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literally almost every anti-ks/’discourser’ blog is just

one brave soul hears word of a webcomic called killing stalking that’s only been referred to as ‘bad’. so they venture off to read it. they cant make it pass the first chapter as they were offended by woo calling bum a faggot (sorry i meant f*ggt) or something. they return to tumblr dot com with tears in their eyes and a horrendous tale to tell. ‘its bad’ they proclaim. hushed murmurs begin to fill the room as the crowd wonders of the horrors that have been seen. all of their followers whisper and nod in agreement to one another. despite never actually reading it,, they were too afraid too,, they could all simply come to one final conclusion. 'its bad’ their followers repeat in a chorus. koogi is then crucified and burned on a stake. 

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Here are some cold hard facts for people who overlook the situation. Harry will be the most successful because he's been prepped for YEARS to go solo. He has been advertised by his team as the best one, the one who deserves recognition, as if it weren't for Liam and Louis writing most of the songs for the last albums. So when people are pretending they're all on equal grounds, they're fucking lying. End of.



You are valid

You are loved

You are wanted

I’m proud of you

I see you

Did you only get out of bed today? I’m proud of you

Did you get out of bed and get dressed? I’m proud of you

Did you get out of bed and eat something? I’m proud of you

Did you get out of bed, get dressed, and eat something? I’m proud of you

Did you do something so you could take care of yourself? I’m proud of you

That mask that you wear to protect yourself, I know why you keep it up, and its okay. I’m proud of you for being able to do that

Did you have a really bad day? You’re still alive and wanted. I’m proud of you for making it to the end of the day. Tomorrow may be better

Did you have a good day? You’re still alive and wanted. I’m proud of you.

Even if you had a total break down today and you were a wreck, I’m proud of you. You made it another 24 hours. 

@ all anti-kallus people. You say that Kallus is irredeemable, you say that he is a completely evil Nazi, and that he’s redemption arc is the worst thing swr has ever done. Well, I have a counter argument.

Isn’t star wars all about seeing the good in everyone? I mean, all through out the prequals Obi-wan (and qui-gon) saw the best in Anakin. Padme tried to see the best in Anakin after his turn. Obi-wan didn’t want to kill Anakin, even after he murdered those younglings, he wanted to bring him back to the light. 

Luke always tried to see the best in Vader, even after he watched him kill his mentor. He wanted to bring Vader back to the light. And he did. I mean, the only reason the Emperor died is because Luke saw the good in Vader, brought him back to the light, and then brought down the whole empire.

And no one ever argues about Vader’s redemption arc. Besides the emporer he was the biggest Nazi in star wars. He participated in order 66, he killed younglings, he cut off Luke’s hand, he killed Obi-wan, he blew up alderaan, he tortured Leia, he tortured Han, he froze Han in carbonate, and yet no one ever argues about that.

Is Kallus really THAT irredeemable? I mean, there are so many others who have done much worse things. 

  • book: shows a character info dumping, having shutdowns, having special interests, not picking up on social cues
  • book: character has a recurring verbal tick, goes from silent to extremely talkative at random
  • book: character is constantly described as having "a brain condition"
  • me: autism is a six letter word my dude
I know everyone is going to kill me for this but...

I need to see Dan straight hair again

Don’t get me wrong I love his hobbit hair!
It’s just that…
Just one more time… please
I didn’t have time to say goodbye

Because it’s never, ever terrifying when people start talking about the “new order” that’s coming, is it?

There are some ships you can warm up to, and some you just can't get into at all.

It doesn’t mean the ships are any less valid or important. They just aren’t for you. So I don’t judge when someone says they don’t ship my ship. Chances are I don’t ship one of theirs, and that won’t change simply by reading more fanfiction or viewing more art. Some ships either click or don’t. Others take some warming up until they click. I usually give a ship a chance before I decide which category it falls under. Sometimes you warm up to ones you wouldn’t expect.

Anyone care to share the ships they’ve warmed up or just can’t get into?

Your Time - Yuzuru Hanyu

The importance of context!
I had previously translated the first bits of this interview that came out yesterday, and sorely wanted to see a less butchered version. Thankfully, sometimes Japanese TV does come through XD (still cut though)

Isn’t the term “expressiveness” something that’s fundamentally difficult to put into words? If you tried it’d be something like “that pose was pretty” and that’s part of “expressiveness” too.

Taking it to the extreme, what comes to mind is “why not just talk to them?”. Why not just face the judges and talk to them - that in it’s own way is also “expressiveness” isn’t it?

Full translation under the cut

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I knew this was coming.

I watched the clip earlier.

And yet I’m still having to pause because I’m laughing so fucking hard that I’m in tears.

Aoyagi. I love you. I would die for you.

But what the actual fuck.

and that’s why Ivor is no longer allowed within 50ft of laundry baskets

Fic - We Say the Words and Sign Our Names

Part One of a Dragon Queen fic I’ve been working on for months. I usually don’t post until a fic is finished, but I’m hoping the guilt will prompt me to finish it sooner rather than later.  And because the lovely @oparu is sick and deserves fic.

So, DQ fic set in non-magical Storybrooke.  This has a strong helping of Outlaw Queen BroTP as well, so don’t read if that’s not your thing.  It also features Mal issuing a smackdown on Cora, because I can’t seem to write DQ fic that does not feature Mal issuing a smackdown on Cora. 

Rated T. 

Mal refused to get married in Storybrooke.

When the election results came in, 53% in favor, they didn’t even talk about it.  Mal had just looked down at their entwined hands, raised one of those perfectly sculpted brows at her, and that was it.  They were getting married.  So when the details came down and December 29th became “the date,” Regina just assumed they would get their license at City Hall. Especially considering that the licensure office was literally two doors down from hers.

But Mal had balked.  I am not going to get married in this town full of narrow-minded, judgmental hypocrites. She had been insistent that nothing of their marriage was going to be “tainted by this town and their pettiness”; when she phrased it like that, Regina could hardly disagree.

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