that one person who laughs at anything

The Two Types ~

1. The extremely loud and show-off kind of person you have ever met.
2. Extremely quiet and shy but very crazy when around people they know.

1. A rather outgoing person, ready to explore the world and the world’s beauty.
2. The person who likes to stay at home and has a million plans but is just lazy.

1. Talkative and indecisive, has a scary temperament, witty, and loving.
2. Family-oriented, quiet, the person who is just there living life.

1. That person who is terrifying once their mood swings start. Quite too emotional. But is very sociable.
2. They are like these cool-moms who take care of everything. Party monsters or just really fun to be around with.

1. You see them showing their every award. From friends, to family members to the world. Funny people that will make each day worth living.
2. Shy and reserved. Generous, and tries really hard not to show everything to the world. Has a collection of something or is somewhat traditional.

1. That straight-faced person who is very critical of themselves and are very smart people who would rather get things done than just sit around.
2. What do you mean getting things done? Why not just watch a movie and sit down. That person who is lazy but wants to do something but does not know how to start it.

1. Sociable, intellectual and kind. They will tackle any problem with a slight smile on their face even if the problem is hard or has a bad outcome.
2. Emotional yet rational. They have to have a balanced lifestyle or it would drive them crazy! They are sociable, but only to an extent.

1. Emotional wreck. Destructive, but gets calm after 0.02 seconds. Holds grudges. Spiritual and sexual.
2. Lives life to the fullest. Shy but not so negative. Tries to be as happy as possible.

1. Likes things that get them hyped. Party animal, has a million friends, loves pets, they are travelers and explorers.
2. Quiet but secretly popular in the internet. Old-fashioned, funny, or at least has dark humor.

1. Cold and unemotional, cares more about work or anything that has to do with social life or cares more about their social status. Quiet and sexual.
2. Funny and life-loving. Is hopeful, and cares about both family and work. Lazy but is capable of finishing something.

1. That original, selfless, inventive person you have ever met. Loves stories or anything that gets them hooked. Secretly adventurous but cares more about trying new things. Serious sometimes.
2. That person who is sociable and has a personality that everyone loves. Outgoing, down for everything, and just literally wants to have a good, successful life. Partying if needed.

1. That spiritual person that loves to laugh all the time and just loves everything about life. Loves to dream about anything. Oh and loves traveling as well! Going out with friends is the way to go.
2. Funny, caring, cute and has a personality for animals. Loves home and are lazy, but they usually have something in their mind that they would want to accomplish.

Which one is you? If there is any problem with this, please ask privately.

[TRANS] ‘Seventeen’ Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Interview (P1)

Scan © myheaven0624
JPN - KRN © mondomizel1
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


- Why are you called “the destruction god”?
JIN: He might seem intelligent and cool, but he’s actually very slow and clumsy. He breaks all kind of stuffs in our dorm from electronic equipment to kitchen tools. That’s why we call him “destruction god”. (laughs)

- What’s your favorite place?
RAP MONSTER: The lake park nearby. I really like going for a walk at the park on nice days.

- What do you want to do in Japan?
RAP MONSTER: Shopping!! There are many clothing brands I like in Japan. If I go to Japan for work, I can’t eat out much, not to speak of shopping… But it’s okay. I’m not upset. I want to travel off-work to Japan and have fun as much as I want some day!


- What are you interested in these days?
JIN: Nintendo DS. I always play it whenever I can, in my room or in the car. I have to fly a lot because of the world tour, so It’s a perfect way to kill time.
JIMIN: I bought one right before going to Japan because of Jin-hyung too. Just a few more week and other members will be into this too for sure. Except Suga-hyung. (laughs)

- You’re called the trendsetter of the group, is it true?
JIMIN: Once Jin-hyung is into something, other members will somehow be into it too. It happens a lot. The only exception is Suga-hyung, he’s way too unwavering. (laughs)


- What are you interested in recently?
There’s a convention about music equipment from all over the world, I watch the videos from that convention and check out the newest equipment. I’ve been liking up-to-date equipment since I was young. I adopt computers or electronic equipment faster than anyone else. 

- Any episode that can tell you’re like a music maniac?
His room is flooded with equipment. Those music equipment emit so much heat that his room’s hot like hell!! No one would be able to stand it without air conditioner. We plan not to come near his room in the summer. (laughs)


- Tell us J-hope’s secret!
A secret would no longer be a secret if it’s disclosed. But if I have to tell one… He gave me a present not long ago, a watch I wanted to have, as a surprise. He even put in a handwritten letter ♡

- What is the main choreography point in ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’?
The ‘blood, sweat and tears’ chorus. The dance move of stroking from the neck to the face like wiping tears!

- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be?
Jungkook. I want to be young. What do I want to do? Hmh, I think I would do nothing like a maknae would!


- Where does your nickname (Slow Jimin) come from?
The reason we call him that… It’s because Jimin’s always late. (laughs) He wakes up late and does many thing slowly. He tends to be slow.

- Anything you were slow on recently?
May 8th is Parents’ Day in Korea. It’s like ‘Father’s Day’ and ‘Mother’s Day’ in Japan, a day for children to express their gratitude to parents. I wanted to give them something on that day, but I kept thinking of what to give to make them happy… Two months passed and now I still can’t decide what to give. I’m late with presents too. (laughs)


- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be? 
V: No one. I know the members too well so there’s probably nothing I want to know from becoming them. And I know every secret of Jimin and Jungkook. Right? Right?
JUNGKOOK: …….Right. (laughs)

- What is V’s secret?
JUNGKOOK: He sometimes pretends to be cool. He’s always playful but on some certain days he can be cool depending on his mood. I was saying “Those who are good at English are so cool” and he suddenly spoke in English. He started to appeal himself “I’m cool right?”. It’s cute.
V: That’s right. I’m cute ♡


- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be?
JUNGKOOK: Rap Monster-hyung. He’s really smart. I want to be smart too!

- No one can beat me on this!
Listening to music. I listen to music all the time. Also I don’t lose when it comes to passion. My heart is flaming more than anyone else!! I’m warm-hearted ♡

- Tell us Jungkook’s secret!
Secret.. Does he have any? We live together all the time so I don’t know what is a secret anymore. (laughs) Should I say it’s that Jungkook has a lot of greed? Not like doing as he pleases but in a good way. He’s greedy like “I want to challenge this to improve myself”!


to whom loves her next there are a few things you should know.
she doesn’t open up easily or at all. please do not get offended by this. and she may go radio silent for a while but don’t fear she is just lost in her head. she’ll come back to you. she always will. even when you break her heart for the first time, she comes back. and the second time.. she always comes back. she never knows when to stop loving, just like she never knows when to stop over watering plants because she’s so afraid they aren’t getting enough. she also needs constant reassurance so please don’t get annoyed when she wants attention or constant reassurance through out the day. she’s been hurt so many times it’s hard to believe that people could be so cruel to something so beautiful.
she loves to take photographs and she loves to read. she starts reading a book and then she finds another book and starts reading that one cause she’s just so excited and forgets to read the end of the other book so don’t ask why she does that, cause she doesn’t know. she loves animals more than anything so yes that means her two horses, three dogs and chinchilla come first. she’s vegan so make sure you check to see if there’s any milk in the chips or cookies if you buy them for her at the grocery store, which you should. she loves cooking but doesn’t like to clean up the kitchen mess. she HATES dirt. she loves the sky and stars so please make sure you stop to look at sunsets whenever you’re together. she doesn’t talk about her dad but she always wants to. she has a love hate relationship with her mother even though her mother doesn’t know it. child birth scares the crap out of her so she’d rather adopt. she claims she hates kids but once you see her with her little cousin who’s like her little brother the smile she’s wearing when they hug says different. she’s amazing with kids even though she thinks they are annoying. she has big dreams like wanting to end world hunger or becoming an activist. she cries when she see’s animals on the street. also, she’ll bring home animals from the street. she loves her family and friends even though she keeps to herself. she hates stickers and she loves traveling. and when you find her crying into her calms on the bathroom floor at 3 am please do not yell at her and tell her to get over it, instead sit next to her and just hold her hand, she doesn’t want to talk about it. please make sure she takes her medication. in fact stand right there in front of her until she takes it cause if you leave she won’t. she’ll call you an ass and get mad but she’ll love you for it. she loves flowers, especially yellow tulips. she misses her dad everyday. she has a sadness inside her that will never go away so please be there for her even when she pushes you away. her favorite color is blue even though she doesn’t have a favorite color, blue was her dad’s favorite color so when you ask she always says blue. she loves nature and hiking but make sure to make her drink water because she always forget and then feels like shit later on in the day. she hates doing the dishes but doesn’t mind cleaning anything else. she’s an old soul but she has a young spirit and personality at the same time. she has like 10 different laughs and they are all cute but she hates them so please tell her that they are your favorite. please tell her you love her every day because she will say that you don’t. so to the one who loves her next please know she is something so extraordinary that if you lose her you will spend the rest of your life regretting. i know because i am.
—  Deeply feeling series

anonymous asked:

What do you have against Bex? (Can u also provide evidence thanks 💜)

When I first got this ask, I was tempted to play it off as a joke and say “the fact she exists,” and leave it at that. But I feel like it’s important to stay informed. And if you genuinely don’t know, I’ll give you the complete rundown. It’s long, it’s messy, and it’s nasty, so bear with me.

First, and introduction. When I talk about Bex, I’m referring to the actress Bex Taylor-Klaus, who is the voice actor (or VA) of the character Pidge in the show Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix.

It all began a while ago when Bex liked a comment of a picture. The picture involved a ship called Shei//th. I censored the name so it doesn’t show up in the tags of that on tumblr. But essentially it’s a ship between two characters, Takashi Shirogane, a 25 year old pilot who is the leader of the team, and Keith Kogane, one of the other “paladins” or fighters on the team. People like me find this ship to be distasteful, since Shiro is an adult, and the others are teens (it’s actually a bit messier than that, since an official Voltron source listed Keith as 18, but the producers of the show, Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, said they were not consulted on the book so there’s some question as to whether it’s canon or not). Either way, the consensus by most reasonable people is that it’s probably not a healthy thing to depict in children’s media, when you consider the considerable age difference, the power imbalance (leader, senior officer with someone they are in charge of), and finally, the iconic line by the character of Keith himself when he defines their relationship as a familial one.

Nonetheless, the ship persists, as nasty things on tumblr are wont to do. There’s a lot of shipping discourse on tumblr between two distinct groups which can be labelled as “antis”–people who are not in favor of any Shiro/paladin ships, or what has become to be known as “shaladins”–people who ship any variation of Shiro with the paladins.

Here is where Bex got involved. On Instagram there was a picture of a black shoe and a red shoe together and the joke was about the shoes being a prophecy that Shei//th would be canon. A joke, mostly, considering all the evidence above. But here’s where Bex got herself in trouble. She liked a comment on the picture where someone said “Keith is a power bottom confirmed.”

Obviously, this caused a bit of an uproar within the fanbase, especially between the discourse between antis and shaladins. Shaladins were celebrating that an Official Voltron Source liked their ship, and antis were angry about that acknowledgement of the ship at all by official sources, and the sexualization of a kid’s show (more on this later.)

So of course this sparked the discourse on tumblr. One user, @lancehunks, who was receiving asks about Bex, tagged her in the replies.They were definitely unfavorable. 


and a few more. 

Bex, being the big strong, adult, woman she is, decided that she could not take this obviously grievous insult to her name [sarcasm], and decided to reblog them all and respond to them. Keep in mind, that @lancehunks was just 13 years old. And Bex (22) decided that these were appropriate responses:

Yep, you read that right. Not only an adult but employed on a kid’s show! To a 13 year old! The target audience of the very show she’s a part of! (Oh, the hypocrisy). But wait, there’s more:

Just in case you’re confused, let me tell you the many, many reasons why this is unacceptable. 

  1.  Bex is an adult. You’d think she’d be a little more mature by now just in general. It’s the internet and there are trolls.
  2. The person she was addressing was 13!!!! Do I think it was mature to tag Bex in all those posts? No. But it’s… behavior that you can expect from 13 year old’s on the internet. If we swore at and tore down every single one of them every time they did something dumb, we would need a lot more therapists for teens in the world. Plus it’s really disingenuous to pretend that we wouldn’t have done something similar when we were younger if we were in that position.
  3. Bex is famous. While she’s certainly not on the caliber of massive A-List stars like Tom Holland or Zendaya, she has a fanbase that exceeds the normal person’s friend group. Just because she’s been on TV before, she has groupies that will support her no matter what, who will troll for her, who uncritically and unconditionally worship her. I’m not a Bex fan, nor do I really care to know her well enough to know just exactly how many fans she has, to be certain she does have them. When she publicly reblogged those words, that “motherfucker,” those fighting words, she weaponized her fanbase. What I mean when I say that is her behavior gave her groupies permission to behave the same way. By targeting someone who didn’t like her (a thirteen year old!!!!!), she opened the gates to her fans and groupies doing the same thing, to a kid.

This lead to some terrible things happening. The 13 year old was getting death threats, sexual violence threats, and nsfw content, all because Bex just couldn’t let it go. 

What does this mean? Finish it? Finish the kid? If you’re so sick of the fighting, then why did you even respond in the first place? Bex is the one who escalated the situation. Bex is the one who caused the fighting in the first place (by that I mean the fighting between the two that night, the fighting between antis and shaladins has been going on for as long as the show).

There we go. Now he have something resembling dignity. But unfortunately the damage was done, and user @lancehunks deleted their blog. As a direct response to Bex’s actions. Bex caused a 13 year old to leave tumblr. 

When hearing this news, Bex offered a half-assed apology:

This is the most insincere apology I have ever seen. “The internet has Bad things on it and it’s YOUR fault for seeing them” is not an apology. The best part is that she’s a big fat hypocrite. “Sometimes, when it’s harmless, the best thing I can do is shake my head and keep scrolling.” So why didn’t you Bex? Why didn’t you keep scrolling instead of targeting a 13 year old?

In light of recent political events, though there’s one thing that stands out to me: 

Sound like anybody you know? The esteemed President, perhaps?

*disclaimer* I am in no way claiming that Bex is a Trump supporter. I don’t know enough about her–and I don’t want to know enough about her–to know where she leans politically. I’m just drawing the attention to the similarities in moral equivalency going on, here.*

Sure you targeted a 13 year old and weaponized your fanbase, but someone tagging you in a snarky post is just as bad, right? (Wrong.)

You’d think that would be the end. You’d think that Bex would be capable of living and learning, or maybe even just taking her own advice, and keep scrolling. But here we go again.

The next bit of drama started when the possibly canon guide book was released, stating Keith’s age as 18. There was a big celebration on the shaladin side because technically, that would make it “legal” for Keith and Shiro to have sex. Besides the fact that legal  ≠ moral, again, Voltron is a kid’s show. But on tumblr this time, Bex posted this.

This time, the discourse surrounding Bex was a little different., This time, the discourse mostly focused on the fact that even if Shiro and Keith disregarded canon and morals and the fact that it’s a kid’s show ever did get in a relationship, the only thing that matters is how they like to have sex.

This is a problem for a lot of reasons. There’s a culture, pretty prominent on tumblr of women, mostly white, who are obsessed with gay sex. They write fanfiction and p*rn solely for their own personal gratification. This, of course, is a gross misinterpretation to wanting LGBT+ representation. If you aren’t a mlm (an acronym for men-loving-man, that includes many sexualities) then writing p*rn about is sexualizing them, using them as a tool to get yourself off, and not like complex human people. Mlm are more than how they like to have sex. In fact, that shouldn’t be a part of a discussion for anybody except between willing partners. This also feeds into the popular and damaging stereotype that gay men are predatory by nature.

So, as a whole, not good. 

And again, we have a whole situation escalated by Bex. The worst part is, to people who tried to explain this to her, the only response they were given was a gif:

So once again, a minor dared to express their distaste for Bex on tumblr. But this time, they didn’t tag her. This time, they censored her name. But Bex found it anyway. And she decided to do the exact same thing that led to a minor leaving the website, and to stop watching the show. 

Have no fear, this time though. This time, Bex is going after a 14 year old, at least she’s not going after kids anymore, right? [sarcasm]

Some final notes. 

Bex claims to be an LGBT+ rights activist. I’m also pretty sure she’s a lesbian herself (again, I already know too much about her, I’m not looking to get to know her better.) So, you’d think, as someone who wants equality for LGBT+ people and communities, she’d have the wherewithal to listen to specific subsets of that group when they say something about themselves, like, for example, young mlm who don’t appreciate being sexualized by a white woman. So I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this on her blog:

Now, I happen to agree with the above statement, but it’s so ironic, so hypocritical that Bex is talking about the sexualization of anything. Because kid’s shows aren’t safe from her sexualization and mlm certainly aren’t. How can one person be so incredibly oblivious? A mystery that I don’t have any interest in solving. 

I also want to address something a little more devious and a little more dark. I personally know of at least 12 different people who sent Bex asks, politely explaining some of the things I’ve talked about here, or relaying how her words hurt them personally. Bex never answered any of them. But she did answer this:

Just to be perfectly clear, I do not condone or encourage hatemail. Do not send people anything wishing them death or harm in any way. I have never sent nor do plan on sending hatemail, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you do.

However, this is incredibly nefarious. Bex doesn’t answer any of the many asks she got that were polite, but proved her wrong. She didn’t answer any of the young mlm who gave her their personal stories and who weren’t anonymous. Instead, she publishes this. And she did this on purpose, to make her look innocent, to make her look like she’s the one being attacked. I get hatemail every single day too. Things along similar lines to this. I block the user. Delete them, One, because I don’t want to expose my followers to that kind of negativity on a daily basis, two, a mature person knows that deleting them is the best kind of revenge because the user will be constantly looking for a response and they will know they had no effect on me and three, because if you do that, eventually they stop. This is intentional on Bex’s part to make the people who don’t like her look bad. I don’t like Bex at all, and I certainly do not support that message. Any reasonable person wouldn’t. Also the fact that it’s an anonymous message adds a certain air of doubt as to who sent it. 

The point is, Bex is purposely ignoring polite and well-meaning people and posted this to “prove” she’s the one on the “good” side because no good person would send that message.

This is also worth noting: 

This was posted after the lancehunks debate but before the power bottom comment she made. In this post, Bex admits that a relationship between Shiro and any of the paladins is predatory in nature. She said that. Her words. And then after that she said that Keith was a power bottom. 

The last thing I want to say, is that Voltron is a kid’s show. It’s rated US-TV-Y7. Which means for years 7 and older. Regardless of the ship, there should be no sexual content, be it fanart, of fanfiction of Voltron characters at all. We are all collectively responsible for keeping content age-appropriate for the target audience. So, stop it. All and any ships. 

For minors, this is my advice to you:
Bex is a predator, a hypocrite, and a liar. Do not engage with her. Block her. Do not tag her in any of your posts. She has a history of targeting minors. Protect yourself. Do not engage.

remember how disgusted jongin looked on hello counselor when that girls family was grilling her over her weight and then he said that its okay to gain weight during middle school and high school bc your still growing, and now on guerilla date he told the mc to stop when he asked why the girl hadn’t lost weight if she danced so well and while everyone else was laughing kai’s the only one who said anything. so just a reminder that kim jongin is such a nice kid and deserves all of the love we can give him

Context; party is in the middle of a battle with basically fish people and I(DM) am trying to include one of the players who hasn’t done much.

DM; ok (nine year old Wizard), it’s your turn, is there anything you want to do?

9yo wizard; I can use Transmute(home brew spell) on anything right?

DM; yep

9yo; I’d like to turn the nearest fish person into gass

>few minutes of laughing later<

DM; you watch as this small, unassuming girl who’s been almost silent the entire time, raise her hand and make one of the fish people vanish. there is now a fishy smell dispersing around the room.

Send Me a Number and an OC and I’ll Answer

  1. What is their favourite food?
  2. Do they have a fear of an animal? If so, what animal?
  3. What do they wear to bed?
  4. Do they like cuddling?
  5. Do they have a secret handshake with anyone?
  6. What do they look like?
  7. Do they like chocolate?
  8. What are their good and bad traits?
  9. Do they have any artistic talent?
  10. What is their favourite room to be in, in the house they live in?
  11. Do they believe in luck?
  12. Can they do magic?
  13. Do they believe in dragons?
  14. What is a pet peeve of theirs?
  15. What was the last thing they cried about?
  16. What is their sexuality?
  17. Do they have a best friend? If so, who, and what makes them their best friend?
  18. Have they ever been in a romantic relationship?
  19. What does their relationship with their family look like? Are they close? Distant? Ect.
  20. Do they have a pet?
  21. Do they have a familiar?
  22. Are they a supernatural being?
  23. How do they usually wear their hair?
  24. Can they play an instrument? If so, what instrument and what can they play?
  25. What type a high schooler are/were they?
  26. Have they ever been in a physical fight before? If so, with who? Who won?
  27. What is their favourite holiday?
  28. If they could have one wish, what would they wish for?
  29. Do they wants kids? If they already have kids, do they want more?
  30. Do they have a job?
  31. Do they know how to drive?
  32. Do they get stressed out easily?
  33. Did they ever dye their hair before? If so, to what colour? Did they like it?
  34. Have they ever broken the law?
  35. Do they own a plant?
  36. Have they ever rode a horse before?
  37. What is their favorite gif?
  38. Do they get along with others easily?
  39. Do they have any tattoos?
  40. If I wanted to draw them, what would be distinct physical features that I would have to know to draw them correctly?
  41. What is their favourite breed of dog?
  42. Do they live with anyone? If so, who?
  43. Where is their dream vacation?
  44. Do they know more than one language?
  45. Are they a quick learner?
  46. Have they ever won a contest before? If so, what for? What did they win?
  47. If the world were to end in 24 hours, where would they be and who would they be with?
  48. What does their room look like?
  49. If they could have an extinct animal for a pet, what would they have?
  50. If they got called out by someone, what would they do?
  51. Have they ever shot a gun before?
  52. Have they ever been axe throwing?
  53. What is something that they want but can’t have?
  54. Do they know how to fish?
  55. What is something they always wanted to do but too scared?
  56. Do they own their own baby pictures?
  57. What makes them standout among others?
  58. Do they like to show off?
  59. What is their favourite song?
  60. What would be their dream vehicle?
  61. What is their favourite book?
  62. Who, in their opinion, makes the best food?
  63. Are they approachable?
  64. Did they ever change their appearance?
  65. What makes them smile?
  66. Do they like glowsticks?
  67. What is something that is simple, but always makes them smile?
  68. Are they a day or night person?
  69. Are they allergic to anything?
  70. What do you, the creator of this OC, like most about them?
  71. Who is their ride or die?
  72. Do they currently have a significant other? If not, are they going to get one later one?
  73. What attracts them to another person?
  74. Who is one person that can always make them laugh?
  75. Have they ever partied too hard and their friends had to take them home?
  76. Who would be their cuddle buddy?
  77. Who would cheer them up after a long day?
  78. If they had a nightmare, who would they run to?
  79. What object to the care for the most?
  80. Do they like other people’s children?
  81. How would they react if someone broke into their home?
  82. Does anyone make them have butterflies in their stomach?
  83. What is something that they are good at?
  84. What is their neutral expression?
  85. Do they like to cook?
  86. What is something they can’t leave home without?
  87. Who is someone that they rely on?
  88. Do they liked to be tickled?
  89. Have they ever been a sword fight before?
  90. What is a joke that they would find funny?
  91. Do they have a place that can go and turn off their brain?
  92. What was their childhood like?
  93. What are they like as an adult?
  94. Do they take criticism well?
  95. Have they ever jumped out of a plane?
  96. Who do they like to make jokes with?
  97. Have you ever drawn them before? If you are comfortable with it, would you post a picture?
My Somber Heart

Summary: Trying to hide a vulnerable moment from your longtime crush, Bucky Barnes.

Characters/Relationships: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Heartbroken angst; mentions of cheating; crying; fluff

A/N: This is my entry for @wanderlustingandwandering‘s 800 Follower Celebration Writing Challenge. Seriously guys, go follow Allie. She’s the absolute best and I loved doing this one-shot for her. 

My prompts were: “I am NOT crying!”, “I’m glad I cried all my makeup off”, and “and they say romance is dead”. 


Originally posted by dailyevanstan

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BTS as types of people at school


-“face of the school”
-most popular person in school
-always grooming themselves
-everyone’s Mom
-looks super pretty and delicate but laughs like a gorilla
-ALWAYS brings snacks
-and basically anything else anyone could ever need
-“baby wipes? sure I have some,”.
-as a girl, would be that one girl who constantly flips her hair on your desk


-“the shut in”
-HATES group work
-wears headphones during class
-doesn’t talk to many people but somehow super popular
-is actually soft and feeds stray dogs after school
-sweats are a basic necessity
-acts completely different around people he actually likes
-wake them up from a nap and you’re dead
-“do you want me to slap you?”
-as a girl, that one girl nobody has the balls to fight


-“problematic, smart, rich boy”
-passes literally everything, has never seen a B before; top marks on every test
-would’ve been arrested if it weren’t for his parents’ connections
-goes through girls like a smoker does a pack of cigarettes
-everyone admires him for some reason
-can be an ass sometimes though
-actually a good person deep down
-as a girl, the girl that has the “bad girl” image and puts black into every single outfit (because black clothing is honestly an aesthetic)

-most popular person in your whole city
-super sweet and outgoing; always happy
-if he smiles at you, your life is blessed
-if he has class with you, it’s rumored that your children’s lives shall be blessed as well
-basically God
-everybody wants to date him. no exceptions.
-as a girl, the girl literally everyone is in love with and the whole school stans her

-“wolf in sheep’s clothing”
-small, super cute, and loveable
-2nd sunshine
-but has an entirely different personality
-temper out of this FUCKING WORLD
-subtle ways of bullying you
-student body president; also SUPER FUCKING POPULAR
-a saint in the eyes of 99.9% of the world
-as a girl, he would be Regina George

-“the social butterfly”
-friends with your friend’s bestfriend’s friend
-even the janitors know him
-“you don’t know Kim Taehyung?!!”
-life of the party. literally.
-if he’s not there, it’s not a lit party
-every single person on this earth LOVES him
-talking bad about him makes you an instant outcast
-is super adorable but also super fucking hot
-obsessed with shopping; constantly maxes out the card his parents gave him
-never home tbh
-as a girl, he’d be the one everyone is secretly jealous of


-“the over-achiever”
-accels in every single sport created
-house has a separate room for trophies
-basically makes up whatever teams he’s on
-reason why anybody goes to the games
-(not to mention he’s hot)
-accels in every other area too
-tbh there’s not much he can’t do
-every guy wants to be him
-as a girl, he would probably also be one that every was secretly jealous of
the best thing he never had ; one

one , two , three , four , five 

pairing; jungkook x reader

genre; best friend!au 

word count; 3.7k 

a/n; for @elicuh​ ! a wonderful human bean who requested this ! this will most likely be a mini series,,, idk i don’t plan ahead lol 

summary; in this story, you have known your best friend for more than 15 years and you were utterly and wholly in love with him

The city lights became more visible as the bright neon colours had contrasted from the darkening, moonlit sky as you felt yourself become more wide awake as you walked down the streets of the bright city that lit up the mood whether be day or night. Your legs were carrying you from your house in pajamas and a warm leather jacket wrapping you up as you had just awakened from a rather nice sleep that you were enjoying until a certain someone had rung you in the midst of your slumber.

But as always, you could never say no to that certain someone as you had gone through many lengths for him that this particular situation was just a nub on a stick.

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blackout | chanyeol

The way he looked at you made your whole Body shiver but you never knew if he did it for fun or if he really was interested in you.

admin: s.                                                                                                             genre: angst, fluff, smut (in later parts), university student! chanyeol au, fuckboy! chanyeol au 

pt.2, pt.3, epilogue

Originally posted by prince-chanyeol

It was the begin of September - which also meant the beginning of fall semester classes. It was time for you to go back to the Hell called university.

You lazily shoved your last suitcase into the back of your mum’s car. It was a rather old Audi A1, but neither of you cared, since it still did what it had to do. 

With the last strand of energy you had left, you got into the passenger seat beside your mum and immediately closed your eyes. Instead of sleeping last night, you gathered together all your remaining things you had bought throughout the summer - while having a voicetalk conversation with your bestfriend (and her little brother in the back screaming every three minutes).

Slowly opening your eyes again, you stared outside of the window. It had started to rain, which didn’t make your first day any better. Single droplets were running down the glass beside each other, evolving into one big droplet after they got too close.

You remembered how you always thought they were doing races when you were younger. But, after twenty-two years of living, you knew it wasn’t like that. You turned your head to your mother, looking at her side profile. Luckily, you looked like her and not like your Father.

Well, let’s not talk about him.

You looked at her defined cheekbones and sharp eyes. How the streetlights reflected in her eyes, giving them a tint of gold. You looked at her how her brown waves were flowing over her shoulders like a chocolate waterfall. 

Everyone knew you looked exactly like your mum: from the number of moles to how you both sneezed when a storm’s coming. Yet, she was more beautiful than you could ever think to be. 

‘‘Y/N, please stop staring at me like that. It’s kinda creepy, darling,’’ your mum said, bringing you back from your space-out of worship. Sighing, you turned to the front, only to see that you had arrived at the parking lot of the university apartments. 

In a matter of seconds, your mum had found a parking spot, turning off the engine and opening her door. You did the same, rolling your eyes out of annoyance. It wasn’t only because you had just arrived, but because already, you could see people you knew, and definitely didn’t liked. It was so nice not seeing them over the summer, but now that you’re back, they’re a pain in the ass again. 

Helping your mother emptying the car of your belongings, you stared at the students crossing you by, or doing the same as you. After everything was out, you closed the trunk and turned around - just to be welcomed by a pillow in your face. You were never really good at catching things, so of course it fell to the wet floor. Not that you cared.

‘‘Damn, I’m sorry, Y/N. Forgot that you can’t catch a thing, even if your life depended on it.’’ 

You stared at the boy in front of you, knowing exactly who it was. Kim Jongin

‘‘Sorry but who are you?’‘ It came out more annoyed than you originally intended. He smirked, and took a step forward to pick up his pillow. 

He didn’t even care to answer. He turned around, still smirking, walking towards more boys you knew too well and hated with your whole heart. Oh, and what seemed to be his new girlfriend. 

You picked up the remaining stuff your mum hadn’t already brought into your apartment and also entered the Complex. On the way up, you met her in the hallway, looking at you with a look you knew meant nothing good.

‘’ Wasn’t that Kim Jongin? The kid that used to visit the same chemistry course as you last semester?’’ 

You nodded, walking past her into the apartment bringing your stuff into your second home. Your mum followed after you, her arms crossed over her chest, still with that look on her face.

‘‘He’s a handsome young man. I still don’t understand why you didn’t befriend him.’‘

‘‘She didn’t because he’s not her type.’‘ Both of you turned to look at where the voice came from. In the doorway of your room was your roommate, best friend and older sister, of the boy who screamed every three minutes last night.

You rushed toward her, embracing her in a tight hug. ‘’Oh my God, Jisoo, I missed you so much! When did you arrive?’’ you squealed.

Giggling, she separated herself from you. ‘’I arrived before you. But you and your lovely mother were too distracted by talking about - you know…’’

‘‘ Y/N, don’t walk so fast, oh my god. I know it’s our first day of official classes but you don’t have to sprint,’‘ Jisoo said, while trying to catch you.

You were indeed walking very fast, but you knew your first course was economics. It was better to arrive early, since your professor was not the nicest.

‘’I’m not walking fast, you’re too-’’ 

You crashed face front into what felt and smelled like a male body, mid-sentence. You looked back to Jisoo to address her and because you were walking so quickly, this had to happen. 

Looking up you saw a very unamused face. A face you’d never seen before. Shaking your thoughts away, you bowed in apology. ‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.’’

The boy, or should we say giant stared at you with cold and emotionless eyes, not caring what happened. He had his hands in his blue jeans and practically hovered above you.

Quite strangely, you found yourself imagining how it would be if he hovered over you in bed. His eyes staring into yours (as they were) and fucking you until you couldn’t walk anymore. 

When was the last time you had sex?

Looking him up and down, you noticed his big ears, his purple-grayish hear, his kissable lips and his broad body. You definitely had a thing for him. 

‘‘Yo, Y/N! Do you like Chanyeol?’’ You heard Baekhyun say unexpectedly (and, may I add, quite loudly). Oh shit. Not him. 

You cringed because of the sudden voice, the person it was coming from, and the so-very-obvious meaning behind it. Baekhyun was now standing beside so-called Chanyeol. Turning towards Baekhyun you rolled your eyes. 

‘‘Fuck off, Baekhyun. I ran into him, by accident. Go back to your hoes and mind your own business.’‘ 

Baekhyun gasped mockingly and cracked a smile, before grabbing Chanyeol’s shoulder and walking away. The whole time Chanyeol had stood there saying nothing. You wondered who he was and why he was here.

Still gazing after them, Jisoo finally caught up to you. ‘’Did something happen?’’ She panted beside you, holding her stomach. 

You shook your head and took her arm. ‘’No, let’s go. We only have two minutes left.’’

Jisoo groaned in annoyance, and both of you started walking again. This time, in a normal walking pace. Little did Jisoo know, that you were way too distracted to walk fast again. 

Your first week back at university passed quite quickly. You got used to the stressful life of a student again. Everything was back to normal, how it used to be before summer. Visiting lessons you didn’t even cared about, eating the surprisingly good cafeteria food, you kinda missed, and the constant mocking of the people you disliked the most. Before you went to university, you always thought those kind of people only existed in bad teenage movies, but now you’ve experienced them firsthand. 

You and Jisoo were, as always, sitting on the benches in the park behind the university. It was lunchtime, so the park was filled with students who were (not to your liking) extremely loud. But the weather was still nice so it was only expected that it would be that way.

You sighed and leaned back into the bench, closing your eyes and letting the sun wash over your face. ‘’I don’t know why, but I kinda missed university life.’’

Hearing Jisoo shift beside you, you opened your eyes again and smiled, knowing she totally disagreed. Jisoo was one of those people who hated everything that had something to do with studying, school or anything that could potentially stress your brain. 

‘‘I can’t relate,’‘ she said. ‘‘The only good thing is seeing all those hot boys again. You know my family went with me to Japan in summer. We stayed in a fucking grandparents hotel. I was the only young person there!’‘

You laughed, remembering her endless messages over the summer how lonely and bored she was. You also didn’t see a lot of boys during summer, but it wasn’t like you agreed with Jisoo that your university had hot boys. Actually, you exactly knew who she meant by that and you couldn’t agree with it.

Exactly in that moment, the group of boys you both mentioned walked past you. How cliche, don’t you think? Behind them a bunch of girls, as always.

Rolling your eyes, you looked to your side where Jisoo was sitting. She also had noticed the group of boys now standing a little away from you. Both of your eyes first landed on each other and then on the new body who was standing in the group.

‘Quite strange that this Chanyeol dude was somehow accepted at our university to continue his studies in the same year as us and not start fresh,’‘ said Jisoo, while opening a chocolate bar. 

Nodding, you answered, ‘’I asked our TA and he said that he has acceptable grades to do so, but he also added his parents are rather influential.’It must be nice to be rich and have powerful parents, you thought. ‘’But I don’t really care. It seems like he’s friends with the others, so I don’t want to know more about him.’’

Jisoo raised her brow upon hearing this and smirked. ‘’C’mon, Y/N, he’s freaking hot. I can see how you stare at him from time to time in class whenever we see him.’’

Giving her an annoyed look, you packed your lunch and lifted yourself from the bench. ‘’Whatever. As I said, he seems to be like the others, so he probably doesn’t give a fuck about me.’’

Jisoo followed your doings, and joined you in walking back to the university building. While walking pass the boys, your eyes landed on Chanyeol again. Jisoo was right - he was fucking hot and you were feeling bothered when seeing him. 

Chanyeol’s eyes unexpectedly found yours. You were so shocked, you couldn’t look away. It was not the first time, since you met him one week ago, that you noticed him staring at you. His stony, impassive eyes always were boring into you. It was kinda creepy, but you also liked the attention he was giving you.

You looked away, but you could still feel his piercing eyes on your back. The way he looked at you made your whole body shiver, but you never knew if he did it for fun or if he really was interested in you.

This is my first fanfiction kinda story on this blog and it’s super cliche but oh well. This was not requested but our request box is currently empty and i felt like writing so here you go with a super cliche university/fuckboy story with my ult bias chanyeol.                                                                                                         By the way the layout of the story is pretty similiar to @fuckmeupexo admin velvets strories because she’s one of my favourite writers and i get inspired from her alot. Anyway i hope you like it!                                                                       Thank you and love you guys, xx

- admin s. 

hey if youre a disabled person who doesnt like making jokes about their illness or like hearing other people make jokes about your illness, its okay and youre still valid.

if you have to hear people say unfunny comments about your struggles or pain and try to excuse it with “i have other disabled friends who are completely fine with jokes about their illness”, “its better to laugh than to cry” or “ youll have to get used to it, youre gonna be sick the rest of your life”, im really sorry and you shouldnt have to put up with that.

you are the only person who gets to decide whether youre okay with certain jokes/jokes at all about your illness, no one but you.

youre not overly sensitive or boring for not wanting to poke fun at something awful that is happening to you.

please come @ anyone tryna make that decision for you, your illness has already taken so much away from you, dont let anyone else take anything else away.

anonymous asked:

Hi love💕 can you please do an imagine where y/n is super hard to get but Harry feels determined to get her and at the end he ends up doing it but after having to convince her. Thanks babe.😊

I tweaked that just a tad! x


You were a friend of Glenne; even had a part in setting her and Jeff together.

“Tonight is the night we finally find you a man.” Glenne said, looking at you as you put on your earrings.

You rolled your eyes, “How many times do we have to talk about this?”

“For as long as you actually get a man.” Glenne raised her eyebrow.

“I’m going with the flow, G. I’m not going to force myself into a relationship. You know how I like things,” You popped your lips, looking at your lipstick before turning to look at Glenne, “Nice and slow.”

“You look hot.” Glenne grinned, looking at you. You had an off shoulder beige crop flowy top, black high waisted skinny jeans, burgundy chelsea boots and your hair is up in straight ponytail. Your make up was light but you had an eye catching burgundy lipstick along with your gold hoop earrings.

Your grin matched hers as you glanced at the mirror one more time before you and Glenne got out of your house and drove to Jeff’s, where he was throwing a small get-together for his close friends and a few of his crew.

“I’m telling you, you and Harry would make a really hot couple.” Glenne said.

You groaned, “What’s it with you and talking to me about him all the time?” You parked, unbuckling your seatbelt.

“You’re my best friend. I want the best for you and Harry is exactly that.” Glenne said as you both walked towards the door, Glenne unlocking it with her key.
You were met with laughter of people and chatter and the smell of colognes.

“Finally!” Jeff grinned, walking towards you and Glenne, greeting her with a kiss on the lips before hugging you and kissing your cheek. “Finally took a day off to see us?” Jeff teased you with a roll of his eyes as you all walked towards the others who were sat in the living room.

“I figured I’d let you have the fun of seeing me.” You joked.

“Everyone, this is Y/N Y/L/N, the next big businesswoman who spends her single life working and traveling.” Jeff said as you chuckled, waving at those who sat.

Your eyes lingered on floral pants, traveling to see who wore them, smiling when you saw that it was the one and only person Jeff and Glenne have been trying to set you up with; Harry Styles.

Harry’s eyes lingered on you, an intrigued smile on his face as he stood, approaching you and offering his hand, “Harry.” He spoke, his eyes not leaving yours. You put your hand in his, shaking it.


After greeting everyone else, you all sat, chatting about everything and anything. You were sitting on the couch opposite to Harry, who would grin whenever he said something that made you laugh.
“Y/N, could you be a darling and empty more snacks in bowls from the kitchen?” Glenne asked, batting her eyelashes at you.

You nodded, standing up, “Right pantry?”

“They’re on the counter.” Jeff answered, “Harry, can you help her? They’re a lot for just one person.”

You glared at the couple when you understood what they were after before smiling slightly, looking at Harry who gestured for you to walk in front of him.
You both walked towards the kitchen, Harry supporting a dimpled smile when he noticed your chelsea boots, glancing at his own for a moment.

“I’ll get the bowls, why don’t you open the bag?” You suggested. Harry nodded.

“I like the boots.” Harry said as you put the bowls in front of him.

You smiled, looking at them before looking at his, “I like yours, too. Wait, I think I saw a tweet the other day of your glittery gold ones?”

Harry nodded, “I have an obsession.”

No way! Me too,“ You chuckled, “Jeff got me these rainbow ones last month.”

“These were for you?” Harry gasped, “I helped him choose them.” He grinned, feeling his stomach flutter at the thought of you wearing something he chose.

“I love them.” You giggled, “We need to get those outside.” You held two bowls in your arms. You smirked at him before walking outside. Harry smiled to himself with a shake of his head before holding the other bowls in his arms and following you.

For the rest of the night, you noticed it; Harry trying to impress you and if not, he would be glancing at you. You caught him two times biting his lip before looking the other way with a dimpled smile once he noticed that you caught him. You looked at your phone’s clock, seeing it was 12 am.
You stood up, “Well, I gotta go. It’s midnight already and you guys know I’m not a fan of driving this late.” You looked at Jeff and Glenne.

“Aw, the night is just starting. We can give you a ride home.” Jeff said.

“Wait, Harry lives close to you.” Glenne said, “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind giving you a ride?” She looked at Harry with a sly grin, wiggling her eyebrows.

“I definitely wouldn’t.” He smiled, looking up at you.

“You looked from Jeff and Glenne to Harry before feigning a yawn, "It’s okay. I’m feeling sleepy anyway. Harry can enjoy the rest of the night.”

At this, Harry, too, yawned. “I might be getting a tad sleepy too. Come on. Goodnight, everyone.” Harry waved as he stood up, standing beside you. You looked at him in surprise before saying goodbye to everyone and walking towards the door with Harry following you.

With a smirk and a confident expression, you unlocked your car. “You’re coming with me, aren’t you?” Harry asked.

You opened your car door, getting inside. “Goodnight, Styles.” You closed the door, blew him a kiss before driving off, leaving a very flustered Harry behind.

Harry entered the house again, “She didn’t even give me her number.” He frowned to Jeff and Glenne.

“Y/N…” They both said in unison.

The next day, you woke up and was scrolling through your phone, tapping on the new follower request on instagram. Your eyes immediately fell on the light blue check mark before you saw his name; harrystyles.
With a smile and a giddy feeling, you accepted his request.
It was a total coincidence for Harry. He was checking to see if you had accepted his request, meeting your profile loading pictures instead. He smiled, scrolling through your posts.
he smiled when he saw a picture of you and and a puppy, wanting to scroll down but instead, he double tapped.

“Shit!” He checked when the picture was posted, his eyes widening when he saw that it was a year ago. “Shit! Fuck!” It was too late to unlike it now, if you had the notifications appearing in the newsfeed, he already had looked like a creep.
That night, as he was having a drink with Mitch, he held his phone, debating whether or not he should send you a direct message.
He did.

‘Hi :) x’

15 minutes later, you replied back.

‘Hi, you. :)’

Harry frowned at the lack of x’s. Maybe you just didn’t use them.

'I’ll be straightforward. I want to see you again. Is that fine? x’

You replied minutes later,

I might be busy this whole week’

Harry cursed under his breath,

'Next week? :) x’

You replied,

'Sure. :) x’

He smiled at the x.

'Here’s my number ***-****. Text me whenever you’re free. x’

He waited for a reply, supporting a frown when he didn’t receive one until he was in bed, ready to sleep.

'Will do. x’

The week couldn’t have been going any slower. Harry would watch all your instagram stories, smiling to himself or showing your selfie to whoever was beside him. But you didn’t text him and he was beginning to worry if you ever were going to. Not to brag but if any other girl, they’d be kissing right now yet here he is, not even having your number.

It was exactly 13 days after your instagram texts when he found an unknown number calling him. He answered, “Hello?”

“I’m free tonight. Are you?” You said just as he answered.

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion before he smiled, “Y/N?”
You hummed in confirmation. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m free. Uh, when?”


He smiled, nodding to himself. “7 it is. Text me your address so I can pick you up.”

“Will do, Styles. Casual or dressy?” You asked.

“Casual.” He answered although he, for one, had no idea where was he taking you yet.

“Got it. See you later, Styles.” He could hear the smirk in your voice before you hung up. He fist bumped the air before rushing to his room, opening his closet while different places floated in his head.

I’m his favorite black chelsea boots, black wife legged pants that had floral design at the end of it and a red shirt tucked inside loosely with a few buttons undone, Harry drove towards your address, finding that you really lived close to him.
He walked towards your door, clearing his throat and straightened his shirt and pants before he rang the doorbell.

After the second ring, he was met with you; clad in an outfit similar to his only your black wide legged pants were plain and you had a blue shirt that was also loosely tucked inside, brown chelsea boots on your feet. You both looked at each other’s outfits before bursting out laughing.

“You stole my look!” You laughed, closing the door behind you.

“You definitely stole mine, love.” Harry laughed, shaking his head.

“Now we’re going to look like we’re matching.” You joked, walking beside him towards his car.

“We are.” He bumped his hip with yours with a smile before opening the door for you.

“So, where are you taking me?” You asked after buckling your seatbelt, looking at him.

“Should I keep it as a surprise?” Harry asked you, turning the ignition on.

You nodded excitedly, slumping in your seat.

He took you to a bowling alley where you crushed his ass then to a small pub owned by a family with karaoke.

You laughed as Harry’s cheeks were pink and his eyes glaring at you jokingly. “I’m never letting you choose me a song. How was I supposed to sing Despacito?”

You laughed, holding your stomach as you had tears in your eyes. “I recorded it!”


Later that night, when Harry drove you home and walked you to your door, he stood with his hands in his pockets, looking down nervously. “I had fun tonight.” He said.

You smiled, “I mean, you were alright.” You joked.

Harry’s jaw dropped, eyes looking at you with worry, “You didn’t like it?”

“I’m just joking,” You giggled. You unlocked the door before standing against it.
“Does that mean I won a second date?” Harry smirked, taking closer steps towards you.

“Wait, tonight was a date?” You asked, almost laughing at Harry whose face fell. “Don’t go fainting on me now. I’m just joking, again.” You giggled.

Harry groaned but smiled, “Stop that.”

“But yes, you won yourself a second date,” You smiled before looking at him with a serious face, “Or did you?” and with that, you got inside, closing the door behind you as you were a giggling mess. You looked at Harry discreetly as he, again, looked flustered.

“She’s going to kill me.” Harry said once Glenne picked up the phone as he drove back home.

The next following days and weeks, you were getting pampered by Harry. When you woke up one day to a Gucci box on your doormat, attached to it an envelope, you were gobsmacked. Inside the box were a pair of customized Chelsea boots that had 3 little daisy flowers on each side, a card that said that they were customized just for you. When you teared open the envelope, you couldn’t contain the grin on your face.

'I saw daisies the other day and thought of you. Also thought of Chelsea boots (I always am). So this happened. I hope you like them. xx -Harry’

You rushed to call him, waiting impatiently for him to pick up. “Yellow?” He answered.

“You’re unbelievable.” You laughed.

“You got the gift?” Harry asked in a happy time.

“I did. But why? Why get me anything in the first place?”

“Because I want to. Also, figured they’d make you happy and guessing from this phone call, you are.” He replied.

“I am.” You giggled.

“Why don’t you put them on on your next date? Tomorrow? Breakfast? You, me, together.” He said nervously.

“I’d love to.” You smiled.

“Great! Wonderful! I’ll pick you up, text me the time, yeah?”

After you hung up and you squealed to yourself, you were already running towards your room to put your outfit together for the following day.
After falling asleep with a smile on both of your faces and getting ready, Harry stood inside your house as you put on your new boots.

“Ow did you even know my size?” You asked.

“Glenne.” Harry replied, opening the door for you and watching as you locked it behind you before you both walked towards his car.

“Of course.” You chuckled.
After arriving to a coffee shop nearby, you and Harry sat down after having your drinks and donuts, beginning to talk about everything.

“So, you like traveling?” Harry asked.

“Love.” You corrected with a smile.

“Do you travel alone?”

You nodded, “Sometimes a friend or some join but I’m mostly alone when I do.”

“Doesn’t it get lonely sometimes?” Harry asked, fiddling with his straw.

You shrugged, “Sometimes it does.”

“Well maybe we should travel together.” Harry suggested with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Maybe we should.”


It was the after your fourth date that you and Harry finally kissed. It was the cliché moment of a kiss goodnight on your doorstep, teenage blushes and grins after you pulled away.
It was the sixth date when Harry asked you the question;

“Would you be my girlfriend?” He shouted over the music as you both stood in a local underground band’s concert.

You stopped midway dancing, a grin on your face as you looked at him. “What?” You shouted.

“I asked you,” He shouted, smiling down at you, “Would you be my girlfriend? Save me some energy?” He grinned teasingly.

You nodded, pressing your lips on his, his hands holding your waist tightly.

“Finally. You drove me crazy, woman.” He said against your lips before attaching your lips together again.

I’m sorry for any typos, I’m on my phone and I’m sleepy and my phone’s screen is cracked lmao. Love you & hope you liked it! x

“Morrigan has every right to explain to your Dalish Inquisitor who Mythal is, since Mythal is her mother”

*rubs temples* *deep breath*


She doesn’t find out until LATER who her mother is (and “is” is even a strong word here - Flemeth carries Mythal “with her”, and they aren’t QUITE the exact same person - Flemeth is still Flemeth, just bonded to Mythal enough to blur the lines a bit)

And she, in this scene I’m referring in my comic people are saying this about, is JUST explaining who Mythal is in general, not some kind of big secret the Dalish didn’t know - and your Inquisitor has a damn dialogue option to ask “who is that” because apparently Bioware just kinda dropped the ball there (my Dalish had Mythal’s fuckin’ vallaslin* and she’s gonna ask a shem WHO MYTHAL IS?)

Those who are commenting on this comic with “but that’s her mom” OKAY? SHE doesn’t know that, she just goes on about how she (and later Flemeth) know more about elves than you do and if you try to call them out on not SHARING that knowledge they just kinda blow you off and the topic never comes up again… same with Solas, really. “I know more than the Dalish” “Well okay, we’re trying to KNOW more, so how about sharing some of that history so we can be better” “Nah, I’ll just continue to look down on you for getting history wrong and not bother correcting or helping you in any way”

They seriously dropped the ball on non-human races in Inquisition, as much as I adore the game (another example, how the fuck is your dwarf inquisitor not screaming “WTF” at Solas for chatting casually in a dream… you know, DREAM… dreaming… the thing dwarves don’t do)

The Dalish don’t know as much as they should? Yeah okay, but people like Flemeth and Solas and Morrigan keep the knowledge to themselves while mocking the Dalish for not knowing any better. HOW COULD THEY KNOW ANY BETTER? They have actively had their history RIPPED away from them, both by Fen'Harel and the Chantry, and the VERY few characters who have any knowledge of elven history keep it to themselves while having a laugh at the Dalish who are trying their fucking hardest to keep ANYTHING about their history they can find


(*PS the whole “well the vallaslin are slave markings so the dalish are stupid” falls under this rant, because guess who knows that? Solas. Guess who he tells? His elven girlfriend. NO ONE ELSE. Even if you are a Dalish with FULL approval from Solas, total BFFs, he doesn’t fucking tell you what the vallaslin used to be unless you’re romantically involved. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT)

I kind of like you too.. | Eddie X Reader

Request:can you do one where the reader is older than Eddie Kaspbrak? But she really likes him and the bullies make fun of her for it but he likes her too?
Author’s note: older!reader ( just by one year tho). Hope you’ll like ittt @tomhollandsboo 💓

Originally posted by laquing

Y/N always thought that her crush would be a cute boy with messy hair from her year, or even one above, so when her heart started to beat faster whenever Eddie Kaspbrak was around she knew she messed up.

Of course, Eddie was only one year younger than her, and there wasn’t even a height difference so you would guess Y/N was older. It still scared her, and the thought of Eddie not liking her was the first that popped into her head. Of course, they hanged out, talked a lot , and they were best friends but she was pretty sure he saw her as an older sister. And let’s not forget the age gap, that made things a little awkward. She thought it was a weird thing, and never told anyone except one person— her best friend. She trusted her best friend with everything, so she considered her crush on Eddie wouldn’t be a big think. Boy, she was wrong.

Y/N and Y/F/N weren’t the most popular persons in their year. The Bowers Gang usually made fun of them, sometimes even bullying them when the Losers weren’t around, so when Y/F/N found an opportunity they took it. Offering information, or just making fun of the kids Henry Bowers did got you some sort of immunity. He would leave you alone, and even “befriend” you, so one day after Y/N told Y/F/N about her big secret , they went to Henry and ratted it all out. The Bowers Gang found it very amusing, thanked your friend and told her it was a good thing that they came to them. And that’s when the bullying started.

Y/N walked down the hall and stopped at her locker, which was near her best friend’s. She looked at the locker and gasped. With red paint, there was written the word Freak. Henry usually just pushed her or made fun of her, but he never did things as this. Quickly, she tried to wipe the ugly word on her locker before more people started staring. Funny thing that she noticed was that Y/F/N wasn’t there. “ Maybe they didn’t come to school today.” She said to herself, hoping that what was written on the locker didn’t have to do with her crush on Kaspbrak. She could only hope.

The classes finished faster than Y/N thought, and nor the Bowers Gang or Y/F/N showed up today, or bothered her. She found that weird, but let it slide and enjoyed the last day of school, or her first day of summer Holliday. As she walked into the schoolyard, she saw none other than Henry Bowers and her best friend laughing at and mocking Richie Tozier. Her fists clenched and her eyes narrowed. Of course. Y/F/N was too tired of being made fun of and not being popular , so she decided to throw Y/N aside, their only best friend, and be Bowers’ bitch. Y/N quickly found her way to where her ex friend was standing.
“ How fucking dare you?” She screamed at them.
“ my , my , my. If it’s isn’t the freak, am I right Y/F/N?” Bowers smirked and looked at the buffoons that stood beside him, and dropped Richie to the ground.
“ that’s right “ they smiled at Henry. “ it’s the one and only pedo in this school. You know, my little brother would be interested in you, he’s what? Five?” they laughed mockingly at her.
Henry and the others laughed, and he continued to walk towards her.
“ Think you look so brave, standing up to me for these Losers, hm? Or maybe you just want a certain Kaspbrak to give you attention?” he smirked looking at Eddie and then at Y/N.

Y/N didn’t even dare to look back at Eddie or the rest of the Losers. She was ashamed, betrayed and hurt. Her best friend, the person she trusted since she was five , the first person to be her friend, the first one who found out about her crushes or about anything important in her life was now staying beside Bowers and laughing at her. And what was worse is that Eddie knew about her crush on him. Oh fuck he knew.

“ Cat got you tongue,huh? Well since you like Eds here maybe you liked little Georgie Denbrough too, right? I saw you smiling and helping him with school. Maybe he was your boyfriend, right? You still grieving him?” he smirked.

Y/N was as angry as ever. She didn’t even care about Eddie anymore. How dare he talk like that. Within a matter of seconds, she slapped Henry with all the force she had.
“ You are the only fucking pervert here, Bowers. Don’t you dare talk about Georgie again! And you , Y/F/N, you’re his bitch now. Congrats!” She said, then running away from the Bowers Gang as fast as she could, going into the woods at her secret place , where they couldn’t find her and where she would cry. She lost two friends today— Y/F/N and most probably Eddie.

After a good half an hour she heard footsteps near her. She knew this was the end. The Bowers Gang found her and they were going to either beat her to death, or torture her and then kill her. She prepared for Henry’s face to pop out in front of her, but instead of that he heard a voice.
“ Y/N? Are you here? Come on! I know this is your secret spot.” Eddie’s voice echoed into the woods.
“ go away Kaspbrak.” She said, her voice breaking.
“ oh god, have you been crying? Come out Y/N. So we can talk.” he pleaded.

Finally, she came out of her hiding place, finding a worried Eddie?
“ Do you want to tell me something or..?” She said, her shoes suddenly becoming interesting.
“ yeah. Slapping Bowers in the face was pretty cool” he laughed. “ that and I kind of like you too and I don’t think you’re a freak.” He said with a blush on his face.
“ wait, are you kidding me? Because if you are…” she started.
“ I’m not! I’m not why would I? “ he said looking at her and smiling.
Y/N smiled back and hugged him tight.
“ Thanks Eddie. For everything. “
“ Why thank me? You saved our asses today and you slapped Henry in the face. My girlfriend is a badass.”
“ your girlfriend?” she smirked, arching a brow.
“ I, I… I mean not my girlfriend, I..” he stuttered, avoiding her gaze.
“ I would love to be you girlfriend.” She smiled and kissed him on the cheek, leaving him a blushing mess.

You’re My Favorite

In honor of H’s 23 birthday, enjoy this little one shot! :) 

Plot: What to get to the man who has everything?

Warnings: None. 

Three weeks to H’s Birthday:

“Baby,” Harry groaned exasperation. His eyes rolled back and he let his head drop for a moment, appearing to be completely and utterly done with the subject I had been bugging him with for a few hours now as well as over the past days.

Harry’s birthday present.

And still, he was being close to no help. His eyes met mine and I whined, wanting him to take me seriously, because even though we (admittedly) had been discussing this topic a bit too long now, he somehow still didn’t understand my point.
Birthdays were something I took very seriously, especially Harry’s. It was the first time for me to celebrate his birthday with him given that our relationship was only a few months old and all I wanted was him to be showered with love and spoiled silly. I wanted to make him happy.
Planning his day wasn’t the problem, it was easy. I would spend the night before with him, mainly so I could make sure him being spoiled would start early in the morning already (breakfast in bed, maybe some sex) but most of all I wanted to stay with him because I knew how Harry didn’t like having to sleep and wake up alone. It made my heart ache a little bit and fall even more in love with his sensitive and gentle soul and so I liked the idea of him not having to do that on his birthday, too.
Later, we would have lunch with his mother, sister and step-father so we would be able to exchange gifts quietly and just in the presence of his immediate family. Harry absolutely adored them and I knew he’d love being able to be with just his family for a while, before his friends would join us for a dinner at his favorite restaurant. It was a simple plan and wouldn’t entail too many surprises for him, but I knew that would be what Harry enjoyed most. All of his life was always extravagant and a big deal, so I imagined him having simple family time would be just what he’d need.
What had been giving me a headache for a while now was the most difficult question I’d ever had to ask myself. What makes a good present to a person who could buy the world?

“You are so difficult sometimes,” I argued quietly, nudging Harry’s hip with my own.

We were standing in my tiny kitchen and cooking dinner together, well, less cooking and more arguing about his upcoming birthday. The pans were still empty and the table wasn’t set either. Three weeks. I had three weeks left to get him the perfect present and I was absolutely clueless.

Harry laughed. “Says the one who’s been worrying herself silly over a present for a birthday who’s almost a month away.”  

I rolled my eyes. “Maybe I just shouldn’t get you anything then. If I’m just being silly.”

My body turned and I went to reach for two wine glasses, almost dropping them when Harry startled me by wrapping both of his arms around my waist. His chest hit my back and I squealed when his head buried itself into my neck, releasing puffs of hot breath, making me squeal.

“You wouldn’t do that,” he murmured quietly, sounding like a little boy who’d been denied… well, his birthday present.

“Oh wouldn’t I, Styles?” I giggled, squeezing his wrists through the thick material of his grey jumper.

He shook his head, lips ghosting over my skin and I relaxed into him. “Don’t think you would.”

And of course I wouldn’t. But I really was lost. In my imagination, I could see his face lighting up with that beautiful smile of his and his pretty eyes would sparkle in surprise and happiness. I wanted that image to be reality, had seen him wear the expression on other occasions before and I wanted to be the reason why he wore it on his birthday. And the one bloody thing needed for that to happen was missing. An idea.

Two weeks to H’s Birthday:

In my desperate situation I’d called up the only person I could think of, who knew Harry better than anybody else did. His mother. Anne and I were sat in a small cafe just around the corner of where Harry lived. I held my mug of hot chocolate tightly and listened eagerly to the stories Anne had to tell, all of them involving a much younger version of Harry. Anne waved her hands in the air, mimicking Harry’s desperate attempt of rollerblading and I laughed out loud.

“He sounds like he was an incredibly clumsy child,” I giggled.

“Oh he was,” Anne smiled with a nod, “Still is, really. You’ve seen how he used to stumble around on stage. Even broke his foot once, the silly boy.”

“Oh right, I forgot about that!”

Anne chuckled and kindly offered me some of her cookie, which I happily accepted.

“So,” she began, handing me a piece of her desert, “I’m sure there’s a other reason behind you summoning me, other then hearing stories you can mock my son with later.”

I laughed gently and nodded. “Though, I could listed to those stories all day, I did call because I have a problem I was hoping you could help me with.”

A small frown took over Anne’s kind features and she set down her cup. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing too serious,” I quickly assured, not wanting her to worry, “It’s going to sound silly to you, I’m sure. But I just can’t come up with a good idea for a gift for Harry.”

My eyes met hers and I sensed that she was about to ask if I was kidding, because of course it sounded stupid to anyone else, and so I carried on quickly.

“His birthday, is coming closer and closer and I can’t figure out what to get him! That man has everything and if he doesn’t, then he buys it the next day. And even when I finally find something he hasn’t seen before but would love, it costs so much more than what I have! It’s so frustrating ‘cause all I want is to make him happy and surprise him with something nice but I can’t even get him something as simple as clothing! He came around with a cardigan just yesterday that cost £5000! I don’t even own anything that expensive! That piece of clothing he loves, is worth two months of my rent.”

Anne bit her lower lip, her expression serious again and I sighed. I felt so whiny and like an uncreative child, but I really was at my wit’s end.

“It’s the first birthday I get to spend with him and I’m going to fail him completely.”

My eyes lowered to my mug and I tapped the porcelain lightly, feeling defeated.

“Sweetheart,” Anne said kindly, “Harry will love whatever it is you get him. He adores you.”

A small smiled tugged at my lips and I blushed at her words. “I don’t want him to like it simply 'cause it’s from me, though.”

I raised the cup of chocolate to my lips and took a sip, then decided to just come clean with my greatest worry.

“The women he’s been with before me,” I began quietly, avoiding Anne’s patient gaze, “were rich enough to get him the world. What if he realizes that I’m just not… I don’t know. Suitable for his standards?”

The worry sounded stupid when it’d come to my mind the first time, but it’d stayed. Kendall Jenner, the last girl Harry had been involved with before me, was probably just as, if not even richer than he was himself. Same counted for Taylor Swift. They could go wherever he wanted to go, dress just as expensively and rent entire venues for him to host his party. Me? I had to scrap anything I had together every single month so I could afford my tiny apartment in London. Harry of course was aware that I couldn’t afford the same lifestyle as he had, but sometimes, especially when he came around with a £5000 cardigan, I wondered if he was aware how much money he actually had compared to what ordinary people earned.
When I dared looking at Anne again, she surprised me by wearing a bright smile. Both of her hands reached over the table and she took hold of my own, squeezing my fingers in a comforting gesture.

“Him thinking you aren’t suitable for him is absolutely and a hundred percent impossible, Y/N. Believe me.”

“You think so?” I asked timidly.

She nodded, still smiling confidently.

“The women Harry was with in the past,” she shook her head, pausing for a moment, then she continued, “were lovely, sure. But they never stayed around long. They never mattered to him as much as you do. He never brought one home, only introduced them casually over a dinner or sometimes not at all. Trust me, sweetheart, you are the first one he’s let get close to his heart and I can see it every day. You might not notice it because you’ve never seen him without it, but since you’re in his life, there’s an extra sparkle in his eyes and his smile is just a tiny little bit wider. He told me he’s been getting more sleep and that he even learned how to cook. That’s your influence on him, I know that. You’re taking care of him and that means the world. So trust me on this, you give him enough of what he couldn’t get himself every day. No birthday present could ever make you a failure to him.”

“Oh, Anne,” I almost squealed, blinking away the tears forming in my eyes. I squeezed her fingers in return and sniffled, trying to calm my rapidly beating heart.

She squeezed my hands once more and just like her son, her comforting aura was enough to ease me.

“And besides,” she continued in a giggle, “if he thinks I’m getting him anything even remotely close to £5000, he’s gone mad.”

H’s Birthday:

My lips lingered on the warm skin of Harry’s cheek and I giggled when I felt his smile beneath my lips. Harry’s hand found mine on his knee and he interlocked our fingers, humming quietly in appreciation. I could hear Gemma snicker at our interaction and I pressed another kiss to his jaw, then I withdrew. Harry’s eyes found mine and I could read his surprise in them. Normally I wasn’t as touchy feely with him when his family was around, but today I couldn’t help myself. My Harry was officially 23 years old. I couldn’t believe it.
We were sat on the couch in Harry’s living room, Gemma, Anne, Robing, Harry and me. There was cake and coffee on the small table along with the presents we’d bought for him. So far, the day had gone neatly and after the chat I had had with Anne, I felt confident about my choice of present, too.
Harry seemed so happy, relaxed and like he was enjoying himself. Just like I had intended to do, I’d been showering him with love all day long, waking him up with kisses and embracing him every few minutes. For breakfast I’d made him pancakes, bacon and eggs, making sure that the only healthy thing he got was a smoothie. And the sex well, had been mind-blowing.  
I squeezed Harry’s fingers tightly and blushed when he pressed his lips to my own cheek for a moment, as he wasn’t too much into PDA himself either, then he turned to engage in the conversation his family was leading.

“Harry,” Robing began, “I know you’re not a kid anymore, but do you want me to initiate that it’s time for you to get your presents?”

“That would be great,” Harry laughed, letting his arm rest around my waist in a loose hold.

I smiled at him lovingly and felt my stomach flutter when Harry pulled me even closer into his side, sharing his warmth with me. How did he always smell so good?
The first present he opened was Gemma’s. He let go of me and got up to hug her in thanks and joked about how it was the exact same thing he’d been thinking of getting her only weeks ago and she giggled, muttering a “liar” under her breath. Next came Anne and Robin’s present, then came mine. My fingers itched and I swallowed. Though I wasn’t worried about Harry not liking my present, I was very eager to see the excited expression on his face.

“S'big,” Harry said, giving me an impressed glance when he picked up the box I’d wrapped neatly with blue wrapping paper.

He carefully began to pull at it with care as if the paper wasn’t actually meant to be ripped apart and I giggled, resting one of my hands on his shoulder to squeeze it. He was so adorable.
Once finished, he began to tap the cartoon box as if expecting a noise and I giggled at his comedic and silly behavior. Anne shook her head at him but the smile plastered on her face was a big enough sign that she was just as delighted to be here with her son as I was. With careful fingers Harry continued to open the box and my heart squeezed when he smiled instantly.
Since I hadn’t been able to decide on one present for him, I’d gotten him several.
The first item Harry revealed was a bottle of massage oil, his favorite with the soft smell of almond mixed with vanilla. I’d remembered the many evenings where I’d found him on his couch, face a grimace of pain and exhaustion where he claimed nothing could ease and soothe him better than my fingers massaging his tense muscles. Though I was tired on most night when I came home after a long day, I’d always given in. Seeing Harry unhappy was enough of a persuasion to make me help him.

“For when your back is acting up again,” I murmured quietly, allowing my hand to run down Harry’s back in a soothing gesture, “Won’t even complain about it, I promise.”

He chuckled and nodded, setting the bottle to the side before sticking his hand back into the box in search for the next item I’d gotten him.

“Oh I wanted to get that one myself!” Gemma exclaimed when Harry held up the navy blue nail polish.

“Do you think I can pull this color off?” Harry asked me, a smile on his face. “S'a bit flashy, don’t you think?”

“It’s blue, Harry,” I laughed, “Pink would be flashy. And of course you and pull this off. There’s nothing you couldn’t, really.”

The next and last item Harry pulled out of the box was a small journal, similar to the one he already owned.

“I saw yours is almost full,” I explained when Harry smiled at the new journal.

It had the same leather cover as his other one did and since he’d decorated it with small stickers and words, I’d allowed myself to leave my own small message to him. A tiny inscription saying you’re my favorite right at the bottom of the right corner. I’d scraped it into the leather, making it a permanent decoration so he’d have something to remind him of me when we were forced to be apart.

Harry actually blushed when his thumb stroke over the words and he momentarily leaned into my side. My heart hammered in my chest.

“Open it,” I whispered quietly.

He glanced at me briefly, then he opened it slowly. At first he didn’t see it, but once he turned some of the pages he noticed that some of them were already used. And once he began to read what I’d written, he teared up. The grin on his face grew, revealing his loveably dimples and his widened.

“Y/N,” Harry sighed and shook his head.

His fingers kept on running over the paper and he swallowed visibly. He looked as if he found it difficult to believe what his eyes were reading and one of his hands found mine.

“What?” Anne asked, leaning up so she could catch a peek as well.

“They’re just some notes about us,” I explained.

But they weren’t really, not just some notes. I’d filled the pages with small texts and short sentences, all of them about Harry and me. They were tiny stories about us, remembering our first kiss, the one we’d shared standing on Jack’s balcony while all of our friends were celebrating and partying indoors. The second paragraph I wrote about how I’d felt when I’d first met Harry, how excited I’d been and how I hadn’t stopped thinking of him since then. I even admitted that I’d fallen a tiny bit in love with him already.
Harry’s eyes were still teary when he read a few more pages, then he closed the book.

“I love it.”

The words were whispered to the journal, his head held low. His hands clenched around the item and he sniffled noisily. My fingers squeezed his hand and I pressed another kiss to his arm. This was better than having wearing a wide grin. The present, one that I’d gotten him for a reasonable price, had actually made him speechless.

“I’m glad, Harry,” I giggled.

Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you to every single one of you who takes the time to read my one shots! I’m so excited and happy about every note I get. 

Rest of what I wrote:

Even Bech Nӕsheim. Oh, fuck you, I’m already crying. Okay. Stop looking at me like that and let me talk. You are… the best thing in my life. You have taught me so much. You have given me the love that I never expected, the love that I didn’t think I’d ever find, and you have shown me how to love someone back. And in this minute, in this universe and in every parallel one, I am fucking in love with you, because you are the only person who can make me laugh and make me cry, and you are the only person who loves me and understands me and supports me and you are the fucking man of my life, goddamn it, and I’ve known that ever since I was seventeen and you kissed me in some random stranger’s pool. You’ve changed my entire life. You have made me happier than I’ve ever been, sadder than I’ve ever been, angrier than I’ve ever been, and you have made me a better person. I love you more than anything I’ve ever known. And, yeah, in this minute, we’re getting fucking married. So. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, I love you, Even Bech Nӕsheim, and I always will. Fuck. Oh, shit. Everybody, I’m sorry for swearing so much, and also for crying. Okay. Your turn.

Isak Valtersen. Out of all the movies I’ve made you watch, and all the ones that exist, our love story is the most beautiful that I’ve ever known. You always say that love at first sight is bullshit, but I saw you on the first day of school and just knew that we’d be here one day. Getting married in front of our families and friends. In tuxes - and, might I add, you look really fucking hot right now. Sorry. That made you laugh, though, so I regret nothing. But I have loved you for my entire life, and everything fell into place when I saw you, like all the parallel universes lined up in that minute. I loved you when I didn’t know you existed, I loved you from across the courtyard at Nissen, and smoking weed on my windowsill, and with pink streaks on your face, and snapbacks and omelettes and cabin trips and morning breath and everything you’ve done, everything you’ll do. I am so, so proud of you. I am proud to know you. I am proud to love you. And I will remind you of that every single day for the rest of our lives. You mean everything to me. Thank you. I love you. And I can’t wait to call you my husband.

Too Late

Summary: When Steve leaves you for another woman, it tears you apart, but Steve might feel the same way. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: The request got lost somewhere, but the person asked for an angsty/motivational story. I hope this satisfied whoever requested it. Happy reading! 

The day you met Steve was unlike any other. He had been so kind enough to pretend to be your boyfriend to scare off the man who kept staring at you the entire night, and the both of you eventually ended up hanging out until the sun was about to rise. From then on, you and Steve had become inseparable. 

You knew he was Captain America. Not many people realise it when they meet Steve, granted they all think he’s dead, but you weren’t one of them. You hadn’t said anything, though, afraid he would think of you as some fangirl who only wanted to get to know him because he was a legend. You hadn’t told him that you were a big fan of his work until you got to know him. Steve laughed it off, thinking it was the funniest thing in the world. Since then, nothing has become in between the both of you. He didn’t bring you to the tower a lot, wanting to keep his work life and his personal life separate, but when he did, the other Avengers made sure to get a good look at you. 

They didn’t tell you, but they admired your kindness and your willingness to get to know Steve. It had been tough getting used to the new century and you were there to help him adjust. They loved that you made him happy and they loved that he always came into work with a smile. You were their own version of normality, too, as always happy to hear the every day tasks you did as a non-Avenger.

Writing songs and poems had been a big part of your life for a while, but you fell off the wagon. You weren’t sure what hit you, but your life began to change before you and Steve met. Your friends were no longer people you trusted, your family was all the way across the country, and you didn’t find any motivation to write. That had been the breaking point and you frequently visited bars to get you mind off of things. 

However, Steve brought you out of that funk and you found yourself in love with writing once again. You filled your notebook with thoughts for poems and songs, and wanted to surprise Steve one day with all of the things you had said throughout the time you’ve been dating. 

But that joyful feeling came to an end. 

You sensed something was off when Steve stopped swinging by your apartment. He called and texted you less and less, and started to leave you one word answers of short replies whenever you did. You didn’t see him much anymore and assumed work was taking a toll on him. You didn’t pressure him to talk about it, but you constantly reminded him that you were there to listen if he ever felt like talking. But, that wasn’t the case. 

You sat in your apartment and heard someone knock on the door. You opened it and your best friend, Kelsey, stood outside, looking extremely distraught. 

“Y/N…,” she trailed. 

“What is it?” you said, anxious because she looked anxious. “Are you okay?” Kelsey sighed. 

“I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a complete asshole. It’s just that I don’t want anything to get in between us and I just need to say it.” Kelsey took a deep breath and you crossed your arms, waiting. 

“I’m in love with Steve,” she blurted out after trying to compose herself. “We ran into each other one day and I figured I’d try to get to know him because he means so much to you. We started hanging out more and one thing led to another, and we kissed. I’m sorry, Y/N. Steve said he wanted to talk to you, but I needed to as well.” 

You stood in shock and didn’t know what to say. How could two people you trusted with your life do something to hurt you, unintentionally or not? Steve, the love of your life had pressed his lips against another woman. Kelsey seemed to be torn apart too and desperately tried to get you attention. 

“Oh,” you said. “Well, who am I to get in the way of love?” you asked with a croak in your voice. Kelsey smiled sadly at you and reached for a hug. You awkwardly patted her shoulders until she let go. 

“I don’t want this to ruin things between us, though,” she said. Her phone’s alarm rang and she looked at you. “I’m sorry, I have to go. Talk soon?” You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak without yelling unkind words. 

Hours passed by and you constantly asked yourself why you weren’t good enough. The man who had pulled you out of thinking this way was the person responsible for putting you back on this mindset. Were you too boring? Were you not happy enough? Did he think it was a struggle to listen to you talk about your passions and struggles all the time? 

You hadn’t cried yet and that worried you. You felt numb, not sad or angry. You hadn’t moved from the couch since Kelsey left and you started at the blank TV screen, replaying the moments right before Steve had made less effort in your relationship. 

There was knocking on the door again and you assumed it was Steve. 

“Y/N, we need to talk,” he said, looking at you. You gulped and nodded, letting him in. 

“What do you want to talk about?” you asked in a small voice, fully knowing where this conversation was going. 

“To put it simply, I met someone else,” he said, averting his gaze to the floor. “I know it sounds terrible, and it is, but I feel like we lost that spark between us. I don’t want string you along because that would make me the biggest asshole.” As if you weren’t already the biggest asshole, you thought to yourself. 

“Well, I don’t want to stand in the way of the person you love,” you said, gritting to your teeth. You thought about cussing him out, but it’s no use. You were tired, you wanted to be alone, and yelling at Steve wouldn’t make you feel any better. 

“Uh, thanks. I hope we can still be friends?” Friends. This line was the line you dreaded. All of your ex-boyfriends had said this line to you and you knew you would never speak to Steve again. You hated that you weren’t speaking up to fight for him, but why would you fight for someone who didn’t want to be fought for? You could see Steve’s interest somewhere else and you swallowed your pride, wanting this moment to be over.

“Yeah, sure,” you said. Steve awkwardly smiled at you and walked towards the door. 

“See you around, Y/N.” 

You hadn’t. 

Back at the tower, it had been weeks since the Avengers saw you and they were wondering where you had run off to. It was unusual that Steve had stopped talking about you and stopped bringing you by. Tony, especially, liked having you around because he thought you had the most eloquent way of talking. Natasha liked your wit, too, and was genuinely upset that you weren’t around. They started to ask Steve, who kept saying you were busy. Between missions and reports, the team accepted his answer and didn’t think twice. 

But one day, Steve brought Kelsey to the compound with his arm around her waist and kissed her lips in front of everybody. 

“Uh, Steve? That’s not Y/N,” Tony pointed out. Kelsey felt embarrassed and Steve looked at Tony. 

“This is Kelsey, my girlfriend,” he uttered. Tony cocked his head. 

“But Y/N -”

“Y/N and I broke things off a long while ago. It was the right time to do so, Tony. I didn’t feel the spark anymore. I’ve found it with Kelsey,” he said, grinning at the girl draped in his arms. Tony watched at the two kissed and felt disgusted. Steve chose to leave you for another woman and that probably meant he’d never see you again. 

The other Avengers learned about the break up and about his new girlfriend. They didn’t like her very much, but granted it was because they thought you and Steve were the couple who would grow old together and live the happiest life. None of them liked when Kelsey was in the compound. She felt like an intruder, but they couldn’t say anything. They were nauseated because they were so used to you being around, cracking jokes and talking to them like they were people who you’d meet on the street. Kelsey seemed to only think of them as superheroes and didn’t bother to get to know them beyond their suits. 

You, on the other hand, were a mess. You cried yourself to sleep and you cried when you woke up. You only left your apartment when you needed to, and despite having friends who supported you, it didn’t feel like they were helping much. Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman, had heard of this breakup through Wanda and gave you her support and words of encouragement. Diana had a soft spot for you after the two of you met at one of Tony’s parties and she wanted to get to know you more, but it never seemed to blossom with her being away all the time for her day job and her night job. 

“Men are not worthy of you if they make you cry,” she had said, rubbing the upper portion of your back. “Steve is just another man in this big world and I’m positive you will find your happiness once again.” 

You sniffled and nodded, blowing your nose. “You’re right. I’m done crying over somebody who doesn’t give a damn about me.” Diana’s words had uplifted your spirits and she helped you regain your smile. 

What you didn’t count on was losing your notebook filled with your poems and songs. It was sacred to you and you wanted to expand on your thoughts. You figured the first step to getting over Steve was to face the fact that you were happy together, but now you were to individuals with different goals. You flipped your house upside down before deciding to visit the tower to ask Steve if he had it. 

You swallowed as you approached the front desk. This was the last place you wanted to be, but writing was so important to you and you couldn’t reproduce everything you had already written. 

“Do you have an appointment?” the secretary asked. 

“Oh, uh, no. I’m Y/N Y/L/N and I was just hoping to find something that was mine. I think I left it in the Avenger compound.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t let you in without an appointment. That area is strictly off limits unless accompanied by one of them or if you have a badge.” You sighed and began to walk out the door when you heard Tony shout. 

“Y/N, wait!” You turned around and saw him running towards you. 

“Tony,” you breathed, looking at him.

“Hey, kiddo,” he said, engulfing you in a hug, but let go soon after. “Sorry, I know it must be weird, I just missed you and -” but you cut him off and wrapped your arms around him. 

“I missed you too, you big goof,” you said. “I think I lost my notebook and I’d really like to find it. This is the only place I haven’t looked.” Tony led you to the elevators and happily let you up. 

The compound was exactly as you remembered it. The stain in the middle of the couch was still there, Sam’s ridiculous lamp stood by the balcony, and the notch that Natasha had put into the wall by accident was still right above the photo of Tony and Pepper. 

“Y/N!” Bucky said when he saw you. You grinned and waved at him. The entire group was lounging around and perked up when Bucky said you name.

“It’s nice to see you guys,” you said. “Is Steve around? I lost my notebook and I kind of need it back.” 

“Sure, let me get him,” Bucky said. He grunted when he realised he’d have to see Steve and Kelsey together.

Steve came out with your notebook and tried to make it as normal as possible. “Is this it?” he asked. “I found it in the corner of my room and thought it was mine.” You flipped through the pages and nodded. “I didn’t want to look into it in case there was something personal.” 

Ah, the ever so caring Steve. There he was, staring back at you, and you felt as if you might accidentally blurt out you still liked him.

“Thanks. Can’t really reproduce these.” You both laughed awkwardly. 

“What’s in it? If you don’t mind me asking.” 

“Just a bunch of stuff I’ve written. You got me back into writing and I’ve written a lot of things since, uh, well, you know.” 

“Since we dated?” you cringed. The wound was still so fresh. 

“Yeah, that. I should go. Thanks for keeping it,” you said before nodding at Steve and the team behind him. You turned to walk to the elevator and Wanda spoke up. 

“We’ll see you around, right?” she asked, her eyes becoming sadder. She knew the answer, but she wanted to be comforted. 

“Of course,” you croaked. 

“What would we do without you, right?” Clint joked. “I mean, I wouldn’t want Budapest to be broadcasted all over the world.” You chuckled and Natasha joined in. They had been so kind to share their Budapest story with you. It was the only inside joke you shared with the Avengers. 

“Budapest stays a secret. See you ‘round, guys.” You gave one last final wave before leaving.

As the year progressed, you landed a job where you wrote songs for the biggest artists in the music industry until people found out you could sing. In no time at all, you were given a record deal and everyone in the world knew your name. 

You hadn’t thought much about Steve and when you did, it didn’t hurt you at all. You accept that he moved on and you had to as well. Soon enough, your music played everywhere and your face was on billboards. Steve had noticed this too and was happy you moved on, but his heart tugged every time he heard you on the radio and every time he saw a promotional poster for your anticipated album.

“She’s going so well for herself,” Bucky commented. Steve tucked his hands in his jean pockets and looked at the ground. 

“Uh, yeah. Good for her.” 

“You okay?” 

“Yeah, I am. It’s good that she’s chasing her dreams.” 

As the day progressed, the team and Kelsey were hugely around the TV, watching E! Entertainment. They made it a joke - they’d always try to see what the media said about them and make fun of them later. What they didn’t anticipate was seeing you on the screen.

“Y/N!” the host exclaimed. “Tell us more about these two singles you released. The world is going nuts over them and everyone knows your name.” The team watched as you laughed.

“I’m happy they’re doing well. It’s sweet, whenever I meet fans, they always tell me how it’s so relatable and that they’re happy someone understands them.”

“What are these songs about?” 

“The first single I released was actually about an ex-boyfriend of mine. I wrote it when were were together and I thought about the things I loved about him most. I really wanted to emphasise how much he had helped me become a better person, basically.” 

The team smiled, but at the same time felt sad that you hadn’t gotten the chance to tell Steve this. Kelsey was jealous that her ex-best friend was achieving her goal, and Steve shifted in his seat, both slightly uncomfortable yet curious as to what you were going to say. 

“And the second single?” 

“It started out with me furiously writing about how much I hated my ex. In reality, I don’t. He’s a good person, really. But the song turned from writing about all the things I didn’t say to a self-help guide. I wanted to make myself feel better and I’m happy that other people are embracing themselves instead of focusing on someone who won’t love them back.” 

Steve winced and he felt his heart fall to the bottom of his chest. Had you really suffered? He hadn’t noticed because he was spending too much time with Kelsey. 

“Three of the songs on my album focus on the relationship I had with this person,” you began. “I lost my will to write for a while, but got back into it, and now I feel like it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“If you could say something to your ex, what would it be?” 

The team watched as you pondered your answer, eager to know what you were going to say. 

“I’d tell him that I’m happy with my life now and that he should keep doing the things that make him happy too. He’s a nice guy, really, so I’d tell him to keep being true to his heart because that got me to take the leap of faith and land a record deal.” The interviewer laughed at the joke you made and the team smiled. The show turned into a commercial and Tony spoke up. 

“I’m so proud of her,” he said. 

“Me too,” Wanda added. “She’s already nominated for six Grammys this year.” 

“Holy shit, that’s a lot,” Sam added. 

“Not to mention her album isn’t even out yet,” Natasha said. 

Kelsey tried to block them out and held onto Steve like he was her lifeline. Steve felt like his whole world was crashing down and wondered if leaving you was the right decision. At first, Steve thought you and him weren’t meant to be and that you didn’t love him either, because you had been so nonchalant when be broke up with you. Now he realised you hadn’t cried or yelled at him because you didn’t see the point in fighting for him when he said he committed himself to someone else. 

“Steve?” Kelsey whispered. “I think I’m gonna go back to my place for the night. I’m a little uncomfortable.” Steve nodded and watched her walk out the door. The team was immersed in their own conversation about your success. 

“I want to design her stage and the lighting,” Tony said. 

“I could be her body guard and security,” Natasha added. 

“Oh, me too! I’d beat up any fan that stalks her,” Bucky said. 

Everyone laughed. Steve stood around and tried to genuinely laugh at their jokes, but he wondered if leaving you was the right choice. He had heard your songs on the radio, but he didn’t know they were about him. Steve often thought about the person you wrote them for and wondered if you met someone else, but now that he knew you loved him and felt like you had nothing when he left, he felt so guilty. He had pushed away someone who genuinely loved him for Steve Rogers, not Captain America. Kelsey was great, but not as great as you. Steve had deciphered that for himself when he heard you say you got over him with his own ears. 

But it was too late. He hadn’t seen you since the day you came to find your notebook and Steve wished he could’ve read all the things you wrote about him. That night, he sat in his room and wondered if his love life was doomed because he let go of someone who cared about who he was inside. 

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