that one time i saw them live and there was a condom balloon

Space Dad Surprise Party [Shiro x Reader]

A/N: HAPPY (non leap year) BIRTHDAY SHIRO!

Thank you @memento-scribet for the idea <3

You find out that Shiro’s birthday is on a leap day but ‘won’t’ have one this year. You decide to change that and give him the best non-birthday yet. (Modern AU)


You’re jaw dropped staring at Lance and Keith.

“What do you mean he doesn’t have a ‘real’ birthday this year?” disbelief in both your voice and plastered on your features.

“You’re his girlfriend, shouldn’t you know this?” Lance pointed an accusing finger at you. “Yeah but he never said it was a leap year, he always just told me it was the 28th” you confessed, falling back in your chair.

“He’s not really find of his birth date so he always tells everyone the 28th not the 29th.” Keith cleared up for you. Still feeling slight betrayal.

“Is this why he never wants parties or anything?” Lance asked as Keith nodded.

“Oh he’s getting a party this year, and he’s gonna like it” pulling out your phone and finding a few necessary numbers.

“Who’re you calling?” Lance peeked at the screen of your phone. “The others , it might be short notice but I’m throwing Shiro a surprise party” a mischievous smirk on your lips.

“I’m pretty sure he hates surprises. He likes to have everything in control remember?” Keith reminded you, but you didn’t care. It will be some payback for lying about the date. Surprises always made him a flustered mess and you were looking forward to that now.

Luckily you were able to pull everything together in a matter of two to three days. The plan was you’d get him out of your apartment, just taking him out to lunch and keeping him busy. While Lance, Keith, and Pidge decorated the apartment, Allura got the cake, and Coran & Hunk planned out dinner. It was flawless. Everything was set and all that needed to be done was the execution.

The morning of February 28th you woke up like any other morning. Shiro had his arms around you and pulled into his chest protectively. Letting out a sigh as the sun rays began to make you stir.

Your eyes fluttered open, after adjusting to the new light filtering in.

Looking up at whose arms you were wrapped in, smiling when seeing his peaceful expression. Though you noticed his eyebrows furrowing as the light met his face now.

Glancing at the alarm clock on your night stand. 10:34 it read, you had to have him out by noon. Meaning you had to elicit consciousness from him.

Running a hand through his messy morning hair. Gently playing with the ends of the white strands. Seeing a smile pull at the corners of his lips. “Good morning” his voice was deep and thick with sleep.

“Morning birthday boy” nuzzling into his chest. His arms tightened around you. Giggling you placed kiss on his chest, trailing up until you reached his jaw. “Okay I’m up” he met his dark grey eyes to you [e/c] ones.

“Good” smiling you kissed him. Before pulling away and slipping out of the bed. He groaned, “Come back” watching you slip on a pair of sweat pants under the shirt, which was his, you were wearing.

Walking over to stand by his side of the bed, “I’ve got a whole day planned, so get up, get dressed, and maybe we can do this later.” pecking his lips before retreating out of the room, hearing him chuckle behind you.

You took him out to his favorite restaurant for lunch, and everywhere you could think of to distract him. It was around five o’clock when you got a text from Lance. You were at the museum checking out the new constellation exhibit.

Of course it suited Shiro perfectly. So he was a bit torn when you said “Let’s go home”

But he went anyways. The walk back consisted of the both of you talking and joking around. He was curious however because of your constant checking the phone. Though he didn’t question it just carried on the conversation.

Reaching your apartment building, you both boarded the elevator a huge grin plastered on your face.

“What’s got you so smiley?” he rose a suspicious eyebrow at you.

“Nothin” You stated, rather unconvincingly. “Oh because that was convincing” he teased, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“You ask too many questions, come on” Tugging at his hand as the elevator opened.

Sliding your key in the lock and shoving the door open. The lights were still off and you walked in cautiously, to make sure not to trip over any balloons or anything.

As soon as he stepped through the door the lights flicked on and everyone in the room jumped out yelling “SURPRISE”

He about jumped out of his skin, letting out a yelp, becoming flustered and embarrassed. Just the revenge you wanted.

“Oh god guys” He laughed looking around at his friends. “Who?”

They all diverted turned attention to you. Smiling sheepishly up at him, “So that’s why you had so much planned” pulling you against him.

“What can I say? I’m good at day planning. And I’m good at getting my revenge, thanks for the little yelp back there” A mischievous glint in your eyes.

“Revenge? For what?” He chuckled, punching his shoulder “Not telling me your real birthday you goof”

“But it doesn’t matter now, lets have some eat dinner, have some cake, open gifts. It’s your kinda birthday after all.” Pulling him into the living room with the rest of your friends.

After eating and very horribly singing happy birthday, that last thing to do was gifts. Some gifts were thoughtful, others were gag gifts. But nothing was funnier than Lance’s. Giving Shiro an envelope and small box. “The box is for you guys to share” simply stating, neither of you expecting it to be a box of condoms with a note with a winky face on it.

You died laughing as Shiro just turned bright red and thanked Lance with a stutter. Meanwhile you were still laughing, it proving contagious and the whole room joined you.

Shiro had to admit it was a pretty nice non-birthday. But it wasn’t over yet. Deciding to get one last blush out of him when it was just the two of you.

Sneaking away from where he was doing dishes in the kitchen. Grabbing Lance’s gift from the living room coffee table.

“Hey babe” calling as you walked back into the kitchen. Coming to his right side and running a hand down his metal prosthetic. “What do you say we cash in Lance’s gift tonight?” twiddling the box between your fingers

It was too damn easy to get him flustered, “Would you quit that” he laughed before going to snag the box from your hand. Quickly pulling it back you teased, “If you want ‘em you gotta catch me” before running out of the room.

He chased after you yelling your name. Trapping you in the living room. He wrapped his arms around your waist and began to pull you with him. Though you were expecting to be pulled back to the kitchen. However he made an unexpected turn toward the bedroom.

When he saw your expression change, he smirked “You still have to give me a present”



The next morning Shiro woke up, only to find you missing from his arms.

Sitting up he looked around the room to see the floor cleaned of the scattered clothes from the previous night’s activities. Slipping out of the bed he found you cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

Wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, “What’s this?”

“A birthday breakfast” you chuckled, causing a confused expression to grace his features. “But my birthday is over”

“Technically you don’t have a birthday this year. Sooo, since we’re not sure if the day before or after the 29th would count as a birthday, I decided to make both special” turning in his arms.

Wrapping your arms around his neck, he smiled at you lovingly “You know I love you, right?”

“I do know that birthday boy part 2. And I love you too” pecking his lips.

“Best birthdays ever” he mumbled against your lips. Before connecting them for another time.

A/N: It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written a fic, so I thought I’d begin working out my creativity with a simple task: the 50 themes, 1 sentence challenge from livejournal using the Epsilon theme set. Special thanks to @drowninglinguists​ for helping me out with many of these, as well as Temari’s characterization! I believe the majority of these are post-war, save for one. Can you spot it?

#01 - Motion

Admittedly, Temari is rather grateful that her boyfriend has his gaze glued to the path before them, for she blushes so ferociously the instant he wraps his arm around her shoulders and pulls her close.

#02 - Cool

“I’m totally cool,” Shikamaru mumbles beneath his breath, and his wife can only smile rather ruefully, taking her husband’s hand in her own, carefully unwrapping his fingers from around the shougi tile.

#03 - Young

Newly born is the infant placed in his arms shortly after cutting the umbilical cord; it isn’t out of fear that Shikamaru hands their son off to his exhausted wife, but purely out of love, wanting her to be the first to truly hold and comfort him.

#04 - Last

He is her first choice—her only choice—rather than her last, something he has grown accustomed to in his childhood, always picked last when playing with the other children due to his lazy nature and supposed lack of physical strength.

#05 - Wrong

She’s (usually) never wrong, something he is thankful for, even as he stands before an incapacitated asshole, fists clenched at his sides; she speaks softly near his ear, palm flat against his chest, “Shikamaru, you’ll always have me.”

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I need some cheer-me-up Howince. Any recommendations?

Fluffy, cheer-you-up Howince? You’ve come to the right person! :D

I’ve gone for mostly shorter things here, on the theory that you’re looking for more of a quick cheer-up than the long haul, but here are a few that instantly come to mind: 

  • Charlie and the Sudden Unexpected Revelation, by Monoocularcat. Actually, just read everything you can find that Cat’s ever written. That will be a definite cheer-up! This one has an ending that’s open to interpretation, but it’s in the style of Vince’s Charlie books and explores his and Howard’s lives through that lens. It’s as sweet and charming–and sometimes poignant–as you’d expect. (Monoocularcat also wrote a GREAT story about Howard throwing a surprise party for Vince–anybody have a link for that one? That’s a perfect picker-upper. It ended with them breaking the party up by having a water-balloon fight with condoms, while dressed in just their pants and capes. Does it get more delightful?)
  • Watch this fanvid. Repeat as many times as needed. Happiness is bound to result. Watch this one, too.
  • The Miseducation of Howard Moon, by Fecklessly Fine. Okay, this is a longer-haul story, but I promise the payoff will leave you with a deliriously happy grin on your face and an urgent desire to see it made into a movie.
  • Correspondences, by Eggnogged. This is such a charming, sweet, insightful, funny, deeply in-character story, and I wish I saw more people talking about it, because it’s pure sunshine!
  • Vince Noir’s Balloon Animal Menagerie, by Luridlolly. Read everything Lolly’s ever written, too. You will smile and laugh and melt and be a big gooey marshmallow of happiness for having done it.
  • Child’s Play, by concupiscence66. Full disclosure: this was a fill for my prompt, but Connie did such wonderful things with it, and it is the perfect short, sweet, in-character shot of fluff, in the best possible sense of that designation.
  • Not Doing Anything (Seven Minutes), by culumacilinte. This isn’t really fluff, per se, and yet I am very confident it’ll put a smile on your face. It’s a glimpse into Howard and Vince in their awkward college/uni years, and at the burgeoning sexual and romantic tension between them that they’re starting to really feel but are also terrified to directly acknowledge because it’s so intense… it’s very in character, extremely hot for not being explicit or raunchy in any way, and just really a must-read.

There are a million more I could recommend, Anon, but I hope at least some of these fit the bill and bring you some good cheer today! :)

Happy Valentine's Day - Liam Dunbar

Warning: smut.
It was the weekend and my parents had left town for work and that meant I’d be home alone for two nights. I asked them if my boyfriend Liam could stay over and they said it was okay. I was so grateful to have such open minded parents.
“They said yes baby, you can come over tonight”, I texted him.
“Awesome, I’ll be there by 7”, he replied.
Liam and I have been dating a year now and but we’ve been friends for almost 3 years. I knew everything about him, including him being a werewolf. Yes it was scary at first but our love was too strong for something like this to wreck it. I accepted him no matter what and he did the same too.
My parents left in the morning and shortly after that I went to work out and then I came, took a shower, ate, and then I began studying and doing my homework so I can be free with Liam and we could do whatever we want.
Suddenly, I head the bell ring and I looked at the clock an it was already 7, “shit, time passed quickly”, I thought.
I went down stairs and opened the door.
“Hey babe”, Liam was standing there with a box of pizza and drinks in his hand.
“Awwww thank god you brought food, I was too lazy to cook anyways”, I laughed.
“Yeah I thought so”, he laughed back and leaned in to kiss me.
I welcomed him in and we went to the living room.
“What do you wanna watch?”
“I don’t know, I just wanna eat”
I laughed and played a movie and we sat on the couch and began eating the delicious pizza he brought.
“So how was practice yesterday?”, I asked.
“It was good, but I missed you being there (Y/N)”.
I would usually go and see him practice and it’d always keep him calm but yesterday I had to leave school early for my job.
“I’m sorry baby, you know my new job. The times aren’t flexible so I have to be there wherever they call me”.
“It’s okay babe I understand”, he kissed my cheek.
“Ew there’s sauce on my cheek now”, I hit him playfully.
“Sorry”, he leaned in and licked it off of my face.
“Okay that’s even more disgusting”, I laughed and he laughed back.
We continued on talking about yesterday and then we finished eating and started watching the movie.
“Honestly this movie is boring af”, I rolled my eyes.
“You’re the one who picked it, not me”.
“Yes, well this just further proves why I hate Valentines Day so much and how it’s so overrated”.
“It’s overrated but then here we are being such stereotypical couples and watching it and kind of ‘celebrating’ it”, he laughed.
“Ugh, I’m so done, let’s just go upstairs”, I turned off the TV and made sure all the doors and windows were closed but I mean Liam was there and I wouldn’t be afraid cuz he could protect me from anything and anyone so I felt safe and happy.
We went to my roomand Liam changed into his pyjamas or rather, his sweatpants and no shirt.
I looked at the time and it was 10:30pm.
“I’m not going to sleep now, it’s too early. I’m just gonna go on Twitter and talk to my online friends”, I opened my laptop and sat on my bed.
“Okay and I’ll lay next to you and see what y'all crazy fan girls do on twitter”, he laughed.
“Okay”, I giggled.
He began asking questions about what was happening and what the people were talking about so I explained everything the show was about.
“You’re so cute when you’re all smart and passionate about things”, he smiled.
“Stop it”, I blushed.
“Okay enough Twitter, let’s cuddle”, he got up and closed my laptop and put it on my desk.
“Heeeyyyyy, I didn’t even sign out”.
“Here I’ll do it for you”.
I went to the bathroom and washed my face and teeth and then I came back to bed.
“Come babe”, he had his arms open.
I went in the warm bed and we spooned.
A couple of minutes after.
“(Y/N), stop moving every second”, Liam said.
“Why”, I giggled. I knew exactly why he wanted me to stop moving.
“Stop”, he whispered in my ear and lightly bit it.
“I can feel it”, I laughed.
“Well if you don’t want me to rip the hell out of your clothes then stop moving”.
“But I don’t wanna”.
He grabbed my face and turned me around, “fine then, now when you ask me to stop, I won’t”.
His gorgeous eyes were staring straight into my soul and I felt butterflies in my stomach.
His soft lips met mine and I felt the shivers.
His tongue begging to enter my mouth, we began making out.
Now he was on top of me. His lips started moving to the back of my neck. He nibbled on my ear and then began kissing every inch on my neck and I grabbed tightly into his fluffy hair and moaned a little.
He started lifting my shirt up a little with his left hand and i sat up, allowing him to remove it.
He did and he pushed my hard into the bed again and started kissing my collar bone and my chest and down to my stomach. His kisses were so soft which made me ever more wet.
“Liam please”, I couldn’t take the tease any longer.
“I told you to stop, you didn’t. So live with it”, his voice was husky and sexy.
He moved to my tits and started rolling his tongue around my nipples, making them hard, and sucking them.
Then he started going down and he slowly removed my pyjama bottom and I was left with only my underwear.
He opened my legs and started kissing my inner thighs and it sent chills down my spine.
Finally he reached my area and gave it a kiss through the fabric and then looked at me.
“Please”, I bit my lips.
He removed my black lace undies and smirked.
“Hmm, already prepared for this? Naughty girl”.
When his tongue finally touched my slit, I let out a moan.
He licked it softly and inserted two fingered and began moving them slowly as he nibbled on my clit. He was still teasing and laughing.
“Enough”, I got up and pushed him down. I couldn’t take it anymore.
I pulled down his sweat pants and boxers and I saw how hard his member was. He was trying his best to stay calm just to make me want him way more than I already did.
I grabbed it in my hand and placed my mouth on his tip, teasing it with my tongue and tasting every inch of it. I saw his eyes turn yellow and I knew he was enjoying it so much.
I shoved it all in my mouth and began sucking. Moving it from one side to the other. Rolling my tongue around it like it was my favourite type of Popsicle.
“Stop!”, he moved me away from it and placed his hand around my neck and kissed me roughly and hungrily and bit into my lower lip.
“Let’s get to the fun part”, he pulled a condom from the drawer next to my bed and place it on and put me on top of him and slowly inserted himself into me and I bit my lips hard because it was so big and it felt so good
His hands grabbing into my butt, he began moving.
My hands were on his chest, moving them around his sexy abs, as I looked into his eyes and started riding by my self.
Trying my best techniques to pleasure him and myself. I started moving faster, up and down, as he watched my tits jiggle in his face and his balls hit my ass.
“You look so hot when you’re riding me baby”, he let out.
“I know”, I smirked and leaned in and kissed him.
He rolled me over and so he was on top now. Shoved it in me and started moving faster than ever.
My nails dug deep in his back. I was enjoying it so much. I loved sex after a long Roleplay and teasing.
“Harder”, I moaned.
He went harder and faster as he continued on kissing my neck.
“I’m about”, I breathed.
“Me too babe”.
Finally we both exploded around the same time and it felt amazing.
“Ah”, we laid back and we were barley able to breath.
About a few moments later, he grabbed me closer to him and i rested my head on his chest.
“I love you so much beautiful baby girl”, he kissed my forehead.
“I love you too”, i smiled and closed my eyes.
“Happy Valentine’s Day”
“Yeah happy Valentine’s Day”, I laughed.
We both were so tired so he started playing with my hair and then we fell asleep.
I woke up and Liam wasn’t in bed but I could smell food from downstairs and I smiled and coved my face with the sheets.
“I know you’re awake babe”, he said standing next to me.
I pulled the sheets down and looked at him with one eye.
“Damn you look so hot in the morning”, I laughed.
“Get up”, he pulled the sheets all the way down and handed me one of his jerseys that I kept.
I wore it and we went downstairs.
He had everything set up and it was the cutest thing ever.
Pancakes that were a little burned and my favourite smoothie. And he also had a lot of heart shaped balloons and a big teddy bear sitting on the dining chair.
“Omg Liam”, I turned around and hugged me tightly and then have i kissed him.
“Why would you do this omg?”.
I was surprised and overwhelmed by all this love.
“Because I love you (Y/N), and I wanted you to start liking Valentine’s Day”. His smile was so sweet and genuine.
He pulled my chair and I sat and there was a box wrapped in red on the table infront of me.
“Open it”, he smiled.
I unwrapped it and opened the box, it was this beautiful white gold necklace. I loved it. Liam knew me so well, he knew exactly what I liked. I teared up and I was almost gonna start crying a lot.
“I… I’m speechless baby, it’s beautiful. Everything is beautiful. I love this. I love everything. I love you so much”.
“I’m glad you liked it, I love you more babe”, he grabbed my face and wiped the little tears away and kissed me.
I was so thankful to have such a boyfriend like him. Even though We were only 17 but honestly this relationship was/is perfection. I couldn’t ask for more.
Hope you guys enjoyed my first Teen Wolf one shot. 💋


Read Part 1 here!

(Single!Jensen and Single!Brendon, ‘cause yeah.)

“(Y/n)!” Brendon said with a wide smile as he opened the door. A smile that slightly fluttered when he saw Jensen - or more like the scowl on his face “Jensen?”

“Yeah nice to see you too Brendon” he said with an obviously fake smile.

“Yeah sure” Brendon said awkwardly, moving to the side so that you could get in.

“I thought you’d call me and wait for me to come pick you up?” Brendon asked, closing the door behind him.

“Yeah, well we finished earlier and since Jensen wanted to come over then we took his car.” you said.

“You don’t mind me coming, right?” Jensen raised a rather accusing eyebrow at him.

“What? No, man. Why would I mind? We’re just going to watch a couple movies and then talk.” Brendon shrugged as he went to the DVD player close to the TV.

“Yeah, of course. As if you had other plans for you and (Y/n)” Jensen said with a chuckle “Right?” he suddenly asked really serious.

“Well…” Brendon trailed off, throwing you a wink as you giggled.

“What?!” Jensen all-but-shrieked.

“Just kidding” Brendon laughed as he searched through his DVD collection “Maybe” he added with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows and you laughed out loudly.

“Let me guess. You have a pack of condoms hidden somewhere right?” you asked him with a smirk, missing the wide eyes on Jensen’s face.

“You know it” Brendon winked again at you as he put a movie into the DVD player.

“Yeah” Jensen piped in with a nervous laugh “(Y/n) told how you’d fill them with water and use them as water balloons” he said with an awkward laugh.

“Yeah. Well I was thinking for something different. There is more than that kind of use to it. Besides, I can’t just let that whipped cream go to waste” Brendon said, mostly looking at you, a mix of grin and smirk on his face.

“Wh-what?!” Jensen exclaimed, looking between you and him with wide eyes.

“Relax, he’s just talking about how we would fill them with whipped cream and once again throw them at each other. It is much harder than just using water but 10 times more fun.” you reassured him and Jensen let out a sigh of relief.

“Right Brendon?” you asked, turning to look at him as he returned with a bowl with pop-corn.

“Yeah” he said with a small shrug, but it was obvious to Jensen how he was not agreeing really and that just made Jensen all the more suspicious.

“Seeing you covered in whipped cream is definitely one hell of a sight” Brendon added wiggling his eyebrows at you.

You just laughed at him, hitting his shoulder playfully.

Nobody said anything more as the movie started playing. Brendon came and sat next to you. He stood like that for a while before shifting so that he was laying his head on your lap. You raised an eyebrow as you looked down at him, a small smirk playing on your lips.

He just shrugged and pretended innocent “You’re always more comfortable” he said as cutely as he could.

You just rolled your eyes at him and laughed, one of your hands moved to his head as you ran our fingers through his hair.

“Oh I almost forgot” you spoke up and looked down at him “What was that thing you said on your latest interview?” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“What?” he asked with an innocent smile, obviously knowing what you were talking about.

“You know  very well what I’m talking about, Urie”

“No I don’t know what you’re talking about” he said.

“What?” he added.

“What?!” Jensen asked from next to you more expecting.

“You were asked what was going between you and me. You just bit your lip, smirked and winked at the camera. What was that supposed to mean, Urie?” you asked him with narrowed eyes.

“What was that supposed to mean, Urie?!” Jensen repeated soon after you, his voice more rough and slightly angry.

“What do you think, sweetheart?” Brendon said in an incredibly low voice as he looked at you with a flirtatious smile.

“Well, what do you want me to think?” your voice was low as well, and definitely seductive as you leaned in a little bit more close to him. A small smirk played on your lips as you tried to keep yourself from bursting into a full feat of laughter.

Brendon opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Jensen coughing rather violently and loudly next to you. It sounded fake but you were glad Brendon didn’t notice that.

“Hey you ok?” Brendon asked and Jensen nodded at him.

“Yeah, I’ll just go drink some water. I’ll be back soon.” Jensen said and got up.

“Soon ok? I’ll be back soon. Don’t try anything” he said again from behind you and you looked at him with a frown.

“Can’t promise anything. She’s asking for it” Brendon told him and winked at you.

You heard Jensen grumble something under his breath as he disappeared to the kitchen. Brendon didn’t miss a chance to throw one arm around your shoulders and you let yourself relax into his embrance. He was your best friend ever since you were in high school and even if you were this kind of close, flirting and throwing suggestive remarks and looks at each other you knew that that’s what you were going to always be. Friends.

It made you a little bit sad, mostly seeing as you had a crush on him for so long, but you were not going to take the risk and make a move on him. Especially with Jensen now in your life.

Speaking of the devil.

Jensen let out a rather loud cough as he walked back into the living room, clearly wanting to make his presence known. You turned your head slightly to look at him glaring daggers at Brendon behind his back. You look at him with narrowed eyes as if asking him ‘What the hell?’ and as soon as he locked eyes with yours he gave you a small innocent look and shrugged.

He walked around the couch and in front of you. Instead of sitting where he previously was he just struggled and sunk himself in between you and Brendon, pushing the both of you so that you pulled apart - Brendon a little bit more.

Brendon looked at him with a frown “Uh are you ok man?”

“Yeah, yeah. Much better. Much better!” he said with a sarcastic smile as he looked at Brendon then ahead of him on the TV…

…throwing an arm over your shoulder.

It was going to be a long night for sure.

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Prompt- I would like for Feral Matty to be hopped up on Red Bull. Non-stop questions, touching things, & dangling upside down & just poor "WTF IS MY LIFE" Foggy when Matt doesn't sleep for 3 days!

“I made a huge mistake,” Foggy said, rubbing his face and trying not to groan.

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Just Hold Me

WARNING: there’s no smut or anything, this is just gonna be really sad and intense probably
Word Count: 2k

this is a calum oneshot btw. kinda inspired by small bump//ed sheeran. have fun.


They always say you should never drive angry. You never know what could happen, they say.

God, I should’ve listened.


“I don’t want you to be on your own for six months, especially not now. Why can’t you just come with me?” Frustration filled Calum’s voice as he lectured me about how bad a six-month hiatus would be for our relationship, especially when I was pregnant.

I stood across the living room from him, the coffee table between us. “Do you honestly expect me to go on tour with you guys? What, I’m gonna be eight months pregnant and sleeping in a bunk bed?” I scoffed, crossing my arms over my tiny, still newly pregnant belly.

“Don’t be ridiculous. There’s a lounge with a nice couch in the back.”

Calum neatly dodged the TV remote I hurled at his stupid pretty face. “Do you even know how ridiculous you sound right now? I’m not fucking living with you and your band on a goddamn tour bus! I’ll be okay by myself. We’re still going to be together when you come back–I don’t know what your problem is.”

“You said you’d come on tour with me before you found out you were pregnant! Nothing has to change. I don’t want our relationship to suffer because your stupid mistake.”

My brainless boyfriend’s voice was loaded with accusation. He refused to look at me, so it wasn’t until I started screaming that he noticed the fixture of my features into a murderous glare.

MY STUPID MISTAKE?!” I snarled. I crossed the living room in three huge steps, shoving at his stupid muscular chest. “Birth control pills don’t work sometimes–it’s not my fucking fault. And guess what, Mr. “We Don’t Need A Condom”? It takes two to tango, buddy! It’s not like one day I just told my eggs ‘Hey guys, maybe today’s the day! Let’s get fertilized and ruin Calum’s life!’”

He seemed too shocked to reply. I’d never been this angry with him before.

His silence gave me too much time to think, to think about all the times he’d said “the baby” instead of “our baby.” Too much time to think about the betrayed look on his face when I’d told him two weeks ago that we were going to be parents at only 23.

“Do you even want this baby?” I said, my voice deathly quiet. I looked up from the carpet to Calum’s face. He stared back at me, his eyes wide and his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

“Of course I want it,” his words cracked as he whispered them, but it was too late. He took too long to answer.

I couldn’t hide the hurt on my face or hold back the tears threatening to be spilled like a housewife’s dirty secrets after a bottle of wine.

“Would you stop looking at me like that?” Calum muttered, jamming his fists into his pockets and avoiding my watery eyes.

I let out a derisive snort, dashing the hot angry tears from my eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry, Calum. Is how much of a dick you’re being bothering you as much as it’s bothering me? Is realizing how stupid you’re being making you uncomfortable? You poor, poor thing,” I spat.

Calum glared at me, clearly not pleased with the condescension in my voice. I didn’t care at the moment.

“I’m so sorry my crazy pregnant lady hormones are making you squirm. Maybe I should just-”

“Fucking hell, would you just shut up?!” Calum shouted, interrupting me. I paused, my jaw dropping. I took a step back from him, my hands weakly falling to my sides.

Calum must’ve been chastened by the look on my face, because immediately he reached out and grabbed my wrist as I retreated. “Fuck, babe I’m so-”

“Save it,” I hissed and wrenched my arm out of his grip. His wary eyes followed me as I went toward the door of our apartment and grabbed my car keys from the dish.

“Where are you going?” he called out, his tone suddenly filling with panic when I opened the door.

I looked at him, taking in his ghostly pale face and the trembling of his lips and hands. For once, anger won out over the sadness his pitiful expression stirred in me, and I squeezed my eyes shut as that anger burned me from the inside out.

“I’m sleeping at my mom’s place tonight,” I mumbled, turning away from him and shutting the door behind me.


The traffic light had only just turned green. If I’d waited just two more seconds before going, if I hadn’t been so pissed off and just looked, the asshole that ran the red light wouldn’t have pulverized my car.

I was lucky I was wearing my seatbelt. I was damn lucky the owner of the bodega on the otherwise deserted corner saw the crash and called an ambulance right away.

I’d blacked out upon impact. My seatbelt had yanked me back into the seat before I could fly out the passenger window and I got whiplash so bad I passed out.

The next thing I remembered was waking up feeling a sharp, hot pain spreading out from my chest and my lower abdomen. I was lying on a gurney, being rushed out of the ambulance and into the emergency room. None of the EMTs had noticed I’d woken up. I cried out, the pain swirling rampant in my insides too much to bear. I threw my arm out to the side, trying to find something to hold, my fingers finding the arm of one of the EMTs and squeezing hard.

“Shit! Don’t worry, baby, don’t worry…you’ll be okay.” It was a woman, a nurse and not an EMT. Her chocolate skin wrinkled in a frown when she leaned over and looked at me while simultaneously running alongside my gurney.

“Baby….” I croaked, lifting my head to see my sweatpants and the bottom half of my shirt soaked in blood. “The baby….”

The woman’s eyes widened. She look like she was in her forties. “Ma'am, are you pregnant?” Her voice was urgent. It made my head spin. I squeezed my eyes shut as my insides rolled over in pain and managed one nod before I let my head fall back.

The nurse barked something at the doctor running behind us before turning her attention back to me. My breathing was too fast, getting away from me faster than helium from a popped balloon. My hair was pushed away from my face, and I noticed how sweaty my forehead was. I was too hot. Panic overtook me as I hyperventilated. Another nurse pressed some sort of mask over my mouth and nose, and I quickly slipped out of consciousness.


When I woke again, it was from a warm, wet sensation on my arm. My eyes opened to harsh light filtering in through the window blinds and settled on the dark figure at my bedside, only the top of his curly dark hair visible as his head was buried in his folded arms resting on the edge of my bed.

“Ew. Are you crying on me?” My voice was hoarse with disuse.

Calum’s head instantly shot up at the sound of my voice, his cheeks red and splotchy and wet from crying. For a moment, he just stared at me as if not realizing what was happening.

“You’re not mad at me?” he murmured after a minute, his eyes still puffy. I frowned.

“No, of course not, dumbass. Now, come here and kiss me.”

Calum surged forward, capturing my face between his hands and looking over every inch of my face for a few seconds before he finally pressed his full, plump lips to mine. His lips tasted like salt from his tears. I bit into his lower lip and he laughed into my mouth, the noise almost like a sob, and caressed my cheeks with his thumbs. “I love you,” he mumbled against my lips.

It wasn’t until I raised my hands to bury them in his hair and noticed the many needles and tubes and the IV sticking into me that we broke apart.

“I almost lost you,” Calum said when he settled back into his chair. “And we’d been fighting,” he added in a broken whisper. I grasped his hand and my thumb over his knuckles in what had always been a comforting gesture between us.

He proceeded to tell me that it was the morning after the accident, which had happened around 7 last night. My mom and the rest of the band were in the waiting room. He’d gotten a phone call from my mom while I was in the OR for surgery and came over as soon as he heard.

“What about the baby?” I asked, almost too afraid of the answer.

Calum’s face fell, his thick brows knitting into a deep frown. “Listen, Y/N-”

Just then, the doctor came in, and I knew from the look in her eyes that there was bad news.

It was like a scene from a movie. I felt detached from myself as I watched it unfold, the doctor telling me about my injuries. The other car had hit mine on the driver’s side–I got the worst of the impact. I suffered from broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken leg, and some internal bleeding. I could only clamp a shaky hand over my mouth, trying and failing to stifle my sobs as the doctor delivered the news in an even, calm voice.

“You sustained too much internal trauma…”

“….obstetrical hemorrhaging…..”


After the doctor left, I allowed myself to let go of the tears and felt something break inside of me. My eyes wrenched themselves shut as tears leaked freely down my face and my mouth stretched wide with silent screams.

I couldn’t turn onto my side, couldn’t turn away to hide from Calum. I just threw my head back onto the pillows and cried and cried, hiccuping and gasping for air until my throat was too dry to carry on. Calum cried a little, too, but I’d guessed that he got most of his melodramatic sobbing done while I was unconscious.

The ache in my chest wasn’t just from broken ribs. It was my heart that had cracked, leaving me shattered and bereaved. I thought of the baby that had still been an “it” when it was taken from me. I thought about how I was once carrying life but now carried only death. I thought about the maternity clothes I’d prematurely bought out of excitement, and the list of baby names Calum and I had stayed up all night to write once he’d gotten over the shock. I thought about how wrong I’d been to accuse him of not wanting the baby last night, especially now, seeing him just as torn up as I was.

My cries stopped after about thirty minutes, maybe an hour. I sniffled and wiped the snot and tears from my face with the corner of my hospital blanket. I risked a glance at Calum and saw that he still had his eyes on me, probably hadn’t taken them off me this whole time.

“I’m so sorry, gorgeous. God, I’m so sorry,” he murmured, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the top of my head. I surprised him by scooting to one side of the bed and pulling him down beside me. He lay awkwardly pressed against the railing on the upper half of the bed, trying hard not to jostle me.

“Y/N, you have fucking broken ribs, I don’t think I should be-”

I cut him off with a soft “shhhh,” carefully laying back against him and pulling one of his arms around my shoulders. It hurt a little bit to move, but I needed his warmth too much to care at the moment. Calum felt me wince and immediately tried to extricate himself from my grasp, but I yanked him back into the bed, ignoring his protests.

“Y/N….” he whined. “You’ll get me in trouble.”

“Calum,” I whispered, hearing the heaviness in my own voice, “please just hold me.

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