that one time i met darren criss

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people are all about Harry being white but he has actually been portrayed as a POC already - Darren Criss is mixed race!!


tbh the avpm series has the best cast and the only other faces i’ll accept for harry potter characters. i’ll draw black harry and darren criss harry and that’s all you get from me. 

alexshatto I have supported this man for 8 years, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would happen. Thank you, Darren. I knew you were nice but you are genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you for flying over for one night, and thank you for taking the time to make every one of us feel special. Thank you for always reminding me that I am not alone. Thank you, and I hope we meet again someday. (Guys I met Harry freaking Potter!)

February 11, 2017

The first time I wrote it I wrote a line out for each character. I wrote verses that were highly specific as you know, ‘ponytails’ and ‘uniforms’ and things like that. I think there was a rhyme at one point that was, er, they were talking about walking through the halls…about uniforms and ponytails, dark hair and dark blue nails. It was that specific to characters that we actually met.

A Conversation with Darren Criss:

So after my classes today I went to Times Square in the hope of meeting Darren Criss who’s currently performing on Broadway. I have loved him since I first watched a Very Potter Musical back when I was like 15 so hearing he was going to be in town just meant I had to at least try my luck. I waited a good hour and a half for him and he did not disappoint.

Though we were not allowed “posed” selfies…I couldn’t resist at least attempting to get one picture of us both. And clearly I did.

He was just the biggest sweetheart I have ever met. As I was taking pictures on my phone he goes “Oh I love your phone case” (it has disney princesses all over it). 

Me: “It’s perfectly fit for a princess, right *shows off my crown tattoo*”

Darren: “Absolutely! You do know those are supposed to go on your head though right?”

M: “Yeah I wasn’t quite ready to make that kinda commitment though just yet”

D: “*laughs* And an English Princess nonetheless”

M: “As much as I hate to correct you, I’m actually Welsh…”

D: “Welsh…English…British…same thing right?”

M: “Not quite. But I’ll be whatever you want me to be”

D: “*laughs again and stokes my hand…catherine mentally dies* Well I’m sorry, here ya go Welsh Princess *hands back his autograph*. Thanks for coming to see me!

****The rest is a blur as I’m dying inside****

But hey, for me. That’s not bad right? Considering my other encounters with celebrities have involved me crying or shaking or telling them who they are. I’m proud of myself. What a wonderful day! Now excuse me whilst I-


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ashvillarroel: Those who know me well know why this is an extremely special photo. I’ve been a fan of Darren Criss for so long, and I can’t believe I can finally say that we’ve met. I had the opportunity to tell him that I’ve traveled to NYC from Canada just to see him in both Broadway productions he’s starred in… And that I plan on continuing that tradition! @darrencriss Thank you for your kindness and patience during my mini freak out (sorry for talking so fast). Thank you for your willingness to take this photo with me and for one of the best hugs I’ve ever received. You’ve no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. I met you when I wasn’t even trying to. As corny as it sounds, Coachella made my dreams come true! #grateful

ashvillarroel: #tbt to that time Darren Criss hugged me. Thanks Darren



The show was beyond fantastic, I sincerely don’t have words to describe it. I was OUT OF THIS WORLD by the time it got to Midnight Radio. Even my soul shivered.

And Darren is THE SWEETEST AND NICEST GUY EVER he insisted on signing every person’s playbills and posters one by one, with a big smile on his face, and it was past midnight. He’s the best!

I will never forget this night 😍😍😍😍😍