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Okay, so we know that whenever someone was sorted into Slytherin at the beginning of the series they were booed, which first of all, dick move guys, some of you are like 17 and you are literally jeering at terrified 11 year olds. Come on douchebags, that is the worst way to treat them. 

I like to think that after the war the booing stopped, but nobody cheered. While every other student would walk to their house table with pride and applause, young Slytherins walked to their future in silence. And maybe there was a few years in which they thought they didn’t deserve the applause, because we have to remember that during the final battle there was call to lock the Slytherins in their common room. Personally I think some totally snuck out to help, I refuse to actually believe that the most cunning, dedicated and savvy kids in that school stayed where they were told and let the people that they cared about get hurt without doing a damn thing. Just no. But anyway, I think there was a time when the kids of the Slytherin walked to their table without the cheers that everyone else heard. 

But Slytherin is a proud house, and they always will be. So they sat through a few years without clapping at all because even the snake can pay penance when they believe it is due. Until one year the last witnesses of the Battle of Hogwarts are in their final year, this is their last sorting and whatever they leave is their legacy. And that year, when the first new Slytherin is sorted they cheer, as loudly and proudly as they can, and nobody else claps but they don’t need to because that year every Slytherin gets the loudest congratulations the Great Hall has heard in a long time. 

And it continues like that for a while, the other houses don’t cheer for each new snake but Slytherin cheers for every single new student, regardless of their house. But then one year, like happens oh so often, two first years make friends on the train only to be sorted into different houses, the first one a Hufflepuff, and they watch their new friend be sorted into Slytherin and and cheer as loudly as they can because Hufflepuff loyalty right there. They cheer for their friend who whispered the secret of  not wanting to be a Slytherin because even after all these years stereotypes are a bitch to kick, especially from the house who suffered under them the most. And slowly everyone joins in, just like they’ve always done for each student who wasn’t a Slytherin and by the end of that sorting every single student is applauded by everyone, no matter their house. The war is long over, and the Slytherin’s final battle is done.


Words: 4406
Cas x Reader
Warnings: detailed descriptions of sexual assault situation THIS MAY BE A TRIGGER, language, violence
Requested by anonymooses
Summary: Asshat douchebag, an old co-worker, attacks and attempts to sexually assault reader. Justice is served via Badass!Cas.
A/N: While I was writing this I was thinking often of the book The Gift of Fear, which I strongly believe everyone should read, particularly women due to the fact that they are widely the victims of violence in many cultures around the world. Highly recommend this book.

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You giggled and bit your bottom lip as you looked up at Cas leaning over you. His hair was ruffled, trench coat discarded on the ground nearby, and his tie was loosened. You tugged on it a little and gave him a wide smile. He looked down at you and his lips also turned up into a grin.

Your lore books laid ignored on the table nearby, some open, some with scribbled-on papers shoved hastily inside. “I told you a break was a good idea,” you said.

Cas continued to smile down at you and gently brushed his fingers lightly through your hair. “Yes. We should take breaks more often,” he said.

You pulled on his tie again and his lips met yours eagerly, fingers trailing gently over you. You were lost in him again. You felt like you were back in high school, opting to ignore a homework assignment and make-out on the couch instead. You giggled into his lips at this thought and felt him smile. His kisses got sweeter when he smiled through them…

The sound of the bunker door opening and closing and Sam and Dean’s quick footsteps on the staircase pulled you back to reality. You felt your cheeks burn with a blush and Cas pulled back from you, looking down at you with a mildly surprised look on his handsome face.

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my little sister meows anytime the n word pops up in a song and it never fails to make me laugh because she does it extremely loud whenever we're in the car with my sister's boyfriend who thinks it's okay for him to say it (no matter how many times we fight about it). it pisses him off and he tells her she's ruining the flow of the song. she just shrugs and does it louder next time. she's 11. theres nothing better than seeing an 11 yr old ruin a 23 yr old douchebags day

This is good. Very good. Congratulate her on my behalf plz

Familial Relations

 Summary: He’s a temptation she wasn’t even aware of—not until he’s back under her roof, sharing her space, sleeping in her bed. Written for Prompts in Panem, Dreams, Day 7: Thorns.

Rated: M+

A/N: Thank you to thegirlonpeetamellark for reading and coaching. This week was a whirlwind of crap in my real life, and I sometimes doubted I’d get this done. All mistakes are mine, because I really did not have time to re-read this more than once. Thanks to misshoneywell for organizing PiP and being such a champion of Everlark.

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Son of A Witch

Prompt: Could you do a fic where the reader is Dean’s girlfriend who hunts with the boys and in a confrontation with a witch she and Sam end up swapping bodies for a few days? Dean then freaks out…;)

Word Count: 2,421

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Remember when I said I’d do one crazy request for my 1K? Well, this is it. It’s no lasagna and cake hats but it’s still pretty weird.

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I wanna talk about Shitty’s life, post-law school. We all know that it’s very unlikely that he takes a position with an established firm… bunch of conservative, old, know-nothing douchebag white men. So what does he do instead? Start his own firm. And Bad Bob’s his first customer. 

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To you, who has pulled me out of the darkest parts of myself, who has given me patience and understanding, who has listened and calmed. You, who has reprimanded and taught me, helped me to be all that I can. It’s you, who has been beside me through everything, who has seen the highest and the lowest points, the darkest and the brightest days. In you, I believe that you can achieve all that you dream and all that you set out to be and do.  You are a beautiful soul, a brilliant teacher, a best friend, a patient lover. Happy Birthday Emile, you mean the universe to me.

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College campus mail room anon here: As of Monday, stamp prices went down (yay!), so forever stamps went from 49 cents to 47 cents. Since I work in a mail room, I sell a lot of single stamps. This man, this old, douchebag that always smells of motor oil and smoke, came in and bought a stamped envelope. His payment? A $100 bill. For 53 cents. I had several 20s, 10, and even a 50. Supervisor let me pay him in 5s and 1s, plus $30 in change. Suck it bitch (my supervisor is awesome and hates this guy)

Are you FUCKING kidding me that was 30 seconds at most I’m so pissed fuck Vince and his misogynistic ways and this old douchebags that kiss his wrinkly ass abd write this shit for him you have 3 hours THREE fucking hours and you give the women 30 seconds it’s so disrespectful to the entire roster and every single female who ever steps into a wrestling ring I’m so angry