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Things We Shouldn’t Do (Part 8 of 9)

Chapter Word Count: 10.5k (88.9k total)

“I’m going to kill him,” Octavia said, matter-of-fact and unflinching.

“O,” Bellamy sighed, and Clarke ached to reach through her computer screen and card her fingers through those loose curls.  He looked like he hadn’t slept much the night before, and she’d watched him down no less than two cups of coffee since they’d started this Skype call.

“Bellamy’s right,” Raven said from next to her.  “We have to be fucking smart about this.  Because he sure as hell was.”

“I knew he was a snake,” Octavia spit out.  “Clarke, didn’t I tell you he was a snake?”

“Yeah, that’s all well and good, but all four of us know that Clarkey here doesn’t have the world’s best taste in romantic partners.  Or a good history with listening to her friends,” Raven replied with a strong look in Clarke’s direction.

Clarke rolled her eyes.  “Personally, I think things are looking up in that department.”

“Maybe the first one.  If you’d listened to me months ago, none of this shit would have happened and you and Bellamy would be married with two kids and a Labrador by now.”

Octavia was nodding and then screeching.  She shoved Bellamy sideways and he squawked.  Clarke guessed he’d elbowed her offscreen.

“Okay, you two, stop it,” Raven chastised as Bellamy reached over to shove his sister again.  “We called this meeting because we have some serious planning to do.  And I refuse to let the thing that’s made my best friend incandescently happy slip away because Finn Collins is a raging douchebag.”

“If we didn’t give everyone trophies in Little League and cultivate this culture of entitlement, none of this would have ever happened,” Octavia added.

“I think that culture of entitlement you’re referring to dates back a lot farther than Little League, Octavia, but whatever you say,” Clarke replied dryly.

Octavia waved a dismissive hand.  “Whatever.  But I’m with Raven.  Bell and Clarke deserve to be happy together and I’m not letting that greasy-haired asshole stand in the way of that.”

“So…what do we do then?” Bellamy asked. “Because this isn’t going to blow over.  And honestly, it’s coming at what’s almost the worst possible time.  Just over a month before season two premieres,” he added, as though the other three didn’t know exactly what he was talking about.

“Well, luckily, you two are going to DragonCon in a week.  There’ll be questions but you can set the record straight.” Raven paused.  “I feel like that’s the best time to do it.

“We’re going to have to clear any kind of public statement with our agents and Bellamy’s publicist,” Clarke warned.  “Anya would skin me if I said anything she didn’t agree to first.”

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Hey guys, just a little reminder to not tag your maladaptive daydreaming posts as ‘md’ or ‘mdd’. Those tags are used for other disorders and they’ve asked us multiple times not to use them for madd things. Thank you <3

Confession: Every time I read or type “Y/N” my brain doesn’t fill in a name; it just makes a yah-numm sound.

(It’s like a little siren and I don’t know why.)

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Have a rude Hobi, have 10 of them to get through your interview and your exam and your competition 👀 (I got these after being bias wrecked by JK and trying to balance myself out again- treat them well)

ahh thank you sweetie :’) i’ll treat them with all the love they deserve don’t worry 😍 

The Spoiler has been idiotically compromised

I have some news.

When I found the “big” spoiler in a crew member’s account a few days later an insta account known for digging out Lucifer spoiler (Tariel22) posted some pictures from that account.

As Tariel22 had added the source in a motorcycle picture I warned her that the crew’s account contained something that could get him in trouble so I advised on removing that source.

I honestly believed that she would realise the gravity but no. At the moment I’m presumably blocked from that account and Tariel22 has outed the spoiler. Yet for a person who has no idea about the comics she just got everything wrong…

The spoiler is under this Keep Reading. I warn you that it’s big and it’s not Biblical. You see in this show if you want to go hunt for spoilers you have to know the comics otherwise chaos ensues…

I tried. I really tried but I failed. I’m sorry. So at this turn of events, it’s better to let you know:



Meaning that you are spoiler safe when it comes to that. I want to keep this blog filled with spoilers but not to the asshole extend. (I’m sorry extremely pissed european here)

Keep reading

*Writes 20 pages of summaries and Notes for Knockouts back story Fanfic!*

“Alright I GOT THIS!!”

*Realises now needs to write said fanfiction*


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She has 4 albums that sold more than 1 million copies in the first week in an era that is awash with streaming and illegal downloads, and I’m so proud of how she’s going down as one of the golden icons in music history, and of ourselves because we made a right choice in stanning a legend ™

I just want to send all my love to everyone who participated in the ❤️ ask because this has been a rough day and thinking about all the ways in which you guys have touched my life and mended my heart has offered a lot of perspective. I just want to take a second to remind everyone that failure is not something to be feared. Do the best that your health and mind will allow and if it doesn’t work out, if you don’t reach your goal, do it again. Win, lose, make mistakes, learn from them, help others, spread love and encouragement, and know that you are valid and worthy of love and happiness during your lowest moments, through your biggest failures, and in your greatest regrets. It isn’t your job to be good at everything, it isn’t your responsibility to always be beautiful and put together, or wise. Live in your failures, own up to them, revel in them even. But always get up and try harder next time.

Alright, folks!! Its late over here and tomorrow (or today, since its 12 where i am) is gonna be hell for me no matter what happens, so imma hit the hay.

But before i go, just wanted to tell y'all that I’m making a special treat for y'alls enjoyment!!

I managed to record most of the process of drawing the latest answer, which means i got all 8 drawings and how i made them on video!!

Currently, my computer is still processing the 3 hour long footage, but once i get everything settled, y'all will get a special speedpaint to thank y'all for over 200 followers!! I hope you will enjoy it once i get it done, and if ya learn about drawing from watching speedpaints like i do, i hope it’ll help you improve your own art!!

Until later, folks!!

I’m sorry to announce this

but I won’t be doing any more Pantless Heroes edits anymore.

Thank you for all of the support for my stupid shenanigans up until now

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hEY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW ME SOME LANCE YO please 😍 idk maybe playing a video game? or him just being lance bc lance is good but ily

i got a little bit carried away……….. :D