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Victor: My theme for next year is heartbreak. Soul crushing heartbreak, please Yuuri I'm so sorry and I beg you take me back. I want us to get married and have many skaters children with you. Please forgive me and come back to me. Georgi: eXcUse Me? tHaT's mY tHeME. Victor: Hush now, I've called dibs on it. And nobody cares about Anya anyway. Now, the emo make up...

If you ever want to know who is suffering the most in the Rivals series just remember that Yurio now needs to deal with both Viktor and Georgi 

So part 2 of ‘Kazliin answering comments’ this one is for everyone who kindly reminded me to tell you all what in the ‘15 things that might happen in chapter 13′ was originally a lie that then became a truth. The answer is…dun dun dun… the wall sex! Originally I put it there because I had almost wall sex in chapter 11 and was kind of sad that there was no way to make it work properly in the rest of the fic and then everyone was SO THIRSY for wall sex and I knew I was about to ruin everyone with the end of 13 so I was like, well I might as well give them this at least. So I completely reworked the sex scene to figure out how the hell I could make wall sex work and I was actually very glad I did because it gave me the chance to do the ‘tripping over and laughing during sex and making bad skating jokes’ moment which I now think is a really crucial moment of that scene. Because the main aim of that scene was to show how comfortable and happy they had become with either other now and provide a really stark contrast with the scene in chapter 8. Because no matter what the ultimate aim is to set the groundwork for a genuinely happy, healthy relationship and that level of comfort with each other was a really important part of that

Tree roots tangle,
hold together ribs in a way that aching muscle fibres don’t.
And your eyes,
flicker, find mine,
Fill me up
Me or you?
Forests don’t speak,
no matter how many trees hit the ground.

But your silence,
it comes out like poetry.


Eye contact

-bits and pieces of what could be anything

So in part 1 of ‘Kazliin answers comments′ here’s what I like to call my collection of people yelling at me about chapter 13. (I am tempted to print it out and stick it on my wall ;) )

So thank you to everyone who came to yell at me about chapter 13, I loved all your comments and I apologize for any emotional trauma I may have caused!