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I love how Hawkmoth just releases an Akuma into Chloé's party like "Yeah you know what to do at this point."

That and the fact that legit no one noticed a dark fuckin purple butterfly flying around. Like I could be at a party with 50 people, if there’s a bug everyone would freak tf out. 

Think Before I Talk pt.2

So this isn’t that much based on the song anymore, as there wasn’t any more to use or any lyric that fit heh. And this is also complete shit. Sorry

Part 1

Richie was currently sitting outside his house, not wanting to enter. All he really wanted to, was to find Y/N and apologize, but he was not going to let himself do that. He has fucked up too much already. He knew that he didn’t really have a reason to go off on her like that. It wasn’t like they were together. If she wanted Bill, he couldn’t stop her.

Richie was too deep in his own thoughts to see the person currently standing in front of him. “Hi”. He snapped his head up, meeting the eyes of someone he thought would never want to talk to him. Not finding the words, Richie just nodded in her direction before settling his eyes on the ground again. Mentally kicking himself for being such a coward. “Can we talk” Y/N asked, fiddling with the ends of her hair. Richie knew this was something she always did when she was nervous. “Okay” Richie scooted over, making place for Y/N to sit down. She walked slowly up the stairs placing herself beside him. Not too close, terrified he would scoot away from her. But also, not too far, so he would think she was angry at him. Because she wasn’t angry. Not at all. Sure, she was taken back by his previous behavior, but could she blame him? After all, she had frozen him out without giving him an explanation. Of course he was hurt.

“I think I owe you an apology, Richie” Richie snapped his head up, looking at her with confused eyes. “What do you have to apologies for? I´m the one that went all crazy on you for no reason. If you like Bill, that’s completely fine, nothing I can do about that, and-” Richie babbled on for what seemed like forever, and Y/N couldn’t help but smile at him. “Beep, beep Richie” Y/N pressed a finger to his mouth, letting out a small giggle. Richie quickly shut his mouth, glasses slowly sliding down the bridge of his nose. A small blush crept upon his cheeks, embarrassed by letting his mouth run. He couldn’t really remember everything he was rambling on about, as his brain kind of shut off, while his mouth kept on. But seeing as Y/N was smiling, it couldn’t have been that bad.

The smile on Y/N slowly faded away, as she removed her hand from Richie´s face. Looking down on her hands for a second, she looked at him with sad eyes. “I do have to apologize.” Richie still had a confused face. “Look, I get that you are angry at me. I completely shut you out. Without even giving you a reason. And I´m sorry. I was being a complete bitch.” Y/N suddenly stopped talking, grabbing Richie´s hands in her own. Richie´s heart felt like it skipped a beat at the sudden touch, though he didn’t complain. “The only reason I acted that way, is because I like you. A lot actually. And I didn’t know how to control those feelings, so I decided that the easiest way was to just ignore you. Try to let those feelings pass.” Richie felt his own face burn up, and he would normally feel embarrassed by turning into a tomato. But seeing Y/N´s face equally as red, helped a bit. Richie was going to say something, but Y/N cut him off. “But is it true? You like me?” Richie had forgot he told her that. He mentally slapped himself. How could he confess to his best friend that he liked her, in the same sentence as he called her stupid.

“Well, yeah. But I always thought you liked Bill, seeing as you started to spend so much time with him. So I kind of pushed it to the side. But then you spent all your time with him, and I guess I just got jealous and sad that I lost my best friend.” Richie looked down on their intertwined hands. He started fiddling with her hands, not knowing any other way to express what he wants to tell her. He felt Y/N´s eyes on him, but he couldn’t dare to look her in the eyes. Feeling too embarrassed. He hated showing his feelings, and Y/N knew that. “Richie, could you look at me for a sec” Richie lifted his head, expecting her to continue talking. Instead she smashed her lips against his. Richie was surprised by the sudden contact, but kissed back instantly.

The kiss was awkward and sloppy, but also sweet and tender. Neither had ever kissed anyone before, and sharing their first kiss together was more than perfect.


favorite tom holland candids (2017)



things that make me happy
  • concerts
  • music
  • concert tickets
  • waiting for concerts
  • the moment before the band comes onto the stage
  • fans singing with the band together
  • making eye contact with the artist
  • small concerts
  • small concert venues
  • when the artist holds a speech before a song
  • taking pictures or recording videos of your fav songs
  • making new friends while waiting
  • literally screaming together
  • when something goes wrong, so the artist has to improvise
  • when the light changes
  • when the singer changes the stage
  • crying when your fav song comes
  • the feeling after a concert
  • feeling so light and happy

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How bout some movie night cuddles? Either Bakugou or Kirishima not like horror?? 😎😎

B) enjoy sweet anon B)

hc that Baku doesn’t do horror movies very well but is a die hard action buff like he’d be all over Michael bay films like if it has explosions in it he’s sold

Kiri on the other hand pretty much likes any genre and is quite flexible movie wise but enjoys horror because Baku gets extra cuddly B) Kiri u sly dog u Also! Still taking cute/angst requests so don’t be shy :D