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Zuko and Azula's Relationship

Unpopular opinion: most people agree that Azula’s downfall began with the betrayal of Mai and Ty Lee but I’m going to stand here and say it really started with the betrayal of Zuko during The Day of Black Sun.

Zuko and Azula have always had a bit of a troubled relationship but we see in Zuko Alone that they did get along somewhat as children. I don’t see Azula as being someone who’s needlessly cruel, ok maybe under the right circumstances, but she is someone who is willing to be cruel with reason. Have you ever been in a situation where you idolized someone and, once you got to know them better, you realized they were a disappointment? I bet that was the beginning of the breakdown of young Azula and Zuko’s relationship. Young Azula would have loved her doting, attentive big brother but as she surpassed him, she began to see he wasn’t as great as she’d originally though. Azula probably became bitter at Zuko for not being the excellent big brother she’d envisioned while, at the same time, building a lot of her self-confidence on being better than Zuko.

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VLD got the Season 2 curse. Y'know, the curse where the first season is successful and the writers let it go to their heads and completely go off rails and come up with a second season with 1) a plot that doesn't make sense/is rushed, 2) destroyed character development, 3) something triggering/controversial/offensive or god forbid ALL THREE. And they expect fandom to be okay with it cause fandom is dumb and will buy anything.

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season two isn’t awful and there’s a lot of good concepts and good stuff. the main issues with season two can all be boiled down to a couple of things, pretty much:

  • it wasn’t everything we expected/wished for, which is what nearly always happens when fandoms are given time to wish/expect for things
  • WAY too much focus on keith. so many other things got sidelined and his arc honestly did not need to be as big a deal. it also didn’t help that the galra keith plot twist wasn’t really one for most of the fandom bc so many of us saw it coming from a mile away.
  • demoting characters to put others on a pedestal. AKA allura’s feelings getting sidelined in the galra keith plotline and him not making any efforts to understand her, hunk not getting to be shown just as smart as pidge in “greening the cube”, etc.
  • splitting the team up. i wasn’t a fan on having everyone on separate missions that were happening simultaneously. it made me feel like the narrative was stuck in one place for three whole episodes rather than continually moving forward.
  • wasted potential on having the team split up in the beginning. these early episodes would have been perfect opportunities to give every member of voltron a really nice chance to shine in an ATLA-esque “zuko alone” styled episodes. showing how keith and shiro knew each other back at the garrison was all we needed this season to solidify their bond, not the overload of interaction we got throughout. having pidge, hunk and lance lost together!! call backs to their time at the garrison, flashbacks for them.
  • a non-comedic subplot for allura and coran in 2x01. can u tell im bitter
  • expansion on the blade of marmora. how were they formed? when were they formed? how do they keep the rebellion alive? what do you they actually do beyond infiltrating and waiting for voltron to show up and kick their asses into gear, bc other than that it seems like all they do is wait??
  • but i do disagree that fandom is dumb. the majority of the fandom wasn’t all that pleased by season two for all sorts of different reasons. here’s hoping s3 can do a better job at giving us the sort of season and character arcs we deserve.

i get really annoyed when people try to act like katara becoming aang’s sorta “nice guy” prize wasn’t intended by bryke.

like ignoring other things they did like killing off jet right when he’s finished his redemption arc and become good (aka, someone katara would accept), giving haru a mustache in an attempt to make him look weird and no longer “attractive”, notping zuko and katara all of the time, having others in that world egging aang on to pursue her, etc., one of the first things they were gonna do was make toph a guy that aang would have to compete with for katara’s affections. thank god for aaron ehasz for telling them no and to make toph a girl with the same characteristics (minus that “mean guy that everyone loves that main character has to go up against” quality)

like damn, right from the start this was their intention for a romantic relationship: nothing where feelings are immediately present on both sides, but their idea of a relationship, in which nice guy pines after girl and girl has only “bad boys” around, where you feel empathy for the nice kid who has to go up against these mean guys “so clearly not deserving of her!!! !!”. they were even going to make a member of the gaang for pushing this and that’s just so wild to me. probably why i like those other ships (including toph and katara) more than the one pushed by bryke

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19. parents meeting when they take their kids to class au.

It’s 8:27 a.m. and if the traffic light turns red, Kya is going to be late for preschool.

Katara isn’t really surprised when the traffic light turns red.  It’s been that kind of morning—there may have been spilled milk that she cried over, among other things—and she managed to get Bumi to the bus stop on time, but Kya fell and skinned her knee on the way from the bus stop to the car, and the time needed to comfort her with a hug and a Band-Aid had put them far enough behind schedule that her five-year-old is going to be late for class.

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Your hand should have been holding mine
Pairing: Jet/Zuko, one sided Katara/Zuko
Rating: T
A/N: because jetko endgame is the best endgame

She should have known a long time ago.

Rationally, that’s how she sees it now—based on the way Zuko had always acted around her, based on the way he only ever held her eyes for seconds and the way he hesitated to touch her—she should have known. But he did look at her once in a while, and he did touch her, sometimes—her arm, maybe her shoulder, to pull her back from something or to give her quiet, reserved advice. But that was it. That was all he ever did for her.

Still, she convinced herself that he loved her. 

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Why Maiko doesn't work for *ME* Meta

Disclaimer: If you have easily hurt feelings about cartoon characters, please don’t read this. This is solely my opinion, and mine alone. I don’t care what you ship, have fun. Though, I must warn you, if the title didn’t make it conspicuous, this is not exactly a maiko-friendly rant. (Also, this might be a wee bit lengthy). Oh, and please don’t message me replies or debates. I’m just throwing this out there. I don’t want a shipping war. This is just my personal reflection after rewatching a lot of episodes.

With that said, here we go:

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Notes: Sequel/follow-up to this fic (Modern, political AU)! Thanks for the positivity everyone!! This is going to be three parts :3

The Visit: Arrival



Hello Hi Hey Katara,

I don’t know why I’m writing you a letter. It’s stupid. It seemed like an okay enough idea when I started. Even though it’s the easiest way to have correspondence taken by spies. Hopefully there’s no spies. Anyways the paper’s out and I’m writing on it already so. Here it goes.

You should come back to visit

I miss-

We should-

Six months is a long time not to-

I hear the South Pole’s nice this time of year. Lots of…snow. We don’t have snow. Much. Well, maybe in the mountains. Near the top. If you wanted to see it. The snow, I mean. It might be different than your snow.


Your friend


Warm regards

Yours truly



Dear Zuko,

Sokka and I will be heading back to the Fire Nation this summer for the peace summit. I’m sure your snow is very nice snow.



PS: I like letters. But get a Twitter already :P

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The scavenger hunt, the weird gifts from your brother one or the opposite side of the country would be great prompts for Zutara :)

wOW. This is such a late response. I know I’ve been seriously slacking with this blog recently, but I hope you guys know that Zutara is still my number one and I haven’t forgotten about you all! I have a ton of prompts from you guys right now just waiting to be written, so sit tight and I’ll try my best to have those out soon! 

This was pretty fun to write, even though it really has absolutely no real plot or anything, Oh well. It was a good way to get me back into my writing groove. I’ll improve, I promise. So, here you go, Anon! Sorry for such a long wait!

EDIT: This drabble is inspired by this fun post!

#14 One member takes a picture with the hot chick working the phone-case kiosk.

A loud groan sounded just behind Zuko’s ear. Jet pushed away from where he and the other team members were reading over his shoulder.

“There has to be at least fifteen of those damn kiosks in this god-forsaken mall.”

“Well it was your idea to join in the first place, so I don’t know why you’re complaining.”

“Shut up, Moustache-Boy. It’s not like we had anything better to do tonight.”

“Hey, guys, maybe we should just skip it and go to the next one.”

Zuko rolled his eyes and tucked the creased list back into the pocket of his jeans. He wasn’t quite sure how he ended up at the mall on a Friday afternoon running around on a scavenger hunt of all things, but he was fairly certain he had these three dumbasses he called his best friends to blame.

He interrupted the budding argument with a sigh. “All of you shut up. Let’s just get this over with.”

Four kiosks and four decidedly male kiosk employees later and the group of boys found themselves stopping mid-step as Jet let out a low whistle.

“Damn, I’ll do more than take a picture with her.”

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But these two pictures are my favorite because I took on of and with Nipah then gave him one. He is like super duper talented (look at that Firelord Zuko) but he is also really nice and was always smiling even when I thought I was bugging him. I’m just glad I got these pictures and it went so much better than the last time I asked for one.

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Do you know any good Zutara fanfictions?

Oh anon do I have some have some recs for you! Here are some of my all time favs: 

  • Dancing In the Dark (T) DamageCtrl (It really should be rated M for some of its pretty hot scenes in it, but el oh el.): This one is really well written, Zuko and Katara are in character, the author was really good at keeping them authentic from the tv show. This one is really popular among the Zutara ship, and you may have heard about this one!
  • Hot Water (M) Cult of Strawberry (I love love love this one. I have read and reread this one so many times. There is a part where Katara is abused or however you would describe it; I just wanted to warn anyone in advance!): Basically this one is another “Oh no Katara is captured by Zuko and she becomes his personal concubine” but damn, is it not. Helllll noooo, it’s actually really good, and personally I’m a slut for the mainstream Katara captured by Zuko and forced to become a concubine honestly. The author is pretty good at keeping the characters in character to what they were in the show; It has some pretty good smut if you’re into that as well ;) 
  • Five (T) YinYangSisters: This one kills me, I think I died a little bit on the inside after I read this one. It’s a short one-shot actually; so Katara is sent off to an island for three years along with Zuko, they fall in love of course, that’s all I’m going to say. It’s beautifully written and the author is very good with the details and still keeping the characters in character from Bryke’s tv show (damn you Bryke for not making Zutara canon.) I totally recommend this one as well. 
  • The Sparrowkeet Series (M) audrii-fic: OH MY GOD OKAY THIS ONE. THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. I FUCKING. I CAN’T EVEN FOR THIS ONE. IT’S OH MY GOD. JUST READ IT. THE ANGST IS LITERALLY REAL IN THIS ONE. This fic is set right after the catacombs when Aang is struck by Azula’s lightening, so Katara is captured and taken on Zuko & Azula’s ship and held captive, intending to be taken to the Fire Nation. Zuko obviously loves her; another beautifully written story, good action sequences, I didn’t find any spelling errors or grammar errors, the author took their time with writing this! Characters are very in character too and I definitely recommend this along with the other fics on this list. (There is smut in here as well too ;))
  • Helping Hands (M) SongofHopeandHonor: A good fic if you’re in the mood for a rated M smut fest basically. ‘Nuff said. Really well written, the author used to have a tumblr but she became inactive and I think she terminated her account. She’s written a few other things as well. I found her Helping Hands fic on Archive of Our Own! There is a sequel that you should check out too after you read it: After Hours. 
  • Agni’s Fever (M) SongofHopeandHonor: This is based off of an episode of an episode of Star Trek (if you go to the link and read her a/n she will explain it better than I will indefinitely) anyway, the idea is stellar, her writing is stellar, and it’s a smut one-shot. Basically if you’re in the mood for Zutara lemons say no more and click on this wonderful link.
  • Swing and a Miss (M) vivafiction: I really enjoyed this one, I’ve read this one multiple times because the writing was very deep and it also had a lot of detail in it. The palace is under attack, Katara gets attacked and gets hit in the head, basically she loses her memory and doesn’t remember anything except for Aang and she has to regain and learn to love Zuko again. (This is set years after the events of the finale.) This story is beautiful, and sad. There is a small portion of smut which is a very nice touch to the story as well! One-shot.

So these are all of the ones I really like! I know I did miss a few for sure, but I may do a master recommendation list if people ask me to! I hope this helped! :-)