel this way
  • He likes touching you when there’s peeople around cuz he likes being a little shit
  • And you look angrily at him and he only pouts and winks at you
  • He loves being in control but goes crazy when he sees you all confident and bold and ready to take him on
  • When he first met your parents he was so nervous and you could see sweat slipping from his forehead
  • His legs were shaking the whole time while talking to your dad and your mom was fawning over how handsome he was
  • Jongdae and you rarely fight but when you do, Jongdae tries to sort it out and compromise. But its mostly just gentle teasing and innocent reprimands
  • Jongdae fell in love with you the day he saw you at the party
  • And you’re glad he asked for your number because you can’t imagine your life without him

Sweet rock star Twelfth Doctor shirt by @marshcap I got from redbubble

I love it so much.

Ask For Your Needs To Be Met.

Have you asked for help with this situation?
This card is a gentle reminder that Heaven can come to your aid only if you make a freewill choice to request help, and then accept it when it is offered to you.

Of the countless wonderful gifts that God has bestowed upon us, free will is the most powerful. So, remember that in order for God and the angels to help you manifest the abundance you desire in your life, you need to ask. Don’t worry that you’ll ask for the “wrong” thing. As long as you’re sincere in your prayers, Heaven will bring you everything for your highest and best good. Tell God whatever is in your heart that has been worrying you, ask for help, and then be open to receiving. God and the angels know that you have earthly needs, and they are happy to help you fulfill them … as long as you ask! It doesn’t matter how you ask, but only that you do ask. This card is urging you to do so right now. Asking is a sign that you are willing to work as a co-creator with God and that you freely accept Divine intervention into your life. God and the angels want you to be happy and to be able to achieve your life purpose. By asking for help, you are coming into alignment with your mission on this planet.”
- Doreen Virtue

Sentence Starters based on random lyrics from my playlist

“And I ask for no redemption in this cold and barron place.”

“It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.”

“I never knew daylight could be so violent.”

“I can’t stop holding on, I need you with me!”

“All the words I said and all you forgive… How could I hurt you again?”

“I know I’ll never forget the way I always felt with you beside me.”

“You’re the only voice my heart can recognize.”

“Heaven help me I need to make it right.”

“I’m lost inside the pain I feel without you.”

“God knows that mistakes will be made, but I promise you I’ll keep you safe.”

“In my veins, black pitch runs.”

“It’s my mistake and it’s hurting me….”

“Sometimes in the morning I am petrified and can’t move.”

“I know that I must do what’s right.”

“I can’t let you go.”

“Look into my eyes if you can’t remember.”

“I’d do anything to make you stay.”

“All this time, I can make it right.”

“Hurry, boy, she’s waiting there for you!”

“You’re my head, you’re my heart.”

“I just can’t walk away, 'cause after loving you I can never be the same.”


You’ve got that smile,
That only heaven can make.
I pray to God everyday,
That you keep that smile.