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the cast of bsd as youtubers, who would do what? will they do collab? ooh better couple youtubers!!!

Yes! I am such YouTube trash! I will totally do this! Ahhhh!!

  • Chuuya
    • Totally runs a fashion/lifestyle channel
    • Has a pretty popular instagram
    • Very aesthetic
    • Uploads makeup tutorials and new outfits he’s gotten
    • Occasional covers (some with Dazai)
    • His subscribers meet Dazai when he brings him on to do his makeup
    • The makeup bit turns out horrible but it’s absolutely adorable because they’re bickering and picking at each other the whole time
    • And Dazai kisses him onscreen 
    • It’s sickeningly sweet
  • Dazai
    • Actually has a small channel, though he’s mostly known for showing up on Chuuya’s channel
    • Most of his videos are him making random vlogs and people watch them cuz he’s really nice to watch onscreen
    • He’s attractive is what I mean
    • His twitter and tumblr is wonderful though
    • His tweets are snarky and hilarious and his tumblr is a shitpost goldmine where he’ll sometimes talk about mental illness
    • His instagram is literally just pictures of Chuuya
    • Chuuya sleeping, Chuuya trying on clothes, Chuuya playing with Dazai’s cat
    • It’s ridiculous
  • Atsushi
    • The sweetest, loveliest human disaster to ever grace the website
    • He makes videos about his life, about bad decisions he makes XD
    • He’s a dork.
    • He has a cat that everyone loves and who always shows up in his videos. It’s like a running gag. There are gifsets of every time his cat has shown up.
    • This is what I’m thinking his videos are kinda like
    • He’s really a big sweetheart though and he loves talking to fans and taking photos
  • Akutagawa
    • Quiet and mysterious he doesn’t make many videos but when he does they’re pretty popular (idk what they’re about I need ideas)
    • He and Atsushi know each other and start up a gaming channel where they compete with one another.
    • Akutagawa is very quiet and intense, (which is hilarious in its own way) and Atsushi is very dramatic and flails his limbs about like a bird.
    • They got drunk together once and it went viral 
    • It’s literally them answering fan questions, Atsushi getting progressively more and more emotional and Aku getting tired and leaning against Atsushi in exhaustion
    • So he’s like the cryptid of the YouTube community. Never shows up at events but people know who he is.

Balance And New Beginnings, A Supernatural Season 12 AU

Dean turns his back on his family and the legacy of the Men of Letters when he learns Sam and Mary have been working with their British counterparts behind his back. Joining Cas on good-old-fashioned hunting trips, occasionally aided by Crowley, he soon learns there are more good monsters out there than he ever thought possible. And they need a protector. Meanwhile, Sam is growing more and more lonely until one day, he looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize the man staring back at him. Is it too late to return to the brother he’s let down so many times before?


Doctor Who Fest: day 1

↳ Favourite companion: The TARDIS

I chose the TARDIS for multiple reasons and one of them may very well be that I am completely unable to decide between those numerous fantastic people who have travelled with her and the Doctor. Another one is her being the Doctors oldest companion by far and all those occasion when he had nothing left but his trusty ship. We shouldn’t, of course, forget that I just really really love the TARDIS. A lot.

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can you post your bw psd for the jaime/tyrion gifset you posted? :)

Anonymous said: can you release your b&w got psd?

Okay, so this is the b/w psd I use for everything, not just Thrones. There’s obviously adjustments needed depending on the show/scene, but this is always my basis.


Please don’t repost/claim as your own ♥

headcanon: Red had a crush on Snow (but she didn’t realize it at the time) because snow was so kind to her and gentle, and she knew what Red was and what she had done but Snow never looked at her differently and still thought the absolute world of Red aND THAt kills me, because FTL Red is a bby, and she is so insecure and unsure and she thinks she’s this terrible creature but here is Snow fucking White who is this pure hearted thing with righteousness and heroism in her fucking blood and she thinks Red is good and its what keeps her from spiraling. Of course the crush fades eventually like most do, and later when Red has matured and gotten more of a handle on her wolf, when she’s in Storybrooke, she’ll look back and realize what she had felt. But, she’ll think maybe that was something she needed and is grateful for it, for Snow. Because had it not been for her, Red probably would have gotten lost inside her own self-loathing and sadness.

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I was wondering why so many ship Bamon. Like, genuinely curious, and a lot of the responses I get are geared toward Stefan and Elena being back together. But I also want to know what some of your top ten or twenty reasons are to ship Bamon? That obviously does not include Stelena?

In my experience, shipping Bamon isn’t inherently tied to shipping any other pairing. Some Bamon shippers also ship SE, but many ship SC (there’s even a ship name for that foursome, Belvafore), and many are like me and aren’t really invested in either of those ships.

Bamon shippers get asked the question “Why do you ship Bamon?” a lot. To the point where it feels kind of insulting, lol, as if the ship is somehow unfathomable for no apparent reason. But you’ve asked politely, and it’s not like I’m about to pass up the chance to talk about Bamon…

Top 10 or 20 reasons might be too much considering how long-winded I am, but let’s see:

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This needs to be said. Please DO NOT repost someone else’s gifs or graphics without their permission. I just had some one steal some of my gifs and use them on their own gifset and did not credit me at all. Creators spend lots of time and energy working on making gifs and graphics to share with the fandom and its very disrespectful to them to ignore that work and steal the content. If you like something, it is much easier and a lot better to just reblog it instead of reposting it.