that one time that a lannister and a stark agreed

margaery tyrell didn’t frame sansa stark for the purple wedding

when discussing the Tyrells and their preparation for the purple wedding, I often see people claiming that they purposefully framed Tyrion and Sansa for Joffrey’s murder. this supposed plot is used as evidence for the villainy of the Tyrells. however, this line of reasoning always makes me scratch my head, at least figuratively, because I cannot figure out why the Tyrells would want to neutralize Tyrion and Sansa. in particular, I can’t figure out why the Tyrells, a family of political opportunists, would want to make the presumed Stark heiress persona non grata of Westeros. if you have a political prize like Sansa on your hands, why would you condemn her as a kingslayer? what possible end does that service?

I know that doesn’t make the Tyrells seem that great, as they’re not seeing Sansa as a person, but as a pawn. And I understand people’s trepidation to ship Sansa with the Tyrells or trust the Tyrells with anything to do with Sansa. but I really, rally hate the idea that the Tyrells purposefully framed Sansa for the Purple Wedding. the way I see it, the Tyrells had two potential guests to frame.

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Though he supposed the same could be said for several events in his life, Robb Stark was certain that one thing he could never have imagined was that he’d one day be sat in a coffeehouse awaiting the arrival of Tyrion Lannister. It had been Margaery’s suggestion that Robb speak to the other man somewhere away from the Stark Inc. headquarters and Robb had agreed immediately, realizing that in an informal setting the other man would have his guard down at least a little bit. It had been a couple of days since Tyrion had stopped by Robb’s office and the week had now become the weekend, which Robb would normally take full advantage of to spend time with his family but was making a small exception on this particular day. He just hoped as he swirled his coffee around in his mug that it would be worth it, and that Tywin’s youngest son would at least listen to what he had to say.