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Can you write the Connor x Internet friend! Reader as a fanfic. I would love it if you did.

Message Me || Connor Murphy x Reader (PART 1 OF 5)

requested : yep
prompt: n/a
pairing : connor murphy x reader
warnings : suicide plan mention
additional notes : reader is female, based off of a Connor X Internet friend reader headcanon by @watch-the-whole-world-disappear, they meet on tumblr, connor runs an Edgy™ Aesthetic Blog, WHICH I RUN BTW, NOT THAT THERES ANYTHING ON IT YET BUT YEAH FOLLOW ME AT @connor-fvckng-mvrphy lmao it’s a Connor roleplay blog

Bored. Bored. Bored.

Bored is such a boring word. In this moment, you’ve never heard a word that describes you so much.

You scroll listlessly through your tumblr, liking random images and quotes from this one aesthetic blog that you follow. Your eyes wander, not that you’re finding anything interesting, until you come across an interesting poem.   


I have to get this
off my chest before
I straighten every crooked object
offensive clutter distraction
nervous as fuck
I’ll pull out every hair
or tear my fingers off
If I don’t figure out how to look
in your eyes
without screaming

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I can’t remember anything before you
I can’t imagine anything without you
I want to live the rest of my life with you

But only if you think I’m cool
We should just kill ourselves

‘Interesting,‘ You think, 'Edgy, but very interesting.’

This guy (girl? other?) seems interesting. Relatable. You click on their name, intrigued.

At one click, you fall in love with the account. You follow on first sight.

According to his bio, his name is Connor and he’s seventeen. His posts consist of black-and-white photos of chipped nail-polish, of pale wrists with even paler scars zigzagged across the stick-thin appendage. Quotes by Poe, little poems like the first one you read. 

He’s tortured, you know. But you can’t bring yourself to message him, like the little stalker you are.

Hours of pouring over his account turn into days, days into weeks, until finally you have been an avid fan of his for a month. 

And then it all comes crashing down.

One day, you refresh your page, bored, and there’s a new post from him. Literally must have been posted not even a minute ago. 


this is not going to be a great week
or year or life
or anything inbetween
i thought for a millisecond
that i had found a friend
a kindred spirit
but you fucking tore it up

fuck you, E.H.
your friend too
go ahead and laugh
laugh all you want
but will you be laughing when the school shooter is dead?


You’re worried.

This poem…was not like the others.

This was angry. This was raw. This was…this was real.

You bite your lip. Your eyes flick down to the tags.

#suicide plan #goodbye

Shit. Your eyes widen and you click on your inbox, typing in a message frantically

hi I know you don’t know me but I just saw the tags on your newest poem and im freaking out
please please don’t kill yourself
I’m sorry it’s just your poems are really relatable and help me a lot and i feel like I’ve gotten to know you through them and oh my god you probably think I’m so creepy I’m so sorry

You wait, terrified, for a response.

One minute.

Two minutes.




There is no answer, and you bury your head in your pillow and try not to cry. You can’t help it, your shoulders shake with wracking sobs. You probably failed at saving this guy, you failed so bad. You suck, oh god, you suck.

After another five minutes of sobbing, you hear a loud ding from your phone, and you blearily stare at the screen through unshed tears.

im flattered
I didn’t realise that somebody actually read my poems or my tags or cared or…

You gasp in relief, fingers tap-tap-tapping out a reply. 

OH thank god I thought that you had…
Are you okay??
thats a stupid question omg I'm sorry

im fine
actually…i feel much better.
thanks for, you know.

I’m [y/n] btw


i know
thats creepy oh my god;sorry

it’s fine ig I mean it is in my bio so??? its chill


so this might sound weird but ????
you’re…pretty cool.
i just looked over your account and wanted to know
well you know
want to talk more???

wow im??? Really???

yeah i mean you helped me there,,,like a lot,,,

id love to !!!!

You talked almost every day. When you got down to it…he was a sweetheart. He was kind. He got you.

do you think, like…
well ever get to meet each other??
imean you’re a really great friend now and???
id like to meet you.

i wish
but we live like eight hours away from each other…

ill drive to you!

calm down, connor…lmao
we don’t want you burning out on the way

:( I don’t even know what you look like…

i don’t know what you look like either! XD

shit well
if I send you a picture of me
will you do the same?

sure ig

me.jpg my sister took the photo so,,,


id prefer handsome but I’ll take it
your turn, missy.

hnnghhh okay


holy shit



no no no I am definitely not wtf you need your eyes checked?

no way you’re fucking adorable
i think /I’m/ in love you cute lil motherfucker

we should swap phone numbers

and skype??

fuck yeah

oKay !!! im [skype/name] and my number is [number]

my Skype is the same as my tumblr and my phone number is XXXX XXXXXX

saved and I just texted you too :)

'hi Connor!!!!’ with a bunch of happy emojis?
dude you’re just,,,
thats really fucking cute

wh y???? do you keep calling me cute I’m???

because, as it turns out, i have a really cute best friend

best friend??
awww connor!!!

yeah yeah
you’re literally all I have, [y/n]

you’re my best friend too!!
i really wish i could meet you…

me too…hold on a sec

connor??? you okay???

my sister just walked in and was being a dick, being nosy about who I’m talking to and not believing that it was a friend. She thinks I’m talking to my dealer.
i fucking hate her sometimes

do you?

but she thinks I do. It’s easier to let her.

*internet hug*

Fuck…that’s cute.

 As time went on, you found yourself more and more drawn to Connor. His photos could always make you smile, and nothing brightened up a shitty day more than clicking on his Skype name and watching him answer a video call, smiling dopily at the camera.

And also as time went on…you slowly began to realise why.

You were in love with him. 

Fuck, you were in love with a guy eight hours away. A guy that you had never met in real life. What do you do?

…You continue pining for him over a distance, of course.

You watch yourself in the screen, waiting for Connor to pick up the Skype call. Soon enough, he does, and his grinning face fills the screen.

“Hey, [y/n].” He greets sleepily - it’s like, midnight over there - and rests his chin on his hands.

“Heya.” You wave at the camera, grinning sheepishly and a little shyly. The thrill of actually seeing him rather than just a message still gets you.

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day, huh?”

“Yep! Any special girl that you had in mind?” You ask, a hopeful smile plastered on your face.

“No, well…actually…” He furrows his brow, and your heart drops.

“Is she pretty?” You ask, concealing your jealousy. You could be there for him.

“She’s cute. Like, really fucking cute.” Connor says, watching you carefully.

Truth be told, Connor felt the same way. He was absolutely crazy about you, but he didn’t want to ruin this adorably heartwarming friendship you had.

To wake up and have no more *internet hug* messages or cute little reminders…it’d ruin his life. You were absolutely the only thing keeping him going.

You talked for ages, until it was about 2:30 on his end. Before long, he was getting tired. 

“I should go soon.” He says drowsily. 

“Mmmm.” You don’t want him to go. “Night, Con.”

“G'night.” He yawns. “Love you.”

You freeze. He freezes and hurriedly leaves the video chat.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Connor slams his head on his desk, pissed off. “I fucked up. I fucked up.” He mumbles.

A small chime comes from his computer and he bites his lip, glancing reluctantly at the screen.

i love you too!!!!

Fuzzy Wuzzy

One of the most powerful lessons I learned from my time as a Certified Nursing Assistant was from an elderly woman who called me Fuzzy Wuzzy.

For the purposes of this story, we’ll call this woman “Edna.”

Edna called me Fuzzy Wuzzy because I had recently started shaving my head, and the first time I came to work without hair she put a hand on my head and said I reminded her of the poem, “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t really fuzzy, was he?”

Edna was an easygoing and good natured person who had very poor vision and almost no mobility, but was very pleasant to care for most times of the day.

Except things were very difficult for about an hour every night, because that’s when Edna saw spiders.

The spiders that she saw every night covered her ceiling in a great black moving mass. This was caused partly by the confusion she experienced, and partly because her poor eyesight caused false shapes to appear and move in very dark lighting. It was terrifying for her.

She would scream and holler for someone to get rid of the spiders until one of the CNAs would go into her room and try to loudly convince her there were no spiders. Sometimes she would get so worked up that they would have to turn on the light in her room, which greatly bothered her roommate.

One night, I was working down a different hall in the health center, but I could hear Edna’s shouting from the other side of the facility. The CNA working her hall was occupied with helping another resident use the bathroom, so I went in to Edna’s room and claimed the call.

I knew there was no way I could talk loudly enough for Edna to hear me without waking up half the hall. Plus I didn’t like shouting at residents.

So instead, I took her hand, leaned in very close to her ear, and in the deepest, most reassuring voice I had I said, “Edna, do you know who this is?”

She recognized my voice and immediately stopped shouting. Then she brought a shaking hand down on my head and gave it a little rub.

I’ll never forget the sound of relief in her sigh as she took a deep breath and said, “Oh. Fuzzy Wuzzy.”

I told her she was safe and that things would be alright, and she believed me. I asked her if I could sit with her for a bit and she said yes. She closed here eyes and I held her hand until she fell asleep a few minutes later.

After that, we made a habit of me visiting her room each night I was on shift. I didn’t wait for the screaming to start because I got to know when it normally would. After a couple weeks, Edna no longer saw spiders at night. She never stopped calling me Fuzzy Wuzzy.

And more than a decade later, I’m still blown away by that experience. What an immensely powerful thing it is to be someone’s Fuzzy Wuzzy!

What a difference it makes to listen to someone, get to know them, joke with them, love them, show them respect and learn to laugh with them. And then, when they are going through a crisis, to be there. To say their name and let them hear your voice, to hold their hand, to let them feel your presence.

Even without the power to solve their problem, just to BE THERE. To remind them of brighter times and sunshine and jokes and promises of good days that can return again. To just assure them they’re not alone.

It doesn’t take a lot to be a Fuzzy Wuzzy, but OH, WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT CAN MAKE.

And I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to learn that lesson from that special and sacred experience.

~ Random favorite moments of Book of The Atlantic subbed by yours truly~


  • These were actually some of the snaps I made which is why the quality absolutely sucks –> I’ll use the original file in case I make another one, promiz
  • There is no official subbed version available yet (as far as I know at least) so this was the raw version
  • I’m definitely not fluent, but these scenes contained very simple dialogue, which is why I could translate everything just fine 
  • But Sebastian’s keigo was driving me nuts throughout the entire movie omfg
  • I apologize for my snorting 
  • I love baby Ciel 

henlo everyone i recently (as in 10 minutes ago) created a new blog @podcastingcalls that compiles podcast casting calls all in one place! if you’re a voice actor, or have friends who VA, or love spreading the word, go check it out! it’s a little rough atm considering i just started it up, but support would be lovely, thanks :)


List of all my favourite league related blogs that you guys really should check out cus they are really worth it and create amazing content. “Shout out” you could call it. No particular order!!!

wujikadian233 ,artist: Very active and regularly updated blog,creates lots of cool lol fanart and sometimes even short comics.

bloodmooncarnage Jhin roleplayer &  runeterrasjester Shaco roleplayer: These two come as a combo and for good reasons,both are amazing roleplayers but when roleplaying with each other it really turns into a hilarious clown fiesta. Great stuff for a good laughter. 👌 

galaxyhorses ,artist: Lot of amazing “glossy” yordle fanart but also origianl art. Has a super lovely and original artstyle!

fuckinguglyleagueoflegendsart ,artist: The (hideous) content they post makes me cry and i hope it makes you to :^)

uclislol ,artist: Another artist with a unique and interesting artsyle that i have never seen before!All their art is lol related.

leglinka ,artist: Their technique of shading/painting is incredible, they do lot of funny art/short comics.

lol-lockscreens ,editor: They create amazing phone backgrounds of all champions! They also link all artists works used in their backgrounds which is super cool!

moruboru ,artist: meme lord, lotsa cool jhin art  👌 👌 👌 (beware,you will find the most random shit on their blog lmfao)

thesandqrator , Nasus roleplayer & artist: Their portrayal of Nasus is just so on point,they stay in character in so many weird situations.Their art is bomb af.

uhaaaalf ,artist: Amazing artist with a very interesting artsyle,mostly draws Thresh,Nasus and Azir.

dajekim ,artist: Really amazing stylized lol fanarts,mostly jhin,zed and shen but other champs to!

prideofnoxus ,roleplayer: Another roleplayer that is just so amazing at portraying their character in many different ways! Also they ship kledinger which is so darn adorable;;;

Simblr Follower Train

So, a LOT of fandoms have this and I thought that the Simblr community in general needed one too. (Examples: xx / xx / xx / xx)
Basically, it works as following:

  • Reblog this ‘train’, if you post/reblog over 75% sims stuff
  • Follow 3-10 rebloggers of this post. They should be simblrs, so you’re good. (I will delete this post if it doesn’t get a lot of response)
  • Most ‘trains’ include a “follow me too!” but that’s totally optional. (TBH, I’m only making this post because I feel like we deserve a train too xD)
  • If everything goes as planned, you’ll get more followers, and maybe a few new friends too :D

one-random-blog-random-interests  asked:

Hello there× can I have a drabble about a one time jealous kuroo? He ain't really jealous because he trusts his girlfriend and their relationship a lot, but he sees his "rival" daishou suguru talking to his s/o who's just won the semi finals of the national volley tournament. His s/o is a friendly flirty type but not in the romantic way if you get me, so he sees her smacking his shoulder like a "tender touch" and he is just pissed to *that* level? Over protective and salt overflowing? Thank you~

ello love! since you’ve already described everything very well, i’ll just go on and write a scenario on what he’d do and how he’ll handle it! i hope you like this ^^

Kuroo have always been cool and collected when it came to everything. Well, everything except you getting a little too close to his number 1 rival, Daisho Suguru. 

It already made him roll his eyes when he saw you talking to him, but right now, it’s making him wanna roll Daisho into another dimension when he saw you touching him as he laughed and even blushed.

He knows you’re just really friendly and a light tease, but still, out of everyone, him?  

It’s like you’ve hit a close nerve. 

Exhaling slowly but rather loudly as he stood a bit far away and watched, he could feel the annoyance creeping up and making it a little too hard to stay calm. 

He trusts you all right, he just doesn’t like the smugness and side lip smirks Daisho keeps shooting at him every now and then. He knows he’s only doing that to piss him off and this time, it’s actually working.

“Alrighty then.” he mumbled to himself and started making his way towards the two of you.

Even with the jealousy running through his veins right now, he refuses to show it. On his face that is. He won’t show it on his face and give Daisho the pleasure of knowing he’ve pissed him off so he’ll use actions instead. 

When he was near enough, you finally seemed to notice him. You turned around facing him and he took that chance to slide his arm on your waist and give you a soft peck on the lips. 

He could hear Daisho lightly protesting with a “Tch.” while rolling his eyes. 

His arm was still on your waist even as the two of you turned to face Daisho and continued talking to him. 

Seems like you still aren’t catching up on the fact that Kuroo was not liking this. 

Guess he really has to do the thing he’ve always wanted to do in public but you wouldn’t let him because you were too afraid not to be able to keep quiet.

He knows you’re weak when it comes to his touch, which is what makes this even more fun. Slowly, his hand started to move from around your waist to somewhere else. His favorite place. 

Your ass. 

While you talked and he smiled, his hand found the perfect spot and he gave it a good squeeze. With a satisfied look on his face, he could hear the whimper you let out. 

Another favorite thing of his about you is the sounds you make upon his touch. 

Your face was turning colors, with Daisho in front of you, and the sound you just made, you didn’t know wether the moan you let out was too loud or not and if Daisho heard you or not, but judging from the looks he’s giving you right now, he must have.

“Oh, are you okay baby?” Kuroo innocently asked.

“I’m fine.” You gave a weak smile.

Daisho was just about to say something else when Kuroo squeezed one more time, forcing you to excuse yourself because you knew if you stayed any longer, the sounds you’ll be making won’t be words.

The two of you left, leaving behind a disappointed Daisho. You walked angrily, holding Kuroo by the hand as he followed you from behind with a very pleased looking smile on his face.

When you finally reached to a quiet hallway where there was no one but the two of you did you turn around and face him. 

He noticed your cheeks a little red, but you were trying to hide the smile you always have when he does something you like. 

“What the hell Kuroo?” you said. “We were in public and you know I can’t control myself!” you sighed. 

“My hand slipped.” he retorted.

You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his waist, bringing him closer to you until your entire bodies were touching. Slowly, you tilted your head and kissed him on the lips. 

“Oops, my lips slipped.