that one part just gave me a happy :d

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I honestly cried when I read on here that even is pan, because I'm pan and I never feel represented and it honestly felt so good to learn that one of my fav tv characters feels the same way as me abt something that important to me. Idk it just made me cry happy tears thought I'd share bless representation in the media and all that jazz

BABY. I am so happy for you. Can you actually believe though the representation Skam just gave to a big part of the LGBT community? There are so many like you who are overjoyed and I can’t be happier for you.

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💕 [lavendernest, even though we're rping but HERE'S A THING??]

Lance and Svan. <3 Such a precious pair. I love seeing the friendship that is developing between them. From two different parts of society but they just click so well. She actually gave him a chance to prove he’s not like way most knights in Ishgard have become. Proof his time among Haillenarte has been good for him.

Whether they are just friends or if something more eventually develops between them, I will love them either way. These two together make me happy. :D These two are one of my few favorite interactions on Lance.

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What about your internet freinds at the time I was being bullied I was an out cast and I'd also just came out as bisexual but my girlfriend online kept me happy and grounded and gave me something to fight for ya know and it could even be a pet or a close cousin anybody your close with really helps a lot . I don't know about the homophobic parents part but I do know my class mates are homophobic ,one time a guy came in with a confederate flag what I do is just kinda ignore them ya know?

oh, well… my mother isn´t homophobic, my dad is…. >.>