that obi wan was the only one that padme could trust

STAR WARS is really good for time travel fic, the urge to give the characters a chance to fix things, now that they have an idea of what went wrong or what to look out for, while still having to relive so many painful things, that balance of suffering and yet it’s worth it for the hope it offers, it’s exactly what the best fic is made of. I LOVE TIME TRAVEL FIC SO MUCH, so I’ve collected together a bunch of my favorites!
(Last Updated: 2017.04.19)

Shadows of the Future by stormqueen873, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & cast, 129.3k
   ObiWan lost the duel on Mustafar, but instead of dying, he finds himself on a ship leaving Tatooine, with his old Master and a familiar young boy. As events begin to unfold, can he stop the future he knows from occuring?
Lost Reflections by esama, obi-wan & ben, 30.k wip
   Obi-Wan didn’t become Qui-Gon Jinn’s apprentice, and Ben didn’t exile himself to Tatooine. On Bandomeer the two meet.
Threads of the Past by Magier74, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & xanatos, 37.8k
   Obi-Wan and Anakin make an unexpected detour returning home from a mission.
time to change the road you’re on by wreckageofstars, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & cast, 24.3k wip
   The end of the Clone War is near - the fall of the Republic even nearer. Anakin Skywalker, caught up in the events that lead to the rise of the Empire and the loss of everything he holds dear, finds himself sent nearly two decades into the future.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & cast, 54.3k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
these are the good old days by QueenWithABeeThrone, han & obi-wan & anakin, 2.3k
   Han Solo, after being killed by his own son, wakes up as an eight-year-old on Corellia, then runs away from home. just his luck (or the Force) that his ride crashes on a world being squabbled over by the Republic and the Separatists. just his luck (or the Force) that he runs into Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi, too.
set this dance alight by QueenWithABeeThrone, obi-wan & ahsoka & han & cast, 3k wip
   “And don’t call me squirt.” “You’re shorter than I am,” Tano shoots back, “I get to call you anything I like.” or: Han Solo finds the Millennium Falcon a decade or so earlier than scheduled, and Obi-wan Kenobi finds himself adjusting to his new padawan while on the job.
White Rabbits by Butterfly, obi-wan/anakin & background anakin/padme & luke & leia & han & cast, NSFW, time travel, 102.5k wip
   Through the Force, everything is connected. Anakin and Obi-Wan find this out first-hand.
Futurus (-a -um) by cadesama, anakin/padme + obi-wan/anakin/padme + luke & leia & mon mathma & ahsoka, mildly nsfw, 53.2k wip
   Cracked hyperdrive? No problem. Just hold it together with the Force. Time travel? Well. That could be a bigger problem.
One Day More by CalaisKenobi, obi-wan & qui-gon & anakin & cast, 31.2k
   Obi-Wan is given the opportunity to make some changes in his past. With the help of some old friends, and the hindrance of some old enemies, the Galaxy will be forever changed.
Wake the Storm by bedlamsbard, obi-wan & anakin (pre-slash) & cast, 75.4k
   Considering that he had picked up what was probably a Sith artifact, promptly passed out in the middle of a war zone, and apparently woken up twenty years in the future with Obi-Wan having taken up residence in his head, Anakin thought he was entitled to have a few questions.
Old Man Luke by scarletjedi, obi-wan & anakin & luke & cast, 10.4k wip
   Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?” He asked, hoping a direct question would yield answers. The old man seemed adept at side-stepping information when asked a bit more deftly. “I’ve never heard of a Master with your level of talent.”
Hello From the Other Side by DarthNickels, anakin & luke & han/leia & kylo ren & piett, body swap, time travel, 16.7k wip
   Kylo Ren is destined to take up the mantle of Vader. The Force can be incredibly literal.
I Found You by KeeperofSeeds, obi-wan & shmi, ~1k
   A pregnant Shmi makes it to the Jedi Temple and immediate seeks out and finds the boy who was (will be?) her son’s Master/brother/teacher/friend. The boy who became the man to sacrifice himself for her grandchildren. The One who shared her Visions.
went back and put up a fight by springsoldier (ladydaredevil), obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 2k
   She probably shouldn’t trust the wish-granting Sith artefact. (In which Ahsoka makes a brave attempt at hugging the Dark Side out of Anakin)
Tumblr Ramblings (Obi-Wan Time Travel/AU-jump) by gaealynn, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & cast,
   At the end of RotJ, Obi-Wan reaches out a hand to help Anakin cross over and instead – wakes up on Naboo.
Hollow by JennMel, qui-gon & obi-wan & anakin & others, 5.6k
   Obi-Wan has always had a secret. And Qui-Gon could not, must not, ever know. If he did, then they would never even make it to Tatooine, let alone deal with the rest to come. One perfect possible future, that’s all Obi-Wan needed to achieve…that’s all.
Conversations at the Intersections of Time by Sentimental Star, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon, 5.2k wip
   What happens when a thirteen-year-old Anakin Skywalker and his twenty-nine-year-old Master get snatched back in time, only to come face to face with a fifteen-year-old Obi-Wan…and a very much alive Qui-Gon Jinn?
Tumbling Star Wars by esama, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & padme, 4.9k
   Various Star Wars snippets. Some crossovers.
The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars by delicatefury, obi-wan & luke & leia & han & cast, time travel, ~4k
   Obi-Wan wakes up in the middle of a space battle. Or rather he doesn’t. Regardless, a dogfight is no place for an existential crisis.
TDPL Snippet - Leia and Obi-Wan by delicatefury, obi-wan & leia, 1.9k
   In honor of Carrie Fisher, here’s the first Leia POV scene I wrote for The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars.
TDPL snippet - The Padawan Discussion, round 2. by delicatefury, obi-wan & luke, 2.4k
   “I know… I know I made a big deal about being a Jedi like my Father,” Luke beings. “And I’m not taking it back,” he hastens to add. “I wanted to be a Jedi at first because he was. I guess I just wanted to know him in someway. But I didn’t wanna be a Jedi like my Father, y’know?
There’s Still Time to Change the Road You’re On by victoria_p (musesfool), anakin & luke & leia, 3.6k
   “Time travel? Are you kriffing kidding me?”
I’ll Be There For You by SinkingLikeASunset, obi-wan/anakin/padme (eventual) & qui-gon & clones & cast, 40.7k wip
   Just days after his fateful encounter with Anakin on Mustafar , Obi-Wan has resigned himself to a lonely existence on Tatooine. However, he has been granted a chance to go back and fix things. Obi-Wan must alter events and make changes as he struggles with memories of a dreadful future and deals with new developments this time around.
untitled by cadesama part 1 / 2 / 3, obi-wan & anakin & leia & rey & padme & finn & poe & cast, 2.7k wip
   A decade ago, Leia would have considered this a headache. Perhaps a nightmare. Now, she was mostly bemused.
of deserts and droids by songstress, rey & anakin, 3.9k
   Rey accidentally time-travels, and realizes that Jedi are even more weird than she had ever imagined.
Tumbling Star Wars by esama, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & padme, 4.9k
   Various Star Wars snippets. Some crossovers.
One Day More by CalaisKenobi, obi-wan & qui-gon & anakin & cast, 31.2k
   Obi-Wan is given the opportunity to make some changes in his past. With the help of some old friends, and the hindrance of some old enemies, the Galaxy will be forever changed.
Conversations at the Intersections of Time by Sentimental Star, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon, 5.2k wip
   What happens when a thirteen-year-old Anakin Skywalker and his twenty-nine-year-old Master get snatched back in time, only to come face to face with a fifteen-year-old Obi-Wan…and a very much alive Qui-Gon Jinn?
Tumbling Star Wars by esama, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon, 11.2k
   Various Star Wars snippets. Some crossovers.
The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars by A_Delicate_Fury, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & luke & leia & cody & cast, time travel, 4.3k wip
   After a disaster on the cosmic scale that Obi-Wan is still trying to wrap his mind around, he finds himself back in the early days of the Clone Wars, Commander Cody loyally at his side, Anakin at his back, and Sidious plotting against the Jedi at every turn. He’s been given an unasked for chance to do everything over again. And with the Force as his ally, he intends to set the galaxy on a brighter path than its current trajectory.
The Reality of Change by midnight_vision, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast, time travel, 66k wip
   Padmé dies on Mustafar and wakes up in the past, about a year before everything falls apart. She’s determined to make sure none of it happens again, and with some help, she tries to expose Palpatine for what he really is. But even if Anakin and the Republic can be saved, that doesn’t mean the outcome will be something any of them want.
From a Certain Point of View pt 1 / pt 2 / pt 3 / pt 4, obi-wan & anakin & padme & ahsoka & sidious & cast, 7.5k
Tumblr Ramblings (Obi-Wan Time Travel/AU-jump) by gaealynn, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & cast,
   At the end of RotJ, Obi-Wan reaches out a hand to help Anakin cross over and instead – wakes up on Naboo.
The Fires by Driverpicksthemooseic (Ratkinzluver33), obi-wan/anakin & hinted obi-wan/anakin/padme, 4.2k
   He wakes quickly and without thought, breaking through the barrier of unconsciousness to find himself face down on the floor of a starfighter. (OR, Groundhog Day. ROTS, Battle of Mustafar, Full-On Groundhog Day. Yes, I am a masochist, thank you for asking.)
Where Have We Come? by soaring_heart, obi-wan & anakin, 1.9k
   The first time was one of the hardest and the easiest. Obi-Wan loses at Mustafar, but instead of dying he wakes up at the dawn of the last day of the republic, doomed to repeat the worst day of his life, over and over again.
All Over Again by tricksterity, obi-wan/anakin & qui-gon & shmi & cast, time travel, 27.7k wip
   Obi-Wan Kenobi is sixteen years old when he collapses in the training salle to the shock of his master, Qui-Gon Jinn. When he wakes up two days later after multiple seizures and flatlining once, he remembers the Clone Wars, remembers Mustafar, remembers being cut in half by the man he loved more than anything in the universe, and he remembers Luke and Leia.
Soldier, Poet, King by Glare, obi-wan/anakin & qui-gon & mace & dooku & palpatine & cast, sith!obi-wan, NSFW, 95.4k wip
   Second chances are very rarely given, but the Force smiles upon two of its favorite children and returns them to a time before their actions have met their consequences. Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, seeks redemption while Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi, disillusioned with the Jedi Order and its Code, falls to the Darkness.

full details + recs under the cut!

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A Nurturing Environment?

I frequently find myself at a loss when I discover the mindset that the Jedi Council, the Jedi Order, and even Obi-Wan provided a particularly good environment for Anakin to learn/grow up in. By comparing Anakin in TPM to AoTC, I believe it will become quite clear by the change in Anakin that the Temple provided an inadequate place for him to grow. 

In TPM Anakin is a very self-confident boy. He is aware of his capabilities and limitations, expresses his opinion firmly, and, as a rule, doesn’t allow his detractors to get him down, or put him down. To list some examples:

  • He has the courage to initiate a conversation with Padme
  • In the novelisation, he even says that he’s going to marry her.
  • He stands up to Sebulba and confidently imitates a conversation with Qui-Gon
  • He invites perfect strangers to his home.
  • He calls Qui-Gon out on being a Jedi
  • He calls Qui-Gon out on slavery
  • He insists that he can win a podrace, and defends himself when his abilities are questioned
  • He ignores the ridicule of the children in his community
  • He talks back to the Council, not rudely, but forcefully.
  • He asks Ric Olie about piloting and is told he “catches on quick.”
  • He says he’s going to “see them all,” when he asks about star systems
  • He refuses to let people destroy his dreams-hard to do when you’re a slave.
  • He even talks back to and defends himself to Watto-his owner.

Clearly, Anakin is a very confident, and self-possessed individual. He states his opinions firmly, and defends them with conviction. Let’s compare that to AoTC Anakin:

  • Is far more nervous around Padme (which can admittedly be chalked up to hormones.)
  • Is shot down hard by Obi-Wan when he expresses his opinions-He does not ever really try and defend himself 
  • Obi-Wan actually seems surprised he stands up as much as he does-clearly it is a rare occurrence that Anakin states his mind like that.
  • Anakin looks scared of what he’s done when he backs down
  • He looks timid in front of the Council-Far more so than in TPM
  • He is told “don’t do anything without first discussing it with either” Obi-Wan or the Council.
  • He just accepts Padme’s harsh criticism when he points out that she should discuss security concerns with him: Despite the fact that she is in the wrong, he does nothing to defend himself.
  • He expresses the opinions of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and mace, far more than he does his own. He actually seems afraid to give his opinions, as a rule.

There is a vast difference then between TPM!Anakin and AoTC!Anakin. The former defended his beliefs vehemently. The latter is afraid to even express them. Anakin only rants about Obi-Wan when Padme gives a hint of listening; it’s clear this has been pent-up in him for ages, but he hasn’t been able to let it out. Clearly, no one cares what he thinks or feels. When Padme shoots him down over security, he takes it meekly, but when she expressed doubt with him in TPM over his ability to win the Boonta, he just brushed it off, and told her “he’d win this time.” Before, in TPM, he said what he thought, now he just says “Master so-and-so thinks…” He feels uncomfortable saying what he really thinks. He honestly was more comfortable speaking up as a slave, than as a Jedi. Even just the body language difference can tell you that he’s gone from sure of himself to intensely insecure.

This is Anakin in TPM sticking up to his owner:

This is Anakin in AoTC, free, ostensibly, with his teacher:

It’s like chalk and cheese. One boy is sure of himself, the other looks brow-beaten. What could have caused such a massive shift in self-esteem? Well, a classic cause would be bullying. A child who is different, for whatever reason, gets humiliated, ostracized, beat-up, talked down to, and loses their self-confidence. I don’t doubt the same thing happened to Anakin. He was from the Outer Rim. He began his training late. He was different, unnaturally gifted. I’ve no doubt that was rough, and clearly he wasn’t given any kind of support to help with that, rather he was given the opposite. Hence, he is insecure. 

This is in no way his fault. He’s barely an adult by AoTC, and it is up to the adults responsible for him during his childhood to provide a safe environment, if not a safe haven, for him to grow up in. Clearly, the Jedi have failed to do this. Indeed, as shown when Obi-Wan says “don’t do anything without consulting either myself or the Council,” they clearly had no faith in him whatsoever, (after ten years), so why should he believe in himself? In RoTS, Windu actually says when Anakin tells him about Palpatine, “If what you say is true, you will have earned my trust.” In thirteen years, Anakin has worked diligently, and loyally as a Jedi, and he’s never earned Windu’s trust or respect! That is cold. What was Anakin supposed to do anyway as a boy? Go back to Tatooine? Anakin really didn’t have much choice but to stay. At least with the Jedi he would get a good education, and would learn how to use the Force. There was nothing for him on Tatooine. What good would he do? By staying with the Jedi, at least until he was knighted, he might be able to help when he finally goes back to Tatooine. He’ll have the Force, and an education that would serve him well. (Then, of course, the war started so that went out the air-lock…) No, the fault for Anakin’s low self-esteem lies entirely with the Jedi Order, Obi-Wan, and the Jedi Council. You cannot blame Anakin, especially since he was a child at the time. Frankly, the Council should be ashamed of themselves. If you adopt a child, and he wilts that much under your care, you need to take a good hard look at yourselves. 

anonymous asked:

Okay, so here I am, an innocent lurker, having just found this blog, when I see: "what if the skywalkers were cthulu-type monsters." excuse me??? please elaborate you just wrote that and nothing else im dying ex p la i n y o ur s el f

  • The Force is everything that ever was and ever will be, every storm and every silence, the hunting krayk dragon and cowering bantha calf: it is huge, all-consuming, completely inhuman. How, then, could its children be anything short of monstrous? (Wonders, yes. But monsters all the same.)
  • Anakin Skywalker is boy-shaped, but Obi Wan cannot bear to look at him. 
  • A clarification: he can look at him with his human eyes; but he must clamp down the extra eyes his Force-sensitivity gives him, because when he doesn’t – well. The first time he met the boy he hadn’t closed those eyes; he’d open them, wide and curious and seen –
    • teeth and claws and roiling shadows, a slipslide of features and starfire, the white blur of warpspeed and it hurts –
  • Anakin Skywalker is the son of the Force, half human and half something extraordinary. There’s a reason the Jedi don’t like him, why Yoda mistrusts him; they all have to close their extra eyes around him; and even when they’re white-knuckled with effort, clamping down so the Force can’t so much as whisper to them (and that hurts Jedi, of course it does, it runs counter to all their training about opening up and trusting in the Force) and even then they still feel the velvet quiver of unseen limbs over their skin. 
  • And more. And worse. When he is angry – which is often – his shadow warps into something awful, and even the least Force-sensitive being quails at the profound wrongness of the sight. His features warp and melt, teeth spiralling out from his pupils, his mouth cracks open wide, his tongue growing scales and feathers and catching fire and he smiles, oh how he smiles and –
    • nothing like him should exist and
    • and you blink, lose the moment, he’s just a young man glowering at you, and his shadow is the same, but the memory of that horror is seared into the back of your brain.
  • It is no surprise that Padme dies in childbed. 
  • The first child’s cry makes Obi Wan’s bones rattle. It – you could not call it anything but an it – is a twisting, squirming mess of light and dark. There’s a wing, a thorned branch: you cannot focus on it. You cannot pin a shape to it. Obi Wan wants to run away, run and never look back. But the Med Droid is offering it to him; and it is a child, of a sort; and Obi Wan takes it, and it coalesces into a soft pink baby girl. He places it – her – against Padme’s white breast. Padme cradles it. “She’s beautiful.”
  • The second is just the same: pushed out like any human baby, but a roling mess of lightening and thick syrupy cloud, one moment tentacled and the next furred, pure power condensed. Obi Wan takes it in his arms and it solidifies into another fat baby, small and squalling. 
  • He’s not like the other babies, Luke Skywalker. He’s a funny one. When he smiles, you have the sudden absurd impulse that he’s got too many teeth for his face. His hair is corn-gold, but when you see it out of the corner of your eye you swear that it isn’t hair at all, but fire and teeth. Looking at him too long is like staring into the sun. 
  • The other children are scared of him, Behu says to Owen, once. And Owen says: children always know. And Behu says: he isn’t a bad kid. Owen says: he’s a wonder. And that’s the problem. 
  • Jabba’s goons go to the Lars farm to collect water once. Only once. They return to Jabba’s palace gibbering nonsense, with their eyes burned out. Both mumble something about there’s something wrong with the boy and then jump into the ragnar pit. 
  • Don’t do that again, says Owen, but he hugs his nephew all the same, pulls him close, kisses his temple. He feels something hot-cold run over his spine, like something far larger than the child is trying to embrace him back. That night, Behu runs her fingers over the new white scartissue on her husband’s back, and says, he’s a good kid. Owen says, I know.
  • If I was there I could have saved them, Luke says to Ben Kenobi, years later, and in that moment he has a thousand thousand eyes and all of them are burning, and he has no limbs but a dozen wings bearing him aloft, and each feather is molten gold and each feather drips blood. Ben thinks of Anakin, screws his Force-sensitivity closed. Luke is a monster. A wonder. But first and foremost he is a boy, and he is grieving. 
    • Ben Kenobi holds him while he weeps. 
  • When Leia comes, she turns into a celestial horror with more teeth than Han cares to count. “Huh,” he says, after their first time. She’s so little in his arms, but so vast. He feels something gentle his back. He says, “Next time, I’ll wear a blindfold, princess. Don’t want to blind me, do you? Then I won’t be able to see when you’re doing stupid shit.” She titters, presses her face into the curve of his neck. 
    • Love comes to everyone, including monsters. 
The SW Sequel Trilogy Trio - In all seriousness tho

I recently made a somewhat trash joke post about Rey/Finn/Ben Solo being the new trio to the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, instead of the Rey/Finn/Poe idea, as seems to be the popular opinion in the fandom as of late.

I don’t want to write an essay so I’ll try to keep it concise (edit from future me: lol, too late, you’re in too deep now), but I do want to articulate why I legitimately believe Rey/Finn/Benny Boy are gonna be our main “trio” in the Sequel Trilogy.

So, to clarify, I think the trios established in the films are:
OT Trio: Luke (main protagonist), Leia, Han

PT Trio: Anakin (main), Obi-wan, Padme

ST: Rey (main), Finn, Ben Extra Solo

First, to clarify, many people seem to think the “trio” implies friendship, or that they gotta be around each other 24/7 for it to work. In my opinion though, the “trio” of Star Wars does not mean: “the characters who are best friends/warm and fuzzy by the end of it all.” The Prequels alone are enough to prove that…

Exhibit A:

Originally posted by seatearss

Exhibit B:

Originally posted by wildflowersx3

Exhibit C:

Originally posted by traitortotheempire

…Yeah, things seem to have gone down the reeeeal “fuzzy feel good” route for this trio, right?

So what is the “trio,” exactly, then? What’s their function and purpose, if not to be bffs and braid each other’s hair at the next sleepover??

In my opinion and based on my observation from each movie up until this point, the “trio” of Star Wars are the three main character arcs that are meant to serve as some lesson and resonate with the audience at a deep emotional level. They are the three “protagonists” of the main story (with one “main” protagonist and two complementing protagonists). They are what drive the main story, the central conflicts and resolutions, and they are the lasting thread continuing beyond their initial stories and into the future of the saga.

It doesn’t really matter if they are “good guys” for the entire story…

Originally posted by insomniun

nor does it matter if they are together for the majority of the story…

Originally posted by ladyvxder

It doesn’t even matter if they live to tell the tale…

Originally posted by anakin-padme10

It’s about their personal melodrama conflicts, trials, and triumphs being front and center, and it’s about who and what drives the main story and resolution/results.

With that said, going back to the topic at hand regarding the ST, I don’t think anyone would argue against the fact that Rey and Finn are two out of the three.  

….So, then, that leaves us with Sad Boy Ben Solo… so, why do I think Ben is part of that trio, if all he does is be a dickwad to provoke our two heroes…?

Well, to be blunt, the most obvious answer to that is: BEN BOY IS EXTRA A SKYWALKER.

But beyond that - which tbh should be enough evidence in and of itself bc this is the SKYWALKER SAGA - there is reason to believe Benny Boy is being set up for a redemption arc and that the Sequel Trilogy is being set up as a mirror/inversion to the Prequel Trilogy.

If we look at it from a cyclical perspective (”Hello, this is Star Wars, have you two met, yet?” - how I feel if u don’t get that this shit is cyclical, yet) and see this as a reverse Prequel Trilogy of sorts we notice that…

The Prequels started off with two jedi (Ani and Old Ben) and one politically inclined person (Padme) tied to a stable Senate and Republic with relative “balance to the Force and peace, which all ended very badly with tragedy and an antagonistic relationship (and ultimately a villain) and rise of a great and evil empire.

With that in mind, I think it could be possible that (although, yes, this is speculation, so calm down) in the Sequel Trilogy, we start off with a trio of an antagonist/villain vs. two good guys, with a terribly dysfunctional political climate/ war and the Force all out of balance, but that eventually the trio end up on the same side in the end, with the mutual goal to destroy the damaging higher powers in place and restore the peace and balance to the Force. So, in other words, we end up with two jedi (Rey and Crylo Ben) to balance the Force, and one strongly tied to the politics (Cinnaroll Finnaroll, everyone’s favorite heart of gold) who will play an integral part in bringing that aspect back together.

See how that would mirror/invert the PT beautifully? It’s poetic, in fact. All of this can really only happen if Ben stops being an asshole evil and decides to do (at least some of) the right things. I’m not saying Anakin 2.0 Ben Solo is gonna be a warm and fuzzy character who ends up BFF ALWAYS AND 4EVR to both Rey and Finn necessarily (although I am personally of the opinion he and Rey gonna date will form a close bond somehow), but for this trilogy to end in any satisfactory way, we can’t just end THE Trilogy of Trilogies - the SKYWALKER SAGA - with the Skywalkers falling to complete darkness and despair.

We’ve already told that story… for proof, see previous Anakin, “I HATE YOU” gif above for reference.

So, if my prediction that Kylo Ren comes back to being Ben Solo once again so that he can restore the Skywalker name and help Rey “find the Force or whatever” with balancing the Force and defeating Snoke, then he has to be one of the Main Three. Such an integral part to the plot demands it.

And, sorry Ben haters, but that’s not to mention that his character arc has ALREADY been so vital to the story and central conflict. Just because he’s a total dickhead villain right now, doesn’t mean his story isn’t central and vital to the main plot. In fact, that’s going to sort of be the point. Rey is going to have to whip his ass into shape convince him that they need each other to fix everything - and that he ultimately, deep down isn’t the Vader fanboy evil persona he pretends to be.

Much like Anakin who was also an asshole in the PT, this new story couldn’t exist without Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. Like Kylo Ren or not, that’s the way it is.

And I think by the end of it all, maybe the haters will be able to come around with Ben. Because, in truth, his full story hasn’t even really been told yet. Who knows what the next two movies will reveal to us?

Be patient, and trust the story tellers to give us something awesome and epic. They want us to love this story and these characters as much as they do. Let’s trust them to do just that.

But anyway, if you’re still skeptical, beyond even all of that word vomit discourse, we have one pretty huge visual clue STARING US RIGHT IN THE FACE from TFA.

To all you naysayers who ask for CANONICAL EVIDENCE and shout about interpretation of literary themes not being “enough” (in a saga that literally follows Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey step by f*cking STEP in the OT - stop invaliding literary analysis in a franchise that takes every page out of the literary trope/theme/motif book)…

…here are some VISUAL CLUES from a VISUAL MEDIA to tip you off about these three and their roles/connections in the story.

Originally posted by gifs-andthings

Originally posted by starwars-gifs

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If you think JJ my man doesn’t know what he is doing here, you’re a fool. That is intentional visual story telling if I ever saw it right there.

By putting them in masks, JJ is telling us, “these are the characters we are meant to discover,” the ones we are to come to identify with. They are the ones with the central journeys, the most growth, the real stories to tell. We learn our lessons from them, and the other characters support and inform their arc. Poe, Leia, Luke, Rose, etc. are of course vital to the story, but they are there to support and inform these three character arcs, which lie at the center of it all.

Anyway, that’s my opinion on the matter, based on thoughtful observation and consideration, as well as some background in literary analysis.

Thoughts/Additions/Disagreements welcome. It’s ok to be wrong (<THAT IS A JOKE CALM DOWN STANLEY) disagree.

person: hey how are you

me: im good

me, internally: i keep thinking about ahsoka and it’s got me so fucking cut, dude. ahsoka’s arc is the most tragic story line in the whole star wars universe. she was almost sold into slavery at age 3 which was the root cause of her trust issues. she got shipped off to war at age 14 to a master who didn’t even want her. for 2 years, as a teenager, she was either fighting for her life on a battlefield or training her goddamn ass off just so she could live up to everyone’s expectations just because she was the chosen one’s padawan. she never had a childhood or the privileges other padawans had before her; most of them got to go on cool trips and expeditions with their masters to amazing planets across the galaxy to learn and meditate and relax. they had a home, the temple, that they could always return to whenever they pleased. but ahsoka didn’t have any of that because she got shipped off to fight someone else’s war as a kid and was probably away from her home months at a time before returning only to get shipped off again the next day to the other side of the galaxy. no kid should have to go to bed wondering if tomorrow would be their last day. she killed sentient beings at age 15, something no child or jedi should have to experience. she was captured, tortured, beaten, almost sold into slavery, hunted for sport, even killed. she had to act as if she didn’t know her master was married and actively breaking the very code he taught her to obey. then, as if that wasn’t enough, she was framed by her best friend for a horrendous crime she didn’t commit, hunted by both her brothers and master, and almost executed at the hands of a regime she had dedicated her whole life to serving. the very people she had called family turned their backs on her, so she had no option but to leave them and go out into the galaxy on her own. because of a corrupt administration’s choices, she had no choice but to leave the only people she loved. she was only 16 and alone, traumatised, and scared as fuck, and probably thought she’d never see anakin or rex or obi-wan or padme ever again. she lived in coruscant’s crime underbelly. by herself. at 16. ?????!!!!!??? then, jesus fuck, order 66. just days before it happened, she was reunited with anakin, her best friend who she loved and who she had to leave. but this was the last time she ever saw him. then the sacking of the jedi happened, and 17 year old ahsoka was then forced to run and hide for her life, completely on her own, for years. she was forced to grow up, alone, too early in a world that had completely tuned her life upside down. for over fifteen years, she was led to believe that the three most important people in her life were dead, killed at the hands of her brothers. she thought that her best friend was dead. then to find out that anakin didn’t die, but instead turned? the guilt she harboured was enough to consume her, because she thought that his turn was her fault. because she wasn’t there to save him. to help him. then to finally face the monster that she once considered her mentor, brother, father, best friend, to cut through the mask and see his unmistakable eye beneath the armour. it must have been one of the single most terrifying experiences for her. and she thought that his decisions was a result of her absence. so, loyal to a fault, she sacrifices her life to stay with him. she knew she would die, but she still stayed. because she left him once, and look where it got both of them.

The three main tragedies of Anakin Skywalker’s life

Anakin has only three close friends, friends that respond to his sensitivity: Shmi, his mother, Ahsoka and Padme. All of them are women. Obi-Wan isn’t one of them because he never responded to the emotions Anakin had. Whenever Anakin started to talk about things that bothered and worried him (the first thing he tells Obi-Wan is the nightmare about his mother), Obi-Wan reacts in telling him to stop worrying, to stop feeling. An advice (if you can even call it ‘advice’) that doesn’t help Anakin at all. Luckily, he has his mother, Ahsoka and Padme to talk to, they give him emotional support. But they all leave him one by another.

The interesting thing is that it’s not only three times that those tragedies happen, they are even constructed that way (three levels of Before, While and After). We have a long term of working against the death/the leaving where Anakin does as much as he can do to prevent those terrible things from happening; then follows a little moment of relief and hope – a retarding moment. But that only lasts short, soon comes the catastrophe of saying farewell and the reaction on the loss. I want to illustrate each moment of those three tragedies:

The first dear person Anakin loses is his mother. Because it’s the beginning and he has no experiences with such happenings yet, it takes some time until he reacts on the nightmares he has. (Interesting fact: He decides to ‘follow’ his nightmares when he is around Padme, and far away from Obi-Wan and the jedi council.) But then he does, fearing about Shmi’s life. He uses all his strength to find her.

(For those who are interested in mbti and also know the basics of it, Anakin (ISFP) starts using his last function Te.) It takes a long time until he finds his mother, and it is obviously torturing him.

When he finds her, he is relieved and happy to see his mother alive. The death scene of Shmi takes a long time as well, but it’s only for us to watch Anakin going through all kinds of emotion: from relief to hope, from hope to pure sadness, from sadness to anger.

Anger is the last step of this first tragedy of losing his mother. It’s not only killing the ones who were responsible for Shmi’s death, but also having an angry speech in front of Padme to tell her how sad he is, how much he hates himself for not having been able to save his mother. The conflict gets even sharper with Padme saying: “To be angry is to be human.” And Anakin reacting: “I’m a jedi. I can be better than this.”

The second tragedy happens with Ahsoka. Ahsoka is accused by the jedi council to be responsible for the attack on the jedi temple and having killed one woman. Anakin has to chase her. We already see how painful that is for him (Fi-Te conflict). Ahsoka is a friend and his padawan. In his opinion it would be better for Ahsoka to give in and face the accusations which have been made against her instead of running away. But as Ahsoka gets arrested, Anakin again uses all his power to find the one who is truly responsible for the attack and the murder. He remembers the last experience with his mother, how he hasn’t been able to save her. Since then he has grown more powerful, and so the tactics he uses are getting harsher and more violent.

His threatening and fighting works, he is able to arrest the real murderer, and believes that everything is all right now. The scene before Ahsoka faces the council and the council with Anakin asks her to come back, we see Anakin smiling at Ahsoka, hope and relief in his eyes. The next retarding moment! He also smiles as her as he is offering to come back to him. But Ahsoka is not coming back.

The scene that follows now is again very long. We see Anakin in disbelief, following Ahsoka to confront her, he doesn’t understand and wants her to go back, saying that she made a mistake. Slowly he begins to understand and even admits that he very often felt the same way as she is feeling right now (emotional understanding!). He understands but is sad as she is leaving the temple. We think that this is it, but the real reaction only happens some episodes later. In Season 6 we are facing an Anakin so completely different from what we have seen before: He looks even darker, grimmer, his eyes are more shadowy, he uses a different body language (again for those who know mbti: Te-Se is very strong now).

He gets sarcastic and demanding, especially in the episodes of Padme and Clovis.

This increases until he even starts fighting Clovis and has fun doing it. We find that in the excised episodes of TCW too. Anakin enjoys fighting and killing his enemies. That hasn’t been like that before, but it only looks natural if you already have Episode III in mind.

Now Anakin has lost his mother (the shelter above him), his ‘daughter’ (the one underneath he could protect and care of), and is now about to lose his wife, the woman being on the same level as him. He has nightmares, just as he had before his mother’s death. Of course that’s alarming to him. After losing two of the most important people of his life, he cannot bear the thought of losing his closest one too. Again he is fighting to prevent the nightmare from becoming reality.

Now he has grown so ‘dark’, he doesn’t hesitate long to accept the offer Palpatine has made. (There are also other aspects that are important, for example the lacking trust of the council.) All the things that happen now are only done by Anakin in order to save Padme.

He is fighting, killing, changing to a sith only for Padme. He believes that this is the only way to save her. He is even more desperate and determined than the other two tragedies before, but only because he has the other experiences in mind, remembering how he lost his mother and how he lost Ahsoka. He doesn’t want to lose Padme now!

Now Anakin thinks that he has achieved what he has been fighting for. He has finished the war and became powerful. He feels strong enough to save Padme and believes that everything’s going to be all right now. Padme will survive, they are able to live together as one happy family and he even says that he is able to restore balance in the galaxy in “overthrowing the chancellor”, so that all evil will be gone. He doesn’t think of Padme turning her back on him. But she does.

It’s just the same as with Ahsoka. Ahsoka and Padme both turn their backs on Anakin when he believes that everything’s going to be well. Both destroy the moment of hope and happiness in refusing to follow him. Padme is the last one, she has always been willing to follow and support Anakin. She knew that her help was needed (she was on his side when he was searching for his mother). But she couldn’t follow him anymore when she discovered that he turned out to be a sith and the one responsible for all the dead persons that Anakin has left on his way to save Padme. She appreciates that Anakin was trying to help her, but she cannot tolerate the violence that he has practiced.

Having already Ahsoka turned her back on him, Anakin is reacting just as you could expect. Using violence is something he is used to by now, the war has taught him so (even Obi-Wan has!), and the anger he is constantly feeling increases to its maximum (just look at all the fire and burning on Mustafar!). At the end he is even responsible for Padme’s death, just as he said to himself that he was responsible for his mother’s death (parallel between beginning and ending). He has no one anymore, no emotional support, no warmth that could keep his light/his good side alive – with no one at his side to give him emotional warmth and support, he turns cold and emotionless. That is, to Darth Vader.

It changes when Luke appears. Luke is the last one giving him hope, light, warmth and emotions back. (He is also the first male being as emotional as Anakin!) The story about Luke and Anakin starts just like the other tragedies before, but it has a happy end and cannot be called a tragedy therefore.

This only came to life with the help of @adanwen who is the best to discuss Star Wars with! :D <3 <3 <3

Theory: Padawans Date Their Masters

Hear me out!

Okay, so…it seems like Jedi tend to fall in love with people who remind them of their masters.

  • Qui-Gon Jinn fell for Tahl, an eccentric, stubborn, and highly intelligent Jedi with an aristocratic vocabulary and a penchant for dramatics. So, Dooku.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi fell for…well, many different people, but his top three were most likely Siri Tachi, Duchess Satine, and Taria Damsin. All three are different sides of Qui-Gon. Siri was a very independent Jedi who followed her own instincts over the whims of the Council. Her Living Force connection guided her decisions and she maintained a stubborn refusal to compromise her convictions. Satine, similarly, refused to compromise and sought diplomatic or humanistic solutions over violence. Taria’s Living Force connection was also incredibly strong. Independent, trusting solely in the Force despite her failing body. All in all, aspects of what Obi-Wan both loved and hated about Qui-Gon.
  • Anakin Skywalker fell in love with Padme Amidala, one of the most well-spoken, diplomatic, rational, intelligent, and good-hearted people in the franchise. Remind you of someone? Oh, right. Obi-Wan. Anakin chose someone who seeks a diplomatic solution rather than one of physical confrontation, but someone who is not afraid to adamantly put their verbal foot down as they craft words with eloquence and decorum. When pressed, however, neither Amidala nor Kenobi are carpets to be walked on. They know when to push the advantage, exactly what to say, and how to do it with the most concise wisdom and accuracy. And neither of them let Anakin get away with his outbursts of fear and anger. He loves them both dearly…for almost the exact same reasons.
  • Ahsoka Tano fell for Kidd Kareen, Lux Bonteri, and Nix…all, you guessed it…different personifications of Anakin. Kidd was a podracer with dreams of being the best racer in the galaxy. He came across as somewhat abrasive but loyal to others, yet showed a soft side with Ahsoka in private. Lux Bonteri is the best example: bold, brazen, idealistic…brown hair and blue eyes. He had beliefs and he stuck to them with a somewhat wry and sarcastic amusement. He did what he felt was right with conviction, questioning Jedi mentalities with valid points that she could only somewhat argue against. Nix was a scrapper in the belly of Coruscant…somewhat of a scoundrel. Wry comes to mind with Filoni’s description. Daring. Ahsoka finds people that are risk takers, brave, willing to put everything on the line for what they believe in, and loyal. So…her master.

So, what do you think? Am I crazy? Because I really think Padawans end up falling in love with traits of their masters, much like children tend to find qualities in a mate that are the more endearing traits of their parents.

Anakin is one of the most misunderstood characters in the Star Wars universe.

I believe this solely because of all the canon that has been released alongside the prequels such as novelizations of the first three episodes, the Clone Wars animated series and the Darth Vader books as well as the very facts that Anakin grew up a slave and was a direct product of the Force.

Yes, Anakin had been manipulated into turning against the Jedi Order by the chancellor, but if you really consider Anakin’s experience with the Order, his perception of the Jedi being evil was not too far from the truth, as they had been incredibly corrupted.  As a slave, Anakin learned to be obedient, so when he was freed, he had high expectations for a life as a free boy. What he didn’t realize was that he was trading one life for another. He was already 9 years old when he was taken into the order, so he grew up a normal (slave) child’s life alongside other children and especially his mother, free of emotional, physical and mental restrictions. Upon joining the Jedi, he had to forget those connections; he was taught that they were “not the jedi way,” that they were wrong, that they would cloud his thoughts, that he must not ever feel that way; this must have been especially hard to do-living your entire life one way and and then being told you had to forget it. On top of that, Anakin had over 20,000 midichlorians- the minimum amount to be considered a Jedi was 5,000 (yeah, I know, I know, midichlorians are just some prequel bullsh*t, but they’re canon), but seriously though: this was more than Master Yoda. Anakin was born of the Force. He was nearly 2 to 4 times more powerful than all of the forcefuls in the temple. Where most people took months of meditations to learn proper telekinesis, Anakin probably struggled not to throw objects; when he was taught to warm something with the Force, he set it on fire, burning himself trying to raise the temperature. I imagine meditation was difficult for him because he probably heard so much; he was probably overwhelmed and easily distracted by what he felt but didn’t know how to control or channel it. Maybe it scared him (italics a product of wingletblackbird).

His entire life as a Jedi, Anakin had been told that he was the Chosen One, prophesied to bring balance to the Force. You can imagine how frustrating it must have been for him to constantly be reminded of this, to be 2 to 4 times more powerful than anyone else in the temple, and to be so restricted, not trusted and held back by the council. This was one of the reasons he viewed the council as self-serving and corrupt, especially when they asked him, a mere Jedi Knight, not master, to spy on the chancellor when they were getting their rights stripped away. Had Anakin been given the rank of Jedi Master, he would have given into the self-serving and narrow-minded views of the Order, and probably never turned to the Dark side, as he later realizes as Darth Vader.

In the novelizations, the reader gets a better and more detailed explanation of the characters and their thoughts and actions; some even include some scenes that were not shown in the movies themselves. For example, when Anakin was killing the remaining jedi in the temple, we find out that he didn’t really want to; Pre-suit Darth Vader still had Anakin Skywalker fresh inside him, and being very conflicted with all the memories he had growing up in the temple, he called upon the Dark Side to help him do what he believed was necessary because he knew he wasn’t strong enough to do it alone.

The Clone Wars animated series offers an even more in-depth understanding of Anakin and his connections to everyone around him; here we get to see the hero of the Republic at his prime, the ballsy and unorthodox Jedi who was cocky and humble all at once, the skilled pilot and most cunning warrior; and along with this heroic reputation he has, we still get to see his intense love for his comrades, especially his Master, his padawan and his wife. The audience also got to see how these connections in turn influenced some dark decisions, thus demonstrating how it was not only the chancellor that had turned him, but his fear of losing his loved ones. Yet as much as the animated series makes Anakin’s fall to the Dark so much more heartbreaking after experiencing the Clone Wars by his, Obi Wan’s, Padme’s and Ahsoka’s side, it can also serve to undermine the surprise element of his fall that the prequels portray; TCW turned Anakin into more of an edgy character with an inherent darkness, cheapening the good-hearted and conflicted prequels Anakin. The entire point of prequels Anakin was that his fall didn’t make sense, that it was out of nowhere, that there weren’t many warning signs, that he was manipulated by others into an impossible situation, that if one or two circumstances had been just slightly different he wouldn’t have fallen (italics a product of anakinskydala).  But Prequels and Clone Wars Anakin both present the fact that his fall didn’t have to happen, that it could have been so easily avoided, and that is what makes it so much more tragic.

In the Darth Vader books, we get a peek into the tempest of thoughts raging behind the stone-cold mask. I never really considered the person behind the mask until hearing about the tragic memories and internal battles clashing within; Vader is really depressed and in constant, agonizing pain. The books reveal his constant internal battle with his former self, how he relives parts of his life and imagines how they could have went differently, how he immensely misses his love and the love between them, their child, how he hates Darth Sidious, how he hates himself, how he hates his suit, how uncomfortable everything is, how he misses his body, how he realizes he was never really free from being a slave, how he only feels human in his bacta-tank and meditation chamber, how he dreads putting his suit on, how he can’t sleep, how he channels all his anger and pain to become more powerful through his connection the Dark Side, how he blames Obi Wan and the Jedi Council for everything… It is in these books that we understand Anakin, the Chosen One’s true intentions for betraying the Jedi. When being visited by Padme on Mustafar in Episode III, the newly-knighted Darth Vader confronts his frantic wife; he is excited to tell her about how he plans to learn all that he can from Palpatine, how he plans to use that knowledge to overthrow him and end his regime once and for all, how he is doing this all for her and their child, for the entire galaxy, so that they may live as a family in peace. It is in these novels that we understand that there was still so much good in him, that he wasn’t completely consumed by the dark side, that he was going to fulfill his prophecy. But his wife was so worked into a frenzy that she wasn’t listening to his words, he had to make her understand, he had to. He would.  He would make her understand that this was all for them. But then Obi Wan emerged from her ship. And here Anakin’s Dark Side gripped him, his anger, his hatred, his pain at the very thought of his wife betraying him consumed his entire being and he lashed out, grasping her neck with the force, not thinking, only feeling. “YOU BROUGHT HIM HERE TO KILL ME?!”

This is in no way a justification for his horrific actions, but it definitely explains and gives a little more insight on what was going on in Anakin’s head, allowing for a better understanding of who he was without being completely apologetic towards him.

Anyone with a more in-depth understanding of the novelizations of the movies and/or the Darth Vader books OR ANAKIN IN GENERAL, please share some insight!

(I wrote this for my speech class lol)

Somebody else Part One(Anakin Skywalker x Reader)

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Word Count: 905

Pairing: Anakin Skywalker x Reader

AN: My first Anakin fic! I don’t know why it took me this long since he’s literally my biggest fictional crush but I hope you like it :) you can read part two and three here

You had been Padme Amidala’s best friend ever since she rescued you off of Tatooine three years ago. The day she found you alone on the streets she couldn’t find it in herself to leave you there, her heart was too good. So she took it upon herself to find you a home, bringing you back to Coruscant with her. During the ride there you and Padme talked for hours, laughing at each other’s jokes. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

When you first arrived at Coruscant you stayed in Padme’s apartment as the big city you now lived in frightened you as you knew no one but her. A few months after your arrival the she offered you the chance you become her apprentice. To study and learn from her in hopes that one day you would to become a senator yourself. You gratefully accepted the offer and have been working as her assistant ever since. 

Right now you and Padme were waiting in her apartment for two Jedi to arrive. Someone had been plotting to assassinate senator Amidala so the Jedi council called in Obi-wan Kenobi and his padawann Anakin Skywalker to protect her. You had never met Anakin, but had heard stories about him many times from Padme and Jar Jar that made you eager to meet him. Padme thinks of Anakin or Ani as she likes to call him as a younger brother.

You were nervous about the Jedi’s arrival, you had only met a few Jedi in your life and you were nervous to be in the presence of two in barely a few minutes. You’d always admired the Jedi and often caught yourself wishing you were one. Padme must have noticed your nerves. “Don’t be nervous Y/N. Obi-wan and Ani are very kind and old friends of mine, you have nothing to worry about.” She placed a hand on your shoulder, sending you a reassuring smile.

You nodded a little embarrassed at how you were acting, it wasn’t very professional. “Sorry, Jedi are just so cool and I can’t help how nervous I am right now.” Padme laughed at her friend finding her admiration cute. 

Just then doors opened to reveal your friend Jar Jar Binks, causing you to smile. “Jar Jar it’s so nice to see you.” You rose from your seat and rushed over towards him, almost knocking him over with your hug.“Y/N! Meesa missed you so much! I heard that Ani and Obi are coming.” 

Padme made her way over, not being able to hide the huge smile that appeared on her face at the sight of one of her oldest friends. “Yes, they should be here shortly. Lovely to see you Jar Jar.” She also greets him with a hug making Jar Jar feel welcomed home. 

The sound of the doors to the elevator opening and Jar Jar’s excited squeal caught you off guard a little.  He was looking at something behind you and you could take an easy guess at what, well who it was. “Obi! Ani!” 

“Jar Jar Binks, it’s been too long.” An older voice greets seeming happy to be reunited with his old friend.

You gulp nervously and finally turn around to see the Jedi. Padme is already hugging her old friends and you’re kind of just standing there. My gosh that boy was attractive, you assumed that was Anakin as he looked significantly younger to the man beside him. His dark hair was grown out so it just touched his shoulders and a small scar ran down the right side of his face probably from a battle. His jawline was sharp and his smile was the purest thing you’d ever seen, you found yourself becoming lost in thought looking at the boy.

”Ani? My goodness, you’ve grown.” Padme gushes as she cups his cheeks.

“So have you, grown more beautiful… for a senator, I mean.” Oh he definitely has feelings for her you thought. 

Padme laughs at the teenagers response as she pulls her hands away from his face.“Ani, you’ll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine.” Well if that didn’t clarify that he was in the friend zone I don’t know what does?

Anakin looked a little disappointed at her statement, the older Jedi notices this and speaks up to change the topic. “I believe we haven’t met before miss. I’m Obi-wan Kenobi, the Jedi in charge of keeping the senator safe and this is my padawan Anakin Skywalker.” You realized he was talking to you and sent him a polite smile as he shook your hand.He seemed like a very kind man, someone that you could trust.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Master Kenobi, I’ve heard many great things about you. I’m Y/N, Padme’s assistant.” A snort escaped your best friends mouth at that statement, she hated when you introduced yourself as her assistant. “Oh please, you’re also my best friend Y/N, you’re more than just my assistant you’re family.” She smiled, placing an arm around your shoulder.

You realized you hadn’t spoken to the other boy, clearing your throat and sending him a smile. “So you’re the famous Ani I’ve heard so much about, it’s nice to finally meet you.” 

“You too, I look forward to getting to know you Y/N.” He sent you a smile causing you to go weak at the knees. The things hot boys can do to you. 

The Last Jedi

Obi-Wan Kenobi was supposed to go to Mustafar and kill Anakin Skywalker.

That was his last mission given to him by Master Yoda and, on any other day, he would have obeyed. It would have fundamentally broken Obi-Wan, but he would have obeyed and trusted in the will of the Force.

But not today.

It was easy enough to sneak into the Senate building and to take out one of the Red Guards that were assigned to protect the Chancellor.

No. The Emperor.

It was also ridiculously easy to cloak himself in the Force, to let the faintest swirl of his own negative emotions block out the steady radiance that was his own presence. He simply hid in plain sight, just another angry soul in a building drowning in fury and hate. The whole building now reeked of the Dark Side, of the Sith, and the desperation of one young man trying to save his world from annihilation.

Later, Obi-Wan told himself, later he would try to untangle what he felt as he followed after the Red Guard.

He could sense the fight between Yoda and Palpatine and every Jedi instinct within him screamed at him to drop the charade and storm into the Senate Chamber and join the diminutive master in the fight.

But he didn’t.

He couldn’t.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was not there to fight a Sith Lord.

He was there to murder Sheev Palpatine, the man who had single-handedly destroyed everything that had ever been good in Obi-Wan’s life.

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Imagine for a minute that Padmé never got pregnant. Anakin still falls to the Dark Side thanks to Palpatine’s manipulations, but since she was never pregnant, Padmé never dies.

More to the point, without the twins, Yoda and Obi-Wan have no “new hope” to watch and wait to grow up, no powerful child to pin all their ambitions on. They have to take care of this mess themselves. So they do.

They track down survivors of the Purge and form a network of Jedi cells. They keep their eyes open for any padawans and younglings who might have survived the Purges and when they locate any, they find homes for them. (Each and every youngling who survived is a miracle. Each and every one of them is the future of the Jedi.) They look up Jedi who never became Knights – Jedi from the Service Corps – the forgotten, the underestimated, the unappreciated. They offer these Jedi protection from the Emperor, who wants nothing more than to convert or kill them; and in turn, they find themselves learning from their fellows, who are more used to living in the world outside the Temple and know more immediately practical skills.

They work with the emerging Rebellion, headed by the triad of Padmé Amidala, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma. They take the security footage from the Temple massacre and splice it onto the holonet news to raise awareness and sympathy. They plan and they train and they fight. 

They don’t let Palpatine consolidate his power base for two decades before making their move. 

At the end of the day, there is no Chosen One to save the world. There are only ordinary people who are willing to do the extraordinary.

And they do – do the extraordinary, that is. Working as part of a larger strike team that includes non-Force-sensitives, Yoda and Obi-Wan manage to kill Sidious without falling to the Dark Side. 

And Anakin?

Well, there is no Luke to remind Vader of who he once was; no Luke to be tortured by the Emperor and beg his father for help, prompting Vader’s sacrifice and return to the Light.

But there is Padmé.

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Like Fire (Darth Maul x Reader)

Prompts:  “ If you like this idea, what about reader as one of Padmé’s assistants working in her Coruscant office, who somehow meets Maul. They either just do it once or start an affair (depending on how long you wanted to make it).” and “Is it possible to request some Darth Maul smut? I kinda need that in my life right now. :)”

Warning: NSFW smuttiness! You have been warned! Also, to make the smut a little…easier… I’ve written this Maul with his lower half still intact. Not that the story line is very important in this fic, but just so you know, it’s after Naboo. Let’s say that Obi-Wan didn’t cut him in half, just kinda…stabbed him. That work? Lol I hope so. Anyways, on with the show!

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Being one of Padme Amidala’s assistants was a full-time job, taking up most of your hours during the day and even stealing a large portion of your nights, leaving you sleep-deprived in your efforts to get her reports done on time and make the right appointments with the right people. But you did love your job; the senator was one of the few good politicians out there, fighting for the rights of people not only from her home planet, but all around the galaxy as well.

It didn’t change the fact that you wished there was something…else in your life, though. Something new and exciting, something just for yourself. You’d wanted to find someone to share a relationship with for a while, but it just seemed so impossible, what with how demanding your job was. As you dwelled more and more on your lack of a love life, you grew less and less passionate about your duties until, one day, your boss approached you about it.

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If I say it every week, it’s still true every week: I am very much in utter love with STAR WARS fandom, it’s still filled with such talented and kind authors, there are still so many wonderful stories to read, and there are still some absolutely stellar stories being told here! There is so much to love in the movies and shows, but there’s always something special about a fandom who also really works with that and creates something magical–and that is exactly what SW fandom does every week! 

Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & anakin & shmi & satine & cast, time travel, 144.3k wip
  Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Coda by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin & padme/sabe & cast, nsfw, modern au, ballet au, 65.3k
  Anakin is an up-and-coming first soloist for the New York City Ballet Company, a brash, confident dancer with a smoldering sensuality to his technique and an electric smile that makes fangirl toes curl and quite possibly his choreographer’s.
The Apprenticeship by Nny11, ahsoka & yoda & anakin & cast, 31.4k wip
  The doors only open when a Master opens them for their Padawan, a subtle reminder to them that a student needs a teacher’s guidance and that teachers must let them go. The force thinks it’s rather funny when it alters history by forcing Master Yoda to take on a very young Ahsoka Tano as his Padawan.
Cataclasm by dendral, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & waxer & cast, 35.3k wip
  For reasons unknown to all but himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi has left the Jedi Order in the midst of the Clone Wars, taking with him a single clone.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke & leia, 3k
  Padme Amidala, Senator from the Chommel Sector, former Queen of Naboo and wife of retired Jedi General and Knight Anakin Skywalker looked up from where her son Luke was making snow angels to see her daughter, Leia, levitate a three foot in diameter ball of snow over her head.
everything will glow for you by waterandsilver, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.4k
  Sometimes when Anakin kisses, Obi-Wan has half a mind to remind him that he’s not in battle anymore.
One of These Days by rogueleader, obi-wan/anakin & rex & cody & cast, 11.4k wip
  In the middle of the Battle of Christophsis, Anakin and Obi-Wan’s forces are overwhelmed by the Separatists’ droid army, and their rescue ship is shot down. After crashing in the Christophsian wilderness, the Jedi must get themselves and their troops back to the city before the Separatists can catch up to them.
Somewhere In Time by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, time travel, 25k wip
  Anakin crashes on Tatooine and to his surprise finds Obi-Wan there. He learns he has travelled in time and ended up in a terrible future.
hey there by retts, obi-wan/anakin, 4.6k
  ‘Sick,’ says Anakin, stood in the doorway of Obi-Wan’s room aboard their ship. ‘You’re sick.’
Put That Thing Back Where It Came From by FireflyFish, obi-wan/anakin & cast, 1.6k wip
  Anakin picked up something he really shouldn’t have and now he and Obi-Wan are on “medical leave”.
Sun Kissed by Vee017, obi-wan/anakin & cast, nsfw, past sexual assault issues, 84.8k wip
  Being on a world that supports slavery is one thing. Buying a slave and bringing him into Republic space is entirely another.
untitled by darthcuddles, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, ~1k
  There is something intoxicating about this place, and it’s not the whiskey or the music or the lights. It’s him.
The Creche Master by avarand, obi-wan/anakin & cast, NSFW, 14.8k
  Anakin is found at fourteen and trains at the Temple for a non-Jedi role. Surprising no one, he decides to be Creche Master. And there’s a certain Knight who hangs around but that can’t happen. Can it?
The Nature of Fire by Phosphorescent, anakin/padme & cast, 6.2k wip
  “One Jedi, then,” Padmé offered to the others. At least let me speak the truth to my love. At least. Please, she pleaded with them silently. “There is one Jedi—one whom I truly know all of us can trust absolutely …” Her voice trailed off into appalled silence when she realized that she wasn’t talking about Anakin.
Lightly, Lightly by DraloreShimare, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, ~1k
  Anakin may not be a Padawan anymore, but he could still use a lesson or two.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Padmé Naberrie at Coronet City with Anakin Skywalker and Obi -Wan Kenobi
Mireille Dagher, Sabah 17 Couture Collection 2017

What if… rather than becoming queen after serving as Princess of Theed, Padmé Naberrie volunteered for the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Becoming one of Queen Rigantona’s handmaidens after impressing Captain Quarsh Panaka with her keen mind, strong will, sharp shot with a blaster and persuasive negotiating skills. But the Blockade of Naboo still happened and the Queen, her handmaidens and staff were able to escape the Trade Federation during Fall of Theed because of the Jedi even if they were still forced to land on Tatooine due damaged hyper drive. As Queen Rigantona did not completely trust the Jedi, she ordered Padmé to accompany Qui-Gon Jinn and report his actions to her, it was here she unknowingly met her future husband in the form of young slave boy by the name of Anakin Skywalker through whom’s actions they were able to obtain a new hyper drive. For next few weeks she would take care of the boy as she promised his mother Shmi and thus got know Anakin quite well.After the victory over the Trade Federation, Padmé would continue to serve the queen as handmaiden for rest of the monarch’s term as well as a second term after Queen Rigantona was reelected. After this Padmé decided the time was ripe to go into business for herself and began working as mercenary for hire, often function as an respective client’s bodyguard, negotiator, bounty hunter and/or spy depending on the job. She however kept into contact with her fellow handmaidens and former queen, the latter being now known as Senator Eirtaé Rigantona who reached out to Padmé for help during the vote on the Military Creation Act. Which would bring her into contact with Anakin Skywalker again…

“Could you possibly wear something less distracting next time?” Master Kenobi demands, voice tinged with irritation. “Otherwise I fear I might tell the council my Padawan died because he was look an intelligence agent's… assets.”

“It’s no more revealing then say Knight Secura’s robes,” Padmé answers innocently, grabbing a piece of fruit from the tray in front of them before settling back onto one of the many chaise on the veranda.

“It’s distracting,” he bites out. “And you know it, so whatever you are trying to do, stop it.”

“Master Kenobi how does my flirting with your Padawan harm the war effort?”

On the level bellow them Anakin performs a series of acrobatic maneuvers and Obi-Wan lets out an impatient sigh at his Padawan’s actions. Showing off for a girl simply wasn’t something a Jedi does. He knew Anakin was attached to brunette, had been from the moment he met her and that simply wasn’t the jedi way.

Shoulders hunched over in exasperation. Obi-Wan grits his teeth before speaking. “You’re a attractive young woman and I know women consider Anakin a handsome young man. I know this. But he is Jedi—”

“I am not unaware he is Jedi,” Padmé interrupts smoothly, her political training clearly visible.

Obi-wan pinches the bridge of his nose to halt the headache he feels coming. He hates dealing with politicians. “Anakin is a Jedi—”

“I know,” she says, tone innocent.

“—and as a Jedi he has to follow and live by the Jedi Code—”

“Yes, attachment is forbidden and everything,” she all but lectures, before adding. “Anakin told me.”

From the corner of his eye he notices his Padawan has removed tabard, while besides him Padmé examines the lean, sculpted lines of Anakin’s body with an appreciative hum. She daintily crosses her ankles, the split of skirt revealing more then a bit of leg. The fact she does so unconsciously bothers Obi-Wan more then he cares to admit, even to himself.

“You do know he partly does it because it annoys you,” Padmé reveals mischievously, cocking her head to the side.

He blinks, twice. Before glancing at blond before to back to the woman sitting next to him, only to repeat the action.

“That doesn’t explain why you return his attentions,” he says blankly.

“As you pointed he is very handsome,” she drawls, smirking.

“That cannot be the only reason.”

“My Vanity.” Padmé chirps, at his blank look she explains. “The Hero without Fear find me attractive, I am allow to be little bit vain about that, right.”

Obi-Wan frowns as he watches the younger woman peel a piece of fruit with vibro knife. “You flirted with him when wasn’t the famous yet,”

“As I before he is not unhandsome,” Padmé arches a elegant eyebrow, she reminds him. “Ten years ago his interest in me was cute, now it’s flattering.”

Obi-Wan has no answer to that, yet Anakin’s interesting in the brunette leaves him with unease. His Padawan cared deeply for people after all, it would take very little for him to form a attachment to Padmé Naberrie.

nightshadesydneylover150  asked:

Aging heart, Anakin rescues Obi-Wan and precedes to interrogate Obi-Wan about being soulmates. “I love Padme.” “I know Anakin, why do you think I didn’t tell you.” “It was my right to know!” “Like it was my right to know when I was your master that you got married?”

Force blind and handcuffed, Obi-Wan was still a Jedi and still dangerous. It wasn’t exactly hard for him to pretend to be weakened with the damn muzzle on which lead to Dod getting a bit too close to taunt the Jedi.

As Obi-Wan guessed he would since men like Dod got of on exerting their ‘power’ over those they deemed lesser or in too weak a state to fight back.

The muzzle may be Force blinding him.

It didn’t stop him from physically ramming the Neimodian into the bulkhead with one well timed roll of the ship, firmly knocking the man out while Obi-Wan searched him for keys or any sort of tool he could use to get the handcuffs off.


But that also meant that Obi-Wan was no longer under watch as Ventress was up in the cockpit of the ship.

He pushed to his feet, jaw and tongue aching as he made his way through the ship as carefully as he could, lest he alert a guard or get caught on vid.

Slowly he made his way towards the escape pods, pressing himself into little nooks and crannies every time he heard the clang of droids walking around. Thank the Force the scrap metals were loud kriffs when walking around.

He’d almost reached the escape pods when the entire ship listed and he slammed into the hallway, feeling something shred in his mouth as his side hit the durasteel.

Alarms blared and Obi-Wan jerked too, looking around wildly before pressing himself into a niche once again when a ton of droids ran past.

‘…I guess that means I’m going to throw myself on the mercy of whoever is attacking the ship.’ Obi-Wan thought dryly as he scuttled off towards the escape pods, hoping he could activate the escape pod to get jettison himself to the person attacking.

It couldn’t be worse then Ventress anyhow.


Scowling as he continued trying to loosen the muzzle, Anakin glanced at the other Jedi only to find Obi-Wan’s eyes firmly set on his sternum as the two sat in the quiet medbay of the Resolute, Kix pretending to be shelving while Rex stood at the doorway watching.

“…You should have told me.” He repeated as he continued working, both relief and frustration in his bones.

Obi-Wan flickered his eyes at him then narrowed his eyes slowly.

“…Hey, no, you’re not… okay look… I love her, I know I do but I got enough space for… Do you know how rare soulmates are.” Anakin argued, reading Obi-Wan’s face and eyes.

The redhead huffed at him.

“I got enough love for you both.” Anakin argued quietly again. “You deserve love too…”

Obi-Wan grunted a bit before wincing when Anakin pulled a bit, a pained whine caught in his throat.

“Sorry.” Anakin sat back and rubbed the back of his neck. “…Obi-Wan, I might need to use the Force to unclamp it inside your mouth if we are to get this muzzle thing off you.” He sighed, seeing the worry in the others eyes. “I’ll be careful, I promise…trust me?”

The two stared at each other.

Then Obi-Wan nodded and shifted closer to Anakin, hands clenched in his lap.

Anakin didn’t take that personally, if he had a muzzle that was clamped to his tongue and was clearly hurting him with the potential to rip said tongue out, he’d be nervous too.

With care, he bought the Force to bear, reaching in as he held his hands on either side of Obi-Wan’s jaw.

He could hear a cracking noise, see Obi-Wan’s eyes water above the solid steel muzzle clamped to the bottom half of his face. As he worked, glowing red symbols appeared on the smooth looking surface and Obi-Wan let out a frightened little whine before clenching his eyes shut tightly.

The muzzle quite literally broke apart under the pressure of Anakin’s Force, falling into his hands in two severed pieces but Anakin didn’t care for that as Obi-Wan instantly doubled over with a wet gasp, blood splattering into his own lap and onto Anakin’s knees from the redhead’s mouth.

Kix gave a low curse, no longer pretending to shelve as he moved quickly and pushed Anakin out of the way to raise Obi-Wan’s chin and open his mouth, staring at the clearly shredded to bloods pieces of the mans tongue.

“…Well, its not ripped out but that’s not going to be a pleasant two weeks for you General Kenobi.” Kix noted grimly as more blood pooled in Obi-Wan’s mouth before he let go of the Jedi to gather what he’d need.

Grabbing a pan, Anakin gave it to Obi-Wan so the other could let the blood leak into the steel pan instead of having it splatter everywhere, blood and tears soaking into the others beard as he gagged a bit.

Ow..’ Came a quiet whisper from Obi-Wan as the Force returned to him.

Anakin sighed then reached out and rested a hand on the others shoulder as Kix gathered a sponge, bacta and whatever he’d need for the Jedi. “Oh Obi-Wan…’

We Walk Through The Fire

Obi-Wan Kenobi had found that on the whole, dying was a lot easier than being dead.

He remembered his death quite well: standing in that hallway, cut off from the painfully familiar hangar bay by Darth Vader’s furious hatred and a rushing squadron of stormtroopers that were pale imitations of the men who had served under him once. His joints had screamed for mercy and his muscles had quivered from exertion.

The fight with Vader had taken far more out of him that he wanted to admit and he was losing. He knew it in his bones. Vader was powerful and even with his prosthetic limbs and respirator, he was still a great deal younger than Obi-Wan and the Force had always been stronger with Anakin than it had been with Obi-Wan.

Anakin. When was the last time he had said his beloved friend’s name aloud? When was the last time he had allowed himself to think back on those golden memories of a time before Darth Vader and the Empire?

Had it been so long?

“Your powers are weak, old man,” Vader said, his voice artificially low, no doubt a creation of Sidious’s meddling, perfecting the weapon he had carved out of Anakin Skywalker.  

Obi-Wan had said something ridiculous and Jedi-esque in return, something about how if Vader struck him down he would become more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine. Something Yoda and Qui-Gon might have approved of.

They were the last words he ever said. To Vader.

To Anakin.

His last words and they had been spent, wasted, on trying to prove that he knew more, that he was smarter than a boy he had crippled and trapped in a nightmare existence.

Not words of love, of loss, of forgiveness sought and freely given.

No, Obi-Wan just had to go and be the bigger Jedi, prove once and for all that Anakin had always been one step behind, one heartbeat too slow, that Obi-Wan was still the master and Anakin hadn’t learned anything.

But then there was Luke, brilliant, shining, caring Luke, who had so much of Padme in him, so much of what had been good in Anakin within him. Obi-Wan had no doubt that Luke would succeed where he had failed because for all of Obi-Wan’s Jedi posturing, for all of the mystical, esoteric nonsense he had occupied his time with on Tatooine, Luke was Anakin’s child.

He was Padme’s child.

Obi-Wan remembered smiling at Vader, remembered feeling the Sith Lord’s confusion through the Force, through the remnants of their bond as Master and Padawan.

But it was too late. Time to end the game.

He raised his blade to his face and closed his eyes.

He thought he almost caught a faint hesitant impression from Vader, a quiet, confused, Master? What are you doing?


Obi-Wan exhaled and reached out with the Force, took hold of his last attachment and faced eternity.

I am Obi-Wan Kenobi. I am a Jedi.

I tried and failed. I loved and lost.

I still love Anakin, in spite of all he has done.

I know there is good in him and that Luke will find it.

My time has ended. I cannot… I cannot save him.

That was never my destiny.

Goodbye, Luke.

Goodbye, Anakin.

He never felt the blade that cut him in two.

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Ahahahahaha nooo… no I feel like it goes Very Badly Indeed. It’s always stuff like:

Dear Anakin,

Yesterday, Obi Wan and I went to the Hanging Gardens of Kebalbe and we got icecream and walked through the gardens holding hands and laughing. Obi Wan told me h’d never loved anyone as much as he loved me and that I was the number one angry blonde in his life.

Anyway, I just had to share that with you because it was so meaningful for me and I think we’re going to get married and have beautiful ginger babies together soon.



Dear Satine,

Do you remember that time we all got captured and thrown into a gladiatorial arena together to be torn apart by beasts and we fought together back to back and forged an unbreakable bond of love and trust? Oh wait that was Padme, Obi Wan and I. You weren’t there. Ha ha ha, how silly of me.

Anyway, I was just comming Obi Wan today and he told me that I was closer to him than a brother and also that I was actually his favourite angry blonde despite reports to the contrary.



Dear Anakin,

Do you remember that time Obi Wan and Qui Gon came to Mandalore and we all had to go on the run together for a year because insurgents were trying to take my throne? I was devastated, of course, but Obi Wan held me in his strong arms and murmured gentle words of comfort and gave me several truly spectacular orgasms, which was a great consolation.

Oh, no, never mind. You hadn’t even met Obi Wan yet. I guess what I’m saying is that when you’ve know each other as long as Obi Wan and I have known each other, you just have a connection that can’t be disrupted by upstart padawans.



Dear Satine,

Go kriff yourself.


Dear Anakin,

Wow, how uncivilized. What would Obi Wan say?


It degenerates from there. XD

Dear Satine,

Obi-Wan would be delighted and not at all scandalized, which you would know if you had ever heard him swearing on the battlefield. Or in bed. I can only offer my condolences if you haven’t experienced this side of Obi Wan, even after so many years.

It’s not your fault, Satine. We can’t all have spent two hot and sweaty weeks with him on Ryloth last month, with him in that white armor, gently herding space rhinos away from our very small, very cozy cave so he could ‘adjust my bandages.’


it keeps getting Worse until Obi Wan and Padme accidentally pick up the wrong letters

Dear Anakin,

How long have you been sending Satine these blatantly exaggerated and completely untrue retellings of our past adventures? I most certainly was not making you feel like the luckiest man alive when we were stuck on ryloth last year, unless all that pained noise you made after almost getting sliced in half was an altogether different kind of moaning from what I assumed.

I mean, Satine does seem to enjoy the streaks of dirt on my face after I come in from the gardens, but really, Anakin, that is entirely irrelevant. Anyways, I hope you apologize to the Duchess for such uncalled for behavior. And for the record, I can love two angry blondes at once, Anakin. Even three. There’s no need to get so worked up just because our schedules don’t line up very well this month.

Give Padme my best and please remember to eat breakfast,

Obi Wan

anonymous asked:

Obianidala, with alpha!Anakin, alpha!Padme, and omega!Obi-Wan.

“What do you mean he’s an omega?” Padme blinked at her husband as he straddled her lap, shrugging slightly.

“What I said, he’s an omega. He’s always been it. He’s been on scent blockers and suppressors for most of his life.” Anakin offered in return and the Senator sat back on the couch in surprise. She’d honestly thought Obi-Wan was a beta since scents seemed to slip of him as if he couldn’t smell them.

But if what Anakin said was true it was more a case of him denying himself then anything.

“And he wants to do this? Wait how did you even learn if he’s on scent blockers and suppressors?” She looked back at Anakin who rubbed the back of his neck.

“Because Ventress ripped his scent blocker out during a battle.” Anakin gave a slight growl as he shifted in agitation. “Everyone could smell him the moment it happened and I don’t think I ever seen him fight like that before even when he’s gotten injured. He tried to play it off until I got him to confess. As for if he wants to be on scent blockers and suppressors? I don’t know, he wasn’t exactly open about it.” He sighed.

Padme reached up and ran her fingers through the others hair, hesitating a bit. “How did he smell?” She asked quietly and Anakin’s eyes lit up. “Like nothing else, sweeter then those Naboo peers you introduced me to and more mouthwatering then the candy they make of them.” He tried not to squirm.

They had talked about the potential of a third but out of everyone they trusted there were quite a few omegas around, since they were both alphas they would honestly need a milder third then the two of them could be.

But with the revelation of Obi-Wan actually being an omega…

“Should we speak to him?” She finally asked her husband, rubbing his calves slowly as he undid her hair steadily.

“I don’t know. You know how wary he gets every time both of us approach him. I mean its not obvious or anything but I know Obi-Wan, there’s this line of panic in his eyes before he hides it. I guess its because we’re both rather dominant alphas and subconsciously he can’t help but react.”

“So you talk to him alone then? Or I?”

Anakin stopped and sat back on her knees, frowning slightly. “It would be easier for me to corner him alone.”

She nodded at that.

“But its not really a potential conversation I’d like to have alone.”

“His heart is not a game Anakin. If, IF he wants to join us then we can have that conversation together all three.” She offered seriously and smiled when the other grumbled.

“I wasn’t…that…I’m not going to play with him.”

“Ease him into the conversation first.” Padme leaned in and nuzzled into the others neck. “If he’s willing to hear you out then we can have dinner here and talk like adults about the potential.”

“I remember why I liked you so much now. You’re so smart.” Anakin grinned at her.

She laughed and hit him in the chest, as they rested their forehead against each other.


“No I’m QUITE sure, my quarters are just fine Cody!” The Jedi inched around his commander, trying not to groan at the alpha. “I got quite enough blankets in there.”

“Pillows then sir?”

“I got that too.” Obi-Wan wanted to rub his face as he stopped at the holoprojector. Ever since his secondary gender came out during that disaster of a battle, everyone had been behaving oddly around him.

Or well everyone who had smelled him that day.

Obi-Wan didn’t see what the fuss was about!

He was still the same person in the end of the day, omega or not. He didn’t need to be pampered and given extra attention. Only thing that relieved him was that despite the entire 212 and 501 behaving like he was suddenly made of glass was that it was not in a desire to mate with him at the very least.

If he didn’t know better he’d say they thought themselves as his alpha brothers or something.

He absently accepted the tea cup from Captain Rex with a slight nod

And the dried fruit snacks Helix passed him, absently nibbling on a few pieces before realizing what he was doing and giving both annoyed looks. He only got unrepentant raised eyebrows back.

“Honestly, I’m just the same as before the battle at Irok. Just beca-”

“Obi-Wan!” The Jedi twirled on his heel then smiled at his former apprentice, nodding to him and to Ahsoka. “There you two are, I was starting to wonder if you two even came onboard.” He teased warmly and Ahsoka grinned at him and jabbed Anakin in the side with her elbow.

“He was late!” She offered cheerfully and Anakin grimaced at Obi-Wan as the other Jedi grinned knowingly as Padme’s scent practically reeking of him. “I wonder why.”

“Oh hark hark, yes yes.” Anakin snorted at them before gesturing. “Though I wanted to talk with you later Obi-Wan, if you had time time.”

“Hmm? Yes of course.” Obi-Wan turned back to the holoprojector, missing the sharp looks the clones threw Anakin as the blond beamed. Ahsoka just held her hands up in surrender as she didn’t want to get involved. Really, humans and their secondary genders.


“I’m not sure I understand still.” Obi-Wan anxiously twirled his fork through the soypro on his plate, licking his lips. “I know you two are bonded but you want me to join?” He glanced at them both through his fringe.

Being bonded wasn’t against the Jedi code though heavily frowned upon. It was hard to fight biology though and with the war more and more Jedi were getting bonded left and right with reforms on the horizon that Yoda was certainly not approving upon.

Not that the old master had much to say on it when it came to it. The Jedi needed change.

“We’re both alpha’s.” Padme offered softly then slowly held out her hand, waiting on a hesitant Obi-Wan to place his in hers, stroking her thumb over his knuckles. “And while it might function out quite fine, we know we can be a bit…”

“Aggressive.” Anakin finished, also reaching out towards Obi-Wan and waiting for the second hand. “And we trust you. We like you. All of you, your personality and your wit and that damn smile.” Anakin cocked a grin at his old master.

Obi-Wan huffed and shifted a bit, peering at both. “…This isn’t because I lost my implant is it Anakin?” He ventured.

“Not fully no. We’ve been thinking about a third for a long time but we didn’t know any omegas we could trust. We had no idea you were one or we would have asked…ages ago.” The knight shrugged.

“There are plenty of bet-”

“We need an omega.” Padme squeezed his hand. “Anakin wasn’t joking when he said we were aggressive. Ruts cause us to…”

“She threw a lamp at the last rut and proceeded to start crying about it moments later.” Anakin grinned.

“Anakin!” She hit him in the shoulder and he laughed. “Oh like you’re any better, your last rut made you flip the table when you couldn’t figure out how the droid parts fit and then you hid underneath the couch whining for an hour.”

That got a sulk out of the other.

“That’s not healthy.” Obi-Wan offered both in disapproval.

“No but not unheard of in double alpha parings that feed hormones of each other.” Padme sighed and rubbed her neck with her free hand before she stroked Obi-Wan’s knuckles slowly. “Please just consider it Obi-Wan? We both enjoy your company, it doesn’t even have to be sexual unless you want to.”

That got a blink out of Obi-Wan and he looked down ponderingly, absently noting that Anakin was almost vibrating in place.

“…Give me a few days…perhaps weeks…to think it over?”

“Of course.” Padme offered quickly. “But can we take you on dates if possible?”

Obi-Wan tilted his head and thought it over. “…Not to many and no mention of being your third if you do. Just…get to know one another dates okay?”

“Okay.” Anakin eagerly nodded.

“Okay.” Obi-Wan smiled at them, squeezing their hands carefully in return. His future suddenly felt a little bit…brigheter.

Epic rant on why the Jedi Council is a group of idiots

The Jedi Council is a group of fuckwits.

Yeah, I just said fuckwits. And nope, it’s not Sheev writing this.

First of all, Thank you, oobiwan, because this rant probably wouldn’t be here without you. :)


So, where do I start?

Well, aside from the obvious mistakes in their very Code (which my buddy oobiwan has already nicely pointed out), I’m gonna start with Anakin.

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Somebody else Part Two(Anakin Skywalker x Reader)

Originally posted by ana-kink-skywalker

Word Count: 633

Pairing: Anakin Skywalker x Reader

AN: You can read part one and three here!

That night you couldn’t sleep, the nightmares that followed you every time you closed your eyes were back again and you weren’t sure as to why. These horrible dreams had been haunting you ever since you could remember, dreams of the people you loved and cared for getting hurt or even worse, dying. You remember the first time you had one of these nightmares, you were five and kept dreaming of your parents dying for a month, it was truly painful. But the worst part was that the dreams stopped one day, the day your parents died.

After their death you had no one to care for, no one to love. That was until Padme rescued you and became your most trusted friend. Before the assassination attempts began on your best friend you hadn’t had those dreams, but ever since the first they’d been non stop. You couldn’t help but worry for your friend, you didn’t ever want to lose her.

Sighing you stumbled out of bed and walked to the balcony in the living room, there was no use in trying to sleep now. You rubbed your eyes as you opened the door only to let out a small yelp! when you saw a worried looking Anakin leaning against the railing. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were out here.” You mumbled apologetically, about to walk back inside but his voice stopped you. “It’s fine, I have a feeling that I’ll quite enjoy your company.” The small smile he sent you had your cheeks turning red, he was so beautiful. 

“Having trouble sleeping?” You made your way over next to him, leaning against the railing as you admired the magnificent view of the city. 

“I sense the same for you.” He turned to face you, crossing his arms.

“Well then you sensed right Skywalker.” You couldn’t help the cheeky grin that appeared on your face, he tried to be so serious sometimes but you knew deep down he was a softie.

“I also sense a great surge in the force when I’m around you. Tell me Y/N, have you ever considered that you might have Jedi abilities?” Your eyes widened at his question, there was no way you were a Jedi, you were so ordinary and boring.

“No there’s no way.” You chuckled, scratching your head in confusion before turning your attention back to the view. “I’m just Y/N.”

“Well just Y/N, do you have any strange dreams sometimes, where the events that occur come true in the future?” A gasped escaped your mouth, is that why you had those nightmares. 

Looking down at your hands you sighed, remembering your parents death. “I think they’re more like nightmares.”

Before Anakin could reply you both jolted up, both sensing a stir in the force. Worried expressions crossed both of your faces and you spoke the same words in panic. “Padme!”

Not wasting a second you both sprinted down to the senators room, Anakin pulling out his light saber as soon as you entered the room. The senator was peacefully sleeping, however the gigantic snake like creatures above her were about to ruin that. Anakin wasted no time in slicing the creatures in half, causing your friend to wake. 

“Padme, are you okay!” The girl sat up in shock, you rushing beside your friend and placing your hand on her shoulder. You noticed obi wan come sprinting into the room as well with a worried expression. “Are you alright senator!”

The girl started coming down from her shock, nodding her head in response to the Jedi. You looked to Anakin, but see he’s not there! Your eyes widen and your breath get’s caught in your throat, where has the boy gone? Padme seems to notice the Jedi’s disappearance as her worried voice cries. “Where’s Ani?!”