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hattoririma replied to your photoset “professor layton but like, wack  professor reiton  reiton”

Im in love with this AU may I require some morr

ask and ye shall receive my friend 


The Capaldi Era (32/41)

Knock Knock - written by Mike Bartlett - directed by Bill Anderson

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  • How people think centrism works: On your left, we have Bad Politik, who want to burn children, and on your right, we have Good Politik, who want to feed and shelter all the children, and they are the only ones who think this. Mr. Centrist here thinks we should just burn half the children and shelter and feed the rest, so that way we are compromising.
  • How it actually works: So on your left, we have DaddyOFive, and on your right, you have a MAP. Mr. Centrist here thinks you need to find a nice balance between Treating Children Like Money-Filled Pinatas and Loving Kids A Little Too Much, that way the kids are alright.

I got some fleece lined perfect fit harnesses on gum tree. Had to eyeball the measurements so I bought all three. Was so excited to see some in Australia. They still got the tags on and all.

They look good? I need to adjust them a bit.

I was thinking as Noseworks and tracking harnesses, so I don’t keep using the car harnesses.

Kill La Kill - Bunny business

A birthday gift for the lovely @pure-red-wine. This fanfiction/drabble is based on one of her works, which you can see here. I hope you enjoy it, and have a nice birthday too!

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Hair AU Quinn? Hair AU Quinn. The Middle picture and back view are my favorites!   I think the middle one is really really good!! And captures their personality! (ANd the back view but I didn’t have to draw eyes for that XD) I don’t like the front view as much but it’s still okay. The front view is really rare, When Quinn has long hair it is almost always in a braid.

Quinn can forget to cut their hair for a long time and it results in this. They prefer having short hair but they do not hate long hair.

I also draw Quinn way to femininely? Quinn is supposed to be androgynous but I don’t do too well conveying that. It’s probably the fact that I usually draw girls.

Overwatch: Accidental Infiltration

I’m sure everyone saw Carolina Ravassa (Sombra’s VA) post this on Twitter yesterday. 

I love them. 

You can find me on Twitter here!

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