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HEY DER! I completely love your Day and Night AU! I was just wondering if they sometimes hold celebrations/events at the Sky Court or the Sun/Moon Reamls for like eclipses and such? (Cause I don't plan on writing a fic and/or draw somethin about that...)

OMG!! i read a lot of fics taking the eclipses as a gala/banquet or any form of celebration and i think that is the most wonderful thing!! i love it!!! but eclipses only last so long and for me i picture eclipses as private moments between them. like when an eclipse happens they order their council to leave so they would have those seven minutes along together. man i just picture them dancing in those seven minutes but that’s just my take on it anon!! 

i’m going to give a little bit of a back story on this too just because haha. i thought of this right after reading this fic and then making this post lmao anyway

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So last night I got a weirdest dream part, where in Overwatch there was a new line for McCree where he says ‘I like my men like I like my coffee…’; and the other character’s had responses, but my dream only showed me ‘Strong and keeping you up all night?’ with Reinhardt. 

And when I told this to @linuana and then @fonbless, I realised that I really want to see/hear what other characters would like to say about it. So! Full post of reactions we gathered together!

McCree: ‘I like my coffee like I like my men…’

Reinhardt: ‘Strong and keeping you up all night?’
McCree: ‘Well, if you put it like that, haha…’

Sombra: ‘Strong, hot and black?’
McCree: ‘And here I thought you knew everything! But yes.’

Widowmaker: ‘Ground up and in a freezer?’
McCree: ‘…what a way to ruin the mood.’

Tracer: ‘Ohhh, I gotcha! They gotta be full of energy and go down easy, right?’ ;)
McCree: *snerks*

Hanzo: ‘I like tea better.’
McCree: *gasp* ‘You ruined the joke!’
(BONUS ZENYATTA): ‘So Hanzo, you like them sweet, warm, and green?“

Genji: ‘All over yourself?’
McCree: *starts laughing and can’t stop*
Genji: *chuckles in answer*

Lucio: ‘Black, with spoonful of sugar?’
McCree: ‘You get it ;)’

Reaper: ‘Dark and bitter?’
McCree: ‘Perhaps.’

Angel: ‘At least once a day?’
McCree: ‘Wouldn’t be against that kind of prescription.’

Pharah: 'Bland, tasteless and often easily forgotten?’
McCree: 'Whaaat’.
Pharah: 'Sorry, being realistic here’.

D.Va: ‘Finished in a minute?’
McCree: ‘…how old are you again?’
D.Va: ‘Old enough to question your taste in fashion, food and men!’

Soldier 76: ‘Sweet and creamy?’
McCree: ‘W O W, old man. Just. Wow.’

Torbjorn: ‘With a nice cognac, after dinner, while relaxing in the armchair?’
McCree: 'Someone here is a romantic of old… or just old.’

Roadhog: ‘In large amounts?’
McCree: *sweats*

Junkrat: ‘Wait, what? How could you even like this fuckery of a drink, eh?’
McCree: ‘Nevermind.’

Ana: ‘Steamy and in bed?’
McCree: ‘Both at the same time, you got it!’

Winston: ‘First thing in the morning?’
McCree: *laughs* ‘Well, I did not think of that, but would love it.’

Zarya: ‘In your mouth?’
McCree: *starts coughing like a dying man*

Mei: ‘To keep you awake at night and help in work!’
McCree: ‘Not usually my type, but sometimes…’

Symmetra: ‘Rich, with a good taste?’
McCree: ‘Don’t mind if I do!’

Zenyatta: ‘Readily getting you up?’
McCree: ‘…how do you even know these things.’

And finally, if no one is to response…

McCree: ‘I like my coffee like I like my men…’
McCree: ‘I just– I just really like them. I like coffee. I like men. Period.’

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New Man

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A/N: I can’t remember the last time I wrote about Luke, but what I do know is that he needs some love

     You sat inside the car waiting for Luke to show up. The snow falling outside only seemed to grow stronger and you turned the heat on and the radio up just a bit. Your eyes darted towards the clock on the dashboard and you sighed in annoyance. “Typical,” you quietly spat, shaking your head at how late Luke was. You began to chew on your bottom lip and whipped out your phone. There was no sense in calling Luke. He usually showed up on his own time and you somehow found yourself always accepting this fact about him. Though you shouldn’t accept it. Luke never seemed to care when you had things to do or somewhere to be. You continued to mutter under your breath in anger. Luke had been the one to choose the time and the fact that he was late irked you even more. 

After about twenty minutes you were ready to start the car back up and head home, but then you saw Luke’s car pull up next to yours in the lot. You watched with squinted eyes as he turned the car off and quickly got out in a hurry. He jogged to your door and knocked on the window. You inhaled and slowly exhaled before rolling the window down. “You’re late,” you said in monotone. 

“Meeting ran later than expected,” he replied. You rolled your eyes at his words and his head dipped down so he was looking you in the eye. “Hey to you too,” he chuckled. You gave him a look and Luke’s smile faded. “Alright I’m sorry I was late,” he sighed, “I should’ve called.” You nodded in agreement and unlocked the door. Luke opened the door to the backseat and he smiled once more. A bigger smile that he had once held for you. You closely watched him from the review mirror. “Hey princess,” he cooed, unbuckling the one year old baby from her car seat. His finger brushed over her plump cheeks making her stir a bit from sleep. “Did you miss daddy?” he mumbled, pulling the beanie down on her head more so that her ears wouldn’t get cold. 

“You’re not taking the car seat?” you questioned, noticing that he was picking her up. Luke shook his head at your question.

“I bought one so we wouldn’t have to keep trading this one back and forth,” he replied. Your eyebrows rose in surprise. You didn’t expect Luke to buy a car seat of his own. Then again you didn’t expect a lot of things from him. He grabbed the baby bag then stood and shut the door. You unbuckled yourself and got out the car to say goodbye. 

“So I have a date tomorrow,” you told Luke. He became quiet for a second then continued to baby talk to the child. Luke turned his back towards you and walked towards his car to buckle her in. “I just thought you should know and I was thinking I’d let him finally meet Raine,” you said. This caught Luke’s attention and his head flew up and he looked at you as if you were crazy.

“There’s no way in hell that’s happening,” Luke spat, placing the stuffed elephant next to Raine. 

“I wasn’t asking for your permission. I was telling you what was going to happen,” you said. “We’ve been together for two months and I think it’s about time he’s met her.”

“Two months? How am I just now finding out about this!?!” Luke questioned, you watched him blow out air from his nose. The fog of it showing in the air. 

“You don’t need to know what I do in my personal time,” you scoffed, “The only reason I’m telling you now is because I want him to meet her.” Luke shook his head fast, his hands stuffing in his pockets to warm them.

“And I’m telling you there’s no way you’re going to let some other man near my baby,” Luke confidently said. 

“Our baby, but it was okay for your ex-girlfriend to meet her and not alright for my boyfriend to? If things are getting serious it’s bound to happen,” you reminded him.

“My ex meeting Raine was different,” he argued back. The two of you had a stare down for a few seconds. 

“That wasn’t different and you know it… look I didn’t come here to argue. My boyfriend’s meeting her so end of discussion. I’ll see you Tuesday night,” you told him, voice strong as can be. Luke’s jaw clenched and he watched with fire in his eyes as you leaned down to kiss your baby girl goodbye. You whispered something to her before pulling away. “Have fun,” you said to the both of them, giving Luke a small smile before heading back to your own car. Luke waved goodbye and before you knew it he was in his car and driving off.

     The smell of spices wafted around your home and music was blasting through the speakers. You couldn’t help but to feel at ease. With Raine being with Luke for a few days that gave you the opportunity to spend quality time with your boyfriend. You had decided on cooking for your date and just have a night in. It was only to help the two of you put a rest to spending money each time you went out. “Middle of the Night” by The Vamps started to play and you began to dance a bit as you cooked. You shuffled over to the stove to stir the rice and meat mixture. In your haste to cook and clean your home, you had only managed to get your makeup done. The dining table was set with candles resting in the center. All you had left to do was place the mixture in some bell peppers and pop it in the oven.

Just as you were placing the dinner into the oven there was a knock at your door. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you glanced at the clock. You hadn’t noticed time going by so fast. “JUST A MINUTE!” you shouted, closing the oven door and running to a mirror to make yourself look a bit presentable. You walked over to the door and opened it. “Hi!” you chirped.

“Hey. Am I early?” Scott asked, looking down at your lazy day attire. You quickly shook your head.

“No, no I’m just running late,” you said, “Come in!” You opened the door even more and Scott walked in. He laughed in amusement at how frazzled you seemed. 

“I brought wine and dessert,” Scott smiled, following you into the kitchen. “It smells great. What are you making?” he hummed. You muttered a thanks and began to look in the cupboards for some glasses. Once they were found you opened the wine bottle and poured the liquid. Handing one over to Scott, you sipped on yours for a second. 

“Stuffed bell peppers and roasted potatoes,” you replied. 

“Oh that sounds like heaven and good too because I’m starving,” he commented. You laughed in response and lifted the glass to drink some more of the wine.  

“I’m gonna get dressed so make yourself at home,” you told him, grabbing your glass and quickly racing to your bedroom. Once inside you began to strip from your clothes and get into the ones you had laid out on the bed. As you were placing on your shoes you noticed an old picture of you and Luke looking happily at each other. It was rested between two other pictures on your nightstand. In one quick movement you had snatched the picture from its spot and dropped it inside the drawer. 

“She’s cute isn’t she?” you smiled. Your words had startled Scott and he jumped in his spot before turning towards you. He had been looking at a picture of you and Raine. 

“Yeah-she looks adorable. How old is she again?” he questioned, walking over to you and giving you a kiss.

“One and for a toddler that barely knows more than ten words she will talk your ear off,” you joked. Your hand slid down to grab Scott’s and you pulled him towards the couch. 

“Well she sounds lovely,” he said, resting his hand on your knee. “How was your day?” Scott questioned, drinking some more of the alcohol. You made a tiny noise that could be considered a whimper and his eyes crinkled in curiosity. “That bad?” he laughed, draping his arm over the couch. 

“More so frustrating. It was like everyone that came in had a stick up their butt or something,” you sighed. You hummed then shook the thoughts from your head. “What about you?” you asked.

“Much better now that I’m seeing you,” Scott said. You smiled at his words and moved closer to him. “You know what’ll take your mind off your bad day?” he said. 

“Hmm what?” you smiled, biting onto your bottom lip. Scott had moved closer to you too and his eyes were flickering from your eyes to your lips. 

“Some kissing and cuddling,” he whispered, dipping his head low to give you two quick pecks. You grinned at his words and pulled him into another kiss. His hand moved to rest at your hip and you moved closer even more as the kiss grew a lot more passionate. The sounds of you two kissing echoed around the living room and the tension in the room became heated. Not too long after you were straddling Scott and the two of you had began an intense make out. Breaths shallow, hands roaming, and lips trailing across your skin. You knew at some point you’d have to pull away to take the food out the oven, but as for now you were enjoying this. Scott pulled away from the kiss and his mouth attached at your neck. You let out a soft moan as he sucked on a sweet spot. Your body going slack against his in pleasure. 

There was a loud knock on the door and the kissing stopped for a second. “Ignore it,” you gasped, leaning down to kiss along Scott’s jaw. You rocked your hips against his and he was the one to moan this time. Another knock sounded out around the apartment, but it was longer this time. 

“I think you should get that,” Scott chuckled. You groaned in response and your head fell into the crook of his neck in defeat. A sigh left your lips and you climbed off of him. 

“Can you take the food out the oven while I answer that,” you softly requested, giving him one more kiss before heading to the door. You straightened out your clothes once you were in front of the door. Once you unlocked the door you opened it, the smile on your face fading as your eyes came in contact with the very familiar blue ones. 

You couldn’t believe your eyes, but there leaning against your door frame with a smirk on his lips was Luke.

A Girl Called Mike - Part Three

Pairing: Dean × Reader 

Word Count: Around 4500

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

Click Here for Part 1

Part 2

Warnings: Language, Violence 

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions! 

Special thanks and shout out to @misguidedconqueress for reviewing, editing, suggestions, and as always putting up with me.


You started to panic with each step, and not just from the pain. If Dean got anywhere near this wound, there would be a least two things he would be bound to notice.

Dean leaned your back against the hood of the Impala while he went to dig through the truck looking for first aid supplies. You kept a hand pressed on the wound, suspecting the wrap you used to conceal your figure was helping to keep the injury contained and compressed.

“Dean, Seriously.” You gasped out, your act failing with each passing minute. “You should update Sam.”

“That can wait.” Dean replied frazzled, unable to locate the first aid supplies. In the meantime he brought you an old T-Shirt you could use to sop up some of the blood. “You afraid I’ll see you cry or something?” Dean questioned, trying to lighten the mood.

“Fuck off.” You clenched your jaw; annoyed with his joke, being much more concerned about what he would actually see. You rolled your eyes knowing ‘Mike’ would have a comeback. “Just afraid you’ll faint from the gore, Winchester.” You paused, trying to get the pain under control. “Then I’ll have to save both our asses.”

You heard Dean softly chuckle followed by the slam of the trunk. Your eyes widened seeing Dean had returned with a bottle of vodka, a fishing hook, and fishing line.

“Quit stalling and suck it up.” Dean joked nervously as he started to sterilize the hook with his lighter.

Your free hand gently scratched the false stubble on your jaw as to tried to think of a distraction. There was no way you could possibly outrun him to your car.

“From what I saw, there is possibly another victim out there. You and Sam need to focus on that. I can patch myself up.” You said eagerly trying to convince him. His earnestly green eyes searched yours. “I’ve had worse.” You lied.

“I can’t just leave you like this…. We’ll make it quick.” Dean explained, torn between the situations.

“I’ll be fine.” You gave one last shot to convince him. “Call if I need to…” When Dean didn’t argue back you asked, “Just help me to my car, alright?”

Dean sighed, still unsure of leaving you alone but gave into your demands, and helped support you walking over to the car. After helping you in, he left the supplies on your passenger seat.

“If I don’t hear from you in a half hour…” He warned.

“I’ll be dead in a ditch,” You sarcastically remarked, realizing too late you were not helping your case. “Don’t even worry about it.” You tried to assure.

“Be safe.” Dean patted the hood of your car before shutting you in.

You watched to ensure he’d make it safely back to his Impala, slightly concerned that thing might pop up again. Once you were satisfied, you grunted from the effort it took to put your car in gear. Dean followed you down the road. You fretted that he might have changed his mind and was following you to the motel. But a few minutes later, you sighed in relief as he turned left at an intersection.

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Never Ever.

Jaebum x reader

synopsis“After all these time of me hurting you, why?” “Because Jaebum, never ever, I would fall out of love with you.” 

word count: 1356

genre: angst

“I love you.”

A salty, wet drop of vapor rolled down onto your cheek as you shot up from the bed, eyes darting across the dim room to a small bed table. Stretching your hands towards the digital alarm clock to tap the button, causing the artificial light to shine all over your room, displaying the time “3:07a.m.”

“I love you.” The words that used to haunt you the most at 3am somehow found its way into your head again: Jaebum’s never ending, soothing voice roaming the halls of your head, locked inside the depths.

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It is the Lesbian Day of Visibility and as a huge lesbian Its a party time!
Also lesbians are amazing and wonderful.
This includes all lesbians.
For example trans lesbian, nonbinary lesbian (that’s me), ace and aro lesbian, disabled lesbians and neuroatypical lesbians (again that’s me), young and old lesbians, questioning lesbians (me) and every lesbian.
We’re all goddamn incredible, arent we?
-Mod Mika


Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Pairing - Dean X Reader

Word Count - 1035
Warnings -  None.
Summary - Morning can be a distracting time for Dean
A/N -  Written for @jalove-wecallhimdean‘s superbusterschallenge!

Rolling over in bed you picked up your phone groaning at the time, 7:30. Dean’s arms squeezed you as you relaxed into the warmth of him.
“Morgue opens at 9, get dressed and we will get some breakfast.”

“Wait FBI dressed or normal dressed?” You asked groggily as you turned to face Dean cuddling further into his arms.

“FBI.” Dean kissed your forehead as you closed your eyes holding him close to you.

“Just a little longer.” You insisted as you linked your hands behind his back hoping to keep him close to you for just a little longer.

“Fine.” Dean smiled as he settled into your arms. You listened as Sam showered, you were on the edge of unconsciousness.

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This is not what you think

Andrew and Neil have tea with a neighbor. The woman living on the floor above seems to have disappeared.

also available on ao3

Neil took the chicken out of the fridge and opened it. He laid the two chicken breasts on the cutting board. He diced them using one of the new knives. They had brought the set last week. It came with a cleaver. Neil felt unsettled when he looked at it sometimes, but it could be useful. It made anything with bones easier to cut. Even thick bones.

They would have to sharpen it if they planned on using it again. The blade was blunt. 

Sir kept him company, rubbing against his legs, and meowing loudly for food.

The TV was running in the background when they sat to eat. It was an Exy program, as it often was. Tetsuji Moriyama’s career was ruined, was saying the presenter. It had been ruined for some time, mused Neil, but he was at the very end now. 

“You are the one who ruined it,” Andrew commented between two bites. 

“He brought it on himself." 

"I still would want to kill you if I were him." 

Neil grinned. "You already want to kill me,” he reminded. “But you would do the job yourself." 

Andrew tilted his head, as if to say fair enough. “Paying someone isn’t as satisfying. But Tetsuji doesn’t give a fuck about satisfaction.” 

Neil started to clean up. Andrew’s fingers brushed his hand. He’d cut himself last week down his thumb. It left a small scar. It was barely visible along the mess that were his hands. It had been stupid, he’d been distracted. He was better than that with a knife. 

Their doorbell rang. Andrew stood up while Neil was in the kitchen. 

Pauline, their neighbor, was on the porch, a beautiful pie in her arms. She was a small and elegant lady with gray hair whose age was a mystery. Old, that was all you could say. For how long had she been old, that was the question. 

She smiled. "I made a pie, again,” she said as a greeting. Pies almost appeared around Pauline. “Would you like some? I can’t eat everything by myself." 

Andrew let her in. Neil poked his head out of the kitchen and greeted her. He liked her. Andrew didn’t mind her, and that was better than most people. The pie was a good incentive.

Neil has helped her with groceries a few months ago. She’d invited him for tea, and Neil, though wary, had accepted. She’d done nothing but stuff him with pie and various crime stories. She had a deep passion for mysteries and murders and had met Agatha Christie once. 

Neil and her exchanged a few words in French. She was always delighted to speak her native language. 

"Coffee, tea ?” Neil offered. It was more care than he afforded any of their neighbors. 

“Tea, thank you." 

She sat on their sofa and King jumped on her lap. "Oh, didn’t you have a picture on the wall?” She asked, looking at the wall in the entryway. 

“It fell. The frame broke, we need to buy a new one,” Neil explained as he served her tea. 

Andrew cut the pie. 

“How did it — oh, Andrew, dear, a smaller slice, if you wouldn’t mind — how did it fall?" 

Neil held out his plate for Andrew. "A minor scuffle, nothing important. " 

"Was it bad? Oh, I’m sorry, that isn’t any of my business.”

“It’s taken care of,” Neil reassured. His smile didn’t reach his eyes. His thumb rubbed the new scar on his hand.

Pauline left a bit later, leaving the rest of the pie. “Have you seen Camilla? I’m a bit worried, I haven’t heard from her in almost a week,” she said on her way out.

Camilla was their upstairs neighbor. She’d moved in three months ago and didn’t seem to work much. It was a wonder how she paid for her rent. She was a quiet brown haired woman who held herself eerily still. Andrew didn’t like her. She made something itch under his skin. 

“Last time I saw her was last week,” Andrew said.

“A strange lady. Quite cold. Never said anything. No background, no family,” Pauline mused. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she was tangled up in shady business.”

“That’s quite an accusation.”

“Experience, dear,” she said, nodding to herself.

She bid him goodbye and left, humming under her breath.

The rest of the day was quiet. 

The bathroom still smelled faintly of bleach from the last time Neil had cleaned it. He’d spent an afternoon in the room, scrubbing it from top to bottom. With all the injuries they got, he was used to cleaning blood.

“Don’t forget to take the garbage out,” he told Neil. 

“I’ll buy some trash bags and some cat litter at the same time." 

Indeed, they needed some. Cat litter was perfect to prevent strong odors. They’d use all they had in advance last week.

When Neil came back his hair was mussed from the wind. “It was the last trash bag, wasn’t it?”

“It was,” Andrew confirmed, from his seat on the couch.

Neil joined him. He kissed Andrew’s temple and made himself comfortable on the sofa. Andrew took the opportunity to tuck his feet under his thigh.

He thought briefly about Camilla, the upstairs neighbor.

Yes, he’d seen her for the last time last week.

Ok so I’m checking out the new series “Magic School Bus Rides Again” and it’s pretty cool, but question isn’t the continuity odd??? 

So we are introduced to Ms. Val Frizzle’s younger sister Fiona Frizzle who will be taking over as the class teacher cool great. Also it is nice to see familiar faces in the class and that Phoebe while I miss her character is at least acknowledged in the first episode. Now here’s my problem. It is a new school year at Walkerville Elementary School and the all the student from the previous series return expecting to be taught by Ms. Frizzle again. ????


Did Ms. Frizzle originally plan to move up a grade with her previous class? If so Why? I find this unlikely because she went onto become a Professor. 

I would think all of Ms. Frizzle’s students would have passed to a new grade and be assigned to a new completely instructor. 

It is known from the previous series that Ms Frizzle must have student from previous years prior to the current class because an older student at Walkerville stated he had Ms Frizzle’s class last year. 

So my question is why is this class repeating a year with what they thought was the same teacher( because they were expected her), but are given a replacement for the same class?

Idk if I worded that right but what do you all think?

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omg ty so much this blog is exactly what I needed for all my Marvel fics. (◠‿◠✿) my question is how do soldiers greet each other when off duty and not in uniform? Do they still salute and everything? Thank u!!

I’m glad to hear it! Guess I’m back to answering normal old questions again. Oh bother.

Worth noting in case you weren’t sure, we only salute officers. NCOs and other lower-enlisted don’t get saluted. It’s really awkward for us when civilians like, walk up to a PFC and salute them and they’re just like “why are you doing this.”

How to Salute an Officer 101:
1. Spot the officer in the wild
2. Are you both in uniform?
3. If yes, salute! The lower rank initiates, which includes all enlisted personnel even up to sergeant major.
4. The officer salutes back and drops their salute first.
5. Your salute is dropped after they (the superior) drop theirs first.

Courtesy of AR 600-25, Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy:

 i. Salutes are not required to be rendered or returned when the senior or subordinate, or both are—
(1) In civilian attire.
(2) Engaged in routine work if the salute would interfere.
(3) Carrying articles with both hands so occupied as to make saluting impracticable.
(4) Working as a member of a detail, or engaged in sports or social functions where saluting would present a safety hazard.
(5) In public places such as theater

Especially in my old unit there were some crotchety old officers who wanted to be saluted in and out of uniform and sometimes you’ve just got to roll your eyes and do it, but as far as the book’s concerned one does not salute while in civilian attire. 
2 and 3 are vital though. If an officer is carrying a heavy package and can’t salute back, then one would instead give the greeting of the day, which would merely be “Good morning, ma’am” or “Good evening, sir,” as the case applies. It’s generally a good and respectful idea to acknowledge officers you recognize out of uniform with at least the greeting of the day unless they’re busy. 

Some officers who get around a lot and are doing work will flat out tell you “stop fucking saluting me my arm’s getting tired” because literally every enlisted that passes them is saluting them and they’re saluting back. It’s tiring. This is especially true of, say, a platoon leader and their platoon sergeant. They’re working together very frequently and it’d be a hassle if the sergeant had to salute their platoon leader every five minutes.

 It’s not uncommon for an officer to just sort of very quickly snap a salute off to you or even just wave their hand sort of dismissively. Some might even just pretend they didn’t see you. Our rule of thumb was basically if the officer didn’t acknowledge or return your salute in about three to five seconds, it was safe to move on with your life and then proceed to talk shit about the officer behind their back.

Oh, passing an officer is one of those times you salute without being at attention. You don’t have to stop walking in order to salute the officer you’re passing.

Some officers might like being saluted and greeted with the unit’s motto. They view it as a form of motivation and camaraderie. The 13th Infantry Regiment’s motto is “forty rounds,” which has a similar connotation to “hooah” in that it can be used for almost anything, so for officers in that unit it might be appropriate to salute them and greet them with, “Forty rounds, sir!” 

For everyone else, basically it’s never inappropriate to greet someone with the greeting of the day, (as mentioned, good morning/afternoon/evening) and leave it at that. It’s usually safer to acknowledge someone of a higher rank if you’re out and about and you come across them, but you don’t need to go out of your way to do it, and if you’re roughly the same rank it’s not such a big deal. Most of us don’t want to see each other’s ugly asses when we’re in civvies anyway.

One last laugh at my expense: try having bad eyesight and trying to figure out from a distance in bright desert sunlight what someone’s GD rank is. You’re sitting there going “is…is that a specialist? Is it a lieutenant colonel? I can’t fucking see from here it just looks like a black blob. Fuck. Well, he looks old, totally crusty, probably the latter. Okay. I’ll just go ahead and salute him and – and he was a specialist, and now I’m a fucking dumbass and I’m going to go crawl under a humvee and just die now, okay?”


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In Secret (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request\Summary: Hi, could you please write one shot about the reader, who is Murphy’s best friend and Bellamy flirts with her a lot, because he wants to piss off Murphy. She pretends, that she doesn’t care about Bellamy, because she doesn’t want to upset Murphy, but she secretly loves Bellamy and one day she can’t stand it anymore and kisses Bellamy and they end up in his tent. :)

Originally posted by bisexualbellclarke

As Murphy begins talking to you about something you can’t remember - you were a bit distracted by the approaching man behind him - you watch Bellamy make his way over to you, a sly smile on his face. “Incoming.” You whisper to Murphy, trying to hide a smile when you catch Bell’s brown eyes. 

“What?” Murphy pauses, furrowing his eyebrows before he realises what you mean. “He’s coming isn’t he?” You just nod before Bellamy stands next to you, slinging an arm over your shoulder and pulling you close. This isn’t weird or odd. You’re used to Bellamy’s flirting because it happens a lot

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Hi, I been following your blog for quite sometime, I'm in my last year of law school and now I just wanna study architecture, but I feel too old to start again, I guess my question is, is it worth it?

Never too old, but you won’t make as much money in architecture as you would in law!