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Fading (Part 1)

Requested by Anon: may i request a fic where reader has a huge crush on steve but he ended up dating sharon and reader is heartbroken but bucky consoles the reader and stuff? thank you,have a nice day!

Summary: You have feelings for Steve. When he dates Sharon, Bucky’s there to console you. What does it mean when Bucky has feelings for you?

Word Count: 1215

Warnings: Game of Thrones spoilers (season 4), swearing, angst, insecure reader

A/N: There’s definitely going to be more than one part to this, so if you want to be added to my taglist, let me know!

You were a stubborn person.

All throughout your life, it was an issue.

Many times, it got to the point where you were too stupid to see what was right in front of you.

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Prompt 01: Friends/Family.

by klahnce // 


It is your least favorite word. For so long, it has been blood; bitter on your tongue, salt and copper. It fumbles when it falls from your lips, so you keep the word sucked in, keep it folded in the dusted pages of your mind, keep it hidden.

A/N: Hello! This is my drabble for day one of Keith’s bday week! (Yes, it is not yet midnight here, I am getting this out just before okay it still counts.) The theme is Friends/Family! Yes, this is sad at first but I promise it has a purpose, and it ends very sweetly, don’t worry! 

Please do not interact if you are sha/ladin. All relationships in this fic are platonic/familial aside from Klance. 

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Ryland has a strange bad feeling like something bad is gonna happen, he doesn't tell Alex initially because he assumes he's just paranoid, but he comes back to the apartment one day and can't find Alex. He thinks back to the strange car he keeps seeing and calls Alex thinking something bad happened to him. Alex doesn't pick up and Ryland starts freaking out and he tries to calm himself down, but he ends up working himself up more. Later Alex comes home and finds Ryland having a panic attack.

poor boy. he’s all worked up at this point and alex just apologizes (even though he’s not sure what he’s apologizing for) and holds ryland to him and keeps him grounded until the worst is over, and ryland explains himself and alex assures him nothing is going to happen to either of them.

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Hi , I have a question , how many words is a chapter supposed to be ? Cause I have no idea how many words do I write in a chapter . And when I start writing , I keep writing and writing , and it ends up like 3500 words ! I also have another question , can I write more than just one chapter on the same actions ? Furthermore , does every chapter have to be on a different day and occasion ? Or not ?

It’s funny because I have a post coming at 5pm that has some chapter tips, but I’m not sure it covers all these questions (which are good questions).

How many words is a chapter supposed to be?

There are no set rules for chapter length, but I can give you two guidelines (that still have their exceptions). 

- Based purely on average reader attention span (mixed with a steady story pace), a chapter should be 2,000-5,000 words. I like to use attention span as a basic rule because it maximizes the potential for “just one more chapter” thought from the reader, but the content is generally more important than the word count. 

- Chapters should generally contain 2-3 related scenes. Some scenes are longer, some are shorter. Some may take up a full chapter if they’re that pivotal, and a pivotal scenes is not always a long one.

So it’s not about word count, it’s about scene organization and content. A really long chapter can be an indicator of an important part of a story or that the writer is being too long-winded. It depends on the situation. Still, if you want to use that guideline then it’s a decent element for a newer writer to work with.

Can I write more than just one chapter on the same actions?

I don’t actually know what you mean here by “actions”, but I’m guessing that you’re referring to the idea of an event stretching out over more than one chapter? For example, a festival that happens to take place over the course of 3 chapters. 

Yes, that’s fine! You just have to make sure that the event is relevant enough to be worth three chapters in the first place. Chapters aren’t an isolated part of writing, they’re related to scenes, pacing, relevance, organization, etc. 

I’d also be careful about splitting directly-continuous scenes, unless they’re longer and have natural points that make sense to chapter-jump at (like cliffhangers). Otherwise your reader will likely get confused as to why you have so many scene breaks for the exact same event. 

Does every chapter have to be on a different day and occasion?

Nope! It’s perfectly fine to have multiple chapters encompass the same in-story day. Some in-story days are more significant than others, so those days would have more documented events and naturally stretch out over a few chapter instead of one 10,000 word one that never gives a reader a place to pause.

Since you seem a little worried about your chapters, I’d avoid trying to use the breaks as special places. Instead, focus on your scenes and where they break, then when you’re finished with the draft, go back and group the scenes into chapters. 

Good luck with your chapters!

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I understand that Kara protects Lena since she s a Luthor and almost everyone hates her but Lena is so badass... one thing is to protect her and another to overprotect her, like she shot metallo, she fought with the men who rebuked her in her office, she tried to help supergirl when she was suffering with the sonic bomb (?) and she beat up the girl who controlled Jack... damn she is resourceful.

My thoughts exactly. And I certainly believe that, in canon, Kara realizes that and still has that natural instinct to protect Lena to a point where to some, she may seem overprotective. At the end of the day, it’s about perception. In the show, most would probably agree that she isn’t overly protective of Lena – as she shouldn’t be. But she has still gone to extremes because she can, and she feels she must – at the time it was necessary to do so.

When speaking of perception, we all loved the scene where Supergirl showed up after Edge insulted Lena. Obviously, Lena can handle herself when it comes to Edge. And yet….

Necessary? Nope. Don’t insult Kara’s friends while she’s within earshot 😉My point here is, as cute and entertaining as this was, some could easily argue it as an overprotective moment. Lena wasn’t in any immediate danger, yet there was Supergirl to teach him a lesson. 

But to your point, which was supported by my original post, Lena is a badass, herself and certainly doesn’t need to be constantly watched and fussed over the way she may be in some fics.

summary: kagura visits sougo after accidentally injuring him

he regards her with cold eyes and kagura bows her head and thinks that she deserves this. he’d been hospitalized for a few weeks before being moved back to the shinsengumi compound for the rest of his recovery, last she heard. that was over a month ago, and despite his grievous injuries being her fault, kagura hasn’t visited him once. 

he must think she’s a monster. 

the truth is simple: she’s ashamed. she did this. she hurt him, someone she cared about deeply despite all pretences. yes, they bickered and they battled, but kagura has always considered those things fondly. it was their own form of communication. but then one day kagura’s weakening control on her heritage made itself known and she did more damage than she ever could have intended. he sustained several broken bones and plenty of internal damage. nothing life-threatening per se, but enough to remind them both that kagura is, in the end, a yato.

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Some of them really believe Suri Cruise is an example of a “fake celebrity child”? 

Like… they bring up her age to showcase how she didn’t just disappear at some point as if that’s surprising, as though there’s any example of a celebrity child who did just disappear magically one day?

Let alone that…???? Like???? His paternity should even be in question at all anymore by anyone with eyeballs????

And they think Louis could end up with a 9 year old fake child because “the industry is weird”? Like Y’ALL are the weirdos, Larries. Thankfully reality has nothing to do with your bizarre ideas of fake celebrity children who exist for reasons not even you can explain.

Okay, I need to get back to studying, but I just had a realization I need to get out of the way.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a goofy space puppet show that’s aimed at adults. Yes, kids can and should watch it, and plenty of us did as children, but at the end of the day this is a show that uses a medium typically reserved for young children that does not have young children as the prime target audience. 

And it doesn’t act like it has something to prove because of this.

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Theory Time

So I’ve been reading lots of people suspect that Adrien knows that Mari is LB since he didn’t call her milady at the end of ep 2 and it actually might be possible and here is why:
We know that the episodes are not released in chronological order, this might be the case in the second season two, besides I believe Thomas or someone else revealed that one of the guys will get to know the identity of the other, I’m not sure if they meant this or third season but if it’s in this one we might get that episode, but i don’t think it will be this soon so they might leave if towards the end of the season, maybe in the Heroes Day special.

I think this might have some sort of effect in the “Civil War” that’s going to take place… For now we will just have to wait what happens. 

Hopefully he realizes Mari has feelings for him too.

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KuroSuzuya leaving random gifts at Ghoul Seidou's hideout (anonymously) after finding out where he has been staying, because he knows his old bud is alone and lonely af. Then one day, he leaves a puppy as another gift and letters with terrible sh*t memes. Seidou figures out who the gifts were coming from and gets really annoyed but feels happy to have someone caring for him again, even if it was from that lil punk Juuzou.


Seidou’s grown accustomed to the gifts left outside his abandoned apartment. At first he feared CCG would show up, that this was a sign of the end, but no one has arrested him. 

He doesn’t know if he feels relieved or disappointed.

He is, however, increasingly annoyed with the gifts. Some, like today’s Skittles, he can’t even fucking eat. 

He tears open the bag to stomp the candy to bits, but to his surprise, he finds colorfully-coated of Rc cells instead.

Now thoroughly suspicious, Seidou chews on the “candy.” He pretends he’s back with Hoji, with Akira and Amon, maybe with that brat Suzuya…

Seidou spits out the candy.

Suzuya likes candy.

No, it can’t be.

The door rings again, and Seidou yanks it open. No one is around, naturally. 

Only Suzuya could do this.

Seidou does, however, shriek at the puppy. Memes of doggos are encased in its collar, and Seidou almost wants to run from the creature.

He’s too evil.

“Get back here, you little shit, Juuzou,” he snaps instead.

Suzuya drops down from his roof. “Did you like the candy? And the pupper?”

“It’s name is Hoji.” Seidou clutches it to his chest. “Why the fuck do you care about me?”

“Because I used to be crazy like you, too.”

“Gee, thanks.” Seidou scowls.

“I want you to tell me how you became a ghoul.” Suzuya pauses. “If Madam had turned me into a ghoul, I would have eaten people, too. I want to know more.”

“Do you really?” Seidou laughs.

“Yes. Besides, I wouldn’t have given you a puppy if I gave up on you.” Suzuya prances into Seidou’s apartment, brandishing his own bag of Skittles.

Dadvid Appreciation Week:
Day One (October 22nd): The Moment Where David Became Dadvid. Today’s Content will be based on the moment where David adopts Max or David makes the decision to become his official guardian. Or maybe he’s kind of forced into the choice as a result of Max’s parents not coming to pick him up at the end of summer, or they do show up and are awful and now David has a kid. It’s an idea that’s been around since the very beginnings of the Dadvid AU, but it’s still a fun one to explore!

Hi my name is fucking trash for Dadvid and I’m doing this and I suck at art so I apologize and
I don’t know what else to put.

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Fic title: Everything's on fire outside

fic title: everything’s on fire outside
pairing: regulus x pansy

Pansy is breaking up with Regulus Black, the day before the world ends and burns and dies. Of course, she could not know that when she was throwing a pillow, then a mug, then too many curses to his face.

No one mess with Pansy Parkinson and especially not a man that has slept with an arm around her tight and has left too many cherry colas in her mini-fridge.

The fact is that she hates cherry cola, but there was a time where she loved him more than the sticky sugary taste on his lips when she was kissing, grabbing, destroying him in the damp light of her bedroom.

Once he’s gone, she learns to breathe again. She is methodical. She cleans his side of the bed and of the fridge, she deletes his number and puts a sticker on his face on the photo of him in front of the sea – their trip to the coast was amazing, green water sea and his hands everywhere on her like tentacles – because it’s aesthetic, or at least the scenery is, but she cannot bear his skinny bones.

She cannot even look at it: his straight face and his dark dilated pupils gazing the tempestuous sea, waves licking his toes and the gray horizon breaking up the pink shade of his skin underexposed to sun and salt and wind and the world.

It is why, when someone knocks at her door at 11am, the day after, she is so confident. Regulus is a lot of things (a prince from another era, a coward, a guy to whom she has promise zero commitment and no strings attached, a bad brother and also a bad son from what she knows and she would not know so much if she had not read his diaries because he has a lot of diaries and she is not even surprised because –) but he is not a boy who turns back.

She opens the door and she is hit by the smell of grease and cheap acne-inducing fast food, before being hit by how much she needs to see an ophthalmologist.

She is seeing double. There is Regulus, pale face (paler than usual), dark rings under his eyes (purples and blues, so deep it looks more like bruises) and the palms of his hand covered with –


The other man is him but bigger, stronger, fiercer, and older. He holds Regulus by the collar and with his other hand, a paper bag wearing the hideous logo of the drive-in from the end of the street. His smirk is violent and Pansy does not need to look twice to understand who is in charge around here.

“I’m Sirius” the older says with a charming voice “I’ve brought lunch”.

“I’m tired” she answers flatly because it is the truth. “If you pass this door, I will punch you.”

She warns him because if he is like Regulus, boys of their kind never believe what is before their eyes.

“I have told you, Sirius! She would never agree to do it!” finally reacts Regulus, trying to escape the powerful grip of the leader.

“Keep calm, little bro’, you may know her but I know ladies.”

Pansy has never been patient (Regulus knows that, the cashier knows that, her mom knows that, for god’s sake, even the car washer knows that) so she punches him.

She breaks his nose. Bad idea. She has to make them enter in her lounge, to press alcohol and cotton on the right angle of his nose and it’s at this exact time that she notices the strong odor of smoke on his hair and his clothes and the burns.

“What the hell is going on with you? Aren’t you his big brother, the one that is so brave and full of himself that you end up in juvie for 2 fucking years” she shouts, pointing Regulus to him. “Have you take him out on one of your noble causes to heal his broken heart? Are you searched by the police? Have you burnt a house for god’s sake because it looks like you did if I’m being honest!”

She is unstoppable but he is nothing like Regulus so he cannot start a fire in her mind like his brother used to do.

“Okay, Pansy let me explain this” Sirius begins slowly like he was some middle-grade teacher and not a terrible big brother and prankster. “Everything is burning outside and Regulus has thought that we could watch the end of the world with you. It seems that you have a fantastic view!”

She could reply and argues and plays to who has more authority but she catches the gleam into Regulus eyes and the way his fists are crisped and the corner of his mouth falling down. She stands up and pulls back the curtains.

Outside, everything is burning. It’s chaos. She feels a hand slipping in hers and –

Outside, it’s almost like a firework. Orange, red, yellow. Car crashes, glass broken and flames swallowing buildings and people.

Outside it’s –

“Pansy, your fries are going cold.”

She cannot take his eyes off the end of the world. Not even for French fries. But maybe for annihilation.

“We need to leave. Now!” she said coldly.

Outside it’s –


Outside it’s –

She’s outside before even thinking about it. Burning.

[want one? send me a fic title and i’ll write you a summary]

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imagine you teasing yoongi for a week but he can't do anything because he's so busy, but you're horny af so you touch yourself in front of him and stroke his thigh when you're with the boys and one day, it becomes too much and he punishes you by tying you up to the bed and has you watch him get himself off and won't let you come and he does this every night for a week and at the end, he fucks you so hard, you have trouble walking the next day.



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thompson has got to be one of the most challenging tracks i’ve driven to date, at least with the ka, but also one of the most rewarding to nail. trying to connect from the first hair pin to the long downhill was near impossible without too many manji (munji?) and i found it more fun to grip up and rip into the next corner anyway. a 13 year old named logan hopped in for my last run of the day so i tried to make it a good one for him. he was pumped and i was happy to end the day on a solid run. alternator started dying as i left the track so i drove home most of the way with no headlights to conserve power. made it! thanks @lockcitydrift_ for doing all you guys do for drifting in the northeast. you guys put up with a lot of shit(heads) and still leave events open to the general public. you all rock

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“Once red sky now gone blue. Why blue sky?”

Once upon a time, Rapture was coming, then after five months of Hell on Earth, it was pronounced over. The world went on in its own business for three years, with the things of the gods being matters of common happenstance. Any talk of Rapture only attracted silence and grief, unresolved relief.
One piece of information has not changed:
We never saw Rapture die.

Launching (in some form or other, as well as web fiction) before the end of Rocktober 2017 will be the beginning of the end of the end of the beginning, henceforth dubbed Final Rapture.
Book 2 is on hold until Final Rapture has had its say.

PS: Peter Gabriel, I think I may have to disagree with you on something for once– I’m not so sure eggs is eggs this time.

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol

Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the skk valentines exchange!!
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The mystery of the day: Why did Jimin hug Jungkook’s banner?

  • A1: He was trying to take it home
  • A2: He is attracted to anything that has JK’s face on it
  • A3: He was helping the staff clean up after the end of the event
  • A4: He mistook it for the real Jungkook
  • A5: He is trying to send subtle hints to the fans
  • A6: It’s not that deep he is just in love

GRIMM | 5.03

I’d never seen a Grimm before.