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Dakota Access Pipeline workers bulldozed sacred sites and graves in North Dakota on Sunday, and I found out today that one of those graves belonged to one of my relatives…

I’m not even from Standing Rock and they desecrated a grave of my family member, Charles Picotte (Eta-ke-cha). He isn’t just a long dead man people have forgotten about, this was the grave of a man whose face I know, who I have pictures of in family albums. A family member that lived through the transition to reservation life. I’m upset. I’m angry. I’m shocked right now because it hits home. He was a translator and one of the signers of the Treaty of Fort Laramie, a treaty that 3 of my relatives signed, a treaty they are breaking RIGHT NOW with this pipeline.

I’ve never set foot in Standing Rock, I don’t even know anyone from Standing Rock. But this has affected me all the way over here in Washington, and this is an attack on the rights of native peoples. People need to share what’s happening right now, how they’re desecrating these sacred sites, hiring paramilitary, unleashing dogs and tear gas on protesters defending the health and future of their community, plus their treaty rights, because the media is ignoring all of this. Sign the petition to stop it, send donations to the Sacred Stone camp, raise awareness. This is about the interests of a corporation being put before indigenous peoples rights and health.


Here to Help - Spencer Reid

Part 2

Spencer x Reader

Summary: A case hit home for one of the BAU team but none of the others know why or how to help

Part 1

You had just gotten the case files together was were slowly making your way towards the conference room making sure you didn’t drop them. ‘I thought we were on paperwork today and not cases?’ Morgan’s voice floated through the open door as JJ entered before you. ‘We are but a case needed our attention’ Hotch told the team as JJ sat. ‘Alright’ The team looked at JJ and she just shrugged. ‘I don’t know anything about it, it didn’t come through me’ She explained and they all looked slightly confused.

At that you stepped into the room. ‘That’s because it came through me’ You announced and their heads turned to you. You leaned forwards landing the armful of files you had onto the wood. ‘I flagged a case when I started at the BAU’ You began separating files and passing them across to each of your team. ‘This morning I got a call about it’ You reached over to the center and grabbed the remote for the board. ‘Twenty two years ago a man names Joshua Penican started invading family homes and killing them’ You clicked the mouse and a police drawn portrait of the man came up. ‘This sketch is about twenty years old and the only thing we have to go on’ You walked around the table. 

You let your hand brush off Spencer’s shoulder as you went hoping the small gesture would help show him you were sorry, until you could talk to him properly after. ‘All together he’s killed over 24 families, for the first few years it was only one at a time’ You clicked again and the older crime scene photos came up. ‘Then he began killing in sprees of two or threes. His killing are so periodic no one knows when or where he will strike next’ You looked away from the photos a shudder going down your spine. ‘It’s never yearly but never any more than 4 years between sprees’ You began clicking again. ‘He always targets families with five people in it, a mother, killed by overdose’ You clicked and a photo of a woman in a chair came up. ‘Father, single gunshot to the head’ Again another click. ‘Two daughters’ Two more clicks and their photos came up. ‘And a boy’ Again you clicked but didn’t look at the screen. 

Rossi was flicking through the paper. ‘there was a survivor, a young girl about twenty years ago’ He looked up. You nodded. ‘Yes, that’s where the police got their sketch’ He nodded. ‘There’s a profile in here’ Morgan glanced up at you. ‘Has the BAU worked this case before?’ You shook your head clicking the remote and the screen went blank. ‘No, that profile is mine, a few years ago I heard about the murders of three more families and went down there’ JJ nodded. ‘I remember that, one day you just took off on holiday’ You shrugged. ‘I went to work the case unofficially and gave the cops this profile’ You told her.

Turning back to the screen you clicked on the new images. ‘About twenty minutes ago I got a phone call from a Detective Grenly saying he had struck again, a family of five had been found dead an hour earlier, same MO’ You clicked and the crime scene photos again came up. You flinched when the photo of the oldest girl came on the screen and turned away. And being in a room full of profilers one of them noticed, Spencer. ‘Only this time, the son, Jason Harvey fifteen, survived as the unsub was interrupted while trying to strangle him’ You crossed your arms. ‘I told the police we’d help’ The team nodded. ‘Wheels up in twenty’ Hotch said as he stood. The team nodded agreeing and the room began to clear.

You waited for them to go. ‘Spencer?’ You called just before he left the room and he turned. ‘I’m sorry about this morning’ He just crossed his arms. ‘That was the case file you had hidden in your desk wasn’t it?’ You nodded pulling out a chair and sitting. ‘Yeah, listen I am really sorry about snapping’ Spencer sighed slightly and walked back into the room uncrossing his arms. He sat taking the seat beside you. ‘I’ve never seen you react like that, and I’ve known you almost seven years’ You sighed and glanced at the lone case folder on the table, yours. ‘This case, it’s always been one I’ve known when we had a lead, I just-I wanted to get it to Hotch. I’ve tried for so long to catch this guy and I don’t know what came over me’ You closed your eyes with a long sigh

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anonymous asked:

Can you write something where the bros and cor have an S/O who is a bit of an airhead? I'm a little self conscious because people say that I am ㅠ_ㅠ

Hey there Anon :) Of course I can- this one truly hits close to home because I’ve been called an airhead plenty of times as well! (It’s not our fault we get lost in our thoughts at the best of times T.T). I’m going to write these as small scenarios because I need to be in bed really soon xD Hope that’s okay! <3

Noctis: Truthfully, Noctis is a bit of an airhead himself. He’s actually happy that you have the same tendency to get lost in your own thoughts in any given situation- whether it be during your down time, or in the middle of doing something incredibly important. That’s not to say that he doesn’t scold you a little when you zone out during a battle, or any other equally life-threatening situation. When he notices that your eyes are glazed over on the battle field, he usually moves in towards you and pinches you really hard on the tender skin of your inner arm to snap you back to reality. The glare he shoots you as he retreats back into battle upsets you greatly, and you feel absolutely awful every time this happens- but in the heat of the moment, where every second counts, Noctis doesn’t really know how else to snap you out of your thoughts. Nor does he have the time to be gentle in his manner of coaxing you out of your own mind.

Once the imminent danger has passed, Noctis immediately scoops you up into his arms and apologises profusely. He’s usually not one for public displays of affection, but he ignores Gladio and Prompto’s wolf whistles and cat calls in the back ground as he clings to you and gently scolds you about your short attention span. “I love you too much to lose you- please, pay attention next time?” he begs you. You sniffle and snuggle into your concerned and scared prince’s chest and nod vigorously.

“Okay. I’ll do my best.”

A few hours later, you’re scolding Noctis about his own air-headedness after a particularly close call with a bunch of hundlegs, and holding the young prince while Ignis lectures his childhood friend about how unbecoming hypocrisy is of a future king. Meanwhile, Gladio and Prompto cackle in the background.

Prompto: Prompto finds your air-headedness adorable. He loves it when he catches you drifting off into space, your eyes glazing over and your breaths coming out in little sighs every once in a while. This sunshine boy is mostly happy to leave you to your own devices when you get this way, and takes PLENTY of pictures of you in this dazed state. You’re always none the wiser until you and the boys are settled at a camp site or hotel.

Noctis, Gladio, and even Ignis (!) have a good laugh at your far-off expressions caught on Prompto’s camera. You usually get really sensitive about their reactions and snatch your boyfriend’s camera out of his hands. You’re about to delete the pictures when Prompto tackles you down onto the bed your seated on, in view of all the guys, and kisses you silly- gently prying his precious camera out of your grip as you easily get lost in his sudden display of affection.

Prompto finally retracts his body off yours triumphantly, pressing a final lingering kiss on your cheek before placing his camera into one of his deeper pants pockets. “Sorry, I just love it when you look all dazed. You remind me of a sleepy baby chocobo!” Prompto tries to placate you. You sigh and pout, crossing your hands over your chest, and Prompto laughs a little as your gaze grows glazed and distant once again as you get lost in your own thoughts about Prompto’s obsession with your air-headedness.

You don’t even notice the guys’ voices reprimanding Prompto as he pulls his camera out to take a few more adoring shots of you in his favourite dazed state.

Gladio: Gladiolus Amicitia loves to tease you about your air-headedness while you’re all in the Regalia, headed to your next destination. It’s his favourite pass time. You absolutely hate it. He makes you feel so DUMB sometimes, when he reminds you of all the potentially fatal mistakes you’ve made out on the field.

“Hey, remember that time you threw me an ether instead of an antidote? THAT was pretty shocking, even for you!” Gladio laughs light-heartedly, but your eyes begin to brim with tears. You’re wedged between Noctis and Gladio in the back seat, and Ignis has a clear view of you in the rear-view mirror. He’s the first to notice the tears streaming down your face.

“Gladio.” Ignis reprimands. You sniffle particularly loudly, and that’s all it takes for your sometimes-obnoxious boyfriend to immediately turn his body towards you and guide your head to his warm, bare chest. Noctis sighs and merely pats your knee in sympathy- knowing full well how bad it feels to be the butt of Gladio’s jokes. He’s been called ‘puny’ while fishing too many times to count!

“Aw, babe- you know I think it’s cute that you’re such an airhead!” Gladio tries to console you. You whine in annoyance and swat Gladio’s chest, tears of frustration running down your cheeks. Gladio could be a complete ass sometimes… but, that’s something that makes him slightly more adorable in your eyes. His naivety knows no bounds.

“And I think it’s amazing how pig-headed you are!” you retaliate, after calming down a little. Your comment elicits a short, but loud laugh from Ignis. He immediately apologises, but his sudden outburst has both Noctis and Prompto clutching their bellies and laughing at the expense of a rather shocked looking Gladio.

“Hey! I am NOT pig-headed!”

Ignis: Ignis frowns at you as you both leave the Lestallum Leville’s bar together. You and the guys had been indulging in a night of alcohol induced fun during your down time, and the money all of you had saved collectively from the various hunts you’d all completed. Ignis cut himself off at two drinks, ever the responsible one. That, and he wasn’t happy with the way you unknowingly encouraged the less-than-innocent advances of other young men present at the bar that night.

Once you and Ignis are out in the humid night air of Lestallum, you turn to your boyfriend, eyes wide in concern. “Iggy? You don’t look so good- do you need to sit down?” you ask, genuine concern lacing your voice. Ignis’ frown deepens and he immediately rounds on you. You let out a short shriek at his sudden movement, having been semi-lost in your own thoughts about how you were going to take care of your boyfriend’s less-than-ideal looking health that evening.

Ignis grasps your forearms in his large and elegant bare hands, pinning you in place. You let your eyes wander to his piercing green orbs and you can’t help but gulp in slight trepidation. Ignis has never been so rough with you. You couldn’t help but feel both confused and enthralled at the slightly wild behaviour.

“Must you look upon every man with those hooded eyes? Do you even know what you’re doing, y/n?” Ignis chides, his gaze darkening as he leans his face closer to yours. You let out a short breath and shake your head, snapping yourself out of your momentary, yet frequently occurring, daze.

“W-what do you mean?” you stutter. Ignis shakes his head, his gaze softening as he pecks your lips gently with his own. Your eyes remain wide open and unblinking. You’re utterly confused. What is wrong with Ignis? Is he drunk?

“You really don’t have a clue… absolutely charming.” Ignis whispers, pulling you into a tender kiss before withdrawing and gently taking your hand. “I really do have to keep an eye on you if I want to keep you safe from the vultures.”

You just let Ignis drag you along, deciding for yourself in your mind that, yes, Ignis is probably drunk.

He is not.

Cor: When Cor first realises you tend to get lost in your own thoughts, he finds you absolutely infuriating on a professional level- given that you are part of the Crownsguard. But being the professional marshal of the Crownsguard that he is, he’s not going to fire you on your first day simply because you have some attention span issues. That, and you are his romantic partner. He does, however, make sure that all your practical assignments are completed under his exclusive supervision. He really doesn’t want to be liable for your death if you manage to space out during a life-or-death battle out on the field.

During these practical missions, Cor is not your boyfriend, he is your marshal. And he’s terribly harsh when you mess up. He berates you openly in front of your peers, and even they linger around while you try to stop your tears from slipping down your face to cheer you up. “Don’t worry- he’s just worried about you. Next time, pay attention and you won’t have to hear him go off at you again.”

But you can’t help it. Your mind races constantly at every little stimuli you come across. You see a tree, you think they look like giant pieces of broccoli. You see Cor, you can’t help but recall the feeling of his lips on your skin so many weeks ago… you want to feel his lips against yours again…

“Y/N- FOR FUCK’S SAKE!” you jump at the marshal’s extremely agitated voice, only to realise there’s a coeurl baring its fangs right at you, ready to pounce. You shoot at it immediately with your twin pistols, effectively shooting right through its eyes and into its skull. It’s an instant kill.

You’d usually be celebrating by now, but you can’t do a thing with Cor looking at you with THAT much fury in his steel blue eyes. Your eyes immediately tear up and you can’t control your sniffles and sobs this time. Your peers all scatter, feeling uncomfortable in both yours and Cor’s presence.

Cor steps forward, not relenting in his berating the slightest at the sight of your tears. “How many TIMES do I have to tell you? Pay attention!”

“Yes sir. I’m sorry sir,” you choke out. Cor’s gaze softens slightly at the shaky tone of your voice.

“Do I have to leave you at the Citadel next time? You know you’ll be demoted if things come down to that, y/n.” Cor warns you, stepping closer- his voice stern.

You nod, unable to answer him verbally as your shoulders begin to shudder uncontrollably.

You suddenly find yourself pulled into Cor’s warm chest, his strong arms encircling your frame and pulling you flush against his body. “I can’t take my eyes off you one moment before you go and find yourself in trouble, can I?” he murmurs into your hair, pressing a kiss onto your head. This tender act makes you cry harder.

“I-I’m sorry!” you cry out, burying yourself into his warmth. Cor sighs and nuzzles your soft hair.

“Don’t apologise, just pay attention long enough to stay alive and by my side, alright?”

You nod, squeezing your eyes shut out of guilt, and Cor presses yet another tender kiss on the crown of your head and holds you until your tears cease to fall.

I usually don’t approve of Mangastream’s translations, but this part was really well done. 

Sanji’s line simply could’ve been “I want to go back to the Sunny”, but instead it’s “I want to go home to the Sunny” - what better way to remind the readers where Sanji’s heart truly belongs? 

The one word “home” truly hit home here. 


You dont have to be neither Syrian or Muslim to feel their pain you only need to be Human !
Aleppo, Syria in the past 8 days :
260 airstrikes,110 artillery strikes
18 missiles 86 bombs.
217 men, women and child were killed and it goes on …
Everyday Russian and govrn military airstrikes pound rebel-held areas of Aleppo which is one of the oldest cities in the world.
Airstrikes are hitting every home of innocent families, Every hospital full of childern and patients and even the food and vegetables markets which are always crowded with women and childern.
The first pic is about a girl crying infront of her mother’s body after she had been killed of an airstrike .
The world is being so blind and so silent.
Where’s the damn humanity where are the damn human rights ????

Please reblog this to let the world know whats going on in Aleppo.
Pray for Aleppo

legoprime  asked:

AHHH omg the Jay and Alec pic, for a split second I thought it was Anders and now I really need to know if Jay's ever seen him with a beard???

For sure he has! :D A few times, too, I imagine. During the Deep Roads expedition disaster, on the road after Kirkwall, during Legacy, probably? Basically, yes. :D He thinks it’s cute & also adorable. It’s one of those things that feel a little off because it’s usually during (extra) tough times, but he loves it anyway because he loves Anders through the ups AND the downs.

ETA: DAMMIT I keep forgetting Jay’s scars. x’D

Why I Don’t Use Ouija Boards

I cannot stress enough how against Ouija Boards I am. Each experience I’ve had with one has ended terribly, and this experience in particular really hit it home for me.

About eight years ago, my group of friends from high school decided to have a big ol’ get together at my friend Melissa’s* house. She lived in a neat little neighborhood in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, right up against the side of a mountain. Anyways, so we all arrive, we eat some snacks, we yuck it up. Then one friend mentioned that she had brought along a Ouija Board. So, naturally, the crew wanted to play with it. I was hesitant, but decided that it wouldn’t be so bad because my friends were just doing it for shits and grins. There wasn’t any end goal other than pure entertainment. 

Boy was I wrong.

Now, let me set this scene up a little more. Melissa’s house was situated on the same plot of land as an abandoned log cabin/house about 100 feet away. All the wires to and from the house were cut, which one of my friends has told me that she thought that was odd. Honestly, this house gave me the worst vibes from the jump. It sat oddly on the side of the road, the dark wood and stark contrast in comparison to the other houses nearby was off-putting. But there was a super ominous tone that I couldn’t shake. Well, my friends decided to take the Ouija board to the backside of the house. 

The abandoned house. Source: Google Maps. This is a really shitty screenshot, but whatever. I tried.

As we were walking through the small field of weeds, my nerves got more and more shaken. The rest of the crew skipped, laughed, shined flashlights in each other’s faces without a hint of concern, so I tried not to worry. Once we got settled on the small back porch, we began. I’m not sure who asked what questions. Actually if I remember correctly, the whole session was kinda stupid because we kept getting dumb answers from “the other side”. Something about a man from eastern Europe named Bob… I don’t know.

I began to ease my anxiety and relax a bit because I seriously thought this wasn’t going to amount to shit. In fact, I actually got pretty bored. Eventually, I announced that I needed to pee, so I was going to head back to Melissa’s house. Another friend, Olive* came along with me. As we were crossing the small field back, one of my friends had called out to Olive and I to wait. I turned around, and the site I saw sickened me.

Up at the top of the abandoned house, crawling out of the chimney, was an oddly shaped, elongated human. I don’t even know if it was human! The limbs on this creature were roughly 6 feet long, and they slinked out of the stone chimney in such a sinister, menacing, spider-like way. One limb at a time, spreading themselves down the small slopes of the roof. I froze. I couldn’t breathe. I don’t even remember my friends talking to me at that moment. I couldn’t take my eyes off the creature. It’s head turned to look at me, and it stayed still. I stayed still. 

The creature. Source: My own drawing.

Then, just as slowly as it came out, it slinked back into its hiding place in the chimney. First the legs, then the arms, and finally the head. But the head popped back up one more time and looked in my direction, almost as if it wanted me to know that it knew that I could see it. Then, I curled up in the grass to hide or something. Whatever I could do to make myself feel safe again.

I started to shake, and I even cried. Olive looked at me with concern and asked me several times if I was okay. I vaguely remember telling her to tell the rest of the group to wrap up their Ouija board adventure. They were in danger. Whether that came in the form of physical or mental harm, I wasn’t sure. But I knew they needed to get out of there. Eventually, everyone collected back into Melissa’s place. 

Can I prove that the Ouija Board is to blame for me seeing a creature slithering out of an abandoned home? No. But because these two experiences happened in close proximity to each other (same property, time, and horrible feelings), I cannot be in the presence of a Ouija Board. I see young kids play with them and it worries me to death, because I truly feel that the boards are responsible for some scary shit that walk the earth. Call it suspicion, but I’ll call it spiritual safety.

#4 Insecure (Josh)

Request from anon: 

I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is insecure about her weight and doesn’t feel right in anything she wears and Josh helps her feel better about herself?


This one hits a little close to home, as someone who struggles with weight insecurity. Happy to write it, anon. 

I have a few requests in my inbox that I’m working on, and I’m a little behind where I wanted to be cause I’ve been way busier than anticipated, but nevertheless, feel free to send in any requests you have! Enjoy!

P.S. To anyone struggling with weight insecurity, or insecurity of any kind, just know that no matter what anybody (that includes yourself) tells you, you are incredible and amazing in every possible way. And if you ever need to talk, I’m here. You are so loved. 

Warnings: weight insecurity


You turned in the mirror to get a glimpse of your outfit from yet another angle, frowning at the reflection you saw staring back at you. This was the sixth outfit, maybe the seventh (you’d lost track somewhere along the way) you had tried on for a party you and Josh were going to this evening. 

As your eyes scan up and down your body, you couldn’t help but notice all the flaws. 

“Your thighs look much too big in that skirt,” that little voice in the back of your head whispers.

So you change. Again. And again and again and again and again. Nothing in your closet seems to fit right, no matter how many combinations you try. There’s always something wrong. Whether it was and unflattering look for your stomach, thighs, breasts, arms, it was always something. There seemed to simply be too much you for anything in your wardrobe. 

You begin to become more than just frustrated as the clock ticks past the time you and Josh had wanted to leave. The party started at around eight, but it wasn’t a formal event, so you could show up whenever, but you knew Josh was eager to get there. He had been excited about it for weeks, and had been patiently waiting in the living room for you to finish getting ready. 

As you become more and more overwhelmed with the insecurities that plagued your mind on a daily basis, you look in the mirror and try to recall soothing words from Josh. He always called you beautiful, never had a bad word to say about your body or any of the clothes you wore. He loved you for you, from your personality to every inch of your body. He made you feel loved. He made you feel wanted. He made you feel beautiful.

But in this moment, it didn’t matter. You couldn’t convince yourself that his words meant a damn thing. 

He’s gonna leave you. 

They always leave.

He’s no different. 

He doesn’t love you. 

He doesn’t love you. 

He doesn’t love you. 

How could he? 

You’re so… fat. 

You have to step back from the mirror because you can’t bear to look into it any longer. You can feel the tears threatening to spill across your cheeks before you have a chance to stop them. You try desperately to reign in this spiral of panic and self loathing, but it’s already gone too far. 

Just as you feel yourself crash onto the bed, you hear the soft rap of knuckles on the door. 

“Babe? You about ready to go?” you hear Josh ask. 

You panic, not wanting him to see you like this, a crying mess dressed in, in your eyes, such an unflattering outfit. 

“Um… Yeah, sorry. Just a second,” you manage to stutter out in response, but you already know he will be able to tell you’re crying by the shakiness in your voice. 

You hear the door creak open and you scramble up off the bed and try to make it look like you were trying to find shoes in your closet, your back now to him. There’s nothing you can do to clean up the clothes scattered around the room, the obvious aftermath of your anxious search for an outfit that didn’t make you feel so insecure. 

“Y/N,” Josh softly says. It’s not like he doesn’t know what’s going on. This has happened before.

“Yeah,” you try your hardest to reply in an enthusiastic tone. 

“Can you look at me for a sec?” he continues. 

“Um, why? I’m almost done, I’ll be out in a second, I promise,” you respond as cooly as possible, keeping the tears locked tightly in your throat as you brush past Josh and over to your necklaces, making yourself look busy. 

“Y/N…” he starts.

“What?” you say, trying to cover your obvious distress with thin sarcasm. 

He walks over to you as your hands move frantically through the jewelry, trying to distract not only Josh, but yourself. 

He grabs your wrist lightly and you finally make eye contact with his kind brown eyes. 

“Just stop for a minute,” he says in a caring voice and you can’t bear to maintain the intense eye contact. 

Your eyes meet the ground as your lip begins to wobble once again, the tears rolling down your cheeks. Josh pulls you into a tight embrace, softly running his hand up and down your spine and pressing kisses against the top of your head.

“I’m sorry, this is so stupid, I’m being so stupid,” you say after a minute, pushing him away lightly. 

“Y/N, it’s not stupid. Please, just… Talk to me. I can’t help you if you shut me out,” he says. 

“It’s just… Nothing fits right and you deserve someone who is so much prettier than me and I just feel so wrong in everything that I try on and you were so excited about his party and now I’ve gone and ruined it-” you start to ramble, but he interrupts.

“First of all, it is me that will never be good enough for you. Secondly, I promise you, you are beautiful. In every outfit you own, in every setting, lighting, and angle known to man, you are beautiful. And I know that you don’t believe me, but I promise I will repeat it every single day until you do. I will be here, for as long as it takes to make you understand how breathtakingly beautiful for are,” he says, and it eases your mind slightly, for the moment. “And as for the party, I was excited about it earlier this week, but I’m honestly kind of drained from today’s writing session, so why don’t we just stay in?” 

You feel a weight lifted off your chest at the suggestion of not going to the party. It is replaced by a smaller weight of guilt for making him cancel plans, along with some defeat that tonight you weren’t able to beat insecurity and go out, but nonetheless, relief floods your body. 

“Thank you,” is all you can whisper as he gently leads you over to your dresser and you both change into more comfortable clothes for a night of relaxing on the couch. 

You are far from self love when it comes to your body, but even so, you know that no matter what that voice in your head tells you, you’ll always have Josh there to make you feel loved. 


I hope this was kind of what you were hoping for..? If it isn’t, feel free to drop me another ask and I’ll rewrite it. :) Thanks for reading!

This is what’s happening over on Disney Channels Instagram. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the comments that I read but these are the ones that hit home the most for me. Yeah, these three people said it, but really, we all did. This is exactly what a lot of us are saying. That middle comment? That’s exactly what was going through my head as a read and reread Michael Jacobs tweet over and over again. Those other two? Those are just two of the hundreds of things that I was thinking when I finally put my phone down and the tears started to spill over. I don’t want us to lose our hope. I don’t want to lose mine. Not when I just got it. We need to keep fighting for this show. GMW saved my life and many others. Let’s not lose our hope guys. Netflix has said that we need to keep fighting, to keep making noise. So let’s make as much noise as possible and let’s fight until we can’t fight anymore. That’s what I’m going to do. Let’s fight this together. We can win this. None of us can win this alone. But if we work together, we can.