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why no one ships fyodor and dazai? ;-;

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I- I don’t know? I’m not a fyodor/dazai shipper myself but if there’s any fyodazai shipper on my blog can u pls like this so the person don’t feel alone

I got both packages today! My thing is on “do not” cause recovering from a meltdown. The necklace is cute and very nicely made. How wonderful.

So i ordered the extra tough bracelet since i’m a pretty aggressive chewer and have gone straight through one chewy + many other things that i chewed on.
Like damn are they not kidding about the “extra tough” label. I’m not even sure if i can make a dent in it nevermind go through it. I can’t imagine what the extra extra tough is like.


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So I just found the whole "Zarkon cradling Keith's face" oneshot you have on here, and one detail made me super curious.~~ "Bits of fur brushed against him, the short tufts from the top of Zarkon’s hands."~~ Fur?? On his hands?? What IS this guy?? Do you have any headcanons to shed light on this detail?? (I never took Z for the kind to have fur, always leathery or scaly)

I can only answer for FMITS!Zarkon, since I’m pretty sure canon Zarkon is pretty far away from FMITS!Z now. S2 changed a lot of stuff, which isn’t surprising. X)

I see FMITS!Zarkon as sort of… a Cornish Rex? Stubby fur, slightly patchy looking, but probably a bit downy. He’s still a Galra, which in FMITSverse means you’re some flavour of space cat, but he’s got adaptions from where he came from on Gal. Some of his background is spoilery for FMITS, but he comes from an environment where having short fur and being slightly, uh, reptilian would help. I frequently call Galra space cats but they’ve got some interesting variation internally as a species and Zarkon’s a prime example.

So yeah! He’s got a bit of fur. Nowhere near Maximum Fluff but when he’s touching Keith’s face, tufts from the top of his fingers brush against Keith. The use of the word ‘hands’ was much less accurate than it should have been. :|a

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1) age: 32! I’m in my prime
2) biggest fear: probably to not be missed by anyone, makes me sad just thinking about it. Oh, and flying.
3) current time: 13:51
4) drink you had last: Diet Pepsi. I have a problem. 
5) everyday starts with: checking Tumblr and Twitter and then my e-mails
6) favourite song: I don’t really have one but I love  Opetaia Foa'i right now
7) ghosts are real: I’m pretty sure they are 
8) hometown: Wals, it’s really nice there! 
9) in love with: my 2 cats and the pupper, on good days, life. On bad days, chocolate.
10) jealous of: People that fit in single digit clothing
11) killed someone: I killed a spider a couple days ago and then I saw its partner, who vanished 3 days after the incident and now I’m worried. 
12) last time you cried: Yesterday over Galennic and their marriage proposal
13) middle name: Maria
14) number of siblings: 1 brother and 2 half sisters which I never met
15) one wish: financial stability
16) person you last called/texted: the agent of my new apartment place
17) questions you’re always asked: “Where is your accent from?”
18) reasons to smile: kylux and galennic

19) song last sang: again  “Opetaia Foa'i” 
20) time you woke up: 10:11AM because a package got delivered and the dog lost his mind
21) underwear colour: it’s always black
22) vacation destination: Scandinavia or Iceland
23) worst habit: overeating and diet pepsi
24) x-rays you’ve had: teeth, chest because of a positive TB skin test, right leg because of a snowboarding accident, my knee because of a Roller Derby accident, that it
25) your favourite food: oh god … Coco’s Curry most likely, sweet & sour soup as well …. I really like to eat so … 
26) Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 

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chris made vik promise to take him for a ride asap (i will NEVER be over that pink car, it’s too much))

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That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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Q: Can we talk baby goats and how that completely blew up?  How everyone loves you holding baby goats in the show?

Travis Fimmel: Oh, did they really?  Oh, that’s funny.  I don’t know if I’ve held a goat.  I held a lamb one time, it was a lamb.  I dunno, I just walked past and I grabbed one.  I needed something to hold because the two girls sitting next to me weren’t very happy with me.  It got comforting that way.