that old guy subway gave a subway to

The Great Canadian Winter

The Pre Story (about nothing)

To give you a little idea of how my Friday night went… on Saturday morning at approximately 7:30am I decided I should take the subway *home* rather than pay for an uber (luckily, tipsy and tired Liz is still a budget savvy thinker). However, from making that smart decision I missed my subway stop TWICE. Twice, you guys, twice. Yes, I was *that* person passed out and drooling (not really, but maybe…) with all the Saturday morning workers on their morning commute. 

To back track, a group of us got kicked out of a pub at around 2am, only to take the party to a friend’s house, as we sipped more wine and debated world events (true story).  Time got away from us, and suddenly the sun was up(!!!), and my sleepy eyes failed me as I rode the rails home.  And then yup, I fell fast asleep on the subway, and missed my stop twice… Thirty years old and doing life right. I finally found my bed at about 9am, and stayed in a cacoon of warmth (no regrets) until about 3pm, where I then moved from my bed to the couch (Netflix was whispering my name) and ordered “one chicken shawarma please,” from a place that is literally about a 4 minute walk to my house (the guy on the phone laughed when I told him my address, but I didn’t even care), as I then proceeded to drink 3.2 gallons of water, and watch several documentaries on medieval England (so, bloody, good.)

The Actual Story (About something… maybe)

ANYWHO, all that was to tell you, that come Sunday morning, I was REVVING to do something. And do something I did, my venturing about 2 hours north of Toronto with my mom to explore the frozen lakes! Okay, fine. I had also rented a car for the weekend and felt SO GUILTY my hungover ass didn’t use it on Sunday, that I needed to make renting it worthwhile. 

We watched kids play hockey (so Canadian, eh!) as we walked out onto Lake Scugog, and skidded in our boots from here to there. The Lake itself is an artificial lake (created in 1834) and although I had been to it many times before, never when it was frozen (I just went for the huge local ice-cream cones before). 

When I was a kid I was always terrified of standing on ice… I always thought I would be *that* kid to fall through it (being the tubbiest of the tubby, and all) but today you could see how thick it was, and the fact that there were tons of cars on it, gave me (a little) piece of mind.

After nearly freezing our butts off (and hands!) we got back in the car, cranked up the heated seats (<– best, invention, evvvvvver), and zoomed even further north to another lake known for their excellent view of sunsets (and as everyone and their mother knows, I’m a huge fan of sunsets). 

Ice ice baby. So much ice!

Last winter I really looked into ice-fishing, but then suddenly the weather got warm, and I missed my opportunity, but this year I’m determined to make it out there! Apparently it’s quite fun, as you sit on the ice in a hut, with friends, a little heater, booze, food, music ect., I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?!

So pretty, right? We walked pretty far onto the ice, and watched the skidoos - which looked so scary, I’m not sure I’d have the guts to ride one - fly across the ice, and watched a lot of cars driving around and then spin out. Literally they would do about three or four spins on the ice, stop, and then drive on off. I am nearly 100% certain a Mercedes broke it’s engine or insides or whatever from spinning. It sounded fine, then it spun, and then LOL, no. It sounded like a tractor on it’s final run to the junk yard. 

But all in all, it was a pretty awesome Sunday spent with my mom and the Canadian winter. 

The Epilogue

Sometimes I feel like I’m the laziest outdoorsy person ever. I mean, I love being outside (Sunday morning, before my trip, I also went horse riding - fun, fun, fun), but there is nothing that gets my gears going more than my warm, cozy bed. And not in a va-va-voom type of way, but more of a sleeping-is-glorious-nothing-beats-sleeping-and-being-warm-and-being-horizontal type of way. 

That being said, Toronto is freaking COLD these days, and I am lazy and craving exercise, so I’m going to join a gym to walk/run on the treadmill and listen to Serial and audio books, and maybe, just maybe, do Body Pump (but only if I can get a spot in the back of the class).