that one time prison was pretty

Lance getting captured and the paladins try to save him but like…he’s not really captured?

Like he’s been captured and put in prison yeah but he’s just taking it all in stride.

  • Did that whole begging gig and swiped the key card from the guard.
  • Pretty much left his cell like it was nothing (They underestimate him so no guards were posted)
  • Snuck past any sentries posted, timed it accordingly so he pretty much flows through without getting caught.
  • Spent a lot of time getting Pidge out of the air vents so he’s able to get through those with no problem.
  • Knew he’d need a guard’s hand to get through some doors so he took care of one (a droid ppl), hid the body, and got the hand.
  • Used it to get into one the rooms holding his bayard, got said bayard.
  • Found his lion and got outta that bitch quick with only minor scratches (they only found out he escaped after they saw the lion leaving.)

Makes it to the castle in one piece and kinda just walks in and fixes himself something to eat. Everyone else is just standing there like wtf because they were just about to go and save him and they ask him how he even got out of there.

“I’ve snuck out of a military grade institution so many times than I can count and I’ve snuck out of my house a total of two times during my life, a galra prison was nothing.“

Things that I think some people forget are canon in the IDW universe, or think are just fanon
  • The usage of “frag”, “slag”, and “scrap” as cuss words
  • Lovers (conjunx endurae) being called “sparkmates”
  • Queer-platonic relationships (amica endurae)
  • While Megatron and Optimus are seen as very old, they are not. Megatron is five million years old, and OP stated that Megatron is a little older than him. Bots older than them include but are certainly not limited to: Rung, Whirl, Ironhide, Kup, Ratchet, Cyclonus, Tailgate, Rewind, Red Alert and Minimus Ambus/Ultra Magnus
  • Starscream was a representative in the Senate
  • Camiens laud those who have carried the Matrix as gods; they would view Rodimus just as they do Optimus
  • Young Cybertronians being called “sparklings”
  • Rodimus spent three days trying to program his holomatter avatar to have a sweatband
  • Before becoming Optimus Prime, Orion Pax was close friends with Megatron. He read and quoted Megatron’s Towards Peace and was even unsure if he was on “the right side”
  • Whirl likes French films
  • Rodimus is 4.2 million years old - only 800k years younger than Megatron
  • Mecha from Caminus have different spark frequencies than that of normal Cybertronians, causing their energon to be blue rather than pink
  • Megatron and Impactor worked together in the mines and were best friends
  • Cyclonus was on the Ark-1
  • Alcoholic beverages (engex)
  • Rodimus, Whirl, Skids, Swerve, Tailgate, and Ultra Magnus have all customized their holomatter avatars
  • Soundwave and Drift both grew up in the gutters of Rodion and were taken in by Megatron
  • There’s a mech on the Lost Light named Toaster, who turns into a toaster
  • Whirl was alt-mode exempt and a watchmaker of sorts. After the Empurata procedure, he changed his name (Whirl was not his original name), frame, and started hanging out in Rodion’s gutters, where Drift and Soundwave lived. He then became a prison guard and beat up Megatron, causing the latter to be pushed over the edge and start the war
  • Nautica is the exact picture of Pipes’ Dream Conjunx, but he died before getting the chance to meet her
  • Rodimus, formerly Hot Rod, grew up in the streets of Nyon and took care of other homeless people, and was approached directly by Megatron, who was hoping to recruit
  • Before becoming Rodimus, Hot Rod was about Rung’s size
  • Certain Decepticons in high standing with Megatron had special ceremonies performed by one of the Warriors Elite or Megatron himself in which the chosen Decepticon would have a piece of their spark casing removed and forged into their Badge
  • On both sides of the war, some mecha had real, physical badges, while others were simply painted on
  • Megatron is a forged spark in a cold-constructed body
  • Shockwave was a senator, and ran an academy for outliers (which Skids, Trailbreaker/Trailcutter, and Damus/Glitch, who would later become Tarn). He and Orion Pax (who was later to become Optimus Prime) were close friends
  • Mecha saying “I could hug you!”
  • Drift is filthy rich for a reason undisclosed
  • Rodimus and Swerve are both religious, just not obnoxiously so
  • Orion Pax had his insides rearranged by Shockwave’s techs to make a hole in his chassis - unbeknownst to him, Shockwave was doing this to MANY mechs to make it possible for them to carry the Matrix of Leadership. Had it not been for the hole created by Shockwave, Orion Pax would have never been able to become Optimus Prime
  • Even then, it hurt Orion Pax when the Matrix bonded with him and made him into Optimus Prime - when the Matrix bonded with Hot Rod and made him into Rodimus Prime, it felt good and right
  • Even by Cybertronian standards, Prowl is considered “heavy”
  • Chromedome was still able to lift him over his head and throw him off a cliff
  • Rodimus (Hot Rod at the time) broke into Styx, one of the most high-security Decepticon-owned prisons to ever exist, to break out Dealer, a former member of his unit (who then promptly betrayed him)
  • Chromedome and Brainstorm worked for The Institute, which was responsible for mind-wiping, Shadowplay, and Empurata
  • Drift joined the Decepticons at the very beginning of the war and only became an Autobot near the tail end of the war, less than a century before its close (He became an Autobot after meeting Wing, and then pretty quickly became a Wrecker and went to Earth in a time period likely to be the 80s or 90s). For nearly all of the 4 million years the war went on, he was Deadlock, amongst the most horrifying Decepticons out there, and was favored by Megatron enough that the warlord sent his most notorious bounty hunter out to go find him even after Deadlock had betrayed his superior officer’s orders and went rogue
  • Megatron never got an Autobot badge of his own; he still wears Bumblebee’s

Feel free to add your own!

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The story about the howling commandos meeting each other for the first time made me cry. Can you tell us anything more about your time in prison? (Seriously though, this is one of my favorite blogs, I hope you enjoy modding it as much as we do reading it <3)

well, calling it a prison is really a hair misleading; it was actually a labor camp. which is how we had access to the supplies necessary to blow somebody up. some of the supplies. we stole a lot of stuff. 

i don’t have many stories from there that arent incredibly depressing–surprising no one, nazis are not great at running fun summer camps, but they’re pretty good at causing misery–but nonetheless, we did our best to keep spirits up in the face of adversity. sometimes we sang.

no, really, we actually did a fair bit of singing. not loudly, mostly just to keep a steady rhythm as we worked. the guards let us get away with it so long as we kept it quiet. and most of them didn’t speak more than a word or two of english, so they never had any idea what lyrics we were singing.

once we figured that out, we got inventive. 

it turns out that if you have nothing to think about except how badly you want to get out of nazi prison and how much you hate nazis, even the most illiterate of men become poets. we came up with bawdier and bawdier verses for dozens of songs, all increasingly insulting to hitler, red skull, hydra, and nazis in general. old classics like ‘Hitler Has Only Got One Ball’ were trotted out alongside our originals, which included ‘Satan’s Favorite Dinner is Nazis and Spam,’ ‘All You Need To Beat A Hydra Is Fire, Fools,’ and ‘Red Skull’s Blue Because His Mother Never Loved Him.’ i’ll admit we sometimes got a little…personal. but to be fair, they were nazis.

we sang some of the songs we made up for the rest of the 107th when we got out, and they were pretty impressed with how vulgar they were. steve went as red as his uniform and choked on his beer in front of peggy.

 we were very proud of ourselves.

Vet Tales, a-woo-oo...?

So Netflix added the 2015 Stanford Prison Experiment movie and hubby and I decided to watch it. The whole time we were turning to each other and saying “Ok but that’s what we do in basic” and “wtf how is this like basic”


-regularly going by SSN/forgetting given name because we’ve adopted our surname

-punished for the sake of punishment

-emasculation upon entry and repeated emasculation throughout, notably emasculation via homophobic/transphobic assertions (now that sexism will garner an EO complaint)

-removal of identifying features aka hair and clothing

singling out deemed “troublemakers” and foster isolation between them and group

-repetition of tasks done competently just to fuck with you (there’s a scene in the movie where a character is forced to make his bed twelve times so that it is perfect while the beds next to him are BLATANTLY more fucked up than his. I felt like I was actually in basic again especially when the other prisoners tried to rush to help him to avoid punishment)

-tricky circular logic to make you wrong and them right

-mass punishment blamed on an individual to stimulate aggression at companions rather than authority

-purposeful sleep deprivation for authority amusement/displays of power

-promises they can’t hit you but does just about everything but that to make you jump, flinch, startle, or make you feel like you MIGHT get hit

-manipulation of past events by telling it their way and asserting you’re the one who’s wrong

-miserable food while assuring you it’s nutritious

-forbidding or discouraging socializing

-discouraging you from seeking higher authority or a doctor

-making you look pretty and proud for your loved ones when it counts

-assertion that there’s nothing wrong with your current situation. You’re just weak.

So like not to be morbid or anything but if you’re interested, the 2015 Stanford Prison Experiment by Kyle Patrick Alvarez is like too real for me tbh Literally me and hubby were blown away at how many times we saw common basic training practices in the movie like no joke - K

Edit: sorry for all that formatting trouble whew tumblr mobile amirite

The Unblessed


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Unseelie Bucky x Reader

Summary: Everybody knows to stay away from the forest, where the Seelie and Unseelie courts remain permanently at war. But when the people in your village begin to starve and you face a dangerous journey to the land of the fae, you never think of the consequences it may bring… Until, as an effort to placate the raging war between the Fae, the Prince of Winter himself comes to claim you as his.

Warnings: mentions of death (plus smut in future chapters)

Word count: 2286

A.N: Yes, i’m still alive, and yes, I’ve started a new series while I still have three unfinished ones. BUT This is a very, very different project because (drumroll)… It’s my first smut ever! EVER! and although this is kind of the introduction chapter, expect things to get intense after this. Please enjoy and tell me what you think!
Dedicated to the beautiful Ella @buckysinthesinbin​ for all the help and for putting up with me and my writing whims.

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You hear the bow snapping and watch the arrow fly as it sinks into the deer’s side, causing the small animal to cry out once before its legs give out and it topples to the side, falling on the ground with a soft thud.

Finally, after two days of scouting the forest and searching nonstop, the endless tracking of snapped twigs and barely-there hoofprints has amounted to something. The last strip of dried meat you had to split with Kate this morning, but nonetheless you lunge forward from behind the trees, muscles clenching with exhaustion while your empty stomach snarls in hunger.

Kate emerges from the trees at about the same time you do, with her bow and quill of arrows firmly secured behind her back. Sweat is dripping down her temples, her hair sticking to the damp skin in the summer heat. This hunt hasn’t been easy.

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is it bad that i'm genuinely worried that be/cho or br/ven might happen? i mean they're up there alone for 6 years who knows what happens

i personally don’t think anything happen because the last ep was pretty much a slap in the face with regards to how much bellamy and clarke love each other

like, the last ep pretty much sealed the deal that bellamy and clarke love each other in a way that’s different from how they care for the others. clarke allows herself to breakdown with bellamy there to hold her, clarke, in her ‘last moments’ on the radio asked for bellamy. 6 years and 7 days later (they even made sure to tell us that it was 2199 days just to emphasize how long it’s been) she’s still trying to reach bellamy on the radio. clarke says she hope, that the mere thought of him alone keeps her sane.

and it goes both ways too; bellamy doesn’t even want to entertain the possibility of loosing clarke, even when she’s already accepting that there might be some truth to abby’s premonition. bellamy is the one who stood out by the hangar doors waiting for clarke until the last possible minute hoping she would show up. bellamy is the one who has unwavering faith in clarke to get the job done. he does what she asked him to and follows his head and not his heart because his heart was broken and angry and screaming at him in that moment.

this ep was a prime example of bellamy inspires the masses but clarke inspires bellamy, and it’s because they love each other. it’s a special kind of love that you don’t see often because it’s so pure, the way they’re both so steadfast in their devotion and faith in the other.

and every single person in that pod knows it.

i don’t think br would happen because that wouldn’t be fair to raven at all. she deserves better than being a rebound for bellamy who’s hurting over his lost love (they both know from experience that it doesn’t work like that) and ok fine. say he eventually moves on and manages to bury his feelings for clarke after a few years. what happens when they come back down and find out that clarke is alive and has been sending messages to bellamy everyday for the past 6 years?

as for be/cho i know i joke around with that but like… that is such an impossibility in canon for real that it’s almost laughable. first off all, bellamy is the type to hold a grudge. he buries the hatchet but he remembers where. and secondly, bellamy pretty much hit the final nail in the coffin in his little one on one with echo. he doesn’t trust her and probably never will but he has a big heart, he’s not going to leave her to die when there’s a way to save her (like y’all….. come on. he half joked about floating her. ~chillax perhaps~)

and as for the the 6 years thing… this is purely speculation but i think the ship that clarke saw with the prisons took them hostage early on into that time frame. so they probably wouldn’t even be time to foster new relationships.

but anyway, rest assured, they’ve set up bellarke in a big way for the next season. from the almost confession in 406 when he thought he wouldn’t see her again (and then going 6+ years actually believing that he wouldn’t see her again) to everything that happened in this ep- the sacrifice, the ‘i left her behind’ and everything else- some pretty good bellarke things are going to happen.


Alright, I’ve mentioned this on my WordPress blog way back, when I posted theories about Gooverly (w/c mostly turned out wrong), but I’ve always had a feeling Waverly was half revenant, ever since Bobo said she’s not an Earp.

I think Waverly is not an Earp, and completely not blood-related to Wynonna, so my theory goes like this:

Waverly is the daughter of a revenant and a human (not Willa & Wynonna’s mom). The revenant was killed by Ward Earp, and the other parent probably abandoned her or is dead, thus, the Earp took the kid because ‘it’s the right thing to do.‘ (as said in Willa’s diary - 2x02)

When Waverly and Nicole were reading Willa’s childhood diary, it said there that a baby was brought into their home. Now, Nicole said it could’ve been just Willa being childish and jealous of the new sibling, but I don’t think so, after all, Willa was 9 years older than Waverly (if I’m not mistaken). I’d think kids that age would already understand if there’s a new kid.

There’s also a big possibility that Waverly is Bobo’s daughter bc:

  • Bobo always tried to protect Waverly, or at least he’s never done anything to harm her.
  • Bobo looked after child Waverly, posing as her imaginary friend.
  • Waverly was too strong for the demon tentacle goo bc she’s a hybrid, and her possible dad, Bobo, was a significantly powerful revenant.

Also, the part in S01x13, when she was talking with Bobo at the Treehouse, he mentioned that the revenants won’t be the only ones who’ll be set free once the prison that is the Ghost River Triangle is broken.

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so vld is confirmed to run for 8 seasons right? if that's the case and say sheith will be end game, at what point in the series would you want them to be canon?

hmm thats tricky. i know a lot of people would probably prefer it sooner than later, but i would much rather have relationships that werent rushed or forced. also, i dont think either of them is in a good headspace for it right now. keith in particular with his abandonment issues and constantly “afraid that he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose shiro” isn’t ready for a relationship. His immediate readiness to sacrifice everything for shiro without even questioning it is admirable, but i dont think shiro would ever want that. obviously shiro would still risk a lot for keith, still does things like trying to fight off everyone at the marmora base for his sake. but id argue bom proves that before shiro, keith had nobody (aside from his dad, who he already lost)And even after bonding with team voltron, he still doesnt think any of that matters if he loses shiro. 

also, if we still go by the fact that keith’s worst fear is feelings, i think it’ll be a while before he’s ready to confront them. particularly if doing so runs the risk of losing his friendship with shiro. 

Of course, we also know that keith is somewhat touch averse despite this craving for some kind of intimacy (you can see it in the way he immediately tenses up and then slowly relaxes anytime he’s hugged with the exception of shiro). In a way, this problem also extends to shiro. shiro, who thinks that the galra have twisted and warped him into a weapon, who feels that he can’t even trust his own body or memories, who struggles with this notion that he is both unworthy as a paladin and a leader. If you look at kuro and crystal venom, shiro’s worst fear seems to be turning into exactly what the galra tried to make him. and then he finds out that zarkon was the previous black paladin, that black saw the same fire in zarkon she saw in him, and all that fear and doubt is compounded. so i could imagine shiro would be very hesitant about having a partner now, not to mention how any physical contact he experienced during that year in prison always resulted in pain. ironically, the first gentle touch he receives on earth isn’t only human, but also galran. the fact that keith reaches out to him again outside the shack without hesitation is also notable, especially compared to when shiro holds out his galra hand to lance. 

you see lance’s hand stop and it flinches away, and he stares at shiro sadly before offering a smile and reaching back. just to be clear, i dont think there’s anything wrong about lance doing this. it shows he’s empathetic and its really crashing down on him what kind of hell shiro’s been through. and you see how choked up keith looks when he first sees shiro after all this time. but when he’s actually in front of shiro? he stays calm and grounding, tries his best to reach out and act like nothing’s changed. keith never hesitates, never shies away from shiro’s touch or startles from it the way he does around others. and after his time in space prison, i think shiro needs that honestly. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that shiro seems to hold people more at arm’s length after kerberos. With keith their easy, casual intimacy with one another certainly helps, but i imagine a romantic relationship would still be a big adjustment after everything they’ve both been through. 

ideally i could see them working up to something like flirting or dating around seasons 5-6. of course, then you also have to ask: what would cannon sheith look like? becuase honestly, i think the answer is: not very different. They already seem to be pretty open about their affection, and we already know shiro is keith’s most important person. I can see them maybe holding hands occasionally or being more into hugs. maybe going on “space dates” every now and again on more lowkey missions like the space mall. but voltron is also a sci-fi adventure, so romance wont be the focus. It’s also a matter of what they can and can’t get away with in terms of censorship (which is really shitty, i know) but thankfully staff already said netflix seems to allow for more opportunity with representation. and this is the same studio who said they wanted to make it expressly clear that korra and asami were together. im thinking the most romantic voltron will get though is like pining, the exchange of little physical reassurances (hugs, shoulder touches, pats on the back, ect), and a mutual confession. maybe a kiss good luck or goodbye during a really emotional scene. 

anyway, season 3 will be a lot of background info and flashbacks i think, which we really need. i feel like the direction of their relationship will end up depending on whatever they had going prekerberos, especially if either of them had feelings for the other that they never confronted before voltron. i think everyone would take some time off from their relationships for season 7 and most of 8 though, you know, put stuff on hold while they gear up for the final battle. a big emotional farewell before the last fight would be really good though. 

and see now, the thing about relationships that i think a lot of people forget when it comes to “cannon ships” for an action adventure series like this is that…well…if a ship becomes cannon at some point, it doesnt mean that they’ll stay together for the rest of the show. sometimes it happens fast and burns out, or people break up and make up a lot, or they try to work things out but just drift apart. so i think id much rather it happen later than sooner because, with show like this, i think that gives them a better chance of staying together? like, the thought of keith being in a relationship with allura and then shiro or vice versa seems to be treated like something impossible, but relationships dont work out and partners deicide to see other people all the time? its even possible keith will have the occasional one episode romantic interest that’s never revisited, like the mer-alien that kissed lance. so anyway, im not too worried if it takes them a bit longer to get together. 

Here’s a long shot... What’s in Aria’s file?

We know that EZRA would be in JAIL and that it would make him break up with Aria.

There has always been someone watching, manipulating. This is Aria. She was always trying to be seen, be different with her different colored hair, but she’s always kind of been just the extra girl, right? Alison was the ring leader, followed by Spencer, Emily and Hanna were they girls Ali would manipulate, with Spencer watching, always wanting to steal the crown. Aria was just there. Nobody was ever shitty to her. She only existed alongside of the others.

So, Alison is ‘killed’ and Aria, Mike and their parents go to Iceland. Because Aria was losing her sanity. She needed Alison to keep her occupied, to make her feel like she was apart of something. Byron and Ella decide to give Aria a fresh start, to make new friends and maybe get treatment for her mental illness. A year later, they move back to Rosewood, and at the bar, she orders a burger when she’s a vegetarian. This is her way of breaking the rules, feeling devious. She read about Ezra in Alison’s diary she stole from her room before she left for Iceland. Then Ezra begins his book, Aria finds him at the bar and she mimicks Ali, says she’s in college, gets close to Ezra and they make out in the bathroom.

They are both manipulating each other at this point. Ezra is using Aria for his book and she is using him to start something. She needs to get Hanna, Spencer and Emily back. She remembers what Alison says about each of them having secrets and that that keeps them close. She targets Spencer with a friend she met in Iceland, Wren. Wren agrees to help Aria and gets close to her sister, so she can recreate the kiss from Ian with Wren. Then she gets a mutual friend, Maya to flirt with Emily, recreating Emison’s relationship. Then she uses Hanna’s eating disorder against her, telling her she better be careful shoplifting because “prison food makes you fat”. These are all things that were in Alison’s diary. But Aria’s only secret was that her father was having an affair and she knew about it. Aria’s first A text isn’t about something that was her father’s doing ,but her own. And A makes it clear to include Aria’s father in the text. But this is all Mona.

So Aria meets Wren in Iceland, they bond and Wren agreed to help her get her friends back, and so he goes and finds Melissa, gets into a relationship with her then kisses Spencer, his part is done. Aria texts Jason and asks if he has any bisexual/lesbian friends, says she needs to set her friend up on a date. 

Photo: Maya and Jason before it was revealed they new each other from that rehab camp thing.

So Aria and Ezra are both playing a game, but she wants to make it interesting. She wants to drag Mona into this. Somehow, Aria sets up the game for Mona, letting her think it was her idea to become -A. Wren goes to Mona to help her, giving her Ali’s diary that Aria didn’t need anymore, helps setting her up as A. Tells her about Aria’s affair with their teacher. Aria gets the first A text, then Wren tells Mona about how he kissed Spencer and Mona knows that, from the diary, Spencer has kissed one of Melissa’s boyfriends before. He also lets her know the new girl in Ali’s house and Emily were kissing.

Photo: We know Wren was helping Mona, but was working for someone else, perhaps Aria?

This post could be longer, but Wren is making sure Mona is carrying on as A, and Aria is living her life with her friends, enjoying the ride and knowing that Mona is A. 

So, Aria knows that Ezra has been stalking these girls for YEARS to write a book, something that can land him in prison. (I mean, stalking underage girls? Or anyone in general? That’s fucked up man.)

And Ezra would feel like an idiot if he knew Aria was playing him this entire time just to help fill the hole in her life. 

And how does Charlotte fit into all of this? I don’t fucking know. BUT.

A.D. has seen Aria’s file. They know she is a genius and THAT is why she was asked to join the “winning team”. Because she’s smart, and wants NEEDS to be a part of something. 

Ezra would choose Nicole because of Aria’s actions and Nicole would be visiting him in Prison for stalking the girls.


Please let me know what you think.



Characters : Jerome Valeska, Reader, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock
Warnings : Cursing
Summary : (Y/n) wants to be a cop, just like her father Jim Gordon, but after following her father on a case gone wrong, she finds herself face to face with one of Gotham’s most feared psychopaths.


“C'mon, I’ve been studying this case, I’ve been watching the news, I’ve read the reports. I know what we’re up against and I know how to work this.” You scrambled around the station, following your father, Jim Gordon’s, every move. The moment he found out that the blind fortune teller was still in town, he was all over the place. You weren’t letting him leave without you again.

“That’s not the point, (Y/n).” You could tell he was holding back his annoyance with you. It was the same way he had been speaking to Lee since the second Essen announced that the Arkham inmates had escaped.

“I know the point. I’m telling you that I can do this. I could be the one to lead you to these loonies! All you have to is let me-” Your dad spun around on his heels, a fire in his eyes, and you knew you were getting on his last nerve.

“Enough! You’re not going!” He yelled, silencing the station for a good second and a half. Detective Bullock looked at you with raised brows before shaking his head almost apologetically. After your dad stormed off, Bullock walked towards you.

“You know how your dad gets when he’s stressed. As soon as this case is closed and Jermone Valeska is back in Arkham, everything will be back to normals.. or, as normal as things get around here.” Bullock put a hand out and you looked at him curiously before placing your hand in his. “You’re gonna be one hell of a cop one day, kid.” He told you, and you felt the paper pressed from his palm to yours and took it quickly.

“Thank you, Harvey.” You smiled at him, earning a nod in response. After he left behind your father, you finally looked at the paper.

The blind fortune teller’s address.


One good thing that came out of having such a strict father, you can move as quickly as a rabbit and as quietly as a mouse. These things come in handy while sneaking out of the house. You moved through the corridor, effectively staying far enough behind the two cops to not be caught, but close enough to hear what they were saying.

“You know, (Y/n) has the nerve and the determination that it takes for the job.” Harvey said and you smirked. That man was the only reason you were even allowed to leave the house, always talking some sense into your father. “She’s just like you, Jim.”

“Yeah, that’s what worries me.” Your dad replied and you shook your head, rolling your eyes. There was a knock on the door and you took your chance to peak around the corner, keeping one hand flat on the wall behind you so that you wouldn’t lose your balance. “GCPD! Mr Cicero, it’s detective Gordon. We need to speak about your son.” Your father called out. There was too much hesitation on the other side of the door. You wanted to yell for him to kick it in when you heard Mr Cicero groan in pain.

“Shit.” You cursed as your dad and Harvey kicked in the door, but you knew it was too late. You turned to hurry back down the hall when you heard commotion from inside the apartment.

“Harvey!” Your dad yelled and you were at the door in a flash. There was a blue smoke in the air and your dad was pushing past you, swaying on his feet. You crouched down beside Harvey as your dad fell over and then you moved to him.


“(Y/n), what are you-” He was out before he could finish and you were starting to feel the effect of the gas too.

“Oh, looky, looky! What do we have here?”

You tried to stand up and face the familiar voice but your vision was starting to blur. All you could see was a tall figure walking towards you, coming in and out of focus. The red hair and pale skin stuck a nerve within you and you instantly knew who it was stalking closer and closer.

“J-Jerome?” You stuttered out and you heard that cruel laugh you had only ever heard on the television.

“Have we met?” Jerome leaned towards you, and you hit the wall, trying to stay on your feet, but the air around you felt so heavy. You slid to the floor, your head lolling over as you lost consciousness. “I wonder who you belong to..” The red headed maniac looked between you and Harvey. “Unlikely.” He reached into your pocket, pulling out what looked to be a student ID. “(Y/n) Gordon. Now, that, I can see. Well, babydoll, you’re coming with me.” Jerome picked up your limp figure, tossing you over his shoulder. “Sorry, old pal, better luck next time, huh?”


You could hear the footsteps around you, pacing and tapping as you started to regain your consciousness. Your head spun for a moment and then you could open your eyes. He was there. He was just watching you, like a snake stalking its prey and you were just the snack he was looking for.

“I didn’t know Detective Gordon had a daughter.” Jerome moved forward, crouching down so that he was at your level. You still felt weak, but you were awake. You tugged on your wrists only to find them tied down to a chair, along with your feet. “What a paranoid guy that Jim is, keeping you all locked away for no one to find. It’s like he thought someone would steal you away from him or something! Oh, wait..” Jerome laughed at that. You looked around as the boy babbled on, cracking jokes about your situation. It seemed to be only the two of you in the room right now, but there had to be other people in the building. You thought about screaming, but before you could even open your mouth, Jerome gripped you by the jaw. He smirked as you glared daggers into his green eyes. “You’re so pretty.” He pressed his face against the side of yours, inhaling your scent. “And you smell so sweet.. I wonder if you taste-” He leaned in to press his lips against yours, but you jumped suddenly, snapping your teeth in an animal like manner.

“Piss off.” You growled when the ginger jumped back from you only to burst out in laughter.

“Oh, I like you.” He pointed a finger in your face and it took a lot of restraint not to try to bite him again. “You’re going to be so much fun to play with.” Jerome held your face with both of his hands, pressing his forehead against yours.

“What are you going to do to me?” You asked, the reality of the situation beginning to sink in. You were being held captive. You didn’t know for sure if your father and Harvey made it out of that apartment complex. And you were face to face with one of the most feared serial killers in Gotham at the moment. You might not make it out of this one alive, and for what? Because you wanted to play detective?

“I’m going to set you free.” Jerome shrugged, pulling away from you. You furrowed your brows in confusion. He wouldn’t just be letting you waltz on out of here. That wasn’t in his nature.

“Set me free?” You uttered.

“You’re a prisoner of your own mind, my pretty little detective, and I’m going to be your hero.” He spun around a few times, making a show out of his little speech. “You see, with a father like Jim Gordon, who wouldn’t be a little crazy?” Jerome laughed and you shook your head in annoyance. “I’m just going to help you embrace the craziness that I see in those big (y/e/c) eyes of yours.. and then, you’ll be free.” He left you with a smile that sent a shiver down your spine, and then, you were alone in the room.

You threw your head back, thinking of how scared your father must be. “What have I gotten myself into?” You whispered to no one.

First thoughts on 12x18...

The Memory Remains is is one of those episodes where I can’t really tell how much of the problematic-ness was done on purpose, and I don’t want to be ‘that person’ that goes around saying that nothing is problematic and everything is perfect, but I also doubt that the ‘wrong-ey’ things in the episodes were accidents, because accidents don’t happen accidentally and there is a pattern, and patterns rarely happen accidentally. Basically - was the fact that all the main characters were white men done on purpose? The waitress Carmen and the health inspector are there, kind of in the outskirts on the scene, we barely hear their voices, the camera barely fixates on them, and when it does they don’t really get their ‘own’ shots, but we look at them through other characters’ eyes. In an episode with so much focus on looking through eyes (we repeatedly see things through a mask’s eye holes), I think it’s probably done on purpose.

It’s a claustrophobic episode, both in setting and ‘atmosphere’. Almost everything happens in enclosed spaces (the bunker, which is literally a bunker; a fridge cell; a basement with a literal tiny cage in it…) and the vibe of the episode is claustrophobic, a virtual enclosed space of lies weaved by white dudes. Reminds you of something? The episode Thin Man was the same, in Thin Man there was a dude wearing a monster mask that others mistook for a real monster (but… who was a real monster, although human), there were secrets and lies and the monster was a dude with an inferiority complex and whatever. After Thin Man aired we discussed about the episode being about white men only, the only female character killed right away and just a plot device, and it made sense - it felt jarring, and claustrophobic, and wrong, just like this episode feels, because everything is supposed to feel wrong and jarring and uncomfortably enclosing, because the episode is about cages and traps and acting wrong.

When Ketch and his men leave, the lights and shadow form a bar pattern, just like the bars that were supposed to keep Moloch trapped in the basement. The episode is about people being trapped, and Dean and Sam are trapped by the British Men of Letters’ scheme, Ketch has trapped them with the fake messages from Mick and now the bunker has become a cage, they’re under surveillance… it’s like when they were arrested, but now they are ‘arrested’ in their own home, and they don’t know it. They think they’re free, just like Lucifer thought he was free (and apparently now thinks he can get free, either with the help of that demon at the end of 12x17, or Dagon, or his child), but Lucifer was under Crowley’s control, just like the Winchesters are under Ketch’s control. Judging from the promo for 12x19, I’m betting that Cas also thinks he’s free but is under heaven’s control (again, poor thing).

Speaking of Lucifer - he’s a parallel to the Winchesters, but also, obviously, to the actual monster Moloch (*insert goat imagery related to the devil here*). Pete freed the monster from its cage, just like Lucifer has been freed from his original cage by Cas+prevented from going to the cage by Crowley. I’m not sure whether Pete is a mirror for Cas or Crowley or both - both Cas and Crowley wanted to use Lucifer for some goal (fighting the Darkness in Cas’ case, I-don’t-think-we-know-the-full-extent-of-it in Crowley’s), but Pete only claimed that his goal was ‘saving the town’, he just wanted very egoistical personal gain. If he’s a Cas mirror, he’s a dark mirror; if he’s a Crowley mirror, I don’t know.

Now let’s talk about Dean - Dean’s behavior is supposed to feel jarring and wrong, he’s concerned and scared about Cas so he distracts himself - the waitress (at a place filled with tiny Cas things* and large BS written everywhere), even called Carmen which reminds us of Carmen Porter from 2x20 and that is so not a coincidence, the burger, which Dean is overenthusiastic about just like when he came back from Purgatory (“it’s a treasure” then, “this is heaven” now - and the word heaven isn’t a coincidence, either, not with what the next episode is going to be about - again, I’m tending towards a Naomi-like situation where Cas is more under heaven’s control than he realizes, in some way or another).

* It’s like a compendium of everything - coffee, burger, “Gus’” like in season 9, the comet-ish-like logo, I mean, there’s even a fish…

The emphasis on the initial letters makes me think we’re supposed to read is as “BS C(a)S” aka bullshit Cas - Dean literally has sex with a woman to fill in Cas’ absence, and it’s quite explicit in the episode, it’s not just the letters or whatever - Dean is upset because Cas has disappeared, Dean acts on his coping mechanism things, it’s linear. It was supposed to be an episode about being closed in a dark place.

Changing the topic - the heaviness of dysfunctional white dude family brings us to the Stynes again. The entire season is run through by the Stynes, from the nazi elements to now a family who has a dark secret and basically owns the town (just like the Stynes were “gods” in the town). The intertwinement of the Bishop family and the British Men of Letters basically spells Stynes 2.0 - the Stynes invaded the bunker and ‘tainted’ it (back in those times we wrote about a possible adiós to the bunker just like we’re doing now…) just like Ketch and his men have done, with the difference that the Stynes trashed up the place, while the British Men of Letters acted so that Dean and Sam wouldn’t notice. Dean’s photographs feature heavily in both cases… (the two scenes are also parallel to Amara’s visit to the bunker, when she did trash the place up a little but also saw Mary’s picture and eventually brought her back - Amara, like Ketch, kind of collected into about Dean connected to Mary; the Stynes kinda did the same, as they dug up the same pictures, but they didn’t care).

So, I think the BMoL arc is going to have a lot in common with the Stynes arc, with the due differences - I expect a ‘reverse’ of the dark elements of the Stynes arc (Dean doesn’t have the Mark but has grown up a lot since those times, etc etc - extradiegetically, I’m pretty sure the witch twins and Jody are going to be fine lol, I’m pretty sure they learnt the lesson).

Basically I saw this episode as the love child of Thin Man and The Prisoner (there were vibes and references to other eps, but those two stood up imo), which suggests that the story will proceed in a way that will put the characters in situations similar to the ones back in late season 9-late season 10, except that the characters have gone through experiences that are going to have them react to the situation differently. Thoughts?

#20. Criminal Prompts

1. “I purposely bumped into you to pick your pocket and steal your phone and wallet. But when I got far enough away from you to see my score, my own wallet and phone were missing. So, like, come back because we’re totally meant to be!”

2. “I was left to lock up at work when someone in a mask walked in waving a gun around, demanding the money in the register andddd– ‘Person A, is that you?!’”

3. “I witnessed you and you’re partner commit a crime and now they’re making you hold me hostage. You seem to want to protect me from them, is there any chance you can get me out of here???”

4. “You came out of nowhere and saved me from being mugged and we eventually start dating. Recently, I saw you out and about, but before I could call your name, I watched you happily meet up with the person who tried to mug me. What the hell is going on?”

5. “We were both hired to carry out a hit on the person that lives in this house and I’ve never not completed a job. Either you let me do this, or I take you out, too. And that’d be a shame because, fuck, you’re cute and your methods are pretty impressive…”

6. “We’re both thieves/murderers that the government are trying their hardest to identify. They haven’t connected us to each other yet; no one knows that we’re married and pass our time by planning what crime the other commits.”

7. “We met in prison/ a holding cell/ the back of a cop car and fell in love/ bonded.” Bonus: “Now we’re planning our escapes.”

8. “I’m a guard/cop and was tasked with keeping an eye on you until you’re processed, but you’re really hot and won’t stop flirting with me. I’m thinking about losing my job for you!?!?”

9. “You are undercover and had been assigned to eventually bring me in. Now that you’ve grown to know me, you aren’t sure they’ve got the right person. But you have a job to do so, what’s it gonna be? Do you trust me or them?”

10. “You’ve struggled you’re whole life and have never experienced luxury. I might be a criminal, but I seriously love you and I only want to give you the best. Nowadays, I do this for you.”

11. “I’m a bad person, but I am willing to change/ give up my lifestyle for you.”

12. “I will never change so you’re either with me or you’re against me.”

13. “We’ve been best friends literally since forever so it’s not much of a surprise that we both turned out so evil. Join me.”

14. “The cops are literally hunting us and it’d be best to split up, but I can’t leave you, not now. We’re going to have to have a stand off and shoot our way out of this. ’'Til death do us part, Baby.’ ”

15. “You woke up to me sneaking in the house covered in blood and with bags of money/jewelry in hand. But instead of freaking out, you’re telling me to undress so you can wash the blood out my clothes?! Remind me of your past again…”

17. “I’m a fighter, we both know this. And you never ask questions when I drop by after a bad fight. You just pour me a shot and get your first aid kit. God, I love you.”

18. “You hacked me and learned everything about me with the intent of stealing my identity, but now you feel bad because I literally have nothing.”

19. “We sort of have a kink for making love on a bed of stolen cash. I’m in the mood so what’s our next big score?”

20. “So look, I know you’re this infamous assassin/mafia boss/ thief and all, but I’m pregnant…. It’s time to retire, hon.”

Okay, so:

This is Shiro’s ‘civilian outfit’.

In particular, look at the gray jumpsuit he’s wearing.

This is… the best reference picture I could find on short notice of the prisoner uniform. (I’m sorry)

Do you see the lines on the legs?

They match perfectly. The only difference is the darker coloring on the outer thigh/knees, which, I’m not sure what’s up with that but I don’t know if it’s consistent. 

Shiro’s civilian outfit is basically just boots, a belt, a vest and one glove put over the galra prisoner uniform he arrived in, sans purple top.

This isn’t really earthshattering on its own; it makes sense because Shiro couldn’t really undress in the shack without disrobing in front of a bunch of strangers (and Keith) or else making them all stand outside.

But it does suggest something pretty incredible: because he’s wearing boots. 

But the prisoner uniform has attached boots.

Which would mean that if this theory is correct Shiro is wearing two different pairs of shoes at the same time.

Stealing into the Void (Cop!Peter Maximoff x Reader)

Therapists & other doctors of the mind say shoplifting is a way to fill that empty hole inside. Something about the adrenaline involved with stealing said things & the momentary glimpse of completeness that comes with pilfering something is incredibly enticing to some people. Everyone has their own inner void, waiting to be filled, but kleptomaniacs are the ones who try to fill the emptiness by stealing things.

Maybe, at first, you were trying to fill the void when you began shoplifting, but now, it wasn’t just for momentary fun or psychological completeness: it was how you survived. Times were tough nowadays & when they became too much, you had no choice but to shoplift every now & then to get by. Sometimes it was just clothes, other times, it was high-end electronics. You stole whatever you could, but never more than you needed to. You had long stopped stealing for the Hell of it & insisted to yourself that this time, it was different because you were stealing to survive, but you couldn’t stop that nagging feeling inside that made you wonder if you got yourself into these situations on purpose, just so you could steal again.

“What the Hell were you thinking? To come in here & steal from me,” you rolled your eyes at the clerk, who had tied your hands so you wouldn’t try to escape while he waited for the police. You had tried to rob his store out of old habits. Your current situation was better than usual, having paid your rent & having a decent amount of food at home, but once you saw that lovely bottle of your favorite wine, your blood started pumping faster & your skin itched with desire & you couldn’t help yourself.

You had never been caught before & in all honesty, you were quite nervous about having to go to jail for this. Your perfect track record with the law would be tainted now, ruining the only good thing you had going for yourself.

As Officer Maximoff pulled into the parking lot of the convenience store, he couldn’t help but reminisce about his past with the force. Before he became a hot-shot cop for the FBI, he was required to train for the position by becoming a policeman for the city. He excelled so much so that he was promoted almost immediately & became an officer for the FBI. He worked closely with FBI agents to bring down some of the most wanted criminals, most of which were some of the most dangerous people known to man. He had an incredibly accomplished record under his belt, having arrested many notorious criminals & being extremely involved in his community. He was a police icon, & it brought him so much joy & validation, but it couldn’t fill the void he had inside him, the same void he used to try to fill with shoplifting.

He adjusted his hat & belt as he stepped out of his squad car, walking into the convenience store. He spotted you instantly & was taken aback by how incredibly beautiful you were & the dimness of your eyes. He knew that lack-luster look all too well & memories of his past came flooding back to him as the store owner blabbered on about the situation. In all honesty, Peter wasn’t really listening because he was focusing all his attention on you.

You tried not to make your staring obvious, but it was incredibly difficult. This gorgeous cop was here to stuff you in the back of his police car & take you to prison, but you didn’t mind at all. He looked oddly familiar to you, but you couldn’t place where you had seen him before.

“A bottle of wine?” Officer Maximoff raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry, you want me to arrest her for stealing cheap alcohol?”

“Absolutely! She’s a thief!” He looked over at you, your head held down as you uncomfortably stared at your tied hands in your lap, wondering if you’d ever even stolen anything before tonight. Even if you had, he knew that you were no true “threat to society”, but he didn’t want to see the pissed off store owner become even more enraged if he told him you weren’t going to be arrested.

“Right…well, I guess it’s off to the slammer now, but please untie her, that was entirely unnecessary,” the store owner grinned, clearly pleased with the news that you were going to jail & untied you. Your heart raced in your chest as you looked up at the officer with fear in your eyes. His face immediately softened at your frightened look & mouthed “don’t worry” as gently grabbed your shoulder, leading you to his car. He put you in the backseat so the store owner wouldn’t be suspicious & got into his car before driving out of the parking lot.

The car ride was silent for a while before Officer Maximoff spoke up, “Where do you live?”

You looked into the rearview mirror & at him, “What?”

He met your gaze in the mirror, “Where’s your home? I’m giving you a lift.”

You held in a breath, biting your lip, which inadvertently made him blush, “You’re not taking me to jail?”

He laughed softly & his laugh was beautiful, chiming like bells, “For stealing a $10 bottle of wine? No way,” he grinned cheekily, “Besides, you’re too pretty to be in prison.”

You smirked, “Well, you’re too pretty to work in one,” that shut him up real quick & caused his cheeks to turn aflame.

“Right, so, um, your address?” he asked shyly, his faux dominant demeanour slowly crumbling underneath your stare.

You gave him your address & sat back in your seat, relaxing at the prospect of not having to do any time.

It was quiet for a while once more, but again, Peter broke it, “Do you always steal shitty wine from convenience stores?”

You snorted, “Nah, old habits just die hard.”

“Old habits?”

“Yeah, I used to shoplift a lot when I was younger & up until a few months ago, I was shoplifting to survive,” Peter nearly halted the car at your admission, not because you just confessed to being a multiple offender, but because of the similarity of your past with his own.

“Why did you start?”

You shrugged, “I don’t really know. One of my relatives is a Psychologist & they said I was probably a klepto & I was filling some inner void within,” his soft brown eyes looked at you through the mirror, but you were looking out the window.

“Do you believe that?”

You shrugged, “All I know is that when I steal, it takes my mind off things & I don’t have to worry about not having anything to eat or rent money.”

Peter had grown up in a good household in which his single mother worked her ass off to provide for him & his younger sister, so he never needed to steal to survive; however, he was a diagnosed kleptomaniac & stole a lot as a teenager & young adult. He stole everything from Twinkies to old arcade games & had never been caught, until the day he stole his 25th TV. He had been careless, too cocky, & left behind his house key, which was how the cops found him. Instead of being immediately cuffed & sent to prison, he was propositioned by the police with an ultimatum: be sent to prison for a long time for all the things he stole, or become a cop himself. With his super speed, they knew he would be of great help to the force. If he was fast enough & good enough to break out Magneto from a highly secured cell in the Pentagon, then he was going to make an excellent cop. And they were right.

Although he couldn’t completely relate to your past, he could absolutely relate to your kleptomania & more importantly, filling his inner void. Growing up without his father had a major psychological effect on him. The rejection he felt over the issue created a gaping hole inside him that he filled by stealing. He got into a trouble a lot, disappointing his mother & only further driving his need to be validated & accepted somewhere. It wasn’t until he became a police officer did he truly feel validated & accomplished & the void within him was beginning to fill. His mother was so proud of him & that made him proud of himself, too.

Even with all the glory & reward his jon brought him, he still felt a void inside his chest, a void that he knew could only be filled romantically. He had never been in a serious relationship before. Sure, he had a few flings here & there, but he had never actually dated someone before. He was getting older, nearly thirty now, & he desperately wanted to come home to a lovely wife & a few kids instead of the lonely, quiet home he comes to now.

He pulled upto your apartment complex, parking in the lot before turning off the car, “It’s late, I’ll walk you to your apartment to make sure you get there safely,” you didn’t bother arguing with the cute cop, so you nodded & got out once he opened your door for you.

He walked you upto your apartment, both of you staying silent along the way. When you reached your door, you turned to him & smiled, “Well, this is me. Thanks for not arresting me & taking me home.”

His cheeks flushed brightly at your kindness, which he tried to hide behind his dimples & smile, “Of course, just make sure I don’t catch you stealing again, or else I’ll have to take you in.”

You saluted him, “You got it, Sir,” he laughed cutely at the gesture & you grinned at him.

“Good night,” he said, turning to leave. Once your eyes caught wind of his perky backside, you knew you couldn’t let him get away.

“Wait!” he turned in surprise when you called him, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. You smiled at him, “Can I get your number? I’d love to take you out for some coffee or something, as a proper thank you.”

His eyebrows nearly shot off his face at your request & his cheeks flushed darkly once more. He stared at you incredulously. Was this gorgeous creature really asking him out? On a date?

“My, uh yeah sure let me just, uh give you my card…” he sheepishly dug into his pocket & produced a card with his credentials & number displayed on it.

You looked over & grinned, “Awesome! I’ll give you a call sometime,” you leaned up on your toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek, grinning cheekily when you pulled away, “See you around, Officer Maximoff,” & with that you opened your door & stepped inside, leaving a very flustered & very cute cop on your doorstep.

Peter’s knees felt weak from your kiss & his pants tightened when you called him by his official title & he knew he would have to take care of that all night. He lingered at your door for a few more minutes before his legs finally moved & got back to his car.

You stared at his card, racking your brain as to why he was so familiar. It wasn’t until you recalled the similar card in your wallet that you finally remembered:

You had nearly slept with him once before.

This is long overdue @v-writings

Imagine giving Sam a haircut

“Are you almost done?”

You rolled your eyes. “I would be if you’d just stop moving for two seconds.” You turned Sam’s head forward again and trimmed some more of this bangs off. “You’re the one that asked for the cut.”

“Trim,” Sam huffed. “And it’s only to get Dean off my back about it.”

“Mhm.” You narrowed your eyes as you concentrated. “Well, I did what I could, but your ends were pretty damaged.”

Sam let out a long breath. “Done yet?”

You smiled affectionately at him. “Just a sec.” You pulled sections of his hair through your fingers to make sure everything was even. “Yeah, I’m done.” You ruffled his head. “You’re free to go, prisoner.”

“Thanks, shorty.” Sam stood and fixed his hair before pressing a kiss to your forehead. You smirked.

“Any time, Sammy.”

Dating Remus Lupin Headcanons

no one asked for these but I just reread Prisoner of Askaban and it rekindled my deep love for Remus! also i needed a pick-me-up after some depressing days 

  • He’d only ask you out after you showed some pretty obvious “more than friends” interest in him. And yes that includes James and Sirius insisting that you would say yes
  • He has the oddest combination of being very loving and rather distant at the same time at first
  • You’re also sure- nay, positive that he’s hiding something from you and after about half a year of dating you finally figure out what it is
  • When you finally confront him/wait for him to confide in you about being a werewolf and insist that it doesn’t change the way you feel about him, he pulls you into a hug and says something that nearly breaks your heart: “You don’t care that I’m a monster?”
  • You tell him to never call himself that word again , and that’s the first time he tells you he loves you
  • but oh man after that he says those three words a lot, but not enough for them to lose their value.
  • He gets very moody in the week leading up to the full moon so be prepared to be patient with him 
  • Visiting him in the hospital wing during those rough days is a must. You bring chocolate, other sweets and his favorite books so you can sit and read together when the boys aren’t there
  • Sirius and James are constantly making fun of you two but are also your biggest shippers alongside Lily
  • Remus is always saying how he can’t study properly with you because your adorableness distracts him even though all you’re doing is studying too
  • You ever hear that thing where people talk about “being touched so gently you want to cry”? Well you understant that feeling very well after being with Remus, just sayin’. 
  • When you’re out of Hogwarts and into your adult life the prejudice towards werewolves becomes more apparent than ever, and though it’s hard and tests your strength it’s a lot easier to deal with because of the sheer deepness of your love and support
  • But Remus himself tests your patients as well because you have to deal with his bouts of self deprecation and insistence that “you deserve better than me”
  • Your fights are infrequent but when they do crop up they can be pretty hellacious. More than once they’ve ended with slammed door and some tears. Remus is always the first to apologize, usually by just pulling you into a hug, burying his face in your neck and whispering how he’s sorry for being so difficult 
sense8 headcanons (pt. 2 of however many i feel like making)

i can’t stop

  • even though they didn’t exactly choose each other, the cluster still thinks of each other as a family of choice.  they see whipsers and jonas and lila and all the other sensates they meet, so closed off from each other.  whispers scares them especially - the idea of killing their other selves unbearable.  so even though none of them would have exactly picked the other members of the cluster in their daily lives, the fact that they all mesh so well and learn to love everything about each other makes it a choice all the same.
  • once they rescue wolfgang from bpo, he tries to distance himself from kala at first.  he feels guilty as hell about whispers getting her name from him.  kala is heartbroken, and doesn’t know what to do, but literally the entire rest of the cluster steps in because they can all FEEL the love and passion and pain in the distance between the two.  sun and nomi basically tell wolfgang he’s a fucking idiot because there’s nothing he could do to make kala stop loving him, so stop torturing the whole family already.  kala cries sad and happy tears at the same time when wolfgang finally lets kala see him.
  • amanita is 100% into the psychic orgies.  when nomi first told her that the rest of the cluster shared EVERYTHING, she was worried amanita would be upset.  instead, she thinks it’s hot as fuck.  she says it’s not cheating for nomi to have sex with her other selves.  "if anything,“ amanita laughs, “it’s like the best masturbation ever.”  nomi’s not sure if that’s how she would think of it, but considering the others arrive unbidden whenever she and amanita are making love (and nomi’s not about to give THAT up), she’s pretty cool with just rolling with this.
  • sun wasn’t allowed to have a dog as a kid because her mom was so sick.  now that she’s an adult and allowed to have her own dog, she misses him more than she can express when she goes to prison.  they’ll never say anything about it, but the cluster makes an effort to go to dog parks and animal shelters every once and a while, just so sun can see the dogs.
  • the half of the cluster that doesn’t smoke cigarettes really wants the half that does to stop.  one time, they try to quit, figuring they all have to do it together or it will never get done at all.  the irritibility from the withdrawal is harder for the cluster to deal with than almost anything else, and will of all people finally says, “okay someone here needs to have a cigarette before we all kill each other.”
  • even though the cluster knows capheus has been through a ton in his life, they also know that he is the one who has seen the least of the world outside of his home.  so when he’s not dealing with danger (either his or another one of his selves’), they get fiercely protective of him when he is visiting.  he is their beacon of sunshine, and they want him to stay that way.
Believe It (Daryl x Reader)

Hi. :) Could you do an imagine where Daryl x Reader were in a relationship before the apocalypse and when it started they where apart from each other and, then they like meet again? It could be prison time or Alexandria or the Kingdom or season 1, it doesn’t matter. I know it sounds pretty confusing, but idk it was just an idea, I guess. Love your writing btw

Daryl had never told anyone about you.

For one thing, it never came up. He didn’t know why everyone cared about that sort of stuff. The stuff about who you were before. It didn’t matter anymore, so there was no point to it.

He also didn’t tell anyone about you because he wanted to keep you to himself. Those happy memories were sometimes the only thing that kept him going. For some reason everyone knowing seemed like it would ruin it.

He didn’t have any hope that he would find you, he had hardly any hope that you were still alive. He knew you were tough, but you were also too kind for your own good. He couldn’t imagine you ever killing a person, and that’s what it had come to these days. That’s what you had to do to survive


Blood, there was so much blood.

So much that you couldn’t tell who it came from. Maybe you, maybe your dead friend, or maybe the murderous bastard who’d killed her.

Your angry cries had slowly disintegrated into sobs as you kept plunging the knife into the the mans chest, even though he had died a while ago.

Slowly you stood up, your hands trembling and wiped off the bloody knife on your jeans. You stared at your friend, her lifeless eyes were still open as you plunged your knife into her skull.

You were about to do the same to the man before you hesitated. You slipped your knife back into its sheath and slowly began to walk away.

You were going to let him turn.



That was where Daryl was going. A supposedly safe community, with walls, resources, and people. Daryl still wasn’t sure if he trusted it yet. It couldn’t be that easy, not after everything him and his group had been through.

“Y'know,” Aaron said while sitting next to his boyfriend, Eric, who was asleep. “There’s this woman at our camp, I found her about a month ago, and she reminds me of you an awful lot.”

Daryl just grunted in response, he didn’t really care about anything this man had to say. He had just learned the name of their next destination.



“Alexandria.” You muttered.

“Yes, it’s a community, my community, and I’d like for you to audition for membership.”

He had been watching you, that’s what he said. You had no idea why, after all you had done, he would want you in his community. You, who could still feel the blood from the man you’d killed drying on your face and stuck underneath your fingernails.

He seemed to notice your apprehension. “I know, I know,” The man, Aaron, began, “audition sounds so pretentious but I-”

“Lets go.” You said.


“Let’s go to Alexandria.”

What else did you have to lose?


What else did he have to lose?

That’s what he thought when he had walked through those gates, but now that he was sitting there, in Deanna’s office, he realized that he wasn’t meant for this life. He never was, and if he got too comfortable with it he would lose who he was entirely.

“You know something Daryl?” Deanna asked as she begun to turn off her camera. “You remind me a lot of a woman who just got here about a month ago, her names (Y/N) I think you two would get along.”

His eyebrows ruffled at the mention of your name, even just hearing it made warm nostalgia settle in his chest.

“(Y/N) (L/N)?” He asked, it was meant to be a joke. He had heard many people say your name before and at first when he asked that question he was hopeful. But as time went on it just became more and more of a habit.

But Deanna paused and she looked up at him quizzically. “Yes, how did you know?”

His eyes widened and in that moment he felt as if time had stopped.

He couldn’t believe it.


You couldn’t believe it.

You had been here for about a month and you still couldn’t believe it.

This whole community was like a mirage of what once was. There was air conditioning, running water, electricity. You had no idea how this could still be possible, and sometimes you still felt like you’d just wake up and it all would be a dream.

There was a knock at your door. The people in Alexandria had been trying to welcome you as best you could, when all you really wanted was to be left alone. You had half a mind to just ignore it but you really didn’t want to seem rude.

You stood up and made your way over. Sighing as you reached the door and fumbled with the lock before finally opening it.

Behind the door was a face you never thought you’d see again. A person you’d presumed was dead a long time ago. Behind the door was Daryl Dixon, your boyfriend before the world went to hell.

The two of you just stood still for a few seconds, just staring into each other’s eyes, wondering if the other was real.

It was only when he started to cry that you broke out of your trance.

Slowly you approached him, and you reached out your hand and lightly brushed away his tears.

You couldn’t believe it.