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Casual Prompto! Look at him wearing his boyfriend best friend’s clothes
D’awww how gross, they match ahahaaha!
Here we go something that isn’t quick this time!
Sister piece to the Noctis one I did a while back

adhd things:
  • fifteen different cups spread throughout your house
  • scrolling through tumblr, looking up, and suddenly having twelve different tabs open.
  • too many tabs open is Hell™, bUT YOU CAN’T STOP OPENING NEW ONES.
  • “if you cared you’d remember”
  • constantly have spelling mistakes and wrong answers bc you couldn’t just fucking concentrate and reread your work, ffs why are you like this
  • you swear you just sat your thing down, yet it’s nowhere in sight.
  • getting bad grades because you can’t fucking do your schoolwork lmao it’s the Best
  • finding your shit in the most random places, like fucking keys in the bathroom. once i put my shoes in the fridge. what the fuck.
  • needing to do this Thing, but being physically incapable of just. frigging getTING UP AND DOING IT. u just. need to get up. and walk. BUT YOU CAN’T.
  • t o o m a n y s t e p s c a n t d o
  • tfw you’re talking to someone and you can’t process anything they’re saying even though you’re /trying/ to focus.
  • having seven different documents on your computer you use to write down and keep track of things you want to remember. you still forget them because you forgot to check the documents.
Normally Odd

Guess who made a part two heck yeah it’s me finally

Part 2 to this 
Ship: Kadota Kyohei / Rokujo Chikage
Fandom: DRRR
AO3 | FF
Summary:  Kadota keeps avoiding Chikage, much to his own chagrin. 

Kyohei Kadota isn’t a man of cowardice, not usually.
But there are rare instances that make the man known for his steadfast and upfront nature shake in his shoes and hide behind his thick, knit cap in embarrassment.
And apparently one of those instances is kissing his friend, the leader of a biker gang.

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CASPAR’S DATE - a Caspar Lee imagine

“Caspar?” you asked cautiously as you gently unlocked his front door.

There was no response and so you shut the door behind you, before taking off your shoes. Caspar had asked you a couple days ago to come over before going out for a lunch date at your favourite café. Here you were, ready for a cute afternoon spent with your boyfriend and yet, he was no where to be seen. You looked through to the living area that was in your line of sight and into the kitchen but Caspar was in neither. He was probably busy editing his new video with headphones in, you thought as you continued into the apartment.


Again, there was no response. You poked your head into his study and spare room, only to see that he wasn’t there. The final place he could be was his bedroom, unless he had forgotten about your plans and gone out. As you headed over to the final room in the apartment, you saw that the door was only slightly ajar but well lit.

Pushing it open quietly, you entered to see Caspar asleep amongst a pile of white sheets. He was sprawled out over the bed; hair messy and mouth agape. You stifled a small laugh at the sight, he looked adorable. You moved closer and gently nudged his bare shoulder. He groaned and just rolled over, eyes still shut.

“Caspar, its me,” you said softly.

He just mumbled some sort of response, burrowing further into his thick blanket. You couldn’t help but laugh then.

“Caspar! Come on, its almost noon,” you exclaimed. “We’re meant to be having lunch!”

He mumbled something again before reaching out and pulling you onto the bed beside him. You laughed as he snuggled close to you, though you were on top of the sheets. Caspar was warm and you melted into his embrace as he pressed a light kiss to your forehead. Leaning up, you pressed a sweet kiss to his lips before curling up beside him.

“Y/N, I love you,” he said, sleep still evident in his voice.

“Love you too,” you smiled. “But Caspar, lunch!”

“No! I just want to here stay.”

“Here stay?”

“Stay here!” he corrected himself, after poking his tongue out, slightly exasperated. “I’m so tired and confused.”

You laughed again, “I can see that.”

He laughed too, “I went out last night and it was really cheeky.”

He shook his head and buzzed his lips.

“Cheeky? I really need to stop using that word.”

He let out another sigh, “Maybe I should start this again… Or should I just keep showing you how bad I am at talking to my girlfriend sometimes?”

“Oh, Caspar,” you said. “You’re cute.”

Caspar pulled the sheets up over his nose so that all you could see were his shining blue eyes.

“I’m shy now,” he said, cheeks flushed.

You just laughed and pulled the blanket down so you could see his entire face.

He gave you a sheepish grin, “Hi?’

Caspar pulled the blanket out from beneath you before letting it fall to rest over your legs. He then pulled you in so you were right beside him, his bare chest a comforting place. He entwined his long legs (covered in his favourite pair of pyjama bottoms) with yours, closing the gap between you as much as he could.

"Come on, let’s go eat,” you said.

“Mm,” he said. “Let’s just stay here for a bit.”

He then reached to lift your chin up so that you would face him, before kissing you. It wasn’t rough or lust filled like any other time that you were in his bed, rather, it was soft and gentle. It was a kiss that reflected upon how tired he was, whilst still showing you how much he cared. It was long and soft and sweet, and one that you would remember forever.

After he pulled away, you didn’t object. It was nice to just chill and relax with Caspar, especially considering how busy he often was. You cuddled close to his chest so that you could listen to his heartbeat, something that was always steady and strong. He ran his fingers through your hair as you both lay in comfortable silence. Suddenly, you heard his stomach errupt in a loud grumble. That made you laugh loud, louder than all the other times before.

Caspar laughed too, before saying, “Okay, maybe it is time for lunch.”

Part of the DATE series.


Battle of the Holidays

Here’s a silly one-shot idea I came up with while at work. Hope you all like it.

Summary: Halloween and Christmas just aren’t meant to mix. Natsu accepted this without any questions. That was, until the pink scaled dragon met a glowing angel. They were destined to be enemies, but sometimes fate is meant to be ignored. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

I also don’t own any of the songs mentioned in this story. The songs go as followed: “The Christmas Shoes”, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”, “Baby, it’s cold outside”, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, and “Wonderful Christmas Time”.

Rated: T

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Friendship/Romance (With a tiny bit of angst)

Word Count: 6,909

Read on or AO3

“Thank you for shopping at Magnolia Mart. We will be closing in five minutes. Please make your final selections and bring them to the front. We will gladly check you out. We will reopen tomorrow at eight AM for your shopping convenience. And as always, thank you for shopping at your local Magnolia Mart.”

Natsu grinned. Or, he tried to grin. He still had a while until the spell would activate, giving him and his fellow Halloween friends the gift of life. See, Natsu was a dragon statue. During shopping hours he was an item available to be purchased, but when the employees clocked out and the doors locked, the Halloween decorations came alive.

No one knew how it started, or who was responsible for casting the spell. Somehow they all just knew about it, and that was what they accepted as fact. Everyone was just glad for the spell since it gave them a little bit of freedom.

Of course there was another aspect of the spell that Natsu had not been a fan of at first. Halloween decorations weren’t the only ones to come to life. Christmas decorations were the same way, and that infuriated him.

It wasn’t Natsu’s fault he had a hatred for Christmas. It was hardwired into his brain when he was built at the factory. All Halloween items felt the same way as him. It made it worse that Halloween stuff were set up the week after Labor Day, and Christmas was set up the next week after that.

Why the hell couldn’t Christmas just chill out?

Could it not wait until Thanksgiving was over with before stomping its way into the store?

These were some of the default thoughts programmed into Natsu’s brain. Natsu glared at the other end of the store. Halloween was set up in two aisles while Christmas got three aisles and a huge middle area for their decorated trees.

The nerve of them!

He loved it when it was just Halloween for a week. They partied, brawled, and had a grand old time. Natsu wished it could have lasted longer, but there was nothing to be done about it now. At least this gave him someone to fight!

Natsu heard someone make another announcement, claiming the store was now closed. It wouldn’t be long until he could stretch his wings and join the fight. Yes, Halloween really disliked Christmas. As soon as the spell would take over, the creepy decorations would attack!

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To Baden Baden

“I mean we’re already away and it’s on our way back anyhow what difference does it make if we pop in for a night?” Grell pouted, kicking at the dirt and rubble lightly with the toe of her heels.  Just enough to kick up some earth but not enough to scuff her shoes.  Really, it was the perfect opportunity if only Will would dig down and find his sense of adventure.

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winneresque  asked:

Winner: 2, 8, 13, 16 please 😁

2: Who would die first in a horror movie.

oh god, they’d all be as bloody useless as each other. seungyoon, you can potentially have a little faith in. but still, that’s pushing it hahaha. like i would trust none of them if some rampant serial killer/ghost was after us. i feel like it’d either be jinwoo or mino. 

maybe mino. like just think back to that winner tv episode where they scare them all, ffs. 

8: Who is most likely to embarrass the entire group by doing something dumb. 

i feel like the dumb and dumber duo are an obvious pick for this. but they just kinda mess about and act like idiots. but jinwoo, being the cute airhead that he is, would be likely to embarrass them all by saying something so ridiculously dumb and naive. 

13: Which member probably learned to tie their shoes last. 

oooh, this one’s difficult. definitely not namtae, or seungyoon; they seem like they would’ve been smartass kids. hoonie? he was probably too hyperactive to concern himself with tying his shoes. 

16: Which member would be most likely to spend an entire day at the aquarium.

jinwoo. because he got lost trying to find the exit.

send me a kpop group and a number

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Just a dream

For CS AU week
Future CS
Angst below

It was a sunny evening when she told him. One of those evenings when the world turned gold as the light shone off each surface. It glinted off the windows of the quiet town, and it danced on the water. They walked down the shoreline her arms wrapped around his, their fingers linked together. 

Emma had her shoes off, hanging from one hand, swaying with her steps. And they walked that line of firm wet sand, the rocky sand rubbing at her feet, a gentle burn soothed by the cool water each time the waves would reach up.

She slowed for a moment, her feet sinking a little into the sand as she stood still, finally done running. He turned to her when he felt her stop. His eyes flickering between hers as though they could see her hesitation written in them.

 “There’s something I need to tell you,” she said biting her lip, not sure how to get the words out. Words that had been threatening to burst out of her for days.

“Is everything all right, love?” he asked her just a hint of worry slipping into his voice.

“Yeah,” she smiled reaching up to put her hand against his cheek. “Everything’s fine.”

He held her gaze as he dropped a nod to her. That one he always gave her, the one that gave her permission and courage to unburden herself.

She squeezed his hand to anchor herself as the words left her in little more than a whisper, “Killian, I’m pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” he stared at her dumbfounded as though he had never heard the word before. She let out a small, nervous laugh as she watched him struggle, and the sound seemed to bring him from his thoughts. The shadow of fear that had flickered over his expression replaced by warm love as a smile stretched over his lips, that smile he saved for her. The one she loved more than all the others.

“You’re sure?” he asked and that eyebrow of his raised just a little. 

She nodded and then his arms were around her lifting her and she buried her laugh in his neck as he spun her once around. And then he set her back on the soft sand, his forehead resting against hers. A small laugh escaped from him into the narrow space between them.

“We’ll have a little one?” he asked her in disbelief, something like joy in the tears caught in his eyes.

She smiled widely, her head bobbing as she nodded eagerly. “Yeah,” she breathed and then he was kissing her again. She wanted to stay in that moment forever, wrapped in sunshine, all their dreams coming true. 

They waited a couple weeks to tell the others. And for that time it was their secret. It was in the glint in their eyes as they met across the table at family dinner. And it was in the quiet between them as they sat and read together in the afternoon sun. And it was something beautiful in those quiet moments, the intimate feel of him against her, a new connection as their eyes met, their breaths coming together. It was in his weight over her and her laugh breathed in his ear. It was a love she never thought was possible, and she was almost reluctant to share this happiness with everyone else. Because in that moment it was only them and the rest of the world fell away, for that moment it was only them and soon it never would be again.

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Kill the lights and kiss my eyes (Steve/Peggy)

Steve and Peggy have a quiet moment after returning home from a mission. Modern!Steggy. Imagine your otp patching each other up trope.
Rated K
1449 words, one-shot

A big thank you to agentofvalue​ for proof reading this

Also on & AO3

When you kill the lights and kiss my eyes, I feel like a person for a moment of my life”

She walks through the door first, reaching back to remove her shoes. His hands work the locks with practiced agility before he turns and wraps an arm around Peggy’s waist. He pulls her close walking them slowly backwards until they collide against the foyer wall with a soft thud and she rests her cheek on his shoulder feeling the roughness of armor underneath his civilian clothes.

Their lives are reduced to sore muscles and the dulled sounds of the city at 3am bleeding in through imperceptible cracks in the windows of their Brooklyn apartment. The car engines, feet tapping the pavement, restaurant doors opening and falling shut behind customers and indistinct chatter adding to a mass of familiarity that equates silence to them and integrates the stillness of the dimly lit environment in place of disrupting it.

He plants a kiss to the top of her head and breathes her in with eyes closed, attentive to the rhythm of the rise and fall of her chest against his own and the way her lungs seem to rattle when she inhales.

“Were you hurt?” He mouths the words into her hair, a whisper scrapped by exhaustion while his hands glide up from her waist to her ribs until she hisses in pain when the touch levels with her heart.

“A bullet graze,” she answers softly bringing her own hands to remove his from her wound. “It will heal.”

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OQ Smut Week: Day 5

Teacher and Student

Robin Locksley stood outside Mifflin Hall, working up the courage to go inside. Everyone told him he was foolish, that Professor Mills did not offer extra credit and that he should just accept the fact he was going to fail her law class. But Robin was not one to just give up. 

His shoes echoed in the empty hall as he approached her office. It was the only one with the door open and the lights on, meaning she was working late. With a deep breath, he knocked on the wall by the door frame. 

“I don’t have evening hours,” she said, not bothering to look up. 

“I know, Professor, but I was hoping you might make an exception this time.” 

Regina Mills glanced up, her brown eyes scanning over him before she frowned. “Mr. Locksley, what can I do for you?” 

“I was hoping to discuss my grade with you,” he replied, palms sweaty. 

She leaned back. “What’s there to discuss? You bombed the last quiz and your paper was only so-so. There’s not much else I can do.” 

“Maybe with some extra credit…” He took a few long strides closer but she held up her hand, halting him. 

Professor Mills shook her head. “I don’t give extra credit. Everyone on this campus knows that.” 

“Can’t you make an exception? Just this once?” He sat down across from her, letting his messenger bag land on the floor with a dull thud. 

“If I make an exception for you, I’ll have to make one for everyone. So, no, Mr. Locksley, I can’t.” 

He sighed. “Is there anything I can do?” 

She tilted her head, studying him as her red lips formed a smile. “I think there is. How far are you willing to go to improve your grades?”

“All the way,” he said.

“Good.” Professor Mills stood and crossed her office. She closed the door and locked it, turning to give him a look of unbridled lust. 

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Jaspearl fic: Cry

Highschool AU ~ can also be read on ( fyi this is a different AU than my other one.  I just wanted to do a little jaspearl hurt/comfort drabble.)

Pearl was kneeled over on the floor struggling with a roll of tape.

“Come on,” Jasper groaned in annoyance.

“I-I’m going as fast as I can,” she retorted.

The two were currently in the school hallway hanging up large posters for the upcoming school election.  And while Pearl was happy to help out, Jasper was less than willing.  She’d rather be in class than stuck here with this goody-two-shoes, prim and proper girl.

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The Second Trimester (1/?)

So basically, I just really miss Captain Swan and I had a hankering for some pregnant smut.  So this happened. Set sometime in the future after Emma is no longer the DO and Killian and Emma are living happily ever after!

SUMMARY: With a whole weekend to themselves, Killian and a pregnant Emma set out to try all the sex positions she finds online that are best to do during the second trimester. Basically, some Captain Swan Future Family feels and smut.

RATED: M for lots of sexy times! Like, it’s pretty much gonna be all sexy times!

Also on:

Killian was exhausted as he walked up the sidewalk to his home by the sea.  It had been a long day at the docks and his duties as Storybrooke Harbormaster had taken a toll on his 300 year old body.

The house was quiet as he stepped through the front door and removed his shoes, placing his belongings on the hook that was designated his between the one designated for Emma and the one for Henry.  He smiled to himself as he reminded himself he needed to add a fourth hook for the newest member of the Jones family that was already on his way.

He glanced around the open floor plan for any site of his wife or son.  He had been in such a daze he hadn’t even noticed if Emma’s bug was in the driveway or not.  He walked over to the kitchen and glanced at the schedule stuck to the fridge.  Henry was with Robin and Regina this weekend, so that explained the absence of one member of his family.  

“Emma?” he called out.  “Love, are you here?”

He walked back out into the entryway and up the stairs to the second floor. He walked past Henry’s room and glanced into the nursery which was currently a construction zone.  Besides three paint cans, a rocking chair, and boxes of furniture he had to put together, the room was empty.  

Heading back downstairs, he walked down the hall that led to the master suite and found the door cracked open.  

“Sweetheart, are you —“ he began as he opened the door before Emma was upon him and attacking his mouth.  It took him a second before he registered what was happening but soon enough his brain was caught up and he was kissing her back. He placed his hooked arm at her lower back to anchor himself while his right arm drifted over her skin.  Her completely bare skin.

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For felicityqueenotp, one of the winners of my fanfic giveaway.  I hope you like it!

Clarke hated these galas.  She hated having to dress up and put on nice shoes and mingle.  Who had ever decided that mingling was fun?  Whoever they were she wanted to punch them.

These were the thoughts in her head as she trailed behind Wells through the halls of Alpha Station.

“Come on, Clarke, live a little,” he called over his shoulder, a familiar grin on his face.

She shook her head good-naturedly and hurried to catch up.  “You know I hate these things.”

He made a face.  “Yeah, but this one’s special.”

“Wells…come on.”

He pulled a mask out of his pocket.  “A masquerade, Clarke!  You know?  Fun!”

She narrowed her eyes.  “Oh, shut up.”

Abby seemed to think that these things were supposed to be fun.  That all teenagers wanted to dress up and join a large mass of their peers to get kind of tipsy, awkwardly dance, and make out in dark corners.

And who knew, maybe most teenagers did want that.  But Clarke was definitely not one of them.  So she went to these things to please her mother and keep her off her back more than anything else.

The masquerade was already in full force by the time they arrived, the room full of a flurry of dresses and hair lost in the anonymity of the masks their peers wore.

Wells nudged her and made a show of putting on his own mask, smiling as she rolled her eyes.  She slid hers over her eyes and a thrill went through her.

Okay, she allowed herself to think.  Maybe this isn’t going to be too bad after all.

The secrecy was thrilling she decided later.  The anonymity of it all, the not knowing who anyone else was, the losing yourself in the give and take of the crowd.  Clarke had lost track of her own identity somewhere between twirling with Wells and ending up in the arms of a random stranger with shaggy brown hair.  He’d dipped her father, offered her a rakish smile, and disappeared, leaving Clarke breathing a little heavily, staring after him.

Then Wells had appeared behind her, tapped her shoulder lightly, and the spell was broken.

So, yeah okay, Clarke might have been enjoying herself a little.  But there was no need to tell Abby that.  Wells would rub her face in it enough as it was.

It was another forty minutes before it physically hurt to put pressure on her feet.  She tapped Wells on the shoulder and yelled, “I’m going to go take a break,” over the beat of the music.

He made motions like he was going to follow but she shoved him back in the direction of the tall willowy girl he’d been dancing with and shook her head.

“Stay!” she yelled.

He considered her then shrugged.  “Don’t leave without me.”

She grinned.  “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

After he’d turned back to his dancing partner, Clarke picked her way through the crowd until she reached the wall, which she leaned against, pressing a hand to her chest which heaved with the exertion from dancing.

The stiff-postured guard, younger than she usually saw, shifted next to her and looked over.

“You all right, miss?” he asked quietly.  His voice was deep, low.  A shudder went through Clarke at the sound of it.

“Fine, thank you,” she managed.  “Just tired,” she added when he didn’t look away.

He nodded slowly and Clarke found herself mesmerized by the trail of freckles across his nose and cheeks that stood out starkly against the tanned tone of his skin.  He looked away, back to surveying the moving mass of her peers, business as usual.

Then he looked back at her.  Clarke’s skin flared with heat.

“You get the short end of the stick?” she asked, gesturing to the crowd.  “Having to supervise this?”

He cracked a small smile.  “I wouldn’t call it that,” he said softly.

Clarke’s stomach twisted a little when he didn’t immediately elaborate.

“It’s not the worst of jobs for a cadet,” he added after a long pause.

Ah, so he was just a cadet, she thought.  That explained the younger age.

She was suddenly possessed by an urge to rip off her mask and tell him her name.  She fought it back, knowing that as soon as he could look her directly in the eye, she’d lose all of this newfound confidence, stutter her way through any remaining conversation, and then slink off to find Wells and force him to leave with her.  So she left the mask on and just studied his profile out of the corner of her eye.

Was it just her or was he smiling just a little.

No, Clarke, she told herself.  Don’t go there.

After another long moment of silence she pushed away from the wall, heart hammering for another reason entirely.

“Well, I’ll see you,” she said in his general direction.

That earned her another smile.  “We’ll see.”  Then, “Nice braid, princess.”

She self-consciously reached up to feel over her hair.

His smile widened.  “I like it.”

“Thank you,” she mumbled, before beating a hasty retreat back to Wells.


Killian collapsed onto the couch, his legs no longer able to hold him upright. With a groan of exhaustion, he extended his legs over the arms of the couch and threw his hooked arm over his eyes. His focus on relaxing was disrupted when he heard an amused giggle from by his feet.

“I fail to see what is so funny, Swan.” He opened one eye and glared at her. That only seemed to enhance her amusement as she wordlessly pulled off his boots. After walking to the door to place the shoes where they belong, she sat on the arm of the couch and settled his feet in her lap. When she started to rub the soles of his feet, the moan of appreciation was borderline obscene. “You have no idea how wonderful that feels.”

“Oh I do,” she hummed. “Now, what happened?”

“Bloody monsters they are! All of them! And their boundless amounts of energy. I swear the little buggers found a way to siphon the energy from me. I believe I’m too exhausted to even sleep!” He complained. “Truly, it’s a wonder one of them didn’t fall off the ship. Young Master Philip took a liking to the rigging and top of the main sail! Do you know how hard it is to climb down from a mast with one hand and a wiggling 3 year old?”

“Poor baby, the brave and fearsome Captain Hook finally outsmarted by a bunch of toddlers.” She couldn’t help but laugh at the pout he gave her. “I was going to offer to kiss all the aches and pains better, but if you’re too tired…”

“Now, now Swan, let’s not be too hasty.” Mustering the energy from somewhere, he stood up and pulled her to her feet. Her laughter only egged him on. “I might be over 300, but I’m not dead yet, and I have lots of - ah -aches that need attending.”

love, emma [1/5]

summary; boy/girl friendships can be quite complicated sometimes—especially when said boy’s in love with said girl and and the whole world seems to know about it but her. a modern day captain swan au, loosely based off love, rosie.

jump forward: [two] | [three]

also on: [ao3] / []

Killian all but storms into Emma’s house, having collided with Anna just moments ago outside. Only stopped by Ingrid shouting, “Shoes!” from the kitchen, he slips off his sneakers at the pile by the door and continues his way upstairs. He knows there’s no rush but he takes the stairs two at a time to get him to Emma’s room faster.

(He snuck out of her room at a quarter to one last night and really, with Ingrid already knowing he’s here more often than he’s at home, sneaking out’s more for politeness and show.)

“Rise and shine, love!” Killian greets her as he throws the door open. He hears a groan coming from underneath the comforters piled on her bed.

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Pet Store AU

Part 6: Opening Up

A/N: Hi guys! Thank you for waiting so patiently! This chapter is a little darker than the previous ones. I am pretty proud of this one though :) So I hope you like it!

[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5][Part 6][Part 7][Read on]

“Juvia. You don’t have to do this.” Gajeel grumbled as he sat on his bed, arms crossed.

“Of course she does!” The blue haired girl called out from his closet. “Juvia has to help Gajeel get ready for his date!”

“I don’t need your help!”

“Yes you do. Otherwise Gajeel would have gone on his date wearing that.”

Gajeel frowned, looking down at his clothes.  “What’s wrong with this?”

“Gajeel is going out to a nice restaurant! You can’t wear basketball shoes!”

“Feh!” Gajeel snorted. “You and your made up rules.”

“Ah!” Juvia emerged from the closet holding out a black shirt and jacket. “Wear this!”

Gajeel growled. “I told you, I can dress myself. I don’t need you mothering me!”

Juvia puffed her cheeks out. “Gajeel! Juvia is just trying to be a good friend. Tell Gajeel, Pantherlily!”

They turned to look down at the kitten who was sitting at their feet. Even though Gajeel had only adopted him a few weeks ago, Pantherlily was already getting bigger. He was becoming more agile and ruthless, to the personal delight of Gajeel.

Pantherlily stared up at Gajeel, unblinking. His eyes seemed to chastise him.

“Fine.” Gajeel grumbled, snatching the clothes out of Juvia’s arms. “I’ll try them on.”

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SWEN's Favorite Underrated Swan Queen Fan Fiction

**NEW ADDITIONS 12/30/14**

One Shots

Completed Multi-Chapter

Completed Multi-Chapter – AU

In-Progress Multi-Chapter – AU


Series – AU

Secrets and Lies One-Shot

Angst One-Shot. When Emma has had enough of the lies and deceit from her parents, she seeks comfort in Killian. Set around 4.16- “Best Laid Plans”.

Word Count- 950

Also on FF.NET


Killian was stirred from his half attempted slumber by a ruckus on the deck of his newly returned ship- his Jolly. Never a peaceful sleeper from his years of captaining a ship on rocky waters he pulled himself out of bed and quickly stepped into his shoes which he stored conveniently by his bedside for cases such as these.

Not bothering with a shirt, he held his hook at the ready, poised to strike at a moments notice and slowly crept up the dimly lit ladder to the deck when he was met by a shadowy figure emerging from the entrance into his cabin.

Killian raised his weapon, the metal glinting off the stars that shined through the window.

Emma peered down below cautiously, squinting in the darkness as she called out, “Killian?”

His shoulders sank and he took a deep breath of relief as she appeared from beyond the shadows, his hook falling at his waist side casually to greet her. “Very unwise of you to sneak up on a pirate lass.” He jeered, his voice slightly exasperated.

Emma stopped, her hand poised at the railing with a step separating them and sniffled as her hand sought out his amidst the darkness. She felt around blindly for his hand until she came in contact with the cold metal of his rings and turned her head, the sobs which she had fought off for so long catching in her throat.

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The Trouble with Faking It - 7

Summary: Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. It seems straightforward enough…but there’s always trouble with faking it. CaptainSwan.

Rating: M

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It’s a quiet ride back to his house, and she expects to find a legion of people waiting for them to collect the borrowed jewelry and shoes and dress, but other than the welcoming lights by the front door, the house is dark and silent.

Emma sighs with relief as the car stops, gathering her heels in one hand and walking barefoot to the door after Killian helps her out. He notices her bare feet, raising an eyebrow as he unlocks the door and holds it open for her. “That’s quite the look you’ve got going, Swan. Regina would be most displeased if she were to see you so.”

He’s mocking her, but all she does is smirk back at him. “You wear these things for hours and tell me how you like it.” She brandishes the beautiful, though painful, shoes at him, making her way down the hall toward her things. “Also, this dress needs to go.”

More accurately, the strapless bra digging into her ribs needs to go, but she’s not telling him that.

“Will you be needing my assistance?”

She turns midstride, halfway down the hall to meet his leering grin with a roll of her eyes. “It’s going to be a long year for you if you keep that up.”

“Is it now, baby?”

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