that one time i got a photo with my otp


So I might have lost my fangirl shit when I got to visit the ONLY romance-exclusive bookstore in the United States. 

The Ripped Bodice was a fangirl dream come true, and you bet your petticoats I was fangirling the whole time through.

I got to meet the one of the co-owners Bea, WHO WAS SUCH A SWEETIE! She didn’t even bat an eye when I was like, “Can I be a dork and get a photo?”

As evident, I had zero chill.

And ya’ll fangirls know, you KNOW I couldn’t leave without giving The Ripped Bodice literally all my money.


The actual “Fiction Books Imma Read” pile…

  1. The CEO Buys In by Nancy Herkness: Contemporary workplace forced proximity secretary-billionaire
  2. A Study In Seduction by Nina Rowan: Historical, mathematician heroine, hero in pursuit, OTP bet
  3. The Game and the Governess by Kate Noble: Historical, governess heroine, rich hero in disguise as poor servant, bet
  4. Roses in Moonlight by Lynn Kurland: Historical, back-in-time travel, scholar heroine, Highlander hero
  5. Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins: Historical, POC characters, enemies to lovers, alpha heroine, pirate heroine steals hero’s ship, hero in pursuit
  6. Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho: Fantasy, adventure, hero freed slave, heroine magician
  7. My Reckless Valentine by Olivia Dade: Contemporary, librarian heroine, hero new boss, workplace romance
  8. A Convenient Arrangement by Maggie Marr: Contemporary, bad boy billionaire hero, opposites attract, no strings attached
  9. Pretending with The Playboy by Tracey Livesay: Badboy hero, contract dating
  10. Trade Me by Courtney Milan: Contemporary, interracial couple, billionaire hero, financial lives swap bet

(Hmm. “The bet” trope popped up a lot in that list. Didn’t notice that til now. Also I’ve already read A Study In Seduction, AND SO GOOD OMG OMG OMG!)

Okay, so what about non-book-hoard romance swag? Oh I got ya.

What’s that? A Fabio book? Can it get better? IT CAN!

But no, Fabio, no matter oh big your man-titties are, I’m not reading your Old Skool Romance. Sorry. 

But wait, what’s that necklace, you ask? Oh well let’s look closer.

A MOTHER FLIPPING FABIO NECKLACE HOMESKILLET! You know I couldn’t not get that. YOU KNOW! He’s the figurehead of our genre, after all.

Our cheesy, cheesy figurehead. 




As well as over the Choose Your Own Romance adventure book. Like, c’mon. COME! ON!

And last but for real not least, of course I also bought one of those cute AF woodcuts made by a local artist BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN HOW COULD I NOT?!

The Ripped Bodice, you complete me. YOU WERE MY EVERYTHING. I mean, even your receipts were pink. PINK!

(Okay so I paid 40 bucks for a necklace, SUE ME. And okay, so the pink doesn’t show up all that well on camera. DON’T SUE ME I’M BROKE!)

Either way, the fact remains that this bookstore was the bomb diggity, and to all the naysayers and book snobs out there, let me just say…

Because until you do, I don’t wanna hear shit.


And because I need this on my blog forever, myself with Robert and Emilie.

Mr. Carlyle was incredibly gracious and stood, mobbed, in the middle of the lobby taking photos and signing autographs. Thanks to my ratty, I gathered my courage, inched my way forward, and asked him for a photo. At one point, while waiting my turn, Robert happened to catch me staring at him (lol) and we held eye-contact for a few seconds. You know that feeling when your stomach drops on a roller coaster? It felt like that, but it was nothing compared to how it felt when I finally stood in front of him, talking to him, thanking him for all his amazing work, wrapping my arm around him, and looking into his face up close. 100% surprised I didn’t start crying. That man has some soulful, soulful eyes.

Which, he also winked at me. When I was telling him thank you again and drawing away, he sort of grabbed my shoulder and said, “It’s my pleasure,” and freaking winked at me. Sir? Sir, you should be illegal.

Emilie! Oh, Emilie, you thought you were so sneaky, trying to scuttle to the front of the theater to talk to Bobby without being noticed. But the fans always notice, Emilie, and my ratty spotted her right away. We very calmly walked over to where she stood, chatting with Adam and Eddy, and asked her for a photo. She was very kind to oblige, especially since everyone else had taken notice of her by that point. I was finally able to tell her thank you for her beautiful portrayal of Belle, and how much her performance means to me. She gave me a very heartfelt “Thank you!” with this precious look on her face, and I was shaking like a leaf the entire time, ugh. I bet she could feel me shaking when I put my arm around her, siiiiiiiigh.

Yes. ♥