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Category: M/M
Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer (Band)
Relationship: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings
Characters: Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin
Additional Tags: Muke - Freeform, Clemmings, there’s plane sex tbh, there’s implied cashton too u know just tiny hints, Fluff, Smut

Summary: Michael will probably be too stubborn and too proud to ever admit that this is one of his favorite things, having Luke sleep next to him, his body pressed so close to Michael’s, clinging onto him, his breathing making Michael shiver every time, or the way Luke always finds a way to inch even closer to Michael in his sleep or how he drools a little when he sleeps, his mouth hanging open adorably.

If it were anyone else in the world, Michael would get mad and shove them off saying ‘I’m not your damn pillow’, but it’s Luke, how can he not want that?

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lol good news to all non-hs and non-college kids working minimum wage jobs: just get more skills, work harder, and get a promotion / different job! idk why no one ever thought of that before, that that anon is a genius! they believe hard work pays off! Have you tried working harder? I know, who would have thought, right? lolremember that time you couldn't pay the bills or couldn't feed your child... who knew the solution was just working harder and getting a raise/better job?! poverty cured!



Summary: Dan has an existential crisis during Playlist Live, and Phil saves the day. Featuring OY such as Louise!

“Life is pointless….one day we’re all going to die and everything we’ve accomplished on Earth will be for nothing. What’s the purpose of even living? What am I even doing here?”

Louise grabbed the tall boy by the shoulders. “Dan, snap out of it love!”

Her words did nothing, and the slowly gathering group of youtubers were growing concerned.

“Shit,” Alfie swore. “I think he’s having one of those existential crisis things again.”

“What do we do?” Zoe asked worriedly as the three youtubers watched Dan mutter to himself and grip at his hair from stress. Nobody had ever witnessed this side of Dan before. They thought he was just over exaggerating about the whole existential crisis stuff in his videos…but apparently not. There was only one person who would know what to do.

“Get Phil,” Louise answered immediately. “Where on earth is he?”

Alfie, who thought back in remembrance, said, “He went to pee and then get him and Dan some snacks I think.”

Zoe pushed her boyfriend towards the hallway of the hotel. “Well go get him!”

Alfie rushed off as the two girls tried calming Dan, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Dan was now sitting on the floor staring into space. Any bystander would have assumed he was drunk, or perhaps high. It almost would have been funny if it wasn’t currently so depressing.

Finally Alfie returned with Phil in tow. He only needed one look at his best friend before going into action.

Immediately, the black haired youtuber crouched down to Dan’s level and used a hand to cup his chin, leaning in to whisper sentences that were too quiet for anybody else to hear. It only took a few moments for Dan to finally seem to gain some of his senses back, lifting his head to stare back at Phil.

“Alright, we’re going to head back to our room now,” Phil told them all with one of his reassuring grins. “Goodnight guys, thanks for getting me.”

They watched as Phil led Dan from the room, but heard some of what was being said.

“We’re going to order room service and get milkshakes. Then we’re going to go over the list we made of why being human is great….”

Phil’s voice faded as they went further away.

“I love those boys so much,” Louise said rather tearfully. “I’d give anything to have such a connection with someone.”

Alfie and Zoe could only nod, silently agreeing.

It was unknown exactly how the rest of Dan and Phil’s night had went, but the next day Dan was seemingly back to his usual self. He did apologize to Louise and the others for ‘getting into a deep moment’ and assuring them that it wouldn’t happen again…at least not in a place so public.

Phil seemed rather watchful of Dan, but nobody commented on it. They were all rather impressed with him. After all, Dan had been in a pretty bad place, and it had been completely fixed overnight.

Louise finally pulled Phil aside and asked, “What on earth did you do to fix him?”

Phil grinned and said mysteriously, “I’m magical!”

For some reason, she believed him.

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Can you explain to me a bit of AU Reverse Pines? I would really like to know more about it, like, why is rev!Bill so sad? Do the twins make magic shows (i never understood that)? How is uncle Stan in this AU? I really wanted more information about iiiiiiiit please!

Reverse Pines is amazing. It’s probably one of the oldest AUs in the fandom and from the looks of it, is never ever going to die out any time soon. In fact, 90% of the posts I have in drafts are RevPines because there is just so much good fanart but I can’t post it all at once!

There’s no set plot to RevPines or anything, it’s just a really open-ended world where anyone can do anything they want with it (my favorite kind of AU)! The mythology that’s pretty much canon is that Pacifica (or “Paz”) and Gideon are the good guys. Paz is a native of Gravity Falls and she’s just this really 80s-esque Genki Girl while Gids’ family is visiting for the summer. He’s the more “Dipper” of the duo.

Meanwhile, the villains are Dipper and Mabel, who run the Tent of Telepathy. They made a deal with Bill for their powers, but instead of him outsmarting them, they tricked him and now they’ve got their own personal demon-slave. He’s absolutely terrified of them. I think Bill is quite fond of Paz and Gids, but he’s forced to do the twins’ “dirty work” (which includes harassing Paz and Gids).

A lot of the other stuff is up for interpretation but here’s what I’ve gathered:

  • Robbie’s generally believed to be this goody two-shoes Mama’s boy who wears sweater vests and plays the violin. Sometimes he tags along on adventures with Paz and Gid. 
  • Wendy’s just this huge, fake wannabe hipster. 
  • Bud Gleeful doesn’t have much of a role other than he’s Gid’s dad whose just trying to enjoy his vacation. 
  • I’ve seen several versions of Stan, but most of the time he’s the twins’ manager. He likes to think he has control over Dipper and Mabel but he really doesn’t.
  • I’ve seen one version of McGucket where he’s some wealthy, genius inventor.
  • The Northwests are poor and have a reputation for insanity? I don’t know, but in this universe everyone definitely knows they’re the descendants of the town kook.
  • I have absolutely no idea what Soos is.
  • I have absolutely no idea what the Author is.

Generally, it’s known for being creepy and chaotic, which makes me love it so so so so so much. Nothing is really set in stone other than the fact that Dipper and Mabel take the roles of Pacifica and Gideon and vice versa. Hence, their roles are reversed!


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I'm not trying to be rude but why would you date someone that raped you

what is this fucking message

i was in love with my rapist. we were together for 10 months or so before he started raping me, i broke up with him 8 months later. “im not trying to be rude” except you’re erasing the concept of partners raping their partners, which happens all-the-fucking-time, which is what happened to me, and i didnt even know i was ALLOWED to call it rape until after we broke up. i felt sick, and violated, and wrong, and i cried and hated myself after each rape, but i felt like i didnt have the right to call it what it was. i stayed with him because i loved him. because i needed him. because i was insecure and felt no one else would ever love me and he was my best shot at love. so that is why i dated someone who raped me. 

Okay so firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of actual videos and increased number of audio swaps, I have been in London for the last 6 weeks so I haven’t been able to dance properly and have just been editing videos so this will be the last audio swap I promise.

So for people who don’t know already basically ever since I was 8 years old it has been one of my biggest dreams to one day dance on the same stage as Taylor, so that’s why I like putting dances to live songs, because the sound of big audiences is always a dream.

Anyway here is my jazz group doing a turny set to story of us. They’re all such talented humans I love them all. I’m the girl who does the turns on the far left.

Hope you like it x


I’ve created a TC Challenge for May! I tried to come up with fun new questions and on one day there’s also a task to do. I really hope you all like it!

Day 1 – Have you ever said something embarrassing to/in front of your TC?
Day 2 – When did your TC start teaching you? Does he/she  still teach you?
Day 3 – Do you know anything about your TC’s childhood/youth?
Day 4 – Describe your TC’s eyes.
Day 5 – What’s your favourite outfit on him/her?
Day 6 – How do you try to impress your TC?
Day 7 – Describe what you think your wedding would look like. What are you both wearing? Who’s invited? What’s for dinner?
Day 8 – Have you ever caught him/her staring at you? How did you react?
Day 9 – If you would buy your TC socks, what would your chosen ones look like?
Day 10 – If he/she visited your family for any reason and you’d have to cook, what would you cook?
Day 11 – If you lived together, would you rather have kids or pets with him/her?
Day 12 – What is your opinion on age gap relationships? Do you think a certain age gap isn’t good anymore?
Day 13 – What would you do if a friend told you she had a crush on your TC?
Day 14 – Do you know when your TC’s birthday is? How old is he/she?
Day 15 – What would you do if he/she found your blog, knew it was about him/her but he/she  was still trying to figure out whose blog it is?
Day 16 – If you were on a class trip with your TC and a friend of yours wasn’t feeling well in the middle of the night, would you be the one to knock on your TC’s door loudly and wake him/her? Would the sight of his/her sleepy face and pajamas be worth standing there in your own pajamas and with your sleepy face?
Day 17 – Can you remember what happened in the last dream you had about your TC?
Day 18 – Has your TC ever had a conversation about you with your parents? If yes, what did he/she say?
Day 19 – Think of a song that reminds you of your TC and tell us your favourite line from it.
Day 20 – What was the best mark you had in one of your TC’s tests? Did he/she say something to you about it/write something on it?
Day 21 – Have you ever stalked your TC online? If yes, what did you find? If no: do it and tell us what you find, it’s fun!
Day 22 – Does your TC come to school by car/tram/bus? Car: Do you know what car he has? Tram/bus: If you come by tram/bus as well, have you ever seen him at the station or on the vehicle? Did you talk to him?
Day 23 – Did your TC ever change something on his/her appearance or wear  something different that didn’t suit him/her?
Day 24 – Where do you think you’d live with him/her  and what would the interior look like?
Day 25 – Does your TC do any sports that you know of?
Day 26 – Does your TC bring coffee or tea to class? If yes, what does his/her cup look like? If no, do you think he/she is a coffee or a tea person?
Day 27 – 5 things that make him/her your ideal partner.
Day 28 – A song, film and book you would recommend to your TC.
Day 29 – What do you think about the TCC and how has it helped you?  Plus task: Send a TCer a message with what you love about them/their blog to make them smile.
Day 30 – A new language you would love to learn together with your TC.
Day 31 – What does your TC smell like?

Remember Emblem3

Our hearts on Xfactor they claimed
Remember how lost we were before they came
Now when people say that they are gone forever
We as emblems should stick by them more than ever

When Drew left we all cried
And some said goodbye
And then we noticed that the true fam
Are the ones who support em till no end

To the ones who left are you ok?
I know losing Drew was not great
But you said you would support them
How does it feel to have been lying then

And to us who are staying
Never let all the comments keep you swaying
To give up on these boys cause it’s not over yet
Remember Emblem3 is you, Keaton, and Wes

Have you ever watched a show and realized the precise moment it jumped ship....

*watches OUAT not jump but run and dive off the cliff* 

I mean, Zelena pregnant? I knew this season had a good chance of going down a soap opera path but really? 

Even if she’s lying the fact that they even went with this plot point is just…..that’s just creepy and I love Robin but I want to slap him for his nobleness right now. The woman slept with you under false pretenses, all bets are off! This is no time to be a gentlemen and this is coming from a chick who adores gentlemen.

Between Rumbelle and Outlaw Queen the one thing I’m getting irritated by is the fact that it’s taking so long to get to the happy endings. I haven’t all day here. 

I still maintain if they had stop last season that would have been a happy ever after I could roll with.

And then Rumple. I don’t understand him anymore and it’s to the point I don’t even know if I trust him enough to care for Rumbelle anymore. Scratch that, I don’t trust him anymore. It’s like all that character development with Peter Pan and Neal just got tossed out the window. Honestly, I haven’t felt any Rumbelleness in a long time and part of me is hoping Belle is not going to fall for this again. He could be telling the truth but I am past the point of trusting him:

Speaking of, I was under the impression that Belle knew that Regina took her heart and it seemed that she was ready to help. So now she doesn’t even know she had her heart taken? 

Maybe I missed something? 

In addition I watched OUATIW and I LOVED that show!! So explain to me why Will has his paws on Belle? 

As far as I’m concerned I don’t care what they say at this point but Will and Ana are off enjoying there happy ending much like Cyclice, thank you. 

I’m happy for anyone who is still enjoying this show but at this point, personally I’m watching mostly out of obligation and the few strands of story I want to know about. Right now I want to know mostly about Lily and all that. And even then I probably spend most of the episode like:

And don’t get me started on Snow and Prince.

You know it’s bad when I don’t even care if the two of them get killed right bout now. I get making mistakes, but there’s making mistakes and then there making a mess. And you can’t tell me that somewhere in this they wouldn’t have stop and thought this through. I get begin concerned about their daughter but they just really pushed the envelope of what I personally see Snow and Prince as. 

I don’t know about anyone else but I happen to like my heroes and villains and anti-heroes to have clear boundaries. Twisting an hero to this point, is not what i had in mind.

But overall my feeling for OUAT over the years has went from this:

to this:

I plan to watch to the end of this season, but honestly if they make it to next season the chance of me coming back is dwindling. 

Anyway I just felt the need to vent this one time about this show.

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If the Kraang ever come back, wouldn't they just find the turtles and Splinter all over again?

That’s one of the main problems with using the old lair again…but we’ll see what happens.

My only thing is…do the Foot know where the turtle’s lair is? I don’t think that’s information the Kraang would have withheld from Shredder and I’m sure Shredder would have asked at one point. The invasion went on for months, plenty of time for communication between the two parties. 

I posted this on Cashmere but not here- & since I have a larger following here, I’m hoping I can get some attention, lmao.

I’m doing this 21-Day Bikini Body thing and I just did it for day one, and holy hell that’s intense. Well - it is for me, who barely ever works out and has gained 30 pounds since high school. (Gross). 

All I’m asking is for a little help! Encouragement would be nice, and since I don’t know many people here in the city where I live, it’s nice to have friends pop in your ask/skype to encourage and/or remind you of your commitment. & I desperately need that reminder. 

I hope this works. xoxo, much love – kate. <3

To my Father,

Another year where you’ll probably forget it’s your own birthday. There’s quite a bag full of shit I have yet to unleash on you, but I’ll save it for later or just let it go. Honestly, I don’t know how difficult it must have been when this family began to break away from one another. Especially when mom left you and took us with her. I don’t think I’ll ever know the true reason behind your divorce and I think it’s best that it remains unknown for now. I used to fucking hate your guts growing up. You were never there for us at best. But now I understand and realize that you were fighting your own war(s). Mom used to tell me I would cry whenever you held me as a baby because you were busy doing your whole Navy thing and leaving us at home for months at a time. I understand. You did what you had to do in order to support us, your family. 

I never really knew you at all growing up. From the physical evidence in which surrounded my assumptions of what kind of guy you were. It all lead to some asshole prick that had anger issues with a short temper followed by your own self reasoning which was all powerful and shit. Hell, we all thought that about you and we have the bruises and scars to back it up. There’s so much I still don’t know about you and it’s kind of terrifying the more I grow older. What the fuck am I suppose to say at your funeral? How am I suppose to look at my father on his own death bed to say that we barely skimmed the surface of getting to know each other. You had about 9 cars, 2 trucks, and a motorcycle. You bought your 3 kids a classic mustang when they were born as well as mom too. You played the guitar for hours and have an impressive collection as well. I will admit you’re one hell of a guitar player and I give you props for self-teaching yourself by ear.

Growing up there are things that I picked up after you. It’s kind of ironic how much I turned out like you without even being near you. I was never able to see mom as much either even though we lived with her. She was busy working 2 jobs and I’d at most see her once a week due to our schedule. Whenever we talked about you we always unloaded our wrath and pent up anger. I still don’t know what happened between you two, but I’m glad she left. I wouldn’t have turned out the way I am today if it weren’t for these life changing events at such an early age. I was 5 years old at the time when it all happened and didn’t have a damn clue what was going on. You were just a shadow in my life and I had to either ask about you or just forget about it eventually. 

The more we connected over the years after all the fights it all began to mesh in kind of like a melting pot. I got over the whole Star Wars shit where you weren’t there for me and accepting you were my fucking dad. Now that I’m older I can’t imagine what you have been through. To be able to live all those years alone cooped up in that house by yourself with your own kids disown you. Your ex wife has moved on and even the dog ran away. Fuck. We lacked that father-and-son relationship. But we’re still playing catch up and we’re both getting older. A little more wiser if you wanna add that in too. I’ve accepted how things were a long time ago, but I was never satisfied with the outcome sometimes. It really fucked me up and I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of bullshit.

Thank you, for still being who you are. I guess God puts these people in our life to help teach us a lesson or two. Whether it’s early on or something greater in which I have to learn myself. Either way, you still prevailed and you’re still breathing. I’m trying to connect all the loose ends and dots where life said, “fuck you.” Being the youngest sibling and the ‘only’ child that still keeps in contact with you is tough. I hope to be a father one day and I can’t even fathom to think what it would be like if my kids never talked to me and I lost it all within a blink of an eye; and you fucking wake up knowing that you’re 50 something years old to know that… wow this is my reality and I have to live with it. Hang in there dad. I know you’re still a good man at heart and I see it in you even if the world doesn’t. It takes a lot for me to swallow all this got damn pride and to let go of the past to hug you again after all those fights. We only get one set of parents; if we’re that fortunate, some not at all. So here I am trying to make the most out of what I’m given. Forgive me, for making things difficult for you over the years. 

Happy birthday you old bastard, I’ll be seeing you soon. 

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'you say you're a good but i know you would girl' is one of my favorite lines they have ever written! this and fools gold from start to finish, hahaha

Me too, I just love it. The line is so simple and almost cheesy, but it’s still so hot :)


What are your thoughts on white people wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts? I really want to order one but at the same time the last thing I would ever want to do as a little white chick is seem appropriative or over-stepping my bounds…. I really just want to show solidarity for the movement, and seeing as I’m white I really wanted to challenge my non-poc friends’ and family members’ ways of thinking….

Would any of you guys let me know your opinions? Seriously, tell me off if I’d come across as a complete asshole…

last will and testament of a manic depressive

“I’ve wanted to die for quite some time. Things just aren’t going right. Never have gone right, really. No one seems to care either, nor even notice I exist. Not that I’d have much to say even if someone had wanted to be my friend. I’d make a lousy friend anyway. I’m probably even boring the person reading this. I’m certainly boring myself. Not that anyone will ever find this note. Oh, but if they do!

If they do it means that I’ve been granted my greatest wish! To be released from this mortal coil. This isn’t a suicide note, no. That would mean I’ve taken my own life, and we all know what that means. Who wants that kind of existence, to be reborn on a hill every day, reset as if nothing ever happened? That’s even worse than the life I’m living. Life I’ve lived! Yes, yes, yes! I’m sure I’m happy now. The dead me. The me writing this note isn’t happy at all. Never have been happy, really.

Anyway, the purpose of this note is to say to the man or woman who has killed me: “Thank you!”
All I really have is this queer little ring. A wizard gave it to me once, said I reminded him of his dead son. I guess I resemble his dead son even more now. Anyway, he said it would make me happy. Lift the weight of the world off my shoulders or some such thing. Come to think of it, it’s the only time anyone has ever given me anything. Personally, I think the thing is worthless. Just like me.

I tried it for a while, the “Happiness Ring,” but eventually I couldn’t wear it anymore. It made me feel odd – not myself. I didn’t like feeling that way so I locked it away. It’s pretty enough, though. It might fetch a few gold coins at the merchant. Sorry not to leave much more behind. But, my life never really amounted to much anyway, did it?“

if you ever think your family is weird, just remember, that my mother didn’t know her parents were going to be at their wedding until the night before.

and grandma wore a brown dress in protest. (she would have worn a black one but she didn’t own one.)

a bit of a change.

i want to start making this blog a bit more personal and a bit more of original content. like an online diary, if you will. as much as mindlessly reblogging pretty pictures is an amazing waste of time, i want to start documenting my life, my feelings, my thoughts, etc. i’m still going to post about makeup/fashion/feminism/music/movies/books, just in a more traditional bloglike format. i have had this blog since 2013 after my father discovered the one i had from 2010-13 and busted my balls for it, in hindsight i don’t blame him because he never really knew who i was and i was still his little girl. so seeing a website in which i was brutally honest, hateful, and a bit vulgar would’ve been a shock for him. 

my life is changing, ever so slowly, but it’s changing nevertheless. i now know that i have depression and anxiety, i have just gotten out of a year long unhealthy relationship with my best friend of four years, and i’m realising that i need to put me, my education, and my mental health first and begin to love myself again. due to the unhealthy relationship, i was letting myself do things just to please another person, and i can’t do that anymore. 

away with my overly feminine aesthetic, away with my bobbed hair, away with studying fashion design. here is the beginning of self love - with baby steps - i want to document my highs and lows, my loves and hates, my personal thoughts and struggles, and my studies and hobbies. there will be lots of posts on sexuality, gender studies, feminism, book/movie/music reviews, fashion, theatre, and makeup. i want to be me for the first time in a long time. with my shabby andro fashion, my crazy electronic music, my ridiculous makeup, and my feminist rants.

and please, if you do continue to follow and i post something that may be triggering to you, do not hesitate to let me know and i will rectify it as soon as possible. 

thank you so much, 
much love 
jamie. x

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I showed Portal 2 to my mom not long ago and mentioned Blue Sky, and now she wants to know why do I like so much. I could give it for her to read, but thing is, she doesn't speak English,and translate the whole thing would be hell of a job. Any tips?

Hmmm tough one, I’m afraid - which language is it? I know there was some talk of a translation a while ago, but I can’t remember if that ever went forward or not. 

Anyone have any advice for reb-mvs

seeing harry potter house placement all over my dash right now and i can’t help but think about Clarke and where she would be (again) – and i have to stand by my personal opinion and say that she will always and no matter what end up in Gryffindor for me.